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Tuesday, Julv 2, 1912
the Good
Flag'' m
55 It !
"Our 4th o'July
" Men's
" White
Canvas Button
$5.00 Shoes
Three 25-Year Members Are
Presented With Jewels
of Recognition.
The Odd Fellows of H ?aso 'enjoyed
themselves last night ih the true
spirit of fraternity. A. A. J
Lordsburg. X. M.; C. TV. Fafse"B
Thomas S. Kerr were presented with
jewels which represented 2a vears or
more in the practice of the teaching of
Odd Fellowship. . ...t.iii
The following officers we ju
for the ensuing term: - Alien,
noble grand; Rufus B. Daniel, mcc
"rand; E. W. Bryan, secretary; . A.
Lane, chaplain; P. G. New Ion pat
grand; Lee Roberson. warden; " -fr
Fletcher, conductor; artm UMerwood,
R. S. X. G.; J. E. Harmon. L. fa. .. -,
J. W. Jackson, R. S. S-: Arth r
Borcherding, L. S. S-: Cbude B. H ud
ipeth. R- S. V. G.; 0. A. Critchett L.
s V. G.; L. H. Everidge, inner guardian ;
V. R. Yelton. outside guardian.
Refreshments were served, music was
rendered bv the musicians from iort
Bliss, and enthusiastic speecnes re
made concerning the new home to De
erected by the El Paso Odd Fellows.
Old Fashioned Celebration
Planned and Trains
Run Conveniently.
A fourth of Julv excursion to Cloud
croft will enable El Pasoans to attend
the celebration at the mountain resort.
The regular Sunday schedule will be in
effect, the train leaving here at t-.ia
a. m., arriving at the resort at 1-:JU,
leaving at G:30. and arriving here about
1 1 OCloCK-
The Business Men's association, of
C loudcroft, has issued a regular old
fashioned hand bill announcing horse
races, baseball games, broncho bust
ing." athletic contests, skating and danc
ing and a few other things. oted
oiators will deliver addresses, and a
world-famous band will furnish music
for the occasion."
Train Bulletin.
All Tuesday afternoon and night
trains are reported on time. The Elks'
special will arrive at 7 p. m.
The Commercial Xatlonal Bank re
quests that all those having acocunts
with the Sarins Department bring in
their pass book to have the semi-annual
interest entered therein.
Onr IiaeU sen Ice is the only real good
hack service in El Paio. Phone 1 or 1881.
Returns to Work.
Miss Ruby Hadlock, chief clerk in
the sanitary commissioner's office, who
was confined to her home three days
last week suffering with tonsilltis, was
awe to report for duty Tuesday mora
Dr. R. M. IlatHff. dentist. Sue to Drs.
Paget & ttatliff. 204-5-6 Caples Bldg.
Charged With Taking Goods.
Victor Ramirez was arrested Monday
afternoon by the police on a charge
of theft under J50. It was alleged
that Ramirez attempted to carry away
some goods from the Globe store on
Overland street.
Prompt Hack Service.
Pomeroy"s hacks are at the barn
hitched, awaiting your call. Phones,
Bell, 651-2444; Auto, 1651-2444.
Dr. Xettle Satterlce, osteopath, 603
American Bank Bldg.. phones 141, 34S3.
Finds Missing Man Alive.
T. J. Adams, who Frank Lewis, gen
eral foreman of the Norfolk-Western
railway, Lambert's Point, Va., wrote
the city detectives here that he had
heard was shot and killed near El
Paso, notified the detectives Monday
that ho was still alive. Adams is
special agent for the G. H. company.
Dr. Robinson, diseases of children,
amoved to 211-212 Roberts-Banner.
The yellow Vinson will call for and
deliver your baggage promptly. Phone
1 or 1001.
Wednesday &
We close at noon on
the 4th. 6 p. m. on
every other day except
Attorney General Files It
Against Oscar Lolrman,
of Las Graces.
Santa Fe. N. JL. July 2. Attorney
general Frank W. Clancy on behalf of
the state ot iew .Mexico ami iue vu
tv of Dona Ana, has filed a petition in
the federal court asking that Oscar
Lehman, of Las Cruces, former county
treasurer, be declared an involuntary
bankrupt. The state claims that he
failed to turn over to his successor
$24,262.94 and committed acts of bank
iuptcy by giins an E1 Paso bank a
$25,000 mortgage ana a Las Cruces
bank two mortgages for $5000 each.
Says manager Fogg: '"What HaP
iunHi tn .Tones' last nieht at the Air-
dome was plenty. It is hardly fair for
one man to have so much trouble in
two short hours but Jimmy Lee seemed
to enjoy it as much as the audience. As
Jimmy remarked, 'trouble comes easy
tn -me T like if seems to be true, for
the entire company gave-thetr best ef
forts to getting James into one scrape
after another, only to see him wriggle
out with the ease of a practiced hand.
For really funny situations, 'What
Happened to Jones' is the leader of the
many funny Lee shows. Some of the
best musical numbers heard here in a
long time were given. Also a lot of
brand new wardrobe was worn by the
squabs. Altogether, the show is bright,
catchy and tuneful and well worth the
price of admission. Seats are on sale
at Ryan's. The prices are 25c and 35c
Boxes 59c.'
Goes to Phoenix.
Eugene Fox. general freight and pas
senger agent of the El Paso & South
western system, left Monday night for
Phoenix. Ariz., where he will appear
before the interstate commerce -commission
now slttinir there. Garnett
King, his assistant, will return Tues-
riOV talnk, .3 S...,, I ,
Arizona points.
For house wiring and fixtures see
the National Telegrapnone and Supply
Company. 317 Mills street
Charged With Pistol Toting."
Jose Payan was arrested Monday
by the police charged with carrying a
Dr. F. D. Garrett, diseases of the stom
ach and Intestines. 516-518 Mills Bldg.
Dr. Barton, dentist, 618 Mills Bldg.
Wreck Almost Serious.
Passengers who arrived in El Paso
Monday afternoon from the west say
that the wreck of the Golden State
Limited two and one-half miles west
of Tucson was more serious than re
ported. A split switch caused the
baggage car to leave the track, taking
with it the mail car and the standard
Pullman. The baggage car was over
turned and the Pullman car left the
track, but did not turn over.
Xew Orleans Delegation May
Not Arrive Until
After 6 Oelock.
Time and high waters" never interfere
with the hospitality of Elkdom. The
reception and entertainment which had
liren planned for the Xew Orleans lodge
of Eiks was postponed Tuesday morn
ing when the special train carrying the
New Orleans Elks was running late.
The train was reported due to arrive at
2 ocloek. but a later report boosted this
time to 6 oelock. Because of the delay
in the arrival, the reception by a com
mittee of Elks at Ysleta was post
Col. Pascual Orozco, commander of
the Juarez garrison, sent a letter to ex
ulted ruler V. V. Bndgers, inviting nim
to bring the Xew Orleans and El Paso
Elks to the Mexican side and guaranteed
their safety while they were in Mexico.
It was planned to tike the visiting
lodge men over in street cars and autos,
"but because of the late arrival, this
plan was abandoned unless the New
(Means folk wished to 20 over after
dinner. Should the train run any later
the entertainment for the visiting Elks
-vull be limited to a dance and refresh
ments at the club.
In a letter to exalted ruler Bridgers,
the Louisiana Elks said that they would
stav in El Paso the full five hours, re
gardless of the time of arrival and ar
rangements for their entertainment are
now being revised.
In the District Court of the United
States for the Western District of
Texas, El Paso Division.
The United States vs. 1104 Sacks of
Wheat Flour. No. 372, D. C. Law.
Notice is hereby given that on the
22d day of June, A. D. 1912, there was
filed in the District Court of the United
States for the Western District of
Texas, at El Paso, an information in
rem, praying for the forfeiture and
condemnation by said court to the use
of the United States of 1104 sacks of
wheat flour, in said information fully
described, said information now being
on file in the office of the Clerk of
said Court, where same may be in
spected. Said information alleges that
said 1104 sacks of wheat flour, branded,
"Anthony Roller Mills. Satisfaction
Patent C. E. Miller, Anthony. N. M.
24 lbs. Satisfaction -Flour," were mis
branded, in that said sacks contained
less than twenty-four pounds of wheat
flour, said 110 sacks of wheat flour
having been theretofore transported
from Anthony, New Mexico, to El Paso,
via Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rail
way. The said information says that
said 1104 sacks of wheat flour should,
be condemned to the use, of the said ,
United States because of said misbrand
ing and subsequent shipment by In
terstate Commerce from Anthonv. New
I Mexico, to El Paso, by force of the
statutes of the United States and par
ticularly the Food and Drugs Act ot
Congress dated June 30th, 1906. Said
Court ordered on June 26th, 1912, that
said cause had been set for hearing on
the first Monday in October, 1912, if
that be a day of jurisdiction, and if
not, then on the first day of Jurisdic
tion thereafter.
Wherefore, all parties claiming the
said flour, or any part thereof, are
hereby summoned to appear on said
first Monday in October and show
cause why the Court should not pro
nounce judgment of condemnation
against said flour, as aforesaid, and
make all necessary and pertinent alle
gations in the matter of said suit
Eugene Nolte,
United States Marshal, Western Dis
trict of Texas.
By J. H. Rogers, Deputy.
Dated July 2d. 1912.
Dr. A. T. Still Osteopathic Infirmary.
Dr. Ira W. Collins, physician in chief;
Dr. Amelia Burk. Dr. Grace Parker, Dr.
Paul R. Collins, consulting physicians;
Sl West Missouri street.
Dr. Jnmleson, diseases of kidneys,
bladder, rectum a,nd skin; 61S Mills Bldg.
American Reported In Junrez Jail.
Consul T. D. Edwards, of Juarez, was
notified Sunday evening by Americana
in EI Paso that an unknown American
had been taken from the bull ring
during the prize fight Sunday and
taken to Jail. The consul started an
investigation but failed to learn any
thing about an American in the Juarez
Dr. Bonn, dentist. 107 El Paso street.
Get WHIIanis's prices on painting and
papering, 223 S. Stanton. Phone 408S.
Onr garage is handy and a splendid
place for an auto. Phone 1 or 1041.
Ladies Can Wear Shoes
One ize smaller after using Allen's
Toot-Ease, the antiseptic powder for
thp feet. It makes tight or new shoes
feel easy; gives instant relief to corns
and bunions. Blisters, Callous and Sore
J-pots. It's the greatest comfort dis
cos erv of the age. Sold everywhere. 25c.
ror FREE trial package, address, Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Set the Original and Genuine
The Foad-drink for All Ages.
For Infants, Inva!ids,and Growing children.
PureNutridon,up building the wholebody.
Invigorates the nursing mother and the aged.
Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form.
A quick lanch prepared in a Eiirate.
Take no substitute. Askfor HORUCK'S.
m Mpw Mssk TfsbsS
bpies Return to Yuma.
Charles Norton and James Rayner,
nephews of Abe Molina, have returned
to Yuma. Ariz., after being employed
in the Mexican secret service under
Molina here. Norton and Rayner have
been working here under assumed
names and have been among the most
active of the detectives in causing
arrests of ammunition smugglers.
Wall paper at cost for next 30 days.
A. Golding, 110 South Stanton street.
Have your electrical work done by
the old reliable Texan Electrical Supply
Co., 113 N. Stanton St. Both phones.
Roosevelt Rooters Rally.
Roosevelt rooters attempted to hold
a meeting in the office of U, S. Goen
in the Mills building Monday night.
There was not a sufficient number of
the strenuous one's followers present
to hold a meeting however, and the
reported rally was postponed until af
ter the Democratic convention had
adjourned and the air had cleared off.
A Roosevelt club is expected to be the
outcome of the next meeting of the
The switches on the Stanton street
car line are beinir made ready to be put
into place and a force of workmen is
tearing up the pavement on Stanton
street preparatory to makinjr the con
nections. The switches have already ar
rived and will be placed in the next
two or three days. They are beine put
in at the corner of Stanton and Boule
vard and squares are beinc placed at
Texas and the railroad tracks where the
lines cross.
Jose Delgado, charged with using
abusive language, was the first case
to be tried before justice J. J. Mur
phy upon the latter assuming the du
ties of that office Tuesday morning.
The defendant was fined SI and costs
of court.
Jose Tarin was charged with being a
fugitive from justice by complaint
filed In Murphy's court Monday at
noon. The defendant is said to be
wanted in Dona Ana countv. New
Mexico in connection with a shooting
affray that occurred tTiere last year.
Tarin was arrested here Monday by
the police.
George Maslin, manager of the Har
. houe. has returned from Cali-
fo n 1 , . t,. ho ba bi n takinpr .1 a
' Ti nnth Mr-, n !sl.n .mj
Dr. Gerber, 318 Mills Bldg., diseases
of women, and rectal diseases.
Dr. Cameron, dentist, 32S Mesa Ave
Cousin Porflro Diaz Dead.
Hutchinson, Kansas, July 2. Juan
Diaz, a cousin of Porfirio Diaz, ex
president of Mexico, died on a train
near here yesterday. Diaz , was en
route to Spain to join the former presi
dent with his family. He had been
driven out of his home at Chihuahua
by the revolutionists. His wife and
children, and E. T. Lafor, cashier of
the National bank of Chihuahua, who
was with the party, will continue the
Ilr..J. II. raget, dentist, E01-502 Rob-crts-Banner
Bldg., phone 1650.
Aotcd Railroad Man Dies.
Pasadena, Calif.. July 2. a W.
Smith, formerly connected with many
of the largest railroad systems of the j
ears 1, ana lanerjy vice presiaent 01 me
Santa Fe. died at his residence here
yesterday of acute stomach trouble.
Acreage of Grain in Belen
Country Is Increased
Belen, X. M., J11I3- 2. Extensive re
pairs in progress upon the Belen roller
mills for the past few weeks, are now
nearinK completion, and it is the inten
tion of the John Becker company, owner
of the mill, to commence running again
about the 15th of July.
The improvements which have been
made place the local mill in a class with
the best mills not only of the state, but
of the southwest. Among the improve
ments made are the instalation of a
grain separator and a large washer and
dryer. In addition, the boilers nnrl en
gines have been thoroughly overhauled
and repaired, and every bit of the in
tricate machinery of the mill proper has
been gone over and thoroughly renovated
ana put in snape ior another seasons
The acreage of grain is gradually in
creasing in this section of the valley.
Both winter and spring wheat are show
ing up exceedingly well this season,
and as a result the mill is expecting a
larger business than ever before. When
the fires are laid the middle of the pres
ent month it is probable that they will
be maintained almost continually until
the institution is shut down for repairs
next summer.
John Becker, sr of Belen. Iras received
from his son, Benjamin Becker, word
that he has been appointed second lieu
tenant in the Illinois national guard.
The young man has iust completed his
course at the Northwestern Military
academy, and his commission comes as
a reward of merit for the work dono
there. At the present time Mr. Becker
is in Battle Creek, Mich., khere he has
undergone an operation.
J. S. McHughes and John Collier, of the
Xew Mexico mounted police force, were
in the city looking for some fugitives
from justice who had broken jail in Ber
nalillo county.
A company of about 15 young people
enjoyed a hay rack party, leaving Belen
and spending a few hours on the mesa
west of the city.
Mrs. C. C. Stubbs and son Dennis have
left for a visit of some duration with
friends in Albuquerque.
Mrs. T. P. Boland has returned to
her home here after spending a couple
of weeks with friends in Alhnnur-rnuo
Mrs. and Miss Ziegler, wife and daugh
ter of Dr. Ziegler, pastor of the local
Lutheran church, have arrived in the
cty to make it their home. They came
to Belen from Kansas City, where they
have been visiting with friends.
Oliver Peterson, who fpr some years
Ijast has occupied a position with the
John Becker company of this city, has
resigned his position, and left for Ba
kersfield. Calif., where he will visit for
a. time at the home of his mother.
Will Ellemeier, of the John Becker
company, 1.0s returned to his duties here,
after a short vacation spent at Hot
Springs, Ark.
H. B. Kennebeck has returned to his
duties in Belen after a vacation trip to
Faywood Springs.
Prompt "Work at the Purity'
Bakery Prevents the
Spread of Flames. I
The prompt action of the cahtral I
fire depart Meat m arriving at the I
Purity Baking company's store 222 ,
Mesa avenue, the scene of the fire ;
Monday night, probably averted a great
fire disaster. 1
The store is located in the heart
of the city, between Mills and Texas I
streets, and is surrounded by some of
the largest business houses. '
The fire, the origin of which is un
known, started in the back room of '
the building, which was a raging
furnace when the alarm was turned
in about 11:30 oelock Monday night '
amc juuiii was usea Dy tne company
for the storing of wrapping paper,
pine boxes, and other articles. The
boxes ofrered fine fuel for the blaze.
which, after gutting the room, was
starting in on the store proper when
the firemen arrived. Quick work on
their part kept the fire confined.
Officials of the company stated Tues
day morning that the damage suffered
would amount to possibly J100, covered
by insurance. Approximately the saa.-e
amount of damage was done by ti-e
"re to uie store DuUUing of J. ;i
Nations, which adjoins the Pnrit
"But for the timely arrival of the
fire department," asserted B. M. G.
Williams, secretary of the Purity com
pany, there would have been a great
loss of property. The store is only
a frame building and would have gone
up in a smoke in a few minutes.
Chief Armstrong, of the fire de
partment, expressed himself by saying
that It was certainly fortunate that
the company got the alarm when it
Tuesday morning sewer commissioner
ILidlock commenced the work of laving
3,000 feet of sewer pipe in East El Paso.
The new line will be laid on Waco, Ce
bada. Douglas and Bliss streets, and will
connect with the main line at some con
venient point which runs to the river.
The ten-inch and eight-inch pipe being
put down will be connected at every
400 feet with a man hole.
Take advantage of these big specials we are offering for tomorrow and tomorrow
only. Remember we carry the largest, the biggest variety, and the finest hand
tailored clothing in the Southwest.
5.00 to $20.00 SUITS for
12.50 to $25.00 SUITS for
One-fourth Off all Trunks and Suit Cases.
One-fourth Off All Boys' Suits.
Come in tomorrow and supply your needi. These specials are for one day only
310-312 San Antonio St.
Ten Thousand
Was paid to 3000
Savings Depositors of
this Bank on July 1st.
Why Not Start an Ac
count With Us
now and receive your pro rata
on next interest period, Janu
ary 1. 1913?
Resources Over
"Bank of Service"
El Paso, Texas
rHE up-bwldmg of this Bank has lion 'itle Id 2
policy thai has been conservative pef progres
sive. Nov ranking as one of Vie strongest
'financial institutions in the South&est, it offers clients
every facility for the prompt and proper transaction of
all branches of domestic and foreign banking, and such
liberality of treatment as is consistent with prudence.
Accounts are solicited from those who contemplate
opening ntra or additional accounts in El Paso,
J Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars
Are requested to bring In their
pass books for entry of inter
est due July 1st.
&. TUX. ST CO.
311-13 AY. Overland St. Both Phone.
C. R. MOREHEAD, President. a N. BASSETT, Vice President
L. J. GILCHRIST, Asst. Cashier.
4 Per Cent and Safe
Our semi-annual clearing sale now
on. Sol I. Berg.
Movable canyas coverings arc being
placed on all the city scavenger wagons.
Thes are for the purpose o- kcepiiur
out the flies, preventing the -.:ind from
scattering the refuse about tlio streets
and hiding the unsightly garbage from
Our semi-annual clearing sale now
on. Sol I. Berg.
Postmaster J. A. Smith has gone to
Canutlllo on land grant business.
Dr. Klein, diseases of lungs, stomach,
intestines. Roberts-Banner Bldg.
Forest Fire Destrojn Timber.
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich, July 2. A
forest fire near Sheldrake, 40 miles
north of this city, has destroyed nearly
500.000 feet of high grade pine logs,
valued at $750,000, according to re
ports received here last night.
Me.-tlcnn Herald on Sale
at Ward's Pharmacy, in El Paso. Com
plete and reliable news of what hap
pens in Mexico.
IJankern May Buy Itcilnaj.
Washington, D. C. July 2. The
American bankers interested in the
loan to Nicarauga probably will re
lieve the financial straits of that coun
try by buying the government railway--
Gives Quick Home Cure '
For Corns, Callouses
And All Foot Troubles :
Plenty of room in our warehouse for
your auto this summer. Phone 1 or 1001.
Mrs T C Lfa and sons. Tom. Jr. and
Jn ha f g'one to thr White mountains
ut.i iii itJBiiin. auotu.r iao.D,th, j of. zi Mciigo 1q spnd tUcu 4CaUun.
This informationwill be welcomed by
the thousands of victims of daily foot
torture. Don't waste time. Get it at
once. No matter how many patent
medicines you have tried in vain this
treatment, which was formerly known
only to doctors,
will do the
work. "Dissolve
two table
ppoonfuls of
Calocide com
pound in a
tiasin of warm
water. Soak the feet in this for full
fifteen minutes, gently rubbing tho
sore parts." The effects are marvel
ous. All pain goes instantly and the
feet feel simply delightful. Corns
and callouses can be pooled right off.
bunions, aching feet, bweaty smelling
feet, get immediate relief. Use th's
treatment a week and our foot trou
bles will lie a thing of the pa--t. Calo
cide w oiks through the prvifs and re
mors tne caa1" joi i i,ut iei
Mayfield Brothers the Sell
ers They Also Buy
a New House.
P. K. Gardner, a local attorney, has
purchased a five room bungalow at
1S26 Montana street from T. M. and
J. D. Mayfield. The price paid for
the property was $4,750. The house
has a basement, its own heating plant,
hardwood floors, and builtln book cases
and buffet. The house was completed
only 30 days ago by tho Mayfield
Realty company. Mr. Gardner intends
to occupy the house as his residence.
MnyficIiW Iluy a Home.
The two story brick house at 1407
Arisona street has been purchased by
T. M. and J. D. Mayfield from M. F. and
S. E. Collier. The house is construct
ed of brick and has a basement and
heating plant. The house brought
To Build New Chnpel.
The old Presbyterian church at the
corner of Kansas and Myrtle avenue
has been almost completely razed and
work on the block of eight stores which
are to be erected by Ponsford brothers
will be begun in a short time. The
material in the old church will be used
in the erection of the new Grandview
Presbyterian church in Grandview ad
dition. Work on the new chapel will
begin in about a week's time.
Masonic Temple Plans.
The Masonic temple building com
mittee will again go over the plans
for the new Masonic temple this
evening. The plans have been revised
and the fourth story eliminated. Bids
will again be aaked for the building
on Friday and it is hoped to have ac
tual construction work started by July
This bank ghes you protection for your savings and pays 4
per cent interest (compounded semi-yearly) for the privilege of
serving you. When you hoard your money it earns you uothing,
and you assume all risk of loss from carelessness, thieves, tire and
poor investment.
One dollar a day saved from the age of twenty-fire to fifty
will yield you a "Retiring Fund" of between $10,000 and $12,000.
Western Motor
I Supply Company
As a result of what was said to have
been a free for all fisht, which occurred
Monday ni?ht at the intersection of Sec
ond .ind St. Vram streets. Jose Maria
.ml Ro-endo Maesa were slashed with
kmpi. and arc aid to be in a serious
condition at the respective homes, 406 1-2
St. Vrain street, and 409 Hill street.
Abraham Sabl.ma and Panpilo Salas
u cro arrestol bv thp police uondav
I Don't Work for Negroes.
References: ASK ANYONE. COLES BLDG. 10ti Year El Paao.
406 San Francisco St.
Phone 528,
charge of assault to murder. The police
slated that there were several other
participants wieldimr knives at the time,
but these managed to make their escape.
Let 'em howl. Sol I. Berg.
mjlit in O'lip turn uif'i the .i"m
..tU'I at ilic t 'hec st.Uion on
an 1
Cutter. X. M.. July 2. Cutter is go
ing to have a real fourth of July cele
braiion. There will be burro roping,
some of the best ropers of the state hav
ing entered; a barbecue will be given at
noon and in the evening a. ball.
A Skin of Beauty (e ; a Jgy Forever.
PR. T. Follx Gourzud'a Oriental
Croam or Magical Beautlflor.
BaOTM Tc, Plmntos,
FtMklce. Motb PmSm.
ana bsib imnrn,
sua mry hccum
en btmtj. lad d.
e dMMtim. It
has Mood tka irU
ot 64 T
b to indnm
M property
.aeon bo
felt of
mot. Dr. L. A.
Sarn mU to a
lady of the ht
ton (a patttnt):
"At job. HMti
win 2sa tken,
I recommend
'Gonrnnd's Croora at 'lie lart hannfBl of all tie
ikla TTenntions " I"nr sale by alt drajHU sod Faaey-
Goods Doilers In ti; Unite J Stjtet, Canada an1 B-rope.
53JM ,k
Bo'O (-KSr.KS """
Good Music Each Evening
Under Management of
On the County Road
51-2 Miles From El Paso
X Coll
offers four years
Graduates State Teachers'
cates. Strong faculty ot University
trainaa teacnars.
i Academy offers a full High School
course. Excellent separate faculty.
S Fine Arts: Music, Kxpression Art
Finest in tho South The celebrated
Dr. Thos. c5 JLottto Director o
Buildings well equipped, location
healthful, outdoor athletics jc-'
round. Phynlcal examination o
competent Directress. Address John
C. Haruy 14 D. President.

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