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Friday, October 4, 1912
Heedth and
B. Sister: It IB right that the pa
trons of your "beauty, parlors" should
object to shampoos made from soap on
account of the great danger of the soap
alkali ruining the lustre of their hajr.
Try a shampoo made by dissolving fl
teaspoonful of canthrox In a cup of
hot -water, and after shampooing, rinse
the hair as usual. Canthros makes the
most satisfactory shampoo Imaginable
and leaves no bad effects. It lathers
splendidly and Is the best and most
thorough scalp-cleanser I have ever
seen. It relieves scalp-Irritation and
leaves the hair bright, soft, fluffy and
easy to do up. This shampoo permits
the hair to dry quickly, is very bene
ficial and -will not cause faded, streaky
or discolored hair as soap and most
shampoos are likely to do.
Mrs. L. G.r It is not necessary that
your face reflect your age. You could
easily have a much finer, clearer,
smoother and more youthful complex
Ion if you quit using powder and tried
a. good lotion. Dissolve four ounces
spurmax in a half-pint hot water or
witch hazel and add two teaspoonfuls
glycerin. Apply this to your face, neck
and arms, and it will improve your
looks wonderfully. It will soften and
whiten your skin and remove .. that
shiny, greasy look. This inexpensive
Iotton will not rub off like powder, and
Is verv beneficial In preventing and re
moving freckles and skin-pimples, and
Is a wonderful skin beautifier. You
can get anything I recommend at al
most any drug store.
"Wealc Eves:" Wearinsr glasses Is
1 not lIlrMv tn tiMn vonr weak. dull, in'
flamed eyes. What you need Is a good
strengtfteaiiig eye-tonic, rne next nine
you go io a. drug store get an ounce of
crystos and dissolve it in a pint of
water. Drop a few drops of this in
each eye occasionally and you will be
surprised how soon it will give you
relief. It will not smart or burn the
eyes and is a perfectly reliable tonic
for any one to use who has eye-troubles.
It is splendid for treating wa
tery, expressionless eyes or granu
lated lias. It makes the eyes bright,
strong and sparkling.
R. KV I would advise you to seek
health first, before beauty. You say
you are not sick, but that you feel
tired always, look sallow and have pim
ples and eruptions. Try this home-made
blood-purifier and system-tonic: Get
from your druggist one ounce of kar
dene, dissolve it in one-half pint of al
cohol (not whiskey), and add one-half
cupful of sugar, then enough hot water
to make a full quart Take a table
spoonful before each meaL This rem
edy should tone up your system and
build up your strength. It aids diges
tion, arouses a torpid liver and purifies
ho Wood. "When vour blood is pure.
your sallowness and pimples will dls- I
Clean Your
Water- Closet Bowls
The Easiest Way .
No scrubbing or scouring or
touching the bowl with the
hands. Use Sani - Flash a
poadcred chemical compound
disinfectant 'and deodorant
harmless to bowl and
Cleans Water-Closet Bowls
makes them white as new no
matter how badly discolored.
It works like magic easy,
25 cents a can at your
grocer's or druggist's
Gives your Boy a stan.
Fhone 1147. J. P. Mullin, Pro.
Phone 2404.
"No trouble to call."
in a great measure determines your
health. Let us examine and put
them in order. All work guaranteed
first class. Prices reasonable.
203 Trust BIdg.
10:00 P. M.
' New Orleans
; if '
r3 E?s?
V)i 01L8UI.MN4 ni
Beauty Hints
appear and you will have more strength
and energy. ...,.
Grace: No. I know it doesn't add to
your peace of mind when you are con
scious that you are getting so fat that
your dress is continually gaping in the
back and you fear the constant strain
will prove too much for the buttons.
If you want to cut down your flesh
without starving yourself or without
tiring and futile exercise, go to your
druggist and get four ounces of par
notia Dissolve it in 1 pints of hot
water, then take a tablespoonful be
fore each meaL Your double chin and
shortness of breath will soon disap
pear, for I know several cases where
parnotis took off superfluous fat at
the rate of several pounds a weeK.
Jessie P. H.: Some sage dressings
are beneficial to the scalp, but I never
recommend them on account of the
danger -of staining or discoloring the
hair. If you want a good, dependable
remedy for dandruff, itching scalp and
falling hair, try an ounce of quinzom
dissolved m one-half pint of alcohol
(not whiskey) and add one-half pint
water. This will put your hair and
scalp In a healthy condition. Apply
the tonic twice a week, rubbing it
gently Into the hair-roots. It is free
from oil and makes a fine dressing for
the hair. I know of many wio were
troubled with "hopeless" cases of dan
druff and falling hair that found this
an ideal tonic.
Madge: For your hollow cheeks and
Tx-T-inlriprl face. I recommend frequent
applications of a good greaseless com
nipvinn oream-iellv. also brisk massag
ing. By stirring together one ounce
almozoln. two teaspoonfuls glycerine
and one-half pint cold water, allowing
to stand over night, you will have an
extra good complexion cream. Use this
also for massaging and it will clear
up your skin line, removing all dirt
from the pores and soon you will find
your complexion smooth, fresh-looking
and unwrinkled. This is an excellent
cream for treating blackheads, freckles
and roughness of the skin and will rid
your face of those very large pores.
Mary OB.: Applying a delatone paste
to the hairy surface for two or three
minutes will remove every trace or
v!iii- fmm vour skin. To prepare, mix
enough powdered delatone and water
to cover tne nairs not wanieu. mic "
is removed the skin should be washed
o-oftiiiT This method is unfailing
and is not injurious to the most sensi
tive skin. .
B. D.: Your eyelashes will grow long
and have a silken curl if you apply
pyroxln at lash-roots with thumb and
forefinger. Straggly eyebrows will
come In thick and glossy merely by
Miiiri- nvrnrin nn "with flncer-end.
Be very careful and don't get pyroxin I
where no nair is wantea. aui.
Mrs.Bishop Reluctantly Con
sented to Advice of Hus
band, But Is Right
Glad She Did, Now.
! Waverly, Va. In a letter from this
j place, Mrs. Mattle L. Bishop says: "I
i suffered miserably from womanly
trouble and everything I ate would put
i me in such misery I would have to go
' to bed until it wore off. I could not
j even wash my dishes, after a meal.
At last, my husband begged me to
take Cardui, the woman's tonic I had
tried so many different kind: of medi-
' cine, I didn't want to take it, but agreed
to try it for his sake.
j Before I had finished one bottle, I
j could eat all I wanted and could do
all of my work all right.
I gained in weight, and looked so
j much better, that my own sister said
j she wouldn t have known me, had she
! seen me away from home.
; I shall always .recommend Cardui,
j for I know it will do all you claim."
j If you suffer from any of the numer-
cus symptoms of womanly trouble, don't
wait until the trouble becomes chronic
You owe it to yourself, your friends
and your 'family, to try to regain your
normal health.
Take Cardui, the woman's tonic as
so many thousands of other women
have done, with good results.
Begin taking Cardui to-day.
N. B. Write tot Ladies' Advisory
Dept-. Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chat
tanooga,, Tenn.. for Special Instructions,
and 64-page book. "Home Treatment
for Women." sent in plain wrapper, on
Justo Acosta. who was 'indicted a
few days ago by the federal grand jury
on a charge of violation of the neu
trality laws, was arrested Wednesday
afternoon by Cs.pt. J. H. Rogers, deputy
United States marshal, while in the
federal building. His bondsmen had
forfeited his bond. Acosta had been
out on bond for several weeks, having
been arrested some time ago. He gave
himself up to the American officers
when he heard there was a complaint
against him in the federal court.
8:00 A. M.
200 N0. OREGON
?S?TtJil5ratiVj'i 5f
The. Lodges t j I
The Degree of Honor entertained at
cards recently at the Knights of
Pythias hall. The games, "500" and
"bunco," were amusements of the aft
ernoon. Three prizes were awarded.
The first prize, a hand-painted vase,
was won by Mrs. H. O. Dow. The sec
ond prize was won by Mrs. C. N. Hol
ford and the consolation prize fell ito
Mrs. W. F. Sheffield. After the games
were played, refreshments of coffee
and cake were served.
,The Rebekah lodge, L O. O. F- held
its regular weekly meeting Tuesday
evening in the hall in the Reckhart
building. The attendance was very
small, as the weather was inclement.
Next Tuesday night the district dep
uty will hold instruction clases.
The Ladies of the Macabees held a
social meeting at the K. of P. hall
Wednesday afternoon. High five was
the game played and there were five
tables of the .members present. The
first prize, a cut glass dish, was won by
Mrs. George O'Rear and the consola
tion fell to Mrs. J Broyles.
The social meetings of the lodge will
be held the first Wednesday of every
Oaf Of Town Visitors
Edward L. Tinker, of New York, is at
the hotel St. Regis. He came from the
east for a hunting trip in the Mexican
Miss R. M. Lansing, of Marshall.
Tex., is visiting Miss M. Carr. at her
home on North Stanton street.
Mrs. E. A. Keeling, of Washington.
D. C mother of Mrs. Irving McNeil, Is
visiting her daughter at her home. 1617
East Rio Grande street.
Mrs. C R. Jefferis, sister of Mrs.
Irving McNeil, has arrived from Ari
zona to visit her sister and will be
joined a little, later by her husband,
C R. Jefferis. surjerlntendent nf the
1 Mescalero Indian reservation.
The Fortnightly Card club will hold
Its first meeting for the year at the
home of Mrs. J. J. Murphy.
. r -
The Wednesday Afternoon Bridgu
club will meet with Mrs. K. G. Frank
lin on Wednesday, October 9, at 501
East Rio Grande street.
Lawrence Llndv Butterffolri arid Miss
Ella May Gorman were united in mar
riage at the Methodist parsonage Tues
day night at eight oclock by Rev. C.
Wesley Webdell. pastor of Trinity
Methodist church.
Y. W. C. A. Notes
At the Y. W. C. A. boarding home.
on Wednesday evening of each week,
an evening service is held. Mr. and
Mrs. George Helde have charge of the
j-ne Degmners' class in the gym- j
naaium ai tne l. v. C. A. will be held
Thursday evening and the advanced
class will meet Friday evening.
El Pasoans Away
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Mapel have left
for a trip to New York.
J Edgar Love has gone to Cloudcroft
to spend a week.
Dinners and Luncheons
Capt and Mrs. A. P Watts enter
tained at dinner at the Valley Inn-on
Vednesday evening. Their guests were
Capt. and Mrs. Guy Palmer. Lieut, and
Mrs. a T. Maekel. and Lieut. J. G.
Mr. and Mrs. D C. Booth entertained
mayor and Mrs. C E. Kelly at dinner
at the valley Inn on Wednesday even
Wish your winter wood cuf!
Call the Charity association, phone
2070, or drop around at 351 Myrtle ave
nue. The Woman's Charity association
has arranged for the opening of the
woodyard as a part of the association's
winter charity work. The crimpy nights
have increased the demands on the as
sociation's charity fund and the wood
vard has been reopened to give the ap
plicants for assistance a way of assist
ing themselves. The wood which is cut
at the" woodyard. is being sold to any
one who wishes wood as a winter fuel.
The proceeds are used for charitv. The
money to start the yard was advanced
bv one of the association members,
pending the action of the board at its
nest meeting.
Baltimore. Md.. Oct 3. Col. L. M.
Maus. U S. A medical corps, told the
convention of the Association of Mili
tary Surgeons here that repeated in
vestigation hail failed tn l-eveil -5 .!.
gle benefit from the use of alcohol. On I
ability and "resistance of army men In
every line.
The use of alcoholic stimulants, he
maintained, had no place in the army
or navy, either as a medicine or a re
galement, and he said that its use
should be barred by law.
At Y. W. C A.
All girls in beginning gymnasium meet
for first lesson tonight at 8 o'clock
First lesson for advanced class Fri
day night at 8 o'clock.
First lesson High School girls class
Saturday. Oct 5, at 10 a. m.
Children's class, Saturday, Oct 5,
at 9 a. m.
Aesthetic Dancing class begins Tues
day, October 8, at 10 a. m.
Conducted by
Telephones 2020 or 2040. day;
and 345. night.
The Becoming Black Hat
Hats made of plush are in high
favor this season. Many of them rival
in appearance the finest fur.
These sketched as representative
were hoth black with a suggestion of
seal brown in some lights. The upper
one was trimmed with a mother-of-pearl
buckle and band of steel gauze
ribboi, with a white fancy feather
placed at he side.
The lower rketch shows a rolling
brim shape, -with a band of fancy em
broidery and feather ornaments.
Douglas Pastor Goes to Flagstaff; New
Deputy Collector Is Sworn in
at Douglas.
Douglas. Ariz- Oct 3. .Road signs,
designed to designate the distance to
and from Douglas from various points
on the Borderland highway, from El
Paso on the east to Phoenix on the
west, are being sent out by the Douglas
chamber of commerce and mines. Sev
eral are being sent by express to each
The signs, which, are finished in yel
low, black lettering and a red arrow,
are striking and cannot fail to attract
notice of any travelers. They bear the
legend, "rBorderland Route, the Douglas
War," in large black letters on a yellow
background. In, the center is a red ar
row two and a half feet in lenfth. noint-
ing east and west. This bears, in black I
lettering, "Douglas 3Iiles." the
blank space to be filled in at each city !
sent tne signs, un the bottom halt ot
the rounded sign is a map of the road
from El Paso to Phoenix, designating
the stopping places along the. road. The
distance in miles between each place is
The signs well be placed between here
and Bisbec and between here and Lords
burg at frequent intervals, while a num
ber will be sent to each citv shown on
the map at the bottom of the sign, re
questing that thev be put up.
The Rev. Robert E. Wright, for three
years pastor of the Methodist Episcopal
church here, will leave for Flagstaff
during the latter part of the week to
take up his residence, having been given
charge of the church in that city by the
conference in Bisbee last week.
Mr. Wright will be succeeded in the
local pulpit by Rev. J. A. Arnett, of
Winslow. who was transferred to Doug
las by the conference. He comes highly
recommended as a pulpit orator and
worker for every good cause, and will
doubtless surround himself with a large
circle of friends in a short time.
A new ruling of the treasury depart
ment, reversing a former ruling which
allowed milch cows to be entered "in
reasonable numbers." as household goods,
free of duty, and intended to work for
the benefit of the refugees in this coun
try from Mexico, has been received by
deputv collector W. Ti Fitzherbert here.
Mr. Fitzherbert immediately made this
public, as a number of Mormons are now
in Sonora gathering their horses and
cattle, expecting to be allowed to bring
them over dutv free.
A. Charles Smith. Socialist candidate
for congressman, will leave here Friday
to join the Socialist campaign automo
bile party, which will begin a two
weeks' tour of the state on Sunday.
Phoenix will be the first place for hold
ing a public meeting, Saturday evening
being the time set.
U. S. Consul A. V. Dye has received
a telegram from Huntington Wilson, of
the state department, advising him that
if it were agreeable vice consul Silliman,
of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mex., will be sent
to accompany Mormon colonists to
Colonia Morelps. The trip xi be made
for the purpose of securing accurate
data. as to the amount of damage done
by the rebels. It will probably be sev
eral days before Mr. Silliman can come
here, it is stated. In the telegram Mr.
Wilson bore strongly upon the fact that
he desired Mr. Dye to- remain here to
supervise the course of events.
W. T. Fitzherbert, recently trans
ferred here from Naco, has been sworn
in as deputv collector of customs for
the port of Douglas, succeeding George
B. Mason, who has been transferred to
Nogalcs to act as deputy collector there.
H. B. McDaniel. of Nogales. has been
transferred here to succeed Mr. Fitzher
bert as clerk and inspector at the local
customs house.
See exhibit 33 at Home Products Ex
position. Scott White & Co.
Hot chocolate with whipped cream
and cake. Elite Confectionery.
Eugent Nolte. United States mar
shal at San Antonio, arrived in El Paso
Thursday morning to attend the pres
ent term of the federal court.
7000 burnetlzed posts ror sale at
Lander Lumber Co.
See exhibit 33 at Home Products Ex
position. Scott White & Co.
Church Affairs
St. Clement's Social club held a busi
ness meeting In Kendrick hall and
elected its officers for the ensuing year
on Tuesday evening The officers are
as follows: President, Clarence Boren:
vice president. Dr. G. H. Mengel; secre
tary. Miss Meta Ormsbee; treasurer. Cv
M. Lyman. After the business meeting
a social time was spent and refresh
ments served. The first social meet
ing will be held later in the, month.
The young people of the church of
the Immaculate Conception will hold a
business meeting in the Knights of Co
lumbus hall on Monday evening. 'Octo
ber 7. at, eight oclock. The first social
meeting will be held in about two
weeks; the date has not been definitely
decided upon.
The Teachers' training class, taught
hy Mrs. L. L. Robinson, will meet Fri
day afternoon at three oclock at the
First Presbyterian church for the ini
tial meeting of the school year's train
ing work.
The meeting of the Woman's Mis
sionary society of the East El Paso
Presbyterian church was postponed
until Tuesday. October S.
Women's Organizations
The art department of the Woman's
club held Its last meeting at the studio
of Mrs. Alice P. Thompson on Wed
nesday morning. This department has
been doing- china painting.
The Beta Beta, club -was entertained
on Wednesday afternoon at the homo
of Miss Florence Reed, on East Rio
Grande street. The afternoon was
spent in sewing and the usual good
time and refreshments were enjoyed
by the members. The club will not
hold any meeting on Wednesday after
noon, October 9, on account of the ab
sence of several members, but on Oc
tober 16, the club will meet with Mrs.
E. P. Rankin, jr.. 1109 Nevada street
The first regular meeting of the
Woman's club will be held Saturday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. R.
Brown, at 3 oclock. The day will be
"Officers' day," and th program ar
ranged as as follows:
1. Piano Winiawski Waltz
Mrs Francis L. Moore.
2. Report of the National Federa
tion Meeting Mrs. E. Kohlbers
3. Outline of the year's work In
music Mrs. Parvin Wlttc
4.VlolIn, Hogrl-Katl Hnbay
Miss Virginia Bean.
S. President's address
Mrs. A. P. Averlll
6. Song Mrs. Parvin Witte
7. Reception.
The board of managers of the Sun
shine society are meeting this after
noon in the Hotel Sheldon to formulate
plans for the coming year.
The members of the Bazar commit
tee ot the O. E S. will meet as usual
Friday afternoon for work.
Mesdames N. and M. Goldof t delight
fully entertained at their home on 815
Olive street, with a miscellaneous
shower in honor of Miss Rose Frankel,
who is to be married to B. Romm.
Their home was artistically decorated
with chrysanthemums and ferns.
Bunco was played and the prizes were
won by Mrs. L. Laskln and Mrs. B. P.
DubinskL After the game the pretty
shower gifts were presented to Miss
Frankel. and then a two course lunch
eon was served to the guests, who
were: Mesdames I. Laskin. L. Laskin,
Sam Goodman. R. T. Talpis. Joe W.
Saskett, Cantor. J. Stolaroff. A. Stola
roff, J. Silverman, H. Block, I Gold
smith, M. Lantin. B. P. Dnblnskl. M.
Goldoft and N. Goldoft. Misses Rose
Frankel. Sadie Nathan, -Florence
Klein. Fannie Klineman, Annie Stola
roff, Jennie Stolaroff. Beckie Merkin.
Annie Swatt and Cella Goodman.
El Pasoans Returning
Mrs. W. S. Tllton has returned from
California, fully restored in health
after her trip. Mrs. Tilton will be at
home in her apartment In the Brazos
Miss Annie Wilbarger has returned
from an extenslvo trip abroad. On her
return from Europe she visited in New
York and points in eastern Texas.
Mrs. A. P. Averill will return on
Saturday after a visit of several weeks
in Ohio.
Little Mary Virginia Seamon enter
tained 14 of her little friends with a
party on her sixth birthday anlversary
on Wednesday afternoon. The table
was lovely In a color scheme of red. A
large cake in the center of the table
was covered with red candles and
strawberries. The ice cream was served
with strawberries and the souvenirs
were tiny red baskets filled with can
dies, while autumn leaves added great
ly to the effect of the October party.
About El Pasoans
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. McConnell have
moved from 501 Nevada street to 512
Herbert the younger son of Mr. and
Mrs. F. W. McConnell, Is 111 with a
case of scarlet fever.
Mrs. Francis L. Moore will be at
home to her friends on Friday after
noon and the first Friday of each
month thereafter.
The petit jury which has been In
session during the special term of the
federal court, which began September
23, was discharged by judge T S.
Masey Thursday morning. All of the
civil cases were disposed of. Another
petit jury jas been called to report
October 7 and this will hear the cases
to be tried at the regular term of the
federal court
' The federal grand jury Is still in
session, but it is said that it will make
its final report to the federal court
Friday morning.
The neutrality cases will be begun
Friday after the court decision Is
made as to what constitutes the real
shipment of arms to Mexico.
Capt W. F. Martin, of the 22d In
fantry, left El Paso Thursday for New
York city. He will return in about
three weeks
Win Hold an Election to Adopt a Xcw
Method of Government New Char
ter Has Been Drawn.
Phoenix. Ariz.. Oct. 3. Wjthin a few
days, on November 8, to be' exact, the
people of Phoenix will vote to deter
mln whetner or not a new charter pro
viding for a commission form of gov
ernment shall be accepted or whether
the present cumbersome and some say
representation shall be retained.
The advocates of the new charter and
the commission believe the change will
be sanctioned by the. people.
At present the city Is divided into
four wards, each of which is repre
sented in the city council by one alder
man. In addition to the members of
the council there are elected by the
people a mayor, city treasurer, city
clerk and city attorney and in addi
tion to these, there are a number of
appointive officers. At the present the
mayor and aldermen serve without pay
but that is not deemed as economical
as it looks upon its face.
The commission form of government
is not altogether a new idea In Ari
zona, though it has never been tried
out in practice as yet. The new con
stitution provides for it. for cities of
the first and second classes If the cities
see fit to try out the theory.
In accordance with that provision in
the constitution the people ot Phoenix
held an election on June 6 list and se
lected C F. Ainsworth. J. L. B. Alex
ander, J." F. Cleaveland. L. W. Coggins.
John T. Dunlap. Wm. M. Fickas. E. a
Godfrey, jr.. John L. Irvin, J. J. Kol
fcerg. W. B. Lount. A. L. Moore. John G.
O'Malley, C M. Sturges and Frank P.
Trott, as a board to prepare and pro
pose a charter. That charter has been
prepared, the people are now studying
it and will soon vote to accept or re
ject it.
The charter provides for the election
of a mayor, whose salary Is fixed at
$2500 a year, and two commissioners at
salaries of ?2000 per year each and at
least one city magistrate regarding the
salary of whom the charter is silent
The Initiative, referendum and the
recall are made prominent features of
the new charter and, while the com
mission Is clothed with unlimited
powers, it is believed that the initia
tive, referendum and recall will ha
check sufficient to prevent any ex-
For" the purpose of simplifying and
conveniently conducting the govern
ment of the city, the business affairs
of the city would be divided Into three
divisions as follows: ....
A division of public safety: a division
of public finance, and a division of pub
lic works, all of which shall be under
the supervision and control of the com
mission. The mavor shall have charge of the
division of public safety and he shall
designate the commissioner to have
charge of the division of public finance
and the commissioner to have charge
of the division of public works.
In the division of public safety shall
be included the police department, tho
fire department and the health depart
ment, together with the equipment ap
paratus and parapnernaiia periaimns
to each of said departments and, neces
sary to operate the same.
In the division of public finance shall
be included the tax department the li
cense department the accounts depart
ment and libraries, together with the
equipment apparatus and parapherna
lia pertaining to each of said depart
ments and necessary to operate the
same. J
In the division of public works shall
be Included the street department the
water department including the city's
irrigation system, the sewer depart
ment, the building department, public
buildings and parks, together with the
equipment apparatus and parapherna
lia pertaining to each of said depart
ments and necessary to operate the
The chief offidala of the city shall
be a city clerk, city assessor, city
treasurer, citv collector, city attorney,
city engineer, chief of police, fire chief,
street superintendent and such othor
heads of departments as may hereafter
be created or designated by the com
mission. The charter also provides for the ap
pointment of a civic art commission, a
park commission and a public play
ground commission, the commissioners
of each to serve without pay and also
provides for the acquisition by the city
of any or all public utilities where the
people deem It for the best interests of
the city to do so. An annual audit of
the city's books is also provided for
and the commissioners are enjoined to
establish a system of bookkeeping so
thorough and so simple that a state
ment of the city's financial condition
may be given to any one entitled to
know In the shortest possible time
after the Inquiry Is made.
Santa Rosa. N. M.. Oct 3. The Jury
In the case of Edward McNabb. whose
second trial on the charge of killing H.
M. Hargis at East Vaughn, this county.
In the fall of 1910. has been in progress
in the district court here for the past
eight days, returned a verdict of not
guiltv, with a special finding that Mc
Nabb was insane at the time of the
McNabb was tried at the spring term
of 191L at which time the jury rendered
a verdict of guilty of murder in the
first degree and McNabb was sentenced
to be hanged. A motion for a new trial
was overruled and. upon appeal, tha
supreme court remanded the case for
hew trial.
Zach Cobb will campaign through
Illinois and Indiana for Wilson.
Z. L. Cobb received a messase from
the Wilson campaign headquarters at
Chicago asking him to come there at
once" to arrange for a series of speak
ing dates in Illinois, Indiana and other
middle western states. The speaking
list will keep him there until after the
November election.
Health is the foundation of all good
looks. The wise woman realizes this
and takes precautions to preserve her
health and strength through the pe
riod of child bearing. Pho remains a
pretty mother by avoiding as far as
possible the suffering and dangers of
such occasions. This every woman
may do through the use of Mother's
Friend, a remedy that has been so long !
in use, and accomplished so much ;
good, that it is in no sense an. experi
ment, hut a preparation which always
produces the best results. It Is for
asternal application and so penetrating
in its nature as to thoroughly lubricate
every muscle, nerve and tendon in
volved during the period before baby
comes. It aids nature by expanding
the skin and tissues, relieves tender
ness and soreness, and perfectly pre
pares tho system for natural and safe
motherhood. Mother's Friend has been
used and endorsed by thousands of
mothers, and its use will prove a com
fort and benefit
to any woman in
need of such a
remedy. Mother's
Friend is sold at
drug 8tores. Write for free book fo:
expectant mothers, whlc? contains
much valuable informatira.
in Hays
50c Package Jof Remarkable Tlesa,
Builder, Protone, Sent Tree to
Provo What It Will Do.
Protone "Will Make Yon Nice and Plump.
It is astonishing to see the effects
produced by the new flesh-lnoreaser,
Protone. To put on real, solid, healthy
flesh, at the rate of a pound a day. is
not at all remarkable with this new
Protone induces nutrition, increases
cell-growth, makes perfect the assimil
ation of food, strengthens nerves, in
creases blood corpuscles, builds up.
safely and quickly, muscles and solid
healthy flesh, and rounds out the fig
ure. For women who never appear stylish;
in anything because of thinness. Pro
tone Is a revelation.
The regular $1.00 size of Protone Is
for sale by all druggists, or will be
mailed direct, upon receipt of price, by
The Protone Co.. 5036 Protone BIdg..
Detroit Mich.
It costs you nothing to prove the re
markable effects of Protone. It Is non
injurious to the most delicate system.
The Protone Company will send you on
receipt of your name and address, a
free 50c package of Protone, with full
instructions, to prove that it does the
work: also their book pn "Why Tou
Are Thin." free of charge, giving facts
which will probably astonish you. Send
coupon below today with your name
and address.
Free Protone Coupon
It -will cost you nothing to prove
the remarkable effects of this treat
ment The Protone Company will
send to any one a free 50c pack
age of Protone, If they will fill out
this coupon and enclose 10c in
stamps or silver to help cover post
age. They will also send with It
full Instr ' as and their book on
"Why Tou Are Thin."
5036 Protone BIdg. Detroit Slick.
Name -
Street -. ....v.......
City State
The regular $1.00 size of Protone Is
for sale In EI Paso by Kelly & Pollard.
201 N. Oregon St; Knoblauch Drug Co ,
330 Mesa Ave.r A. E. Ryan & Co., 212
San Antonio St; Fred K. Schafer. 204
Mesa Ave.
No free packages from druggists.
Don't let it rnrn grey. Don't let the
Dandruff get a foothold and start the hair
falling out.
It's not natural that young women should
have thin grey hair that they cannot dress
It should always be, natural-colored lux
uriant full of life and radiance free from
ugly g"ey hairs and annoying Dandruff.
Nature intended that a woman's hair
should be one of her chief attractions.
Why not help her to keep it so ?
$1.00 and 50c at Btb Stores or direct cpoa
receipt of price and dealer's saoe. Send 10c for
trial bottlc-Fbilo Hay Spec Co. Newark. N. i.
We have Two Lots Left at
$25 Q Each in
But Only Two,
So Hurry to Tobin's Office.
atch Our
ciai Prices
pltz Market
Bell Phone 136.
Denver. Colo.. Oct 3. Charged with
deserting his wife and 17 children.
Frederick Dill was arrested here on
complaint of the wife. Mrs. DUly Dill
Dill says there are only IS children in
the family, but the wife insists that
21 have been born and four have died.

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