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Free e Yea sad Every 3tssr-Ss&
HTtng K JIH n9llwn aMTCTf9tfsvB
I know nmnn'eageektg&
1 bare fooad the care.
I win man, free of 397 cnsgg. my liaaiu treat
meet with 1 nil iastractioos to any safierer from
woman's aBiaauU. I wast to teil aS msen eboot
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ronr mother, or yoor aster. I want to tell vou boa
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I what we women know Jreta experience, we know
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I meat is a safe and sure care for Leucarrbeca cr
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Periods. IXertee or Ovarian Tumors or Growth:
also caias in the bead, back and bowels, bearing
down feeKnzs. nervousness, creeping testing op
the spfoe, caeiaaciiGiy. desire to cry. hot flashes,
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caused by weaknesses peculiar to oar sex.
I want to sana yon complete ten Days treat
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JT JaMaaBaaSWMiWfc'Wk
sw-TMsaaaaTTawMaMffllBaVilV an H:3J
HHHiaiHK' 1
--.& 'at vmmt'-Zw
x ffafia;- ' " "'SPs? r
The WiUopUS- WalbpUS -:- By Elbert Habbara
f-pHE JVlllopus-Wallopus, vulgarly
1 known as the Steam Roller,
" traces a proud pedigree to the
Royal Juggernaut.
The 1S13 model of WIllopus-Wallo
pus is a self-starter, ball bearingsJ. viduality in the pupils.
rubber tires, noiseless, with automatic
lubrication. It comes in various sizes,
built for different purposes political,
theological, domestic, medical, social,
The original Juggernaut was devised
by kings to smooth out opposition, put
a stop to unkind criticism and create
harmony, or a oneness of sentiment.
The workings of the juggernaut
were, In the main, effective, although
history shows that often it happened
that the owner fell off in front of his
machine and was ground up into little
pig sausages, this being the fate be
was seeking to bring about for those
who differed from him in opinion.
According to the Law of the Con
servation of Forces, there is always a
certain amount of power in the world.
This power may be centered in ono
place or equalized in space in one in
dividual or distributed among many.
Where one man is too strong, the
many are weak. Thomas Jefferson had
this in mind when he said, "That coun
try is governed best that is governed
Emerson said. The strongest char
acters are never the best teachers,
since they tend to Iron out all indi-
Loveliness of
Skin and Han'
Able men. who render quick decis
ions on all housekeeping affairs, are
apt to have apologetic wives and
broods of offspring lacking chin.
Cornelius Vanderbilt, he was called
commodore, marooned his son, William,
to a Long Island farm. After the
death of his father this son came out
of hiding, sloughed a few limitations,
and proved "himself a better man than
his father even had been. The honest
pride and unfaltering faith in his Will-opus-Wallopus
was at once the virtue
and the weakness of commodore Van
derbilt. I once knew a successful business
man who thought he was the Whole
Thing. This man literally worked him
self to death. The widow, 'who during
her wifehood had" nver been allowed
to do her own marketing, took up the
business and doubled it in a year, and
did not work herself to death, either.
Every man who does things tnat
have never been done before and does
them well, rides in a Willopus-Wallo-pus.
He does not, at this date, exactly
run over folks; he just brushes them
with the mud fenders as he glides past.
If they afterward persist in getting in
his way. how can he help it!
The Wfllopus-Wallopus has its legit
imate purpose in the divine economy,
nut it is easy to misuse it. Joy riders
on a Willopus-Wallopus, having
sneaked the machine out of the cosmic
garage, always disregard the rules of
the road. They run over citizens, and
then stop, pick up tbe victim and take
him to the nearest Ananias club, thus
absolving themselves from damages.
To avoid the risk of being run down
by a Willopus-Wallopus. the gentle
reader is advised to get one of .his
own. Copyright, 1912, International
News Service.
Prize Fight Films and -Lottery Tickets, Mongooses and
Malta Goats, Flying Foxes and Eggs of Game Birds..
Likewise Smoking Opium, Exclusion of Which
Is Building Up a New and Destructive In
dustryWhen Birds Are "Baggage'
and Soap Is Called "Fruit."
To tae -Want" Columns of
Tbe Herald. When there's an
unexpected vacancy in the of
fice or factory force. It's a
Herald Want Ad that gives no
tice. When there's something val
uable lost or a tenant leaves,
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tells the news.
El Paso has learned that
Herald "Want" Ads are the best
resort in an emergency.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Nov. 16.
Absinthe, that much adver
tised dope drink, recently ex
cluded from importation by special
treasury order, is by n means the
only article forbidden -o be brought
into this country. Investigation dis
closed the fact that there are a good
many other things on the prohibited
list, to which was added, by special
act of congress, July 31 last, the prize
fight moving picture film.
The shutting out of opium prepared.
for smoking has brought into exist
ence a new and highly objectionable
industry; i. e., the manufacture of an
extract of the drug, which serves as
a very satisfactory substitute. It is
made by rubbing crude opium in a
mortar with water, shaking the mix
ture at intervals, filtering it until the
fluid is nearly colorless, and concen
trating it by bolting. The stuff is thus
reduced to a gummy consistency, and
is utilizable for smoking.
Crude opium is still admitted at our
ports, so that there is no lack of the
raw material. But if it were excluded
by law plenty of it would be smug
gled to supply the demand. Satis
ticians in moral economics, say that
there are over 90,000 habitual opium
smokers among the white people of
this country (not to reckon the Chi
nese), every big city having its opium
haunts and habitues. They are bound
to have tbe drug, and the extract at a
pinch will satury their requirements,
especially as it can be purchased read
ily enough at many drug stores.
Xo OdIhui LiccHHea IosHed.
The internal revenue bureau is al
lowed by law to issue licenses for the
manufacture of smoking opium in the
United States. Up to the present time
it has never granted such a license to
anybody, however. On the contrary
successful efforts have been made to
put out of business the "cookeries"
which, formerly numerous in San
Francisco and other Pacific coast cit
ies. sought refuge and security later
ob. in out of the way places for ex
ample, along the Sacramento and San
Joaquin rivers, whence the opium was
shipped to ban Francisco as butter ana
The business of makine opium ex
tract is now conducted on a consid
erable scale in Philadelphia, Balti
more. an7 other cities in the east. Ut
most secrecy is maintained by produc
ers of the article, and up to tne preS'
ent time the government authorities
have not made much headway in their
efforts to put a stop to the business.
Whereas the crude opium contains
only about 9 percent of morphine.
there is in the extract 30 percent, so
that the drug thus prepared has a
T Lreally frightful potency and is much
rmnri, inlnplAna 1A IIUM th&n the I
Cttticura Soap
Asasted by an occasional ese of
Caticsra. Ointment No other emol
Ikats do so much Sor poor com
ptexioos, red, sough hands, dsndrHff,
amd dry, thai and faffing hair.
CaafeaBveeaaaaa Ofaemmt aoM aeeasBsettes
wasa. ESaesd sample et each ssaGed bee, van
aaVSLbeafc. Assteas "Cullmim." Iept op. Boston.
aJ luuAei Uuat Bxaceave in omnluit aMb Calt-
;9tff. Hfeaal mTTiBhrge.
! -H--H-
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Lander Lamber Co. Adv.
Don't Be Peeved
when you discover that the
price of this 6 acre tract near
El Paso has doubled with the
building of the interurban.
You can buy this tract now for
?1750 on easy terms.
Tobin Real Estate
Trust Co.
The Post Office Is Behind.
e3&J3aWKa55'rysafcLBBaB 'Jr
- , (M. -'
'In Time of
Peace Prepare
for War"
we never Know
1A7nn TARO TUlif TYla
with an accident
or at what moment we may be caHed
upon to help a fellow man that has.
It is always well to have on hand
Izxr Old
Because of its distinctive purity its smooth delightfol
taate added to the great care taken in its distil
lation it can be truthfully called "First Aid."
Be ready order a bottle today.
Its genuine purity its real old age
makes it the ONE whiskey that should
be used exclusively in every home.
On sale generally at Hotels, Cafes and Clubs.
Dealers everywhere supply the home.
ter that makes a good deal of differ
ence to the customs receipts, and
which incidentally protects the Ameri
can fowl against cheap foreign com
petition. Ducks likewise are not
birds under the rules of the treasury
department, and importers of their
eggs must pay 5 cents a dozen for the
privilege of bringing them in.
Regulations of this kind are some
what complicated. Thus geese are
"poultry" and dutiable as such, where
as swans are free as "water fowL"
The little chicks and ducklings, killed
when two weeks old, stuffed with
cotton, wired to keep them in shape,
and imported from Japan by millions
for the eastern market, were formerly
"toys," and paid 35 percent ad valorem
Now. however, they are "stuffed
birds, not for millinery UBe." and come
in free. Live frogs are "fowls" under
the customs rules, and pay cents a
pound. Progs' legs are "dressed poul
try." and are assessed at 5 cents a
pound. This is a case of what is
called classification "by similitude."
Frogs' legs are fried like chicken and
taste like chicken; therefore they are
chicken in the eye of the treasury.
Five Birds the Limit.
Five birds (or less number) are
"baggage," and as such may be
brought into the country without
special permit But it is necessary to
obtain a permit from the department
of agriculture for tbe importation of
live feathered creatures in larger num
bers, excepting only canaries and par
rots, which are admitted without re
striction. During the last year there
were brought into the United States,
under permit. 345,210 canaries, 13.398
pheasants, 36,507 Kuropean patridges.
5,994 miscellaneous game birds, and
49,837 miscellaneous nongame birds.
In addition, there were 24.318 birds requiring-no
permits, these being mainly
Of the pheasants. 12,32$ were Eng
lish "ringnecks." imported for stock
ing game preserves. The other pheas
ants, including two of the rare Argus
species from Java, were for avaries
chiefly. Which remark applies also
to five "greater" birds of paradise
the first living individuals of this spe
cies ever brought to America. With
in the last few years it has become
the fashion of wealthy people to main
tain aviaries filled with rare and beau
tiful birds gathered from various parts
of the world: and the estates of our
multimillionaires are being stocked
with fancv water fowl from other
lands, such as the Mandarin duck,
which lend attractive ornament and
life te smmH lakes td artificial ponds.
Cigars in Quantities less than 3000
are not allowed to be imported. Why
this is nobody knows The treasury
itself is unable to explain it, but such
Is the fact in law. It goes back to
the days of the civil war. and the pre
sumption Is that the legal enactment
on this point was obtained by cigar
dealers along the border who were
anxious to exclude retail competition
from Canadian sources.
AbsiBtae lx Shut Out.
Absinthe , was shut out under the
law which forbids tbe importation of
foods and drinks injurious to health.
But it is safe to predict that the de
mand will be plentifully supplied by a
domestic product, probably inferior.
A crude but salable absinthe liquor is
made from the essential oil of worm
wood. In the proper manufacture of
the stuff, however, the leaves and
the twigs of the absinthe plant are
steeped in water together with hys
sop, calamus, cirronelle, anise, fennel,
and other vegetable ingredients. The
decoction thus obtained is then dis
tilled and the product treated with al
cohol, sugar, and coloring matters.
Lottery tickets, of curse, are shut
out because this sort ot gambling is
destructive of good morals. Besides,
such enterprises find the poor their
chief prey. Nevertheless, it is beyond
question that a great many tickets in
Mexican, Central American, and other
foreign lotteries do find their way to
this country through the mails or
otherwise. In Latin lands, whether in
the new world or the old, the lottery
evil always flourishes, and reaches out
as far as it can to augment its ill
got profits.
Articles produced in whole or part
by convict labor are excluded. In
most of the states of the Union this
kind of labor Is allowed to compete
freely with the toil of the honest
workingman, but Our government re
fuses to permit foreign jailbirds to
enjoy the same advantage.
The requirements of permits for im
porting birds, already mentioned. Is
designed to exclude certain undesir
able feathered immigrants, such as the
Kuropean staling, which is a first
class nuisance. There is in New Zea
land a species of parrot which we
should not welcome, called the
"weka." It attacks sheep, devouring
their kidneys. Likewise, the govern
ment is on its guard against certain
objectionable mammals, such as the
Malta goat. This goat is a wonderful
milk giver and would be heartUy wel
comed, but unfortunately it is very
liable to be infected with Malta fever,
a disease dangerous to human beings.
Fear the Mongoose.
Tbe mammal whose exclusion is
most anxiously desired Is the much
advertised mongoose, native to South
ern Asia, which looks somewhat like
a ferret, though bigger. Once intro
duced into this country, it might easi
ly do $50,000,000 worth of damage an
nually. It is a wholesale destroyer of
chickens, a killer of lambs and pig
lings, and a deadly enemy to aU kinds
of game birds that nest on or near the
ground In Jamaica and in Hawaii,
whither it was carried for the purpose
of destroying the rats that infested
the cane fields, this abominable little
beast has already done incalculable
Another possible immigrant 4bat is
deemed very undesirable is tbe so
called "flJ mg fox" a giant bat. native
to the tropics of the old world. Our
bats need on insects, but the flying fux
is a fruit eater The largest species
has a wing spread of five feet. Such
bats are sometimes found in flocks
numbering thousands They have reg
ular "camps" in the midst of morasses,
or in other inaccessible places, from
which the issue forth at nighc to
make raids upon fruit orchards.
A special order was recently pro
mulgated forbidding the importation
of venomous snakes into the Hawaiian
Islands. The reason for this is some
what out of tbe ordinary. It is feared
that if poisoning serpents were
brought in and managed to escape
from captivity they would In thatwarm
Against So Many Surgical Op
erations. HowMrs.Bethune
and Mrs. Moore Escaped.
$31 l&jl
ilia Afl
ffjlml nil 1 fiiMMal
at those times, and
Sikeston, Mo. "For seven years I saf
fered everything. I "was in bed for f oar
or nve nays at a tame
everv month, and so
weak I coukl hardly
walk. I cramped and
had backache and
headache, and was
so nervous and weak
that I dreaded to see
anyone or have any
onemovein the room.
Tht doctors gave me
medicine to ease me
said that I ought to
have an operation. Iwotudnothstento
that, and when a friend of my husband
nA ;in shnnt T.vdin. E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound and what it Sad done
for his wife, I was willing to take it.
Now J look the picture of health and feel
like it, too. I can do my own housework,
hoe my garden, and milk a cow. I can
entertain company and enjoy them. I
can visit when I choose, and walk as fax
as any ordinary woman, any day in the
month. I wish I could talk to every
suffering woman and girl. ' ' Mrs. Dema
Bethuke, Sikeston, Mo.
Murrayviue, 111. "I have taken Ly
dia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
for a very bad case of female trouble
and it made me a well woman. My
health was all broken down, the doctors
said I must have an operation, and I was
ready to go to the hospital, but dreaded it
so that I began taking your Compound.
I got along so well that I gave up the
doctors and was saved from the opera
tion." Mrs. Chables Moore, R.E.
No. 3, MurrayviBe, I1L
climate multiply rapidly and invade
the fields of sugar cane. Supposing
such a thing to happen, it might seri
ously complicate the labor problem,
because the work of harvesting the
cane would be rendered dangerous.
A decision recently made by the
treasury is that a rail of steel is not
necessarily a steel rail at all. It was
discovered that certain importers were
bringing into this country ,the finest
kind of high speed steel made up into
the form of rails, in order to reduce
the duty to a low figure. It was, in
other words, a fraud. But the matter
has been settled by a ruling that
such rails are not rails. They may
b imoorted. but must pay in accord
ance with the quality of the material I
of which they are composed.
Seme Other Things Barred.
Under the rulings of the treasury
department, soaps in the form of ap
ples, pears, or peaches are "artificial
fruits." The grease paints and "nose
paste" used by actors are not toilet
preparations, but ''paints and colors."
articles," though why nobody is able
Lard is a pure,
odorless, tasteless product
of the cotton seed. Fry
ing foods never absorb
this lard and it can be
used over and over again.
It does not retain food
odors or flavors.
It k not only more digatibte bW
hog lard or butler, but produces
far belter results.
It k the most economical cooking
medium known.
Only By
Magnolia Cotton
OH Company
Houston. Texas
Herald "Want Ads
Bring Results
Try One and Be Ceaviaeed.
to explain. Starfish are "shells."
qhristmas trees were formerly a
"crude vegetable substance." Today
they are assessed at 10 percent as "un
enumerated unmanufactured articles "
Statutes of the kind used by churches
and religious orders are free of duty
if of marble, stone, alabastar, or met
al. If of wood, however, they pay 35
percent as "manufactures of wood."
There are many other curiosities In
the same line based upon trade terms
and understandings, which, rather
than scientific definition, govern de
cisions in such matters. One of the
oddest of them relates to a kind of
holy water, highly esteemed, which
is imported in considerable quantities,
being derived from a spring at Lour
des. True believers take it internallv
m small amounts, like medicine, for
its supposed miraculous healing effect.
One might imagine that it would be
admitted at 34 cents a gallon as min
eral water, but not so. It comes is
free as a "crude mineral."
Reno Bache.
smoking opium which has been shut
out from importation.
M(i Cannes Ban On Game Bggs.
One of the oddest of the articles
shut out, if one considers tbe reason
why, is the eggs of game birds. The
regulation governing such eggs had
its origin in an amazing myth, which
was to the effect that millions of eggs 1
of wild ducks, geese swans, and other 1
wild fowl were annually gathered in j
Alaska and the British possessions 1
and shipped to points in the east
where they were manufactured into
egg elbumen for us by bakers and
confectioners. In photography, and for 1
other purposes- i
It was alleged that these eggs, col
lected, from the breeding grounds of
the birds In the Yukon valley and else- ;
where, were forwarded over the Ca-
nadian Pacific road in enormous quan- '
titles, single shipments sometimes !
amounting to 1000, or even 1800.
barrels. They were mainly wild duck
and wild goose eggs, and .the bulk of
them were from Alaska, but consid
erable quantities (it was declared)
came from British Columbia. Immense
numbers, being partly hatched, were
incidentally destroyed. The ducks in
question were canvasbacks, teal, etc
and it was charged that this industrr
had done more to diminish the for
mer multitudes of wild fowl in Ore
gon. Washington. Idaho, Montana, and
California than all the guns and dogs
of sportsmen in that vast region.
The simple fact is that no such in
dustry existed. Not a single shipment
of eggs of ducks or other wild fowl
was ever forwarded over the Canadian
Pacific road. The whole story was an
invention from beginning to end. But
it was widely believed, and, to prevent
the threatened extermination of feath
ered game by such means tbe tariff
act of 1894 forbade the importation
of the eggs of game birds into the
United States. This regulation still
remains in force, and for a while did
much harm, considerable quantities of
such eggs, fetched from abroad for
purposes of propagation, being
dumped into New York harbor. In
1902, however, an amendment was
adopted permitting eggs to come in
"for propagation purposes only"
which is where the matter stands at
Too Cheap For American Hens.
One or two further facts will make
the absurdity of the yarn more mani
fest. Large quantities of egg albumen
are imported into this country from
Russia. Germany, and France, where
in summer, when hens' eggs are cheap,
millions of them are broken, and the
whites, with salt added to make them
keep, are dried in the form of what
is known as "albumen cake" To
make one pound of the latter (worth
50 cents) requires IV eggs the price
being equivalent, therefore, to 4 cents
a dozen. This Is a figure at which the
American hen cannot compete, and
hence It comes about that no egg albu
men worth mentioning is manufac
tured in the United States But even
if ir were, how could wild duck ana
goose eggs be collected in Alaska and 1
fetched over thousands 01 nines ot
railroad at a price low enough to en
ter into competition with the output
of the domestic chicken'
Reference to this matter brings to
' mind the question that came up for de
cision bv the treasury not very lonff
ago as to whether the hen is a hen or
a bird, considered from a tariff stand
point. Much advertisement was given
to the problem in the newspapers, but
nobody seemB to have taken note of
what the final judgment was when it'
was made So knot was the point
that it had to be referred to the sec
retary of the treasury, who declared
that the ben was not a bird. And
this is where she stands at present
The point is of more importance than
might be imagined If the hen were a
bird, her eggs (of which many mil
lions are imported into this countiv
annuall from China and ohewTifrcl
would come in free of dut But 111 i
tiu n a esrie 1 -nrpl i hen ;ur ' cr-
ire rtuitiblp T j ca f- 1 7 1 t-
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one-hall pound and as ranch mere as testaat to write lor the Velva recipe
th ey wish. book It will surely prove helpfaL
Any contestant may eater both cake, xU samples sabfaltted wBI be eustrts-
ladfje and candy contests, submitting uted nn( the poor of New Orleaas
not iess thaa oac-hall pound ot each aad last before Christmas,
be eligible to win a prize for each. ... .
. . . . Names of prize winners will be pah
All samples most be reeelved by as ushed shortly alter prizes are awarded,
daring the week beginning Bee. 8th Address all Baekaaes "Velva Syr
and cadlag Dec 141b. 1912. when the Contest." eare of Peatelc & Ford. Ltd,
contest closes at S P. M, aad no New Orleans, La,
PENICK & FORD, Ltd., New Orleans, La.

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