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Thursday, November 7, 1912
Silk and Dress Goods'
Selling Extraordinary
WHEN we urge you to buy now we are giving you advice that is worth as much to you as it is to us it is
worth a great deal more to some of you than.it is to the Bazaar. We are now running the greatest sale
ever inaugurated in El PasoOthers are taking advantage of it if you are not. It is a sale dictated by
circumstances. We must
and that is what this sale is for to literally unload our stocks and get out of the retail business. We have the
finest lines in El Paso of MEN'S, YOUTHS' and BOYS' READY-TO-WEAR-dodung of every kind
for the men of the house little men and big men men of all kinds. Warm clothing, stylish clothing and
clothing that is worth far more than we ask. We are going out, of the retail business forever going out to stay
out. I he time of the sale is growing short and the stocks are .growing less ana we say. again Uet 1 ours
NOW, It Will Pay You. f
Quit Retail B
Come This Evening, or Early In the Morning You'll Get First Choice
Store Open
9 O'clock
BBBBBafijJUhll 3aa cbmb a vr wr - .. "THPBB9BBBBBB8HHBBEMtelplllBB,gz
Store Open
9 O'clock
Ordinance Authorizing Bond
Issues Amounting to
-- $400,000 Adopted.
-in ordlnan amending an ordinance
'idoptec by tne city council, October,
1 ';04. granting C. H. Boswoi th and -his
assigns the rie'it to maintain gas
vorks and la gas mains, was amend-
d as to section one, and section IS
was added, at the session of the city
i ouncil Thunsuay morning.
Section one, according to the new
ordinance which had Its first reading,
shall read that while C H. Bosworth,
or his assigns, are granted the per
mission of supplying the city and its
inhabitants with gas, it shall be done
on the terms and conditions made by
the city and its habitants, and in such
amounts as may be elected. The per
mission was given in the section for
the gas company to erect any suit
able building within the city limits,
subject to the approval of the city
i ouncil. The right was also con
ferred to lay gas mains and pipes in
iny of the streets or alleys.
By section 16, the privilege granted
is in no wise to be considered ex
clusive. Section two provides that the El
Paso Gas & Electric company must
file its acceptance in writing of the
terms and provisions of the amend
ment within 20 days after its passage.
Mr. Bosworth, the original grantee
of the franchise, transferred his rights
to the El Paso Gas & Electric com
pany. Bead Ordiaanec Adopted.
An ordinance authorising the issu
ance of the $400,000 worth of munici
pal bonds recently voted on, was
adopted by the city council Thurs
day morning. On the ground that it
was a matter of great public moment
tnat the bonds, be prepared and dis
posed of as early as possible, the rul
ing of the charter, which provided for
the reading of an ordinance twice be
fore its adoption, was suspended. The
ordinance passed embraced the three
bond issues, being the water bonds for
S 209,000; the sewer bonds, $150,000,
and the street bonds, amounting to
The work of preparing the bonds,
having them printed, and finally dis
posing of them will be taken up at
once. , ,
Submits Scenic Highway Map.
Pete Kern, one of the instigators of
f'.e proposed scenic park to be located
on the mesa, showed the city coun
cil a completed map oft the project,
showing the proposed driveway
through the Alexander addition to
that location. Mr. Kern, with the as
sistance of the city engineering force,
)'as been engaged for several months
tfi completing the map.
There was no action taken on the
proposition Thursday morning inas
much as the deeds to the property,
which will be necessary tor the city
to acquire before the route can be es
tablished, were not delivered.
The services of city engineer Her
bert C Nunn will be enlisted in es
tablishing a grade, and making other
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nee times mica whsa the fiver xrigk&e
itoBack and bowels are right
pel a lazy fiver t
Cures Cos
Keadacbe, and Distress after Eating.
SatH KE. Satal Dose. S!l Price
Genuine saatbr Signature
ar s
JbK rr sate
jmmw river x
sujareys of the property over which it
is proposed to construct the highway.
Twenty-two Fire Alarms.
Dunns the month of October there
were 22 fire alarms, nine of which
were false and 13 fires, according to
the report of fire marshal Henry Key
naud. Children with matches were re
sponsible for three fires; cigarets,
three; gasoline, two; overturned lamp,
one; motor burning out, one; investi
gating a gas leak with a lighted match
caused one.
Thirty-five occupants of buildings
were notified of dangerous conditions
near .their butMlnga.
Sewer Cenuaitaieaer's Report.
The following is the report of sewer
commissioner J. W. Hadlock for the
week ending Nov. 6. Laid 750 feet of
sewer in Cotton addition, pumped East
El Paso sewer each day, pumped Shel
don sewer night and day, examined 30
manholes and flush tanks.
The total number of gallons of water
used for sprinkling the streets during
the month of October,, according to the
report of J. W. Brady, street commis
sioner was 1,905,000. For 24 days dur
ing the month three sweepers were
eni,ioed on the streets.
City Health Iteport.
The records of deaths for the week
ending Nov. 7 exceeded the births tor
the same period by eight. Eight Ameri
cans, 16 Mexicans and one negro died.
There were born 10 Americans, six
Mexicans and one negro.
There are six cases of smallpox re
maining at the county eruptive hos
pital. Two were dismissed as cured
during the week.
Inspections made by the city health
department included: ' Meat markets,
13; fruit and vegetable stands, 12$;
premises, 309; rooming Bouse, 6;
bakeries, 5;' restaurants, 82; laundries,
4; fruit and vegetable wagons, 67C;
meat wagons, 20; bakery wagons, 7;
milk wagons, 35; dairies, 70; slaughter
houses, 25; cattle, 290; hogs, 55 i calves,
24; sheep. 60. There were condemned
156 pounds of meat and 118 pounCs of
fruit and vegetables.
The amount collected by the city
sanitary department for the month of
August was $1169.26.
The total payroll of the p.-rk depart
ment from Oct 2 to 31, was $615. To
that amount was added the salary -of
the park commissioner for S175, mak
ing the total amount J790.
Tax Collection.
From Oct. 19 to 25, city collector
Louis E. Behr collected $763.04 in taxet.
From Oct 26 to 31 the collections
amounted to S307.97.
The sum of $169.75 was collected by
the city department of electricity for
the month of October.
Plumbing permits issued for October
were 56. Thirty-nine gas permits were
BuUdiBg Permits For Month.
There were 101 building permits is
sued by the building department in
October. The total valuation of -which
was $114,165.-. The amount collected by
the department was $262.59.
Petitions Granted.
The petition of Latta & Happer for
j a fire plug at the corner of West
Bouievara was grameo. irus mom
sen was given permission to build a
corrugated iron fence on lots 68 to 80,
block 77, Cotton addition.
An application of the El Paso Sign
company to hang an electric sign on
South EI Paso street, and one on Stan
ton street, was granted.
F. M. Lewis & company were given
permission to hang two electric signs
at the "Grecian" theater on El Paso
Martin Lopez was given a hawker's
The petition of H. B. Stevens and
others for dismissal of tax suit was
Petitions Referred.
The following petitions were turned
over to the street and grades com-
' mittee. Martin Lopez, for a fruit
stand at the corner of Overland and
' Broadway streets; school trustees for
closing of streets and alleys, and to
I establish a grade on blocks 38, 39, 63
and 64, Alexander s addition; C Knip
per, for a lunch stand at the corner
of Third and Stanton streets; J. B.
Gray for improvements on Montezu
ma street. Sunset Heights.
The sanitary committee received the
petition of property owners for a
sewer extension from Cotton addition
to Bliss street, and also the one of
Mrs. John C. Harding for a sewer ex
tension to block 32, Highland Park.
The petition of the Hotel McCoy for
a runner's license was referred to the
city attornej
j J. R. Harper, J. F. McKenzle snA E. F.
Hlggiiis, Justice.
I Motion granted J. T. Weaver, jr.,
I is. Mrs. John Emison et al., from
urewster .notion of tne appellees to
advance the submission of cause. Case
set for November 27.
Motions overruled Frank A. Spence
et al. vs. W. H. Fenchler et al.. from
El Paso, motions for certiorari and
! postponement: city of Houston vs. John
jJP. Williams, .from Harris, to postpone
i&uii -iuviwr &i, city vl nvuBion vs.
Bertha Merkel. from Harris, to post
pone until November 21.
Motions submitted J. A. Pitts vs J.
D. Kane, from Presidio, motion of the
Herald Classified Column Solve the
situation and Secure Positions For
All Who Want Them.
There is no problem of the unem
ployed in El Paso. The classified
page of The Herald is the market place
for labor offered and wanted, and the
fact that the "Help Wanted" exceeds
by two to one. tb ."Situations "Want
ed," is significant Ik yesterday's
Herald appeared 27 definite wants
from employers from a girl to mind
the baby to a competent stock sales
man for a New Mexico concern. One
(Continued from page 1)
the Bulgarian troops. The Turkish Sol
diers place much blame for their non
saccess on tne use of searchlights, oy
the Bulgarians, who were thus enabled
-io carry out night attacks.
j appellant to dismiss appellees motion 1 lf Jfe, L FSSEZHjSi
to affirm on certificate; W. C. Wei- I ? 6i-fv nht tlT-ifi lh-t
I kirn tt t pni. ., , "er Monday night and asks that she
I p ' Setting. i A Jewele Pendant believed by the
! ' YsT Vton et al. vs. I 0 thterTSh? Z-
J No. 156 Jos. Hubbart et al. vs. Wil- it e tiV i o?f Jii ?.ilE,y
lis State bank et aL, from Montgom- nV!? wlth'atanton XSFST-
i NKM Master et al. vs. Geo want ads with details to stocks and
H Crosorit a? from Brao?ia. ' opportunities for profit A man to
I h. yrosoy eiau rrom srazoria. M wwi -o .,-i- ,i iis -,,-
No. 159 J. A. Raney vs. Houston . . .- i. , ,u .v.- .....
... ..... i:t I " " -M million uib n ure
adertiser furnishes the wood, of
course. A wholesale grocery firm
wants a salesman who can speak
Spanish, and a delivery clerk, a wrap
per and a wagon driver can find em
ployment if competency can be
The man or woman whose home has
the needed backyard space and who
has been convinced that poultry and
eVss are profitable will find 12 adver-
Monantlr, Stronghold of the Ottoman
Empire-, Surrender to In
vading Allies.
I Rome, Italy. Nov. 7. The Turkish
' stronghold of Monastir. surrendered at
I 2 o'clock this afternoon to the Serv
i ian t loops, according to a dispatch
from Belgrade to the Tribune.
Lighting and Power company, 1905
j irom .Harris.
, No. 160 Angleton drainage district
vs. i-i. is. uannan. irom ijrazoria.
No. 161 Angleton drainage district
vs. J. T. Jamison, from Brazoria.
No. 200 J. T. Weaver," jr., vs. Mrs.
John Emison et al., from Brewster.
For December 5, 1912:
No. 162 W. E. Woodruff vs. J. N. I
Taub, from Harris,
. "3-SthTTf, ?TSSJ1 tl'sements'Yn The Herad cKasslflS de
company vs. H. L. "olar et aL, from
No. 165 D. S. Hearn et ux. vs. Ben F.
Harless, from Harris.
No. 166 James R. Parks vs. J. M.
Sullivan, from Harris.
No. 167 Almon Cotton vs. Juan Gar
za, from Harris.
No. 168 Mary E. Golden vs. Robert
Walker et al., from Brazoria.
Reversed -and remanded The Texas
& Pacific Railway company et aL vs.
K. C. Good, from Midland.
John J. McPherson vs. C W. Hahl et
al., from Harris.
Jennie Merchant guardian, et aL vs.
Wm. Rogan et ux., from Harris.
Submitted Frank A Spence et al. vs.
W. H. Fenchler et al, from El Paso.
Producers Oil company vs. Lenora
Bush et aL, from Harris.
Earl Wharton, receiver, vs. Washing
ton County State bank, from Harris.
W. C. Welborn vs. H T. Collier et al.,
from Reeves. v
J. J. Marphy, Presiding.
Harry Burke, Clay Pridmore. H. Ban
neberg, Frank Garcia, charged with ex
ceeding the speed limit; each fined $5
and costs.
J. S. Curtis, charged with exceeding
the speed limit; complaint filed.
J. E. Sanders, charged with disturb
ing die peace; fined $1 and costs.
E. B. McCHntock, Presiding.
Bonnie Brothers vs. W. L. Tuley, suit
on account for $30.20; filed.
Dan X. Jackion, Preaidlng.
partment bearing directly on that par
ticular industry. And, a piano house
advertises 40 piano boxes for sale with
the suggestion that they will make ex
cellent chicken houses. From a place
to sell old clothes to a restaurant
where one can have music with the
meals The Herald want ads range up
and down and across the entire list of
human needs. If what you want is
not'advertised today insert a two-bit
inquiry. Your need will be filled. If
you can't travel to The Herald office,
Tombstone. Ariz., Nov. 7. Tombstone
was the only city in Arizona where a
man could vote twice the occasion be
ing the state and city election being
held on the same date. '
The result of the city election was as
follows: W. F. Kuckenberger, Demo
crat, defeated his Republican opponent
for mayor by a vote of 85 to 79. For
chief of police George Bravin on the
Democratic ticket won over James Dal
gleish. Republican, by a vote of 91 to
72. Four aldermen were elected, with
the result as follows: First ward,
Frank Demerest, Republican, 33; Harry
Ross, Democrat, 28. Second ward. Ed
ward Hughes. Democrat ?6 M
Hawes, Republican, 13. Third ward,
Gus Baron, Republican. 15; Harry Raf
ferty. Democrat 15. Fourth ward. Lee
O. Woolery. Republican, 15; Pablo
Smith, Democrat 14.
..Vienna, Austria, Nov. 7. The
Reichspost's correspondent with the
Bulgarian army describes the Bulgar
ian plans for the advance on Constan
tinople. The Bulgarians are advancing
along three lines. Their right is on
the coast of the sea of Marmora. Their
center is through the town of
Tchatalja and their left through Is
trandia. The left wing is the most important
It comprises about 6 4, 00 men. Ad
tancing through Serai it has reached
the heights of Istrandia and will en
deavor to turn the Tchatalja line of
forts. It will advance in conjunction
with a smaller force moving in a
southerly direction, while the center
division executes the principal frontal
attack againsf Tchatalja along the
railway to Constantinople and through
Kadikeve, seven miles to the west
ward. King Nicholas of Montenegro, dis
cussed the intentions of the Balkan al
lies with a correspondent of the Vienna
'While the Balkan nations will set
tle their affairs for themselves." he
said, "their victories have not made
them so daring as to forget to accom
modate their wishes to the general sit
uation in Europe."
'"PHIS has been a year of untiring energy, a year of honest
efforts spent in thinking and planning. Every hour of
activity hasbeen repaid a hundredfold by die wonderful success
of these two sections. It has been a most gratifying year, be
cause of the actual gain we have made and because of the
many new friends we have made. We intend to continue giv
ing such values that have, made these two departments justly
famous. "We expect to gam many new friends daily. The
figures count, of course, if they were smaller the stocks could
not be so satisfyingly comprehensive nor could the organization
be so complete. vThe goodness counts more, the excellent char
acter of the materials, the unvarying low prices and remarkably
efficient service. This is be store yqu should be most interested
in, from the standpoint of economy and general comfort To
morrow we offer thousands of dollars worth of new Silks and
Dress Goods at wonderfully low prices.
I0UR VELVETS For recep
tion and street costumes, in
the season's most wanted
shades, 45 inches wide. Yard
r. ..: $7.50
TAFFETA A beautiful yard
wide yarn dyed, all silk, guar
anteed taffeta. Value $1-00.
season's most joputar fabric,
in navy, taupe, brown, Copen
hagen, old rose, wisteria, rese
da, amber, jack rose, black and
white. Reg. $2.00 tf Cfi
value. Special Cpi.OU
For shirts, saeques, dresses,
night shirts and pajamas. This
is the most satisfactory flannel
made for the above purposes.
Guaranteed not to fade or
shrink. Comes in all colors
and in neat striped
effects. Yard
are showing a hundred differ
ent deengns in this very popu
lar soft wool wash fabric, -used
so extensively for waists, house
dresses and tea gowns. 75c
Special Jt7C
children's coats and hats, in
black and white. tf0 Cfl'
A yard P.OU
FORD CORD Very mtten in
demand this season for one
piece dresses and skirts; cords
of all kinds. Very popular
fabric. Comes in leather, navy,
tan. white and black. Spe-
yard ploO7
We are showing 100 different
shades of 19 inch Paon velvets
for hat and trimming purposes
a beautrtui qual
ity. Yard ..
Sale of Woolen Remnants
"p RID AY we will place on sale the greatest collection of
woolen remnants we have ever accumulated. AH the
newest Fall fabrics in every conceivable color and combina
tion. Lengths range from one to five yards. This k a
splendid opportunity to buy your Fall dress or coat
At About Half Price
Visit Oar
Fiftk Fker
, Little
Dorman D. Michelmore vs. Popular ' 'o AVIATION STATIOX
Dry Goods company, suit for -damages
ior personal injuries for ?5000; filed.
T. C Bryant vs. Atchison, Topeka &
Santa Fe Railroad company, suit for
damages; on trial.
A. 31. Walthall, PreHiding:.
Horace B. Stevens vs. Galveston. Har
risburg & San Antonio Railway com
pany, trespass to try title; on trial.
Annie M. Hurt vs. W. J. Hurt, suit for
divorce; filed.
j Edna Hight vs. Charles w. Hight, suit
iwr uiyuiuc, xueu.
Washington. D. C. Nov. 7. Follow
ing the recent discontinuance of the
army aviation station at San Antonio,
the signal -corps announced today that
it will be at least a year before an
other station is established in Texas.
clvim: McXAMVRA received
xotices op explosions
Indianapolis, lnd.. Nov. 7. Newspaper
clippings about explosions were read at
the "dynamite conspiracy" trial today
as having: been sent to John J Mc
Namara, by officials of the Interna
tional Association of Bridge and Struc
tural Iron Workers.
A. S. J. Eylar, Presiding-.
Frank Gray, charged with vagrancy;
pleaded guilty and fined $5 and costs.
Patrick Mullally, charged with being
a delinquent child; on trial.
Cincinnati, O-.Nov. 7. Following a
conference here 'today between presi
dent August Herrmann, of the Cincin
nati club, and president Murphy, of
the Chicago Nationals, the deal for Joe
Tinker, to act as manager of the Cin
cinnati team next season, was declared
Herrmann declared Murphj demanded
that Bob Bescher, outfielder of the lo
cal team, be included with other play
ers in the trade and that he did not ac
cede to the demand
Fitlllngim May Recover.
Press Fulllngim, who -was accident
ally shot through the abdomen llonday
at Alpine, Tex., and brought here to
the Hotel Dleu for treatment, was re
ported Thursday at noon to be resting
well, with excellent chances for recov
ering. Fulllngim was shot in attempt
ing to pick up his rifle, which had
fallen. He was operated upon at tlio
local hospital.
4"i- 4- -:
Sofia, Bulgaria. Nov. 7. The Turkish
army commanded by Nasim Pasha was
completely crushed in the great battle I
ot me lost lew oays on tne erai
Tchorlu line. According to the semi
official Mir the Turks lost in kiUed
and wounded more than double the
losses at I.ule Burgas. The Bulgarians
are now pursuing the defeated army.
The Turkish losses in killed and
Men Arretted la Negates en Burglary
Charge Are Said to Have Shipped
Geeds Here.
Genario Loera and Augustin Medcado.
arrested Wednesday at Nogales. Ariz
nn oliflrflnp Af hnrtff Arv rt wll Irnn'om
wounded during the five days fighting I t. ... . ., :,- a
In the vicinity of Lule Burgas and ' in m Paso' acrdlng to the citj de
Bunarhlssar are estimated at 25.000 I tct Uvea. Botft were reared, they say.
men. j at Juares. Loera has a sister, Sara,
The Bulgarian army In Macedonia is I Loera living at 60S Fourth street,
advancing rapidly down the valley of , According to a letter ancr a telegram
tne strums. leceivea oy ponce coiez i. n. uayis.
Wednesday from sheriff u. s. Mc-
The .members of the police depart
ment may be put on the eight hour
shift, according to aldermen Sam Blum
enthal and Percy McGhee. who Thurs
day morning expressed themselves as
being in favor of that plan. Mr. Btam
entnal stated that It woulcLrequire an
additional IS men if the department
was placed on the eight hour basis, in
volving an extra expediture on the
part of the city of $9M.
At present there are 20 patrolmen
and nine mounted men employed by the
city. All are working 12 hours.
Austin. Tex., Nov. 7. Governor Col
quitt today received from president
Knight, of .Nogales, the police were
asked to look out for a box of goods
which had been shipped from that place
consigned to SOS Fourth street. The
t-heriff -wrote that the two men arrested
Taft as nreairient of h American ft I were believed to be members of an or-
Cross, an appeal for the relief of the ' Tanired band which had been opeiating
Slclt inri rnnmlMl tnJril,- in thai liirouKnoui .iriiuuil ami in luvma in
TiBii... mi.1- i , l ! Mexico. The eooda the
"iiwu war. iuib i!M;ti ciae lurouKR ! T, M "
The goods they secured, the
the international relief board of the
i Red Cross.
The governor will take up the appeal
j and pos'sibly raise funds for the Ke?
Cross in this work.
To thi- "Want" Columns or
The Herald. When there's an
unexpected vacancy In the of
fice or factory force. It's a
Herald Want Ad that gives no
tice. When there's something val
uable lost or a tenant leaves,
a call to Bel! 116. Auo Ills,
tells the news.
1 Paso has learned that
Herald "Want" Ads are the best
r ort in an emergency.
Sofia. Bulgaria. Nov. 7. Reinforce
ments continue to proceed to the front
from the Bulgarian capital in consid
erable numbers. Some Servian troops
passed through here for Adrianoplo
and eight battalions of volunteers, in
cluding Macedonians and Russians, en
trained for the front.
It is reported that fighting still con- w
nues in the neighborhood of Serai '
thief stated, were all sent to El Paso.
On Oct. 26. 29. 31 and No. 4. sneriff
McKnlght wrote burglaries nad been
committed at Nogales, and the articles j
taken in each case bad been w.t to i
El Paso, according to the shipping re- '
ceipts. :
The box referred to by the sheriff
iv as located by the city detectii.es .ed- I
l esday night at the express office. The
detectives stated that Thursday morn
ing they visited the house on Fourth
street, and made a search of it. f.iiling
to find anything Sara Loera. the de- '
tectives statec, denied knowing an-j
thing about the articles shipped from '
I Arizona, and stated that if they were 1
I Ktalen tvronfertv she would aee that thv I
and Tchorlu
ere returned.
ALLIES WILLING TO LEAVE FATE Al In Frudensteln. who was seriously
OF CONST NTINOPLE TO POWERS burned about the face and hand in the
' -. 1 .. II..I. A. .3 .1 ,.
Paris. France. Nov. 7. The Balkan
allte will ask for the partition of Eu
ropean Turkey, leaving the fate of
Constantinople to the decision of the
European powers, according to premier
Pachitch of Servia in an interview to
day with the correspondent at the
Temps in Belgrade.
explosion 'winch destroed the Union
grocery store at the corner of Franklin
street and Mesa avenue early Monday
morning, was reported to be resting
easy It was at first thought that he
would lose his eyesight, but Dr. E. H.
Isvin who is attending him. stated that
he thought the sight could be saved.
Wytheville. 7a., Nov. 7. Trial of the
last two members of the Allen gang,
charged with the Hillsville court liouse
assassinations on March 14. began here
Sidna Allen and Wesley Edwards,
two alleged ringleaders, who escaped
from the region after th esh ootiiDT
and were captured in Iowa, were be
fore the har. Two of their kinsmen.
Floyd and, Claude Allen, are under
sentence 'to be electrocuted on No
vember 2-'. Frlel Allen and Sidna Ed
wards are serving long terms for
To Sufferers From
Tour attention is invited to an Eng
lish Remedy for tuberculosis which for
sometime has been used in Europe 'With
wonderful success. Its claims have been
investigated and are vouched for by
reputable authorities and the benefits
derived bv it users are little short of
marvelous. It is pi escribed by Eng
lish physicians. It costs nothing to
investigate and it certainly will well
repay sufferers from tuberculosis, in
any form, to do so
Inquiries addressed to C 288 Herald
will be promptly answered Advt.

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