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Friday, November 15, 1912 13
He'en Keller To Be Tutor of Afchonzo's Son
Woman's Beauty is
Based on Health
It's the
AH! This is the real thing. With a sandwich
at the club; at the down town cafe; with a
swell table d'hote; on the limited; wherever
you find people wise to what is best at mealtime,
you notice - -
Tke Beer of Quality
oil the table. Ask any doctor- he will tell you that
Pabst "Blue, Ribbon" Beer is the one beverage
that harmonizes best with the process of digestion.
Bottled only at the brewery in crystal clear bottles,
showing at a glance that it is clean and pure.
Order a case
Milwaukee Beer Co.
294-M6-20B So. Ochoa St.
Beth Phones 2161
El Paxo, Texas
Man Likes To Teli of Himself,
But Doesn't Like To Listen
Woman Is Always Interested in What Husband Has Boae, But Husband Gets
Bored When Wife Talks.
YOUNG woman who is engaged
ZA to be married, and who is T
- J- therefore contemplating man
at arms length, so to speak, instead of
lrom long range, has just discovered a
masculine peculiarity that has greatly
puzzied her
It Is her sweetheart's lack of inter
est in her point of view except as it
affects himself, and the fact that he
crows distrait and bored when she
tries to talk to him about subjects I
that are of importance to her alone.
She sa s that she listens joyously and
is absorbed while he discourses by the j
hour aboift his life, his hopes, the .
people he knows and the successes he ,
makes, and the compliments he gets j
from his emr-lovers, but that when she
starts in to tell him something about
herself, her business, her plans ana
and hopes, and successes, he yawns in
her face
She knows it isn't because the man
doeni't love her, because he does. She
Ksows it isn't because they are not
congenial, because they have the same j
tastes, and he is keenly interested as !
long as the conversation keeps to
topics in which they are mutually con
cerned. It's only when she talks of
things that belong to herself alone
that his attention- wavers and he be
gins to look at his watch.
The girl wants to know why this is (
thus, and if this attitude on the part I
of her sweetheart indicates any lack I
of affection in him.
Certainly not! And it isn't an ec
f'ntneity of her particular man. It's
a sex characteristic All men are
built that way, and there is no other
jar in life that a woman gets that so
completely knocks her egotism into
smithereens as the knowledge that no
man eer loes her enough to want to
Know the real woman inside of her
the woman that is made up of her past
life and her innermost thoughts and
A man is contented with a surface
iiew of a woman. He takes her at
what she is, or what he things she is.
He has no desire to know what has
made her what she is, and no curios-
ty about what experiences she has
passed through unless he suspects
hem of having been evil doers.
He doesn't wajit to hear any stories
Wash your
Put a dash of Gold Bust into the water, and it
will go to the bottom of things, drive out every
bit of dirt, every germ, every hidden particle.
GoW Dost cleanses as well as cleans.
We promise you this, if you use Gold DliSi.
Your dishes will he sweeter and cleaner than
will save at least half
the time ordinarily
consumed in wash
ing them.
QM Dast does bet
ter work than soap
or any other dish
washing product
and saves half the
Pabst Flavor
for your borne.
or write.'
about her childhood or her school
days, and if she tries to tell him about
the time when she was a little girl
in pinafores -with her hair in pigtails,
or relates to him the thrilling adven
tures she had at boarding school, he
Is sure to remember a pressing en-
fragement that calls him away from the
alkies t.
On the contrary, there is nothing
under the sun that has ever happened
to tle man she loves that is not of
burning, throbbing heart interest to a
woman. She will sit up, spellbound,
bv the week while her sweetheart
monologues along about the time
when he was a little freckled faced
boy with warts on his hands, and of
how he used to go to the old swim
ming hole, and snare birds, and so on.
She will thrill over his college esca
pades, and simply sit up and beg for
more while he maunders on about his
business, and what he said to the
bookkeeper and the bookkeeper said
to him.
No man hesitates to take up the
time and attention of any woman
friend by telling her of his troubles,
or of his achievements, and the wom
an is flattered and pleased by this
evidence of the man's confidence. And
she's interested, too, but no woman
would be foolish enough to expect any
man, who wasn't her lawyer or her
doctor and paid to listen to her af
fairs, to give ear for more than five
minutes to her tale of woe, or to re
joice with her in any success.
Chronic Constipation Cared.
"Five years ago I had the worst case
of chronic constipation I ever knew of.
and Chamberlain's Tablets cured me,"
writes S. F. Fish, Brooklyn, Mich. For
sale by all dealers. Advertisement.
El Paso street is fast becoming the
theatrical white way for the movies.
Dudley Brothers, the construction
contractors, have arranged to lease
the store, which is to be vacated by
the ackson Groeery company on De
cember 1. In the store room in the
Mundy building, a $10,009 moving pic
ture theater will be installed to be
opened on January 1.
dishes wit,
fnside Information
t i i h i r
do your work"
COMPANY, Chicago
Ai " VHHsLsK&s$ &&A wtsSmmSt C - j3&5kMHK -c2aK
The King of Spain's Heir Is
Dumb and Almost
American Girl "Wonder to
Be Companion of
the Lad.
Miss Helen Keller, the wonderfully
adept blind and deaf mute, who has
learned to talk, sing and recognise the
1.1!? JS? T? k .JL JSr, . TErni
n.ULhderbe!onw STdirfflS mtle
Lfde3"' Wh WM
born dumo and almost deaf.
duei VofplikffeWeSgth
tudy of the methods used by Mis, , Kel-
ler in learning to sing, speak, read and
tetVS SilSif NthY-
apply those methods on the young
UOV...TO ,,, N Vt 1 . yz, I j
time induce Miss Keller to go to Madrid
to aid him in ills work.
Hayden, Aris.. Nov. 15. County at
torney Johnson has been cleaning up
the rougher element that exists in
Wlnkelman. Deputy attorney Studley,
of Hayden. had been furnished with a
number of complaints, and Mr. John
son was immediately advised of the
situation and came over from Globe to
try the cases personally. Five were
brought into eourt before Judge Rico
on a charge of vagrancy and two of
them floated out of the county. The 1
remaining three submitted evidence to
prove that they were either working
or wsra tryirg to get work and were
advised by judge Rice that if not
found nnzaged in some legal occupa
tion within a week, ttey would receive
the same fate a the other two. Dur
ing the past spring many vagrants
were run out of the country and
Winkeman has been a much better
town since that time. The mining
camp and western type of a village is
rapidly disappearing in Winkelman,
permanent residents and better busi
ness blocks being erected to take the
place of the old shacks, which up to
a year ago were very much in evi
dence. A fire which started in the back
room of the Hayden barber shop was
extinguished before much damage to
the shop had been done. It is thought
that it was probably started from one
of the usual causes, that of mice and a
box of matches, as no fire was in the
stove at the time. Quite a lot of laun
dry ready to be sent to Phoenix was
burned and the personal effects of one
of the barbers, a new arrival, who had
them stored in the room where the
fire took place, were destroyed. The
shop was slightly water soaked but
not badly.
Percy P.aker and Miss Nellie Meyers,
both residents of Winkelman, were
united in marriage by justice of the
peace Wilcox, of Dudleville. Friends
of the two were expecting an official
announcement prior to the uniting, but
they decided that a quiet marriage
would be more appropriate, and hired
a car going from Winkelman to Dudle
vllle and returning the same evening
to the surprise of all.
New York, N. Y., Nov. 15. Andrew
Carnegie has Issued a statement ex
plaining why he recently swore off an
assessment of $10,000,000 on personal
property in this city. Under the se
cured debt tax Jaw passed recently Mr.
Carnegie paid a state tax which he
considers includes all the personal
property against which city author
ities might assess him.
Before the secured debt tax law was
passed, Mr. Carnegie declared, the city
Imposed a tax on 2 percent bonds held
by its citizens.
This tax Mr. Carnegie characterized
as "confiscatory."
The new state tax Is but one-half of
one percent Mr. Carnegie says that
while be always paid the tax himself,
"this unwise law drove many of the
wealthy people to take up residence
outside the city, "where a confiscatory
tax was rarely levied."
Frank Tlede, a poet shoemaker of
Philadelphia, was found dead in his
room recently. On the wall of his
meager quarters was found the following-original
The shoemaker sang as he hammered
O, who is as happy as I am today?
I saved twenty soles where the pavson
saved one;
And I always heel where the doctor
heals none.
I sit on my bench like a Judge and I
The people who say that my measure
don't suit
I cut all my uppers, I carenot for caste,
My very first pleasure each day is my
I'm always mending while others fall
And when I'm thirsty with eobblers I
I'll never peg out for I always fill in.
For how can I lose when I am shoer to
My goods are all soled before finished,
and I
Can foot my bill without heating a
In fact I am envied by great and by
For of this v, orirt's blessings alone I
II 1 ! IIMI . I I I I M
Beatrice Makes a Bargain.
OT the least of Beatrice Minor's
attractions was her enthusiasm
and enjoyment of all the pleas
ures and beautiful things that came
her way. Although sh& had recently
passed her 30th birthday, she had the
J keen interest in life tnat she had had
as a girl of 18. Her experiences and
i luaiol nTd S'-STS tt
i SSy ttaf charts mosf men" The
wcadB who is blase, to whom life has
is ASSS'
$"? & "SianVh'Tlfkel
, rrrt things.
Tto woman who fears that peop'a
will know that she seldom goes to the
oper r nas few automobile rides, or
really fine pictures', makes a
great mistake when sne pretenos inai
, "? 15f h Mnerience brines her
unaccustomed joy. This was an error
. of which Beatrice Miner was never
guilty. , x
She was not. therefore, ashamed to
show her unqualified admiration of
Paul Maynard's car as it stopped at
the door of her bungalow en this fair
morninK In tb last part of July. She
knew nothing about automobiles, but
the most inexperienced person could
not fail to recognise that the machine
before her was one of the finest that
money could buy. A huge, low swung,
cream colored car, with gltetenlng
nickel trimmings. It was a thing 01
beauty. Beatrice clasped her hands in
unqualified admiration.
"Oh, Mr. Maynard!"" she exclaimed,
"what a stunnipg automobile! And to
think that I am really going- to have
a long ride in ltr
She came to the side of the car and
kissed Helen who was on the back
seat. Paul Maynard and his brother
had stepped out of the machine and
stood, uncovered, watching her ani
mated face a3 she talked.
fcr Love It."
"Are you fond of motoring" asked
"I love it!" she declared. "But,"
with a little grimanee of regret, "truth
compels me to say that I don't often
get a chance to gratify my liking for
it. Once in a blue moon some friend
who has a limousine takes me to a
play or a concert in it but I don't
call that motoring. My friend. Dr.
Haynes, brought me out here and took
me back home in his car once but his
is only a small runabout, while this"
gazing again at the touring car "is
simply immense and as graceful as a
ship under full sail."
'There, Paul there's praise enough
to salt your declared Robert Maynard.
He made no effort to conceal the ad
miration In hts eye as he looked at
the widow. She wore an automobile
outfit she had bought to accompany
Dr. Haynes to Pleasanton, and her
heightened color and bright eyes made
her an attractive object. She would
not risk, she had determined, wearing
some of the hideous things that some
motorists wore.
"A hood that covers the hair, a
green veil that Shades the eyes, and
goggles that make one resemble an
owl, may all be very well for a pretty
girl," she said when Helen made some
commendatory remark upon her ap
pearance. "But when a woman has
left her teens some years behind her
she dare not appear in such' a garb
lest the driver take fright at her looks
and run his machine into the ditch to
escape the horror of her presence."
"Where will you sit?" asked Paul,
when the laugh caused by her remark
had subsided.
Just See That Corn
Shrivel Vanish!
The New Corn Cure "GETS-IT" Gets It
Coras en Sunday! Gone on Tuesday:
Before After
UbIbe "Gets-It." Using "Gets-It."
"GETS-IT is the new, corn cure on
a new plan, that is as harmless to the
skin a water, but biases, how it
works: Nothing to stick or hurt Lo
and behold, your corn comes out You
don't have to drag it out Kvery owner
of a eorn, callous, wart or bunion is
going to get the surprise of a life
time. No more digging at corns, no
more slicing with razors and drawing
Mood, no more blood poison, no more
sticking plasters. 'GETS-IT'' is sold
at all druggists at 25 cents a rottle.
o- pent direct by E. Lawrence & ""- ,
Chiciso. Adv
vSv $
"Whfere do you want me to sltT" she
queried, quickly.
"On the front seat by me. of 'course,"
was the prompt reply. "I was only
asking yon that question out of
courtesy and to make sure that you
would not prefer to be back there in
the tonneau with Mrs. Robblns and
"And tbe wraps," supplemented
"Indeed I wouldn't!" affirmed the
widow. She fancied that she detected
a shade of regret pass across Robert
Maynard's face. But what did she
care? Was he not an engaged man
and out of the running?
As tbe car rolled along the edge of
the lake. Beatrice Minor laughed aloud
in sheer happiness.
"The idea," she said, "of common
place me riding in this luxurious car!
Why, it makes me feel as important as
the wife of a multl millionaire."
"Such a person may be rich, but she
is not always important," remarked
the man beside her, dryly. "And cer
tainly many such are not at all worth
A hard look came about hfts mouth
and Beatrice wendered at it Did he,
with all his wealth, find people as
disappointing as he sometimes found
Sooner oi4
later yon
sure will
smoke a JBtM MjSH
pipe! yw FF$Mil
XJBTir '' 1 TjjJIijV J ' fc wS.X0BSBmW Mark Twain one of the
rVlaL!ll' ""jjt . vfc!XNcxloBi&" 'SBWmi Biot beloved of American
8hJ!M?f't!a'i't 'J!wl mLx J ' vbi gjggSgjgg'W Anther vra & great
S' UUWV9 vg3gS!i? sBaokeraad fond of ayipe.
popular. No tobacco could do that unless it
has everything that is, everything but the old sting and rankness.
bite your tongue. No matter how long or how hard you go to it,
simply isn't there, because if s cut out by a patented process.
treat you ever struck. Our word for it, -P. A." makin's just about
got the high spot record! Cool, fresh, fragrant, with a flavor that's
so good that you'll double-quick forget those dust-brands !
Sold by oM Uve dealers in toppy red Se bagt wrapped in weather
proof paper, tidy red 10c tin and katf.pomnd and pound hmmid&rsi
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N. C
To have health, bowel move
ment is absolutely necessary
How best to obtain it.
If woman's beauty depended upon
cosmetics every woman would be a
picture of loveliness. But beauty lies
I deeper than that. It lies in health.
in the majority ol cases tne oasis or
health, and the cause of sickness, can
be traced to the action of the bowels.
The headaches, the lassitude, the
callow kln and the luaterless eyes
are usually due to constipation 3o
many things tnat women ao naoituai
ly conduce to this trouble. They do
not eat carefully, they eat indigestible
foods because the foods are served
daintily and they do not exercise
enough. But whatever the particular
oause may be it is important that the
condition should be corrected.
An ideal remedy for women, and
one especially suited to their delicate
requirements. Is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin, which thousands of women
endorse highly, among them Miss El
sie Wolff, 431 W. 36th St., New York
City, and Mrs. W. P. Tatom, Wash
ington, Ga.. who have it constantly
in the house to meet such emergen
cies. All the family can use Syrup
Pepsin, for thousands of mothers give
it to babies and children. It is also
admirably suited to the requirements
of elderly people, in fact to all who
by reason of age or infirmity cannot
stand harsh salts, cathartics, pills or
purgatives. These should always be
avoided for at best their effect Is
only for that day, while a genuine
remedy like Syrup Pepsin acts mildly
but permanently.
It can be conveniently obtained at
any drug store at fifty cents or one
dollar a bottle. Yon will find it gen
tle in action, pleasant in taste, and
them? Did not money make his life as
smooth for him as she felt it would
for her?
The though; snt a little chill of
recollection of her financial limitations
through her mind. With sharp self- j
repKifwt, sne uoaiHiea ii, mailing ui
impatient little movement of her shoul
ders as she did so. Her companion
looked at her inquiringly.
"Are you uncomfortable?" be asked.
"What made you do that?"
"What an observant person you
are!" she exclaimed. "No I was not
uncomfortable physically, at least. I
was only thinking."
"Don'tr he advised. "Don't think;
it is a bad practice when one would
be happy."
"I know it," she agreed. "Let's
make a bargain not to think at all
It was very much sack an agreement
as she and Robert Maynard had made
weeks ago on tbe night of Helen's
theater aprty. The widow remem
bered, and smiled Inwardly in self
derlsten as she did so. Was she just
going over the same ground again and
again with every possible suitor whom
she met? Bat Paul did not krow, she
mused, of that evening with Robert,
and Robert himself, sitting on the
rear seat, was too far away to have
heard her .conversation with his broth
er. So after all, it was all right She
hoped that Panl would prove more
trustworthy than had Robert
j very solemn!" called out Helen mock
ingly. "Area t you Having a gooa
l timer
'"I was but little happy If I could
say how much!'" quoted Beatrice
.ail JIM ' Sf
SOME day you'll pack a load of Prince Albert in
your jimmy and find out what real pipe-smoke is.
And the sooner you do it the more fun you'll have.
That's how P. A. has started millions of men to smok
ing a pipe steady. In two years it has doubled the
number of pipe smokers, made the pipe twice as
rince Albert
the national joy smoke
If you roll your cigarettes, your smoke educa
tion sure has been neglected unless you have
tried " P. A." Why, Men, here's the greatest
aRiL Jflliilisi
free from griping and its tonic prop
erties have a distinct alue to women.
It is the most widely used laxative
tonic in America today and thousands
of families are now never without It.
If no member of jour family has
ever used Syrup Pepsin and you would
like to make a personal trial of It be
fore buying it in the regular way of a
druggist, send your address a postal
will do to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 414
Washington SL, MonUcello. 111... and
a free sample bottle will be mailed
you. Results are always guaranteed
or money will be refunded.
gaUy. "We are having a perfect time
at least I am."
The driver took up the challenge
flung at him.
"An I," he said but not loudly
enough for the other occupants of the
car to bear him "ant having such a
good time that I could wish the day
would last forever."
"But it won't yon know," said Bea
trice regretfully. "Nor will the sum
mer." "Then let's make the most of it
while It does last!" proposed the man.
"Is -that another bargain?"
The words were light, but the wom
an fancied them foil of a deeper sig
nificance then appeared on the surface.
Surely this man was different from
the others she had met; he impressed
.her as a man with a strong nature, a
nature capable of great joy and of
great suffering. The thought added a
new note of earnestness to her rep!;
as he repeated this question -
"Is that another bargain V
"Yes, it is a bargain," she answered.
The change in her voice made ths
man glance at her suddenly.
Thank yon!" he said, gravely.
And Ms look and words brought a
new happiness into the day for the
woman beside him.
Irregular bowel movements lead to
chronic constipation and a constipated
habit fills the system with impurities
HERBINB is a great bowel regulator.
It purifies the system, vitalizes the bood
and puts the digestive organs in fine.
vigorous condition. Price 50c Sold by
Scott White & Co, three stores. Adv.
7000 burnetlzed posts
Iiitnder IH2oIer Co Adv.
for sate at
had the goods.
P. A. can't
The biter
II Bb J fcr lift iiBnf 1

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