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Jtreet,'to the east line of West Boule
vard, will be notified by the city clerk
that an assessment of approximately'
$9286.15 will be levied against their
property, and will -be asked to attend
the hearinc on the matter which has
been set down for November 28, the
ymtlzzzz&h - M ( a mm 'm - --- s 9.k w
same date as that ot the Uliss street
property ownere. It was estimated by
engineer Russell that the property own
ers on Roosevelt avenue iould have to
pay at the rate of $2.58 per lineal foot
of frontage between Lawton avenue and
West Boulevard, and $2,751 between
West Rio Grandp or Putnam street and
Lawton avenue. The entire cost of the
improvements was estimated at $12,
999.83. Carnival Company Gets Permit.
The real opening of the Os-Aple jubi
lee for the city began Thursday morn
ing with the granting of a petition to
the Campbell Amusement company to
occupy the show grounds on South Santa
Fe street. Alderman W. S. davfnn.
H In
te uorsei
Store of
El Paso
the presence of Miss Adelaide McCau
tey, an expert corsetiere from the designing
rooms of Redfem Whalebone Corsets; for
a limited period. ,
Appointments for fittings may be made without incurring
any obligation to purchase.
The new Redfem models, recently received, demonstrate
conclusively the beautiful lines of corsets' correctly de
signed to conform with present fashions, and the superior
lightness and resiliency of genuine whalebone.
The Corset Store of El Paso.
Sunday and Monday nights only BUSBYS COLORED MINSTRELS.
A company of sixty celebrated singers, dancers Sind funny colored folks.
Lower floor $1.00; Balcony reserved for colored people; first 4 rows
$1.00; balance of balcony 75c; gallery 50c.
No Season Reservations for this Show Held
Ticket sale starts Saturday, 1 0 a. m., at Ryan's.
k iwl 1 M P swa IF &9 T Sl
K ll W 4s In IWl iafl I
Mr. Albert Taylor and His New Company, Presenting
The Bes,t of New Plays at Popular Prices
Matinees every Wed., Sat. and Sunday at 3 p. m,
Adults, 20c; children, 10c.
New shows every Sunday, Monday and Thursday.
Curtain night, 8:30. 25c, 35c.
Phone Ryan's and Have Your Tickets Held
mil 1
. . .
Will Cost Property Owners
$3,532 Lineal Foot; Roose
velt Cost Is $2.58.
It 'was estimated by assistant city
engineer W. G. Russell that it -would
cobt $30,852.29 to pave Bliss street from
the cast line of Tiedras street to the
center line of Stevens avenue. Of this
amount, the owners of property on both
the north and south side of Bliss street
trill have to pay $23,290.86, or at the
rate of $3,532 per lineal foot, as the
result of the adoption of the engineer's
report by the city council Thursday
morning. Following the adoption of the
rfeport. the city council ordered city
clerk Fassett to issue a notice to the
SO property owners on Bliss street,
against whom assessments will be made
wti ! nlTVii iiTtTiiii ififfJmWmiiit ilHrBrfo B lyf! tl'mbll Jiff 'fivrfff J 1 L w a I IfV JKsa
KHrv &&& z-m Mrs'a &&& yiss&fflmza
chairman of the street and grades com- '
mittee, expects to be kept busy from '
now on in attending to tne wants of
those who desire to use the streets for
the purpose of show booths, or other
concessions that go to make up the Os
Aple celebration.
The City's Health.
The following is the report of the
city health department for the week
ending October 10: Deaths, 27; Amer
icans, 10; Mexicans, 16; negroes, one;
births, 26; Mexicans, 17; Americans,
eight; negroes, one. The Inspections
included: Meat markets. 30; fruit and
vegetable stands, 100; restaurants, 46;
premises, 286; laundries, seven, bake
ries four; rooming houses, 11; slaugh
ter houses, 23; dairies, 91; meat wagons,
17; milk wagons, 52; fruit and vegeta
ble wagons, 1026; cattle. 264; calves, 3S;
hogs, 150; sheep, 130. There were con
demned 260 pounds of meat and 7S
pounds of fruit and vegetables.
The report of the city blacksmltn for
the month of September showed that
the work done for the various city de
partments during that time amounted
to $465.55.
Theater Repairs Approved.
The recent repairs made at the Craw
ford theater comply with the city
ordinance, according to the report of
jv. .ta. uaruett, Duuaing inspector.
The total receipts of the city elec
trician's office for June were $95.75. and
for July, $206.95.
The pay roll or the city park depart
ment from August 29 to October 2, was
J77L10, according to the report of E.
A. Harris, park commissioner. :
The sum of $5,303.94 was the amount
of the collections made by Louis E.
Behr, city tax assessor and collector,
from September 1 to October J.
Petitions Granted.
The petition of the property owners
for the paving of Porfirio Diaz from
its Intersection with the north line of
Main street to its intersection with the
south line of JIundy avenue, was grant
ed. A resolution was adopted ordering
the -work done.
The Meuttmann Sign and Paint com
pany was given permission to erect
two glass electric signs at the Hotel
St. Louis, corner of Stanton and Mills
streets. S. P. Jones was also granted
permission to erect a sign at the "West
ern Union Telegraph company's office.
M. H. MacCullum's petition for a sew
er extension to lots 5 and 6, Golden
Hill, was granted.
Petitions Referred.
The following petitions were re
ferred to the sanitary committee: Alex
Janke for sewer extension to lots 13
and 14, block 28, Bassett's addition; C
xaury lur sewer exiensiun to uioc&.
120. East El Paso: Joe Dunne and oth
ers for a sewer extension to blocks 8
and 9, "Woodlawn addition. The peti
tion of Henry Mllich for a refund of
auto license No. 871, was turned over
to the finance committee. The fire and
water committee' received the petition
of the Campbell Amusement company
for the use of the show grounds on
South Santa Fe street from October 20
to 26.
Ask Paving of Franklin.
Property owners on Franklin street
want that street paved from its inter
section with the east line of North Kan
sas td its intersection with the w"est
line of North Campbell street. The
matter was referred to the street and
graaes committee.
East JUontnnn 1'arin; urged.
Property owners on Montana street
want that street paved between Piedras
street and the city limits. The street
and grades committee received the pe
tition. Aew Anto Truck Purchased.
The proposal and contract of the
American-La France Fire Engine com-
wT I Want . s 'J$d
? i )
To Enjoy the Comforts of Our Large
Line of Gendron Gocarts
Semi-Collapsible Gocart, leatherette English Cab, with automobile top, mud
hood, tan or black, rubber tires, reclin- guards, good springs, large rubber
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SeCial n SalG &' roomy. Special 90 fiO
Full Collapsible Gocart, full leatherette only pt?JU
upholstered, very strong, will carrv 300
pounds. Special on 7 Reed Gab' VGry larSe-and T00my fine
sale pO e O reed hood, splendid steel ininning gear,
Full CoUapsible Gocart, heavy rubber has heav MW)er es god
stir..Specia!.on....: $8.10 Zy:.T.L.... $27.00
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guards, large rubber tires, adjustable hood, adjustable front. While rolling
back and front, full collapsible. Spe- this buggy you face the baby, whether
eial on dl 1 Qg ' awake or asleep. $100
saie Pii && A special at only :. .-. ,P A O.XJW
We have too many styles to price all here, but will be
pleased to show you the full line if interested.
dren. It will Invoke the federal con
trol over interstate commerce and the
taxing power of both nation and state.
"Mr. "Wilson has no less emphatical
ly ,put himself on record for srateism
as opposed to nationalism.
"As Mr. Wilson has seen fit to at-
pany, of Elmlra. X Y.. for the purchase labor, and especially about organized
of the auto fire truck was approved.
According to the contract the city is
given 30 days to-test the fire auto after
it has been delivered.
During the month of September fines
assessed at the corporation court
equaled ? 41S2, fines collected amounted
to ?810. The amount served out was.
given at $384. and the amount remitted
was $214. The report was submitted
by chief of police I. N. Davis.
to meet -the cost of improving that
street, that a hearing on the matter
would be granted them before the coun
cil beginning on November 28 and con
tinuing from day to day.
"I estimate the cost of the improve
ments to be paid by the steam railroad
fnmnnnioe miUnr li 4amD t 1. A
, -, WJ UUu. ... iAuio vi tut; ieau- i
lution, at nothing," reads the report of
encineer Russell. "Tli mat. nf ! im. I
proyements to be paid by assessments
against the owners and their property
abutting on Bliss street, I estimate at
$23,290.29. or at the rate of $3,532 per
lineal foot."
Roosevelt Avenue to Be Paved.
The owners oi property abutting on
Roosevelt avenue, following the action
of the city council in adopting the re
port of engineer Russell estimating the
cost of improving that street from the
west line of West Rio Grande or Putnam
RECEIPT FOR $100,000
President of Standard Again Tells of
Contribution Made to Roosevelt
Campaign In 1004.
Washington. D. C, Oct 10. John D.
Archbold, president of the Standard Oil
company", testified to the Clapp com
mittee today that a receipt the late
Cornelius X. Bliss gave him for the
company's ?100,000 contribution to the
Koosevelt campaign zund of 1904 had
been destroyed just before the death
of R. IL Rogers.
"It was not a thing of pleasure to
look at." said Archbold. His examina
tion related to the "Archbold letters"
between himself and former senators
Foraker, Quay and Hanna, and former
representatives Grosvenor and Sibley.
Certificates of deposit sent to Mr.
Foraker "were for payment of legal
services to the Standard Oil company
in Ohio, that and nothing more," he
Some of the letters said to have been
written to him by the men named. Mr.
Archbold could not remember having
received, hut was not prepared to say
he had not. Of his own letters, his
most frequent answer was, "I have no
doubt I wrote it." Mr. Archbold did
not deny the authorship of any.
Charles D. Hilles, chairman of the
Republican national committee, was
summoned to tell what he knew about
the pre-convention campaign expenses
of president Taft. whose secretary he
was, and to explain published reports
that he had accused the Roosevelt
forces of having a campaign fund of
$3,000,000 or more.
L. C. Laylin, of Columbus, Ohio, as
sistant secretary of the interior, mana
ger of the Taft primary campaign in
Ohio, tne nrst witness to testily to
day, said he had filed a statement in
Ohio showing a total of Taft's expenses
of SC5.000 or $55,000 in the state pri
maries. Charles P. Taft, Charles D Hilles and
Hulbert Taft, a nephew of Charles P.
Taft, were named by Mr. Laylin as
contributing most of the fund. The
money came to him, he said, through
Arthur L Vorys.
labor. I ask you to compare what I
urged on congress and what I succeed
ed, lri getting- congress to do, during
the time I was president, with Mr.
Wilson's utterances throughout the
course of these very years.
"I declared against convict contract
labor in my message to congress. I
declared in favor of the eight hour
law. I demanded, among other things,
that women and children (be protected
from excessive hours of labor, from
night work and from work under un
sanitary conditions. I demanded a
workmen's compensation law. I
urged radical and thoroughgoing in
quiry into labor conditions In factor
ies and mines throughout this country."
Let Me Send You
A Treatment of My
' Catarrh Cure Free
HS6iSij . 6 K.JCV
Democratic Xomlnee Says They Cannot
Look at Affairs With the View
of the Xevr Age.
St Louis, Mo., Oct 10. -My thought
about both Mr. Taft and Mr. Roose
velt," said Woodrow Wilson in his
speech here, "Is that of entire respect,
but these men have been so Intimately
associated with the powers that have
been determining the policies of this
government for almost a generation
that they cannot look at the affairs of
the United States with the view of a
new age and changed set of circum
stances. "And those who have framed those
policies have framed the protective
tariff, havo developed the trusts, have
coordinated and ordered the great eco
nomic forces of this country in 3uch
fashion that nothing but an outside
force breaking in can disturb their
domination and control."
The presidential nominee referred in
hi3 tpeech here to the "revelations of
the Clapp committee in Washington."
"You have not been taken by sur
prise by these revelations," said gov
ernor Wilson. "You have known al
ways that the big business interests of
this country have supported the .Repub
lican party with the expectation that
the Republican party would take care
of them. That expectation is the sys
tem by which the Republican party
has been maintained.
"Now we ar face to face with this
problem. How can n. party saddled
with this condition govern the coun
try? Why is it the people of the state
of Washington cannot buy coal from
Alaska? It is because the government
does not yet know how to prevent the
Guggenhelms and men like them from
1 closing their hands on Alaska."
Woodrow Wilson and Champ Clark
campaigned together in Illinois and
f Missouri
What Glasses Are to Weak Eyes, Cas
enrets Are to Weak Bowels.
i ew an
Where do you buy your FLOUR? We sell the best grade of Flour for
the money brought to El Paso. "Defiance" Brand, 24 lb., 75c. 48 lb., $ 1 .45
Levy's Best, 24 lb., 90c 48 lb., $1.70
Above brands are guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded.
Mail orders given prompt attention. Largest Retail and Wholesale house in
EI Paso.
Bell Phones 505, 3098. 204-206 E. Overland St.
Declares Ills Opponents "Kely for the
Most Part on Sheer Misrepresenta
tion' Attacks Wilson.
Houghton. Mich., Oct 10. On the
ground that Woodrow Wilson "dis
played sullen hostility to labor" in the
past. Col. Rooseve't appealed here for
the support of workingmen for the
Progressive partj
"In this campaign," the colonel said,
"our opponents rely for the most part
on sheer misrepresentation."
He quoted from speeches and writ
ings of Woodrow Wilson in regard to
labor, and said that governor Wilson
had made a "sudden and violent re
tracing of his stops."
"The Progressive platform distinct
ly states that in order to carry out
its purpose to establish minimum safe
ty and health standards for wage
workers, especially women and chll-
1 Will Take Any Cose of Catarrh. No
Matter How Chronic, or What StaKc
It Is in, and Prole BNTIIVEtiY AT
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one million people have come to me
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cure the disease by first curing the
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demonstrate to you in just a few days'
time that my method is quick, sure and
complete, because it rids the system of
the poisonous germs that cause catarrh.
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C. K. Gauss, and he will send you the
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coupon below.
k it n e "
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CURE sent free by mail. Simply
fill in name and address on dotted
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GAUSS. 342S Main St. Marshall,
"When Anybody Attacks Me. He Mlsht as
Well IJnderstand That 1 Won't Take
It I.ilnjr Down," He Says.
Superior, Wis., Oct. 10. "I probably
shouldn't make the reference to Mr.
Wilson that I am going to make " said
Col. Roosevelt, "if he hadn't attacked
me. But when lanybody attacks me. ho
might as well understand that I won't
take it lying down. I am a man of
peaceful disposition, but I think I am
able to defend myself."
Col. Roosevelt stopped for an hour
in Superior on his way to Minnesota.
He called attention in his speech to
what he said were inconsistencies in
Gov. Wilson's positton, .
"Mr Wilson." h& said, "has attacked
the proposed federal legislation to pro
hibit child labor in very, strong lan
guage, which is to be found in the
North American Review volume 1S7.
He here denounces as michevlous the
effort for the resulation of labor in
mills and factories by the federal gov
ernment "The Democratic platform in one
plank takes this same position.
"Mr. Wilson's own statement as to
the interstate commerce law and child
labor is absolutely Incompatible with
his position in standing upon the Dem
ocratic platform with its plank about
interstate commerce."
Carrizozo, X. M., Oct. 10. As result
of the visit of ex-Gov. George Curry
! and other prominent New Mexico Bull
.MOOSers lu lilis place uu vceiv, uie
Lincoln county Progressive party or
ganization is an accomplished fact
with P G Peters, a prominent mer
chant of the countj. chairrr of the
county stirring committee, and E W
W ly secrc tarj The organlzptlon
was effected at a meeting attended by
Most old people must give to the
bowels some regular help, else they
suffer from constipation. The condi
tion is perfectly natural. Tt is just
as natural as it is for old people to
walk slowly. For age is never so ac
tive as youth. The muscles are less
elastic And the bowels are muscles.
So all old people need Cascarets. One
.might as well refuse to aid weak eyes
with glasses as to neglect this gentle
aid to weak bowels. The bowels must
be kept active. This is Important at
all ages, but never so much as at fifty.
Age is not a time for harsh physics.
Youth may occasionally whip the bow
els into activity. But & lash can't be
used every day. What the bowels of
the old need is a gentle and natural
tonic One that can be constantly used
without harm. The only such tonic Is
cascarets and they cost only 10 cents
per box at any drug store They work
while you sleep. (Advertisement)
some 20 people, nearly all former Re
publicans. The committee was instruct
ed to push a thorough campaign of
the county, and announces that a series
of meetings will be held, covering every
point in the county, beginning within
the next week. CoL G. W. Prichard, of
Santa Fe. formerly New Mexico's at
torney general, who is attending court
here, and who has been particularly
active in the Bull Moose campaign in
this state, today said that county or
ganizations had been formed in all but
one or two counties of the state, and a
bunch of Roosevelt spellbinders, includ
ing congressman Curry, Marcos dd
Baca. M. A. Otero. Jerry Leahy and the
coldnel himself, with a number of oth
ers, will go into the field for active
work, and a thorough campaign of the
entire state will be made.
Democratic Nominee Snjs "The Don't
Want to Hear Mc Speak They
Just Want to See Me."
Chicago. 111. Oct 10. Tirvd and
hoarse. Gov Woodrow Wilson reached
Chicago at 10 oclock today His voice
Is almost gone and the governor feared
he would not be able to do more than
to greet the crowds at some places
where speeches had been scheduled
Speeches were Inserted by local com
mittees and trains stopped sometimes
without giving the governor any ad
vance information so that he was com
pelled to appear. The1 governor said
thl3 probably would be his last big trip
of the campaign.
They don't want to hear me speak,
they just want to see me," said the gov
ernor today.
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Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local application, as tber cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There U only one
niy to care deafness, and that is by constitution
al remedies. Deafness It caused by an In named
condition of tbe macros lining of the Eustachian
Tube. When this tube Is inflamed yon have a
rumbllnc sonud or imperfect hearing, and trhen
it Is entirely closed Deafness is the result, and
unless the inflammation can be taken oat and
this tnbe restored to its normal condition, bear
ing; will be destroyed forever; nine eases out ot
ten are caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but
an Inflamed condition of the raucous surfaces.
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F J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
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Tate Hall s Family Tills for constipation.
Incorporated 1907
usiness Men's
Insurance for handling their credit
ors. 2bt an investment, but a saving.
feature for the large and small busi
ness man, whereby the customer runs
an account ,for accommodation, so
that the small bills may b paid in
one sum at the end of thirty days.
Otherwise it is a loan, unsecured. The
fceep3 the records for either advice on
credit customers or loan customers.
loan customer who makes no attempt
to make settlement "should not be
at some other place of .business. If
not paid when due, the bills should
"be passed through the
Clearing House
who will advise fhe parties concerned.
A contract for settlement will be pre
sented. Reliable and up-to-date business
men and firms are eligible to member
ship. Write or call at 502 and 503
Caples Bldg. and list your name with
the strongest organization of the kind
in the Southwest.
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