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12 Thursday, October 10, 1912
A Big Value In
Women ' Serge Skirts
Your New Outfit
The Askin & Marine Co.
store is an up-to-date cloth
ing store for men, women
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for the entire famfly.
216 S. El
Uncle Sam's army supply station will
be located downtown for the present at
least, although it has been reported
that a large fireproof building would
later be built at Fort Bliss.
The government has leased the large
warehouse on Santa Fe street owned
by Z. T. White, near the Kohlberg cigar
factory, for the use of the quartermas
ter's department as -a supply station.
This building t has two stories and a
basement and was the one in which the
Fassett & Kelly hardware stock was
sold after the firm's store was rlosed.
The building will be used for storing
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quartermaster's supplies. including
food, clothing and other equipment for
the soldiers on the border.
Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 9. A test case
has been brought in the courts here in
the shape of a petition for a writ to
compel the city registrars to permit
all Harvard students over 21 to vote
at the presidential election unless reg
istered elsewhere.
The registrars have ruled that no
student, who is not self-supporting,
is entitled to vote, even if he is over
21 years old. Scores of young -college
men have been refused registra
tion on this account.
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Druggist's Name
M Name.
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recommended in El Paso by Ryan s
It is a Sultry Night and
They Go to an Open-Air
Moving Picture Show.
J. nntA tn thn waiter for the
j Usually Helen enjoyed the change of
a restaurant dinner, cut tuuism aue
had been almost tot. tired to eat. All
day she had been in the throes of
packing. They were to move Wed
nesday. This was Monday, and they
had gone out to dinner because most
of the kitchen things were packed and
the whole apartment upset.
Warren took his hat from the boy
at the door and passed on. calmly un
conscious of that youth's resentful
stare. "Never tip 'em unless they've
got pockets," was his creed.
He pushed Helen through the re
volving door, and for a moment they
stood outside, gazing down Broadway
with Its myriad of flashing signs.
"Which way? Want to go oer and
take a bus home?"
"Let's walk up here a few blocks
first," proposed Helen. "We don't
have to go back just yet. do we?"
"No, we don't," assented Warren
heartily, for he, too, had visions of
the disheveled apartment. "But I've
walked about enough for one day, let's
go somewhere where we can sit
down. How about this? Want to go
in here for a few minutes.
He paused before a place gay with
highly colored lithograpns. Aamls
sion 10 cents," read the sign over the
ticket window. A huge billboard
stood out in front "Today! The
Outlaw's Revenge!" A girl in a pink
evening dress with flowing yellow
hair was bound to the tracks, while
around a curve an express train came
sweeping down upon her.
"Why, Warren, this is a moving pic
ture place!"
"Well, what if it is? You are too
good to go to a picture show, are you?
Some of them have mighty good pic
tures." Helen had, of course, seen moving
pictures in vaudeville, but she had
never been to the regular ten cent
As Warren thrust his hand into his
pocket and approached the elaborate
ly coiffured and blondined lady at. the
ticket window, Helen hastily drew him
"Oh, dear, let's not go in here at
least not tonight," apologetically.
"Why not?" curtly.
"Oh, I've read they're so crowded.
rn afrafd it would be so close in
there it's so warm and sultry, any
way." "Well, what about an open air
place? Lots of those uptown."
In a .few minutes they were on the
elevated speeding Harlemward. Even
though Warren had only a general
idea of where tn sro. thev hart littlf-
trouble in finding an "outdoor show." J
Helen was amazed at the size of the
place The whole of a large vacant
lot had been used. I
There were row after row of rough
board benches. At the end was a plat- !
form with the nuge white-sheeted
screen, and a joung woman strum
mlng popular airs on a; long-suff erinj
Evidently they entered just at the j
end ol a. wiiu wesi siteicn, lor a group
of cowboys were throwing a rope over
a limb, while beneath stood a young
man (of the hero type) with his hands
bound behind him. "
They were pulling the noose over his
head, when in a cloud of duat in the
distance two men and a girl came
dashing along the mountainside.
Jumping off their horses, the girl
waving a paper, they ran up just in
time. The hero's hands were un
bound, the girl fell in his arms, and
the picture flashed off the screen.
"This way out! This way out!"
shouted the usher suggestively, hop- '
ing to make room for more newcom- '
ers before the next pictures. j
Helen glanced around the audience
with much interest Mostly women,
few of them wearing hats. There were
many children. Several baby car
riages stood back against the fence.
Plainly people of the neighborhood--choosing
this way to spend, a sultry
summer evening.
The name and trade mark of the
company and the notice, "This picture
passed by the board of censors," was
now flashed on the screen. The title
of the next sketch, "The Banker's
Scene in a banking house, evident
ly at night. Clerk taking ledger from
safe. Glances around fearfully and
alters entry. Discovery- of theft.
Group of bank officials bending over
ledger. Guilty clerk at desk, unins
pected. Next, a letter on the screen a bank
president's son asks father fpr 5500"
loan. The son suspected. Arrested.
Stern father refuses to shield him.
Prison scene, banker's son visited
by his fiancee. Then the girl seeks
detective and implores aid. Detective
follows clerk. Finds him betting on
races. Clerk arrested confesses.
Banker's son liberated. Touching
scene father repentant, consents z6
"But dear," whispered Helen, "why
don't they have more realtlstic stones?
The pictures are so good, they're sj)
steady and so wonderfully taken! But
it's all so unreal."
"Don't want realism in a place like
this, romance and melodrama is what
they're aft-r. Most of these people
get enough realism at home. But I Jo
object to a hundred dollar butler in a
$37 flat!" as a new picture now showed
the interior of what was evidently a
cheap Harlem apartment
A young woman seated self-consciously
at the piano, while a solemn
faced butler, who w,ould have graced
a Fifth avenue mansion, brought in
the mail and with haughty dignity
laid it on the cheap looking table.
"That's great," laughed Warren.
"Butlers go well with golden oak in
stalment house furniture! I'll wager
this is supposed to be a millionaire s
home they're always a scream!"-
And even Helen could not help
laughing at the absurdity of a butler
among such furnishings.
( The next was another western
story. More cowboys and pistols and
galloping ponies, and the inevitable
western girl in her slouch hat, short
riding skirt and leggins.
"Huh," grunted Warren, "if the
automobile drives out " the horse,
they'll always breed 'em for moving
And all the time the girl at the
piano ' was grinding out pathetic or
lively airs to suit the character of the
scenes. Helen wondered how she
could keep it up, how long she had
played that day and how much longer
would she have to play. Plainly the
management thought the music gave
an 'atmosphere to the pictures, and so
it was continuous.
"Had about enough?" asked Warren.
But just then there flashed on some
scenes from India. "Washing the
Sacred Elephants in the Ganges."
"Oh, wait dear, I do want to see
these. This is really wonderful."
So steady and clear were the pic
tures that one could see the sides or
the hugh beasts rise and fall with
each breath, as they lay patlentlv sub
missive while the half-naked ria'lives
crawled over them. vigorously scrrb
bing their thick creased hides"
As they passed out Helen was en
thusiastic in her praise of the last
"Don't you see, dear, how interest
ing and instructive it was? Why don't
they have more like that travels and
scenes from foreign lands?"
" 'Cause they're not popular. These
people want their emotions stirred."
"But in all these cheap melodram
atics the situation are so Impossible!
Why don't they haie something more
real?" Helen persisted. "Something
that could actually happen?"
"l"6u'd better write out a few scen
arios." sarcastically. "They bring big
money $50 apiece."
"Well, I think I could write some
thing that wuold be more real than
these hairbreadth escapes," insisted
Helen stoutly. "Just a simple story of
everyday life I'm surest could be
made more interesting, at least to
women." '
"That's all very well in theory,"
sw.nfferl Warren. "Rut these things
j have to be told by action. The action
must be darned obvious, too subtle
ties and psychology don't go. And
there has to be something doing every
minute. Guess if you had to write
them for a living you'd be mighty glad
to fall back on the pistol and the
forged check."
Commissioner Aitnrd Contract for
Xfw Courthouse at Lot l.unns and
Belen to Fight Action.
Belen, N. M., Oct. 9. County com
missioners of Valencia county, in
spite of the vigorous protest of the
Belen people, have determined to erect
a new courthouse and jail for the
pnnnti' nt T.nl T.11Y1H55 tn tnlci thl Tlln?V
j of the building destroyed some weeks
ago by fire. The contract has been
let for the buuaing, ana unless pre
ventea by legal action, the work will
be pushed.
At the meeting of the board of coun
ty commisioners a number of repre
sentative Belen citizens were present
A petition was presented to the board,
containing the signatures of 1430 resi
dents and legal voters of the county,
asking the board to withhold action
on the courthouse matter for the pres
ent, that the matter might be brought
in the state legislature to have certain
laws which at present make it im
possible to erect a courthouse in Be
len, changed.
After the petition on the part of
the Belen people had been presented,
Jose G. Chavez, representing the peo
ple of Los Lunas, presented a -counter
petition, claiming that his instrument
contained the majority of names of
the voters of the county. Upon count,
it is said to contai.. only 601 names.
The board, however, refused to con
sider either petition, and wtihdrcw
Into a-private room where it took
action and determined to proceed with
the plans for building the new struc
tures in Los Lunas. The bids which
had been advertised for were opened
and the contract was awarded to
Campbell brothers, of Santa' Fe, the
AGREEAB1LITY; Its Worth In Business By Elbert Hubbard
EORGE PEABODY, the great
American banker, had one thing
which will make any man or
woman rich. It is something so
sweetly beneficent that well can we j ability. Ponderosity, profundity and
call it the gift of the grfds. j and insipidity may have their place.
The asset to which I refer Is agree- I but the agreeable man keeps his cap
ability. I Ital active. His soul is fluid.
Its first requisite is glowing physl- To the clerk who would succeed. 1
cal health. The st cond ingredient is j say cultivate agrceability. Courteous
honesty. Its ihird is good will. i manners in little things are an asset
Nothing taints the breath like a lie. ' worth requiring. You rise when a
The old parental plan of washing the
boy's mouth out' With soft soap had
a scientific basis.
Liars must possess good memories.
They are fettered by what they have
said and done. The honest man is
Those Avrful "Head Sokes'' That Nearly Drive You AVUd Relieved From the
First Trial.
Letters of Rejoicing From Those Who Have Been Made
to Hear.
A Few Extracts From Grateful Patlen tx "Whose Hearing Has Been Restored
by This ft'evr Method.
"I have faithfully carried out your
instructions for the past three months
and am glad to say that your treat
ment has entirely cured me, the im
provement In both ears began at once
and my hearing is now as good as it
ever was in my life. My general health
is also very much improved and my
friends as well as myself are all sur
prised at the results, as I had tried the
most eminent specialists In the coun
try without relief. Your treatment has
also entirely cured my catarrh. I can
not thank you too much for. relieving
me of this terrible affliction
"I am well satisfied with the results
of your treatment for deafness. The
roaring in my heacr has ceased -and I
can hear much better. I am not using
the apparatus ail the time now. I ex
pect I should, but I feel all right, so I
miss sometimes. I would not part
with it for $1000, so you can see how
I appreciate It and how I feel toward
your wonderful cure for deafness."
"It is with great joy that I announce
to you that my hearing has been per
fectly restored to me through your
When I came to you I was totally
deaf and thought that I would lose my
reason as the terrible head noises al
most made me crazy.
I could not attend to my work in the
round house and was forced to lay off
A former patient of yours sent me to
jou, for which I shall always be'grate-
contract price being $23,217 for both
the courthouse and jail. The buildings
wiU be constructed of brick, anck the
jail v.ill contain a reinforced con
crete cell house. The buildings will
be complete in exery detail. The plans
and specifications have been prepared
by I. H. and R. M. Rapp company, of
Santa Fe.
It is not the purpose of the Belen
people to drop the matter at this
point, but further action will be taken.
The courts will be appealed to in an
effort to secure an injunction against
the county commissioners, preventing
them from proceeding. Such steps will
be taken immediately.
The county commissioners at their
meetings appointed the judges of elec
tion who will Iserve at the November
lection. Warrants were also issued
for the payment of the salaries of coun
ty officials and other bills which have
been incurred.
The commissioners also received a
petition from residents of the vicini
ty of Belen for the rebuilding of the
bridge across the Rio Grande, which
was washed out this spring by the
high waters in the river. It is the
intention of the board to build a new
bridge across the river here if it can
be done In any manner.
Horse thieves have again been op
erating in this vicinity on av large j
scale, ana as a result several oi wo
members of the state mounted police
have been detailed for duty here. A
man named Jose Balles was brought
into Belen by officer John Collier,
charged with grand larceny. He was
released after giving an appearance
bond in the sum of J1000.
n. D. Clayton Is Made Postmaster; J
Granite Is Discovered on Prop- '
erty of Capt. Haller. j
Myndus, N". M.. Oct 10. After much
delay Uncle Sam has at. last granted
this place a postofflce and it will be
in operation in the next week or two
with R. T. Clayton, the merchant, as
postmaster. At present the people
get their mail at Carne.
Capt .Haller has discovered a fine
quarry of excellent granite near his
place. If the railroad can be induced
to build a switch this will become
quite an important shipping point for
Dr. Morris and S. W- Fant's deep
wells are being rapidly sunk and they
will be completed in' the near future.
It has been definitely announced
that the S. P. will erect a station here.
Henry F. Lackey has completed his
new desidence on his section one mile
south of town.
The women of Myndus will be for
mally entertained by Mrs. L T. Bush
at hernew residence.
Dr. Clawson. of El Paso, has bought
i Mrs. Rich's place near town and will
begin at once to improve it
Amos Watson, lately of El Paso,
who has section 11, is fencing and
making other Improvements.
free his acts require neither. explan
ation nor apology. He is in posses
sion of all his armament
If I were president of a college, I
would have a chair devoted to agree-
customer approaches; you offer a
chair; you step aside and let the store's ;
guest pass first Into the elevator;
these are little things, but they make
your work and yourself finer.
To guy visitors or to give short.
giccessfy! TSiat the world lias Ever
ful to him. I improved from the start.
After the first treatment I was con
inced you could cure mc. Now after
six weeks I can hear a whisper across
a large size room have been at work
since the first week and am as well
as I ever was. Too much praise can
not be given both you and your treat
ment The problem of curing deaf
ness has been solved by you."
"After two months of your wonder
ful treatment I am happyto say thatvl
can hear again perfectly. I was al
most entirely deaf in both ears. Could
not hear'a watch tick mor.e.than p. few
inches distant with the best ear. Could
not hear any conversation without
great straining and difficulty. Catarrh I
of the nose and throat was very bad. j
Eustachian tubes were closed. Now I j
can here a watch tick several feet dis- j
tiTnt and hear ordinary conversation as
well as I ever could In my life. The !
catarrh is entirely cured and I breathe
freely through both nostrils without I
any discharge -of mucous whatever.
The throat and voice are clear. Before
taking your treatment I had tred a
number of different kinds of treat
ment without any benefit. In fact. I
grew worse all tne time until I came
to you. I began to improve rapidly from
tho verv first treatment I am now
perfectly cured and I regard your t
treatment as manelous in every sense
and would not take a thousand dollars,
for the benefits I have received from
Pimples Ga
Beauty Comes
Yon Just Cant Help Having a Beauti
ful Complexion If You Use
Stunrt's Calcium Wafers.
Pimples! Horrors! And what a won
derful change when they are all gone.
Most everyone has noticed this Now-
adays, when ou sep a real beaut. the
chances are Stuart's Calcium Wafers
wrought that wonderful change. It
takes only a short time, even with very
bad complexions the kind that are
disfigured with rash, eczema, boils,
blotches and liver spots.
Stuart's Calcium Wafers cause the
skin pores to breathe out impurities.
The lungs burn up a great amount, but
Nature imposes upon the skin the
larger burden. Every tick of the clock
means work, work, work for these won
derful Wafers. And every instant new
skin is forming, impurities become-less
and less, the pores are invigorated." and
soon such a thing as a pimple, black
head or any other eruption is impossi
ble. You marvel at the change.
The soft, rosy tint love-taps the
cheeks: the neck, shoulders and arms
show the health of youthful skin in
fact, you just can't help having a beau
tiful complexion if yon use Stuart's
Calcium Wafers.
Theyare put up In convenient form
to carry with you, are very palatable,
and are sold by druggists everywhere,
at 50 cents a box. (Advertisement.)
flippant answers even to stupid or
impudent people is a great mistake.
Meet rudeness with unfailing patienco
and politeness and see how much bet
ter you feel.
If your business is to wait on cus
tomers, be careful of your dress and
appearance- Do your manicuring be
fore yon reach the store. Dental floss
is a good Investment A salesman
with a bad breath Is dear at any price.
Let your dress be quiet, neat and not
too fashionable To have a good ap
pearance helps you inwardly and helps
the business.
Give each customer your whole at
tention and just as considerate at
tention to a little buyer as a big one.
If asked for information, be sure you
have it before you give it Do not as
sume that the location or fact Is so
now because you once knew It so.
Don't misdirect Make your directions
so clear that they will be a real help.
The less you require looking after.
si Widrf&2. and Universally
The Secret, of This Method Is VIBRA
TION of ths Inner Ear
Hope for
Deafness and head noises disappear
almost as if by magic' under the mar
velous new method of treatment dis
covered by one of the . most famous
American Physician-scientists. Re
member, this Js no ordinary electric
treatment You have never seen any
thing like it The causes of deafness
have been pretty generally known for
a long time, but on account of the del
icacy 'of the organism of the ear and
the difficulty of reaching many of its
parts, true remedies have for genera
tions ascaped the most searching in
vestigations of careful scientists. This
Scientist's researches led him partly
along the lines of Investigation into
the deeper scientific mysteries of the
occult or invisible Nature-forces, and
in this realm he found the key to t. e
particular Nature-forces used in this
new marvelous method. After years of
study, embracing the wonderful and
mysterious constituents ht ear organ
ism, the mysterious phases of nerve life
and phenomena found everywhere in
the magic life of Nature, truly start
ling discoveries were made concerning
the relative Nature processes involved
in hearing and with accurate scientific
knowledge of what was necessary this
marvelous new method was perfected
which absolutely and positively cures
nearly every case, no matter of how
long standing nor what caused it
It makes no difference- with this
wonderful new method of treatment
how long you have been deaf, nor what
' FREE Diagnosis and
Dr. I. C.
I suffer
"We Hac Demonstrated That OW'n
Lost Hearing Can Be
Restored." StaU
jr v js
Are You
I Was
I Reduced
I was Fat, Uncomfortable, Looked
Old Felt Miserable, suffered with
Rheumatism, Asthma, Neuralgia. When.
I worked or walked. I puffed like a
Porpolse. I took etery advertised med
icine I could find. I Starved. Sweated.
Exercised. Doctored and changed cli
mate but I ruined my digestion, felt
like an invalid out steadiiy gained
weight There was not a single plan or
drug that I heard of that I did not try.
I failed to reduce my weight. I dropped
scciety, as I did not care to be the butt
of all the jokes. It was embarrassing
ts have my friends tell me I was get
ting Stout, as no one knew it bter
tnan myself.
I began to study the cause of FAT.
When I discovered the cause I found
the remedy. The French Method gave
me an insight. I improved on that.
Removed the objection.al features, add
ed more pleasant ones, and then 1 tried
my plan on myself for a week. It
wcrked like Magic I could have
at the end of the first week when the
scales told me I had lost ten pounds by
my simple, easy, harmless. Drugless
Method. It was a pleasure then to con
tinue until I regained my normal self in
size I feel fifteen years younger I
look fifteen years younger. My Double
Chin has entirely disappeared. I can
walk or work now. I can climb a
mountain. I am normal in size. I can
weigh just what I want to weigh. I
am master of my own body now. I
did not starve, but ate-all I wanted to.
I did not take Sweat Baths. I did not
Drug. I used no Electricity, or harm
ful exercises, but I found the Simple.
Sane. Common Sense WAY of red-icins
my weight and I applied it- I have
tried it on others. My Doctor says I
am a perfect picture of health now. I
am no longer'afling. I am now a hap
py, healthy woman. Now I am going
to help others to be happy. I have
written a book on the subject. If you
are fat, I want you to have it. It will
tell yon all about my Harmless, Drug
less Method. To all who send me their
name and address I mail it FREE, ax
long as the- present supply lasts. It
will save you Money. Save yon from.
Harmful Drugs, Save you from Starva
tion Diets. Harmful "Exercises, possibly
save YOUR LIFE. It is yours for the
asking -without a penny. Just send
your name and address. A Postal Card
will do and 111 be glad to send it so
that you can quickly learn how to re
duce yourself and be as happy as I
am. Write today as this advertise
ment may not appear again in this
HATTIE BIEL, 4SS Barclay, Denver.
he more able you. are to stand alone
and complete" your tasks, the greater
your reward. Then if you cannot only
do your work, but also intelligently
and effectively direct tne eirorts i
others, your reward is in an exact
ratio; and the morn people you direct,
and the higher the intelligence you
can rightly lend, the more valuable Is
your life.
The most precious possession in life
is good health. Eat moderated,
breathe deeply, exercise outofdoors
and set eight hours" sleep. And cu.
tivate agreeabiUty as a business prop
osition. Copyright. 1912, Interna
tional News Service.
All the Deaf
caused your deafness, this treatment
will restore- hearing in almost every
case quickly and permanently. Nc mat
ter how many doctors have pronounced
your case hopeless, this new treatment
stands pre-eminent and alone as the
only absolute and permanent relief or
head noises and the positive cure of
deafness and restoration of hearing in
a perfectly natural manner.
The doctors do not ask anyone to
take their word for it, nor do they ask
anyone to invest a cent until they are
thoroughly convinced that this treat
ment will cure them. So wonderful, so
simple and so certain is this discoverv
and so great and noble is the work of
rescuing the deaf from their terrible
affliction, even from the vast silence
of total deafness from birth and of
banishing the terrible head noises
which torture thousands of the afflict
ed, that the Dr. Grains Co. will send
you full and complete information con
cerning the marvelous discovery of this
wonderful method and how you can
cure yourself at home absolutely free.
You can write for this Information
without placing yourself under any
obligations whatever. Write today, ex
plain fully your case and you will have
sent you a full and complete descrip
tion of this marvelous new discover
Some of the oldest and most persistent
cases have been perfectly and per
manently cured to the greatest surprise
of those who witness the cures and
the treatment is so simple, yet s6 scien
tific and natural, that you will wonder
why It was not discovered before. It
is guaranteed to be entirely free from
harsh methods, shock, pain or injury
of any kind. Since this marvelous
method was perfected thousands of the
hopeless deaf have been permanently
cured. Write today to Dr. L C Grairs
Co.. 521 Pulslfer Bldg.. Chicago, IU-, for
full and complete information how to
be cured quickly and positively and
cured to stay cured at home.
Information COUPON
Grains Co.,
Pulslfer BIdg Chicago, III.
from Deafness or Head Noises (state
and -would be pleased to receive from you en
tirely free and without obligation, complete 13
formatlon regarding the the ne-rr method for
the treatment and cure of my trouble.
If I wish you to make a diagnosis of m. ease
after hearing from you. you are to do so free of
Name - v..

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