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Thursday, 'August 29. 1912
I i JEi
ment, J2S3, various. $3.Z3.30. city wa
terworks department, ?1,099.60, sewage
disposal plant, 539.65; sewer depart
ment. S339.90. sanitarv department.
J $243.65; engineering department. ?737.-
au; wasningion rarK, $30.sa; street,
$iSL35; blacksmith, ?36.75, park,
uiJs3r Pair f
Jf fcetfer
Action Is Deferred and' the
Mayor Will Appoint a
The proposed scenic park for El
Paso which is being advocated by P.
E. Kern, was described tb the city
council as to what it w-ould embrafce
at the Thursday mornlite council meet
ing but action in the matter -"Bras de
ferred until nest Thursday when
mayor C. E. Kelly saystlt he will
appoint a committee to loolc Into the
Mr Kern shows a mp of the pro
posed park which Ql be made on
the Mesa and will Include a p'ark and
a pair of
comfortable and
Durable "Boy
S4put Shoes"
Gray or Tan Elfc
$2100, $2.25, $2.50 &
Smooth sewed Soles & In
ner Sc )es.
rOi2 il
?' fir
oe j
if you b'uy a pair of the "just j
as goo
d as Pew's" sort
- En W. PEW. j
t m
Sah Antonio St. 221
Texas St. at 1 16.
Herkld Want Ads
BrViag Results
Try One 'and Be Convinced.
MUOHf MONEY HERE ! S?d to the street and sradQS cora
which will be named Kelly park, after
the mayor.
Mayor Kelly presented the name of
E. G. White for appointment as off icial
water meter inspector of the city on
account of the numerous complaints
which the ctiy has received about wa
ter meters The council approved the
IJciutrinient lleporis.
The report of the city scavenger de
partment showed a total of collections
for month ending July 31 to be ?1.174.G0.
It was received and filed.
The council received and filed the re
port of the city waterworks depart
ment showing 50 feet of six inch iron
pipe in allej between Sixth and Ninth
street and Ochoa and Florence streets
to have been laid, and 470 feet of one
ana one-natt inch pipe on Willow and
Texas streets to have been laid. Al&o
a fire hydrant was installed at the al
ley between Ochoa and Florence street.
The report of the plumbing and gas
inspection department was received and
tiled whica showed 42 plumbing per
mits issued and IS gas permits issaed
tor a. total of ?176.4o in collections.
The report of the sewer department
suuwea ouo leei 01 eignt inch sewer
line mrougn diock zz, 32 . feet of eight
inch pipe through block I. 142 feet of
eight inch pipe in bloc! .' , of the
Kast El Paso addition to .avt been
laid, pumped Sheldon. Mills, East El
Paso sewerage at T. P. pump continu
ally and sewerage at river pump for
four days. The report was received and
W. H. Anderson, city health officer,
was granted, on application, a CO days'
leave of absence to begin September i.
The council denied the petition of G
Gaylord fdr ?750 damages on account
of the condition of the sewer in East
El Paso
Property bold for Taxes.
The council approved the city asses
sor's and collector's report relative to
the sale of delinquent taxes which
showed the sale of the following places
Lots l.and 2, block 28, Bassett's addi
tion, the propertj of Nicolas Olquin,
sold for the taxes of the Tear 1910 to
the city of El Paso. Lota 27 to 32, in
block 60, Bassett's addition, the prop
erty of J. H. Pence. Lots 1 to 3, in
block 58, Campbell's addition, the prop
erty of Pedro A. Parades.
Lots 17 and IS of block 85, Highland
Park addition, the property of Joe
Jhillips Twenty-five feet of block 6.
Mills addition, property of J. H. Adams, j
x.uu j. uu .:, in diock z, wuunay ieignts
addition, the property of Mark Miller.
Lot 15, in block 17 of the Woodlawn ad
dition, the property of Emelio Vega.
Lots 9 to 12, in block ft of the Wood
lawn addition, the property of S. A.
Mill Pnxt, 3Iore fetreets.
I The petition of property ovwiers for
paving alley in diocks 6 and 14 of the
Mills addition be paved from San -Francisco
to East Overland street was
granted by the council. The resolution
was adopted.
The council granted the petition of
propertj owners to pave with bitulithic
pai ement from Oregon street to west
Boulevard on West Rio Grande street.
The petition of propterty owners to
pav e West Boulevard from Los Angeles
t 1 aile, in blocx 18 of Sunset Heights
addition was granted by the council.
The resolution wag adopted.
The petition of property owners for
the pavement of Arizona street from its
intersection with east line of Golden
Hill Terrace to its west line of Hut. n
street was granted. The council adopt
ed the. resolution ordering the pave
ment . Health Report.
The city health report showed eight
deaths, of which three were Americans
and five were Mexicans, 24 births, of
which 17 were Mexicans and seven
Americans, two , cases of smallpox,
three caseajjafJpeXrlet fever, two cases
of diphtaerHrtwo cases of cerebral
spinal irenWitis. 625 pounds meat and
65 pounds of fruit and vegetables con
demned, 23 nuigance notices served, 21
nuisances, abated, 33 complaints in
vestigated, four arrests and convic
tions made, and 1278 inspections made.
The report was received and fiied.
The applications of Orndorff Hotel
company for a license for Ben Fuller
as hotel runner and Hotel St. Regis
for alicense for J. W. Shoal as a hotel
runner wag granted.
Maury Kemp appeared before the
council and presented a petition .or
R. H. Kirby asking premisslon for tne
erection of steel runway in alley of
block 197, Campbell's addition to t-e
Texas S. Pacific track at First street,
which was referred to the street and
grades committee.
The petition of L E Behr to have part
of his yearly salary paid monthly was
made to the council and $510 per month
v. js allowed him.
The petition of Eulaho Jimenez for
a harwker's license was allowed.
The request of fire chief W. W. Arm
strong for a leave of absence was re
lerred to fire and water committee.
The report of the building inspector
relative to the condition of building
Fctltions Referred.
The request of Karl Brehme for quit
claim deed on lots 16 to 20, block 12,
Alexander's addition, was referred to
the cfty attorney.
The petition of the Methodist Epis
copal church for tax exemption was
referred to the finance committee.
The petition of the Majestic theater
for permission to establish a barker
at the corner of Broadway and San
Antonio was referred to the sanitary
The fourth semi monthly estimate
of the city engineer showed the
amount due the estimate to be 51.5CC.
Lillian Brownlee's petition for a
sewer extension on lots 19 and 20,
block 78, East El Paso, was referred
to the sanitary committee.
The petition of Mills & Julian to
hang an electric sign at Block's pool
hall was granted.
The petition of D. C Booth for per
mission to bring a gasoline tank under I
the sidewalk at 40 Myrtle avenue, was
Many Prominent Masons of
Texas Will Attend the
Ceremonv Here.
Local Masonic bodies are beginning
preparations for laying the cornerstone
of the .new Masonic temple, on Mis
souri aaa EI Paso streets Although
the excavation Is not yet completed for
the building, the details of the cornet -stone
laying are- beklg considered by
prominent .Masons, a.nT arrangements
are being made for- nfeking the cere
monj a statewide -affair
Grand master Sam P Cochran, of Dal
las, headirpf the Masonic . bodies in
Texas, -.h-as signified his intention of at
SiTSS? to J? WftS; cornerstone exercises and
would be a park in the Scenic JSfc, Mi wtnaii.ti.. v nf ihp
The full ritualistic ceremonv of the
Mascnic lodge will be used in placing
the corner block of the big four story
building and the occasion 'made an
event In the historj of EI Paso Masonry.
Washington D C Aug 29 Richard
E Sloan has qualified under the recess
appointment as federal judge of Ari-
rona and left here 1 t night en route
to his home at Phoonix.
Under his appointment judge Sloan
will preside over th Soptembcr term of
the United States district court at
Secretary of war H L. Stlmson is ex
pected to reach El Paso from San Fran
cisco in two weeks to make an inspec
tion or Fort Biiss Secretary Stimson
is accompanied by Gen. Crozier, chief
of the -ordnanee department. The sec
retary of war is now on an Inspection
trip of the coast fortifications and forts
in the west and will visit Tort Blis on
his waj back to Washington.
Rush of Money Order Busi
ness Shows Some Are
fins Funds Home.
A provofjr guard, of 15 soldiers, was
again on Ifne streets Wednesday eve-
ia'v at tne post Tuesday ana
tilled tne streets with soi-
Tx Collections.
The tax collections for month of
July amounted to $16,393.39, accord
ing to report of the city tax assessor
arl collector, which was received and
The contract of the Southwestern
ring Pa
VVC 1"C ' J
aiers ,1
IddniuPal street cars were niaced
on the agrt Bliss line to accommodate
The trooMrs who were coming to spend
'heir biffk pay. However, not all of
the solftfiers spent their money down
town sjIS the Fort Bliss branch postof
fice djjf a big business in registering
ioneyJo be sent away by the soldiers,
ind thlS money order window at the
-lostoffAce has been crowded with sol
Uers frlom the fort, who were sending
their saBvinSs back home.
Laurie !
Boss Ovens
-rac nr gasoline stove
I Hardware Cu., 303 Mills St.
Paving c'mpdn for the pavement of 1 business.
Vice president H. I Miller, of the
Pearson interests in the southwest, is
expected to arriv e in El Paso Friday af
ternoon in his private car. Mr. Miller
has been making an inspection of the
panhandle of Texas in the interest of
the new Pearson-Panhandle line, ac
cording to panhandle newspapers.
Tularosa, X. M., Aug. 29. A fare
well dance was given at the W. O. W.
hall by Verner Clayton for P. G. Perr.
Music was furnished by Tularosa, .mu
sicians Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs W. H Holloway, Mr. and Mrs,
J. R. Howell, Mrs. Porter. Mrs W. E.
Auiba, Misses Mae and Nell Sanders,
Ruth Porter, Delia Porter, Miss Bent
ley, Verner and Cuba Clayton, Will
Barney and Ed Sanders, Bud Nelson,
P. G. Perrj and Miss Lowell.-
Mr. and Mrs. Marian Simms are here
from their home at Bent visiting
Mrs. Allen has returned from Capl
tan, where she has been visiting
Miss Dorcas CoODer is cxnected hunt
from Ancho, where she has been the I
past month.
Will Croan. the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Croan, is on the sick list this
Mrs. M. B. Rogers and family have
"moved from the Cogfein residence into
Mrs. White's residence, recently va
cated by Mrs. Jim Stevenson and chil
dren. Arthur Chalk is here from La Luz,
where he has been visiting relatives.
Bud Nelson is here from the San
Andreas visiting friends.
Earl Converse, Watt and Matt Gil
more and Harold P. Clark passed
through here from Ruidoso with a
bunch of cattle en route to the San
Andres to remain a month.
W. H. Skldmore is here from his
Mrs. W. L. Cowan, son and daughter.
are here from El Paso.
W. M. Jexton spent a day here from
Agustin Domlnguez is here from
Chihuahua, Mex.
Lena Maxwell is at home from Ala
mogordo, where she has been visiting
ner sister. Miss Ethel Maxwell.
Ed Newman has returned home from
El Paso, where he went with his wife,
who was operated on for appendicitis.
He says Mrs. Newman is improving
and is expected home soon.
Mrs. Henley, who has been here the
past week visiting her sister, Mrs.
George Hde, has left for her home at
Mr. and Mrs. George Bent were in
their auto from Bent transacting busi
ness. Maria Chaves is here from Chihua
hua, Mex., visiting friends.
J. S. Sider, superintendent of the
Antl league, is expected here Sunday
from El Paso to hold a union meet
ing in the union church
Jose V. Chaves is here from Chi
huahua, Mex., looking over the valley.
Will Sanders arrived home from
Bent where he has been transacting
West fean Antonio street was'approved.
Paving Resolution Adopted.
The resolution ordering the paving
of Tularosa street from Piedras to Ste
vens avenue was adopted.
The petition of property owners to
pave the alley in blocks 218 and 219
Campbell's addition was referred to
street and grades committee.
Payrolls, Submitted.
The following payrolls were pre
sented and ordered paid: Engineering
department, ?1426.16; health depart
ment, $1,160, sanitary department,
S325, sewage disposal department,
$350, fire department $3 60i water
dppartmpnt $""" r'i n d , 'tment
?1,-CJ -5, WashinoUii iurj d par
Raymond Meek has arrived here from
Metis, where he has been on a visit
to his wife and babj.
Miss Hallie Lumbley, who has been
here for a visit to her parents, Mr.
and Mrs L. E. Lumbley, expects to
leave soon for Carrizozo to work.
Frank Hilburn and daughter, Emma,
are at home from the Ruidoso, where
they have been visiting son and
brother, Ennls Hilburn.
D. D. Harkness has left for Elephant
Butte. N. AL, to transact business.
Kred Cox and Will Harkness passed
through here from Cloudcroft, N AL,
en ronte to Clifton riz. They made
the trip horsihark
Quit a r UTTt f f the V ' icr n
J.ans an. h n. tn.s w 'k tri r.r
December 16, 1773
A little affair occured in New England
that went down in history as
m Ip 1 1 w
Ml. MfML t W
"There's a Reason"
, An English King had told his subject colonists that if they drank
tea they must pay a tax on it--an unjust tax that made revenue, not
for Americans but for Englishmen.
v It was a tax that increased the high cost of living of those days and'"
our forefathers went to the wharf where the tea ships were moored, split
open the tea chests and spilled their contents into Boston Harbor, thus pro
ducing the largest and most expensive bowl of tea the world has ever seen.
Is repeated practically the same thing.
The Brazilian Coffee Trust, operated by foreign money kings,
working outside the control of our National Anti-trust laws, have im
posed a tax upon American Citizens which has raised the price of
even the cheapest grade of coffee from 15c to 25c per lb.
During three past years this trust has taken Hundreds of
lions of Dollars from the pockets of American Citizens.
It has given Brazil 85 Millions of Dollars with which to retire-her
National Bonds !
It has given Brazil 1 0 Millions of Dollars to pay interest on her
., It. has given Brazil a "bought and paid for" supply of coffee on
- ' hand worth 90 Millions of Dollars and
It has paid millions upon millions of profit into the coffers of the
Foreign Money Kings, and yet the coffee people report a falling off in
sales of about 200 million pounds in the past two years.
this Heavy Reduction?
J Until recently the ever increasing army of Postum users, thought
only of health as a "reason11 for quitting coffee. Now Economy is another
"reason." A third "reason," Improved Flavor, has come in with
prepared instantly hy placing a spoonful in a cup and pouring hot water' over it.
This presents a delicious beverage much resembling high grade Java in color and taste, but absolutely pure
and free from the coffee drug "caffeine' or any other harmful ingredient.
Health, convenience, flavor and economy have induced people to change from coffee to Postum, then fol
lows better health, freedom from headache, indigestion, nervousness and other coffee ills.
The R.esjlt
In hundreds of thousands of American homes today, coffee is forgotten and Postum has become the reg
ular table beverage. It is an American drink made by Americans from American products.
A 100-cup tin Instant Postum, 50c, (equals l-2c per cup), at Grocers. (Smaller tins at 30c.) Regular Pos
tum, large package, (must be boiled 15 minutes), 25c.
re s a reason
Coffee averages about double that cost
Ji-p.im frp.p. sfl.-mnlp. rvf Tnsr.n.Tir. HOsf.iiTn sent tor
O nrm rtrivinv

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