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JReeves, Midland and How
ard Counties Plan to
Pecos, Tes-, April lftr A joint meet-
ring of the nnwprn of the county fairs
of Beeves, Midland and Howard coun-
ties, holdine fairs in the cities of Pecos,
j Midland and Bit Spring, is to be held at
Big Spring on April 19 for the purpose
of cooperating in the operations of the
' fairs, especially along amusement lines.
The Big Spring Commercial club has
announced that a banquet will be givea
4n Big Spring on the 19th of the month
for the purpose of "getting together.''
At this meeting it is understood the
boosters of Big Spring will huraeo. a
movement for the betterment of that
That a young man 18 years of age in
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tofore. '
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Marvin I. Hill.
Sa It Read.
(From Judge's Library.)
John, desirous of displaying his re
cently acquired ability to read the
"grown-ups' " books, stood In front of
the book case, reading out loud the
titles of the books and asking the
family in general which book he should
As be finished reading one title In
particular, hip older brother asked, "By
bom is it written?"
"By illustrations," proudly replied
pom silts m
Deposit of Great Importance
Discovered in Two
The two federal bureaus engaged in
the search for potash salts, the bureau
of soils of the department of agricul
ture and the geological survey of the
department of the Interior, have re
ceived promising telegraphic news from
their field representatives, says a press
bulletin of the United States geological
survey. A potash deposit of apparently
great Importance has been discovered
in Borax or Searles lake, in the north
western corner of San Bernardino
county, Cel. This lake or playa is the
last remaining pocket of a once much
greater lake which has almost dried up.
and Its central depression contains a
large body of crystalline salts known
to consist of common salt and sulphate
and carbonate of soda, with small quan
tities of borax. This salt body is satur
ated with brine, and Interested persons,
stimulated by the gorernmental search
for potash, recently secured an analy
sts nf old ftftmal( nittitriAl from this
I brine. The result being significant.
the lake was visited Jointly by repre
sentatives of the geological survey and
of the bureau of soils, who took brine
samples from six wells distributed over
the salt flat. Analyses of these sam-
Jiles have been made by the cooperative
aboratory at the Mackay School of
Mines, at Reno, Nevada, and show an
average ef 6.7s percent of .potassium
oxide (K O) contained. The average
salinity of the brine is 43.82 grams of
solids per 100 cc Comparison of the
results indicate that the brines are
nearly uniform throughout the flat
The probable importance of the depos
it Is due to the occurrence of the potas
sium salts in soluble form in a natural
saturated brine, and under climatic and
other conditions especially favorable to
'Its separation and recovery by solar
evaporation. Existing data give rea
sonable assurance that the brine-saturated
salt body is at least SO feet thick
and covers an area of at least 11 square
miles. Assuming the salt body to con
tain 25 percent by volume of the brine,
the total amount of potassium oxide is
estimated at over 4,009,000 short tons.
This estimate is believed to be conser
vative, and the available tonnage may
well be expected to exceed 10,000,000
tons, which would supply the country,
at the present rate of consumption of
potash, for 30 years. At any rate, it ap
pears that this locality constitutes a
very important source of potash in
probably readily available commercial
form. Methods of separating potash
from brines are now under lnTestlga
tion by the bureau of soils.
Wet and Dry Lakes Common.
Borax lake or Searles lake is one of
the many'pl&yas or intermlttenaly wet
and dry lakes common throughout the
arid regions of the west. It lies be
tween the Argus and Slate ranges In
the Mohave desert of southern Callfor-
of the famous "20-mule team" borax
mine, the borax being hauled in great
wagons drawn by 20 to 2S big mules
to the Southern Pacific railroaa at Mo
have, a distance of 80 miles. The lake
i or flat is about 10 miles long and five
nnies wioe ana u receiea me araiu
age from the surrounding hills tor
many thousands of years, vast quanti
ties of dissolved minerals being thus
concentrated in it. The water has been
evaporated., under the intense heat of
the long hot. Bason but the sJT have
remained, So that for most of the .Tear
in fact, often throughout the year
the bed is a, glistening plain of white
salts, in attempting to cross which men
have lost their lives. Borings have
been made through the mud and water
underlying the lake to a depth of some
hundreds of feet, the depest borings
made bringing up hot mud.
Minerals Keund in Mai,
Many useful and curious minerals
are found in the muds and other depos
its of Borax lake. Including, of course,
borax. Among them are gypsum,
glauberite, carbonate and sulphate of
soda, salt, thenardlte, and haneklte.
The last carries as much as 2.1 per
cent of potassium, equivalent to 4.44
percent of potassium chloride. The
salts are not evenly distributed over the
surface of the lake. Borax was found
plentifully over about three square
miles, common salt is everywhere, ana
sodium carbonate and sodium sulphate
are widely distributed. One boring is
said to have passed through 28 feet or
solid trona (hydrous carbonate of soda)
of great purity. At other places there
is 25 feet of solid mixed sulphate and
carbonate of soda, with smaller quan
tities of other salts. Although the lake
bed is dry most of the time, a few
Inches under the outer crust there is
always water a bittern heavily im
pregnated with salts. Several years
ago an English company attempted to
work the soda deposits on an extensive
scale, but for some reason the work
has not been pushed. This company
sunk a number of wells, casing them
through the soda deposits. It was
found that a heavy stream of water
could be pumped continuously without
perceptibly -lowering the water level.
Potassium chloride and sulphate, the
forms in which potash salts are most
likely to be found in such deposits,
are among the most soluble of salts
and are likely to be much more gener
ally diffused than salts less easily sol
uble. That the entire body of water
and mud in the lake contains potash In
a more or less uniform degree, is indi
cated by the results thus far attained.
However, there are modifying agen
cies, such as springs and streams, that
bring in fresh water, for the movement
of water through the lake will be slow,
owing to the presence of the sand and
Guaymas, Sonora, Mex., April 10.
J. S. Ducker has returned from a busi
ness trip to Tucson. Mr. Ducker says
that the mining Industry is receiving a
temporary quietus on account of the
political disturbances, but he is confi
dent that these troubles will be
ended. He expects an era of industrial
development when the disorders end.
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they had previously been used in our
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highly recommend Doan's Kidney
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Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
ikiicii mines
are paying well
Revolution Outs Down the
Number of Mexican Div
idend Payers to Six.
With 83 America mines and works
contributing, dividend disbursements
during the first quarter of 1912, ac
cording to reports made to Mining
and Engineering World, totaled $81,
700,390. This compares with SS1.84.
031 in, the same period in 1911 with 96
mines participating. Had it not been
for the falling off in disbursements
made by the Canadian and Mexican
companies the quarter's declarations
would have made a record in American
mine dividend payments.
Whe nit is taken Into consideration
that these dividend payments result
from the operation of only gold, silver,
copper, lead, zinc and quicksilver mines,
and do not include the millions of dol
lars paid by other companies whose
products Include coal, iron, petroleum,
cement, etc, and la addition the so
called rare minerals, the magnitude of
the American mining industry can be
better understood.
That the operation of gold, eilver,
copper, lead, zinc and quicksilver
properties has long been profitable,
taken as a whole, is evidenced by the
dividend payments of the above men
tioned 33 companies, which have, Btnce
their incorporation, distributed among
the shareholders a total of 1660,663,272.
Were the total disbursements made by
the 300 or more companies quoted in
the dividend tables published else
where in Mining and Engineering
World paying dividends prior to 112
(.but not in 1912) added to the above,
it would make a startling total well
up in the billions of dollars, in fact.
Coppers Assume Lead.
For the first time in many months,
by reason of the improved prices for
tne red metal, the copper properties as
sume the lead in dividend payments,
the quarter's disbursements showing
that, with 19 companies contributing
nearly one-half of the quarter's total
or 39,798.218 was paid by the pro
ducers of copper. These 19 proper
ties have certainly had a most profita
ble career for, to date, holders of their
stock have been enriched to the extent
of 3328.059.542. On -the combined is
sued capital of these companies this
is a return equivalent to 153 percent,
or 3114,503,880 in excess of outstand
ing capital. All but two of these oper
ate properties In the United States,
these two being Cananea Central and
Greene Consolidated of Mexico, the for
mer paying its first dividend amount
ing to 3360,000.
Only Six Mexican Companies.
Of the 83 companies paying dividends
in 1912. 57 are classed as gold-stiver-lead-sine
producers. These distributed
among shareholders during the quarter
just ended $7,607,104,- and since in
corporation 3204,482,305. Thirty-eight
of these properties are located In the
United States and they contributed
$4,985,622 during the quarter and $149,.
285,127 since incorporation; 12 are
Canadian properties, with $2,190,739 to
their credit for the quarter and 330.
903.400 since incorporation. But six
Mexican companies participated and
only In a small way, owing to the rev
olution, the disbursements totaling
but $390,743 for the quarter.
Six metallurgical companies contrib
uted $4,365,068 to the quarter's total as
against $5,279,343 in the itune quarter
of 1911. To date these companies have
declared dividends totaling $12.81,35.
Etght seenrttnir-'holdlar eejraratMns
were able to share among owners of
their stock $3,839,751, as compared with
$6,599,159 paid by the same number
during the same period, of; 1911. To
date the eight companies have paid out
a total of $135,001,246.
Old Homestake Doubles Its
Working Force; Strike
. on Santa Pe Gtoim;
San Simon. Ariz.. -April 10. The Old
Homestake property, new called the
Boeckler mine, in the Paradise district,
is the scene of a great deal of activity
and promise. The force under superin
tendent Jim Reay, who formerly had
charge of the work at the Savage, has
been doubled, 10 or IS men being em
ployed, and shipments of ore are going
forward. Two shipments have been
made. The first shipment Is said to
have run $100 to the ton and the sec
ond $30 to the ton. The showing of ore
is declared to be fine. It is proposed
to transport ore to the Bj Paso &
Southwestern at Rodeo in future, by
means of automobile trucks. A test
was made recently of such a truck,
run out from Douglas for the purpose
and was satisfactory.
The Paradise Mining aad Milling
company's concentrator is again in op
eration, and paying. The company is
taking out ore on the Catherine claim,
where a large body of ore has been ex
posed. R. D. Hall is also working a force of
men on the Turkey Creek property,
taking out lead-silver ore for treatment
at the Paradise mill.
It is understood that B. J. Ames and
associates have bonded the Doran and
Gallagher property, a very promising
prospect, and expect to begin develop
ment work within 30 days.
Geo. A. Walker Is doing development
work on a claim just east of the Lead
vllle shaft, at the scene of a strike of
rich ore made not long ago.
Walker & McClellan are continuing
the tunnel on the Black Queen.
Ore has been struck in the tunnel on
the Santa Fe claim of the John A. Dun
can group. The strike had just been
made when Mr. Williams was at Par
adise, so the details are not available,
but superintendent McClellan was very
much enthused over the prospects that
it would develop into something very
Gus Hickey, formerly connected with
the Paradise Mining and Milling com
pany, has returned to Paradise.
Operations are to be resumed on the
Nebraska and Arizona In the near fu
ture by superintendent Morrow. It is
reported that the company Is negoti
ating with George A. Walker for the
purchase of the machinery of the LeadV
vlUe. If the deal is made the machin
ery will be moved to the old Morrow
Chamberlain shaft, on the Nebraska
and Arizona -wHava , a rinlli nf ihmit
100 leet good ore is said to have been
strucK in paying quantities.
J. I Williams, who recently returned
from a business trip to Paradise, re
ports that camp looking better now
than ever before.
hanover"mine to
resume operations
Silver City, N. M, April 10. The
Philadelphia Copper Mining company
at nanover has compietea arrange
ments and In a few days will resume
mining operations full handed.
This property has been Idle for some
time and resumption of work means
more business for the Hanover eunn
The mine is one of the best producers
of copper near Hanover.
Tularosa, N. M.. April 19. A. C. Glm
blp is here from his mine In Lava Gap,
wliich he recently bought of T J. Wan
nan. He comes to hire some men to
haul ore from Lava Gap to Three Riv
ers for shipment to El Paso.
J K Allen is hfre frnm Bent. X M..
to look after his mining claims in Cos -ote
rtmnn, about five miles northeast
of Tularosa.
imsma irarws
Andv Clvde Strikes Some
Good Ore Ormos
Mine Producing.
Cumpas, Sonors. Mex., April S. (By
Tn&ll- The Transvaal comDanv contin-
Uuee effective work with diamond drills:
the company has several miners at tne
Cob re Rico.
S. H. Casey and Harry Richey, until
recently connected with the Transvaal
store, are expected back soon from the
states, where they have been on a
pleasure trip.
Capt. Andy Clyde is in town. He has
uncovered lots of high grade in the
Revolucion mine in the last few days.
Mervyn Moore will leave In a few
days for a trip to the states.
J. Y. Fryer, from Mocteanma, reports
things looking good In mining.
Santiago Rivera is down on a visit
from Churunibabi.
Manuel Saldate and Senortta Teresa
Ballesteros, popular and prominent
young people, were quietly married
Billie Barrett and J. A. McGimsey, of
San Francisco, are down to Inspect the
"Ormos" mine, in which they are inter
ested. They are extracting some of
the richest ore in the district and soon
expect to put on more men to work.
Cerro Gordo is making a small ship
ment of ore. Frank Wood is In charge
of the Work while O. L. Neer Is in
Kansas City.
Railroad Runs Spur Track
to Oil Meld Near
Tucumcarl, N. M., April 10. Actual
operation on the drilling of the Bad
Lands oil well began this - week,
drillers being at work day and night.
A spur has been put in at the point
by the Tucumcarl it Memphis Railway
company, in order to accommodate the
Those who are Interested In the well
which is being sunk profess great faith
In the value of their undertaking and
It is said that there is a secret reason
for this faith which has not been made
public. However, practically all of the
available land In the neighborhood has
been taken up by the public as oil
In Seven Classes Champions
Are Evolved in Big Bos
ton Tournament.
Boston. Mass.. April 10. National
amateur boxing championships were
decided last nrght in seven classes In
the annual title tournment held under
the auspices or the B. A. A.
Thomas L. Regan of Boston, the only
one of last year's national champions
to appear, successfully defended his
title in the 115 pound class, winning a
.last oout wiu ueorge u. .rnicaara
of Boston in three round.
white hope" but only two contenders
appeared and John Sylverlo of Beverly,
New England champion had no trouble
disposing of Thomas Kelly of Boston in
one round:
Arthur Sheridan, metropolitan 118
pound champion won from B. A. Le
velle of Somerville, New England
champion, after three rounds.
Al Wambegans of New Orleans,
southern champion in the 13S pound
class, disposed of Michael Sullivan.
New England champion In three
rounds. John Cooper of Chelsea, New
Bngland champion won la the 12
Sund class from Edward Desmond of
oeton. 1
The A St M college of Mestlla Park
is the next number on tbe program of
the local high school baseball team
and the collegians will be met at Wash
ington park next Saturday afternoon,
when the high school hopes to take oc
casion to avenge the S to 1 defeat in
flicted upon it at . MeslUa Park two
weeks ago.
The game there was one of the best
scholastic contests of the season. Hill
of the high school not allowing a man
to reach first after the fourth inning.
Carl Flick, fair haired tnflelder of
the defunct Maverick club of the Cac
tus league, is now playing all around
second base with the Chattanooga team
of the Atlantic Coast league. Flick
was one of the finds of the prickly
pear circuit and was picked by Shreve
port before he finished the season here
He hits well and Is a fast lnfieldt- with
a quick, accurate throw to first.
Because of the fact that the El Paso
Military institute baseball team Is
about to disband there will be played
tomorrow afternoon a game between
the High school and the Institute which
will determine the scholastic champion
ship of El Paso.
At Philadelphia The Philadelphia
Nationals defeated the local Americans
hy 10 to 5 and thereby won the spring
series. The Phillies won four of the
six games played.
Score: R. H. E
Nationals 000 700 030 10 12 1
Americana . 002 000 J00 oil 0
Batteries- Nationals. Moore, Scaton.
Brennan and Oraham; Americana.
Houck, Brown and Egan.
Pacific Ceaat League.
All games postponed by rain.
Exhibition Games.
At Newark Newark, J; New Tork
Nationals. 4
At Cincinnati Nationals, 5; Detroit
Americans, 4.
At Washington Americans. 7;
Brooklyn Nationals. S.
At Toledo Toledo. 9; New Tork
Americans. 8
At Baltimore Baltimore. : Phila
delphia Americans (second team). 0.
Des Moines April 10. Pitcher Jor
dan of the Chicago American league
club who played in right field yester
day afternoon fractured his right leg
and tore the ligaments loose from his
ankle while turning second base. The
injury was at first believed to be
slight but It was atated before the
team started east last night that Jor
dan may be unable to play for some
lillCEft. J- liATlllS A JUl'LH,
Jophn. Mo, April 10. Jimmy Pap
pas, a Greek from New Orleans, as a
postbe contender for bantamweight
honors.1 was eliminated here in a 15
round bout !th Earl Puryear ot
IenverX " P"'unil i hampion of Amer
ica The Denver boy whipped th
Greek deUsneli .u a fair bout.
While Eczema, Acne, Tatter, Salt Rheum, etc., are troubles which, affect
the skin, their source is far deeper than the outside cuticle. These affections
are caused by irritating humors, or uratio acid in the blood. Such imparities
inflame and irritate the delicate net-work of fibrous tissue which lies Just
beneath the surface of the outer skin, and the inflammatory discharge thus
produced is forced'out through the pores and glands, and is continually
kept up while the blood remains infeoted. This exudation causes the form
ation of scales and crusts so often seen in Eczema, and when they are
scratched off the flesh is left raw and more susceptible to other infection.
It can very readily be seen then that to produce a cure the circulation must
be purified and cleansed. This S. S. S. will do. Zt goes down to the very
bottom, removes all humors and impurities, neutralizes the excessive actfs
of the system and in this way removes the cause of disease. Local applica
tions can only soothe theJrritation and assist in keeping the skin clean; they '
never produce a cure because such treatment does not reach the blood.
E.S S. restores to the thin, acrid blood all its lost properties, makes it
pure and rich and enables it to nourish the skin and keep it soft, smooth
and healthy. Book on Skin Diseases and any medical advice free to all
Negotiates Long Course at
the Country (Sub in Six
Holes Under Bogey.
The long course record of the El
Paso Country club links was smashed
Into smithereens yesterday afternoon
by C. H. Leavell when he negotiated
the 18 holes in 74 strokes. He went
out in S8 and came In with the remark
able score of 30. Bogle for the course
stands at S.
Those five golfers, tied for the top
laurels in the interrupted blind bogey
n.atch E. E. Neff. Vance Stuart, A. W.
Houck, Walter Davis and W. F. Payne,
will be called upon to break the tie
next Sunday."
Which, However, Has No
Bearing on the Oeean-to-
Ocean Road, Says Cary.
Dr. French S, Cary. president of the
El Paso (Automobile club, returned last
night from Demlng. He had gone there
to see If be could Induce the ocean-to-ocean
path finder of a Los Angeles
newspaper to visit El Paso. He failed
as their trip was already routed
through New Mexico, and- It was. too
late to deviate from the program.
Politics of the ocean-to-ocean con
The Wiles of
"There never was a nicer woman as
a wldder than that ere second wenture
of mine." said Mr. Weller, senior, with
solemnity, 'she was such an uncommon
pleasant wldder. it's a great pity she
changed her condtion. Take example
by your father, my boy. and be wery
careful o' widders all your life.'
(fAM eighteen." writes Constant
Reader, "and am earning $10 per
week. I am deeply In love with
a rich widow 20 years my senior. My
parents disapprove of my going with
her and she has asked me to elope
with her. What shall I do?"
My dear young man. run! And run
as fas as you can. And don't stop till
you have run so far the widow can't
catch you.
A woman of forty, of mature Judg
ment (or as mature as her Judgment
may ever hope to be), wants a boy 20
years her Junior to elope with her. If
she loves him, as she probably claims,
it is not an honest, honorable love. It
is not the unselfish kind that lasts,
and In a case like jours, my dear boy,
your parents should be given all the
power the courts would extend to
parents against whose children there
have been made threats of kidnaping.
Old enough to be your mother, she
so far -forgets your mother's rights by
urging you to do that which would
break your mother's heart.
If she were the right kind of a wo
man she would encourage you to be a
man. and do that which is best' for
your future. Instead, she is flattering'
you into a step that will be suicidal.
If she has wealth, as you claim, that
should bear no weight with a man of
twenty with life and its great possibili
ties before him.
She has nothing to give you that you
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the Widows
cannot earn with your own good
strong hands, and the bitter bread of
dependence does not go with that wntck
a man's own efforts bring him.
The manner of woman she is is
beyond my comprehension. Forty, un
hampered by marriage ties, and with
an independent income; surely life of
fers for her more worth while than
marrying an Immature youth of twen
ty. It does. If she Is a woman who rec
ognizes a -woman's duties and a wom
an's obligations, not one of which in
cludes stealing a boy from his mother
Forget her and devote the force and
energy you have put into loving her
Into your work. Make doing well
your daily task the sum of your ambi
tion, and when the day comes when
you -will be getting more than J 10 a
week look around for some young girl
of your own age to share it with you.
She is here, somewhere. The Lord
who made you didn't forget to make
her. Rest assured that the woman who
was created 20 years before you was
not put into this world for the purpose
of living and loving and marrying and
losing, experiencing all the emotions
of life, and then waiting till you had
arrived at the discreet age of twenty
that she might gobble you up.
If your mother is forty and were a
widow, could you love and respect her
if she tried to persuade one of your
age to elope with her?
Since this woman is old enough to
be your mother see that she meets the
standards of that age.
If she is an "uncommon pleasant wld
der," evidently the case since she in
fatuated you. It would be a pity for
her to Chanel her condtion.
And from youi roint of view It would
be a crime.
Panamas cleaned, blocked Wright.
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