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A Red fern
is recognized as being
the. one corset that fills
all requirements on oc-
f JO "" -2ftn!sWi
i ' &iEKS6f&n
,M,77.& 7WWK
11 $
11 .
v?f s y mj a
1 f IK at i 94 Hf v
casions where
every detail of
the costume must be
absolutely correct.
Corset catalogue J he
mailed upon request.
Write for it.
"Tie Corset Store of Kl Paso"
Government Puts a Stop to
the Waste of Young Fish
in Rivers and Lakes.
t00m J
Fear Hradred Xenat Work on Orient
SztOBstoa to Alpine: IVataterlora
la Alpine Swld.
Alpine, Tex Not. 15. Fifty care of
steel hre arrived at Fort Stockton
for the Orient extension to Alpine, and
the track laying: has been started at
the rate of a mile a. day.- Four hun
dred men have been at work on the
yards in Stockton, and a large part of
this force will be transferred to the
Alpine work.
A. J. Edwards has sold his natator
ium property to the west of Alpine, to
H. B. Cowles, who will develop the ir
rigated farm which Mr., Edwards has
started there. Mr. Edwards will move
his family to Ballinger at once, hoping
that the lower altitude will be of bene
fit to his wife's health.
Belen. N. M.. Nov. 25. Considerable
building is being done in Belen this
fall, a number of new residences and
other buildings being In couse of erec
tion at this time. The People's Lumber
company is building two houses for
renting purposes. The renting problem
still exists in Belen. there not being
enough available houses t supply the
Other houses are being erected by
Ooebei & Sons on property owned by
them. One of the best houses now be
ing ruilt is owned by O. A. Benkendorf.
A ooilding is also being erected which
wil? be used for a hotel by Mrs. R. C.
Kuan. This structure is being built
elr.se to the railroad shops.
'Midland, Texas. Nov. 25. There is
iruch activity and renewed interest in
Midland county in irrigation, a num
ber of wells are either being bored or
are contracted for. Henry M. Halff is
sinking a well two miles east of Mid
land and adjoining the property on
which his first big well is already lo
cated. The new well is being drilled
with a 20-inch bit. it has reached a
depth of 95 feet and already has 35
feet of water bearing sand and graveL
J. Wiley Taylor has also closed a
contract to drill an irrigation well on
his farm three miles east of town,
work to begin at onoe. Other farmers
are arranging to drill wells and a great
increase in acreage under irrigation is
assured for next season.
Clovis. N. M., Nov. 25. Construction
work on the LubbcckC!ovis cut off on
the Santa Fe is progressing well and
the expectations now are that the
grading will be completed by the mid
dle of December and the laying of rail
will commence immediately thereafter.
The character of the country through
which this road runs has enabled the
contractors to make good headway.
There are only two places where any
cuts or fills have been necessary.
The new road will be laid with 90
pound steel and the ballasting and rail
laying will begin simultaneously, so
that when rails are laid the ballasting
will be done and the road can be imme
diately opened for traffic. Trains will
be running over this piece of track
early next summer, and president Kip
ley, of the Santa Fe, announces that
through passenger service from Gal
veston to California will be inaugur
ated in the fafl of 1913.
Time it! No sour, gassy stom
ach or Dyspepsia in
five minutes.
You don't want a slow remedy when
your stomach is bad or an uncertain
one or a harmful one your stomach
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Pape's Ddapepsin is noted for ifs
speed in giving relief; it's harmlessness;
it's certain unfailing action in regu
lating sick, sour, gassy stomachs. It's
millions of cures in indigestion, dys
pepsia, gastritis and other stomach
trouble has made it famous the world
Keep this perfect stomach doctor in
your home keep it handy get a large
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then if anyone should eat something
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acid and undigested food remember as
soon as Pape's Diapepsin comes in con
tact with the stomach all such distress
vanishes. It's promptness, certainty
and ease in overcoming the worst
stomach disorders is a revelation to
those who try it. Adv.
Naco. Arix., Nov. 25. Contractor Scott,
of Douglas, with his grading gang and
the ballasting crew have moved from
Stark Station to Hereford to complete
the work on the main roadbed of the
Si Paso & Southwestern railroad.
Fort Worth, Tex., Nov. 25. Testify
ing today in the case of John B. Sneed.
on trial a second time for the alleged
murder of Capt A. G. Boyce. W. A,
Weaver, a Bokchito. Okla, lawyer, said
he was in the Metropolitan hotel lobby
on the right of the kilting. When
Sneed entered the lobby. Weaver testis
fled, he heard someone in the group
where Boyce sat say: "There comes
the - now."
The witness said he left the hotel
after the first shot was fired, but
could not see at whom Sneed was
shooting and did not know who made
the remark.
The announcement that Sneed prob
ably would take the stand In hU own
behalf late today brought a throng of
women to the courtroom. 1
.. .?.
$ 4 j J. j. ..
Waukegan, I1L, Nov. 25.
Twelve men were killed and
more than 100 injured in an
explosion In the starch house at
the plant of the Corn Products
company here today. .;.
Twenty-five seriously injured
workers were taken from the
burning building and hurried to
hospitals in the city. It is feared
at least 15 others are still in the
starch house. .;.
Firemen were -unable to quench
the flames, which burst from all
s quarters of the building after the
J explosion. .
: : : ; : .;.
Taking advantage of the success of
the woman suffrage amendment in
Arizona, Mrs. James Loy has filed her
petition ror mayor of Prescott on the
Socialist ticket. The city election oc
curs in January.
Mar Chew, Proprietor,
will open Sunday, November 3rd, a
First Class Chop Suey and Noodle
Dining Room, upstairs over Eastern
Srill. Entrance through main dining
There Can Be No Doubt About the Re
salts in El Pane.
Results tell the tale.
All doubt is removed.
The testimony of an El Paso citizen
Can be easily investigated.
What better proof can be had?
Mrs. L. Griner. El Paso, Texas, says:
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family whenever we need a kidney
medicine. It gives me the greatest
pleasure to confirm the public state
ment I gave in their favor some years
ago. I have induced many people to use
this preparation and they have always
come back to thank me for doing so.
I consider it a duty to tell how effective
Doan's Kidney Pills had been after doc
tors had failed. One of our relatives
was so that there was no hope for him
as he was a victim of kidney complaint.
Doan's Kidney Pills, however, saved
his life and this person is now healthy "
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(By Frceric J. Haskin)
Washington, D. C., Nov. 25. It Was
the decrease of the supply of natural
ileh in various parts of the country
that led to the establishment, in 1871.
of a federal commission which is now
known as the bureau of fisheries and
is under the jurisdiction of the depart
ment of commerce and labor. In its
42 years of existence, this bureau has
accomplished an almost unbelievable
amount of good work in securing a
better recognition of the importance
of fish cultivation and protection. In
the beginning the bureau or commis
sion was only given authority to con
duct investigation as to the causes of
the decrease of fish, both upon the
coast and In the interior waters. It
soon developed the possibility of ren
dering practical service in the 'way of
supplying the fish to remedy the de
crease, and in recognition of this
fact, congress from time to time has
increased its authority and enlarged
its functions until it is today recog
nized as one of the most important
agents in the conservation and increase
of the food supply of the nation.
Conserving Supply Sources.
First of all. as the work of the bu
reau is now - conducted, attention is
given to the conservation of all sources
of supply. Much of the decrease Of
fish was due to the fact that In the
fishing industry fish were caught and
killed without -reference -to their sise
and condition, and the sacrifice of fe
male fish during the spawning season
meant the loss of the spawn from
which the supply of young fish for
future seasons should properly come.
For this purpose fish hatcheries were
established and arrangements -were
made to have the fishermen preserve
the fish eggs and turn them over to
the government officials, who provided
facilities for hatching them and after
wards distributing the young fish
where the need was greatest.
A most important feature of this
work has been in connection with the
cod fisheries along the New England
coast. One of the most important of
the United States fisheries stations Is
located at Gloucester. Here are
hatched millions of fish eggs each
year. When the cod fishermen go out
in their boats, sometimes for a trip
of several weeks, they carry with
them the apparatus provided by the
government for the preservation and
the fertilization of the eggs taken
from the fish. In this way the young
fish or fry are raised to supplement
those that are hatched in the natural
manner. It is claimed that a much
larger percentage of the eggs are
hatched artificially than in the natural
state, as 'they are kept undisturbed" and
the conditons are better. For the se
curing of these eggs a man. employed
by the government goes upon the ves
sels in New England and collects
them. In other parts of the country
they are frequently brought in to the
hatcheries by the fishermen and in
some instances are sold to the govern
ment. Many Hatching Stations.
There are 32 main hatching stations
and 92 auxiliaries in 31 states, all op
erated by the United states bureau pt
fisheries and during the year ending
June 30, 1912, the output was mere
than 3,426.00e.O0 fry. over 32,000,000
besides 229,000,000 fish eggs consigned
besides 229,000000 fish eggs consigned
to the hatcheries which are now be
ing operated by different states and
335,000,000 which were shipped to for
eign governments. Most of these fish
planted were of the kind most valuable
for food, such as the Pacific coast sal
mon, yellow perch, cod, mackerel, pike,
perch, flatfish and lobster. There are
hatcheries upon the Great Lakes and
by special arrangement with the Can
adian government the United States
bureau of fisheries conducts two egg
collecting stations for white fish. Cisco
and lake trout at points in Ontario. In
the inland states there are a num
ber of hatcheries which are chiefly
engaged fn the production of eggs of
rainbow trout, land locked salmon,
brook trout, bass, pike and drum fish.
Recently the bureau has undertaken
the preservati6n of a large number of
the fish obtained by the overflow of
the upper Mississippi valley. In the
low lands the -waters recede, leaving
disconnected pools which either dry
up or, if tfaey remain until winter,
freeze solid so that the fish are lost.
By seining these waters the bureau
li obtains large numbers of these fish
and returns some of them to their na
tive streams and distribute others to
adjacent waters. Long trains of cars
ar employed during the summer in
moving the fish thus saved.
Unique Transportation Method.
It was surely an ingenious American
who devised the fish transportation
cars which are used by the bureau.
These cars contain tanks in which the
fish are placed and, if necessary, ice
may be added to keep the water at
the required temperature. In the
transportation of such delicate fish as
brook trout, there is great danger if
the -water become too warm, and ar
rangements are always made to have
ice provided at certain stations along
the route. The cars are attached to
the fastest trains in order that no time
be lost and they are equipped with the
best possible springs to avoid the
slightest unnecessary jolt to the deli
cate passengers. The comfort of the
attendants is not overlooked, for the
cars are supplied -with comfortable
moveable seats for the daytime and
Pullman sleeping berths for the night
Frequently fish eggs will be. hatched
in the tanks upon those cars while
they are traveling at the rate of 60
miles an hour.
One of the most important functions
of the work of the hureau of t'isheries
is its biological investigation which
is being continually increased. Dur
ing the past year considerable atten
tion has been given to the investiga
tion of parasitic laral stages of two
kinds of mussels valuable to pearl but
ton makers which have heretofore been
puzzling to scientists. The pearl mus
sel resoun es of the Cumberland, Illi
nois and Arkansas rivers, as well as
of several streams of Minnesota, have
been studied and the results published
in some circulars which it is believed
will be of value both to mussel fisher
men and to button manufacturers. In
this work, the bureau has had the ac
tive cooperation of the professors and
the laboratories of the universities of
Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri.
Diseases of Fish. Studied.
Attention has also been given to the
vaBiA t flip Jf frLlm VtB XL mr iHI w m HI fH Bl IH r H1 A. mr n h
m3Sr&mM8gm .III mJf Br L m 1
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iUnjjliarTHen, K. T .J . rti. n" nt.
diseases of fish. The discovery of
cancerous and other tumorous growths
has caused much study for the last
ten years. Certain types of cancer
appear to be more frequent than oth
ers in domesticated fish and cancer
of the thyroid eland has been observed
at various times in trout and salmon
at hatchery stations. Of late the dis
ease has appeared to be upon the In
crease and the bureau has made a
number of investigations -which gro to
indicate that it is the result of cer
tain pollutions of the streams. If this
theory can be established and the
sources of the disease localised, the
serious losses of the artificially
hatched salmon and trout each year
can be largely overcome.
The acclimatisation of certain kinds
of fish and their transfer from the
-waters of one locality to those of an
other is a subject upon which con
tinual experiments are in progress
and the results have already proved
to be of great economic value. The
colonization of shad along the Pacific
coast has been one of the greatest
achievements in this respect. Aside
from the financial consideration, the
experiment was noteworthy because
of the difficulties in transporting shed
across the continent as far back as
1871. when the first planting of shad
fry was made in the Sacramento river,
and those -were added to for nine con
secutive years. In 1ST J, the first shad
were taken in California, but by 1886
it had become one of the most im
portant food fishes in California
-waters and is now found from Puget
sound to the Ios Angeles county coast.
The introduction of striped bass from
the Kew Jersey to the Pacific coast
has been equally successful. In re
turn, the west has contributed a num
ber of new fish to eastern waters, one
of them being the rainbow trout, which
Is fast becomtriK one or the best known
fisV in eastern states." Its success in
the Allegheny mountain region has
been" especially gratffyttn$ It is not
designed as a rival 4ft the brook trout
native to this region, but rather as a
substitute for a species which has be
come scarce chiefly because of modern
industrial conditions. A number of
old fish have also been introduced
here with good results, the best known
being the German carp. This fish has
been subjected to a good deal of crit
icism but as a commercial proposition
its introduction was a success. It sup
ports special fisheries in IS states and
is regularly taken for market In near
ly all of them. Its sales amount to
more than 20.000,000 pounds annually,
which affords considerably- over halt
a million dollars to the fishermen and
L it is caught- with less time, expense
ana riSK man most otner varieties or.
Navy IlelpH Commission.
The first investigations carried on
for the purpose of studying the condi
tions of deep sea fish were made pos
sible by the cooperation of the United
States navy, which placed a small
steamer at the disposal of the fish
commission But as the need became
ipp.ir' "t tiul.i e for this v.-ork were
, r . i.l. (1 b, .-ptial aiii.)iiri,iti"i!!
from congress. There are now two
vessels under the direction of the bu
reau of fisheries. The Fish Hawk was
built in 1770 and carries a crew of 45
men and is of 441 gross tons burden.
It has made an exploration of the
coastal conditions from Maine to Texas
and has been used extensively in the
hatching of shad and other fish which
the bureau has distributed to the dif
ferent streams along the coast.
The especial pride of the bureau of
fisheries is The Albatross, a beautiful
twin screw steamer with 1074 tons dis
placement which was built especially
for it use at a first coast of $190,000.
The equipment of officers and men,
numbering about 90, is furnished by
the navy and there is in addition a
small civilian staff, including a resi
dent naturalist and a fishery expert,
to whom the practical work of the
vessel is entrusted. The vessel has
made three extended cruises to the
southern and eastern parts of the Pa
cific, numerous visits' to Japan, Hawaii
and Alaska, and a number of surveys
of the Pacific coast. It has completed
a biological survey of the Philippine
archipelago in which it accomplished
some of the deepest ocean soundings
on' record.
Albuquerque. N. St. Nov. 15. In a
pitched battle with a band of sheep
rustlers Saturday night at San Jsldro,
45 miles from Albuquerque. Pablito Lu
cero and Manuel Archuleta, deputy
sheriffs, were instantly killed and
Moses Abousleman, a wealthy sheep
raiser, was seriously injured.
Abousleman and the officers, with a
posse of nine men were in pursuit of
the men who had stolen 300 sheep from
the Abousleman ranch. The oosse had
lost the trail and had given up the
chase. At dusk they sigh ted a camp
fire. Without thought of danger they
rode up and were shot down. The rus
tlers escape into the mountains, where
they are being pursued by a strong
(Continued from page I.)
worried about her case in E! Paso
more noticeable now.
Mrs. Orner I.oi.k Kente.1.
The tired look has gone from her
eyes and they look clear and bright,
and, she speaks confidently of the out
come of her case.
When comment was made on her good
physical condition at the jail, she said:
"Te, you see sheriff Joe Harrison
came here a week ago and he feeds me
good and plenty. They starved me at
the El Paso jail. There I got nothing
but beans, beans, beans. My. but a per
son gets tired of beans. "Here I get
everything good to eat. I could not wish
for anything better to eat.
"Besides this. I am not worried like
I was in El Paso. I have not been so
worried since the verdict m ray first
trial was reversed and I am anxious to
have this trial started and over with.
I thiak they will get a jury in one day
and the rest won't take long."
Washington. D. C, Nov. 25. Reports
that the gravity of the European situa
tion had brought about a change in
diplomatic plans and had indefinitely
postponed the departure of James Bryce
from Washington were denied at the
embassy here today. As announced at
the time of Ambassador Bryce's resig
nation, nis departure win aeoend
Wake Up! You
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Vrk Mrt's Dyttpepsia Tablets
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ance of the stomach troubles ef our
times. Instead of taking time to thor
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lowing it, the average person rushes
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deglutition taking place while it is
only partially mixed with saliva, and
only half masticated, thus leaving the
stomach to do the work the teeth
should have done.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets contain
digestive elements, a single grain be
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Five Chinamen who had been ordered
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day on orders from the commissioners'
court- They were Wing Hop, Tee Sins.
K. Moy. Woo Che Ging and Lee Hing.
All had appealed their cases.
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the settlement of the Panama canal sit- revitalizing: it
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