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"Wednesday, 'August 14, 1912 9
Personals About Trainmen In
El Paso and the Southwest
W D Burch has a position on the
5 H as switchman.
3 W. Koik has a position with the
t! K . bs switchman.
C H- Britton. switchman on the G.
V. . is loving off. sick.
"W H Hcffner has a position with
the G. 1' as switchman.
T H uweniii, canductor on the G.
H is le.nc off for one trip.
T. G. Jerome, brakeman on the G. H-,
.s laying off for a few days.
B Stanspll has a position on the
G H.. at Sanderson as brakeman.
Switchman Gibson, of the T. P.. now
I-as a regular job on the day shift.
A. X. Ham, brakeman on the G. H-.
is now a regular passenger brake
man. lEd Mostlv engineer for the T. P-, is
laying off on a 30 day6" leave of ab
sence. I M. Clark, brakeman on the T. P.,
who has been laying off. has reported
for duty
C A. King, brakeman on the G. H-.
out of El Paso, has resigned from the
Harry Ware, engineer for the Santa
Fe. at Blen, N. M., has gone east on a
W. A. Weed, switchman on the G. H-.
is now engine foreman on the day
coach engine.
John Defonso. fireman on the T. P.,
who has been laying off sick, has re
ported for duty.
Engineer Oscar Darr. of the T.. P.. Is
funning one of the day switch engines
in the T. P. yards.
D. S. Evans, switchman for the G. H,
has gone to the Pacific coast on a 30
days' leave of absence.
The wife of engineer Berry, of the
T. P., who has been very sick, is re
ported to be much better now.
Ruidoso, N. M.. Aug. 14. Since Rui
doso has the Continental Auto route
many autos are passing through every
day. There are six automobile parties
camping on the upper Ruidoso now.
Although the late rains have made the
roads somewhat rough, no complaint is
made by the autolsts.
Miss Jessie Bracken has gone to
visit with her sister, Mrs. E. Howard,
of riodine. Tex.
Piercs Perry, of Glencoe. N. M., while i
visiting at the home or u. tr. Avenic,
had the misfortune to lose his horse,
killed by lightning.
A. E. Hunter, of Glencoe, N. M., is
here as guest of F. A. Miller and
Miss Catherine Johnson has left fer
Chicago, I1L. where she will join her
aunt. Miss Cora Lee Vail, and from
there they will go to Charlotte, N. C-.
where Miss Johnson will enter school.
Wilbur Minters. of Glencoe, X. M is
here on business.
Mrs. G- K. Miller has left for Glen
coe, N. M., to visit her "granddaughter.
Mrs. A. E. Hunter and family.
Mrs. Matt Gilroore has left for Alto.
"The Connoisseur9' '
The man who nons good things at table finds royal pleasure in
a cup
Instant Postum
ihe new food drink.
This beverage has a flavour that recalls the days of real Java
coffee; an aromatic smack that many choose in preference to the caffeine
laden coffee of Brazil.
Instant Posium is regular Postum in concentrated form nothing
added made in the cup
No Boiling Required
Stir a level teaspoonful m a cup of hot water add sugar and
cream to taste a delicious beverage is ready instantly.
Iced Postum First, dissolve in hot water; then pour into glass or
pitcher containing ice. Add lemon and sugar as desired.
Grocers sell Instant Postum in 100-cup tins at 50c Smaller tins
making 50 cups at 30c
Coffee averages about double that cost
If your grocer does not have Instant Posium, send his name and a
2-cent stamp, to cover postage, for a '5-cup free sample.
"There's a Reason" for POSTUM
Mtrfr hv Po-tum Cereal Co., LM.. Battle Crck. Mich.
Bob Singleton, formerly employed by
the T. P.. in Toyah. Tex.. Is now night
hostler for the T. P. in El Paso.
R. T. Burr, formerly a switchman for
the G. H. in El Paso, has been trans
ferred to road service as brakeman.
a Withers, switchman on the G.E,
In El Paso, has gone to Portland. Ore.,
to enjoy a 30 days leave of absence.
Former night yardmaster O'Connors.
of the G. H-. is now day yardmaster. a
position which he has held for some
The G. H. wrecker was busy Tuesday
morning for a short time cleaning up
a slight wreck in the Southwestern
H. Erch, machinist foreman for the
T. P., in El Paso, accompanied b his
wife, has gone to California to spend
his vacation. ';
Section foreman Twinkle, of the
Santa Fe. at San Marclal. whf?,f00
was crushed recently, is now able to
be back at work again.
J. w. Lee, conductor on the Santa
Fe. who has been on general manager
Fox's special for the last few days, is
back on his freight run again.
J A McCullum. conductor on the
Santa Fe. who has been on the ore run
at Hurley, N. M-. for the past few days,
is running Into El Pasp again.
A. G. Mast, brakeman on the S. P..
who has been laying off for a few-toii
has reported for uty and is working
out of El Paso for a few trips on the
Frank Appel is now night engine
herder for the G. H-, -Admiral" Phipps
formerly night engine heder ha,Yr
resigned his position to take a position
with the T. P. as brakeman.
Frank Faust, who has been braking
on the G. H.. for the last six years has
resigned to take a position on the r.
P., as brakeman. Mr. Faust was run
ning on the G. H. as brakeman out of
Sanderson, Tex.
N. M-. to visit with her sisters. Misses
Maude and Claude Linam.
Ike and Merle Wingfleld made a
business trip to Alto, K. M., Wednesday.
J. B. Hobby, of Capltan, ?. AU is
here transacting business.
Jack Maxwell, of Three Rivers. v
M is here as guest of F. A. Miller and
Kansas City. Mo., Aug. 14. I am
told that in some cities of the nortn
east that feed is in such a demand
that sawdust mixed with molasses ac
tually is being sold on the market
for $20 a ton," N. H. Cottrell, of Man
hattan. Neb., yesterday told the con
vention of the National Alfalfa Mills
association. The demand ror alfalla.
meal, the speaker said has grown to
such an extent in the last few years
that more than 100 mills are unable
to fill all orders.
Nogales. Ariz. Aug 14. ran.
Crupp. who was thrown from his ma
chine and seriously injured in the mo
torcycle race here on the Fourth ol
July, is up and around, but still carries
one arm in a sling.
Every dollar placed to your credit in the Union Bank
& Trust Company helps to increase your income. It
will work for you at the rate of 4 per annum. Be
fore going away on your vacation, open an account
with the Union Bank & Trust Company.
4 Interest Paid on Savings Accounts.
El Paso,
Both begin with S The
difference is in the ending.
A word to the wise, &c.
Open a savings account with
The American National Bank
of El Paso
Capital and Surplus $360,000
4 on Savings
Fire Hose Is Used as a Lad
der to Bring the
Body Out.
Morenci. Ariz., Aug-. 14. Felix Spizia,
a six year old Italian boy was 'killed
when he fell 140 feet to the bottom of
the old Detroit shaft. The shaft has
been unused for many years and the
door at the top nailed tight, but within
the past week the door was removed
without being discovered. There is no
ladder in the shaft and a fire hose
was utilized to gain access to the bot
tom. A special train of four cars took
the funeral cortege to the cemetery-
The A. C. mill is installing two new
rolls and' two Hardinge mills in the
present concentrator and engines are
at work on an additional unit to take
care of the increased mine production.
"Walter AV. McMUIen has been laid
up for a week by a scorpion bite on
his foot.
Chief sampler Jackson, of the A. C.
company, has returned from his vaca
tion. R. S. Burg, mining engineer for the
A. C. company, has left on his vaca
tion, intending to visit the various
mining districts of the Southwest and
also EI Paso. He will return about the
end of the month.
Harlow Brubaker. county recorder,
is a business visitor in MorencL
Clifton. Ariz.. Aug. 14. The board
of suDervisors has ordered a local op
tion election to be held in Duncan on
Aug. 31. Duncan was voted dry two
j ears ago. but lately a change of
heart has been manifested and the
coining fight promises to be a "spir
ited" one.
Dr. T. B. Smith, chief of the A, C.
medical staff, was married in Los An
geles to Miss Rebecca Lynch, of that
place, the ceremony being performed
by Rev. French, of Fort Worth, Texas.
Dr. and Mrs. Smith will go to San
Francisco and from there will sail for
Honolulu. They will be at home In
Clifton after Sept. 15.
A letter received from E. V. Horton,
district attorney, who is now in Ten
nessee, announces that he will not re
turn to Clifton before the first of Sep
tember on account of illness and
death in his family.
Word has been received In Clifton
that judge F. B. Laine, of the superior
court, and who has been in Los An
geles for the past three weeks for the
benefit of his health, has suffered an
other attack of inflamatory rheuma
tism and is confined to biff bed.
There are several cases of -typhoid
fever in Clifton and instead of dimin
ishing the diseases seems to be on the
Dr. L. A. "W. Burtch has been ap
pointed as a delegate to represent Ari
zona at the International Medical con
gress, which convenes in Washington.
D. C, Sept. 23 to 2S. Dr. Burtch will
leave about the middle of September
and be gone three weeks.
G. A. Duncan, of Great Bend, Kas.,
Is spending some time in Clifton, being
called here on account of his brother's
Illness. His brother is confined In the
A. C. hospital with a very severe case
of typhoid fever.
Cullum Bishop has been visiting in
Clifton from his ranch on Rattlesnake.
Superintendent Hoffman is in Clifton
from the Gilliard hot springs.
George Collier, of Me teal f. is spending
a few days In town with his brother,
C. E. Tyler has been spending a
couple of days in Metcalf on business
J. A. Scott, an old employe of the A.
C company, at Morenci, has moved his
family to Morenci. where they will re
side in the future.
E. W. Bi'.ticks, who was called to
Texas some time ago on account of ill
ness in his family, has returned to his
heme in Metcalf.
Miss Editb Jennings, one of the cen
tral telephone operators, is confined
to the hospital with typhoid fever
O. A. Risdon. the photographer was
in Metcalf on business recently.
J F. Fraser. one of the diretors of
the Twin Peaks mining company, who
has been in Clifton for the past week,
has left for the nMncs. and aiira short
stay there will lpae for an etended
business trip in th fjast.
Clifton Greenle. Alton, the v-ar
old son of Mr and Mrs J T Aiton.
did Sit"rr'i T'' fii'ir .' i.iii"
ne hrli -i ' afternoon a.na were
laigUy aitemiiu.
Saving and
Party of El Pasoans Spend
Week End at the
Mountain Resort.
Cloudcroft. X. M-. Aug-. 14. At the
regular dance held at the Lodge many
guests and cottagers enjoyed the even
ing. Norman Walker spent Sunday in
cloudcroft, returning that night with
Mrs. Walker, who had been the guest
of Mrs. Chas. B. Stevens for the week.
Herbert Hunter spent the week end
in Cloudcroft
Mrs. J. P. Robertson chaperoned a
party of El Pasoans at a week end
party at the Lodge. The party in
cluded Miss Reba Elliott. Miss Rose
Adams. Miss Edna Robertson. Kent
Heffron, Ernest Moeller, Harvey Wil
cox and Jesse Payne.
Dr. H. E. Stevenson spent the week
end with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Gaines and Miss
Gaines are spending some time at the
Lodge. I
Miss Irene Laughlin is the guest of
Miss Elizabeth Stevens.
Dick Evans spent Sunday in Cloud
croft. Miss Sue Stevens is the guest of Mrs.
C. B. Stevens for the remainder of the
Horace B. Stevens returned to El
Paso Sunday after spending a few
days with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Young are spend-
! ing some time at the Lodge.
I C. L. Sirmans. of El Paso, spent the
week end at the Lodge.
J. C. Campbell, or Kansas City. Mo.,
is registered at the Lodge.
Among those registering at the
Lodge are Kent Hef."ron. Harvey Wil-nn-r
Kl Pjiso: J C. Camnbell. Kansas
City: Jno. F. Weeks. Ei Paso; F. C ;
Polak. Hazel Hansen. Mrs. H. A. Han- j
Sen. AiamOnUruU, K. JJ. CHHiawa, "
C White. El Paso; Miss Jane Brown.
El Paso. Miss Florence Ilfrey. Houston.
Mrs. J. P. Robertson, Miss Edna Rob
ertson. Miss Rose Adams. Miss Reba
Elliott. Mrs. Lee Field. Ernest Moeller,
J P. Payne, jr., A. M. Pillsbury. Mrs.
A. M. Pillsbury. Mrs. Parvin Wltto.
Parvin Witte. El Paso: Robert T F.
Goetz, IT. S. Army: Myrtle Temple. El
Paso; Mrs W. W. . ;twart. Parral.
Chih.. Mrs. Thos Nealon. El Paso.
Mrs. W. A. Hawkins has taken the
Lamar Davis cottage for the re
mainder of the summer.
Mrs. J. J. Ormsbee and family are
spending some time in Cloudcroft.
William R. Taylor has returned to
El l'aso after fapending the summer
The tennis courts have bean com
pleted and are in excellent condition.
Dr. Lauson has purchased lots on
Chipmunk avenue and expects to build
soon. , . .,
J. H. Smith will build soon in addl-
A dance' will be held at the Lodgj
Saturday evening, and a large crowd
is expected from El Paso and Ala
mogordo. Wonderful Treatment For
Corns, Callouses and
All Sore Feet.
Millions of people who endure daily
torture from sore feet will welcome the
information that there is now a simple
treatment that positively and nu.cklj
cures foot ailments of all kinds, lou
can say gooooye to corns : -""".?"
aching, bad smell
ing and sweaty
leet. xnis treat
ment works right
through the pore3
and removes the
cause of the trou
ble. Use jt once
and your feet feel
delightful; use it
your foot troubles will be a thing of
the past. "Dissolve two tablespoonfuls
of Calocide compound in a basin of
warm water. Soak the feet in this for
full fifteen minutes, gentle rubbing the
sore parts." Amazing results follow.
Calocide was formerly confined to doc
tors' use but now any druggist trill
supply it. If he does not have it In
stock he can get it for you in a Jew
hours from his wholesale house. A
twnt-v -five rent picUagp Is slid to b
rr.i-mi to nut the worst feet in fne
I condition. Ad,
j 8
JAMES G. McNARY, Vice President fPurYkHYrrffXcn
W. L. TOOLEY, Vice President ZAHRnn fr fcv
E. M. HURD, Vice President GLEN T. MOORE, Ass t Cashier
IV. W. TURNEY, Chairman
p Owners would exchange "close-m
! property on Oregon street fust south
of Overland for residences.
We Clean Absolutely
Crawford Theater Blag.
Tularosa. N. M.. Aug. 14. Tularosa
orchards are attracting fruit buyers
trom many points. A number of people
have been here this week from the
mountain towns with wagons to get
fruit by the wagon load.
Mrs. Ida Roberts is planning to re
model her residence on the east side.
Dan Shoemaker will do the work.
31. B. Rogers spent a day here from
El Paso visiting his family.
George Scheller is here from El
Paso visiting his father and mother,
Mr. and Mrs. George Scheller.
Henry Harris has left with a load
of lumber for the Bent mines.
Charles Hamilton loaded a car of
alfalfa hay to be shipped to the El
Paso market.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry McGuire are here
.... tvob n a visit to his brother.
r- uTofiiiire nnd sisters. Mrs. Eli '
Knight and Mrs. Rose Sitton.
Will Sanders has left for the Bent
mines to take a load of lumbar.
John Snider is at home from the
a jldoso, where he has been buying
cattle. , .
., n. ...... ... am a il.v HAr Tram
the bridge crew, visiting his family.
Fred Le Mln ana aaugnicr ix .
from Alamogordo visiting sisters and
. .- Va. Tt-. n nil Aire T I
aunt, -Jliss urace is -iu " --
W Lon"
"Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hilburn have
moved into the D. D. Harkness resi
dence, recently vacated by Mrs. A.
Splller and family.
Mrs. Ida Cox. who has been here the
past week visiting her brother D. D
Harness, and family, has left for
Cloudcroft. ,..
Clovls Agulin has been assisting In
the postoffice while B. B. Vigil, post
master, is away at San Antonio.
Miss Mae English, who has been vis
iting friends here, has returned to her
home at Carrizozo.
Miss Grace Berger has arrived here
from Kansas City enroute to Ruidoso
to visit her sister, Mrs. G. W. Thax-
t6D. W. Lentz has left for his work
at Ancho after a two weeks visit here
with his wife and two daughters, Etna
line and Samuela.
A E. Anlba. bookkeeper for the J
TV Prude Mercantile company store, is
back from El Paso, where he has been
transacting business.
Mr and Mrs. Denton Slmms are here
from Mescalero to reside and are going
to move into the Bomback residence,
recently vacated by Mrs. Chalk and
s2: . . t i .v.;-- h left for An-
cho to take a position there. His fam
ilv will remain here.
"F TV GHliland. who has been here
for "several days tranF-cting business,
has left for his home in the San An-
F L Jone is here from El Paso
vlsl'ting his wife and children
Frank Smith is nere j.i"". ....--
Jessie Bufkin was here from Ala
mogordo Usiting friends
Mr anl ?.Irs Pare are the proud par
ents of a babv girl, born Sunday.
B. H BMhwell has arrived here
from Sin Pieg" Cal . ;n rute
Moer-ilprrt to isit hi daughter, Mrs.
' William Kah'll
Miss Mae and Nell bankers anu -n-r
Clat')n .--id P G. Perry spent a
dt at r'l-u'lr'oft
Mr. and Mio. Charles Croan were
El Paso,
and Depository for Disbursing
Officers of the United States
Capital and Surplus:
Officers and Directors
rrwuTiA c 13 AVTtfni TiS TmiAml
This bank gives you protection for your savings and pays 4
per cent interest (compounded semi-yearly) for the privilege of
servin- you. When you hoard your money it earns you nothing,
and you assume all risk of loss from carelessness, tmevas, 'ire and
poor investment. ..
One dollar a dav saved from the age of twenty-five to fifty
will yield you a "Retiring Fund" of between $10,000 and $12,000.
EL PASO BANK & TRUST CO., El Paso, Texas
C. R. MOREHEAD. President. C K. BASSETT, Vice President
L. J. GILCHRIST, Asst. Cashier.
guests at the ranch of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Derbyshire
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Thaxter and son.
Albert, and Miss Flossie Day spent a
day here from Ruidoso. They made
the trip in their auto.
During This "Week,
10 per cent off on all lawn mowers.
Laurie Hardware Co 309 Mills St.
Columbus. Ga.. Aug. 14. Holding up
officials in the courthouse, a mob ol
about 40 men here yesterday afternoon
took T. Z. Cotton, alias T. Z. McEl
henny. a 16 year old negro, on trial,
and lynched him just beyond the city
limits. m , .,
The negro was accused of killing
Cedron Land, a white boy. near town,
two months ago.
$3.50 Recipe Free, For
Weak Men
Send Name and Address Today--You
Can Have It Free and Be
Strong and Vigorous.
I have In my possession a prescrip
tion for nervous debility, lack of vigor,
weakened manaood. failing memory
and lame back, brought on by ex
cesses, unnatural drains, or tne follies
of youth, that has cured so many worn
and nervous men right In their own
homes without any additional help or
medicine that 1 think every man who
wishes to regain his manly power and
virility, quickly and quietly, should
have a "opv. So I nave determined to
rend a cop of the prescription free of
charge, m a plain, ordmarv sealed en
velope to any man who will write ma
This prescription comes from a phy
sician who has made a special study
cf men and 1 am convinced It Is the
surest -acting combination for the cur
of deficient manhood and vigor failure
ever put together.
I think I owe it to my fellow man
to send thom a copy in confidence so
that any man anywhere who is weak
ind discouraged with repeated failures
mav stop drugging himself with harm
ful"patent medicines, secure what I be
lieve is the quickest-acting restorative,
upbuilding. SPOT TOUCHING remedy
ever devised, and so cure himself at
heme quietly and quickly. Just drop
me a line like this Dr. A. E. Robinson.
4049 'iick Building. Detroit. Mich., and
I will send jou a copy of this splen
did recipe in a plain ordinary envelope
free of charge. A gre-t many doctor?
would charge $S 00 to $S 00 for merelv
n-,ttin9 rmt a nrpsrrlpflon like this
1 but I send it entirely free.
'o liars
Fully appreciates good service
is demonstrated by their co
operating in the upbuilding of
this institution, now the first
of its kind in El Paso and one
of the best banks in the State
of Texas.
Equal service to all has been
one of the main factors in ac
cellerating our growth, and tho
same undivided attention ?s
promised to those contem
plating opening new accounts.
4 percent interest paid on
Resources Over
"Bank of Service"
Roberts-Banner Bldgf.
JTIiat the I
r 001 10 a

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