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l sdV i qnnTTAn rnnr ii in liik uvaters i:iiri ra : vxm ua im wwnm1 i n
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Wri TN...1 t l 1...
wiae uuc ior saie dy
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ir Ttinnlh. but is not yet fully organ'
ized, since the full staff provided for
in tne bill has not yet oeen uecurcu.
i Ms staff" Includes an assistant chief,
a. statistical erpert, a special agent and
several clerks, all of whom are ap
pointed under the civil service regula
tions and who are also especially qual
med, for the specific work for which
tne bureau has been created.
r or several months the chief and her
sistants have been carefully working
nnr -ninn for the first year's work.
.first a careful survey of the work
wmch has already been accompnsnea
nas been made. In order that the new
uureau may not in any way duplicate
wnat is already being done. In this
connection, Miss Lathrop recognizes the
valuable services which are already be
ing performed by the bureau of educa
tion, the census bureau and the de
partment of commerce and labor, and
mucn of the future work of the new
Dureau will be to put the information
wnich has already been acquired In a
popular form, as most of it is now too
teennical and detailed for the average
reader. In a sense one of the most Im
portant features of the work of the
cniidren's bureau Is popularizing the
wisdom of others and this task will
precede for the present the original
worn of the bureau.
With this Idea, a statistical hand
dook will be compiled which will em
rrace the archives of various bureaus
witn explanatory text. This would
nave to be compiled in some way for
xne use of the 'bureau, and with but
little additional labor and expense it
can De put Into a form to be of prac
tical use to every worker in child
infant 3IortalIty First,
.vtter mach consideration it has been
oecided that the first subject mentioned
in tne bill, "infant mortality: should
receive the first active investigation of
me Dureau. This decision will Involve,
Tirst of all, -work to establish a system
of birth registration. Miss Lathro'p was
inre of the speakers before the conven
tion of the General Federation of Wom
en s clubs, held In San Francisco last
summer, and has thus secured the in
terest of that great body. At the re
quest of the federation, the bureau will
prepare some popular material to aid
tne women's clubs in the effort they
are now planning to secure better
- registration laws and their enforce
ment. This seems to be the foundation
r ail effective work tor children since
to Know how to stop the death of 200,
vvm infants yearly, we must know why
tney die, and when, and where. We
must register their births and deaths
as tne essential element 'of intelligent
lire saving. This subject affects both
xne educational and the child labor
laws, since to know when the children
or tne nation are entitled to s6hool, we
must know their age by legal record'
ana to ijnow wnen they can work
legally we must have their date of
At present, effective laws for birth
registration exist only in the New Eng
land states, in Pennsylvania ana in
Michigan, and even here the enforce
ment is not perfect Consequently, the
study of conditions which the bureau
is planning to begin must be confined
for the present to cities located in these
states, since only here, and in a few
single cities like New York, is there a
Dirth registration which permits accu
rate study "as to the real conditions of
cmidhood In this country. This is a
matter which is peculiar to America as
in no other civilized nation is there
sucn neglect of the preservation of
vital statistics. The Children's bureau
will soon be in a position to assist the
ciuh women and a number of organi
zations interested in waging a vigor
ous campaign pt education in the mat
ter or recording vital statistics.
To Have Foreign Header.
Tne bureau is to Include in its staff
a librarian reader who will be suffi
ciently familiar with foreign languages
to read what is being printed in Eu
rope regarding children and to trans
late what seems important for use here.
A Newspaper Man
I rive below
an extract fromi
i a letter written
jme by the busi-
! ness manager of
i one of the lead-
4 1 n g newspapers
of this country.
He said in part:
"T was very
Imuch interested
' i n your article
i about the use of
I alcohol in patent
3 medicines. A s
ou know, your
ad. has been run
ning in my paperl
more or less for
S. B. Hartman, M. O.
the last twenty
years. I have been frequently
cized for advertising your remedy on
the ground that It contained alcohol
and was therefore harmful. .
"I am not a doctor myself and do
not profess to know anything about
such subjects. But I wish I had been
supplied with the information con
tained in your article years ago. Your
article exactly meets all the objections
that I have had to contend with.
"That alcohol is a useful drug and is
the active principle of wine, beers, ci
der and other beverages is to me a
new thought That it is a useful rem
edy and assists the other ingredients in
making a cure, I cannot dorht after
ri-adirg jour article.
I tbink so much of vour article that
I urn going to haxe a reprint of It ma'le
E! Paso Tent & Awning Co
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j shape of the tent you
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'on short notice. Carry a
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H. J. Collins, Mngr.
.L- J L-U L-I-
me vara, doii or uaie. m
mis librarian will preserve all im
portant periodical literature relating to
any phase of child life and it is In
tended that this department will be
come one of the most Important In the
work of the bureau, as it will contain
tne greatest and most complete collec
tion of literature pertaining to children
to tie found in the world, and it will be
so arranged as to be readily accessible.,;
to any one. .mouograpmes win do
prepared upon every subject pertaining
to children so that information can be
speedily given regarding any article in
cases where a copy of it is not procur
able. This work will fill a long felt
want and will be in keeping with the
original purposes of the bureau.
xne Dureau will also establish direc
tories of associations and individuals
engaged directly or indirectly in work
lor children. Many inquiries regarding
individual cases of widely varying
types are constantly being received and
tne bureau will endeavor at all times
to make intelligent answers. Direc
tories have already been requested
upon various subjects as, for example,
a directory of Juvenile court officials
and a directory for the enforcement of
cnild labor laws. Compilations and
analyses of existing statutes and pro
posed legislation will be made and kept
in available form.
Anotner important work of the bu
reau will be the preparation of brief
popular monographs for distribution
wmen will be printed in various lan
guages if necessary. These will be
especially suited to the needs of com
munities outside of the- great urban
They will deal with practical mat
ters of hygiene such as blindness, the
care of the teeth, feeble-mindedness
and backwardness, the care of infants,
tne need of birth registration, educa
tion, cnild labor and kindred subjects,
nese monographs will fill a long felt
vant so that in the future It will not
oe possible for a senator to be quoted
as saying, "I have had over 20.000 bul
letins furnished me for distribution in
mv district relating to the care and
conditions of swine, but -I have not
oeen able to secure any dealing with
tne care of children."
To Be largely Educational,
amce the real scope of the bureau is
to be educational, it is intended to ar
range for traveling exhibitions as a
means or securing public attention,
xnese exhibitions will include charts
ana maps showing conditions regarding
various subjects. Just at present birth
registration seems of paramount im
portance and a map has just been com
pleted showing by different colors the
states which have passed laws making
adequate provision for registration,
tnose which have tjiken some step in
tms direction and those which as yet
nave given no legislative consideration
to tne subject. Other maps show the
aeatn registration. There will be chart3
snowing .the children attending school
at different ages and the number that
are employed In the different sections
or tne country and other features re
garding which definite Information Is
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will be the bulwark of his defence
His contention Is that Rosenthal had
Incurred the anger of the gambling
uoicuiuj uecause 01 nis temerity In
moving uptown into the sacred terri
tory of the more elect And that he
further ineitil thelf -nri-oVi "o..,i
Ing, which is supposed to be the un-
ijiiuuuiiuiu sin or tne underworld, and
the one which they seem the most ad
dicted to whenever their own purposes
can best be conserved thereby.
Therefore, it is Becker's rebuttal,
that Rosenthal was the victim of a
gambler's feud, in which he is to be
made the "goat" by the wily assassins
to the end that thex mn-v savn ViA
own necks.
But the evidence that has come to
light of the presence of deepseated
and ramifvlnrr erraff In th Vam -v..i-
TWllirA dAnarfmonl fa ..!! I.,.! .1
This evidence established the presenoe
vl me system in tne department that
uiu mrce cornerea partnership between
the criminals, the police and pollti-
the Lexow investigation were but new
ly sprouted, but which have grown
without interruption, from that day to
Writes an
Open Letter to Dr. Hartman
and strike off thousands of them, which
I shall mail to objectors as they may
arise in the future.
"Your articles convey a great deal
of information to the public I think
the newspapers can well afford to pub
lish them gratis, for the articles you
-have been furnishing me lately consti
tute some of the best things that oc
cur in my paper. I wish you continued
success in your magnificent work."
My dear Sir: I appreciate your let
ter. It is not the only one of the kind
I havo received.
I know that Peruna has been greatly
misrepresented and misunderstood. I
have not had time heretofore to answer
these objections. I have been too busy
in my many enterprises. My great
farm, with its various departments, has
so thoroughly engaged my enthusiasm
and attention in times past that I could
give little heed to critics.
But I have taken up the matter notv.
My farm is in the hands of intelligent
overseers and my other business is all
organized in such a way that 1 can
give my attention to these matters. I
am proposing now to explain to the
public all there is to say about Pe
runa, knowing full well as soon as the
public understands it that the mali
cious things said about Peruna will be
quickly forgotten.
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pany, Columbus, Ohio. Sold at all drug
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Peruna is now called Katarno. If your
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the Katarno Companj , ColumbuF. Ohio,
and they will tell you all about It
juice. Ons of the samples of butter
marked "Canadian Produce" contained
27.5 percent of water, the legal limit
being 30 rercent
Oysters rilled With Zinc
Samples of oysters sent from the
west of England on suspicion that
they had caused copper poisoning
showed that all of the oysters con
tained both copper and zinc The re
port says that the presence of zinc in
oysters docs not appear to have been
noticed previously and in those ex
amined there was considerably more
zinc than copper. The heaviest oysters
contained the most copper and zinc,
leading the chemist to conclude that
the foreign substances had no dele
terious effect on the growth of the
The report also uncovers the fact
that dealers improve the weight of
tea by placing sand 'in it and It shows
that many other food products are
hardly w"hat their consumers expect
them to be.
To Study Tilde Cotton Crops.
The cultivation and handling of
cotton on the banks of the Nile are to
be studied by a delegation of 100 ex
perts representing 12 nations. They
are going to Egypt shortly under the
auspices of the International Federa
tion of Master Cotton Spinners and
will make a thorough inspection of the
various ginning factories, seed crush
ing factories and plantations in the
In addition to visiting the experi
mental and other plantations, the dele
gates will hold conferences with the
department of agriculture at Alexan
dria, the Khedivlal Agricultural soci
ety and the Alexandria Produce asso
ciation. This visit Is intended to be comple
mentary to the one made to Egypt
last winter by the British Cotton
Growing association, and in view of
the fact that the commission; sent to
the United States by the Federation
in 1907 resulted in the introduction
of many improvements In the han
dling and storing of coton, similar ben
efits are expected to issue from the
visit to Egypt
The latest reports received here on
the cotton crop are of a very favorable
nature and an estimate of its extent
places it at 8,000,000 cantars of 100
pounds each, whic his a record crop
for Egypt
Review Two Great Armies.
Col. Hughes, Canadian minister of
militia, and the officers accompany
ing him, had "a busy time viewing the
maneuvers of two great armies within
the space of two weeks. Col. Hughes
and his staff reached Tours, France,
on September 11, and net-day they
witnessed the clash of two opposing
armies of 110,000 men. They were
present at two severe battles and sev
eral minor engagements. In addition
to observing the work in the field they
spent much time in examining the
transport trains and the camp and
field equipment
They returned to England to witness
the launching of the battleship "Auda
cious," and then attended the British
army maneuvers at Cambridge.
Around the World in Small Boat.
A daring attempt to make a voyage
round the world in a 25 foot sailing
boat has Just been started from Yoko
hama by Capt J. C. Ross, of Victoria,
B. C, and two young Englishmen. Suf
ficient food and water has been taken
on board to last the three men until
they reach the Fiji Islands, the first
port of call. From the islands they will
proceed to Australia and thence to the
coast of southern Asia.
They will then sail along the coast
to the Mediterranean and up the Span
ish and French coasts to the south of
Leaving England they will steer a
southerly course across the Atlantic for
Panama, where they expect to be one
of the first boats passing through the
completed canal. Leaving the canal
they will -cruise up the west coast of
North America to Victoria, B. C. from
which port they will commence the last
leg of their world encircling voyage
by crossing the Pacific to Yokolrama.
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hand, several of the cabinet officers of
Sweden, and those of the American
ambassadors, ministers and consuls to
most of the European countries
On reaching (America Miss Olson will
endeavor to procure president Taft's
autograph and she will then complete
the cushion with the signatures of the
Swedish minister at Washington and
the various Swedish consuls throughout
the country.
When the cover is complete it is to
be raffled In San Francisco and the pro
ceeds will go towards the Swedish
building which Swedish-Americans are
planning to build at the exposition.
A two years' voyage in a canoe has
been started from Stockholm across
Russia, Persia and India to Bombay by
M. Lantz, a well known Swedish water
man. Test of CoaKt Defence Made.
Sweden's test of the strengtn of her
national defences by mobilising i,ine
regiments of her troops along the Rus
sian frontier has been very successf.il.
Although much of the country i-j with
out railway communication the regi
ments were mobilized ready for man h
ing at the end of two days, despite the
enormous distance.
The citizen soldiers were ordered to
serve under an act of the last riksdag
and kept under colors for 10 days for
training oeiore beginning the march
for home
On the whole, the maneuvers have
shown that the Swedish organization is
working very well. The mobilized
troops came from an area far larger
than many European kingdoms, but the
telephone, which is well developed in
Sweden, was a great aid to the authori
ties and by Its use it was possible to
spread tne oraer to every village and
farm in the district within a few hours.
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smoker for the officers and guests at
the Hotel Astor.
Land Parade For Saturday.
The following day, Saturday, there
will be a land parade. The entire
strength of the fleet will turn out and
the citizens of New York will be treat
ed to the most imposing land review of
the navy they have ever seen.
Sunday, the 13th, will be special vis
itors' day, that is, the ships will be
open to visitors practically all day.
While visitors will be permitted to
board the ships every day during the
stay of the fleet, it will be within cer
tain hours, which restriction will be
removed -on Sunday.
On Monday, the 14th, the secretary
of the navy will inspect the fleet and
In the evening an official dinner for
the officers and Invited guests will be
given at the Waldorf-Astoria.
And on Tuesday, the 16th. the presi
dent will Inspect the fleet In the man
ner outlined, after which the fleet will
take its departure.
This is the greatest concentration of
vessels ever made in the history of the
United States navy, and simultaneously
with the mobilization here there will
be a review of naval vessels at San
Francisco and Manila.
In addition to the formal and offi
cial functions that have been arrann Jd
for the entertainment of the officers
of the fleet in New York there will be
a great many private affairs all over
the city, ranging from the humble east
side flat of the Ion? lost snllor boy to
the Fifth aenue mansions.
i Skd I j
ymiuniiii im I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i in infill
I rnilUMi;n l l l I l l l l l l I , III IMlmryi.,irCj
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so attractive and always indicates a
healthy, natural growth. It keeps the
scalp free from dandruff and the hair
from falling out
There are remedies said to be "just
Prisoners of War Are to Be
Transferred to Mescalero
in the Spring.'
Geronimo's tribe of Apache prisoners
of war will be brought to the Mes-calero-Apacho
reservation In the Sacra
mento mountains in the spring. A new
school house will probably be built for
them and arrangements made for their
camp at White Tail Springs, 25 miles
north and east of Mescalero. These
mdians, who have been prisoners of
war since the Geronimo raids in the
southwest are to be removed from Fort
Sill. Okla.. to Mescalero in order that
they may spend their declining years
among the relatives of their people in
the Indian reservation in the moun
tains. They will be changed from the
war to the Interior department super
vision in the spring and at least 150 of
the Indian prisoners will be brought to
the New Mexicp reservation to make
their homes there. The Indians have
been given their choice between re
maining in Oklahoma and locating
there and coming to the Mescalero
reservation, where many of them, have
relatives. Congress has appropriated
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coming motherhood, should neglect
to prepare her system for tho physi
cal crdeal she is to undergo. The
health of both herself and tho coming
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3he bestows upon herself during the
waiting months. Mother's Friend
prepares the expectant mother's sys
tem for the coming event, and Its use
makes her comfortable during all the
lerm. It works with and for nature,
and by gradually expanding all tls
;ues, muscles and tendons, involved,
and keeping the breasts in good con
dition, brings the woman to the crisis
a. splendid physical condition. The
iaby, too, is moro apt to be perfect and
strong where tho mother has thus
prepared herself for nature's supreme
Junction. No better advice could ba
jiven a young expectant mother than
at she uso Mother's Friend; it i3 a
medicine that has proven its value
tn thousands of
:ases. Mother's
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sook for expect
ant mothers which contains much
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Kelly & Pollard, special agents.
$200,000 for the relief and settlement of
these Indians and a part of it will be
expended at Mescalero for providing
shelter and schools for the Indians.
C. R. Jeffris, the new superintendent
of the Mescalero-Apache reservation,
was in El Paso Friday afternoon to
meet Mrs. Jeffris, who arrived from
Arizona and accompanied him to the
! reservation Saturdny morning. Super
! intendent Jeffris succeeded James A.
Carroll as superintendent of the Sacra
mento mountain reservation. He was
Mr. Carroll's chief clerk there 10 years
ago, serving in that position for seven
years. He was then promoted to the
Nez Perce, Idaho, reservation near Lap
wal, Idaho, for a few months and then
transferred to the ' western Navajo
reservation in Arizona, 90 miles north
of Flagstaff, Ariz. He remained there
over two years and until he was ap1
polnted to become .superintendent at
Superintendent Jeffris says he will
continue to carry out the former suner-
! intendent's road building policy. He
nas oeen in cnarge only since Aug. 12.
but he is familiar with the needs of the
district included In the reservation and
says that the Cloudcroft road from the
agency to the reservation will be put
in the best possible condition and the
other roads from the agency shaped up
and improved.
"It Was As If I Had Risen From the
j Dead," .Says Aged Kansas Woman
j as She Sees Light of Day.
Wichita. Kas.. Oct 5. After being to
tally blind for three years, Mrs. Rebec
ca Ctitser, aged 77 years, wife of Dr.
L. W. Critser, was restored to the land
of the seeing when bandages placed on
her eyes following an operation were
"When I opened my eyes on what'for
years had been an utter blank, the first
ray of light was like a flash of light
ning," she said. "Then I could see the
dim outlines of forms in the room, tht
arm and Instrument of the physician,
the metallic glitter of a ring on my
hand and then the face of my hus
band. It was as if 1 had risen from
the dead."
Half a dozen years ago cataracts
formed on her eyes and three years
ago she became totally blind. The
knife was used a week ago and for 10
day's her eyes were in bandages. Grad
ually light was allowed to strike her
eyesight, but not until today were both
eyes exposed to the sun's rays: She
keeps her eyes closed almost all the
time and is forced to wear glasses.
In time, the physician says, she may
be able to lay aside the glasses. She
had great difficulty in refraining from
using her eyes too much at lunch today
when she sat down to the table.
"The temptation to see what I was
eating was almost irresistible," she de
clared. She believes that her eyes be
came weak because of too much read
ing. Dr. Critser is 80 years old. They
will celebrate their 60th wedding anni
versary in February.
The sum of $560.60, given as the
amount of stolen property recovered
and turned over to the rightful own
ers, and 62 arrests, constituted the
principal items of the report of the
city detective department for the
month of September. submitted by
Jesse C. Stansel, chief 'of that depart
ment, to chief of police I. N. Davis.
Other items included in the report
were as follows: Burglaries reported
and investigated. 6; thefts reported
and investigated, 22; transferred to
the county jail on charge of burglary,
1: on theft over $50, 4: for theft under
$50. 5 fugitives f i om justice turned
over to outside officers, 2.
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Clint Texas. Oct 5. The instruments
ordered for the Clint Cornet band have
arrived and the boys are practicing
twice each week.
Prof. Yarbrough has purchased the
Kirchet property, south of Clint, which
is occupied by the H. B. Elliott family,
and will move to this place as soon as
vacated by 3Ir. Elliott
The Mexican section of the Clint
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advice. Follow it He knows. &&:
Better than castor oil, calomel or cathartics to cleanse
your stomach, liver and 30 feet of bowels. HaimlebS
Laxative for menjwomen and xihildren.
Primitive folks did not need laxa
tives. They lived outdoors, ate plenty
of fruit, and all of their food was
coarse. We modern people are differ
ent We exercise too little, eat little
fruit and our food is too fine too
We simply can't have our ten yards
or Dowels clogged up. liver choked with
sour bile and stomach full of foul
effete matter and feel well. It means
that the food and waste retained in the
stomach and thirty feet of bowels fer
ments decays. The decay creates poi
sons, gases and acids, and those poi
sons are sucked into the blood through
the very ducts intended to suck in th-
nutriment Then we have sick head
ache, become dull, bilious, tongue
coated, nervous, meals don't digest, and
we f ol misi r.ible all oe So we
mut make our choue Wo mu-t lie
Antonio St.
-Western Railway
Asst. Gen. Frt. & Pass. Agt.
public school is progressing well unde
the management of Miss Sanford, w5i
reports an attendance of 18 pupils. Tr
tll this season the schools have bee
mixed on account of insufficient funis
to operate a separate school.
A kitchen has been erected In tfc
rear of the Sehairer dance hall, whuh
Is to be used by the new management
of the Clint hotel as a dining roo-r,
and everything Is rapidly being put In
shape for the opening of Clint's hotel.
like primitive folks, else we must take
artificial means to move the excess bil
and waste matter on and out of taa
The safest most harmless and effec
tive stoma.cn, liver and bowel cleanser
and regulator for men, women ani
children Is delicious Syrup of Figs.
which doesn't irritate, gripe or weaken
Its effect is the effect of fruits. I;
is composed entirely of luscious flg
senna and aromatics. ron"t think yo
are drugging yourself i?rup of Fis
can be constantly jsed without harm.
Ask your drugsrtst for "Syrup o'
Figs and Elixir of Senna and see p"
the label that it is p-nared by Tti.
California Fig Syrup Company. Th'3
is the only genuine the old rellabt
Refuse, with contempt, the so-called I -C
Svrup imitations sometime" offr-rd
deceive j ou.

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