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I I 1 m The El Paso I
On Trip From Clint to Fa
bens, the Krakauer
Kanch Is Visited.
The chamber of commerce sociabil
ity run to Clint and Fabens ended at
5-30 last night when the round trip
was completed, and tlfe party of dusty
but happy boosters disbanded. At Fa
bens, for which point the pilot car
headed after the barbecue and speech-making-
at Clint, an hour was spent
ir.speeteing the new general merchan
dise store recently completed, and in
meeting the citizens of that end of the
allev. No formal speeches were made
but the chamber of commerce mem
bers did some effective buttonholins,
and while no effort was made to se
cure pledges of membership the way
was paved foi the actual solicitation
to come later.
En route to Fabens a stop was -made
at the Krakauer ranch, where the big
pump was bringing up 1200 gallons of
water a minute for the alfalfa elds
nd the young orchard. From Clint
to Fabens the El Paso party was Joined
bv C. E. Kellogg, U R- Th.Pso,n'
Marcus Jongjohan and S. B. Biddle in
Mr Kelloggs car.
On the return the Southwestern os
trich farm was visited briefly and the
flock of mature birds Inspected. From
thence it was a straightaway route Into
the city.
At some date to be fixed for the near
future a trip will be made to the other
end of the valley. President Clayton
and others of the excursionists planted
the doctrine of cooperation in good
soil on the Clint-Fabens run, and it
is the intention of the boosters to
keep at It until the entire county is
compactly organised to adequately ad
vertise Its resources and to act to
gether in all movements that will have
for their purpose the advancement of
the material welfare of the community.
Neal Institute Company, of
Des Moines, Iowa, capi
talized at One Million Dol
lars, Opens Branch in El
The "Three Day Neal Treat
ment" for the Drink Habit
the Only Successful and
Permanent Cure.
Cured of the morbid craving for
strong liquor in Three Days and for
ever freed from bondage this fe the
marvelous work now being performed
bv the Neal Method.'
To give the people of the Southwest,
and El Paso In particular, an opportunity-
to avail themselves of this mar
velous treatment, the JjTeal Institutes
Company has opened a permanent
Branch at SIB Mesa Ave., where their
Three Day Drink Habit Cure" is be
ing administered.
The Neal Three Day Cure is the ideal
treatment for the habitual as well as
the periodical user of intoxicating
Having been in use in 82 Neal Insti
tutes throughout the United States.
Panada Australia and New Zealand, the
Neal Treatment has proven its absolute
superiority over all so-called Liquor
Cures and stands to-day preeminent and
unrivaled in its line. It differs radi
cally from all other treatments for the
Drink habit in the following par titu
lars; First: It is an absolutely
harmless, vegetable remedy. Second:
It is administered Internally no pain
ful, dangerous hypodermic injections
being used. Third: It requires only
Three Days time to destroy absolutely
the appetite and craving for alcoholic
drinks. Fourth: No bad after effects
have ever resulted from this treatment.
Evay Case Is Curable.
It is now a settled scientific fact that
alcoholism is not a disease, in any
sense of the term, but a poisoning that
-creates an appetite and superinduces a
desire and craving for more liquor.
This theorv is amply supported by the
fact that the Neal Treatment never
fails to effect a perfect cure in any
case of the periodical, habtiual or
nervous drinker, no matter how long
he has been drinking or to what depth
of degradation he has fallen. It cures
each and all in just THREE DATS,
-without hypodermic injections.
The results of the Neal Treatment
s.re simply wonderful. It will sober up
the patient in less than Two hours
time after taking the first dose of
medicine and at the end of three days
the patient can and will return to his
family, business and friends, a new and
well man or woman, as the case may
be. Unlike other cures that take up
too much time for a busy man. this cure
is accomplished in three days, and even
the best friends and family need not
know that the patient has been absent
other than on a short business trip.
The Neal Treatment is administered
at the Neal Institute. No. 916 Mesa Ave.
Only Three Days no more, no less are
required to effect a permanent cure
and during those days the patients are
afforded the comforts of a refined home
in strictest privacy, yet without any
restraint whatever. A legal Contract
is given each patient to effect & perfect
cure in Three Days. Results are abso
lutely certain. For full information
write or call at
ef IM Paso, Texas.
Xs. 9tS Mesa Ave. PhoHe Tfe. 442.
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prices. That'', why you should trade
at this shop.
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per lb IOC
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Veal Shoulder Boast, IP
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Real Rug
lTi i in n
W rr"if"il itifa TrmTIrf t S El
L& ir SBBaai it
Jy roHSawal'fesa' fl
tm'S-'AKw'Nli si
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Young's E! Paso Furniture Co.
307 S. El Paso St Phone 835-M.
Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention. Write for Catalogue.
Two Mexicans Held for Im
migration Officers; Many
Sentenced in Court.
The Demlng office of The Bl Paso
Herald is In the Chamber of Com
merce. Boy Bedlchek la correspond
ent The Herald's distributor In
Deming is tne LefOer Field Cigar
and News Store. The Herald will be
delivered to all parts of the city, the
same night of publication, at 60 ednts
per month.
Deming. N. M, Nov. IS. Al J. Wat
kins was brought in from the 76
ranch in a serious condition, having
sustained injuries in a fall from his
horse. Several ribs were broken, his
back strained, and he may have been
injured internally. It became necces
sary for physicians to operate, and
his condition is considered critical.
, Pedro Figueroa was arrested here
' and is suspected of being illegally in
! the United States and being connected
i with the insurrection in Mexico. Cus
toms inspector A. C Ash, of Columbus,
brought here today Prudencia Mlr
I anda, whom he arrested in Hermanas,
charged wren oeiag j"r "
United States. -.1 ,
The distrW court tried the case
of P. H. Bailey., et aL, vs Juan Tel-
i les, which wa? brought here on a
change of venue from .uona Ana coun
ty. It was decided in favor of the
plaintiff. The jury found in favor of
Mary Bell Whitehill In suit for damages
against the Victorio Land & Catle
company, awarding the plaintiff dam
ages in the sum of 1S1.SS Melqul
ades Ponce was sentenced for man
slmrhter to a term in the penitenti
ary not less than two nor more than j
five years. Amelia uacnu was sen
tenced to six months in jail for draw
fnc and flourishinsr a deadly wesson.
John Smith was sentenced to a term of
not less than six months nor more
than two years in the reform school,
sentence being suspended, pending in
formation from Smith's former home
in Buffalo, N. T. Frank Williams was
sentenced to the penitentiary for not
less than 12 nor more than 18 months,
for larceny.sentence beingsuspended on
request of the sheriff and district at
torney. Paufilo Castillo, was fined
25 and costs or 38 days in jail for
Troop M of the 13th cavalry, ar
rived here In charge of Capt Cootes.
The troop will go into camp here and
remain possibly the entire winter.
Ernest Mounts, of Bl Paso, bas
bought and is now operating the Cash
meat market on Silver avenue.
J. G. Fitch, of Socorro, N. M., is here
on business.
Berlin. Germany. Nov. 16. A lteht
metal shield, claimed to be capable of
rendering infantry practically invul- i
nerable acrainst
rifle MlUetB IS S&la tO
have oeen invented Dy a uerman engi
neer named Schaumann.
Volleys fired at a distance, of 85
yards by the men of a guard regiment
during experiments of the Dahlem rifle
ransre only slightly dented one of the
newly-Invented plates, equivalent in '
weight to a plate of nickel steel of six l
millimeters thickness (just under a i
quarter of an inch). On the other hand,
bullets fired by the same men from a i
similar distance at a plate of nickel '
steel seven millimeters thick (over a l
quarter of an inch) smoothly penetrated '
the metal
The Prussian war minister Is-taking
a lively interest in the matter and it j
is said tne unitea states, xussia ana
Austria were represented at the ex
periments and are making active
efforts to secure the invention.
SrV"": 12'2c
Pork Shoulder Roast, C
per lb IDC
Hens, Home Drwsed, Orir
per lb iJC
Spring Chickens. Turkeys and Ducks
Alive and Dressed to Order.
Pickles and Kraat
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a rug that's sure to please
you in quality and beaut
of patterns, and at the same
PERCENT of what the high
rent stores will charge you.
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wear like iron. Special
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anteed to be the best values
El Paso for the Inoney.
(Continued from previous page).
llshments in the neighborhood stoutly
maintained that it Sad flot been in
operation for six months. They based
Hhelr opinion upon the fact that no
smoke had issued from the chimneys in
that time.
"Cincinnati has met with much suc
cess in a smoke abatement movement.
It was the first big city in the United
States, after Chicago, to pass a smoke
abatement law. Cincinnati has an
elaborate system of watchings, and
during last year nearly 70,060 differ
ent observations were made for the
purpose of detecting smoke violations.
It forced the railroads joining in tne
union station terminal movement to
agree to do everything practicable,
even down to the reconstruction of
Its system, for the abolition af un
necessary 'smoke. President Taft Is a
member of the Smoke Abatement
League of Cincinnati.
Rochester Leads in Fight.
Rochester has one of the most pro
gressive of all the smoke abatement
organizations of the country. It has
issued a pamphlet which is a remark
able contribution to smoke abatement
literature. The chamber of commerce
appointed a committee on smoke abate
ment, and this committee took up the
matter as a business men's committee,
to study it from the standpoint of the
business men. They use the old-time
kerosene lamp to illustrate how -amoke
is produced. If the wick be turned too
high too mdeh oil comes up and the
lamp smokes because the fire cannot
consume it alL On the other hand. If
the little holes at the bottm of the
burner are clogged up. it smokes even
if the wick Is at normal height, for
enough air cannot get in to produce
thprough combustion. The smoking.
mrnace, on tne same principle, tens a
tale of too much fuel or too little air.
When the Rochester committee be
gan work It sent a letter to every big
establishment In the city announcing
Its purpose was to help rather than to
hinder business, and asking for an ex
pression as to the best methods of
smoke prevention. Nearly every one
who replied was eager to do what he
could. Many of them had installed
smoke-consuming or non-smoke-making
plants, and reported success where
ever they had cooperation of their fire
men. One big plant reported that it
had a gage in its plant where the
presence of chimney gases and smoke
was automatically registered for every
hour in the day.
Denver, Philadelphia and Springfield.
Mass., as well as a large number of
other American cities now have effect
ive smoke prevention laws In opera
tion. At the rate of progress 'now be
ing made not many years will go by
until there will bd only a memory of
black smoke palls over American cities.
Philadelphia, Pa . Nov. 1. Miss Jane
Addams, the storm center of the attacks
of those who decried the alliance of
, u""6: wii.u mo .oun Jnvwc Jaiiji
has arisen in a new roe to complicate
matters. Her aclhprrit-) who are in this
cHy to attend the 44th annual conven
tion of the National Woman Suffrage
association, which convenes here next
week, have proposed Miss Addams for
the presidency of that organization and
are actively working for her nomina
tion and election, despite the fact that
-.here is a question of whether or not
she would accept the position were she
so honored.
AHte For Hire.
Phone Longwell for quick
and moderate cost.
1 right cleans the Wright wj.
BBSsH9i5tBHKIsSBHllA - - S
MimicOBS)MaF ; M
BBBB9BV9C4!naetlis? SSVSBbV
Lv. SI Paso 7:30 P.M.
Lv. Douglas 6:40 A. M.
Lv. Bisbee 6:50 A.M.
Ar. Tucson 11:00 A.M.
Train will consist of baggage-mail and roaches between T& P&eo and
Tucson; Cafe-Parlor-Observation car between Douglas and Tucson ; .Stand
ard electric lighted Pullman sleeping car between EI Paso and: Doufclas.
EUGENE FOX, General Passenger Agent.
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Wilson's Election Proves Suffrage Theory
Although Favored by Roosevelt, the Suffragists Failed te Stampede ta tbe
" ' Ball Moose. Refuting the Argument They Are Goveraed hy the Braatiess.
.u.HE election is over, and as the
SnOVUBK W -e -.
there stand forth three points
.. --c,- i.,..utinn ao
t..t iuuiicuiariy mwiwuus i
they affect women.
First and foremost, four more sww
Michigan. Kansas, Oregon and Ari
ih have joined -iheOHOraWe pro
cession that has granted political free
dom to its women.-
Second, alUHXgn CoL Bwtt came
otrtln fkvor of woman, suffrage, and
the Progressive party was the only one
tntt inserted a woman suffrage plank
in its platform, the Bull Moosers did
not carry a single state In which wom-
CnThiareone falt-that women did not
-tASSad. In a body to the Progressive
partv is the best suffrage argument
ihat'has ever been advanced. It shows
that women can keep their heads un
der the stress of great temptation, and
refutes the often ewressed ftwOrt
they would be fanancs In pontics,
guided solely by their emotions and
PrAnd I say this without .
disparagement whatever to the Prb
greStve party, which many women sup
lorted just as conscienUously and in
tPeinenn; as thef did- either the Dem
ocratic or Republican' party.
But in considering the high patriot
ism and unselfishness, of th wMne
tvho voted for and worked for the
Democratic and Republican Parties.
wMch ottered them J"thl"vlnfrmdsi
the Progressive party, which promised
thenf their hearts desire, simply be
cause they believed in thf democratic
or Republican doctrine rather than the
Progressive doctrine, think of this.
Patriotism Defore Personal F"-
For 60 years and more longer than
the Children of Israel wandered hope
lessly in the wilderness we women
whoybePeve that taxation without rep
resentation is tyranny, and "'
just government rests upon, the consent
of the governed, have o.beriire
upon the doors of the smt P"fyl
nrties begging to be let in. If only
we might hive the humblest seat, be
JowThl Uvt at our father's table. And
..- aftar.vear the door has been
barred against us, and we have been
turned away with jeers and ridicule.
Nobodv knows the toll and Wood of
our striving, the bitterness of pur de
feat; of how. time and again, our
hearts have fainted with despair; of
how often, when we saw our leaders
fall and die by the, wayside, it baa
seemed that we wei fighting for a Jost
cause. Sixty years and more of .baffled
effort and then, one party the Pro
gressive party opens the door and
leads us in. an honored and invited
guest; one presidential candidate, after
having long turned a deaf ear to -o ur
entreaties, at last claims, like ul of
Tarsus, to have seen a great light ana
been converted.
Women's Victory.
One would have thought that woaten
would have been drunfc wKlr the jay
6f this partial victory, and that with
one accord they would have rushed, pU
mell. to enroll themselves under the
Bull Moose standard. To their ever
lasting honor, this has not happened.
Women put their patriotism before
their profit, their love of country be
fore good to the cause that Is nearest
and dearest to their hearts, and tried to
do what they believed to be the beat
for the United States, even- though it
might not have been best for suffrage.
Best Treatment for
AH Complesioii His.'
(Pram Wnmnn'x Tribune.)
Til tell yon my panaceas, for all com- 1
piexion trouoies. xz iae .smh m cwi
orless. sallow, mnddy, over-red, if It be
rough, blotchy, or pimply, there's noth
ing that will so surely overcome the
condition as ordinary' mereoltsed wax.
The wax literally taee off a bad com
plexion absorbs tltts dead and near
dead particles of surface skin, mo
gently, gradually, you experience no
inconvenience at all. A new complet
ion is then in evidence, one so clear,
spotless, delicately soft and beautiful,
you look many years younger. One
ounce of this wax. procurable at any
drug store, will rejuvenate even the
worst complexion. . It is smeared on
like cold cream before retiring and
remov -d mornings with want water.
The mtrcoliaed wax habit Is a health
ier and more economical one than the
eosnt-tic habit.
If the skin be wihtklsd or flabby,
bathe it daily in a solution made by
dissolving an ounce of powdered saxo
life in a half pint witch hazel. This
acts immediately, affecting even the
depr,lst wrinkles. Elsie Dnmooil. Ad
and Southwestern
Announces the Inauguration
of Through Train Service
Between Ei Paso and Tuc
son on November 20
on the Following Schedule:
Lv. Tucson
-Lv. Bisbee
6:20 P.M.
9:15 P. M
Lv. Douglas 11:00 P.M.
Ar. El Paso 7:00 A.M.
They knew that they had nothing to
hope for from Mr. Taft, and little to
expect from Mr. Wilson, and yet be
I BSLxme they believed in the Democratic
I av TATirit1fMn Arwtrfnftfl thffv snlit alone
- "i"" .- rTr.", "
thoseIUies. 11 men ever gave a uner
example of sanity and appreciation of
the sanctity of the ballot' under tempt
ing conditions to become selfishly par
tisan, I don't know of it
The third point oflnterest to women
in the election is that it affords them
a visible illustration of the different
political status, of women with the bal
lot and wonflon without the ballot
All Parties After Women Voters.
Heretofore, so far as a Presidential
campaign has been concerned, women
have cut just about as much real fig
ure in politics as a snowflake is spp
posed to cut in the region of perpetual
summer. Campaign orators "Were con
tent to throw them a few bouquets of
compliments, and to say something
nice and flattering about women using
their great silent Influence in politics.
And that ended It
But with women voting in six states
and holding tho- balance of power, and
with women about to vota in many
other states and keeoJy Interested ev
erywhere to pontics, tlr2a m talk
about woman's sftlent luttuence. Ait
three of the Wg parties urged woasen
to use their voices in their behalf; aad
to roll up their sleeves and help with
the actual political work.
Woman without the ballot was a
cipher that no one thought ot consid
ering. Woman with the ballot la a
mighty power that has to be reckoned
with and conciliated. The granting of
the franchise to women in Michigan
and Kansas and Arizona and- Oregon
is the beginning of the end of the long
fight women have made for political
Wen Bis Moral Victory.
Other states will follow fast, and by
the time the next Presidential election
comes around there will not even be
any discussion of the advisability of
inserting a woman's suffrage plank in
the platform, nor will there be any
presidential candidate who skulks be-
New Orleans, Memphis
7:30 a: i$h,
7.: 1 5 p. m."
Solid trains
through to
Ft. Worth
Little Rock
St. Louis
Through ,
Dining Qar
I Go East v.a I
I 10:00 A. H. SERVICE p-M I
lil New York and Return I
II 95.00 s I
J I j 206 No. Oregon
Ifft ft ball
hind th assertion that hs doesn't Issjy
where be stands te regard te giving
urmnan tluh llAlIOt.
Tiu imnwltdM that millions of wom
en vote, and that they hold the balance
of power In any closely contested elec
tion, will be powerfully Illuminating to
the understanding ot politicians.
Women have borne themselves well
in this campaign, and the moral vic
tory they have won over popular prej
udice by their hlghmlnded attitude tn
politics is no less a matter of con
gratulation than that there are four
more stars In the suffrage flag.
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Charleston. W. Va, Nov. 1. Strik
ing minets attacked a passenger train
on the Cabra Creek branch of the
C. & O. railroad. The miners stopped
the train and refused to allow it to
proceed because two carloads of al
leged strike breakers were attached.
Governor Glasscock has ordered a
company of state milUary from this
city to the scene.
Wright cleans the Wright way-
Chicago and Little
all points beyond is best reached
v I Standard
I Equipment
Fast Trains
Winter Tourist Rates to points
North, East, and South-East Long
Limits and liberal stop-overs.
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-I - MIstbk: ok
Pekia, China. "Nov: tt Li Cher..?
Hslang. former premier and minist.
ot foreign affairs, has been given again
the portfolio of tho tatter office.
1m Cheng Hsjang oju was minister
to Russia ami possesses the onf idene
of the Btiasfsa governthwafc which it
considered dssfrable SjT ChHia intends
to swept sfs's invltatren to dis
cuss aCsagollsB aftate; hoping to
sabstfttrte -new Rwsso-Cblnese treaty
for the Russo-Mongoilan convention.
Washington. IX C Nw. 1$. Presi
dent Taft told fMPelai visitors, he did
not expect to rscOBUnead to congress
the repeal of tt free toll provision
made in the Panama canal bill last
summer for American coastwise vess '
A second portion Of the report ot
professor Binary R. Johnson, the expert.
lopon whose Investigation the president
baaed his zeeanxasroehunattosi of tolls.
contains strong recommend ation against
free tolls tor American ships.
There's art In pressing. Wright.
for livery, saddle horses, baggage wag
ons, heavy hauling, transfer, auto
trucks, hacks or automobiles. Long
well has th6 service.
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S& Louis
and New Orleans
Sleeper Eyery
morakrg through
to St. Labis.
Loins, Jr

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