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Sport and Society Section
Sport and Society Section
Soulders and Baikers Teems
Play. A Gaim Saturday Aft
On Geo. Washington Parke Lot.
Read All About the Limpik Gaims
Between the Yung Sweads
and the Yung Amerikens. Hextrie!
t -HI
J Page
Little Stories About Baseball
4 ,2 By W. A. Phelon .
Tkae's Many a Slip Twixt the Negative and the Hypo
X uln
t'.r if-
IBX the Giants trc .pending their early spring at the
saltpeter mines of Marlin, Texas, life hung; heavy on their
handM and would Iiavc become an afnl drag for all of
them hut for one thing: the tricks, performance, and cap
ers of their great lender, the only John McGraw. But for
John and the things he engineered, the hoys -nould hare
pined their lives avra as It vas, they had n fairly pleas
ing time, and scores of people sat up every night for fear
thcj'd miss something that McGraiv might plan.
The climax came ben McGraw gate c chicken dinner,
to each man a whole chicken and a small Iiottle of light,
harmless -nine. 'When the gay company gathered round
.!, all itent well, except with Arlic Latham. homehow or
,.r.,-lcilv or other had slipped Arlic n chicken that had ceased
chickening about the time Broadway ceased to be n promenade for Peter
Stuyresaut, while ri) es Dome 01 -nine nau Keen emimcn ana wrwuu i
filled with soap suds.
Vrlie sank his fnngs Into the "chicken,' and broke to front tcetn.
Keeling somowhat agitated, he took a tijep pull at his bottle, and then
declared war. He smote John 'Deere with the chicken" nnd -was about
to whack Deals, Becker with the bottlt, when all hands camped upon his
linscru, and the noise of riot died away.
McGraw then sent the "chicken" and the bottle to an iracclblc old woman
who was acting housekeeper of the hotel. Iii the breast of the Iron bird
he placed a card, 'Ith the compliments of Jiozeman Bulge," the well
known baseball scribe. The good old lady attacked the "chicken," bent her
few remaining teeth right back in the gums, took an agitated drink from
the fatal bottle, nnd then described bee-line for Mr. Ilulger's rooms. Mr.
Bulger nnd his wife were cntertainin g Sid Mercer, another fccrlhe, nnd Mrs.
Mercer. It took all four of them to hold the old unman till an alibi could
be established, and when she -was convinced that Bulger didn't do It she
reasoned quite justly that nobody but John McGraw could have committed
such a crime.
By this time, the chicken dinner had broken up. and everybody had gone
to lied. McGraw icr. juit pulling off his coat when the bottle crashed
against his door. The "chicken" followed with a heavy thud, and then
came the furious voice of the good oI- woman: "Come ontn that! Come onta
thnt, ye Irish rcp-tyle! Come out and meet me in this hall, and I'll show
you; you A. I. A., you fnrdown, you Orangeman I'll show you whether sou
can play such tricks on -a respectablee lady! Come out that room, you big
fat coward, yon dirty son of Satan!"
And It cost McGraw 55 in perfectly good money before he could coax
her to sec It as a joke and to leave his door.
BT .
i -M i i
1 C . I NOW MIUcI S - Wl ' -. ErJaJa-; " 1 I .....,.
". X. .a. V WH -n"dl L - W 1 I. . ST ' 1l 1 "" . i m I ?rjr -WXW-MNMl VSUl!.l U iM Mijr r s r r JJ-.
uxr a,. vousraNDr- m.5 zzz?" mrmmmwmm:
wtsss.- rr vm iHHieE.AMrri5. r-najw? x:r' nj r Tmmmm
. t . .
Second Cavalry Brings Good
Jeanette Will Claim Title If
Johnson Refuses To Fight Him
-By Ed Curley
By Timothy Turner
EV YORK. X. Y., July 12. "1
would like Xo know," shouted
Dan McKetrifk In our ear,
" what the matter Is with Jack John
son"" Ianiel," we answered in a soothing
manner, "we don't know; don't care;
but well fall. What's your holler?"
"Well, its just like this," responded
the dapper manager. "Here Im hand
ling Joe Jeannette, one of the greatest
pugilists in captivity and can't get
him a real fight. I've pestered John
son with letters, telegrams' and other
appeals, hut he never chirps in ac
knowledgment. "To add to my misery Jack comes
out with -an announcement that he 1SH
going to retire on Labor day, but he
fore he sinjvs into seclusion he is will
ing to tackle Sam Langford or AI Fal
ser Sew I'm not kicking on Johnson
ricking out easy marks, but I'm an
industrious youth, Also, a member of
the 'common peopIeT'and demand my
rights. If Johnson is afraid to face
Jeannette, why doesn't he say so and
well claim the title. Jeannette will
fight Johnson under any conditions.
All he wats is to get him in the ring."
Touching on McKetrick's shriek, it
really does seem strange that Johnson
should pass up Jeannette. Now doejn't
Billy Roche, the famous referee, says
the man "who invented motorboats
should be killed; that is, if the said
rarty is living.
"Bought myself one of those dev
ilish things," said William, "and
shipped it down to my summer home
at Navesink Highlands. Launched it
in and
on the Shrewsbury, hopped
turned on the million levers.
"Would you believe it," shouted
Roche excitedly, "that that blamed
boat started off and never stopped un
til it hit a dock across the river and
tossed me into the water, I left it for
the next comer."
Luther McCarthy drops a line to give
his views on Al Palzer.
"I don't blame that big boob for
running out on his fight with me."
writes Luther, "for it would mean his
return to the farm. All I hope is that
he will get desperate enough to agree
to a battle. Then one possible oppo
nent of Johnson will be removed."
Battling Keefe dropped in and- In
quired if the suit instituted by John
son in Pittsburg, in which he claims
his spine is permanently injured, is a
"If it is," piped the battler, "it's
small time stuff." The battler Is a
wise youth and should know.
the presidential election, it must be I
anounced that "Porky" Flynn has ar
rived in Boston from Australia. Porky
thinks the plckin's are good around
here and will hop a trailer In this di
rection as soon as his jewels are passed
by the custom authorities.
Harry Stone weeps daily because he
cannot get any of the lightweights
around here to do him battle.
"You read daily of Jack Britton
seeking a conquest," wailed Stone,
"and the other lightweights sidestep
ping him. I beat him at Philadelphia
not many moons ago, and if he seeks
revenge he can get It in a hurry."
Speak up, John.
N MAKING this fight
noise we must not
overlook the soldier
laddies out at Fort
Bliss. Of all the
dyed in the wool
fight fans and ball
bugs the army pro
duces the most will
ing workers.
And with tae ad
vent of the Second
cavalry comes some
sporting talent of
good class, especially
with the gloves that are padded on
the hacks. The Second has a good tall
team, some good wrestlers and some
boxers that can punch the lilacs off
the bushes. On Labor day the soldier
boxers will offer a surprise to local
fight fans. They plan a program to
pe held the day when nobody works
but lather.
There is Mike Ward, of troop D, Sec
ond cavalry, who bars none at 150. He
was one of Battling Nelson's sparring
mates, and is a handy one. Young
Kyle, out of the same troop, was the
champion lightweight of "the Islands,"
and he is open to all comers at 13S.
Miller, troop D. is managing the two
boys, and will be glad to match Ward
with Jack Mitchell, the local Mexican
swatter, or Young Kyle with any local
is planned for the projected Labor
day program to put on Ward with Carl
Anderson, Third field artillery, the
clever wrestler who was seen recently
at Washington park. They will go 15
rounds, and Kyle and Kid Cox will put
on a 10 round exhibition. There is still
another. Young Frost, of company K,
2d Infantry, who stands at 125 to 12S.
He would like to go on with Kid Payo,
who is now training for his match with
Kid Steele in Las Cruces, or with any
other boy of his heft.
And there are many others of talent
at the post who stand behind the bash
ful curtain, say officers and men. An
dersen and Cox are working together
and are intent on besting the two Sec
ond cavalry champions, and merry is
the dance around the rosy.
By Damon Runyon
"Big Miszon" Lacks Only Self Assurance, acd In View of Coming Confi
dence Veteran Pitcher Maker Hails Him as a Second Ed Walsh.
t ' won.
Boston .....52
Washington .... j- ....48
Philadelphia 42
Chicago 42
5etrolt 39
Cleveland 40
St. Louis 21
St. Louis at New oYrk.
ost. Pet.
25 .675
32 .6(H)
32' .568
33 ,56
38 .506
42 .488
53 .284
Games Saturday.
Chicago at Washington.
St. Louis at Ne York.
Detroit at Boston.
Clevelantt at Philadelphia.
Thursday's 'Results.
At Washington H. H. E.
Washington 3 8 3
Cleyeland 3 15 1
Batteries: Washington,- Hughes, En
gel and Henry; Cleveland, Williams,
iteen and Livingston.-
Dallas -.?!. l 5 2
Batteries; Austin, Lewis, "sweet and
Hinninger; Dallas, Ponder and Gibson.
At Galveston
Houston o
Batteries, Galveston, Harbins
Alexander; Houston, Edmundson
3 2
7 2
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At New York
Detroit-New York, no fame; rain.
At Boston
St. Louis-Boston, no game; ralnv
At Philadelphia
Chicago-Philadelphia, no game; rain.
.. , Won. Lost
New York 57 jg
Chicago 43 g
Pittsburg 42 2D
Cincinnati ...40 36
Philadelphia 31 37
St. Louis 31 48
Brooklyn 2$ 48
Boston 22 55
Games Saturday.
Boston at Chicago.
Brooklyn at Pittsburg.
New York at St. Louis.
Philadelphia at Cincinnati.
Thursday's Results.
At Cincinnati 1st game.
Batteries: Brooklyn. Ragon.
and Miller,
2 8 2
3 6 0
Thursday's Results.
At St. Joseph R.
Denvor 7
St. Joseph s
Batteries: Denver. Leonard. Schreiber
and Block; St. Joseph, Woldring and
At pes Moines r. h." E.
Dos Moines 2
Wichita 17 1
Batteries: Des Moines, Dougless and
Hanson; Wichita; Durham and Cleni-mons.
At Omaha r. h. e
Omaha .. ..................10 12 4
Topeka 2 4 2
Batteries: Omaha, Rhodes and John
son; Topeka, Hornsby and Chapman.
At Sioux City
Sioux City
queries: sioux City. White and
Cadman; Lincoln. Hagerman and Car
H. E.
S 3
10 11
NEW YORK. N. Y., July 12. Seat
ed in the Giant clubhouse,
stripped 4.0 the buff one fetid
forenoon last week, Wilbert Robinson,
veteran coach of the McGraw mound
men, contemplated Jeff Tesreau, the
mammoth spitball hurler. with rumina
tive eye as "Big Mlzaou" disported in
the- plunge tank like a water buffalo
at play.
"Durn him!" said the Oriole scge,
mournfully. "He gets my signs. He
don't come to hand no faster than a
baby bird dog. I've got a second Ed
Walsh there, but I don't known when."
"Big Mlzzou" is just now the old
pitcher-maker's greatest worry. The
Baltimore landlord is confident that
the Ozark slinger has a great future
oerore him; he believes, in his heart,
that Tesreau will one day rank as
Charley Comiskey s wonderful spit
bailer now ranks, but, as he says, Jeff
is very backward in his big league
Tesreau now occupies much the, po
sition occupied for several years by
Rube Marquard, when McGraw end
Robinson were laboring with the'
southpaw. The manager and the coach
have seen enough in the young heav
ing behemoth to convince them that
he will make a valuable pitcher for
the Giants, just as they were con
vinced about Marquard, but Tesreau is
still about as uncertain about the mat
ter himself as was Rube in his most
erratic days.
Tesreau Lacks Confidence.
In other words, Jeff lacks confidence.
Ho has the "stuff." Just as the Rube
used to do, Tesreau -warms up with
feverish fury before a game, but when
he gets in there throwing at the pa
tient big leaguers he seems to loose
his confidence and become unsteady.
Tesreau has pitched some good ball
for McGraw already, and has1 done
much better than Rube did on his first
j-ear out, but with his natural gifta
there is no reason why Jeff should
not be doing as well, or oven better
than Marty O'Toole, Jimmy Levendar,
Larry Cheney, or some other of the
new stars.
ileantime, Robbie is working with
infinite patience on the big fellow. Ho
has finished Marquard's education, and
Jeff is his main charge at present
Tesreau is young and willing, and
Robbie is just as certain about his
future as he ever was about his left
handed pupil.
JIcGraw's chief demand is still fresh
pitching material. Although he has
constructed one of the best machines
of bsseball history, and has it rumb
ling along at the head of the National
league by a margin" which seems to
insure another pennant for the big
town, the recent homestand proved
that his twirling department can stand
additional strength. If anything
should happen to Marquard, there is
no denying that it would be a terrific
McGraw Seeking New Pitchers.
Dave Robertson, the big left-hander
from the Carolinas, has been unable to
show anything on account of a sore
shoulder. He Is still very much of an
experiment Ernest Shore, the other
southern collegian, is extremely green
in every way.
None of McGraw"s prospects out in
the country has done anything aston
ishing this season. It is believed he
has a string on Louie Drucke, and the
work of the Waco spendthrift in the
International league is being carefully
watched, but so far Louis has done
nothing exciting.
McGraw's pitching staff, as it stands,'
is apparently strong enough to win
the N&tional league pennant without 1
trouble,, but jest the same the leader!
of the big town tcys would probably j
wBirvme a pair 01 iresn reiiacie twin
ers who could give his veterans plenty
of breathing space.
Predict Trouble for Giants.
All along the western ledge the
critics are prophesying trouble for the
Giants of this tour. In Pittsburg
Barney Dreyfuss has placed himself on
record -with ominous prognostications
of woe for Jawn J. McGraw and his
boys, but the Giant leader is not dis
turbed. Some of the players are a
trifle stale, but that is not regarded
as a serious ailment; otherwise the
club, as a whole, is in grand condition.
McGraw -has too many substitutes to J
be alarmed every time a regular is
unable to play for a few days.
Quite likely the Giants will lose a
number of games on this trip. Tho
western clubs are all going much bet
ter now than at any time this season,
with the exception of Cincinnati, and
the cry of "Stop the Giants!" has been
raised so lustily that they will be
saving all their strength for the game3
against the McGraw clan. Pittsburg
and Chicago will both give the Polo
Grounders trouble, but the Giants will
come home in the lead and possibly
further away from the bunch than
they are now.
Frisco Boy Gets Many Of
fers While Wolgast and
Rivers Dillydally.
San Francisco. CaL, July 12. While
the sporting world has eyes cast in the
direction of a return 'match between
lightweight champion Ad Wolgast and
Joe Rivers, local fight followers are
carefully watching the stock quotations
of Willie Ritchie, the San Francisco
boy whose 28 round draw with Freddie
Welsh in Los Angeles, and sensational
four round encounter with Wolgast
here and victory over Joe Mandot in
New Orleans, have made him a serious
contender in the struggle to wrest the
championship from the Cadillac fighter.
Offers of matches come to Ritchie in
every mail, but at the suggestion of
promoter Jimmy Coffroth, he will not
make any engagements until he has had
a conference with Tom Jones, manager
of Wolgast about a match with the
champion in this city on September 9.
He has been asked to fight Dick Hyland
at Tacoma on Labor day.
3" ,
Cincinnati, Kromme and
At Cincinnati (2d game) R. H.
Cincinnati 7
Brooklyn 3 8 1
Batteries: Cincinnati. Benton, Keefe,
Davis and Clarke; Brooklyn, Stack,
lliiclcer and Phelps.
Early Fail Suitings
are now araiving Ask our salesmen to show you the
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9L SS Iw BM S9 S SrlB Jmr mEB dB WftrSSPiaR
At Chicago
Batteries: Chicaern. Tjironiiar nti,ov
and Archer: New i.ork, Wiltse. Cran
uall and Meyers.
11 10 3
7 11
At Pittshurg
Thurday' Result.
At Portland R. jr. r;
San Francisco 1 7
Portland 6 11 1
Batteries: San Francisco, Honly and
Berry; Portland, Koestner and Fisher.
At Los Angeles E. H. E.
Los Angeles 2 7" 0
Vernon , 3 9 0
c BwiteUes: Los .-Angeles, Chech and
"""" vernon, jnnt ana Agnew.
At Oakland R. H. E.
bacramento c i- n
Oakland 1 4 i
Batteries: Sacramento, Arrelanes and
Cheek; Oakland, Pernoll and Mitze.
Thursday's Results.
At Memphis t
Memphis 1
Montgomery .- .........".".".."" "
Eleven innings. "
Light? Cool 2-Piece
For instance
no game;
At St Louis R, H. E,
St. Louis 9 10 -
Boston 6 12 2
Batteries: St Louis, Sallee and Daly;
Boston, Tylor and Rariden.
At Atlanta
New Orleans ".".". " "
Second game forfeited to" Atlanta"
Aew Orleans charged with delaying
store 319 San Antonio St
Opposite Stanton
Won. Lost
nousion 55
San Antonio 51
Waco 49
Dallas 47
Beaumont 37
Austin 39
Fort Worth 36
Galveston 32
Thursday's Games.
At Waco R.H. E.
Waco 7 12 0
Fort Worth 1 4 0
Batteries: Waco. Cohman and Car
son; Fort Worth, Cravenstein and Crab
ble. r .
At Nashville -r
Nashville V
Birmingham ."."." 1
Fourteen innings; darkness."
At Chattanooga Chattanooga-Mobile
game postponed; rain.
Thursday's Itetnlts.
At Kansas City
Kansas City
Indianapolis " '.'. """." "
At Milwaukee .
Milwaukee :
Louisville .Y.Y.Y 4
At Beaumont R. H. E.
Beaumont 3 11 9
San Antonio 9 15 0
Batteries: Beaumont. Martino and
O'Brien; San Antonio, Browning and
Second game R. h E
Beaumont 1 g" 2
San Antdnio 2 7 3
Batteries: Beaumont. Cnrhott ,,!
Dawson: San Antonio, Rogers, Goodwin
and Smith.
At Austin R. H E
Austin 5 7'
At St. Paul tj
St Paul ,
Toledo 2
The Soldiers and the Bakers will mix
Saturday afternoon at Washington
park in the City league strife. The
army leading the standing list, in this
contest will hitch up with the second
best club. The song and dance will
begin at 3 oclock.
Sunday will bring the usual double
header, in wh'-h the Army and Millers,
the two topnot h te.ims. will come to
gether for the first time in two vfeeks.
r JL o JP
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Straw Hats
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