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Saturday, October 5, 1912
lilP S l
lfifl !
IBIi a I
Call special attention to fall and winter cloth
ing for men, ladies, boys and girls.
Men's Clothing
Our fall and winter
clothing is made after
correct models and of
the newest fabrics.
The prices are reason
able, beginning at
$10, $12.50, $13.50,
$15, $16.50, $17.50,
$18.50, $20.00 and up
to $25.00.
Boys' Suits
$2.50 $3.00, $3.50, $5,
$6.50 and $7.50.
Men's Winter Underwear
Cotton and Wool for 50c, 75c,
$1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75.
Men's Union Suits for $1.00,
$1.25, $1.50, $2.00 and up to
Our line of Ladies' fi
ute with prices at $10,
$12.50, $15, $18.50,
$20, $22.50 and $25.
Made of the newest
Ladies' Coats
We are showing a
very strong line of
Ladies' and Misses'
Coats at $6.50, $8.50,
$10, $12.50 and $15.
Ladies' Skirts
Made after the new Tall styles
for $20, $3.00, $350, $4.00,
$5.00, $650 and $7.50.
Ladies' Shirt Waists
For 50c, 65c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25,
$150, $2.00, $2.50 and np to
Here are two of the many new things we have to
offer the SI Paso people, as well as our friends in
the adjoining country.
El Paso Churches Arrange
For Observance in Novem
ber ;Bishop Atkins Coming.
The churches and other religions or
ganizations of El Paso will celebrate
home mission -week; Nov. 17 to 24. in
clusive. The Pastor's union, at its last
meeting; appointed a committee con
sisting1 of Rev. John E. Abbott, Rev. C.
I. Overstreet and Rev. Chas. J. Dickey
to complete arrangements for these
meetings. The "Woman's Missionary
onion of the city has voted to cooperate
in this movement, and -will appoint a J
committee to act in harmony Trtth tne
committee of pastors.
Union meetings "will be held in va
rious churches every evening during
that "week, at -which prominent laymen
and women and pastors of the city will
speak. This movement is a part of a
great nationwide campaign upon home
missions in vrhich 27 Protestant denom
inations are participating. Its object
is to Impress upon every church mem
ber in this country the supreme im
portance of saving America for the
kingdom of God through the estab
lished agencies of the church.
Bishop Atkins to Preach.
Bishop James Atkins, of "Waynesville,
IT. C will occupy the pulpit both morn
ing and evening on 6unday at Trinity
Methodist church. At the evening ser
vice the congregation of Highland Park
Methodist church "will unite -with the
Trinity congregation in a union ser
vice. As this -will be the last Sunday
of the conference year, preparations
have been made for a large attendance. I
A special musical program has bean
arranged as follows:
Morning honrt "Gloria" (Mozart),
Solo, "Abide With Me (Geehl), Mrs.
W. D. Howe.
The "Wonderful Country" (Ga'briel),
Evening hour: "To Deum (Kotz
schmar), quartet
"A psalm of Life". (Goubier)), duet,
Mrs. W. D. Howe. Mr. W. T. RavenhUL
"Jesus Is All the World to Me"
(Thompson), quartet
Sabbath school, 9:30 a. m.
Epworth league, 6:30 p. m.
Preaching, 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Flrat Presbyterian.
At First Presbyterian church. Boule
vard and Stanton, Rev. Chas. I. Over
street pastor, quarterly communion
services -will be held at 11 a. m. Short
communion meditation and reception of
new members. Music by a double quar
tet and a solo -by Miss Carrie Mae Field
ing: "Fear Not Te, O Israel," -will be
Evening service at 7:30. The pastor
Is giving a brief series of addresses on
"Spiritual Therapeutics." The subject
of "Faith" win be continued.
Miss Fielding -will sing "There is a
Beautiful Land on High." Miss Field
ing has studied in this country and
Germany and has appeared in many
large cities of Europe. She sings reg
ularly in the big Asbury M. E. church
of Pjttsburg and -will be In El Paso
only the one Sunday.
The double quartet -will render spe
cial selections at all services. Parvln
"Wltte is leader, Francis Moore organ
ist Rally day -will be observed in the
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. An attend
ance of 400 is expected.
Special musical programs have been
arranged as follows: At morning ser
vice: Anthem, "Lovely, Appear," Gou
nod: solo, "Fear Not e, O, IsreaL"
Burk; Miss Fieldln?.
At evening service: Organ Prelude,
Francis Moore.
Anthem, "Great and Marvelous"
Coat Sweaters
Foot Ball Goods
Note. There is only one BEST
SWEATER and it is made fey A. G.
W. G. Walz Company
103 El Paso St
(Haydn), obllgato. Mrs. Wltte.
Duet selected, Miss Fielding and Mr.
Anthem, "Xovely, Appear" (Gounod),
obllgato, Mrs. Moore.
Organ solo. "Canzonetta" (Andrews),
Francis Moore.
Solo, "Eye Hath Not Seen" (Gaul).
Miss Fielding.
Anthem, "The Omnipotence" (Schu-bert-Spicker).
obllgato. Mrs. "Wltte.
Organ postlude, Francis Moore.
First Christian.
The First Christian church, corner
North Oregon and franklin streets, two
blocks north of the Sheldon. Perry J.
Rice pastor. Services -will be held
Sunday as follows: Sunday school at
9:30 a. m.; communion, followed imme
diately by preaching, 10:45 a. m. Chris
tian endeavor service -will be held at
6:30 p. m. and the evening preaching
service at 7:45 oclock. In the morning
the congregation will consider some
plans for tho month's -work. In the
evening the service will be of popular
Interest The music will be led by a
chorus choir and Prof. Tello will ren
der a violin solo.
Austin Park Sunday School.
The Austin Park Christian Sunday
school, corner East Montana and Ce
bada streets. .The school meets at 9.30
a. m.: Mrs. Homer L. Magee, superin
tendent The communion service will
be held for all who wish 'to attend at
10:45 a- m. In the evening at 7:45, L.
A. Dale will preach.
Calvary-Houston Square Baptist.
Calvary-Houston Square Baptist, cor
ner Montana and "Virginia streets, Rev.
R. T. Hanks, pastor. Sunday school,
9:30 a. m.; C V. Nafe, superintendent,
W. R Robertson and A. S. Howard, as
sociate superintendents. Miss Hanks,
superintendent of primary department;
Mrs. Harmon, associate.
Preaching. 11 a. m. and 7;45 p. ra,
by the pastor. Morning theme: "The
Mystery of Providence;" evening, "Is
Life Worth While?"
Senior and Junior Unions meet at the
church at 7 p. m.
First Congregational.
First Congregational church, corner
of Williams and Rio Grande. Sunday
next: 10 a. m., opening of Sunday
school: 11 a. m.. public worship. Rev.
Miles Hanson -will preach; subject: "The
Garden in the East" 7:30 p. m.. public
worship; subject of sermon: "The Gain
and Loss in Goodness."
Westminster Presbyterian.
At the Westminster Presbyterian
church. Rev. John E. Abbott, the pas
tor, will preach at 11 a. m. and at 7:30
p. m. At the morning service the sac
rament of the Lord's Supper will be,
celebrated. At this service the pastor
Will make a short communion address
EffiSHHBH! "
Walnut Dresser
Circassian Walnut
Dtesser, exactly as rep
resented, full swell
front, wood knobs on
drawers well made
and nicely finished. A
special on our floor next
week at only, each,
Colonial Chiffonier, as
shown in cut. Very "heavy
posts, 5 large drawers, all
made of genuine quarter
sawed oak, well made and
finished. Special on sale,
-js jh-t
-cSSfeaf J2L-
Are You
New goods daily. Our
stock is complete. "We
can and will please
you if yon come.
ake a Look
At our Linoleum stock. We have beautiful patterns
and our price is the lowest.
104-6-8-10-12 N. Stanton.
Fountain Dairy
'American Banfe Building. Monday, .Oct 7th.
Refreshments served FREE from II a. m. to I
p. 77?., and from 6 to 8 p. m.
TTns'tnH be simply a light luncheon toith absolutely no charge on
ihciOpenmg day. The Reyes orchestra B2Z furnish music The
public h cordially invited to call and inspect our handsome nev
lunch room, upon which roe have spared neither time or money to
make it the finest in El Paso and the entire SoulhrvesL
I Was
I Reduced
I was Fat. Uncomfortable, Looked
Old, Felt Miserable, suffered with
Rheumatism, Asthma, Neuralgia. When
I worked or walked, I puffed like a
Porpoise. I took every advertised med
icine I could find. I Starved, Sweated,
Exercised, Doctored and changed cli
mate but I ruined my digestion, felt
like an invalid out steadily gained
weight There was not a single plan or
drug that I heard of that I did not try.
I failed to reduce my weight. I dropped
society, as I did not care to be the butt
of all the Jokes. It was embarrassing
to have my friends tell me I was geti
ting Stout, as no one knew It better
than myself.
I began to study the cause of FAT.
When I discovered the cause I found
the remedy. The French Method gave
me an insight. I Improved on that.
Removed the objectlonal features, add
ed more pleasant ones, and then 1 tried
my plan on myself for a week. It
worked like Magic. I could have
at the end of the first week when the
scales told me I had lost ten pounds by
my simple, easy, harmless. Drugless
Method. It was a pleasure then to con
tinue until I regained my normal self in
size. I feel fifteen years younger. I
look fifteen years younger. My Double
Chin has entirely disappeared. I can
walk or work now. I can climb a
mountain. I am normal in size. I can
weigh just what I want to weigh. I
am master of my own body now. I
did not starve, but ate all I wanted to.
I did not take Sweat Baths. I did not
Drug. I used no Electricity, or harm
ful exercises, but I found the Simple,
Sane, Common Sense WAT of reducing
my weight and I applied it. I have
tried It on others. My Doctor says I
am a perfect picture of health now. I
am no longer ailing. I am now a hap
py, healthy woman. Now I am going
to help others to be happy. I have
written a book on tho subject. If you
are fat, I want you to have it. It will
tell you all about my Harmless, Drug
less Method. To all who send me their
name and address I mail it FREE, as
long as the present supply lasts. It
will save you Money. Save you from
Harmful Drugs, Save you from Starva
tion Diets. Harmful Exercises, possibly
save YOUR LIFE. It is yours for the
asking without a penny. Just send
your name and address. A Postal Card
will do and I'll be glad to send It so
that yon can quickly learn how to re
duce yourself and be as happy as I
am. Write today as this advertise
ment may not appear again in this
HATTIE BIEL, 4S6 Barclay, Denver,
on "The Pardon of the Lord." The text
of the evening sermon will be: "Keep
Yourselves In the Love of God."
Sunday school will be held at 9:45 a.
m, and Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m.
Church of St. Clement.
Church of St. Clement. Montana and
Campbell streets. Rev. Henry Easter,
rector. .Hours for divine service: Holy
communion, 7:S0 a. m.; also on first
Sunday of month, 11 a. m. Sunday
school, 9:30 a. m. Morning prayer with
sermon. 11 a. m. Evening prayer with
sermon, 7:30 p. m. Celebrations on
Saints' and Holy days, 10 a. m.
St. Paul's Lutheran.
St Paul's Lutheran church: all ser
vices held in public library. Rally day
will be observed Sunday at 10 a. m.
Recitations and special music. Cradle
roll babies wil receive their certifi
cates and every child will be given a
souvenir. Preachlnsj at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m.
Special music at evening preaching ser
vice. Rev. E. H. Combs, Pastor,
3506 Bisbee St
Highland Park Baptist
Highland Park Baptist. Rev. A. E.
Boyd, pastor. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.;
F. H Sanderson, superintendent Sub
jest for the morning service: 'The
Church, the Bride of Christ" Commun
ion wU.1 be observed after morning ser
mon. Grandvlew Sunday school, 3 p.
m. B. Y. P. U., 6:30 p. m. Evening
service, 7:30 p. m.; subject for that
hour, "Life's Lost Causes."
First Baptist.
First Baptist church, corner Magof
fin avenue and Virginia street, Rev.T.
F. Williams, D. D., pastor. Take Park
or Myrtle avenue car to Virginia ave
nue and come one square north. Sub
ject of the morning sermon. "The New
Birth." This is the first of a series of
sermons by the pastor on Baptist prin
ciples. Subject of the evening sermon: J
"The Sermon That Made a. Governor
Tremble." Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.;
G. P. Putnam, superintendent B. T. P.
U., Sunday 6: 30 p. m.; leader, Stanley
Bevan; subject "My Duty to My
Church." Tuesday afternoon at 3 oclock
will occur the various neighborhood
meetings conauciea ay me women.
Monday night the finance committee of
the church will meet In the church
parlor. Prayer meeting Wednesday
at 7:30 p. m. The monthly Brotherhood
meeting will be held Friday night Oct.
11, in the lecture room. H. B. Durkee,
secretary of the T. M. C. A., will make
an address to be followed by special
music, business and the social hour.
Highland Park Methodist.
Highland Park Methodist church,
corner Dakota and Federal: A. N. Ev
ans, pastor. Sunday school, Chas. W.
Bretz, superlnendent meets at 9:45 a. m.
Al 11 oclock the last service of the
conference year wll bo held. At this
time several musical selections will be
given and several members received
into the church. Also Instead of tho
regular Sunday morning sermon, the
pastor will speak upon the pdst year's
work and the prospects for future suc
cess. At the evening hour, the High
land Park church ' will meet with the
Trinity church in a union service.
German ZIon Lutheran.
German Zion's Lutheran church, 1109
San Antonio street The service Sun
day will begin at the usual hour, 10:30
a. m., and will be conducted in the
English language. Subject of sermon:
"The Greatest Thing in the World."
Sunday school at 9:45. In the evening
the regular quarterly congregational
meeting will be held at 7:30 p. m,
Paul G. Birkmann. Pastor,
1107 San Antonio St
Church of Tierr Jerusalem.
The New Church. Rev. Clyde W.
BroomelL of San Antonio, supervisor of
missions for the church of the New
Jerusalem, in Texas, will deliver lec
tures on the Bible, beginning Sunday.
Oct 6, at 3:30 p. m., in the K. of P.
hall. Calisher building. Subject Oct 6:
"The Builders," illustrating the Inner
meaning of the Bible. Soprano soloist
Mrs. C W. BroomelL Other lectures to
be announced
First Kingdom church Eagle hall.
Mundy building, third floor. Sunday
meeting 2.30 p. m. All are Invited. Free
healing. B. B. Rev. Schlatter.
First "Tello" Concert.
On Thursday. Oct 10th, 8:15 P. m, a
concert will be given by Prof. T. L.
Tello. at the First Christian church,
Oregon and Franklin streets. Prof.
Tello is a talented violinist and a pupil
of the famous teacher, Joachim. Miss
Alicia O'Neill, soprano, and Edwin C
Knlckmeyer, pianist will assist Miss
O'Neill Is a graduate of the Chicago
Conservatory, where she studied under
Mrs. G. Groscup-Perkins. Mr. Knlck
meyer is a local musician, formerly of
St Louis. An excellent program has
been arranged. Admission 50c. Tick
ets on sale at El Paso Piano Co. '
iiiy Your Groceries
At Wholesale Prices from El Paso's Largest
Wholesale and Eetail Mail Order Grocery House
and save 15 to .20 percent. Buy by the Dozen,
Case and Hundred Pounds and cut down the High
Cost of living You can do it. Let us show you.
Write for Our Prices
We ship promptly to West Texas, New Mexico,
Arizona and Old Mexico, and guarantee satisfac
tion. ' We Sell , .
100 pound sack Best Granulated Sugar for. .$5.50
100 pound sack Best Irish Potatoes for., $1.85
98 pound sack Best Monarch Mour .-.$2.90
35 pound sack Best Corn Meal for.-.-:.Rp.-$1.00
100 pound sack Best Fancy Head Rice for. .$6.50
A Pore
d Vege-.
it Ha
f Purer,
(Z lb. can . . 45c
5 lb. can . . 70c
10 lb. can $1.35
V50 lb. can $5.90
Everybody likes Kneedit It is better for making
cake than butter. 3?resh shipment just in. Try a
Purity (the Purest Butter in El Paso)1, per lb L 35c
Best Standard Corn, 2 dozen cans to case,"
tor ......... .... .--. -.....;... .-x '-.-m. .-.. ji.oO
Best Standard Tomatoes, 2dozen cans to
case, for .-i.-.. .... ?r.i...i....i.EK-".,r-".l90
Best Standard String Beans, 2 dozen cans to
case, for -s--i ph-s ,..--$2.40
Early June Peas, 2 dozen cans to case, for.:$2.75
1 lb. cans Van Camp?s Pork and Beans, per
dozen . . .--...;.-.. $L00
2 lb. cans Yan Camp's Pork and Beans, per
dozen y . r-r --.-- :-i - $1.70
1 lb. cans Yan Camp's Soups, all Flavors, per
dozen . - .eh .-. . . .- r.vh.w!3 .$1.00
American Lady Flour, 100 lbs. for..TK.$35
The Finest Bread Flour in El Paso.
Harrington Hall f TteTrlf s 1 f fnc
-n. o i - jn Best " f 2 lb. can . 80c
lhe Bakenzed Coffee Most Famon J 10 lb. can $3.90
GOLD COIN fltar Cars (Every Sack (24 lbs. for 85c
FLOUR JlKt Peceived Guaranteed (43 Jfeg. for $1.65
"2 lbs. of Bakerized Coffee Goes as Far as 3 lbs.
of Other Coffees."
Large, Fancy Belle Flower Apples, per box. . $1.85
2 quarts Fancy Cranberries for .- 25c
New Fresh Norway Mackerel, 3 medium size
or 2 large size, for .-es--?i. -k- -!--.------ .25c
In Eats for .-...-... . ... $1.10
Pigs' Feet, in Eats, each. .-.p.. . .- .....-.$1.15
New Codfish in 2 lb. boxes, eacH. . . .-. . . .w-.35c
Our phones are" kept mighty busy these mornings, so if yon please tele
phone in the afternoon for your next day's needs and -vre can give you
better service.
Beginning next week we will deliver to Highland
Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and East El
Pasp on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Standard G
Phones 367 or 348
rocery Co.
, 208-210 Mils Street
The Two-Republics Life Insurance Company
A. KRAKAUER, President.
Good men wanted to sell policies that guarantee
Supt. of Agents.
'Secty. and Gen5! Mgr.
San Francisco, Cal., Oct. 5. In the
conviction of Adolph Adolphson. "Wil
liam. Sundgren and "Wonp Ott here on a
charge of conspiring- to smuggle Chi
nese Into this country from llexlco. Im
migration officials believe a coastwlde
conspiracy has been undermined.
Aunt Sallr vrtll tnke the toym.
and Both Good Books
A Romance of Billy Goat Hill
by Alice Hegan Rice, $1.25; postage 12c extra. "
The Hollow of Her Hand
by George Ban McCutcheon $1.30; postage 12c extra.

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