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Newest Winter Styles for Women and Misses
Demonstration of Fine
We announce, beginning Monday, a
special demonstration of "Mary Gat'
dm," Rikr's and RigamTs perfumes,
tonet voter, face powders and other
toilet preparations. For this demon
stration e have second an expert from
Nen York. I connection irilh the
demonstration, she ifl distribute free
samples of the varittts preparations.
AVl El Paso mmen are urged to attend
tkk special demonstration, beguming
Special Display for Next Week
Tire coming u)ee special displdys Will be made of the newest Winter styles for both
Women and misses in coats, suits, dresses and waists. Furs will also be featured. Many
new shipments of both garments and accessories have been received recently and your visit
to "The White House" will be full of interest. There are several Monday Specials that
are not to be overlooked, either.
Nev Lingerie Waists
V. e have just received, and will show Mon
day, big shipment of lingerie waist. They
are made of lingerie cloth and voile, have
high neck and long sleeves, and are daintily
trimmed with French Yal and shadow laces.
Attractively priced at $1.25, $1.50, JLS5, IM
and $2.95 See these new waists when you
come Mondm
Wool Chattis Waists
Waists for cool weather. Made of washable
all-woei chalks. They are Gibson pleat mod
els with tailored pique collar. Come in light
and ark grounds with hairline stripe. At
tractively priced at $3M and $46.
"CofW Wool ShiTU f
We have a complete assortment of "Gotham"
wool shirts. These eoe m dainty stripes
and plaid. They have soft eoliar and caffs
and pocket. Priced $SJS, $8.50, $2.75 and
S Wakls at $6.75
We are showing a great variety of dainty
sift, nliovei laee and chiffon waists attrac
tively priced at $6776. These waists are just
what yea want to wear with your tailored
salt. See then. Monday.
Mourning Waists
We have a splendid assortment of waist for
women in mowing. Made of crepe de eiune,
crepe Meteor, crepe mesaaHne, chiffon and
taffeta sflk. Prices range from $3.96 to '
New Cloth Dresses
In cloth dresses we are showing all that is new. Whether
you want a simple tailored dress or something very hand
some, you will find it here. Many different fabrics are
used this season eponge cloth, velvets, corduroy, serges,
whipcords, diagonals and many others. One of the new
ideas is to combine eponge with velvet There is no
reason why you should delay longer selecting your cloth
dresses. Our stock is now complete and varied enough
to satisfy every taste.
Reduced Prices on
High Grade Garments
We are non offering greatly reduced prices on
all our high grade garments. This includes
suits, evening gowns and evening coals. Most
of these garments were bought especially for our
Fall Fashion Show. They are all exclusive
models many of them We imported direct from
Paris. There are many social events scheduled
for this Whiter that call for just such garments
as these. You should not fail to investigate the
reduced -prices now being offered.
New Silk Dresses
A special display will be made Monday and next week
f silk dresses ioth street and afternoon styles. Recent
shipments enable us to show a greater number of stylei,
we believe, than you can find elsewhere in El Paso.
Special mention is made of charmeuse dresses. This is
the favored silken fabric of the season. In addition to
other styles, we are showing the three-piece charmeuse
dress, having velvet coat. We would like you to see our
display of silk dresses next week. Prices range from
$9.95 up.
Headquarters for Furs
Thk season, as always, "The White House" is El Paso head
quarters for furs. We are showing all the new shapes of scarfs
and muffs, and every variety of fur that is used this season.
We again remind you that we have the exclusive agency for
Revillon Freres furs. While prices on furs range from $2.95
up to $250.00, we call particular attention to our $25.00 line.
At this price we offer a remarkable variety of both sets and
single pieces.
NOTE. All furs sold by "The White House" are guaran
teed to be just as represented. '
FUR COATS In'fty coats we are showing both ponyskin
and Hudson seal. Mote beautiful coats than these have never
been shown in El Paso.
C, 3
Send Us Your
" . Mail Orders
Stylish Garments for Misses
Pullman Aprons
The "PaBmaa apron" is a new kind of
traveling ease, very convenient in a
crowded dressing room. Instead of
spreading it out flat or hanging it over a
chair, yen simply tie it around yoar
waist. It is Bade of ereton with robber
lining. Has compartments for brush,
comb, powder and other toilet neees
ties. Prices on Pullman aprons range
,-. $1.50, up to LS0.
(Toilet Goods Section)
Monday Specials
Regular 5e oval faee ehainois
Women's linen finished handkerchiefs, full size, worth
regularly 5c eae; Monday Special, per docea' 35c.
' $1.00 CHAMOIS GLOVES 75c
Genuine chamois gloves, natural color, wrist length with
two clasps, sold regularly for $1.00 pair; special Mon
day 75c
A splendid assortment of new bead ehains and bead
necklaces. They jwe black, colored, and bkek and white
elects a great variety te choose from. Worth regularly
up to 50c ; Special Monday 28c.
Muses Coals ,
We have a very extensive assortment of
misees' coats. Both three-quarter and full
length styles, in Scotch mixtures, diagonals,
reversible fabrics, zibelines, chinchilla cloth,
cheviots and other fashionable coat ma
terials. Special mention is made of white
- coats for misses. We have a variety of these.
They come in polo cloth, chinchilla and nov
jelty whife materials. Some have colored
lining, others are lined with white, still others
are unlined.
Misses' Suits
The "young ladies" of Sp Pawrwill find here
a wide variety of stylish suits to select from.
We are showing Norfolk, semi-belted, Johnny
and other good styles for misses. Prices range
$14.50 to S6.00 and up.
Peter Thompson Dtfsses
The popular "Peter Thonipsoj dresses will
be found here in both misses' spd junior sizeev
Made of navy and royal blue serge, trimmed
in white and red. Priced from $7JbQ up.
Girls and Boys
We feature the Orthopedic last
in every child s shoe we sell,
because we believe in the na
ture-shape shoe for the growrag feet of
the children. Aside from that, it is in
children's shoes that we put the greatest
values because we realize that they have
to be dependable, considering the hard
wear thev are subjected to.
Children's and Growing CJiris' Shoes in
Gun Metal, Patent Leather, Russia Tan
or White Tops and'Whke
. Bucks $1.50 to $4.00
According to size and quality.
The best shoes ever made for
'a boy. Positively ean't kick
-through the tip. Prices
$2.25 to $3.50
According to size.
203 Meea.
Monday--Extra Special
Three-piece manicure sets, consisting of flex
ible nail file, orangewood stick and six emery
boards, regular price for the set 15c; Extra
Special Monday 8c.
The Store That Sells Woaltex
$10.00 Suit Sale Continues Monday
; W Ul continue Monday the $10.00 suit sale, which began this morning. These are
suits m values to $30.00; Douwe offered choice at $10.00. As the number is limited,
- you had bqifer bt on the safaj&dp and shop Monday morning.
INITIAL WASH CLOTHS A new idea is the initialed wash 'doth. These are full
Turkish wash cloths with colored embroidered initial. Priced 1 5c each, or 2 for 25c.
(Toilet Goods Section)
A Sale of
Sample Hats
That Surpasses Any Millinery Offer Previously Made in El Paso
AFFL were fortunate enough to mae an immense pur-
chase of sample Gage and Fisfy hats. D. B. Fisk
and Gage Bros, are recognized as the foremost American
manufacturers of tailored hats and to secure their sample
lines is something to he proud of.
There were about 1,000 hats in this immense purchase both trimmed and un
trimmed models, no two alike. They embrace every style feature of the pres
ent season.
We secured these hats at about half their value, and, in turn, offer them to
you at the same reduction. The groups noted below are intended merely to
give you an idea ot what this sale of sample hats means. There are other
groups, just as remarkable, that are not advertised.
Think of H! Sight at the height of the season, we offer you the beet millin
ery styles of the season at HALF-PRICE.
$25.00 Velvet Hats $12.50
i any ot the hats is worth less than $ 12.50. (t m g p f
sold regularly they would be priced up to H & , R
ran have choice for P BtcJJ
These are hand blocked silk velvet hats, trimmed with French plumes.
of the plumes on any ot the hats is worth less than $ 12.50.
Were these hate
$25.00; as it is, you '
$20 Tailored Hats $7.50
Just 76 tailored hats, all the very
latest style, no two alike. Values to
$20.00; you have choice
$12 Beaver Shapes $5.50
French beaver, imported velour and
moleskin shapes, in black and colors,
representing values to $12.00; offered
in this sale tf r? E? f
lor .
$2.50 Street Hats 95c
The very latest styles in felt street
hats, values up to $2.50; in QP
this sale at. choice . . JO C
$2 Felt Shapes 95c
Untrimmed felt shapes, in all colors
including black, values up to qp"
$2.00; at. choice S D C
im&k 'Wfflwm
wm -mmm
Land Proposition In That State Ik Be-
Ins Investigated By Asents of
' the Refugee Here.
Junius Romney and O. P. Brown
have gone to look up a J and proposi
tion made to the Harmon refugees
and will not return before Monday.
The best thins offered so far in land
comes from a company in Idaho and
it will be investigated with a view to
haTing all those dissatisfied with
their present surroundings, so there.
The crossing of the horses from
Mexico is going on rapidly.
A number of colonists were expected
in last evening but they have ' not
been heard of so far. They were com
ing overland with teams, wagons,
some few provisions and a few keep
sakes. H. E. Bowman and family are en
route for the United States some
place; they took the train by -way of
Eagle Pass.
The young people among the refu
gees here had a dance at the Stowell
home last evening.
The little child of Ben P. LeBaron
that was so ill with brain fever in
Arisona, is recovering.
Guarded by 150 federal Infantrymen,
a work train left Juarez Saturday
morning to repair the bridges burned
by rebels on the Mexico North "West
ern railway. The train proceeded to
Barreal, below which station the
first of the destroyed trestles were en
countered. It is said that nearly 60
bridges are "out" between Casas
Grandes and the border. Railway
telegraph lines also will be repaired.
At present there is no direct communl-
) cation with the interior or the state at
any point irom juarez.
Friends of Gen. Fernando Trucy
Aubert will give a ball tonight in the
custom house in Juarez in honor of the
Juarez military commander. Patrons
of the ball are Dr. Luis de la Garsa
Cardenas, the consul in EI Paso and
judge Juan Neftalt Amador. It will
be the first social event of importance
held in the Mexican border town since
the Orozco revolution.
Claim fer Damages Against the Mcxl- '
can Government Are to Be '
Investigated There.
Douglas, Ariz., Nov. 2. Lieut. L. A
MorenO, CoL Kernan and fcaj. Helmlck,
the members of the military investiga
tion committee which is to take up the
claims filed by Douglas people against
tne Mexican government for propern
loss or personal Injury during the Ma
dero rebellion, have arrived in Dougla"
The board will sit at the Gadsden ho
teL The claims against Mexico to b
considered are:
John W. Keate, personal injury. J500i'
SsfoM1" Crowe, personal injur-
.cFS?018 F- "w'1'u"s. personal injurv
Heirs of Robert Harrington, personal '
Injury and death. SS0.9M.
Urge Ban en Treating.
From the statement of a local sa
loonist it has become known that there '
is much talk here of circulating a pe- '
tltion requesting that the state legis- !
Jat2ffJ.at 'J next 8son pass a law
forbidding treating. The saloonist said '
!?ax ihe maJority of men in this city in
that line of business would, he believed, '
sign such a law, "which would be for .
the betterment of the business as well i
5,.. J,MDllc-" Ho- stted that in his -belief
it would do away with a greater
part of the drunkenness in Douglas.
He also advocated removal of all seats,
tables and barrails in saloons. Douglas
is a high license city and has but 12 .
saloons, aiy under strict municipal con- '
trol. ' i '
prrar" - r i
in all of its branches.
McLellan Bros.
The Sireei Out LteJt Jo ftW Lhm Deftol
Berlin, Germany, Nov. 2 A feeling
of profound anxiety is felt here as to
the fate of John Watts and Arthur
Atherholt, Americans, who have been
missing with the balloon Duesseldorf II
since they started, October 27, in the
international race for the Gordon Ben
nett balloon cup.
It is felt that news should surely
have been received, unless the balloon
descended in a remote part of the wilds
of Lapland. The managers of the race
say the aeronauts may have been made
prisoners In Russia and are unable to
Your druggist will refund money If
PAZO OINTMENT fjdls to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Pro
truding Piles in 6 to 14 days. 50c
Bane Baraera.
Laurie Hardware Co, SOS Mills St.
PURE LARD Rose Brand tf0. 3, 45c; Ke. 5, 75c; Ho. 10, $1.45
19 lbs. Sugar $1.00 12 lbs. Spuds 25c
LEVY'S BEST FLOUR 24 lb. Sack, 90c; 48 lb. Sack $1.75
DEFIANCE BRAMD FLOUR 24 lb. Sack, 75c; 48 lb. Sack, $1.45
Send in Your Orders by Mail and We Will Treat You Right
Phones 505-3098. 204-206 E. Overland St.
Chas. E. Brenerman has succeeded L.
E. Hose as head of the local office of
the department of justice. He comes
here from Douglas, Ariz., where for the
nast four months he has been engaged
in work on the border for this depart
ment. Prior to that he was stationed at
Cheyenne, Wyo., and he claims Lander,
rr n as nis iiome.
Mr. Boss is no longer connected with
the department of justice.
Wm. H. Noxon, one of the owners of
"Polly of the Circus," is in El Paso to
day in advance of the show, which will
be here next Saturday. Miss Elsie St.
Leon, sister of Ida St. Leon, star of last
year, is the star this year.
Banc Burner.
Laurie Hardware Co., 309 Mills St
Tucfon, An . is preparing to wel
come the opening of the El Paso and
Southwestern railroad which is now
building to that city. Tt is expected
that the firt trains will be run over
the new line on Jan. 1, 1913.
, Juan Bums has been appointed city
clerk of Juares, effective Saturda at
noon. His appointment was announced
by governor Gonzales of Chihuahua in
a telegram to Abram Molina, chief of
the Mexican secret service in El Paso.
Burns has been attached to the secret
service bureau in El Paso as secretary.
Norfolk, Va., Nov. 2. With two of
her crew lashed to the rigging and others
.,K4-a41t- Inah an unl'Tinim splinnner
lies today stranded three-quarters of a I
M A..H.AMa4- .f tl.A "An. T1a4- T.StA i
llllie SOUWKM9fc " ts -HCT amv -..
Saving station, being battered to pieces
in a 38 mile gale. Lines were shot from
shore over the ship, but the two men
appeared to be too weak to seize them.
New York, N. Y., Nov. 2. Half a
dozen detectives from police headquar
ters were detailed today to meet all
trains from Chicago to search for the
four gunmen said to be coming to take
ne hie of district attorney Whitman.
Fong b Yeung. ordered deported to
China by United Jjtates commissioner
(ieo. B. Oliver Friday afternoon, has
mod notice oi appeal.
Mexico City, Mex, Nov. 2. President '
juaueru ins oroxen witn the leaders of
the Progressive party, which placed
him in the presidential chair.
,A hKh official of the government ad
mits that the president has severed his
relations with the group of politicians
whose leader is his own brother. Gus
tavo Madero. since he believed thv
had taken up to a large extent with i
iw . "KJ?1 lne ola regime Known as
the Cientificos.
The story of the break came as a
result of comment following the non
appearance of Gustavo Madero or the
members of his family at the presi
dent's birthday party.
Gen. Edgar Z. Steever uva ih.t n.
patrol scouts have been wathing the
Doubtless the most interesting railroad trip in the world, just at present
is the run across the Isthmus of Panama along the line of the great canal
One moment the car is plunging through tropical jungles, the next it is skirt
ing great excavations or swinging through the towering locks along the very
bed of the waterway. To accommodate the thousands of tourists who journey
to Panama from all parts of the world, excursion trains are run through the
canal, stopping at the various points of interest long enough for a closer in
spection of the work. A feature of these trains is the special observation car
built especially for the purpose, along the lines of the sightseeing coaches ot
American chics. The accompanying photograph shows a party of Americans
who visited the Isthmus on the pleasure cruise of the S. S. "Victoria Luise."
Xe Crc Planted airi Many Cattle
Killed; OlHrte 1b Coaatant State
ot Slee.
Douglas. Ariz., Nov. 2. Ariials from
Sonora today describe as chaotic the
condition in the Baispe river district.
At Bacadehulchl the people have plant
ed practically no crops, as a result only
a small crop of corn was harvested, it
is ascertained also that while rebels
preyed upon the cattle on the Booker
and House ranch the chief loss on the
- ..,; ucnu nxicumz xne i
men who were reported to have been ' range occurred through the activity of
Si t,rR2. 7Lweif camP,ng opposite people in the town Citizens were given
. oomIi 2e..vSteeveri8ay" tnat he written permits by the presidente to
B..sat!fled from the reports of his men kill all the cattle they needed.
iTiTii -. t,": reDels J" the foot- The town of Oputo is almost isolated
-Ji-w , are, and that the men from the world. Barbed wire obstruc-
-n... ij . iuuiiub hi me union station
were the irregular troops from the Jua
rez garrison who are uniformed in khaki
and soft hats similar to the dress of the
Is A Constitutional Disease.
It manifests itself In local aches and.
pains, inflamed Joints and stiff mus
cles, but it cannot be cured by local
It requires constitutional treatment,
and the best is a course of the great
blood purifying and tonic medicine
Hood's SarsaparHSa
which corrects the acid condition of
the blood and builds up the system.
Get It today in usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called Sarsatabs.
tions completely surround it. while tle
streets are filled with pitfalls, du j
the inhabitants. The inhabitants aie
dUlded into shifts for guards, each
riun-berin-: 100. that numot r is kept un
der arms at all times No stranger i ip
enter without first dismounting, and
going to the plaza for an interview with
the presidente. Food is very scarce.
Messengers reaching here report a
force of 80 rebels between the two
towns, which are but a few miles apart.
Ii is sold they have sent messengers to
each town demanding immediate sur
render The repl of the towns is said
to have bten defiant.
cobosa us a bandit. Escobosa, Joaqum
E3quer and other rebel leaders are now
at Hermosillo, where they have beer,
summoned by the governor. There is
said here to be a likelihood at the gov
ernor favoring the women.
Rupture Expert Here
Wk Kitted Cfcar
Called te Kl Pi
ot RiMMa.
Douglas Ariz. Nov 2 Ysidro Esco
bos.i faces j. new difficultj in the form
of the plias ot .i number oi widows
from Baviacom. made o b reason of
his recent campaign The widows head
ed Senora Floreneio Kuiz and pleading
with t'onriwr Ma torcna to punish Ks-
F H Seeley of Chicago and fhilr
delphia. the noted truss expe:t will
be at the Sheldon hotel and will rema n
in El Paso this Monday, Tuesda,
Wednesday and Thursday only, JTov 4.
5. 6 and 7th. Mr Seeley says "The
Spermatic Shield Truss as no- used
and approved by the United State
Government will not onlv retrfn am
case of rupture perfectly, aordirr
immediate and complete relitf. but
closes the opening in 10 daysjon tht
average case. This instrument re
ceived the only award in England nd
in Spain, producing results ,'witiou..
surgery, harmful injections, treat
ments or prescriptions. Mr Sfeley has
documents from the Unite State
Government. Washington. D. 4-- tOT ln"
spectlon. All charity cased wimoui
charge, or if any interested csll he wil'
be elan to show the truss witnoir
charsre or fit them if deslted n
one ruptured should remember the dat
and take advantage of thii opport
nity. Advt.
Mar Chew Proprior,
will opt n Sundu Xovfnrber 3rd a
First Class Chop Sue Snd Noodle
Dinint Room. UDSUilrs otr xuascern
Srill Entrance through a1
rooni 1
tin dini?

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