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(Sip K T3" AtbH
The "Redfern" is our special high class corset, the most
fashionably cut there is. Our Corseliere Miss Lattner can
fit correctly, and with perfect comfort, any figure.
iraawiniEii mma
HI Bll yB ff n tr
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Says Live In the Future
Forget Year Past; Try to Better Yob rseM in Future, Is Her Motto Carve
Future by Remedying Present Selects.
THERE ie a new movement on foot
called the Futurist Society. Its
followers are Futurists.
They resolve to let the dead past
bury Its dead; to give no thought to
What has been, but to devote them
selves, with all their energies, to th
present time in order to create such
a future as never existed in any pasi-
Perhaps these people carry their idea
jl little too far; at least, to suit the in
diidual of temperament and the lover
oi art For it has been said (I do not
know how truly) that they will have
nothing to do with old art. literature
or sculpture; believing too much time,
thought, money and enthusiasm are
Bpent upon the dead creators and not
enough given to the aid and encourage
ment of new geniuses.
To give up all Jtudy of history
would be to some of us the keenest
deprivation, and it would roD travel
of its most subtle pleasure. And to
,five up contemplation of old works of
irt would be almost crucifixion.
Futurist idea to Lift the Mace.
Yet the Fntunst idea is a great one
in tne main; and it must shove the
world along and lift the race at the
same time to a higher piano. -
Each individual should become a Fu
turist in regard to his own liie.
He shouia put his pasi behind him
ind forget his wn achievements,
whether ror good or eiL
If you have accomplished some
thing of which you feel proud, obliter
ate it from your thoughts, and begin
each day as if you had yet to start iif
itsvou have made mistuk.es, forget
them, and on the clean white pa&e ol
today write your first sentence 01 the
story of a wise, good, successtul future.
There are possibilities in you of
which you have never treamea. You
can be. and do and have more than
you have ever hoped or imagined.
No one of us (since Christ; has even
guessed our immense possibilities te
It does not matter what your age or
your physical condition. - if you have
your mental powers clear enough to
read these words and comprehend them.
and if vou nave the physical power to
take deep breaths, then there lies an
immense hope for you to build your
self a good, strong body and carve out
a new future.
Begin every morning and say this lit
tle Mantram," silently first, and after
ward whisper it audibly:
Curve Future By Remedying Defect.
"The Ged-glven Almighty Fs-wer Is
moving Kilkta Me te give health, sac
cess an BMtaes. 1 saall be shown
the way to help bring about all those
eoBditteas. Love. Ilsht and klta.
watt Hem me. I shall be shown the
You can bay this many times before
vou rise from v our bed, and you will be
given new strength at each repetition.
You can close your eyes and repeat
the words silently in crowded street
cars, and you can whisper them softly
as you walk the city thoroughfares.
So surely as you do this, faithfully
and persistently, a change will come
over your life, good will grow better
and evil will give place to good.
Your health will improve and your
fortunes will be bettered.
Always it must be said with a rev
Line Brat sign of a tor
pid liver. It is followed
bv coated tongue, bad
taste in the mouth, sick
headache and constipation.
Tutt's Pills
f a c t nr f Wa nriTVHP ITV I
mnf4ir vcxntla finer vmr livsr. I
; 5"""J 6 "B J -
bugar coated or plant; atj
your druggist.
Mar Chew. Proprietor,
will open Sunday November 3rd, a
First Class Chop Suey and Noodle
Dining Room, upstairs over Eastern
Srili. Entrance through main dining
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tains corsets or gowns.
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ij vjfw VAAJM
erent spirit, and with no feeling of
And he willing to wait for results.
Form Habit of Concentration.
And be persistent and use will power
to form the habit of concentration suf
ficiently strong to enable you to be
regular in this mental and spiritual
Perhaps you will say it takes time,
and you cannot spare it. Yet think
how much time you give dally to wor
ry, despondency and regret.
Shut them all away from your mind, j
jpe a x uiuriBi. Ana cream ivr yuur-
It has been done by others.
It can be done by you.
London, England, Nov. 18. An amica
ble agreement of the home rule quarrel
in the house of commons was brought
about today when ttte dispute, as -to the
govm-nnfent method, of procedure, which
led to much disorder last week, was
The government announced this after
noon its intention to reach the end de
sired by more round about means and
the Unionists having made good their
demand for the observance of precedent,
raised no objection.
Tuesday morning the interurban
committee will start its canvass in an
attempt to secure the 311,00 needed for
the bonus to secure the construction of
the electric line to Ysleta. A commit
tee, of which S. C Awbrey is chairman.
has been appointed and will work in j
conjunction with some or tne oia mem
bers. This new committee is composed
of Mr. Awbrey. U. S. Stewart. F. fit.
Murchison, W. F. Payne .all of El Paso,
T. 0. Porcher. of Ysleta, and C M.
McKinney, of Clint.
C. Evans, an elderly man, residing at
411 Montana street, was struck and
knocked down by an automobile said
to have been the car of A. P. Coles,
driven by his chauffeur, Andred Ott,
at the corner of Kansas and Montana
streets, Saturday evening at 5:30. He
was carried into his home where he is
confined to his bed. He suffered pain
ful bruises in the back and neck, but
no bones were broken.
Santa Fe, N. M., Nov. 18. Benjamin
Wyant, alias Benj. Roberts, and Andres
C'alles, night and day cooks at the state
penitentiary, filed the iron bars at the
kitchen window and escaped early this
mnntino. Thpv nud an PYtpnsinn il&rider
they kept concealed in the pantry and !
scaled a Zi-toot wall.
- Wyant came to New Mexico from
Texas and is 21 years old.
Thirty cents profit in an alleged
whisky deal caused the arrest of W.
S. Drake, the proprietor of a Broadway
restaurant Monday. According to the
police Drake sent out and bought a
bottle of extra good whisky for 56
cents which, the officers allege, he
sold to his customer fo- 80 cents. Be
ing Sunday he was violating city,
county, state and federal statutes, the
officers say.
F. H. Stonebraker, of Kansas City,
Ho., one of the best known cattle
men in the United States, is here look
ing for cattle. All of the cattle mark
ets of the country are short on
beeves at this time and buyers are
flocking to El Paso trying to get Mex
ican stock.
Denver, Colo., Nov. 18. J. P. Doug
las and Andrew Scott, of Douglas, Ariz.,
today filed in the district court a suit
for $10,000 damages against R. T. Root.
The sum asked is to cover damage to a j
grading outfit used on some mining1 1
n,An.,tl. in Ways, UariA vh(f,h "Rtftnt- '
is said to have leased from the plain
tiffs. Root at one time was a partner
of the late David H. Moffatt.
lets. Druggists refund money if it fails
to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is
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Col. Geo. W. Goethals and Staff of
American Engineers Will Be OBly
Passengers on First Ship.
Washington, D. C. Nov. 18. Some
time next summer or fall, no exact date
being specified, a vessel will pass from
the Atlantic to the Pacific across what
is now the Isthmus of Panama, which
consequently must disappear from the
world's geography and by the same
human agency the western Hemis
phere will be divided into two conti
nents. The vessel will not be the Ore
gon nor any other famous ship, but
will be one of the many small water
craft in daily use by the canal build
ers; and probably the only passengers
will be Col. George W. Goethals and the
staff of American engineers, who for
the past eight years have been carry
ing o'n the greatest engineering work
the world, ha, ever seen,. It will be
later than that, anywhere from six
months to a year, perhaps, before the
formal opening of the waterway will
take place and a naval fleet headed
by the famous old Oregon, will pass
through into the western ocean, and
the canal may be fairly said to be open
"to trade.
These facts are not of official rec
ord as yet; the date of January 1. 1916,
still stands for the opening predicted
by Col. Goethals. But that the open
ing will be anticipated to a great ex
tant lias "been promised by the canal
builders in unofficial statements, and
now oomes a dear intimation of their
purpose to advance , the opening date,
in the annual report of the canal com
mission, just published.
Already the appropriations made by
congress for the canal have run into
big figures, the total up to June 30
last being $293,561,468, and since that
date there have been additional appro
priations, exclusive of those for forti
fications, amounting to $28,980,000.
making the grand total $322,641,468. On
June 30, of all these appropriations,
the engineers had expended $9 percent
of the total estimated cost of the canal.
Outside of the canal proper, the re
port shows that work has been going
on rapidly In preparing harbors for the
shelter of ships at each end of the
waterway. The work of fortification
has also been progressing well, nearly
half a million yards of concrete hav
ing been placed in the mortar pits and
gun emplacements during the last
year. The sanitation of the Isthmus
also has been maintained at the high
level set by CoL William C Georgas,
tne chief sanitary officer, from the be
Governor ColqHltt Says It ShaH Xet
Be Taltcn Oat Even If the State
Text Book Board Says So.
Austin, Tex., Nor. 18. "I would
rather resign the governorship of
Texas." declared governor Colquitt. In
a statement issued today, "than to
have my children studying a school
text book without Abraham Lin
coln's picture in it, and I am the son
of a confederate soldier, too."
The state text book board has been
accused of attempting to eliminate
Lincoln's picture from a history.
Governor Colquitt denied absolutely
that any member of the board had
made any such suggestions.
TJ. & Stewart of the City National
bank, is now president of the Clear
ing House association. Mr. Stewart
takes the place made vacant by the
retirement of C. R. Morehead, of the
State National bank from the active
head of the clearing house after five
years service-
T. M. Wingo, vice president of the
Rio Grande Valley Bank & Trust com
pany, was elected vice president at
the meeting of the association of
bankers, and J. G. McNary, secretary.
Mr. Morehead's retirement was at
his request as he wished to withdraw
from the active work of the associa
tion after having served for five terms
as its president
The bona of Monte Haley, said to be
wanted at Cincinnati, O.. on & chargo
of obtaining money under false pre
tenses, was fixed at 31000 by judge
Dan M. Jackson, pending the hearing
on the habeas corpus proceedings
which were instituted in that court
Monday morning. The hearing has
been set down for Tuesday afternoon
at 2 oclock. Detective John Pflug, ot
Cincinnati, who arrived in El Paso last
week for Haley, Is waiting to see the
outcome of the habeas corpus pro
A. B. ?iagg. 3 years of age and sin
gle, died at a local hosoital Monday
morning. He had resided in El Paso
for several years, having fornix, ly b-i?n
employed as a machinist in the G. H
shops. The body will be taken to
Chicago tonight by his brother. Senja
min Plagg, a machinist employed b
the Texas & Pacific railroad. Inter
ment will be made in Chicajs'. wner
trr rarents of the deceased r-.-j-d?, his
father also being a machinist.
The body of Mrs. Wm. Willoughby
who died in Denver, Colo., on Thursday,
arrived in El Paso Saturday niht. The
funeral was held at 70S North Stanton
street Sunday afternoon at 2:30, Rev. J.
F. Williams conducting the services.
Interment was made in Evergreen cem
State Troops AVI11 Comprise Twelve Di
visions San Antenlo Will Be Head
quarters for One Division.
Washington. D. C Nov. 18. One of
the most important moves in recent
years to prepare the national militia for
use in time of war is proposed in let
ters addressed by acting secretary OU
ver to the governors or all the States,
inviting their cooperation in the war
college plans for the organization of
the militia into 12 tactical divisions.
The letters point out that if the mi
litia is to be used as a field force ef
fectively in war time it can be done
by this system of divisions, and to in
sure the proper working of the plan all
of the details should be worked out in
time of peace.
In the outline of the divisions no
place is given to separate companies of
infantry, which it is said should be ob
sorbed into regiments or other larger
organisations. Field armies would be
formed by the grouping of two - or
more divisions of the mtlttta or by
combining one or two divisions or mi
litia with one of regular troops.
Under this plan the 16th division with
headquarters at San Antonio will in
clude the militia of Texas, New Mexico,
Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. The
Arizona troops will be in the 16th di
vision including, besides Arizona, Cali
fornia, Oregon, Washington, Idaho,
Montana, Utah and Nevada. Headquar
ters for the division will be at San
David McKnight, chief clerk of the
railway postoffice. has returned from
an inspection trip to Roswell, N. M.
Thomas Edwards, American consul
to Juarez, has returned, after a month's
visit to various points in the east.
is a deceptive dis
ease thousands have
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Dorothy Dix On the Bachelor Girl
Says Families Pat All Their Money and Effort on Preparing the Beys for Life
and Make a Slave of the Girl Who Does Kot Wed.
By iniKUXnx ux.
EVER since the beginning of civiliza
tion men have taken thought of
their son's future. It has been
a poof father who has not tried to edu
cate his boys, and to have them taught
some trade or profession, or eatablisu
them in some business whereby they
could support themselves and find some
congenial interest in life.
Singularly enough few parents ever
nursue this course with their daughters.
The girl's future is left unprovided for,
on the cheerful theory that she will
marry, and in matrimony fiBd both a
profession and a livelihood.
The plain truth is that in the Present
financial conditions many men find it
impossible to marry, and under present
social conditions many women find it
unattractive to marry.
Therefore, the f6wr .of; daughters
cannot console himself witlre reflec
tion that it doesn't matter about pro
viding for hit girls, for they will before
long marry, because some of them will
be sure not to marry- .". . ,
The problem, then, ef the unmarried
daughter becomes a very serious one.
What is this woman with her life be
fore her, with intellwence and health
and energy, going to do with herseli.
The unfortunate worn k the --girl
who belongs t the wlltJp taevwhe
father is able to provide her with food
and clothes so that she does not actually
have to go out to work, but who is
not rich enough for his wealth to give
l:er a career in ibw- ... , t
Such fathers, tender and loving toward
their daughters, desire ior aiiecuous
sake and for pride's sake, to keep their
daughters at home, and they cannot see
...v k;. Uim ami .Tsiwm are not han-
,.v and satisfied in the family nest
Haven't the girls kind parents!
Haven't they a comfortable home!
Haven t tbev as gooa crowee u;'
friends and' neighbors! And haven't
they nothing to do!
No lives are so dreary as those of
women who have no real interest no
real occupation, who are stirred by no
real emotions, and who see themselves
growing old and gray and withered,
.ot;nn their Dnorcrim on IcnittinP "tidies
and embroidering doilies when they ;
Know Ifiemseives caiuvrc u uvui
Parental Objection te Work.
Yet when they propose to go out into
Vrixona Company Anient: the Alleged
Victim KahU In Many
Cincinnati, O.. Nov. 18. In simul
taneous raidc in six cities today a score
or more persons were arrested charged
with using the mails in defrauding a
large number of individuals and cor
porations out of sums which, federal
officers say, may aggregate $1,500,000.
Federal marshals raided offices in
Cleveland. Chicago, New York City.
Boston, Newark, N. J., and Rochester,
N. Y.. and took Into custody men in
dicted by a grand jury here a few days
ago, as well as others eaid to be con
nected with the alleged frauds.
The defendants, it is said, guaranteed
to dispose of stock in various enter
prises, charging as a fee in advance a
sum equal to one-third of the value of
the stock.
Upon receiving this commission, the
government charges, the defendants
made no effort to sell the securities.
The prisoners will be brought to
Cincinnati for trial, it is said.
Arizona Company. Cauxht.
Newark, N. J, Nov. 18. A Bruce
Crane, of the Hunter Crane broker
age firm, was arrested here this
morning in connection with the federal
government's attack on the American
Redemption company. Hunter A
Crane, it was alleged, were the local
Crane- was taken before United
States commissioner Stockton and
held in $5000 bond.
In the complaint against Crane, the
Pittsburg Superior Mines company, oi
Arizona figures as the dupe or the al
leged swindler.
Raid la Clerelanili
Cleveland, O., Nov. 18. -In a raid on
the offices of Horace D. Hastings &
Co., 866-870' Rockefeller building, here
today federal officials arrested F. D.
Minyard, the manager, on a charge of
usins the mails to defraud In connec
tion with the operations of F. D. Mln
jard & Co.. brokers, of Cincinnati. The
officers said the raid was simultaneous
with that in other cities.
Raid in Reehenter.
Rochester. N. Y.. Nov. 18. Federal
officers today raided the offices of the
American Redemption company hsse
and took into custody all persons found
there and also confiscated all papers
in the office.
Swindle Were Large.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 18. Postof
fice inspection officials who aided in
working up the cases against the men
cHp.rged with misusing the mails to de
fraud small corporations and stock
dealers, clatm the amount secured by
these operators will approximate $1.
:0O,OO0 Federal officials claimed to
have no information as to the actual
progress of the raids today.
n.it Wmtti Tn Xov IS TnKim nf
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the world and follow some profession or
business and make an individual life for
themselves, as their brothers have done,
they meet with such opposition from
their parents that only the boldest have
the courage to fight the family to a
standstill and follow their own desires.
The more unselfish and affectionate
-ield to their fathers' and mothers' silly
opposition and remain at home in per
petual bondage and vassalage, children
that never grow up, but are kept in
mental pinafores even when their hair is
The inevitable result of keeping any
able-bodied, grown-up woman in tute
lage and depriving her of a legitimate
vent for her activities is bound to be
disastrous. It is what has made the
appellation ''old majd" a ftenn ef re
proach, v '
Another phase of the situation that
parents overlook is this, that the income
that suffices to keep a family comfort
able when they are all together will not
support the individual members in com
fort when they go their separate ways,
and thus many a spinster is thrown out
on the world with a mere pittance to
live on when her father dies. She knows
no way of making a living. She is an
amateur at everything because' she has
only Belped her mother keep house, she
onlv helped her sisters take care of the
children, she-has only worked is a lady
like way at everything. And the result
of this amateurishness is starvation
The Pale Gray Anemic Spinster.
The time has come when parents need
to face the real situation of woman in
the present day. And they must realize,
if their daughters do not marry, that
they must help not hinder them in find
ing the kind of work that they want to
do in the world. For no human being,
male or female, can be either good or
happy who has not some absorbing in
terest in life, some worthy oDJect.
The dav of the pale gray anemic spin
ster, who was content with the husks
of existence is gone bv. The modern
unmarried woman declines to be the
family martyr, and it is time that her
prrents cease trying to thrust that role
upon Tier.
A. L. Latbrop has been called to Chi
cago, where his wife is reported to be
?exican Girl Hal Two Men, Ok a Mex
ican Minister Arremte at Hay
cb "A Prince" Robbed.
Hayden. Ariz., Nov. 19. Z. McDaniels
and Noah Barfoot, the former proprie
tor of a saloon in Wmkelman, were
both given a preliminary hearing be
fore judge Rice in Hayden on a charge
of gambling and fined $100 each. Un
able to pay the fine, they were both
taken to Globe, where they will spend
luo days in the county Jan.
Armanda -Guerera, a 15 year old
Mexican jrirl residing with her grand
mother in San Pedro, has filed a
charge through local official.! against
Juan Garcia Orosco, of Ray, and Miguel
Linarez, of Hayden. The girl's parents
are both dead and she has been living
with a grandmother for a number of
years. Her grandmother placed the
girl at the age of 11 in the hands of
Orosco and later she. was married to
Jose Kodrlgue, with whom the girl
only lived for about tfa months, 'on
account of alleged III treatment. The
girl said her grandmother arranged the
marriage and she was not consulted.
Miguel Ldnarez and the girl now ap
pear to be infatuated with each other,
and county attorney Johnson will try
to have her marriage to Rodriguez an
nulled, so that she and Linarez can set
ntarried. If such a proceeding takes
place, the charge against Linarez will
be dismissed. Juan Qarcta Orosco is a
Mexican minister residing in Ray and
was brought over by deputy Gibson
and lodged 1a the local jalt His trial
wUl be held In a fear days. The girl is
only -a "mite of a child.
Sheriff Hayncs has returned to
Globe, taking with him W. M. Hart,
who had a preliminary hearing before
judge Rice and was bound over to the
grand jury on a charge of aggravated
assault. Bond of $2000 affixed against
him was not produced, so he will have
to remain in jail until the next meet
ing of the grand jury, unless his at
torney bring up a writ of habeas cor
pus before jadge Shute.
"Prince" Bombay, a Hindu clairvoy
ant, who has been spending a few days
in Hayden, was held np between San
Pedro and Hayden by some unknown
character and relieved of a $300 dia
mond rinK and about $25 in change.
Local officers so far have been unable
to locate the robber.
Dr. F. K. Norman, of Pteenix, Is
spending a few days in Hayden with
F. K. Poe, paymaster for the Ray
Consolidated Copper company, has re
turned from Bukersfield. where lie ha)
been on account of the sudden death t
his brotht rin..iw.
P. P. PI itter formerly of VI Pa-,
- iiuv 1 i , ', master of th Sci'li
i I' i i '1 i svin - i. v , In j n L
Vj i ' s .. , . si-ii L
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Laasch El Pase Club at Texas Univer
sity 'With " Dinner la Austin
Hotel; Are First to Aet.
Austin Tex.. Nov. 18. El Paso stu
dents at" the University of Texas have
held their first Important rally, at the
Driskill hotel, in this city. The El
Pasoans got together a week ago and
organized an El Paso club at the uni
versity and then they launched the
movement with their supper at the
Driskill. The club is similar to several
others at the university, each composed
of all the students of the leading Texas
cities. The El Pasoans were the first,
however, to start things in the proper
order to advertise their home organiza
tion. Those present at the supper were:
Misses Ruth Long. Rose Stolaroff,
Mary Leighton, Elsinor Shelton. Bess
Murtle. Nell Hannlman, Gladys Strick
land, Mabel O'Connor, Mae Campbell.
Bthel Taylor, Louise Slsterman, Violet
Aitken and J. C. Alexander. Frank
Lyons. 'Lawrence Shea, Will Hawkins,
John Burch, Clark Wright, Louis Blume,
Louis Heep, Norman Morrisson, Robert
Hardiway Thornton Hardle, Paul Ellis
and David Mulcahy.
Miss Mary Leighton has recently been
pledged to the Kapa Alpha Theta so
rority of the State University.
Dan X. Jncksea, PrertdiBK
. Roy A. Lester vb. Blanche B. Lester,
suit for divorce; filed.
Monte Haley, habeas corpus proceed
ings; defendant's bond fixed at $1000
pending a bearing.
Smith et aL vs. Donminey et aL, tres
pass to try title suit; on trial.
A. S. J. Eylar. Presiding.
Herman Federizzi, charged with un
lawfully selling liquor; complaint filed.
E. B. McCltatoefc, Presiding.
Rosendo Araiza, charged with burg
lary; bound over to grand jury on $o00
D. L Mitchell and F. S. Gest, charged
with theft from the person; Mitchell
bound over to grand jury on $1000
bond, and Gest on $500.
Polk Co.. vs. -E. Paso Surgical com
pany, suit for debt of $15; filed.
Charles Brock, charged with theft of
horse; complaint filed,
Salem, Mass., Nov. 18. arturo Gio
vannltti. last of the accused in the
Ettor-Glovannltti-Caruso murder trial
to testify, took the witness stand here
mi... VAnna QAIft1!t writ-pr And MWC
I who is charged as an accessory before
the fact to the Killing oi Anna iim,
faoad the jury despite the absence of
his personal counsel. W. Scott Peters.
Attorney Fred H. Moore took up the
defence where it was left last week
when Mr. Peterss illness caused a
postponement. He testified that he went
to Lawrence January 20 last, after the
strike was called.
"Before I went to Lawrence, the
witness said. "I had learned that the
militia had been called, that there was
a feeling that Ettor should leave town
and that the stations were being
watched for outside agitators."
Customs collector A. L Sharpe has
gone to Georgetown. Texas, on per
sonal business. He wHl be away for
the remainder of the week.
H- A. MlttenthaJ, a merchant of
Detroit, is here to spend the winter.
For the Aged
Duffy's Pure Wait Whiskey
made from selected grain is
Nature's True Tonic.
It does more toward restoring and
maintaining good health, strength
and unimpaired faculties in those ot
adancinff ears than all other medi
cines combined Led for over 50
ears, L'uff s has an un equaled rec
ord as a tonic-stimulant.
Sold by drutrglsts. grocers and
dt alt rs at $1.0n a laree bottle. Write
for free doctor id i let- and booklet
The Diifiy Malt blikey Companv,
( jest. -. . V
Crowds at Hamilton Line Streets and
Wharves PabMe and Private
Buildings Are Deeerated.
Hamilton. Bermuda. Nov. 18. President-elect
Wilson and his family, or
board the steamer Bermudian,, arrive d
at Hamilton today.
Alderman Black, representing th
corporation of the city of Kantiltor
went out on board a private steame
to invite Mr. Wilson and his part
to accompany him to Hamilton, vhe'r
an address of welcome will be pre
sented. Large crowds of people lined the
streets and wharves awaiting the ar
rival of the president-elect and all
public and private buildings are 'deco
rated with flags and bunting.
Hurstholme, the winter residence
of Mrs. J. Borden Harriman. has been
offered to Mr. Wilson during his sta;
Los Angeles, Cat, Nov. 18. The firs
legal battle over the presidential vote
in Los Angeles county, hipon wh'el
hinges the political complexion of Cal -fornia's
delegation to the electoral col
lege, came up- today in the distric
court of appeals. The issue was the
vote In 35 precincts in which Rooseve!r
electors received a plurality of more
than 1M0 votes, which the Democrats
declare should be thrown out because
the board of supervisors opened the
sealed envelopes containing the tall
sheets of the returns and corrected
them prior to the day set by law for
the official canvass.
Two days for Thanksgiving and tw
weeks for Christmas is the offering
of the school board to the teachers an '
pupils. Superintendent N. R. Crozier a:.
nounced Monday that the Thanksgiving
vacation would begin Wednesday after
noon, Nov. 27, and continue until Mon
day morning, Dec 2. The Chrisima
holidays will begin on Friday. Dec 2
and end on Monday, Jan. 6.
Avoid Sedative Cough Medicines.
If you ant to contribute directly to
the occurrence of capillary bronchitis
and pneumonia use cough medicines
that contain codine. morphine, heroir
and other sedatives when you have i
cough or cold. An expectorant l.k
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is what
is needed. That cleans out the cultur
beds or breeding places for the germs
of pneumonia and other germ diseases
That is why pneumonia never result'
from cold when Chamberlain's Couerh
I Remedy is used. It has a world widp
reputation for its cures, it contains
no morphine or other sedative. Fo
sale by all dealers. Advertisement.
Use Domestic Coke.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
Table Cloths,
Napkins, Tray Cloths
and Doilies must be beautifully
laundered or die effect of the
table setting is spoiled!
At thk laundry we wash them
under sanitary conditions, iron
them smooth, absolutely no string
marks, deliver them spotlessly
Why not try our work on
Table Linen?
Phoae 2177.
Elite Laundry
Sanitary and
J 412-414 S. Oregon St.
If c s-M
t H

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