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Fridav, November 15. 1912
Fall Arrivals
Everything Fresh This Season
Fresh Walnuts,
per lb
Fresh .Almonds,
per lb
Fresh Brazil Nuts.
per lb
Fresh Pecans,
per lb
Fresh Peanuts,
per lb
Fresh Pinones,
per lb
Fresh Mi nee Meat,
Per Jb .. .,
Fresi X. 8. Mtnee Meat,
2 pkgs. for
Try the New Steel Cut Ambassador and President Coffee.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
24 POUNDS $1.00
Or faf Highland Fark. ,
O. A J iH JLe .TTL 1 &J
Wednesday afternoon Mrs. I-. C. Le
YeauT entertained delightfully in honor
of Miss Am) Schutz a bride elect of De
cember The house was decorated In
green and white. Crepe paper in these
colors was drawn from the chandelier
in the living room to the corners of the
same. Green and white hearts in the
dining room were draped from the
chandelier across the doorways. Smilax
and white carnations were also effect
i' el used
' Bur co was the game plajed and
Mrs J I Campbell won the first prize.
.i comb.ng jacket in green and white.
The consolation prize, a gieen and
hite Dutch cat. fell to Miss Florence
lai k The guest of honor was present
ed with a beautiful hand-painted plate.
Two courses were served after the
game, caining out the colors The In-
aed guests were. Misses Virginia
Kran, Ami- Schutz, Anna Sorenson,
knn'c Blumenthal. Ruth Critchett,
i"lor -nee Clark Elsie Kohlberg, Flora
'impbell Jeneiie Anderson. Lucille
McKee. Monica Gallagher, Isabelle Kel-J-.
Bstelle Goodman, Blizabeth Goff,
I ella Kiefer, Mesdames Wf C. Barnes.
W E. Truerdell, Wheeler, of Mexico
r,u W L. Follett. H. F. Baldwin, J.
II Birdslc J I Connell and H. L.
Mrs. Will T. Owen will entertain the
"W ednesda Bridge club next week.
Mrs H. C i erris is entertaining the
Friday Bridge club this afternoon.
Y. W. C. A. WILL
Is Similar to Bey Scout Organization
ami "W ill be Composed of Junior
Grade Girls.
Following a plan in vogue in other
cities of the United States, the local
Y. W C. A. is "to have an organization
of camp fire girls. It is to be com-
posed of girls of the Junior grades
and in this department at the present
time there are 140 members.
For the purpose of qualifying in
this work a meeting will be held at
the Y. W. C. A. rooms in the Callsher
building at 2 ocloek in the afternoon
on November 23.
This organization, formed after the
Bov Scouts, met with so much favor,
meets the needs of girls as the Boy
Scout organization meets the needs of
the boys. Domestic science nd other
similar accomplishments are taught
the girls.
As director of the department, a
chief guardian is to be appointed by
Mrs H T Bowie, president of the
Y. W C A. There will be guardians
appointed for each squad and they
will be under the general direction of
the chief guardian.
This was discussed at the meeting of
the Y. W. C. A. directors meeting
held Thursday morning. At that time
Mrs. Paul Heermans was appointed a
member of the board of directors to
fill the vacancy caused by the resigna
tion of Mrs. Ruth Jackson, while Mrs.
W. H. Pickels was selected to fill the
vacancy caused by the resignation of
Mrs -ohn Uvrin.
Mrs. Heil Hale reported she had vis
ited the new headquarters building
and secretarial school in New York,
which the El Paso association helped
to furnish.
The gymnasium has 185 members,
and Friday night the girls of the
old team will entertain the girls of the
new team.
Miss Blanche Gilbert, travelers' aid
worker at the Union station, reported
that she has assisted 190 girls.
Hear Mr. Frank Kurtz (baritone, of
New York) Monday evening, Nov. 18th.
at the First Baptist church. Tickets 60
cents. Management, Moore & Witte.
The Ladies' Guild of St. Paul's Lu
theran church will hold a bazar and
lunch November If, all day, in old Mel
Tta place, opposite Calisher's.
Highest quality, best service, lowest
prices. That'i whv,jou should trade
at this shop.
Prime Rib Roast, -i f"
oer lb. - IOC
Rump Roast,
per lb
Shoulder Roast, -jfi
per lb 1UC
Sirloin Steak,
per lb
T-Rnn Steak
per lb diljC
Veal Shoulder Roast, 1 C
oer lb IOC
13 N. Stanton St,
Phone 1666 and 1662
Phone 658 or 6$i
Dinners and Luncheons
Mrs. J. P. Robertson entertained.
Thursday evening at her home on
West Boulevard with a Mexican din
ner in honor of Miss Adellna Claw
son. The hostess was assfsted in
serving by her sister, Mrs. J. H.
Moore; her two daughters, Irene and
Edna, and) Mrs. D. R. Wilkes and Mrs.
Walter Williams.
A four coarse dinner was served an!
the Mexican idea was carried out in
the decorations and place cards.
After dinner the guests had a most en
joyable time making- an illustrated
book for the bride to be. a youns
man and a young woman working to
gether on a chapter. Miss Emma
Hoffman and W. R. Walker received
the prize for the best chapter and Miss
Adelina. Clawson was presented with
a guest prise, & beautiful silver
cream ladle.
Those present were Miss Adelina
Clawson, Mrs. D. R. Wilkes, Misg Dora
Lee Peacock, Miss Juanita Smith, Miss
Catherine Peak, Miss Emma Hoff
man, Miss Emma Hood, Mrs. J. H.
Moore, Mrs. Walter "Williams; Misses
Irene and Edna Robertson, Mrs. J. H.
Roberston; Harry Henderson, James
Poppel, Harpy Murry. Monroe Proc
tor, Ernest Linbaugh. William "Walker.
School Notes
The opera. "II Trovatore." was given
on Thursday afternoon in the audi
torium of the Lamar school for the sev
enth and eighth grades of the Mesa,
San Jacinto and Lamas schools. Several
prominent musicians took part in the
program, and Mrs. W. R. Brown was a
charming story teller, giving a logical
and well told story of the opera be
tween the musical numbers.
These musicals, which have been
originated to instill a desire to hear
and appreciate good music among the
children, have proved very interesting
and enjoyable. It is the purpose of those
interested to give them twice a year
for the benefit of the children.
Tire following well rendered and en
joyable program was given:
Piano selections from I1 Trovatore,"
Mrs. J. J. Pearce.
Voice Leorora) recitative and aria,
"How Calm. How Placid, the Night,"
Mrs. Leila- Moore.
Anvil Chorus (chorus of gypsies.)
Soldiers Chorus (Soldiers of di Luna.)
Seventh and elgnth grades.
Voice Maurico. "O Come Let Links
Eternal Bind Thee," Parvin Witte.
Miserere "Ah. I Have Sighed to
Rest Me," Mr. and Mrs. Parvin Witte.
Duet "Home to Our Mountains," Mrs.
W. W. Evans and Mr. Witte.
Trio "Thou Hast Sold Thyself." Mr.
and Mrs Witte and Mrs. W. W. Evans.
Mrs. J. J. Pearce and Mrs. Leila Moore,
Out Of Town Visitors
Mrs. H. A. Calvert, of Kentucky, Is
visiting her nephew. Dr. J. A. Pickett.
and Mrs. Pickett Mrs. Calvert will
spend the winter in this city.
-3t -3C
Miss Rachel Harper, of Three Rivers,
N. M., is here with her aunt, Mrs. A. A.
Harris, of Government HilL Miss Har
per will probably remain here until De
cember 1.
Mrs. James Porter, nee Miss Beatrice
McGbee, of this city, left for her home,
in Houston, on Wednesday, after a visit
of several weeks with her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Percy McGhee. 1415 North
Florence street.
Mr. and Mrs. H Nathan have as their
guests, their daughter, Mrs. George
Marx, and two sons of New York. They
will remain here probably for 10 days,
on their way to San Francisco, Cal.
I About El Pasoans
Miss Annie Lewis, of 631 Tremont
street, is quite 111 at her home, with an
attack of appendicitis.
Veal Stew,
per lb
Pork Shoulder Roast,
per lb
Hens, Home Dressed,
per lb
Spring Chickens, Turkeys and Trucks
Alive and Dressed to Orde-.
Pickles and Kraut
Bell Phone 136;
Fresh Quaker Oats,
2 pkgs. ior
Fresh Avondale Oats,
per pkg
Fresh Cream of Wheat,
2 pkgs. for
Fresh Post Tavern,
2 pkgs. for
Fresh Grape Nuts,
2 pkgs. for
Fresh Corn Flakes,
3 pkgs. for
Fresh Post Toasiies,
3 pkgs. for
Fresh Hominy Gritts,
2 pkgs. for
- -mm-t-eupgggB'laBazgBa
Women's Organizations coquet I 1)1 Churck Affairs j
The "silver tea," given on Thursday
I afternoon by one branch of the Sun
shine Workers, at the home of Mrs.
William Hogarth, 1407 East Nevada
street, was a financial and social suc
cess. The receiving line consisted of
many of the most prominent wflmen
of the city in philanthropic and social
circles. Practically all the organiza
tions in the city, which stand .for the
welfare of the community, were rep
resented, either by the president or by
representatives who are working in va
rious ways for the uplift of the com
munity. Those in the receiving line were
Mrs. William Hogarth, hostess and
head of the social work of the Y. W.
C. A.; Mrs. William H. F. Judd. presi
dent of the Sunshine society; Mrs. H.
T. Bowie, president of the Y. W. C. A.;
Mrs. Alice Barlow, president of the
United Daughters of the Confederacy:
Mrs. A. P. Averill, president of the
, Woman's club: Mrs. J. A. Potter, presl-
uciu vi cut. . . x. j , .nrs. u. j- iiuu
inson, president of the Missionary
union; Mrs. Thomas O'Keefe, president
of the Catholic Benevolent society: Mrs.
C. E. Kelly, Mrs. J. H. Hirt, Mrs. W. R.
Brown, Mrs. Irving McNeil, substituting
for Mrs. E. Kohlberg. president of the
Woman's Charity; Mrs. J W. Cox and
Mrs. A. J. Robertson, of Buffalo. N.'Y.
The cards and silver were received
at the door by the little Misses Erma
Davis and Sophia Williams. Mrs. Ho
garth's home was most attractively
decorated in the Sunshine colors of
yellow and white. In the living room
and alcove, where the punch was
served, were bowls of the yellow and
white chrysanthemums and smilax
was gracefully used. The table which
held the punch bowl was covered with
a cluny cloth and the punch was
served by the Misses Josephine Woot
en and Florence Comfort.
The table in the dining room was
especially attractive with a handsome
cluny cloth covering it and in the cen
ter stood a large basket covered with
white tulle and filled with yellow
chrysanthemums. From the chande
lier overhead to the four corners of
the table was draped white tulle and
smilax. Candle sticks with jeliow
candles and shades to match, also yel
low and white mints, added a delight
ful touch of color. Mrs. Robert F.
Campbell and Mrs. Guy Warren pre
sided here and poured coffee and tea.
A salad course was si ved by the
Misses Rachel Harper, L :ille Dan
iels, Anne Weeks, Karma Dean, and
Mesdames T. J, Woodslde, Albert Fra
ser, H. R, McClintock.
Mrs. J J. Pearce and Mrs. W. S. Til
ton assisted through the rooms, while
Mrs. J. E. Robertson pinned a silver
T on each guest present as a souve
nir of the occasion. The hostess con
ceived the novel idea of hanging a
large "silver" T at her front Boor.
Music by an orchestra was enjoyed
during the afternoon and over 300
guests called.
El Pasoans Away
Mrs. J. S. Bosgs and little daughter
eappect to leawe in a few days for North
Carolina, where they will spend a
month's time at their old home.
Mrs. Rosa Donaldson -was called to
Oklahoma City Tuesday on account of
the death of her brother, O. Smith, an
attorney of that city.
El Pasoans Returning
Mrs. Mary C. Hills has returned from
a tour of the -world and is now the
guest of her niece, Mrs. O. C. Coles
on Montana street.
J. G. McNary has returned from a 10
-days' business trip to New York and
other eastern cities. He also visited
relatives in Pittsburg.
With Beaded Tunic
This style of evening dress will ap
peal to those who do not care for the
tightly drawn folds of the draped de
signs. They are in equal favor.
The one illustrated has the usual
flesh pink foundation with the soft
chiffon drapery over one shoulder.
The skirt, which is accordion pleated,
is of the palest shade of blue, and
has a brilliant metallic luster. The
funic is made of white net, with a de
sign stained black, and outlined in
rainbow cr;tal beads V bripht cr
rie ribbon witb a ielet rose of th
same shade, ornam.nts Uie waist.
Wfflftf PSr EI1
p0 y
Conducted by
Telephones 2020 or 2040, day;
and 315, night.
The young women of Trinity Metho
dist church entertained very delight
fully on Thursday afternoon at the
home of Miss Eleanor Wright In honor
of two brides elect, the Misses Adellna
Clawson and Margaret Henderson.
The dining table was very artistic
with a centerpiece formed by a reflec
tor on which rested a cut glass bowl
filled with ivy, which hung gracefully
over the edges. At each corner of the
table were tall white candles. A tempt
ing salad course was served from this
During the afternoon a contest was
enjoyed in which Miss Rena Shea was
the lucky contestant The prjze
awarded her was a dainty hand em
broidered dustcap At intervals during
the afternoon musical selections were
given by Miss Ann Hughes, who sang
in her rich contralto voice; Mrs. J. C
Esslinger and Mrs. Robin Gould, who
played, both of whose selections were
very much enjoyed. The guests were
given little books in which they were
requested to write one sentence con
cerning the romance of the guests of
honor. Later in the afternoon the hon
orees were presented with beautiful
hand-painted berry bowls.
A great deal of merriment was
caused by Mrs. Wright at the close of
the afternoon, when she brought Into
Miss Clawson and Miss Henderson two
bouquets which contained a dishmop,
collender, flour sifter and Other arti
cles necessary for housekeepers.
Miss Katherine Harper wrote a short
story entitled "The Way of Cupid,"
which she read to the guests, and
wmch caused much merriment as the
characters portrayed were those of
the two brides and grooms elect.
Those present "were.
Misses Noreen Schelb, Irene Fergu
son, Lilla Thomas, Kula Harger, Dora
L. Peacock, Katherine Harper, Fleta
Ferguson, Anna B. Murray, Bryd Fer
guson, Vera Ballard, Rena Shea, J.
Mitchell, Vera Thomas, Eleanor
Wright. Mrs. Boutwell, Ann Hughes.
Lulu llfrey, Turentme. Jane Wright,
Addie Clawson, Margaret Henderson,
Sharp, Emma Hood, Juanita Smith.
Katheryn Peak. Hunter. Kane: Mrs
Covington, Mrs. W. U. Carre. Mrs. Beers.
Mrs. J C. Esslinger. Mrs. C C Hender
son, Mrs D. Wilkes, Mrs. Gunn, Mrs
H N. Miller Mrs. Henry. Mrs Fred
Wright, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs F.vans. Mrs
Yerkes. Mrs Gould, Mrs. Hatfield.
Special Lot
Women's Shoes
1 ' ' ' ' '-' ! ,-,-.,- i i- . i - 777
im ill in n conom3ri
i IV Urn, - ,v- -';-;v.:'k wiB Ki m I
I aaaaaV saaaaaV I Sj'XrX - - V52laTi.. Xrmf it. i-' .X laaaaaaaal bbbbbbbK saaaaaaaaaB lafafafafafafaB afafafal HafafafB M OH att afat afafataC
lv nislfe II Q-J I
Women spw v aittes to jv "
nT' J? r'LSM.- $3.50 Values at
misses & Lhildren s lQ)nJr , .
D m.m. J D? Z. $3.00 Values at
Button and Blucher $2JQ Values al
SrtG9 Hih Cut Lace Boots
OjS ( With Buckles)
Oil Tan Leather, Stout Soles, Sizes 1 to
2, $3.50 Values at . . . . $2 AS
Sizes 2 1-2 to 7, $4.00 Values at $2.85
Corkin Good For School Wear
221 San Antonio
Front Entrance
Our Real Bargains
Mrs. A W. Hadley of 402 Arizona
street vice president of the second di
vision of the First Christian church,
pleasantly entertained the women of
the church from 3 to 5 on Thursday
afternoon. About 50 guests were pres
ent. Those assisting the hostess were
Mesdames P. J. Rice, D. S. Johnson,
Hall Hatcher, Jim Miller, C P. Vowell,
W. H. Anderson and H. B. Homan.
Mrs. D. R. Wilkes and sister. Miss
Adellna Clawson, left this morning for
San Antonio, Tex., where Miss Clawson
will be married on Sunday. November
17. to Horace McRee, of Eagle Lake,
Tex. Miss Clawson has lived In the city
for some time and has many friends
who have entertained with a number of
social events in her honor.
tnhich nature
body-forces are slowly reduced.
Scott9 s Emulsion is the concentrated
pure food-medicine to check this decline.
It refreshes the body by making healthy
blood and is nature s greatest
aid to fortify the lungs and
t prevent tuberculosis.
Scott's Emulsion makes
energy, health and strength.
Scott & Bowne. Bkemfeld, N J. 12-93
Oxfords, T 1
spr?s- v aittes to $
They Make Dandy House Shoes
Good Sizes
r-lt ? t
paLf Gun Metal & Kid
One of the most brilliant and suc
cessful social events of the season was
the reception and dance Thursday night
at the Toltec club, given by Mr. and
Mrs. Lamar Davis and Mr. and Mrs.
William Wise to meet Mr. and Mrs.
Jharles Davis. The rooms of the club
"ere artistically decorated in an at--active
scheme of white and pink.
In the receiving line were Mr. and
Mrs. I-amar Davis. Mr and Mrs. Wil
liam Wise. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis
and Mrs. L. H. Montgomery. Mrs. La
mar Davis wore a beautiful gown of
pink uncut velvet, trimmed with
shadow lace and rhinestones She car
ried pink roses. Mrs. Wise wore an
elaborate gown of white satin, cov
ered with embroidered net, trimmed
with chrystal bands in blue and gold.
She carried American Beauties. Mrs.
Charles Davis's gown was a handsome
one of white satin, covered with gold
embroidered net. Mrs. Davis carried
a bouquet of violets. Mrs. Montgom
ery, mother of Mrs. Charles Davis,
wore a white satin gown covered with
black lace.
The grand march was led by Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Davis. At a table, artis
tically decorated in grapes and smilax.
in the alcove of the ballroom, punch
was served during the entire evening.
The spacious living room of the club
was decorated In white carnations and
roses, the mantelpiece beirg banked
with the flowers.
n-.l-l ..l...,ta Stf lh,M
I uejicious rcifwHimciiw " . , ""-
courses were attractively served in this
room from small tames. xnese were
decorated in bouquets of pink roses,
with chrystal candlesticks holding pink
candles and shades.
About 600 guests enjoyed the even
ing. Indoor
of every fund prevent the
freedom of sunlight exercise
intended, and vital
m g$ j
Values to
$2.35 The very best hand sewed
c Qr Xca-rinc,
$1.95 g& soles, and solid as a
$I 65 rock
Saturday Only
6il S
$4.00 Values at $2.55
TJ 2 White Buck Button
WW OTYIGTI S Boots, Newest Last
$4.00 Values at $3.05
These Are New Up-to-Date Goods And
Are Dirt Cheap.
You have known the name
Regal for twenty years.
But you don't know what the
name means unless you have
worn the shoe.
It means good fit, good wear,
and good looks. Wearing
Regals puts you in the class
with the best-dressed half-
million Americans.
Begin by wearing
A London style, dressy, modish, bat coin.
fortable. Flat sole, wide bank, broad tread,
low heel the fashion notes of this 'Winter.
Tan Gun Metal Button or & CT
Tan Russia Calf Bhscber ?TwV
Don't Be Peeved
when you discover that the
price of this 5 acre tract near
Kl Paso has doubled with the
building of the interurban.
You can buy this tract now for
1750 on easy terms.
Tobin Real Estate
Trust Co.
The Post Office Is Behind.
Velvet Button
Boots, Newest Toe
'Economy Basement1'
116 Texas Si. v
Jr -
m &. jStoMtosL Jffltijjfcfc
.. 1
CnA .i-zc Economy Base-
widtns oJi;
) fcxonomy Basement
Sale Price
$2.15 I
Continues 15 Days

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