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reatest Clothi
Mofing Pictures Show the Methods Resorted to by the
Gamblers to Rob the Victim Who Goes Against
Their Games The Pictures Are Now
Being Shown in EI Paso.
Gaining Impetus With Each Succeeding Day
Reminiscent of old El Paso when
KambliOK was running wide open and
the crooked games galore were fleec
ing the come ons, is a motion picture
which is being shown at the Grecian
theater today and Friday.
The film is in three reels and has
the usual heart Interest story of a
boy who is in love with a girl whose
father is a gambler. To win the girl
he Induces a secret service officer to
go with him to the gambling house
where his prospective fatherinlaw
gambles and oy bribing a dope fiend,
the crooked gambling apparatus is re
vealed Of course the young man
wins the girl, the father reforms, and
the villain who operated the gambling
house is caught.
But that is not the big feature of
the film story. The revelations of the
gambling expose are astonishing and
i-ven to the old timers who were
lamiliar with the vaneus crooked
methods of fleecing the gambling pub- I
whenever the player pulls a wire at
tached to his foot and concealed under
his clothing. A poker table with a
slot In it from which new and win
ning poker hands may be received by
the player is also shown.
The wheel of fortune is made to
stop on any desired number in the ex
pose. The wheel is then dismantled
and a small plunger shown by means of
which the wheel may be made to win
for the house except when the operator
wills otherwise to cinch the prospect.
An electric dice table is shown and the
method by which the dice are loaded
with metal so that they will show the
winning numbers for the house when
ever the electricity Is applied to the
magnetised plate nnder the cloth of
the dice table. The crooked rouiet
wheel is exposed. By means of a '"mule
ear" grooved into the side of the table
the little ball is made to settle In the
proper groove for the house to make its
winnings regularly. The mule ear or
The Furious Selling Keeps Up, For the Whole Country Knows That This Is
usiness aaie
lie, many of the devices shown in the i trigger is operated by wires running to
picture are entirely new. There is more the operator's side of the table. A
than a passing interest in the picture small needle plunger Is also shown
to El Pasoans for it has not been so and which serves the same purpose as
very long ago that open gambling was the mule ear.
closed forever in El Paso When one The triumph of the crooked gambling
of the newest gambling houses was re- i fraternity is the electric faro layout,
modeled after the crusade many elec- The deal box Is fitted with a clever and
trie wires of the most complicated and ingenious arrangement by which any
mcenious arrajifirpfnent wer fntmri im. ! rttrda wh1rh th h1av- Ana wtoh
der the floors and in the walls. These j to deal because they would win for the
were usea to sKin tne players, being
attached to the various gambling
devices to make them win for the
Cards for poker playing are marked
by afi expert with a deft pair of hands
in the motkjn picture so that anyone
may see bovt the poker players for the
house win their jackpots almost with
out exception. These markings are in
geniously arranged on the sprocket
wheel of the bicycle playing cards and
are only intelligible to the man who is
familiar with the system of marking.
Needle pricks on the face of the cards
to inform the dealer what cards he is
dealing is another crooked method re
vealed by the films. Double dealing,
fair and crooked cutting of. the card
decks and other sleightofhand methods
of fooling the fool are shown. The
most expensive and complicated me
chanical method is the mechanical hold
nut which is a false arm attached to
the player's arm under the coat sleeve
and which will shove out
hands and take back the
innocent player, are removed from the
opposite side of the deal box under
cover of the operator's hand. This con
sists of a series of bent prongs or
fingers operated by & lever which rests
against the dealer's knee. To know
which cards will win and which will
lose for the house, the edges of the
cards are notched and when ready to
be dealt from the box these grooves
cause small needles to protrude from
the dealer's edge of the box. Knowing
the cards thus notched, the dealer can
tell which card is coming next and if
it is one that might win for the player
at an inopportune time it is promptly
shuffled out of the left side of the deal
box and removed by the mechanical
fingers until the play is over and then
to oe replaced in time for the next
shuffle and deal.
The gambling scenes and layouts
are said to be the genuine articles used
in crooked gambling places and a num
ber of the mechanical devices are
winning j shown in a case in front of the
discards i Grecian Adv.
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Postn.uster J. A. Smith, chairman of
tne old interurban committee of the
chamber of commerce, dispelled the il
lusion that the property owners were
going to receive all of the benefit from
the valley line, which is now being pro
jected and will be built down the val
lej. The postmaster save the business
talk at the chamber of commerce lunch
eon Thursday and gave a brief history
of the interurban movement and the
el forts of the committee, of which he
is chairman, to raise the $15,000 bonus
and obtain the right of way.
Mr. Smith said that there yet re
mained $11,000 to 'be raised for the
ught of way fund, after the bonus has
been guaranteed by the 10 business
men. He showed how the property of
many of tne people living along the line
of the proposed road would be dam
aged instead of benefited by the inter
urban as it will cut their ranch houses
off from the road and would split the
small farms into two parts and make it
almost impossible to work them suc
cessfully. Will Help City as Much as Valley.
The speaker told the business men
present tnat the interurban would help
the city as much as the valley, and that
the electric railway was not engaged in
the pioneering business, but said that
wherever suburban lines had been built,
the men who had pair for them had
made money and had helped the city
grow, "it wm neip tne people in the
city as much as it will In the valley."
Mr. Smith said. -Except where the prop
erty is right on the line the only direct
advantage the people in the valley will
have will be a quick means of trans
portation to the city. This will benefit
the business men as much as the ranch
ers, and it will all help the city to grow.
Later we expect to have a parcels poi.t
system operated in the valley by means
of this interurban.
"Will Wilson put it in?" someone
"You bet he will, and I may have a
chance to serve under Wilson," the
postmaster answered with a laugh, and
his popularity was proved when the
crowd cheered him.
Ofln fXWVWi
This line will be worth any $100,000
investment made in tne city," Mr. Smith
fintinlld "Tt 1 tfWl hoH tfiot- tartt iarnn
have a general tax to help pay for it. I
ii win put money in tne pockets of all
who subscribe to it. I appeal to you to
treat the new committee fairly and help
it raise the needed amount for the right
of way, which was found to be much
greater than at fl.st thought"
J. C Beck, jr., district manager of
the Studebaker corporation, with head
quarters in Denver, made a brief talk
following Mr. Smith's speech, urging the
people of El Paso to cooperate with
Denver In getting a through Pullman
service between the two pittas ,
W."-S. Clayton, president of the cham
ber of commerce, presided at the lunch
eon meeting and Introduced the speakers.
Store Open Evenings
Until 9 O'clock
Clifford J, Halpern
Sales Manager
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informant referred to was' Herbert S.
Hock In. who now is on trial, and that
Hockln already had told of .the hiding
of nitroglycerin at Kocnester, Pa.,
and at Muncie, Ind.
On his flight back from Loe Ange
les, after causing the explosion there.
James B. planned to have Miss Dye put
to death and wanted Frank Eckoff, of
Cincinnati, to do it according to Bck
hoffs testimony. Eckhoff. who testi
fied he had been sent to help the dy
namiter escape, said he refused to car
ry out the plot but he followed Miss
Dye to Pittsburg, where she went to
live. v
Tells ef Union's Threats.
As typical of the way the explosions
were carried on, the govenrm nt intro
duced the testimony of Albert Von
sprecKeison. a contractor who em
ployed non-union men. Von Spreckel
son said shortly before he suffered a
loss of $17,000 in explosions, Ernest G.
W. Bassey. John J. McNamara and
Spurgeon F. Meadows, of the carpen
ters' union, also a defendant called on
him. and said:
"We'll get you."
On October 26, 190. he said the cen
tral union exchange, the public library
building, a planing mill and his barn,
in different parts of Indianapolis, were
dynamited at about the same hour.
Cone Johnson Pays ?106 In Effort to
Work Into Record Link In De
fence Is Unable to Complete
Fort Worth, Tex., Nov. 21. It cost
Cojte Johnson of counsel for' J. B.
Snteed, $100 today, to wqrk into the
record an important defence link in
Sneed's second trial for the alleged
murder of Cap. A. Q. Boyce. Despite
sharp orders from the court to be
silent Johnson repeatedly voiced a
question which the court had pro
scribed, and though he was untable to
complete his query he forced it to
the point where the court fined him
$100 for contempt Johnson paid the
fine, declaring he made 'his question
sufficiently strong to be used in the
He hopes to prove Capt Boyce gave
his son money to elope with Mrs.
Sneed, and also that an employe of
Capt Boyce was sent to Fort Worth
to assist in the elopement
KowHrio Garcia In the Third Victim ef
Shooting Affrays In Saloon
During Week.
Bosario Garcia was the third vic
tim of a shooting affray which has oc
curred in a saloon during the week.
Wednesday night Garcia, while stand
ing at the bar of the Casino saloon,
at the corner of Fifth and Stanton
streets, was shot in the chin; the bullet
ranging down and lodging In the
throat glands. He was rushed to the
emergency hospital at the police sta
tion wnere tne wound was attended
to. Later he was sent to the Hotel
Dieu. At noon Thursday he was
placed on the operating table for a
further examination and probing of
the wound.
Dolores Bustills. who was in the
saloon at the time, was 'arrested by
the police and docketed at the sta
tion on a charge of assault to murder.
The pistol which was taken from him
is being held as evidence in the case.
Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. SL Serious
charges of mismanagement were made
by John S. McGroarty, the first wit
ness called in the senatorial investiga
tion or conaitions at tne sawtelle sol
diers' home. McGroarty. who is a
newspaper writer and editor of a mag
azine, made an investigation of the
home and the resolution introduced by
senator John D. Works, which resulted
in the extensive senatorial action, was
based on a magazine article by McGroarty.-
The witness declared that
Hie management of the home was "un
sympathetic, brutal and overbearing,"
that the food was not fit to eat and
that the sleeping quarters were posi
tively inhmran."
Washington, D. C, ov. 21. One Soap bubbles, which should have
been blown, because it was alleged that
the blowers were furnished, was tbo
subject matter of a suit styled C.
Schindler vs. the El Paso Grain & Mill
ing company, which went to trial in the
county court Wednesday.
The plaintiff was suing for the sum
of $195. alleged to have been the con
tract price of the bubbles. In the jus
tice court the defendant was given the
verdict As in the justice court the
defendant in the county court was re
sisting the action of the plaintiff on the
ground that he made an agreement
with the plaintiff whereby 10,000
bubbles would be taken, provided no
others were sold to other local parties.
The defendant alleged that the plain
tin violated the contract by supplying
two other, concerns with bubbles. That
fact the defendant stated was discov
ered after some of the bubbles had
been supplied.
The case was given to the jury Thurs
day morning, which later returned a
verdict for the defendant
hundred and forty-two persons, indud
ing 99 men and 4S women, have been
arrested in the government's anti-race
suicide crusade, according to compila
tion made today of figures in the di
vision of inspection of the postoffice
Forty-two business concerns were
included in oficial reports approximate
ly SO representatives of the concerns
having been arrested.
Salem Mass., Nov. 21. Appealing
for a verdict of acquittal for Joseph
Ettor and his code(endants on the
broad ground that conviction would be
a blow at the right of assembly and
free speech, attorney Mahoney closed
his argument today to the jury in the
trial of Ettor, Giovannittl and Caruso,
charged with the Loplzzo murder in the
Lawrence textile strike.
J. R. Harper, J. F. MeKrnrle and E. F.
Higgles, Justices.
Affirmed Mrs. Annie Sullivan et al
vs. Houston & Texas Central R. B, Co..
from Grimes; Sarah L. Moon et al vs. J.
& Doaier et aL from Harris; Frank A.
Spence et al vs. W. H. Fenchler et al,
from El Paso.
Submitted Jasper L. Douthit et al
vs. G. W. Southern, from Harris: Hor
tie C Cockbnrn et al vs. D. B. Cherry,
from Harris; L. G. Hamilton ys. D. S.
Cage A Co., et al, from Harris.
Settings Thursday, December 19:
Lone Star Culvert Co. vs. H. M. Simon,
from Harris; R. F. Butts vs. Chas. Lu
cia, from Harris; Charles McSweeney
vs. J. T. Ellerman et aL from Harris i
William M. Rice Institute vs. Lena Gle
seke, from Harris; Galveston. Houston
Henderson R. R. Co. vs. W. J. Hod-
nett from Harris; Len Townsend vs.
Houston Electric Co., from Harrs.
Dam X. Jaeksen, Prodding.
Freeman et als vs. McCarny et als,
trespass to try title, en trial.
A. M. Walthall, Presiding.
W. H. Tuttle. et aL vs. H. B. Me-
CUntock, suit for injunction; granted,
F. B. Alexander vs. Inez Rood et al,
suit on note, judgment for plaintiff.
Central Investment Co. vs. Frank H.
Spence. et als, trespass to try title,
suit filed.
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Mustard Cerate. (Adv.)
Mexico City, Mex., Nov. 21. The
press was scored by president Madro
at last night's banquet as being largely
responsible for the ills of Mexico. It
created disrespect for authority, he said,
and encouraged the government's ene
rgies. He said a new law was necessary
to curb and punish offenders. But for
the espousal of his cause as a rebel by
the presb, Madero never would have been
St Louis, Mo.. Nov. 21. The hydro
aeroplane of Tony Jannus was de
stroyed by fire this afternoon just
after Jannus was starting on his flight
down the Mississippi river from St
Louis to New Orleans. Jannua and his
companion, W. H. Trafts, a pho
tographer, jumped and escaped injuries.
Rheims, France, Nov, 21. Andre Frey,
the well known aviator, was killed here
today while flying around the aero
drome. His aeroplane collapsed and he
fell a distance of ISO feet
New York, N. Y., Nov. 21. Sam
Schepps, one of the four informers,
wnose testimony resulted in the con-
vn.uun ui vu&nes uetKer ana tne lour
gunmen for the murder of Herman
Rosenthal, was discharged from ens
tody today. He had been held on a
technical charge of vagrancy.
A crowd of 1600 persons witnessed
the release of Rose. Webber and VaUon
from the West Side prison this afternoon.
Manhattan Heights, the new north
eastern El Paso suburb. Is to have a
car line. The contract has been pre
pared by the Manhattan company and
will be signed by this company and
the Electric Railway company this
week. The car line will extend north
on Piedras street from the Fort Bliss
car line to Division street, in High
land Park, which is an extension of
Piedras street and will' connect with
the Highland Park car line
The present plan Is to run a car hnek
DIPLOMACY. ' ana ionn Detween tne jfort Bliss and
n, jo u T . . .. . Highland Park lines, although it may
r? ?.?,hUS.I.rl8h ba"er'man, in later be extended to include a special
hrJw vZ SilIrt, Denea at hls car. which will run out on the Highland
brawny chest and rolled up over swell- Park line to Division street down Di-
""?. 'ii mwi " luts cruwa at xne vision street to .Piedras. and hik in th.
A. S. J. Eylar, Presldtng.
Schindler vs. El Paso Grain & Milling
company, suit on account fof $15; ver
dict for defendant
Dr. Ira Collins vs. Frank Alderete.
suit for damages for $990;, oto trial.
E. B. MeCliateek, Presiding.
Juan S. Hart vs. J. J. LongweU, et aL
suit for damages for $195; filed.
Juanita Ranch company vs. A. K.
Schuster et aL suit for NCOS; filed.
Fltts Manufacturing company vs. G.
A. Bush, et al, suit on account for
77.70; filed.
Abrams and Marcus vw. Western
Clay & Gypsum Products company, suit
on account for 1156.75; filed.
J. J. Murphy,. PreiritHsg.
George Owesmy, charged with
assault; fined $5 and costs.
Dolores Bustillo, charged with assault
to murder, complaint filed.
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For Your Thanksgiving
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Loretz, Pegrarn
& Co.
sutlers at Nashville. Presently a lit
tle Irishman rushed up, flung his coat
on the ground, threw his hat beside
it. and jumping on them, yelled in a
high voice, quivering with rage:
"Oi WUd loike to find th' mon that
3 b'ate up poor Tim Murphy."
xne Dig irishman In the red shirt
tapped his chest. "Oi'm th' mon," he
bellowed hoarsely.
The little Irishman whirled around.
"Gee," he piped. "Ye did him up
foine." Exchange.
transfer station on the fort line.
Few Suggestions
WEWITOTS Filberts, Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil Pinions, Peanuts! Pecans.
Kew Dates New Figs stuffed Dates
Imported Spiced Anchovies Rolled Spiced Hcmng Holland Herring
Extra Fine Dill Pickles Sauerkraut' Vinegar PicTdes
Ou-sinBulk Pxckled P1s' Feet
The soldiers of a New York regiment,
who were advancing' on a concealed
enemy, were very much amused to see
A young Irishman continually dodging
behind his companions at the sound of
every volley that was fired against
them, as if to avoid the bullets that
were sometimes landing n dangerous
proximity, when one of his Scotch com
panions said:
"Stand forrid, my laddie, stand tor
rid. If there's a shot for ye, it'll find
ye out no matter whaur ye stand."
"Be the powers," replied Pat. "I
don't care a hang whither it finds mu
oik or not f ,t doesn't shmah mo
poinpe it thn n wan in tl
ment. ' EiLLdDot,
The Credit Men's association will
hold its annual banquet Monday even
ing at the Hotel Sheldon. A number
of speakers will address the associa
tion on topics of Interest to the busi
ness men of the city.
The Popular
among remedies for ailments of
the Stomach, Liver and Bowels is
It has been in the "contest" for
CO years and has helped thou
sands n,u K to P ll". Ti a bottle
After an absence of ten years from
El Paso, Dr. Y. M. Milam, the noted
specialist, has returned and opened of
fices ih the Coles building, at rooms S
and S. Dr. ICilam is recognized as the
leading specialist of Texas and during
his ten years' stay in Fort Worth, has
effected some wonderful cures. In or
der to introduce himself again to the
El Paso people. Dr. Milam will give 30
days' free treatment to all chronic suf
ferers. Adv.
JttdKc 'Walthall Is Sustained and Ib
juaetloa Axnlaat Property Own
ers Denied by Court.
The eighth court of civil appeals on
Thursday decided not to close the
houses on the reservation, when It re
fused to grant the temporary injunc
tion sought by F. A. Spence in his suit
against W. H. Fenchler and Bess Mon
telL The court in its decision affirmed
the decision of judge A. M. Walthall, of
the 41st district court who had held the
city ordinance creating the restricted
district to be valid.
This application for an interlocutory
injunction will now be taken to the su
preme court of the state, according to a
statement made by Gunther R. Lessing,
attorney for the plaintiff.
In the event that the supreme court
Mar Chew, Proprietor,
will open Sunday. November Jrd. a
First Class Chop Suey and Noodle
Dining Boom, upstairs avtar Eastern
SrilL Entrance tnrowgh main dining
should affirm the decision of the court
of appeals, then the three eases in
which the defendants are W. H. Fench
ler and Bess Mooted, Lamar Davis and
George Huffman, will go to trial in the
41st district court on Its merits. So
testimony has yet been given in these
cases to secure a permanent injunction
but the cases were consolidated in tne
application for a temporary injunction.
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N. Stanton
Phone 5290.
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ickens? 1
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?ason. V H
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