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Featuring Tailored
Suits at Moderate
This Fall, asiis customary with us, we are featuring
tailored suits at moderate prices, that is, from
$14.50 to $25.00. At this price range we offer
correct styles, fashionable fabrics and colors in suits
for both women and misses.
If you intend to spend anywhere from $14.50 to
$25.00 for your new Fall suit, it is at "The White
House" you will get the most, in style .and value,
for your money.
White Suits
We know you will be glad to know that -white suite
are fashidnahle for Fall wai . There isn't anything
any prettier or as dressy as a white suit. We are
showing white suits in a variety of fabrics novelty
white suitings, basket waeavcs, Bedford corns, diago
nal cheviots and fancy -screes. The
price raDge is 25.00 to
V' , Silk Dresses
' 'at $19.50
Charming dresses that look like $25.00 garments.
Of channelise and fancy silks. Some are made with
flat Robespierre collar, yoke and vestee of shadow
lace, long sleeves with lace frill and are finished
with buttons and loops. Others are accordion pleated
with collar and cuffs of Venise lace. The colors are
tobacco brown, taupe, navy, dark gray, Copenhagen,
old rose and black. An inspection of these dresses
will easily convince you that they A-j q Ef
are exceptional: vain es at,- pl tiUv
Fall Skirts
We trucre a very extensive assortment of Fall skirts.
Neaaly every woman needs a good looking separate
skirt in addition to her suit skirt and she will have
no -difficulty making a selection from our large as
sortment. Special mention is made of skirts showing
the new "machine pleats"; also fancy panel effects.
Prices on separate skirts range $4.95, ?5.J5, $6.75
and np.
Coats, Everything
The Season Has
To Offer
Long coats are as popular this season as they were
last and that's saying a great deal. We are showing-
the new three-quarter and seven-eighths as well
as the full length coats, also the favored "Johnny"
coats. There's a wide range of coat materials this
Fall far wider than any previous season includ
ing chinchilla, boucle, polo cloth, Scotch coatings,
English worsteds, ratine, zibeline, broadcloth and
many novelty coatings. There are entirely too
many styles to try. and describe, but we do want to
call your attention to the collars that can be
fastened high or else turned low in long revers.
Prices on coats range from $11.50 up, with a
special line at $9.95.
Coats at $9.95
"The Store That Sells Wooltex
"The White House" has the exclusive agency in El Paso for "Wooltex" Suits
and Coats. Every "Wooltex" garment is guaranteed, by the makers, to give
two seasons of satisfactory wear. This is a broad guarantee and fully backed up.
Ivory Novelties Evening mcarfs
We wish to call your attention to a special line of
coats at the nominal price of $9.95. These coals come
in chinchilla, English worsteds, Scotch tweeds, polo
cloth, black thibet and other novelty coatings in
brown, gray, tan, blue and Black. All sizes for both
women and misses. The price is (&Q QE
Evening Coats
The Chinese mandarin's coat has been , taken this
season and turned into an evening wrap. It is hard
to conceive of more beautiful garments than the
mandarin evening coats we are now showing. They
are beautifully embroidered, in floral and other de
signs. Come in light and dark evening shades, such
as pink, gray, light blue, wisteria, navy, peacock
blue, bronze and Burgundy. t? 1 1 O f
Priced from $25.00 to P I JLU.UU
Misses9 Evening Wraps
For young ladies we are showing charming evening
wraps made of broadcloth. Some have armlets,
others are cape effects with and without hood. Have
embroidered and fancy collars of velvet. Come in
light blue, pink, red, apricot, tan and rose. Prices
are $11.50, $12.50 and up to $19.50.
Monday the Last Day of
Handkerchief Sale
Monday is ithe closing day of our advance
sale of Christmas handkerchiefs. All kinds
of handkercicefs are embraced in this sale
plain ones for every day and dainty ones for
"best." Do not fail to come Monday and
choose gift handkerchiefs as well as what you
need for your own use.
NOTE. Men's handkerchiefs are also in
cluded in this sale.
Monday we will make a special display of
the season's novelties in Parisian ivory.
Clocks, photo frames, jewel boxes, pin cush
ions, calendars, mirrors, pin boxes, salve
boxes, powder boxes, hairpin holders, trays,
perfume bottles, hair receivers, soap boxes
and other articles will be shown. Prices
range from 25c to $25.00.
For women who want the very best we im
port, direct from France, Coty's toilet
preparations. We have Coty's perfumes,
toilet waters, face powders, sachet pow
ders, etc
We are showing beautifiiHining scarfs of
Chantilly lace, messalinEuTon, tissue,
brocade, gold lace and Kscent novelty
cloth. Have fringed or Hhstitched ends.
The colorings are exquisirV' When you se
lect your evening dresscselect a scarf to
match each one. Prices on evening scarfs
range from 50c up to $18.50.
We are showing all the season's novelties in
lace, chiffon, silk and Parisian ivory fans.
We have some beautiful imported fans that
are hand carved or hand painted. Prices .
on evening fans range from 25c up to ? 16.50.
Neckwear Novelties
Special mention is made of some of the latest
neckwear novelties.
Collars of Bohemian lace, round and square
backs; priced 25c to $1.25.
Robespierre stock collars, in plaids and black
and white effects; at 25c, 50c, $1.00,
$1.25 and $1.50.
Robespierre neck ruffs of maline, net and
chiffon; $1.50 to $6.95.
m w-i wn i mb bppmwM
See Corset. Ad on
Society Page
Send Us Your Fall
Mail Orders
1 J S
tiesiioitable merit
In every shoe The Guarantee sells. Their reputa
tion is staked on every pair that leaves their store,
that is the reason why they are just as particular in
giving all around satisfaction in their cheaper as
in their hetter grades of shoes.
With kid or black cloth tops and
welt's! soles.
With turn soles and kid or cloth
With welt or turn soles and kid or
cloth toppings.
Welt soles.
Turn soles.
Agents Laird Schober Fine Shoes for Women.
(Th&m y
Lr &'$& mmir flntfPn rfflff fff ? Sm SSti -wl
Write for New Fall Catalog
203 Mesa
Confera With Senator Foil. i in El Paso Friday from Las Veiras
H. W. Clark; state chairman of the While here he had a cofeTetc7with
Republican party in New Mexico, was (senator A. B. Fall.
New Sauerkraut,
per lb
New Dill Pickles,
per doz
New .Swpet Piekks,
per doz
5 New Sour Pickles, m
C per doz IOC
OK- Durham Creamery Butter, "ort
"JEJ- Durham Guaranteed Eggs, o E?
.UK, per doz .1ar.
Women Hurrying Out of. the
Mormon Settlements A
Rebel Is Executed.
Bishop J. C Bentley and Mrs. Fannie
Harper came In from Colonia Juarez
last evening. They report everything
quiet at the time they left, but the dis
turbances were Just over.
Bishop Bentley leaves almost imme
diately for Salt Lake to determine what
course to take regarding the Chihuahua
colonies. Mrs. Harper expects to go to
Logan. They reported that the rebels
had executed a Mexican for assaulting
a colony woman.
Five women and eight men rode out
to the Tenala (about three or four
, miles from Colonia Juarez) and Iden
tified the man who attempted to) assault
Mrs. Miles A. Romney. He had been
shaved, hi3 clothes changed and as
much difference as possible had been
made in his appearance, but they knew
him. At first he denied everything
but it is said he later confessed and
pleaded for his life. When it was re
fused, ho asked that they spare him
for his mother's sake If they would not
for his own. He was asked why he had
not thought of his mother when he at
tacked those helpless women with a
knife. His pleadings were of no avail;
he was killed. It Is said' that Knrique
Portillo was at the head of the rebels
when they dealt out summary justice
to the culprit.
The rebels went Into Colonia Juarez
and took 1000 pesos from the large
store and a hundred or so from the
smaller one. They said they would not
Injure the women and children but they
proposed to get all they could that they
wantfed. All this time the federals
were garrisoned at Pearson with tele
phone communication.
AH the women and children who re
turned to Colonia Juarez, excepting
Mrs. Skousen and Mrs. Taylor, are in
Pearson and will come out on the
next train.
The 15 men who went from Douglas
to Colonia Morelos in Sonora have not
been heard from. They went to the
colony to learn the condition of affairs
A tralnoad of Mormon cattle Is ex
pected to reach Juarez this evening.
Tti enty-tvro Wounded Federal) From
Aura Are Token to Military Hos
pital In Monterey.
Monterey. Mex., Oct 5. Gen. Geroni
mo Trevino, chief of the Third mili
tary zone, has received two telegrams
from Gen. Aureliano Blanquet, in
charge of the federal movements near
Muzqulz. In part Gen. Blanquet wired:
"Of the various fights with rebels,
captained by Carraveo, the most seri
ous was that of Fort Aura, where the
rebels tried to force past us in order to
escape the federals at their rear. Thoy
are still unable to get out of the sur
rounding line of troops, and will not
get out, as all outlets are closed by my
cavalry and troops. I believe that in
a vary few days they 'will be com
pletely destroyed. those few who
might escape haing to foot it over
the mountains. In all parts they have
been wasting their ammunition and
other supplies.
"Col. Teodoro Jimenez Riveroll wires
me from Aura that during an exploring
tour the first captain of Orozco, Jose
Delgado. was captured, ' having been
wounded. Delgado stated that Carra
veo had only 400 men who do not know
that territory, andhis object in com
ing there was to capture Monclova. but
he believed that with the defeat and the
fact that Orozco did not Join them as
promised, will cause suspension of op
erations. He also said SO rebels were
under command of Andres Garza Galan,
and 30 more in Sierra del Burro."
Twenty-one wounded federal soldiers
were brought here yesterday from the
battlefield of Aura, near Muzqulz, Coa
huila. and placed in the various mili
tary hospitals here. It is said that
other wounded were taken to hospitals
in other points also.
Is Emlasnry of Rojas, Who Wtitii'l
Give Vp Fighting to Take Job
as Section II a nil.
Rafael Campa, of "Gen." RoJas'S
command, is here id receive the an
swer of Mexico City to the appeal the
generalissimo made for amnesty and
a chance to come to the United States
and seek employment on the Southern
Pacific railroad as a section hand.
Campa came into town from the west
the other day with the private and
personal message from Tony Rojas to
president Madero. He Immediately
went into retirement in a private
house on Third street, where he re
mained until Friday evening. Hero
worship was too much for the little
Mexican who carried the white flag
to the federals for Madero durlhg the
first day of the Juarez battle. He
wished to come out of his temporary
retirement and talk of those great
days. His talking may mean his un
doing, for he is now being shadowed,
it is claimed, by Mexican secret ser
vice men, newspaper reporters and
department of justice men.
Campa came here from Sonora,
where Rojas is raiding around and
expects to return with an invitation
for his commander to come back into
the fold and loot no longer.
Juarez is again a wldeopen town,
local sports say. Gambling in all of
the accepted forms is being permit
ted in the Mexican town without seri
ous interference from the police. It
is said. Poker, monte, roulette and
other modern and ancient forms of
chance are In full operation in a num
ber of the saloons and gambling
rooms on the other side, and the town
is again filling up with bunco steer
ers and confidence men.
All Is reported quiet along the Mex
ico North Western railway and train
service is progressing between Juarez
and the city of Chihuahua over the en
tire line of the road. Noi-ebel activi
ties along the railway are reported; no
more bridges have been burned by reb
els and no mere track "has been washed
away by rain.
The regular train departed Saturday
morning from Juarez. This was in ad
dition to the train leaving for the south
on Friday, which was run as a special
to care for an accumulation of traffic.
The regular every other day schedule
of departing and arriving trains will
be in vogue from now on. A train Is
due to arrive Sunday evening bringing
passengers from various points be
tween Juarez and the City of Chihua
hua, i
Only two more days or ited Tag Sale
reductions. KL-PasO Household Furnish
ing Co., Mills and Stanton streets.
Held nros.
Coal, wood and kindling.
Phones 36 and 210.
Monday Millinery Special
Beautiful $12 Hats for $4.98
TUSONDAY roe again demonstrate our abUily to give the best
millinery values ui El Paso. Monday mowing ve place on
sale 50 stylish hats at the nominal price of $4.98. v These hats are
made of fine silk velvet and other materials, beautifully trimmed roilh
ostrich plumes, etc. They come in all the shapes
of the season and all colors You vould not ex
pect to pay less than $12.00 for such hats; Tse
offer them Monday at
Plume Sale Next Week
The mammoth Plume Sale continues to be the center of attraction in
the Millinery Department This remarkable sale offers you THIS
HALF PRICE. Note reductions below.
$14.95 French Plumes, 23 in. long,
12 in. wide; Sale dQ QC
price POJ0
52750 French Plumes, 26 in. long,
10 in. wide; Sale tf rj AC
price $1 I TcO
?35.00 French Plumes, 31 in. long.
10 in wide; Sale dj"! 7 QC
price J) J- 0
545.00 French. Plumes, 32 in. long,
12 in. wide; Sale J07 EA
price p& gOU
125.00 French Plumes, 52 in. long,
12 in. wide; Sale dC7 Cft
price tj)0 OU
$8.50 Willow Plumes, 18 in. long,
8. in. wide; Sale (J?f iC Q
price $TiOO
$12.50Willow Plumes, 23 in. long,
$15.00 "Willow Plumes, 25 in. long,
28 in. wide; Sale rt r tfE
price PO.70
$750 French Plumes, i9 in. long.
$12.50 French Plumes. 22 in. long.
8 in. wide; Sale $7 IK
price P frO
Millinery Department
Los Angele3, CaL, Oct. 6. Gen. Inez
Salazar, the Mexican revolutionary
leader, who has been associated with
Orozco, has been in Los Angeles for
the last four days, receiving treatment
for a gunshot wound in tbe shoulder.
Friends of the general succeeded until
last night in keeping his presence here
In sliding down a pole at the Central
fire station to respond to an alarm that
had been turned in at 10:30 oclock Fri
day night, C. T. Stewart, a fireman of
that department, injured his left arm.
The alarm was turned in for a fire In
tlio 700 block on Stanton street, but the
dppartmf-nt was unable to find any
blaze in that vif-Inity.
R. M. Hoover arrived in El Paso Sat
urday morning and has assumed his
.position as superintendent of the El
Paso division of the G. H. & S. A.
railroad. He came to El Paso from
Ennis. Texas, where he was superin
tendent of the H. & T. C. railroad. He
succeeds George a YVaid. who has
been promoted to an- .assistant general
managership of the road. Mr. Hoover's
family will move back to El Paso.
Old Time El Paso Citizen
Comments Favorably on
Plant Juice.
Mr. J. Q. Marlon has been a resi
dent of El Paso for the last 12 years.
He is well known in mining circles,
and also in that old "Colonial Society,"
his mother being a direct descendant
of John Quincy Adams. Mr. Marlon
"Plant Juice is all right I t Is do
ing the work. I have only used it a
short time and this morning I got up
for the first time in some days -without
a headache. I thought my tongue
was never going to clear, but it is
clear now and I can see what it looks
like. I have tried a good many things
for my stomach and liver, but the
Plant Juice is the first that has ever
reached the affected parts. I feel like
a new man already. My bad health
has been expensive. No man can do
himself justice In business if his
health Is affected."
The liver separates more than 20
poisons from the blood in 24 hours.
If these poisons wero bottled and
labeled we could understand the dan
ger of taking them into the system.
To an inactive liver is due much of
the sufferings Of mankind. Plant Juice
thoroughly cleanses the liver and
arouses it to healthful and normal
action. Plant Juice Is the greatest re
constructive and curative agent of the
century. For all derangements of the
stomach, kidneys, liver and blood its
effects are immediate and the results
arr sun. Get a bottle at Kellv & Pol
lard s
Common Branches, Shorthand, Bookkeeping.
At 20 percent less regular price for
60 days.
Phone 1934. 113 Texas.
Dinner golf will start at 9 oclock
Sunday morning on the Country alub
links. Pairs will De arrangea at tne
tee for the eleventh hour golfers, who
have not been paired before.
Tour last fall salt made new by our
perfect cleaning and pressing. Phone !
in a great measure determines your
health. Let us examine and put
them in order. All work guaranteed
first class. Prices reasonable.
203 Trust Bldg.
H. S. Creighton, customs agent at
Nogales, Ariz., who has been laid up
for the last four weeks with typhoia
fever, has again returned to duty at
Pool the tailor. Let us clean your
last fall suit. "We'll make It as good as
new. Wright's Cleaninr Works, nhone
I 343.
Annt Sally's right from the country, j Men's suits cleaned. Wright.
HfiaHisssa in linn ii 1 1 Mil ii '.' u
When you go to Calisher's visit our booth
(23) and when in need of "Anything in Duck
or Canvas" don't fail to see us.
Ours'is the only Tent & Awning Factory
in the southwest
;-; "Worthy The Name" ;-;
Pass City Tent & Awning Co.
. L. Gilliland, Manager.
Phone 4 1 44. 4 1 6 N. Oregon St.
Gel a Souvenir Pennant.

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