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ffeL - The Id
MM It Mus
kM ing and
IwttMwk where can
jMw) ttx garments?
WKVjL- with special
i u.m julw rdf 'Mntiir tk. .iim i
m&MBrKS c
; I tar
Prices On
Woaltex Coats
Range From
$19.50 Up
sal Coat for Thanksgiving
t Have Refined Style, Correct Tailor-
Protective Qualities,
these be found so abundantly as in Wool-
we are showing just now have come to us
thought of the needs of Thanksgiving
The showing here comprises a range of styles embracing everything from
the loose, comfortable "ittiiity" coat to the finest evening wraps, and in
sures easy and satisfactory selection.
If you require coat for travel of motoring ea Thanksgiving, r for fine
dress wear At an important function you should see these.
Tney're Wooltag and superior in style, tailoring and all
of to Other filings that lHake for excellence and complete
You viH ml find efsennere a line ef ctaU that contain so many superiorities
and yet seH at snch reasonable prices.
Thursday Special
.SO Sweater Coats $2.95
Women's all-wool, fancy knit sweater coats, double breasted wish semi-roll
cottar and two packets, trimmed with pearl buttons. Come ia a OP
red, Oxford, navy, black, tan, brown and white. Sixes 3-1 'to 44. a M
Our regular t50 eweator eoats; Extra Special, Thursday only, r
We offer splendid Values in novelty end plain sweater coats at $2.75,
$1.95. $3.50, $3.95 and upward.
t-M1 ;j ivij i r?rc
bbbbb? . ?tt :&&
f, f jd'.'i. "'"l ' ' ' 'il
Bbbe i' ,f3'i'X"'i'ilS,ijl
InBttSp" Mna puiiln l!''1'
W'' 'i-5f- is ':'Pfo1r
that 's good f or a life tane of service. De-
" peiidabld silverware, graceful in its pat-
m terns, stauneli in its wearing qualities.
- The production of such silversmiths as
EE Gorham, WMting, Wallace, Reed and
Barton and other world known houses.
EEE Our stock of both flat. and hollow table
EE silver deserves the attention of every
:z one who is looking either to replenish
EEE their own silver service or to secure ac-
ceptable presents for others.
W. T. Hixson Company
. Wholesale, Retail and Mfg. Jewelers.
fE El Paso. Texas.
Mid-Week Apple Sale
rHIS week we offer you something entirely out of
the ordinary in the way of a special. Everybody
Wants apples, not only for right now but for Thanks
giving. So, to supply this demand, we offer tomorrow
the following attractive specials.
Fancy White Winter Pearmain Apples
It is a well known fact that the Pearmain is the ideal
apple for both eating and cooking. No apple offered on
the El Paso market compares, in any way, to the Pear
main, and you should, by all means, take advantage of
tie fqllowing special prices.
Fancy White Winter Fancy White Winter
Pearmain Apples, 41-2 Pearmain Apples, 4 tier
tier large box lage box
$1.90 $2.00
Fancy Ben Davis Apples (red) 4 tier large box. .$1.50
Advance Thanksgiving Suggestions
No EI Paso hoasekeeper should worry with making her own Mine meat when
can get here Heinz celebrated mince meat, we oner uema g
ce Meat, in bulk, at, per pound ' vrC
Plum Puddings
We offer Franco-American Plum Puddings at the fol
lowing prices:
Individuals, 2 for 25c 2 S tkis- .-. 65c
1 ft tins 35c 3 fc tins $1.00
SPECIAL NOTE. Franco-American Cusiard Sonce fs the American
standard. ' We ofer half pint tku at 20c each.
Tel. 2576
Tel. 2576
Gtatlier Brothers Hare DMHsentti thai
WIU Give T&em LmNtt Iea
Proertr la the WorM
Santa Rosalia, Chlh., Nor. 20. What
are said to be the largest iron ore de
posits in the world have bean acquired
by denouncement within the past year
by Paul and Henry Ginther, of this
city, who made the last denouncement
of 300 hectaras last week.
In all. the Ginther brothers own 1S00
hectaras of surface and below grround
in the Cerro de las Cruras section of
the Carmago district, ' which includes
this city, or a trifle over 3000 acres in
all. Experts who have visited the
properties, say that the iron ore de
posits in sight will exceed 2.000,000,000
tons, besides untold quantities of coal
that can be used for various purposes.
This vast property is within close
Srorlmity to the projected Chlhuahua
tonclova railroad, which the Central
railroad will soon begin building. The
nearest point to this road will then
be about three miles, but it is proposed
to build an extension to the mines,
should active operations be started on
or before the government begins work
on the projected line.
Cerro de -las Crnsae is situated SO
miles east of Santa Rosalia and is
easily accessible, a good wagon road
leading all the way to the mines.
It is reported here that a company
will be formed by the Ginther brothers
to operate the claims jst as soon as
the political conditions warrant and to
erect a large iron and steel mill.
Send Your
To This Laundry
Soft Water, Pure Soap,
Care in Washing and Drying
So the Flannels do sot shrink
and Sanitary Conditions
are reasons why you should.
For your comfort and the
sake of yow underwear try us.
Phone 2177.
Elite Laundry
Sanitary and
412-414 S. Oregon St.
and Southwestern
Announces the Inauguration
of Through Train Service
Between El Paso and Tuc
son on November 20
on the Following Schedule:
Lv. SI Paso 7:30 P. M.
Ly. Douglas 6:40 A. M.
IiT. Bisbee , 6:50 A. M.
I I Ar. Tucson, 11:00 A.M.
An auto, said to belong to Mrs. G. E.
Spancer, of Tsleta, struck J. W. San
ders Tuesday afternoon as he was running-
to catch a a car at the Sheldon.
Any sere that is obstinate or slow in healing should cause suspicion and
put the sufferer on guard. Many an. ulcer which could have been, cured if
it had been properly treated, in time, has been allowed to remain open Tin
tH it became infected with some degenerate poison from the outside which
made it a malignant, eating sore. Most old sores come from an impure
and polluted condition of the blood and can be healed if the circulation is
cleansed and purified of the predisposing cause. To attempt to cure a
chronic nicer with salves, washes, lotions, etc is trifling with what may
become a serious condition. S. S. S. heals chronic -ulcers in a perfectly
natural way. It goes down into the blood and removes the impurities and
morbid matters which are the means of keeping the
place open; then the sore is bound to heal. Not only
does S. S. S. cleanse the circulation but it restores its
healing powers, and aids in promoting the necessary
qualities for good health. S. S. S. builds new flesh
tissue from the bottom of the ulcer to the outer skin
and makes a permanent cure. Book on Sores and Dicers and medical ad
vice free to aU who write and request same.
Lv. Tucson
Inr. Bisbee
6:20 P.M.
9:15 P.M.
Lv. Douglas 11:00 P. M.
Ar. El Paso 7:00 A.M.
Tram will consist of baggage-mail and coaches between 1 Paso and
Tucson; Cafe-Parlor-Observation ear between Douglas and Tucson; Stand
ard electrie lighted Pullman steeping car between El Paso and Douglas.
ETJG-ENE FOX, General Passenger Agent.
Few Suggestions
NEW NUTS Filberts, Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil Pinions, Peanuts Pecans.
New Dates New Figs Stuffed Dates
Imported Spiced Anchovies Rolled Spiced Herring Holland Herring
Extra Fine Dill Pickles Sauerkraut Vinegar Pickles
Olives in Bulk Pickled Pigs' Feet
Castle Dome Attracts Atten
tion; Gratifying Progress
at Superior & Boston.
Olobe, Ariz., Not. 20. The Qibson
continues its regular shipments of
sulphide to the smelter and may soon
increase its force. The leasers on the
Pasquale vein of the Qibson also are
shipping high grade sulphide. The
average of the company's output
ranges around one carload weekly, or
somewhat in excess of that amount. "
Castle IMmhc Attraets Interest.
A property that has been attracting
considerable notice stnee the return of
normal conditions in the mining
world is the Castle Dome about six
miles west of Miami.
While the Castle Dome is mainly
granitic as distinguished from the
schist formation of the Miami-InSpir-ation-Llve,
Oak and adjoining prop
erty, the fact that the latter proper
ties contained considerable granite t
that also carried commercial values :
in copper renders the extensively min
eralised surface of the Castle Dome an
attractive prospect.
The formation recently of a company
to finance and develop the property
is the first step toward what may
prove a boom in that district, for the
Castle Dome is adjoined by many
other prospects, such as the New State
and the Duquesne.
At the South Lave Oak property drill
hole No. 4. has reached a depth of 765
feet. The hole is in schist.
Much trouble has been encountered
in the sinking of this hole because of
the unfavorable character of the
ground, much caving having retarded
the progress of the drilling.
A No. 4 bit is being used and the
hole is being cased The hole lies
about 1000 feet in a westerly direction
from hole No. 5, in which 5 percent
of 2 percent ore was reported.
Thf Southwestern Miami's recently
installed No J4 Star dull rifr on the
Prospeoto' , roup is nrw conM.Ui
ablj oui -lW detp and in schist This
hole Is located about 300 feet north
erly from the south Live Oak hole
in which considerable 2 percent ore
was recently encountered.
Drill ta Be 3Iovcd.
The Southwestern - quit drilling at
hole No. 8 at a depth of 12-M feet at
which depth the management reported
the hole to be in sUlficiad schist. The
drill used on this hole will be moved
to drill another hole Immediately. Hole
No. 7 is reported by the Southwestern
to be in sllificied schist at a depth of
1S57 feet
SHJierler A Doiten.
At the Superior A Boston recent
events have been gratifying to the
management, for not only has con
siderable ore practically of commer
cial value throughout been encoun
tered, but the vicinity of its discov
ery leaves a wide area for the prob
able trend of the ore body to be fol
lowed before the Superior A Beaton
boundary is reached.
On the east drift of the eigth level
150 feet of practically commercial ore
has been passed through and a raise
was begun at that point to ascertain
to what iielght and extent the ore
obtains above. A winae also will be
begun after the drift has progressed
a few feet farther to explore the ore
body beneath. The ore in the face of
the drift is of unusually encourag
ing nature, some of it running 20 per
cent copper. On the eighth level the
ore body now being explored is 700
feet east of the ore heretofore devel
oped and mined by this company, be
ing in entirely new territory, and as
the east side lines of the Superior
& Boston are still 4000 feat distant the
outlook for the development of large
bodies of ore seems exceptionally en
couraging. On the 12th level crossucuttlng
north toward the Old Dominion fault
is still progressing and the great
change of the character of the country
being cut during the past few days
leads the management of the mine to
believe that it is possible they may
be in proximity to the vein. South
of the 12th level in drifting on what
appears to be the Great Eastern vein
of the eigth level some ehalcopyrite
and bornite has been encountered.
Hotel Paso del Norte will open its
register for ousiness Monday morning,
if the work of getting the house in or
der at the big hotel progresses as rap
idly as is expected. A number of
reservations have been made for the
new hotel from out of town guests, and
the first guests will be limited to these,
as all of the rooms are not ready.
It is expected to have the formal
opening of the hotel for all classes of
business Thursday, Thanksgiving day.
If the house can be cleaned and all of
the workmen's materials removed in
time, it will be thrown open for pub
lic inspection from roof garden to base
ment on Tuesday or Wednesday of next
week. If this is not possible the pub
lic inspection will occur Thursday of
next week.
Colds Cause Headache and Grip.
LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine removes
the cause. There is only One "BROMO
QUININE." Look for signature of
B. W. GROVE. 25c Adv.
I flu jj B'-jLL
These cold nights nothing feels
as comfortable as the "right
kind" of house slippers. The
Guarantee has scores and scores, of styles both in
leather and felt, plain and with fur trimmings, and in
an assortment of colors that are the
very latest ideas in footwear for the
boudoir, den or library.
Black Felt Everettes, plain or fur trimmed $1.00
Fur top Felt Romeos, black, wine and gray $1.25
Ribbon trimmed Felt -Romeos, black, brown and
gray - $1.25
"Comfy" Felt Slippers,
light blue, red, lavender,
gray, wine and rose, $1 .50
Ribbon trimmed, "De Luxe" "Comfy" Felt Slippers,
red, brown, fawn, gray, wine, old rose, and light
blue $1.75
SpJx jfi I
f 7wa J
203 Mesa
The Two-Republics Lif elnsurance Company
A. KRAKATJER, President.
Good men wanted to sell policies that guarantee
Sob, of Agents.
Seety. aaC "GeaJfSgR
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Turkish embassy at Washington, aas
received instructions to go to London to
take up permanent duties with ta em
bassy there. -He will leave Washing
ton Saturday. The transfer is under
stood to be made to strengthen the
diplomatic service of the Turkish gov
ernment in Great Britain. Raif Bey has
been an important figure in the embas
sy here.
BuUa Fest. Hungary, Nov. 20. Servia
has yielded to the Austrian demand that
an official from the Austro-Hungary
miniatery of foreign affairs should be
allowed to proceed to Prisren to listen
to the complaint by the Austrian consul
there that he bad been hindered by the
Servians in the performance of his
duties. This relieves the Immediate
tension between Austria and Servia, as
an opportunity is now furnished for an
unbiased examination of the grounds
of the dispute.
Silks and woolens cleaned. Wright
Ante Fer Hire.
Phone No 1. for Longwell's big auto; J
cneap, sate ana last.
Sofia. Bulgaria. Nov. 20. All the re
ports emanating from Turkish sources
alleging that the Turkish troops had
gained victories over the Bulgarians,
along the line of fortifications at
Tchatalja are said to be untrue by the
Bulgarian war office today.
Phone 1
for automobile carry you anywhere In
the city fast, safe oar eoat la very
small. LongwelL
To Sufferers From
Tour attention is invited to as Eng
lish Remedy for tuberculosis which for
sometime has been used ia Europe with
wonderful sacoesa. Its claims, have been
investigated and are vouched for by
reputable authorities and the benefits
derived by Its users are little short of
It is prescribed ej English physicians.
It costs nothing to investigate and it
certainly will well repay sufferers fr-rD
tuberculosis, in any form, to do so
Address inquiries ta Chas. H. Stevens
care The Herald. Adv.
Silks aad woolens cleaned. Wright.
Douglas, Ariz., Nov. 20. Sonora min
ing men find no difficulty in securing
all the workers they desire to use, ac
cording to W. H. Worthington, a local
mining engineer who has returned
from a visit to the Nacosari district.
Mr. Worthington related an incident
in his own recent experience. He
had some work to be done and re
quired the services of two men. He
had more than 30 applications.
Mea'a miHr cleaned, pressed. Wright.
Robbed of $40 and baGly beaten about
the face and body and left in a box car
In which he and his five companions
rode into El Paso, was the story that
Andreas Vargas told the police when
he walked Into the station Tuesday
night at 10 oclock. Vargas told the
police that he and five American "ho
boes" got into the box car at Valentine,
Tex. He said that Just before the
ireignt ruin reacnea ci faso xuesaav
night the five Americana assaulted
him. After he had sufficiently recov
ered, he said, he walked to the police
headquarters. The case was reported
to the city detectives.
Balmorhee, Tex.. Nov. 20. Charles
McGinley. aged about 60 years, died at
the home of A. J. Carpenter, of pneu
monia. Mr. McGinley had only been
ill about a week and was not thought
to be in a serious condition. A daugh
ter, Miss Susie McGinley, was the only
relative with him at his death. The re
mains were shipped to Blackwell, Tex.,
his former home.
A 6ood Kidney Remedy
Is Like a Good Friend
Use Domestic Coke.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
Men's Nuit.t cleaned, pressed. Wright.
Ante For Hire.
Phone No 1. for Longwell's big auto,
cheap, safe and fast.
1'heae 34S for good cleaning.
Cincinnati. Ohio, Nov. 30 The trial
of John H. Patterson and 29 other offi
cials or exofficials of the National Cash
Register company, of Dayton. Ohio,
charged with violation of the criminal
section of the Sherman anti trust act.
has began in the United States .ourl
for the southern district of Ohio. Kach
of the 30 defendants entered & separate
plea of not guilty.
S. Engelking, assistant United States
district attorney, is here from San An
tonio, where he is now a member of
the legal firm of Engelking & James.
Mr. Engelking denies that he has re
signed his position as assitant district
attorney, but says that he expects to
make his home in San Antonio in the
uto For Hire.
Phoiu No 1 for I ngwellb big auto; .
chtap, safe and fast. i
Kansas Cit. Mo Nov. 20. Five
Greeks were arested here toJay bj
Frank M Somraor T'nited States eciet
soriee agrnt. "" chaige of circulat
ing countti feu monev
I wish to tell of the wonderful re
sults I have received from your noted
Swamp-Koot. I am fifty-eight years
of age. well and healthy to-day, but
there has been a time in my life that I
was all run down and worn out. My
kidneys were in a very bad condition
and I suffered from lame back. I have
tried other remedies but never got the
results that I have received from
Swamp-Root, and I honestly believe
that I owe my life to Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root I tell others that I could
not I've withoat Swamp-Root in tba
house, for when I feel tired and worn
out and my back not feeling right. I
take Swamp-Root and I am feeling fine
in a few daya I heartily recommend
Swamp-Root the world ovr.
Verv truly yours,
303 No Spring St. Tyler, Texas.
Sworn to and subscribed before me,
tnls the 20th day of April. 1912.
Notary Public
Letter to
Dr. KMater S Co..
BlBghamtea, N. Y.
Prove What Swama-Keet Will Do For
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Blnghamton.
N Y, for a sample bottle. It will
convince anyone. You will also re
ceive a booklet of valuable informa
tion, telling all about the kidneys and
bladder. When writing, be sure and
mention the CI Paso Dally Herald. Res
t'lar fifi-(ent and one-dollar size bot
tles for sale at all drug stores Ad.
jP Standard PuWman S
jS We have redueed 3
P" round trip raises W
flf to points North, jX
Wfr East and South- M
3MP -, rffiiMHF
csst;b c jo; iak.u a!s3x?
1. 'if ii iY rP T
i " I. i ' ;
All Work Guaranteed.
We give gas for extraction.
203 Trust BUS.
Mar Chow, Proprietor,
will open Sunday. November 3rd. a
First Class Chop Suay and Noodle
Dining Room, UftSOaliS T Bantem
3rilL Entrance through main dining
Use Herald Want Ads.

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