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"The Store of Service"
Z Added
I y
Sale xOk i
Untrimmed Shapes
to Oar Phenomenal
of Sample Hats
OTJK recent enormous purchase of Fisk, & Gage Sample Hats included
500 untrimmed shapes. We have saved these until now. They will
be on sale tomorrow A. M. TJiev come in Black Silk, Austrian, French
and Sea Velours, Imported Pur Beavers, etc. The styles are all the new Tarn,
Soft Crown and Picture Effects. Every one bears the name of the maker
either Fisk or Gage.. They are easily worth
double the price asked for similar- hats offered
elsewhere at similar prices. The values range
from $7.50 to $15.00. Theprice
is ...;
Another feature for tomorrow wfll be -There yet remains exeelientphoice in
the offering of latest styles in nae sample Gage and Fisk'Tailored Hats
drum priced Gage Picture Hats at at. previous advertised prices. See
choice for $1.98. s Arcade Display.
Servians, Having Annihi
lated Turkish Troops, Join
Forces With Bulgaria.
Modern Structure to Replace
It; Gas Plant Enlarge
ment to Continue.
Another landmark of old 1 Paso is
to be wrecked to make room for a mod
ern store building The two story
buck house on Texas street, adjoining
the El Paso theater, is to be wrecked
ard two store rooms built in its place
b the Central Investment company.
The store rooms will adjoin the theater
building on the east and the same wall
will be used for the east wail of the
new building- The total cost of the
impro emenFwill be $2500, as the store
rooms are being erected to temporarily
occnpj the site until a large building
can be built there.
"W orW on Addition Continues.
Work on the addition to the Gas aad
Electric company's pl&njon the rfwr
front continues and officials or- the
compnv say that the transfer of the
ownership from the Chicago syndicate
to the Texas Ldgbt and Power company
wfll have no, effect upon the content-
plated improvements in tne plant ana
An option was held at one time by
the Gas company on additional land in
the Santa Fe reservation, with a view
of enlarging the gas plant aad holders
to more than double 'its present en
larged capacity. But the option was
allowed to expire and it is thought that
the improvements will again be taken
up by the new company as soon as
the transfer is completed.
Brick far MsHonle Temple.
One car of brick for the new Masonic
temple has arrived and another is ex
pected in a few days. It will fee laid
shortly after Thanksgiving day. The
brick is similar in color to that which
faces the American National Bank
bo tiding.
BaiidiBR Tire Residences.
Jolly and Ware are building a 12
room residence in the 1780 Mock on
Montana street for Mrs. L. Dickerson.
The cost will be $8000 The same firm
is building a small residence to cost
$3000 for Peter McKee. in block 62.
Bast El Paso.
The Grand Vfew Realty company has
sold to J. E. Collard lots 21 and 28, in
block 31. Grand View addition, for
Property Change Hands.
Frank Crurae has sold Jacob Mann
the four room residence jatlfOfi Nevada
street; East EI Paso, for $BSM.
R. L. Warren has sold A. Ahr lots
17 to 20. in block 129, East El Paso,
for $1050. A. B. Ahr has sold to Frank
Hamilton tne four room house and the
two lots on which it stands at 715 Es
trejla street, -East. El Paso, for $3260.
More tores- for" Texas Street.
Two more storerooms will be ' built
by the Central Investment company te
improve the eastern section of the J
business district. Through Broaddus
& Le Baron, its agents, the company
has arranged for two temporary store
rooms to be built Just west of the El
Paso theater, on Texas street These
rooms will cost $2500 to build, both I
walls being already in position for the I
'Chicago. I1L, Nov? 5. A carload of
navaF-jsapplles said by the police to
have. Jwen stolen from the tfare Island j
navy suv ai f nncuco was seizes
by federal authorities to the Chicago,
Burlington & Qwiney railroad yards
near, .Hawthorne, HI., today.
The suppltesvWeM taken on a writ
Israeli by United States judge Kenesaw
M. Landfe.- Tne oar was billed to a
smelting and refining company with ai
Government investigators said there
had existed a band of thieves winch
has been robblnc United States naval
yards of auptfUes aggregating several!
ncHKurcu nyfniwnffnnr 4 qniu& i
Oliver Lee, of Alamogordo, X. X. was
tere Tuesday on business. ,
London, England, Nov. 5. It was officially-
announced in Constantinople
today that fighting has begjun between
the Bulgarians and "Burks at the
Tohatalja forts, according to a special
dispatch from that city. The result of
the fighting is not stated.
The Bulgarian army near Tchorlu is
being reinforced with the troops from
around Adrianople, whose places In turn
have been taken by Servians.
A second Bulgarian army commanded
by Gen. Kutintcheff is marching along
the coast of the Sea of Marmora to ef
fect a junction with the Bulgarian
army commanded by Gen. Dimltrieff at
To get on the move quickly the Bul
garian troops must have, -worked hard,
as they have thousands" of wounded
Turks and Bulgarians tu care for and
have nad to burn or bury a large num
ber of killed.
It is officially stated in a dispaton
from Belgrade that the Servians, hav
ing annihilated the Turkish army in
Macedonia, have been ordered to assist
the Bulgarians, Greeks and Montegrins.
A large force of Servians has already
passed through Sofia on the way to
Adrianople, the bombardment of which
continues without abatement. ,
Turks In Bad Condition.
Nothing was- heard .today regarding
the position of the Turks at Tchatalja.
but ft is beMeVed that part of the army
managed to get beyond the position
The jsul tan's soldiers are in bad con
dition. Besides the host of wounded,
thousands of me- dropped out of the
ranks exhausted from want of food aid
most of these threw away their rifles.
However, they have had two days in
which to rally and reform, while the
Bulgarians" advance probably will be
slow er than heretofore-as the roads are
in a terrible condition from the heavy
rains. This will cause difficulty in
bringing up artillery.
Greeks Reported Itepul&ed.
It is reported today that jjfee Greeks j
maae a premature jhuick. or osiouiki
and were repulsed, but this 'hicks con
firmation, a combined attack on that
city by Greeks, Servians and Bulgarians
is expected shortly.
Another report. Which Is both un
likely and unconfirmed, comes from
Vienna to the effect that Great Britain
has warned Bulgaria against entering
Constantinople. Great Britain's chief
interest in that city at present is to
prevent massacres.
"Water Supply Is Cut Off.
The water supply of Constantinople
was cut off today by a large Bulgarian
force which occupied Derkas,- at the
end of the line of Tchatalja, from
which point tRe aqfeedubt supplying the
Turkish capital' starts, according to a
news agency dispatch from Sofia.
It is said Turkey probably will ask
Quality C
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Tliaa a Dollar Will Buy Elsewhere
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ers, as well as prospective ones, thaHhe success of this
market is founded on QUALITY and SERVICE.
Briefly stated, we offer you a carefully selected stock-of Groceries, a
daily supply of Fruits and Vegetables from every known source, a Delicates
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you are already a Nations customer, of course you know this. If
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I v y i. l 1 P 3 k tm
the powers each to send a warship to
Constantinople. 4
Dispatches from the Turkish capital
say the Ottoman press is taking the
situation calmly, with the exception of
the Hilaliosman, edited by the notori- I
ous Shlek Shawisb, which prints a vio- I
lent article against the powers. The
newspaper is being eagerly bought by-f
the public. ,
The Bulgarians have occupied the
territory between Tchorlu and Tchatal
ja, completely surrounding the Turkish I
Another Bulgarian column formed of
detachments from Drama and other
captured towns is marching on the ea
port of Kavala on the Aegean Sea.
An allied force consisting of Bul
garians from Kuruk and Greeks from
1 enidje-Vadar is proceeding by forced
marches to SalonlkL
Powers Differ 1b Views.
Great powers of Europe are aligning
themselves on either side of a very
sharp line regarding the future of the
Balkan states Public opinion in Eng
land, France and Russia is that the
allies should have the territory which
they have conquered, and Russia par
ticularly has warned Turkey that cin
dltions could only become worse should
further disaster occur at Tchatalja.
On the other side are Austria-Hungary.
Germany and Italy. Austria
Hungary, which lifter all is the most
directly Interested, being the nearest
neighbor to the Balkan states, will not,
it is believed, sit quietly by and e the
Balkan league establish itself hcross
her path to the Aegean sea, infphich
r feRi
Never Before Have El Pasoans Seen the' Like Never Has Merchan
dise Been Sacrificed Like It Is In This Second Week of the Great
Thousands of purchases were made yesterday and the sixty employes were kept busy from the moment the doors opened. There
wasn't a dull moment, not a time when the store wasn't full of pleased customers who were buying and buying heaoQy.
The lowest prices ever known with the best fall and winter stocks ever shown those are the reasons why we are making
good on our determination to
This is straight from the shoulder talk no exaggeration, mis-statements. Our reputation of years stands behind every promise .
and the people know it. We are going out of the retail business forever and these stocks are going fast. Such record days as yes
terday will make the end come quickly.
Come Tonight Come Early Tomorrow ----
Only the tremendous amount of stock carried makes it possible to secure all this week anything you want every size, every
shade, every style for ' ' '
Men, Youths and Boys. And Remember, this Sale is at El Paso's Leading-Store. '"
Come Early It Will Pay You Well
itore Open Eve-
direction her trade is expanding, while
at the same time the Servians spread
to the Adriatic sea. The Austrian gov
ernment points out that the Albanians
are as much a nation as any of the
allies and that Albania should be re
served for the Albanians
Iiawentiloa AmeBg Allies.
The first sign of dissension among
the Balkan allies themselves comes
from a dispatch from Belgrade, in
which it is said the Servians are be
ginning to declare that the "autono
mous Albania" which was agreed upon
before the war started has now faded
away. In the dispatch the Mussulman
Albanians who fought against the
Servian troops are blamed for the
change in the Servian attitude
Instead of the 25 mile stretch of the
Adriatic coast hitherto claimed by
Servia, the same dispatch says that
Servla now wants 60 miles and that in
return Montenegro is to get more than
her allotment of the district of Nov!
The correspondent adds significantly;
"The emperor of Russia will be taken
as arbitrator between Servia and Bul
garia in regard to these conquests
which were not foreseen in the original
agreement between the allies."
t te the Balkan Natfess.
The British attitude in the Balkan
situation was explained today in the
house of commons by sir Edward Grey,
the foreign secretary, who was loudly
cheered when in reply to a question, he
"No one. in view of the result of the
war up to date, will be disposed to dis
pute the rights of the Balkan states to
formulate the terms on which they are
prepared to conclude peace.
"To not think that the great powers
are more slow than other people to
adjust their known views to the march
of events. The powers are exchanging
views in regard to the position in the
near east, but it must be a very deli
cate matter for them to interfere be
tween the belligerents unless they do
so at the request of both."
Sir Edward denied that Great Britain
had given a warning of any kind to
Bulgaria. The movements of British
ships and their intentions, he said,
were precisely similar to those of other
powers, namely, to protect lives. The
steps had been taken as a result of
communications which had passed be
tween the powers.
Athens, Greece, Nov . 5. A wireless
message from a foregin warship at
Saloniki says the Turkish army, de
feated at Tenidje, about 14 miles
from Saloniki, has reached that city
in complete disorder.
Before their flight from Statista,
southwest of Kosani, the Turks pil
laged a monastery. They cat a Monk
to pieces, impaled a three year old
child and massacre many inhabitants
of the town.
The Greeks killed many of them.
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Vienna. Austria, Nov. S. The attitude
of the Austro-Hungarian government
in regard to the proposal of premier
Poincare for the adjustment of the
Balkan situation is clearly stated today
in the Neue Freie Presse. which says.
"The present military situation in
the Balkans cannot be decisive for the
solution of the whole eastern question.
Premier Poincare gives to the Balkan
states more than they have demanded.
"The proposal, which is a meat radi
cal expression of pan-slavist tenden
cies, is so one sided that it can hardly
find the approval of all the powers,
and particularly of Austria-Hungary."
Results ?Vot Influeaeed By Age or Time
Standing, Says Kcxpert.
' Rupture is not a tear or breach in
the abdominal wall as commonly sup
posed, but Is the stretching or dilating
of a natural opening, therefore subject
to closure," said F H. Seeley. of Chi
cago, now at the Sheldon hotel, who
will remain in El Paso this Tuesday and
V ednesday and Thursday.
'The Spermatic Shield Truss closes
the opening In ten days on the average
case, producing results without surgery
or harmful injections." Mr Seeley has
documents from the government, Wash
ington, D C, for inspection. Anyone
interested wul be shown the truss or
. fitted if desired. (Adv )
Mar Chew, Proprietor,
will open Sunday, November 3rd, a
First Class Chop Suey and Noodle
Dining Room, upstairs over Eastern
3nll "Entrance through main dining
Twenty B"ive Cowboys Take Part and
Many People Go te vVltaess
the Branding.
Berino, X. SL, Nov. S. The roundup
and branding of the cattle on the
Moasman ranch has ended. A large
crowd of people from the valley wit
nessed the affair and enjoyed a din
ner at the chuck wagon in real cow
boy style. Besides 25 cowboys from
various ranches in the mountains, the
following were present: Mr. and Mrs
Penn Kasterbook. Mrs. X D. Rawlings,
Mrs. Bullock; Misses Abbie Kilgore,
Ethel Spencer, Hilda Creamer and
Harry Rishaberger. Mr. Moasman de
cided to ship his cattle to Koswell
by jail and is taking an cows and
calves and leaving the steers on this
range to fatten for the spring market
Mill and Emmett Isaccs nave re
turned to Cmces with a bunch of cat
tle. The Hallowe'en party at the Archer
home in BranaUo was an enjoyable
affair The guests were told to follow
the lights the haunted house. This
1 they did. On entering the hall, the
floor was strewn with junk such as
uuiucs, uu cans, Doxes, etc Alter
stumbling over this the next room was
aglow with an open fire and candles.
Herein every one was bidden to con
fess their sins and a curtain was
raised, revealed a confessional, one by
one told their sins and on arising and
turning another curtain lifted a skele
ton stood in full view slowly raising
its hands over each penitent mortal
During all this, continual moans and
groans were heard and some one re
citing a mournful dirge. In another
room was a witch as fortune teller
and surrounded by the black eats,
bats, and owls. Fortunes were told
and then to the dining room tastefully
decorated, the walls were covered with
red muslin and grouped thickly were
the products of the valley, kaffir
corn, milo maixe, pumpkins and ap
ples. Hehe punch and cake were
served and the old time bobbing for
apples. In another room, suspended
from the ceiling, were numerous
strings, each holding an apple and
across the room was stretched a tape
heavily laden with small packages.
Each guest was blindfolded and given
a pair of scissors and told to cat for
their fortunes. The remainder of the
evening was spent in music and reci
tations. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Snyman have
gone to Leasburg to make their home.
Mr. Snyman has charge of a ranch
near that place.
J. . Pickens is in Colorado City.
Tex., where he was called by the death
of his sister. Mrs. McAfee.
W. p. Brooks is in the Peeee val
ley. -
F. A. Belk was a visiter oMt of SI
Earl Gibson, of the state college,
has been down. here.
Marshal Posey Is spending & few
days in El Paso.
Palmer and Ferris districts ef BUie
county have sold their S75M good
road bonds to a Chicago savhuts bank
at par and aceraed interest. Work
will begin immediately on the grading
of the roads.
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