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through the main streets of the town
and after killing two citizens, badly
wounding another and having one of
their number killed by a deputy, fled
to the hills surrounding the town,
where a desperate battle was waged
between convicts and dtissens.
Bert Talbert, owner of the livery
stable, stabbed by the escaping con
victs, captured one of the fugitives at
an early hour this rooming.
Hearing a noise in a manger be
flashed a lantern into the stall and
found Gilmore, who bad but a few
The man surrendered, claiming he had
been forced to take part in the jail
Kelsa ef Terror
Persons coming into town from the
south bring stories of a reign of terror
.n the country districts. Riders have
Ik en sent out warning the owners of
ranches to be prepared to defend them
selves. Several parties who went
Incorporated 1907
Business Men's
Insurance for handling their credit
ors. Not an investment, but a saving.
feature for the large and small busi
ness man, whereby the customer runs
an account for accommodation, so
that the small biBe may be paid, in
one sum at the end of thirty days.
Otherwise it is a loan, unsecured. The
keeps the records for either advice on
credit customers or loan customers.
loan eustoaer who wakes no attempt
to make settlement should not be
at some other place of business. If
not paid when dne, the bills should
be passed through the
Clearing House
-who will advise the parties coaeerned.
A contract for settlement will be pre
sented. Reliable and up-to-date business
men and firms-are eligible to member
ship. Write or call at 502 and 503
Caples Bldg. and list your name with
the strongest organization of the kind
in the Southwest,
All Work Guaranteed.
We give gas for extraction.
203 Trust Bldg.
It wMUiWlk
Gies your Boy a start
Fnone 1 147. J. P. Muffin. Pro. '
Just Received a Carload of Levy's Best Tomatoes
Strictly hand packed goods
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Gallon cans 40c; 12 for "..""".".... .4,50
Remember that every can is guaranteed and packed exclusively for
Levy Grocery Company
Bell Phones 505, 3098. 204-206 E. Overland St.
This Week
T has been our rare good fortune io
secure for a limited period the services
of Miss Koenig, one of Americas besl
knowi expert corselieres. This week, in
our Corset Department, she is demonstrat
ing the many remarkable features of
Bon Ton and
Royal Worcester Corsets
EJER advice and assistance are yours
for the asking, and "Bgill be found in
valuable. This is your opportunity to be
fitted to a stylish nen model by one &ho
is a recognized fashion authority and cor
set specialist. Do not delay. Consult
Miss Koenig tomorrow.
HP v f f rlM m (if T "P - rah AJT-tm
'The Corset Store of El Paso
south returned afoot, their horses hav
ing been stolen by the convicts.
The escapes appear to be the result
of a general plot inside the prison. It
is not known how the prisoners who
made their break for liberty got the
guns with which they were well sup
plied when they dashed from the gates.
It is possible, the local officers be
lieve, that tbey killed guards after
overpowering the cell house keeper,
and took their "weapons. Another theory
is that the guns were smuggled into
the prison by friends .of the men who
escaped yesterday.
Warden Alston, who has been in the
hills since, and could not be located,
although couriers were sent out to tell
him of the events of the day, has re
turned. It is believed th-i the ringleaders
in the jail delivery are some of the
men who several days ago lynched
inside the prison walls frank Wlgfall.
a negro who had attacked an aged
Several weeks ago several of the
most desperate characters in the
prison had their sentences cut
down tor aiding In putting out a fire
In one ef fltfe buildings, thereby sav
ing the penitentiary from probable de
struction. Led by MexieaB.
The prison authorities state that they
have no idea how the men secured the
guns they carried when they escaped.
Seven of the convicts were armed with
knives which they had stolen from the
table at various times. Neale, the cell
house keeper who -was overpowered,
considers his escape from death mirac
ulous, as most of the prisoners wanted
to kill him. He was spared at the
command of Pazo, tbe Mexican ring
Canon City, Colo., Oct 14. "The out
break at the Wyoming penitentiary
does not make me apprehensive of any
trouble," said Thomas J. Dynan. "Far
from convincing me my plan of giving
the men liberty in road camps is a mis
take, tbe Wyoming trouble has made
n-.e more certain that I am right. Why
I have witbln 20 miles of the Wyoming
line more than half as many men as
there are in the Wyoming penitentiary.
They are under the supervision of un
armed overseers. At night there is one
armed guard in the camp and he's a
"The Wyoming system is entirely dif
ferent from that In force In Colorado.
We have the road work system, while
they use the factory plan."
The Very Best Alfalfa.
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Xajeatie Ranges.
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The Very Best Alfalfa.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
Austin. Tex., Oct 14. The governor
today honored a requisition from the
governor of Pennsylvania for the ex
tradition of John W. Hildreth, now un
der arrest at El Paso, and wanted at
Pottsville, Pa., to answer to the charge
of larceny.
The papers were issued to George
Hale of the Pottsville police depart
lets. Draggists refund money if it fails
to cure. EL W. GROVE'S signature is
on each box. 25c.
floor Brushes Had Dnstlciw Mops.
Laurie Hardware Co., 309 Mills St Adv.
Tbe Very Bent Alfalfa.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
Good Shoes
Come to Ihe
jr FOR
110 Mesa J
niyiin dynamite check
Woman Bookkeeper for Mc
Namara Says McNamara
Signed the Checks.
Indianapolis, Ind.. Oct. 14. Checks
by which the government charges the
executive board of the International
Association of Bridge and Structural
Iron workers allowed J. J. McNamara
$1000 a month to buy explosives were
identified by Mrs. A J. Hull, of Omaha,
at the "dynamite" trial today.
Mrs. Hull, who was a bookkeeper
for McNamara at the Iron Workers'
headquarters in Indianapolis when ex
plosions about the country were fre
quent testified that the checks were
signed by McNamara as secretary
treasurer. All these Aiecks, she said,
were marked "emergency fund."
Kugene A. Clancy, San Franciso;
Herbert S. Hockln, Philip A. Coley and
Moulton H. Davis are alleged to have
voted the money to McNamara.
Many Letters Submitted.
Enough letters will be on hand be
lighted and will serve a la carte
meals on the entire trip except at the
Grand Canyon where the (keynote ex
cursionists will have lunch and dinner
at Bl Tovar hotel on the rinr of the
The train consisted of a baggage
car, which will also be used as a mess
car for the 23d infantry band, a
tourist sleeper for the band, two
standard Pullmans, a standard diner,
and the hotel Pullman car. The mem
bers of the party paired off before the
train left and the lower and upper
berths were assigned by lot The
committee has an office in one of the
drawing rooms, and will conduct the
details of the trip from this office.
The $400 necessary in order to obtain
the Pullman hotel car was raised at
the meeting in five minutes Saturday
night upon motion of G. P. Putnam,
j who was the first to dig up his $10
assessment v. ti. btiies, cnatrman oi
the committee and colonel In .com
mand of the trade regiment gave a
brief statement of the finances of the
excursion and thanked the members
of the party and committee for their
Orange and Black, the Colors.
Chairman Robert Krakauer, of the
advertising committee, was there with
keys, canes and caps to be distrib
uted. Each trade tripper received an
orange and black golf cap, a Pearson
white pine cane, tied with orange and
black ribbons; an official badge and
a bunch of the souvenir keys to Bl
Paso which will be given, away as the
official souvenirs of the trade trip
wherever the train goes. - The caps
are the most effective thing any trade
excursion from El Paso has ever had.
They are comfortable for traveling
and are not such a clash of colors
that the members of the party would
not want to wear them all the time.
A majority of the trade excursionists
took no other hat but the official
cap. J. O. Crockett vice president of
the El Paeo Milling company, was at
the meeting Saturday night to see
how the canes, keys and white pine
cards looked.
Pass Keys to tbe Pslkh dry.
In addition to these souvenirs, large
keys with the 'words, "The pass key to
the Pass City," were taken and will
be presented to each city visited on
the trip. Eugene Harris, the official
orator for the excursion, will make
the presentation speech to the cities
and will give them the keys to El
Paso with an invitation to come and
use these master keys during the Os
Aple Jubilee next week. A giant key
mounted on a standard, was also
taken and will be carried at tire head
of the parade which will be given
in each town. On it appeared "The
key to all El Paso."
The official badges are made 'of
orange ribbon with the letters printed
in black. The inscription on the
badges read: "We bring U the (key)
to El Paso. Keynote trade excursion.
Os-Aple Jubilee, October 23, 24 and
26." The badge also has a large but
ton at the top upon which was written
the name and the firm which each
member of the party represented.
Personnel ef ISxenrotaH.
Those who compirse the personnel ot
the trade excursion and the firms they
represent are as follows:
James A. Dick company, James A.
Dick, president
Krakauer, Zork & Moye, Sues., Rob
ert Krakauer.
Popular Dry Goods company.
Keff-Stiles company, V. R. Stiles.
EI Paso Herald, H. D. Slater, editor
in chief; G. A. Martin, news editor, and
H. H. Frfs. manager of outside circu
lation. EI Paso Times, Luther Barnard.
First National bank, W. M. Butler,
assistant cashier.
City National bank, J. F. Williams,
vice president
American National bank.
Rio Grande Valley bank, .Walter Ar
nold, cashier.
Kohlberg Bros., Walter Kohlberg.
International Book and Stationery
company, jr. W. Korton, president
Dr. H. F. Wright
Yermejo Coal and Coke company, F.
C. Searle, manager.
EI Paso Milling company. W. W.
The Texas company, A. F. Fegan.
Texas Bank and Trust company. Lee
Orndorff, president
West Texas Fuel company, G. P. Put
nam, manager.
Two Republics Life Insuraance com
pany, Charles R. Russell, director of
State National bank, Eugene Harris,
The H. Lesinsky company, Leo Gale,
traveling salesman.
Ellis Bros. Printing company, W. Y.
Shelton-Payne Arms company, D. M.
Globe Mills, Claiborne Adams, man
ager. Orombic & Co.. Will Crotnble.
El Paso &, Southwestern railroad,
Richard Warren, general agent
El Paso Printing company, Leo Fer
let secretary
Joe Kerr, Sanderson, Texas.
Albert Mathias company, A. Mathias,
president ,
Tri-State Telephone company, C. K.
Stratton. Manager.
El Paso Bank and Trust company,
Frank Lynch, assistant cashier.
Armour & Co., L T. McDowell, sales
man. '
Santa Fe railroad, G. H. Donart.
traveling freight and passenger agent
a. w. icecves. traiiic manager, cnam
ber of commerce.
El Paso Sash and Door company, Geo.
Evans, manager.
The White House, Jake Miller, man
ager. Colorado Fuel and Iron company. C
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Jal upon the mind, discour-
AXD ages and lessens ambl-
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" '-'J"--0-' cheerfulness soon dlsap
pear when the kidneys are out of order
or diseased. For good results use Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root the great kidney
remedy. At druggists. Sample bottle
by mall fre, alo pamphlet.
Addrt--. Ir Kil-mr & Co., Bingham
ton, N. 1. Ad(.rtiS(mtnt
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fore the Jury in the "dynamite conspir
acy" trial to keep witnesses busy for
a week identifying them. They were
taken from the files of the Interna
tional Association of Bridge and Struc
tural Iron workers. It is upon their
contents and upon extracts from the
union's monthly magazine and Ortie
McManigal's confession that district
attorney Miller announced the prose
cution would base its charge that a
conspiracy for the illegal interstate
shipment of explosives on passenger
trains was entered into.
McManigal will not be reached as a
witness until after 700 exhibits have
been identified. His confession impli
cating others also deals with the blow
ing up by him personally of 21 "open
shop" plants scattered from Boston to
Los Angeles. ,
Six Hundred More Witnesses.
Six hundred more witnesses have
been subpenaed by the prosecution.
Counsel for the defence, headed by sen-'
ator Kern, have stated a great number
of witnesses will testify as to the
character of tbe labor union men on
A Beers, traveling representative.
Southwestern Portland Cement com
pany, L A. Sherman, cashier.
Hoyt Furniture company, E. M. Bray,
vice president
Trost & Trost, George Trost
White-Grant company. Jno. H. Grant
Latta A Kipper, W. B. Latta.
W. T. Hlxson company, W. T. Hixson,
Texas & Pacific railroad. W. A.
Scrivner, general agent
El Paso Electric Railway company.
H. S. Potter, general superintendent -
Chamber of Commerce, Rufus March,
Rock Island lines, Robert R. Seeds,
commercial agent ,
G. H. & S. A. railroad, W. C. Mccor
mick, general agent
Huntington Sules company, P. H.
Luckett representative.
City of El Paso, J. L Hewitt, alder
man. George R. Wallace.
Key A'otes.
Bandmaster C. F. Waddington, of
the 22d infantry was In charge of the
regimental band and will direct all
of the concerts to be given on the
trip, including the sacred concert at
the Grand Canyon. The bandmen
took their own chef and will have
their meals served in the mess car
which was taken on the trip.
The wholesalers led the list in num
ber of representatives or the train
with 11. The railroad men were next
with eight counting A. W. Reeves and
not counting V. R. Stiles, formerly
general passenger agent of the South
western. The other trades and pro
fessions represented on the train are:
Merchants 7, newspaper men 4, bank
ers S, manufacturers 4, printers 3,
lawyers 2, doctors 1, architects 1, tel
ephone engineers 1, real estate deal
ers 1, ranchers 1, musicians 1, ex
clusive of the band.
George Wallace could not resist the
striped caps and the music of the band
and he accompanied the tradegetters
as the eleventh hour recruit George
will assist in tbe speechmaking as he
is some speaker in his own right
Parvin Witte will be in charge of
the vocal music, including the quartet
and minstrel chorus.
The official song of the excursion
Is "Everybody's Doin' It"
James A. Dick is the lieutenant
colonel of the excursion and will as
sist CoL V. R. Stiles in handling the
affairs of the trip.
Claiborne Adams appointed himself
official drum major before the train
left and will lead all the parades.
Dr. H. F. Wright is the chaplain of
tllA twin nj will nAnttiiA, ti& ciawuIaa.
at the Grand Canyon Sunday morn
The West Texas Fuel company dis
tributed small folders giving the itin
erary of the entire trip.
Andy Reeves, traffic manager of the
chamber of commerce, is secretary of
the trip and will handle all of the
details of the train operation, he being
a transportation shark.
The trade train will visit 63 towns
and cities in three states and will
travel 2400 miles over five different
railroad systems during the eight
days of the trip.
The train, if it makes the scheduled
time, will return to Bl Paso Monday
evening, October 21, at 9 p. m.
Charles Baker, Charles Monroe, Eu
gene Truxler and Willie Futrell were
arrested Monday on the charge of
burglary in connection with the rob
bery of Wood's cafe on North Oregon
"W tstern District of Texas, Judge T. S.
JIaxey, Presiding.
Augustin Gallo, Enrique Esparxa, Joe
de Lauter and Lou Malady, charged
with conspiring to export munitions 'of
war to Mexico; Jury disagreed; case
I. Alderete. charged with violation of
white slave" act; on trial.
Da M. Jackson, Presiding.
T. F. Nilaud vs. Rosa Nlland. suit
for divorce; filed.
I. M. Gamble vs. W. H. Gamble, suit
for divorce: filed.
A. M. Walthall, Presiding.
W. R. Russell vs. Annie M. Russell,
suit for divorce; filed.
R. B. MeClInleck, 1'rct.Idlng.
William Howdl. charged with bur
glary, complaint filed.
David McKnight returned "from Fort
Worth Sunday where he has been at
tending a meeting of the railway postal
chief clerks of the 11th district At
the meeting the new salary law was
discussed and considered in detail by
the chief clerks and their recommen
dations forwarded to Washington. The
law will result in an increase in salary
for the railway postal clerks.
E. H. Baldwin, the new eennraJ in
structing engineer at the Elephant
Butte dam nassed throueh Kl Pman
Monday morning en route to the dam
to take up his work there. Previous
to his appointment at tbe dam he was
connected with the reclamation service
in the state of Washington.
When the federal jury in the case
charging Augustin Gallo. Enrique Es
parxa, Lou Malady and Joe de Lauter
with conspiracy to export munitions of
war to Mexico reported to judge
Maxey after being sent back Saturday
with a disagreement verdict, they an
nounced Monday that they could not
come to a decision in the case.
Judge Maxey continued the case un
til the April term of court, the mtn
reing released on the same bond of
$751 each.
Capt Wlll'am E. Hunt, of the 22d
infantry, who is in charge of too new
army supply depot, is having the ware
house (in south .Santa Fe street flllo.l
with provisions, supplies and -lothin
for the uso of the soldiers on the bor- ,
lit' patrol Capt. Hunt expects to
bae tfcp n -w depot open and his forrr- I
of qu.i't' i master's department clerks m j
charge b the end of the week. j
TIE ejl(S TO 2
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Speaker filed out to Snodgrass. Lewis
sent a long foul to left which Devore
captured. Gardner filed to Murray, who
took the ball up against the fence. No
runs, one hit no errors.
Second half Snodgrass flied to
Yerkes. Murray singled to right, but
was thrown out attempting to stretch
it on a throw by Hooper to Yerkes.
Merkle got an infield hit along the third
base line. Merkle was out stealing,
Cady to Wagner. No runs, two hite, no
Fourth Inning.
First half Stahl scratched an infield
hit toward third. Snodgrass took Wag
ner's long fly. It was a brilliant catch,
cutting off a possible home run. Cady
singled to center, Stahl taking third.
Fletcher took Coilint s grounder and
threw to Doyle, catching Cady at second
arid, completing a double play by throw
ing oat C-diins at first. No runs, tw
hits, no errors.
Second half Herxog flied out to
Speaker. Meyers drove a long smsh to
the cen-.er field fence for three cases.
Fletcher flied to Speaker. Meyers part
ed for home but when he saw Speaker's
perfect throw he hurried back to toird.
Yerkes threw out Marquard. No runs,
one hit, no errors.
Fifth Inning.
First half Hooper flied to Murray,
who made another nice catch. Murray
took Yerkes's fly. Speaker field to Her
zog. No runs, no hits, no errors.
Second half Devore singled to cen
ter. Doyle flied to Wagner. Snodgrass
flied to Hooper, who threw to Stahl,
doubling Devore. No runs, one hit no
Sixth Inning.
First half Lewis fouled out to Mey
ers. Gardner struck out Stahl struck
out Marquard's speed was bewildering
and his curves broke sharply. No runs,
no hits, no errors.
Second half Murray flied to Hooper,
who came in and took the ball back of
Yerkes. Merkle popped to StahL Mer
kle tried to get out of the way the
ball, but it hit his bat and flew high
enough for Stahl to reach it Cady
dropped Herzogs high foul. Herxog
filed to Yerkes: No runs, no hits, one.
Seventh Inning.
First half Wagner out Marquard to
Merkle. Cady drove a long fly to Snod
grass. Collins flied to Murray. No runs,
no hits, no errors.
Second half Meyers out Collins to
Stahl. Fletcher filed to Speaker. Mar
quard flied to Speaker. No runs, no hits,
no errors.
Eighth Inning.
First half Hooper filed to Snodgrass.
Yerkes got a single over second which
Doyle could onlv reach with his bare
hand. Speaker flied to Murray. Lewis
nieu iu inurniy, .io runs, one nil, no
Second half Devore was out Collins
to StahL Doyle sent up a high foul to
Cady. Snodgress got an -Infield hit his
roller to Yerkes being too slow to
field. Snodgrass was out stealing.
Cady to Wagner. No runs, one hit, no
Ninth Inning.
First half Gardner flied to Snod
grass. Stahl sent out a long fly to Mur
ray. Wagner out Hersog to Merkle. No
runs, no nits, no errors.
The box score.
Hooper, rf. 4 0 12 2 0
Yerkes, 2b 4 0 2 3 1 0
Speaker, cf. 3 0 5 0 0
Lewis, If. ....4 0 0 0 0 0,
UHmavr, v. ......... t x v v i u
StahL lb 4 12 8 0 0
Wagner, ss. 4 0 0 3 0 0
Cady. c. 3 0 13 2 1
O'Brien, p. 0 0 1 0
Engle 1 0 1 0
Collins, p. 2 0 0 0 2 0
Totals 33 2 V 24
.Batted for O'Brien in second.
New York.
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
4 0 12 0 1
4 11110
4 t 1 S 0 0
, 3 12 7 0 0
3 12 4 10
4. 3 11110
3 12(00
3 0 1.020
Devore, If. .,
Doyle, 2b. ...
Snodgrass, cf.
Murray. If. ..
Merkle, lb. ..
Herxog, 3b. ..
Meyers, c ...
Fletcher, as. .
(Marquard, p.
3 0 0 0 2 1!
30 S 11 27 7 '2
0 2000000 0 2
5 0000000 5
New York
Two base hits. Merkle. Hersog, Gngle.
Three base hit. Meyers. Pitching record,
off O'Brien, five runs and six hits In
eigbt times at bat in one inning. Off
Collins, no runs and five hits in 22
times at bat in eight innings. Stolen
bases. Speaker. Doyle, Henoj, Meyers.
Double plays, Fletcher. Doyle and Mer
kle; Hooper and Stahl. Left on bases,
Boston, 5; New York, 1. Firat base on
balls, off Marquard, 1. First base on
errors. Boston, 1. Struck out. O'Brien.
1; Marquard. 3; Collins. 1. Balk, O'Brien.
Time of game, 1:58. Umpires, at plate,
Klem; on bases. Evans: left field,
O'Loughlin; right field, Rigler.
John B. Ware, the 11 months old son
of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ware, died at
the home of his Barents at 11 oclock
Sunday night. The funeral services
were conducted by Rev. Perry J. Rice
at 3 oclock Monday afternoon, at 1315
Myrtle avenue. The body was buried
in Evergreen.
The body of William J. Clark, who
died a few days ago at a local hospi
tal, was shipped at 5:25 oclock Sunday
afternoon to his home in Canada for
Salem. Mass.. Oct. 14. Eight seats
in the jury box remained to be filled
when the joint trial of Joseph J. Ettor,
Arturo Giovannatti and Joseph Caruso,
members of the Industrial Workers of
the World, was resumed today in the
Essex county superior court.
Swsntlka Lump Cal, 97 Ten.
Southwestern Fuel Co. Adv.
Wood's Hole. Mass., Oct. 14. After a
quiet Sunday on Naushon island with
governor general Forbes of the Phil
ippines, the president and Mrs. Taft
and their guests left on the Mayflower
for New York. The president will
spend the better part of two days re
viewing the fleet assembled there.
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Or for Highland Park.
00T JiV55S Iff '
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Declares Wllwoa'n Oaly Clmace Lies la
tbe Suficiert ef the Reaettoaaries.
Progressives Will Speed 7350,060.
Oshkosh. Wis., Oct 14. A defence of
his record on the tariff and an attack
on Wood row Wilson's position were
made here by CoL Roosevelt. Governor
Wilson has changed his attitude and
"at present his sole chance lies In the
support of the reactionaries." he said.
In senator La Follette's own state
the colonel discussed the senator's op
position to him.
CoL Roosevelt said the Progressive
party's campaign fund would be less
than half that of either the Democratic
or the Republican parties. The Pro
gressives, he said, were planning on a
basis that would involve the expendi
ture of about $350,000.
"Governor Wilson," the colonel said,
"is not a progressive at all; he is doubt
less unwittingly as reactionary, as
nearly a pure tory as we recently have
seen in public life."
Col. Roosevelt said his opponents
had asked why he did not take up the
tariff when he was president. He con
tinued: "The answer is:
"First That when I became presi
dent, business had just passed through
two terrible earthquakes, there having
been two complete and sweeping
changes of the tariff in the preceding
eight vears. It would have been mere
folly immediately to have begun to
prepare for another change. The time
for such another change did not ripen
until the very end of my administra
tion. "Second The fact that the country
was not ripe for such a change was
shown because there was no general
public demand for tariff legislation un
til the end of my term of service and
the platform of my party did not take
up the tariff question during this term
of service.
"Three The immediate and pressing
demand for important legislation was
legislation of a wholly different kind.
During the time that I was president
there was no complaint at all that I
was not doing enough. The complaint
of all my enemies was that I was do
ing too much."
uuuiisuiug me sKin tne circulation irritates ana m
flames it because of its impure condition. A thorough
cleansing of the blood is the only certain cure for any
skin disease; external applications can only give tem
porary relief. S. S. S. goes into the circulation and
drives all humors from the blood, and in this way
makas a permanent and complete cure in every form
of skin trouble. S. S. S. supplies the blood with the
nutritive qualities necessary to sustain the skin and
f Iff I ll H C I
Phone 65S or S34
all the South-
Best liked because it is prop
erly aged best liked because
it's genuine best liked be
cause it is absolutely pure,
and alf in all the best liked
whiskey in tbe south.
I essays I WHISKBY
Its enormous sales Its ever in
creasing sales prove this.
And don't forget it's bot-tled-in-bond
the parti
cular man will under
stand what that means.
One HtMJHred Are Employed by the "Ne
vada Coasotidated at Copper
Plat; May Tie Up MaCHII.
Ely, Nev., Oct. 14. One hundred m. .
were put to work at Copper Flat thi-.
morning by the Nevada Consolidated
Mining company, whose employes ars
on strike. There have been no hosti.
Several steamsbovel men have been
engaged to go to work, but the shoit
were not started this morning. Th -action
may cause a walkout at the in ill
and smelter at McGill, as the union men
there adopted resolutions to remain at
work only while no attempt was macU
to break the strike at the mines.
Swastika Lump Gsal. 9T Ten.
Southwestern Fuel Co. viv.
are more stylish than ever.
The one we show k a pare
silk "Austrian' velour, and
comes in the prevaibng colors.
It's the best velour hat shorvn
in El Paso for
Boh Moore Go.
Moore & Creenberg
"Things for Men"
The post office is opposite us.
Corn FlafcfB,-
3 for
Post Toasties,
3 for ;
Post TavenC
2 for
Gripe Nuta,
2 for
Shredded Wheat, -
2 for X
Kellogg's Wheat Bisenit,
2 for
All Grain,
Puffed Wheat,
Aunt Jemima's Pancake
Flour, pkg

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