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Wednesday, October 2, 1912
Unequalled Showing of New Suits
For Fall
5 "B
Is where your profits are sure, because Government Hill lies directly in the line of
. El Paso's progress.
EI Paso is building steadily eastward, because that is the only way it can grow.
Blocks and blocks of handsome new homes have been built on the Fort Bliss
Government Hill road during the past six months and many others are in the
course of construction.
The Fort Bliss-Government Hill road the mo.st magnificent highway out of El
Paso, is being paved straight through Government Hill. This roadway in addi
tion to Government Hill's unexcelled street car service and all modern conven
iences, all combine to make it El Paso's iriost popular residential suburb. '
Why not buy your lot now and reap all the profit coming instead of paying it to
the other fellow?
You can't afford to delay seeing Government Hill whether seeking a home or in
vestment and the sooner you see it the betterfor its going in blocks.
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mining hews
I Phone 4350 304 San Antonio St. I
Thp "PmTTierl'W DeStlised Ore.was taken fron this one chamber. On
Alie XUlUlCLiy xrejsjJl&ou. - the opposite tide of the mountain, at
"Ufntracf "Rnnartrro TTTlioro Jose- similar aeposits occur, the most
TOVeS .DOnailZa, Wlieie important prtaerties being those of tho
, , , , . I Faywood Leai company.
Formerly WaS Handicap. The oxidizd ores lying near the
surface have feus far been the only tle-
! posits to receJre attention. These have
No other lead and silver district in
tne southwest ma a oetter proaucuve tbbJUMBStlfaflks a few shafts have
7ecord than the CBoks Pea IwrajnJngdisJbijSi:it wMrfeaciwOHe deeper-lying
trictnijj.4s.aboJjjIs mites nortn or
Deming. "New- -Mexico', and about the
same distance west of Lake Valley. It
is now repeating the experience of
Leadville. Colorado, in the opening up
and shipment of large bodies of zinc
ore which bids-fairo reinstate its olU
time prosperity. All at onue it lias been
found that the formerly despised metal
can be used in manufacturing paints,
in coating iron, in'cyanidmg and in
electrical plants anu in a dozen -ways
once not thought tr, and that there is-a
great demand for it by the eastern zine
smelters. Cooks Perth and the country
north of it has zinc ore in abundance
n'l again the old camp is beginning
to loom ori account of the very metal
which had been considered its handi
cap. The Old El Paao Mine.
The ojd El Paso mfnc has a large
tonnage of tnc, both in the mine and
on the ddmos. W. F. Gordon, traveling
ore buyer of the Granby Mining and
MilLng company, has contracted for the
entire tonnage, and expects to ship
s-c t-n or eight carloads per month.
The Othello and Desderaona mines
have also contracted; tcshlp about
20 "CO tons of mixed sulphides of zinc
and lead ore. The Poe interests have
Jro begun operations. "-
The first discovery of ore in Cooks
Teak was made in 1S76, but no im
nirtsnt locations were made until 1880.
wn-n Taylor and Wheeler located the I
principal proaucers oi me iusuku
During suceeding years there was much
activity, and the rich oxidized leaders
wee eagerly sought by the smelters,
and the annual production ranged up
to 1.500,080 pounds. The total pro
duction is estimated to be considerdbly
over $3,000,900, of which the Desde
mona group is credited with $2,000,000.
the Graphic group with $450,000; the
Summit group with $350,000. and the
remaining properties with about $300,
000 Ore Frequently In Large Chambers.
The ores of .the district consist
chiefly of lead carbonate, associated
with zinc carbonate, limonite, galena,
sphalerite and pyrite. together with sil
ver values. The ore bodies just below
the siliceous zone that follow the con
tact between the limestones and the
shaies. The ore deposits occur under
broad arches in the limestone beds.
The ore occurs in 'kidneys, pockets and
pipes, which are irregular in shape,
size and distribution along the axis of
the arching beds. .These often expand
into large chambers, as in the big
chamber of the El Paso mine, -which is
nearly 100 feet long and from 35 to 50
feet in cross section. About $450,000
if we have not got just what you want wi 1-make it for
you on short notice. ,
We Carry a Large Stock of Camp Supplies
Phone 2044.
m vyiae juuck for sale by
hApn ATtrnWpI mnsrlv hv nnen M,ts
Inclines arid tunnels into the face of
tbjbJUjtfEASJfboks a few shafts have
Dortions of t1 e ore DJives.
"In their t igurrence," says F. A.
Jones, "and . algin these deposits, re
semble other. Jtn the Mimbres range."
As in other ninlng districts, such as
Leadville. Sar ta Eulalia. Sierra Mojada
and at Shaf te Texas, there are Igneous
intrusions in l !ie vicinity. It is thought
lhat the gran,Hiorite porphyry mass to
the south sup J tied the heated solutions
carrying the leetals: and these solu
tions, rising Mong the arches of- the
limestone belfcv the shale, were de
posited throuifo a process of Inter
change with the limestone along tho
fractures. ThJ'caves found in connec
tion with tile oxidized ores are of
later date." 1
Anottlr Similar Bevt.
There Is another zinc and lead belt
north of Cooks Peak, which is said to
be the continuation of it It runs from
Donahue canyfln on the south to Iron
creek, ten miaes (further north, -with
continuous ot6 croppings. The belt is
in many places a quarter of a mile
wide. About ten mining groups along
the belt have'ieen attracting attention
for the past 25 years when zinc had
no market in theiwest and lead was so
low in price thai it was only used as
a flux in some small local smelters.
There are the remains of two ancient
SDanish smelters, that were run over
100 years ago to smelt the rich silver
ores of Kingston, nine miles to tho
northeast and 'qfpGeorgetown IS miles
west 1 s
Worked lijjEaslish Company.
The Grand Central group was once
owned by an Kqgljsh company who did
considerable ptoshecting and built a
wagon road to Lake "Valley. D. S.
Miller, the metchnnt of Lake Valley
afterward bec4ii chief owner, and
opened the propsr y up exposina: large
bodies of lead am zinc ores. He sold
the group about f ve years ago to the
Monarch Deveter raent and Mining
company for $25&qG. The new owners
built an expensive wagon road and
erected a concentrating nlant, which
did not prove a BUtces?. There are nu
merous other gclTTzinc and lead pros
pects in that la: belt Indeed, it is
claimed by expe H that this is one cf
the greatest zin land lead belts west
of Missouri and s predict a great fu
ture for it. T J great handicap at
present is its dlj nce from railroad.
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large stock-Wde up, but
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the yard, bolt ot&ale.
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Tent & Awning Co.
Morgan Bldg.
El Pasoans Are Developing
Claims N ear Orogrande;
Work on the Jim Kske.
(L. H. Davis.)
The Jarilla mountain district. New
Mexico, is getting very lively again,
after several years inactivity, due to
the present high price ol copper. The
By-Chance and Buckeye, .which were
discovered and owned by Eilly Gibbs
and Prall, of St. Louis. Mo about 30
years ago, are agajn in operation. This
property is nortn of the town of Oro
srande. The ores are copper sul
phides, .carrying gold.
Operations have also commenced on
the Lincoln, the Seven-Come-Eleven,
ana otner neighboring claims, under
the management of Beckham and
Gaylord, of El Paso. These properties
are also copper bearing, being crysa
colla and carbonates. They lie about
one mile northwest of the town of
Still farther norta nbout two miles
is the Garnet, owned by the Jim Fisk
illninsr company. It is belne oneratpd
i under the management of E. D. Ba-
ker. This property has a work shaft
I 500 feet deep, but the work is being
prosecuted at the 200-foot level. The
j main ore bodies are copper, glanze,
Ii red. oxide and black sulphide of cop
per, the last of which runs as high
as 69 percent copper, and $13 gold per
ton. One face four feet wide aver
ages 15 percent copper and ?10 gold:
and another 11 feet wide averages
j eight percent copper and $S gold. It
is claimed mat tRere is a large body
of milling or concentrating ore in the
Garnet mine, running 2 1-2 percent
copper and $30 gold. A winze is be
ing sunk 40 feet. The mine is equip
ped with gasoline hoist, of 15 h. p.s
The Garnet is shipping three cars
of ore every two weeks, and has 12
men on the day shift and four men
on the night shift. This mine has
produced over $20,000.
The Jarilla district, which is the
nearest mining district to El Paso, is
situated in an Isolated group of hilis
that rise like an island to an ele
vation of about 600 feet above the
great desert plain, in western Otero
county, N. M.. about 50 miles north
east of El Paso. The postoffice is
Orogrande, on a spur of the El Paso
& Southwestern railway.
Were Worked bj- the Zanls.
The Jarillas were worked hundreds
of years ago by the Zuni indians for
turquois- and gold, us evidenced by
ancient workings and a deserted vil
lage to the west, where fragments
of pottery are found. The Tiffanies,
of New York, did Some exploration
work on the turquois veins some 20
years ago. Subsequently, Amos J. De
Muels, "the hermit of the Jarillas",
located and worked the turquois
mines. He found a ready market
for the gems, and realized over $50,
000 up to the time of his murder by
a Mexican employe about 12 years
ago. Afterwards Pat A. Kelly, Tlios.
A. Kelly and Christ Yeager worked
the turquois mine and extracted
about $50,000 worth of gems.
Eddy Brothers Work Claims.
iThe Eddy brothers. In 1S99, acquired
about 50 mining claims from De
Mueles and did considerable develop
ment on the Nannie Baird and the
Lucky mines. They built the rail
Toad spur from the main line, three
miles distant and shipped the ore all
the xvnv hv rnll a "Rl To:rt TVi- ,..
mines produced about $66,000, mostly I
goia, wiin some copper. The Nannie
Baird vein dips only 20 degrees and
lies in a bed of metamorphosed lime
stone just over an underlying contact
with manzanite porphyry. An incline
800 feet long follows' the main shoot
in the ore-bearing bed. This shoot
is called the "ore' pipe."
The Lucky mine Js west of tho Nan
nie Baird. and is developed by a 225
foot shaft. The ore is found in garnet
rock at the very contact with por
phyry. v The Three Bears is just south of
Orogrande, is owned by a Philadel
phia company and is developed by a
vertical shaft 525 feet deep and five
levels. It is said to carry pockets of
gold and copper ore. Placer gold is
found in the gulch below the Nannie
Baird averaging $1 per yard. The
diggings has yielded $S,000.
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Benson. Arlz Oct. 2. Gold has been
discovered Jn the little Bincon moun
tains, 11 miles -northwest of Benson,
by the Massolettl Mines company, a
company of Boston men For several
months past it has been known that
this company was doing extensive de
velopment -work in this vicinity, but
little was known of the values they
Today the mine was visited by well
known mining men who state that the
prospect has developed into one of the
richest mines In Arizona. The Mas
soletti Mines Co. has a shaft 100 feet
deep on a vein of ore averaging seven
to 12 feet in width and from $40 to
I $1,000 per ton In free milling gold.
They have a 30 ton mill now in the
course of erection, which will be
ready to operate within 30 days. The
Helen Group Is Shipping 300
Tons a Month; Chance
Mines to Resume.
"Very little Is said about the Vic
torio mining camp, but it is becoming
a large shipper of ores again," says
Michael Hennesey. the veteran miner.
"The Helen group Is shipping 300 tons
of lead-sllver-gold ore a month. The
ore is hauled to Gage, a station IS
miles west of Deming, and about four
miles north of the Victorio camps
The shipments net about $15 per ton.
Shipments are being regularly made
by Mr. Bradley. The Chance mines
in the same camp will soon resume
great activity and the owners will
start up the smelter in Deming soon.
"The camp was named after Vic
torio, the Apache chief. The .principal
period of activity was rrom 1S80 to
1886, when the big bodies of lead ore
were being worked by George Hearst,
of California, under conditions which
would now be considered adverse.
The Chance and the Jessie, the princi
pal producers. are reported to have
yielded $800,000, each in silver-lead
carbonate ones. F. A. Jones gives
$1,500,000 as the total production up
to iuua.
"The Helen claims produced
tween 1881 and 1886 ' about $30,000.
un tne
same hill Is the. Eswss
owned by St Louis. Mo., people and
north of it is the Rambler, cast of
the Jessie is the Virginia claim.
"North of the Jessie is a mine
owned by George T, Srinkman. con-
r, Srinkman. con-
probably Jubuerlte,
ich has shipped a
taming wolframite,
a tungsten ore. which
fc-w tons of this rare mineral
Several Properties lAre Taken Under
Uund and Lease; Marble Company
to llulld Road.
Paradise, Ariz., Oct. 2. Although
conditions in camp at present are ap
parently rather quiet, it is understood
that several important nronerties hava
been taken over under bond and leaseM
ana it is safe to prqsuoie tnat. opera
tions will commence in a reasonable
time. There were also several parties
of engineers in this district examining
various properties during the past few
weeks, but nothing definite has been
given out regarding the result of their
The Nebraska & Arizona Copper
company is continuing to work two
shifts and satisfactory progress Is be
ing made.
McDowell and Douglas are extract
ing a good giade of lead, silver and
sola ore in shaft sinking on their
property on Upper Whltetall.
Goodsell. who ha3 been leasing the
-Jay nrODCrtV. has mnrtn n chlnn.m
nr uti. j .. ...j.m.
' "is" eraae suier ore.
The silver
rhvonVann 11 ,' ?n.,f ccmtat I
rnjoiite and lime and Is the only place j
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Antonio Si.
company has 200 tons of ore on the
dump taken out -while sinking tha
shaft that will average $40 per ton.
They are working three eight hour
shifts and expect to have the shaft
at; a depth of 200 feet before the mill
is completed.
The Massolettl mines are located iu
a virgin country, no prospecting
having been done in this vicinity. The
section was mentioned in the report
of the government geological survey
of 1879 as being one of the richest
gold bearing districts coTered by this
survey. The particular point men
tioned Is six miles north of Tres Al
amos. As yet there have been very
few locations made, notwithstanding
the fact that the entire su-rounding
country shows every indication of be
ing as good.
in the district where the hard manga
nese sulphide is found in quantity.
This ore carries a small amount of
copper and from $7 to $10 In gold. The
ore is continuous in tho shaft. In fact,
the entire shipment made from this
property was ore encountered in shaft
A. O. Robertson has resumed opera
tions on his lease In the north end of
the district and is extracting copper
silver ore.
John Hand is employing several men
on his property, four miles from Para
dise. An enormous tonnage of lead-silver
ore has been developed and the in
dications are that this will prove to
be the largest lead-silver mine in the
C Small is engaged In drivincr a tun
nel on nis property, located to
northeast of Paradise.
The Arizona Marble company has a
force of men engaged in core drilling
tho marble deposit on Upper White
tail. Enormous beds of marble nave
been proved. According to Mr. Smith
of the United States geological survey,
this marble I3 one of the best found in
tho United States. The company owns
undeveloned marble nunrrles frnm
Bowie to Paradise, and it is understood
mat a wagon road will be built from
San Simon to the quarries and a trac
tion engine used in transporting the
High Price of Copper Makes Mdny
Properties TnUe on Xctv Lease of
Life; -Working Forces Increased.
Morenci, Ariz.. Oct. 2. The contin
ued llltrh Drlce of Conner and trenerjil
I mining activity 'throughout the coun-
try nas given tne small mining com-
panies in tne morenci district a new
lease on life.
The New York and Arizona Gold and
' Copper Co., located four miles west of
: Morenci, and adjoining some of the
1 Detroit Copper Co. claims, have leased
1 Detroit Copper Co. claims, have leased
a section of their holdings for a time,
I to G- H- Davidson. Rod Morrison and
associates, of. Morenci. who are work
ing two shifts of men. are getting
out some very rich milling ore. Thev
expect to make their first shipment in j
a few days. The original company I
expects to receive enough Ilnanclal
aid in the way of royalties to enable
It to complete installing the Nissen
stamp mill, when it will be able to
handle 50 tons Der day. A. L "Work.
I of Morenci, Is president of the com-
Another small property is the Home
Copper Co.. adjoining the New York
and Arizona Co.
It Ib also a low grade proposition.
It has been idle for some time, owing
to itq lack of transportation facili
ties. A party of eastern capitalists
Is expected this week who, it is re
ported, will start a few men to work
at once to determine the extent of the
ore body. '
The Morenci Mlssabo property in
Gold Gulch, is also showing signs of
resuming operations on a larger scale.
General manager Dick Lakeman, has a
small crew at work sacking' ore pre
paratory to shipping to El Paso smel
ter. With these small properties resum
ing operations, and the large com
panies running full capacity. Morenci
it is believed, is bound to become a
still larger mining center than
Will Multiply
Falter .
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When Troubles Cease In Sonorn Much
Development Wort "Will be Done
In Cananea District.
Cananea, Son.. Mexico, Oct. 2. An
nouncement was made this week to
the effect that there will be a stamp
mill or concentrator Installed at the
Golden Cross mine, in the Magdalena
district, as soon as the present un
settled conditions are over. The prop
erty is one of seven owned by the
Dolores Mining & Development com
pany, with offices at Oakland. Califs
and is a good gold-silver prospect of
considerable merit. The companrs
Mayor Domo property, five miles from
Cananea, is to be further developed,
the shaft to be sunk an additional 100
.feet, down to the 200-foot level, and
drifts run in two directions on tho
100-foot level, where some good ore
has been recently encountered. Pres
ident J. E. Dawson of the company.
' and ! Kemppe, a heavy stockholder.
were recently on a trip looiiing over
the possessions of the company.
The Gordo mine, which adjoins the
Golden Cross, and -which is owned by
Ben Bound and Rafael Flores of Can
anea. is showing up well, high grade
ore being recently encountered in one
of the tunnels which runs all the way
from $70 to $1,500 a ton in gold and
The Presena property, also in the
same neighborhood, is being worked
by Dr. Jose L. Duran, and already a
small shipment of ore has been made
which netted $125 a ton silver. Ten
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The Portal of Dreams
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Author of "The Key to Yesterday,"
Lighted Match, etc
Cuirass Book Store
tment Co.
Antonio St.
men are at work and more are to be
hired as. soon as conditions permit.
The . new five-stamp mill of the
Cerro de Plata, mine near Magdalena,
will be in operation next week. The
property is being operated by Ho.d
Bros of Magdalena and is makins
Miami. Ariz.. Oct. 2. President T.
C. Hendricks, of the Douglas Copper
Co.. -which owns a large, group of
claims in the Ray district, has re
turned from an official visit to the
property, and left for New York and
Boston. He says work on the new
shaft is progressing as rapidly as pos
sible, and that a large force of men
would be nut to work earlv in Novem
ber if a deal he went east on was not
J consummated, and that by the first of
tne year ne expects the company to
be a large shipper of high grade ore.
The Jahnville Mining Co.. has ac
quired four additional claims, tnakinsr
I a sroup of 12 claims all told.
several loads or lumber were sent
to the camp last week, and work oa
the new shaft is being pushed.
Matto Giacoma. and a force of men
have resumed work on the Monte
Carlo grpup of 24 claims located nine
miles northwest of Globe. The work
now being done is sinking an inclined
shaft which is now down about 70
feet and is In ore assaying nine per
cent copper, 1 1-2 ounces gold and
silver 14 ounces.
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