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Leased Wire
Fair tonight and Tuesday.
Tuesday Evening,
April 18, 1912 12 Page
Steamer Titanic, World's Biggest Ship,
Which Over 1300 People Met
No Single Catastrophe Has
Ever Been So Dear in!
Money and Lives.
London, Eng., April 16. It is esti
mated that with the cargo the Titanic
represents a loss of approximately $12,
500.000. Of this total STO.OOO was re
tained by the White Star company at its
own risk and the balance was placed
on the insurance market in .London,
Liverpool. Hamburg and elsewhere.
The loss sustained is the largest on
record in connection with one "bottom."
London Overwhelmed.
The news of the loss of the steamship
Titanic and the probable drowning of
more than 1000 of her passengers oxer
v helmed 1-ondon today. Those who lial
friends among the passengers or crew
had gone to their homes last night, 're
lieved and reassured by the late evening
dispatches, which declared that the ves
sel was still afloat find proceeding to
Londoners were sure all was well until
the authentic tidings came this morning
of the disaster that had overwhelmed
the great ship. The news, published in a
few late editions of the morning news
papers and in early editions of the even
ing newspapers spread rapidly and con
sternation resulted." This was particular
ly true at Lloyd's.
At all steamship offices and on many
public buildings flags are flying at half
Disappointed Crowds.
Throupiout the morning the crowds
which besieged the newspaper offices and
headquarters of the White Star line in
creased in size.
Pitiful scenes were witnessed as wom
en and children, unable to get informa
tion as to relatives or friends, hat the ,
crowds with tear-stained faces.
Officials of the White Star line had
little to offer them beyond -dispatches
identical with those cabled to the news
papers from Xew York.
The announcement that the steam
ship (alifomian was remaining in the
vicinity of the wreck gave hope that
some more survivors might be found.
The -list of rescued began trickling into
the newspaper offices during the morn
ing, cabled from ' New York.
Two. .Lucky Britishers.
Lord Ashburtan and Norman C. Craig,
member of parliament, whose names an
peared in some of the published lists of
first cabin passengers, did not sail on
the Titanic. The family of J. Bruce Is
may, managing director of the White
Star line, received nn rlirrv nam fmm
him. but his name appeared in the list I ""ed Mr. Bacon to postpone his de
of rescued posted by the papers. pa'ir'W! Mnv.ii.. ...., -,..
A wireless dispatch received today by
the firm of Pears, soapmakers. and timed
omm kxeki u nn . ippngg bb a '"' i - . - i I
1:20 yesterday, said merely: "All well.'
It was unsigned, but was believed to be
from Thomas Pears, who. with his wife.
was among the Titan.cs passengers. It.'J. 4--f-f'-)---'f''f4-4----i-'f-
i-aiiif n ay 01 ine uner l otsdam. nut j t
there was no indication as to where it "
was oriiHnaHv sent, mm i "
The underwriters at Lloyd's
were ! -
C..1 u i x -j. - -. : --
.vKsr. ri "; nciB. uui 11 IS SaiU i "J"
that the insurance on the lost vessel is j
so evenly distributed that none of the '
underwriters is lik-elv In h harrl lift !
The reassuring cable dispatches re
ceived yesterday had sent the reinsur
ance rate down to 25 guineas percent and
the underwriters closed up at night hope
ful that all was welL
When tliev reopened this morning a I pears
hi lie ousiness was uone at so guineas.
but the rate quickly was raised to 95,
which is known as a "total loss" rate.
Famous London Milliner and
Fashion Writer Was
a Passenger.
Paris. France. April 16. The Amer
ican colony In Paris was grief stricken
today by the news of the lose of Ufa
caused by the wreck of the Titanic
hundreds of residents and American
tourists at the hotels had relatives on
All went to sleep last night com
forted with the assurances cabled here
that' all had been salved and it was only
when they received this mornings
newspapers that they learned of the I
disaster. ,
The White Star office was besieged '
by weeping women, several of whom
had sons on board. Among these was ;
Mrs. William Dulles, -who collapsed. i
It has been established that lady j
Duff -Gordon, who is known in Paris i
as "leucine, tne name under which
she conducts her dressmaking busi
ness sailed on board the Titanic with
her husband, sir Cosmo Edmund Duff
Gordon. They appear on the official
passenger list as Mr. Morgan and wife.
Robert Bacon. United States ambas
sador to Prance, with bis wife and
daughter, had planned to sail on the 1
of tSy5onb T. Serried hi "Succesr! ' c"" yesterday from Los TranaS. a lit-
tie station at Kilometer bz, on tne
Kansas City, Mexico and Orient road.
Villa passed that point on Sunday aft
ernoon, going in the direction of Ojin
aga. He ate dinner with a contractor
tngaged in work near that section,
according to the story, and the con
tractor asked Villa where he was
bound for. and the latter is said to
l-ave replied "to the states. I am '
tnrough with, revolutions and fighting
and-hereafter will settle down and de
tote myself to farming." I
Ammunition Hilled as Onions
Revenue Cutters and a Scout
Cruiser Are Or
dered Out.
Washington. D. C, April IS Presi
dent Taft today ordered out two
revenue cutters to meet the Carpatjhla,
which is bearing the Titanic-s survivors
to New York. The Gresham is at Bos
ton and the Acvannet at weedsbole,
TUdlMNllknaIMS I
cruiaer aaiem to proceed to sea. at
,... I once from Hampton Roads. Va.. and
is baia to nave Come to the ; ZSUFJSrEZJSr
American Side to Become . fnTiooVmiSl atl.y' gorS.
f president, her eommjuirfor will nhtnln
a Farmer. j oomPlete llst of the Tttanic's survivors
government here.
In case the Salem has not sufficient
coal in her bunkers to start imme-
diatelv. tkp SMrtarv nf tri. naw inva
(By Phil McLaughlin )
Chihuahua. Mexico, April 16. Pancho
Villa has been found again.
According to a traveler reaching this
The Press Nouvelle auotes the can
tedn of the French liner La Touralrie
a, saying be Bent a wireless dispatch
reporting the presence of the icebergs
to the captain of the Titanic who ac
knowledged the message with thanks.
perform the mission.
One of the cruisers will be on Its way
Sympathy to Families.
The house unanimously adopted a
resolution today extending sympathy to
the relatives of those who met their
death in the disaster of the Titanic
I. A. R. Kxteadn Sympathy.
The disaster to the Titanic was taken
notice of by the Daughters of the Amer
ican Revolution, in annual session here,
who at their meeting today appointed
a committee to draft and present to the
congress resolutions of sympathy.
Reports of the national officers were
New York. April 1. Post
master Edward M. Morgan said
today that the Titanic has on
board 3506 sacks of mail, it is
not likel, be said, they were
As the standard ocean mall
bag holds about 2000 letters. It
is estimated that 7.000.000
pieces of mail matter have been
"T'f' 'f"5" 'fr
in particular said that
i ti.us lar there Is on band approxlmate-
IIIS Fit I EM) SAILED 1 1. 000.000 round of cartrid-
, . iiia ilkatei) TITAXIC. I There p- much comment going on
John M. Romagny, French" consular in the local papers in this city anent
agent in El Paso, fears that a friend the shipping- of 2000 rifles and lOO.OOd
The exact amount of arnwrtv lnwt - i or, I8 was passenger on the ill- rounds of ammunition Into Mexico
har-I to asrtaL "A j fated Titanic He received a letter a City, consigned- to the American and
"w iiwin n imam i. waiiace uerman amoassaaors to be used. It
""' r". Ba-rinw inat ne would
Major Archibald Butt, aide to the
president, who was on the Titanic
when It sunk, was in El Paso at the
Taft-Diaz meetlne- a tho nrmMmt'a
A large quantity of arms and ammu- 1 moe. appeared with president Taft
nition was received in this city jes- l t all. of the social functions which
terday from Juarez. Most of It came were arranged for the two presidents,
in' large sacks, being billed as onions and he appeared in the picture of
it is saia.
Tne revolutionary officials deny that
they are shy on ammunition, and say
that shipments are reaching' the city
regularly and later is sent to the front.
one omctal
hard to ascertain.
Didst Sail.
The following passengers, whose names
were on the list ff the Titanic, did not
First class E. A. Melody, M. J.
White. Schabert.
Second class Dr. J. C. Jenkins, Mis.
G. Wilkinson, Ada Wilkinson.
Premier Asquith Discusses Herror.
Premier Asquith in a brief statement
in the house of commons this afternoon
gai c public expression to Great Britain's
(Continued from page ?.
sail on the 10th of the month, and he
thinks it probable that he selected the
Titanic on which to make the voyage.
Berlin, Germany. April l. The Ger
man transport insurance companies
,:"e.bout 37S.0 on reinsurance at
the Titanic
Washington, D.- O, April is. Sam
Way. of California, has been appointed
Chinese intrepreter at El Paso
President Taft, Secretary of War and Chief of Military
Staff Hold Conference and Discuss the Mexican Sit
uation Acting Secretary Wilson, of the State
Department, Also in the Conference,
Washington, D. C, April 16. Catiacaa, the capital of Sinaloa, has been cap
tured by Mexican rebels, according to state ITeparteieBt advices, today.
Guerrero has been added to the list of states where the iaourrecto move
ment is assuming greater proportions.
It is now denied from Salina Crtii, the western terminus of the Tehnaatepec
railroad, that that line is being molested.
Apprehension in official circles of the Mexican situation was indicated to
day by conferences at the white house ia which preotteut Taft and the cabi
net, Huntington Wilson, acting secretary of state, and Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood
chief of staff of the army, participated. '
Gen. Wood reached the white house soon after the cabinet assembled and
held an earnest conversation with secretary Stinuon in an adjoining room. Mr.
Wilson then was summoned and the three officials went into the cabinet room.
said by American and German sub
jects in the capital in the event b
attack by elements prejudicial to the
rights of foreigners. Tnls concession,
which was. granted under pressure by
president Madero, is called "a weakness-'
on the part of the president who
cannot give protection to foreigners
should it become necessary. Several
of the dailies are bitter In their de
nunciation of the chief executive for
this move.
Preparations Bat o Battle.
There Is very little change in the
revolutionary situation from all ac
counts received from the zone domin
ated by the federals between Conejos
-and BenneJUlo. Much activity in the
way of preparation is going forward,
which dispel the reports that the fed
erals are retreating to their main base
at Torreon.
Federals must assume the offensive
judging- from the actions of the rebels
in their strongholds between RclUnn
and Sscalon. Kvvr since they gained l
t(IA wljkAM, 1,AVA MAVAnl V.b .... '
. n.llj .... are. ... .;., WVl
iney save munuunra me same posi
tions and evidently have no intention
of moving farther south.
It Is believed the federals are plan
ning a move of some kind for the
north and perhaps are awaiting rein
forcements before proceeding. The
Liberal scouts sight the federal scouts
almost dally near Conejos and some
times exchange shots v. ith them. The
reason assigned by the rebels for not
Mwins iowru iw'curi is tnat thev
are quite satisfied to wait a few days
lit the hope that the enemy will come
to them.
In the event that this does not nap
Pen the march south will begin.
May Fight Thursday.
l.ate reports toda-- st.itt- that asliarht
movement in the federal ranks at
' -mc. .xoour&,Aj.jtM .t j.o. fxHGV .w. ooatkaa
i ffi;-v kI
KtS&.-jt ?assBsHtef aa,L. HBBsBenKxBBU
Only 868 Persons Saved Out Of A Total Of Over 2200
People On Board This Newest and Biggest Of the
World's Great Passenger Carriers-John Jacob
Astor, W. T. Stead, s Maj. Butt
and Others May Be Lost.
New York. N. Y.. Ami 16. All hope that any of the passengers or crew of the
Titanic, other than those on the Carpathia, are alive, was abandoned this afternoon. All
the steamers which have been cruising near the disaster have continued their voyages, ac
cording to messages from St. Johns and Halifax.
The appaling magnitude of the Wrec has been but tittte mitigated by we frag-
menlaru information which has filtered in today.
The rescuing steamer Carpathia has 868 survivors on board, according to the latest
news received at the offices of the White btar line in New Yor. 1 hipnhcreases the ttst of
saved by about 200 from the number first reported.
But except for this, the favorable details are insignificant compared with the fact
that the Titanic is at the bottom of the Atlantic and that tjfe shattered Wreck took with
her about 1350 victims to their death. '
The official announcement that there are 868 survivors on board the Carpathia and
the fact that the names of only 315 of those saved have been received, shows that there
are 553 persons rescued from the Titanic whose names have not been received here as yet
The first reports giving the total survivors at 675 were varied by favorable news
early today, first from Capt. Rostrom, of the Carpathia, who gave the number at about
800, and later by the positive announcement of the White Star line that there are 868
survivors of the Titanic on the Carpathia.
But-with-these revised figures there remain. 1350 persons passengers and crew of
the Titanic, who today are unaccounted for, apparently lost.
Hope clung desperately to the belief that thesleamers Virginian and Parisian of the
Allan line, might have picked up survivors in addition to those on the Carpathia, but this
Was dispelled when the Sable Island wireless station reported that the Parisian had no
survivors, and. when the offices of the Allan line in Montreal issued a statement that the
captain of the Virginian had sent them a wireless message saying: "Arrived at the scene
of the disaster too late to be of any help."
The Virginian has proceeded on her way to Europe.
The Carpathia is coming in slowly to New York- All hope for details cf the
tragedy and its effects are centered on this ship. She will be in wireless communication
with Sable Island tonight, with Nantucket on Thursday- and will reach New York some
time Thursday night. , -
London, New York ana Paris are grief stricken and overwhelmed by the news
of the disaster. Tearful crowds of relatives and friends of passengers on board the
Titanic thronged the steamship offices in all three cities, waiting hour after hour for news,
which, to more of them than not, meant bereavement and sorrow.
People in Paris and London went to bed last night in the belief that all the passen
gers on board the Titanic had been saved; this morning brought them the appaling truth.
Of the survivors on board the Carpathia by far the larger number are women and
Many men of prominence on two continents are among the missing. No word has
been received of Col. John Jacob Astor; his wife, however, has been saved. Alfred G.
Vanderbill was not on board the Titanic as first reported. He is in Londqn. Isador
Straus, the New York millionaire merchant and philanthropist, who was on board, has
not been reported among the survivors. William T. Stead, also a passenger, is not re
ported saved.
The $10,000,000 steamship with cargo and jewels worth perhaps $10,000,000
more, is a totat toss.
. . BUTT
presidents Taft and Diaz which hangs
Vice oresident Franklin, of the In-
ternatlonal Mercantile marine, said
thi-t afternoon that the company was
holding back no information and that
the steamship Olympic was now stand
ing off Cap Race relaying the names
of pasensers on the Carpathia to the
wirel.-ss station there.
Little Hope of Rescue.
The weather signal station on the
Gulf of St. Lawrence v reports that
mi. iosrs lay off Nova Scotia and
t..at a 'olent thunderstorm broke In
ituiciiiiE csiwarn. it b, m h tno ,., ...
suc. co-tlitiois leu little hope for the al"ougn tne papers are chary ot dis
ioscup of anv survivors of the Titanic i CUS81.nK the subject. The law docs not
lii.il JUISIir Still h nrtrirt In rft., ,.
It, its ""- ""
London. Eng. April 16.-The apparent f required to have sufficient boat room -
Tttfr- tllST- tlkA Tl amn'a luaio w.. X t MimmAj.i. .11 I.L- , .
. ,... -I.-.,,.:, uw rie uoi i """uiumuiK ui h complete passer.
sumi'ient 10 accommodate the ships per-
nelghborhood last night and is , snnrwl ,....; .,i. l
eastward. It was said that I .ui. v. .V"""-s -- j.,u:i aere.
and crew list.
t'enejos Is visible and that the feder- i 'n the chamber of commerce bui'd'nar. t
ais are Dreoarlng to move either north Mai
oi south. , newspapei man and when a quarter
ine rebel leaders say that it means i master in tne Philippines (has
a move north and that the are pre- of L.1 I'aso, was his chief clerk.
pared for the coming battle vim I A Mrs Walter Douglas appears In
maj take place Thursdav ' the list of survivors from the Titarflc.
Kebcl Capture Ammunition. 'It was thought at first that it was
The lebels captured 25 000 roun 1? or t lio wife of Walter Douclas of th..
ammunition rrom an escort of fedinis
This for the tl-nc
the hope that the
anchored off Cape TCa
i-iric nrsi caned for help mieht h.iir.
PK kel up some of the Titanic r,a.-
near Escalor. Sunday. With the ammn
nltlon. the federals left Ojinasra about
10 das ago for Parral, w here they
l'h Ips-Doiige compEi but Mi s
.Douglas is at her horn in Warren.
Ariz., according to the officials of the
Mlola Kind 0 Pasnenarerx.
The Sable Island cableshlp MInta re
ported tlll r. f 1-Txr.nn !..... 1. . -
wreless station at Halifax that she ! tne Present great liners were designed
... ..-. fe.tai nidos ui w rrcKage in rew .Ulieooais.
Jr.noa.tus.or.raft. fr" the Titanic. New York. X. Y. Anril lfi Stt..
Mini! whThl.ad ' Ucal informati of the life saving ap
&e when the Tl- I E"8 of the Ply-P. sister ship Tf the
iuM,c,. given oui today bv the bu
reau of inspection of steam 'vessels Fig
ures for the Titanic are not available,
but as the ships are almost identical in
size, it is not likely that their equip
ment materially differs.
Sixteen Lifeboats.
The Olympic has 16 lifeboats and four
rafts, calculated to accommodate 1171
person This means about one third of
the total number ot" iuun .
the ap- j which would approximate 3447. '
i I lt ,s 9'd at the bure.tu that no hip is
The Olympic carries 3455 life pre-, -rs
end 45 life buoys, and thee e,, .,. ,
ment are made in compliance with rl
proide the number of boats the largest ' TIT- i eVT v lsh homTi OI tr ,"
ships shall carry. I lho l nite! States bureau has no jon -
It applies only to shine dianhein. ,, ' I,""'1 "' ln "-" earner
lArlrfA r 5 . "'' I UlC
v,wv hub, as n was passeu beiorc
Yfw Wtirl- la a fnrmA- Wn.U..v t 5t IlgeTS.
.! ' .- w .. .w.a.a, ,, .0ii iin Llll ,, , . .
i ..-.t.u mj nave aurrlrorB.
Moss, I , -,ul"nsiana'ng reports to the con-
...... l, Allan line oiuciais at Mon
tr, al bel1ee the Parisian may be car
rj ing sonw of the survivors of the Tl-tf-nic
This probability was supported
in,- . i inai me l-Tirislan
oianea 'or Halllax
ail bound for
iBterr.st In rnmiKliia
Intense Interest centers In
ifontlnned on n
..t..ii-iut-uis oi us nome cm.-
; ment.
i Report On Lifeboats.
1 "n-njnitfon. D. C April 16.-A qu. k
i report irom the White Star line on tl.
! I"1! "' '"boats and life ratts c.irr ,
. ...,- , nanic nas been telegraphed r
by supervising inspector Uhler of tS-
frwLTingnea,nb0at inct,on '
The federal steamship inspection ser
vice was awaitniff the arrival of the
complied with the Fp,lh law w,th n-
the vessel had been or VnnVican re,-r ,
ilOUld Hv,e hepn obliged to hair I -boats
or hfe rft9 containing :r
cubic feet or accommodations n .- ' i,"

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