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Chicago, IIL, Dec. 4. Government
officials today rave up as lost the
three-masted schooner Rouse Sim-
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PHONE 1984.
mons and her crew of 16 men. which,
carrying a cargo of Christmas trees,
as she had done for the past three
years, left Thompson. Mich.. Nov. 12,
for Chicago. No word has been heard
from her and there have been sev
eral severe storms on Lake Michigan
since she sailed.
Tokio, Japan, Dec 4. Premier Saionji
and the other members, of the Japanese
cabinet resigned today as a result of
the crisis brought about by the diffi
culty of finding a successor as war
minister to lieutenant governor TJye
hera. It is expected that either prince Taro
Katsura o rlieutenant general count
Terauchi, Japanese governor of Korea,
will be asxec to form a new cabinet.
Situation In Pueblo, Guerrero and More-
los is Declared Acute; Rebels
. Renew Activity.
Mexico City. Mex., Dec. 4. Unable it
self to give protection to other than
the larger towns and occasionally a
few haciendas, the government has re
fused the request of a group of property
owners in the state of Puebla to arm a
protective organization, whom the own
ers proposed to pay and direct.
The group is headed by Manuel Rl
vero Collada, the Spanish consul at
The rebels are in possession of the
greater part of the Chiautla district
near the city of Puebla.
In the state of Guerrero, the import
ant town of Ayutla, is in the hands
of the rebels, as is a long stretch of the
Pacific coast in that state.
The situation in the state of More
los Is acute, especially around Jucbi
tepec, although the government claims
to have defeated a strong force near
Cuernavaoa. A thousand irregulars,
expected from ttie north, will be sent
to report to Gen. Blanquet at Toluca for
The Indians In Oaxaca continue their
barbarous campaign In the mountains.
Mexican People Are Skeptical Regard
ing Visit of American Warship
Mndero Plans Recognition.
Mexico City, Mex., Dec. J. Mexican
foreign minister Lascurian will visit
the United States "solely for the pur
pose of attending to private business."
according to an announcement made
here. He denied that his visit to the
capital would be official. The general
belief is that he will attempt a settle
ment of differences arising from the
The Mexican people are skeptical re
garding the coming of the American
warships, the visit of which has been
explained as one of courtesy, especially
because the vessels, on acount of their
size, probably will not be able to enter
Veracruz harbor.
Mexico is planning an official recog
nition from the capltol.
It is reported that Ernesto Madero.
minister of finance, contemplates going
to London for the purpose of floating
a 20,000,000 peso loan, authorized by
congress, the flotation of which by
means of agents has failed. Official
denial is made of the report.
London, Engr., Dec 4. Militant suf
fragets decided at a recent meeting to
resort to the use of explosives if the
government refuses to incorporate
woman suffrage in the forthcoming
franchise bill, according to a statement
issued by a news agency today.
elunteers are to be called for to use
the bombs inside and outside the house
of commons.
Salazar lost a finger in the Palomas
fight. The second digit on his right
hand was nipped by a federal bullet
during the engagement at Palomas and
he is wearing the injured member in a
soiled rag, cattle men from Chihuahua
who have seen him say.
New York, N. Y., Dec 4. CoL Arch
bold Oracle, of Washington, one of the
last passengers to leave the sinking Ti.
tanic, died here today in a private hos
pital. Col. Grade went down with the
vessel, but on coming to the surface
found a life raft, en which he after
wards saved others.
Washington, D. C, Dec 4. Maj. Gen.
Julius Stahel. Of the civil war volun
teers, died today in New York, after an
illness of about a year. He was the
second oldest surviving general of the
civil war.
He resigned from the army in 1865
ana later was consul at Yokohama and
consul general at Shanghai.
Colds Cause IlcaCnche and Grip.
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Engineer L. Able, who was injured in
the collision Tuesday morning on the
Tucson division of the Southern Pa
cific railway about five miles east of
Lordsburg, died of his Injuries before
he reached the Tucson hospital Tuesday
afternoon. Mr. Able was in charge of
the freight engine and was scalded by
the steam from the derailed engine.
Fireman W. S. Hoosen and brakeman
Albert Mast, both of El Paso, were also
Injured In the wreck, but are being
cared for at Tucson. It Is not believed
that their Injuries are serious. Mr.
Mast's mother, Mrs. E. P. Kepley, of El
Paso, went immediately to Tucson to
look after him.
Horace A. Lay has received a mes
sage announcing the death of hts
brother. William F. Lay, on November
21, in Elizabeth, N. J.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec 4. Efforts
to prevent the extradition of Mrs.
Lorena Matthews to Oklahoma on a
charge of having murdered her hus
band, Lawrence Matthews, at Still
water, four years ago, were put forth
by her attorneys today before the su
preme court- Counsel contended that
the terms of the treaty between Can
ada and the United States prohibited
such an extradition on the evidence
The New York commissioners return
ing from San Francisco will be enter
tained bv the chamber of commerce here
Thursday. In the morning they will be
given an automobile ride and in the aft
ernoon they will visit the races.
Trenton, N. J.. Dec 3. Democratic
state senators of the next New Jersey
legislature in caucus here selected
senator James F. Fielder, of Hudson
county as the majority nominee for
president of the senate. Mr. Fielder
will succeed governor Wilson when the
latter resigns, to go to Washington.
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Shos 1
f r-
1XT3 ?
in Juarez from Chihuahua City, the
rebels under generals Orozco and Car
raveo removed some rails from the
track near the station of Gallego and
lay in ambush. Tho engine of the
train was wrecked, and at once the
troop guard opened 1'ire on the rebel
The northbound train was run
ning at a slow rate of speed,
when the engine ran off the track and
the rebels -were located on either side
of the road. The troop guard at once
opened fire, thinking the rebels were
few in number.
American Reported Shot.
Few. if any, of the passengers were
killed or wounded, it is said, except
the American passenger -whom one of
the refugees declares he saw with a
ball through the throat. More of the
refugees are expected to arrive in Jua
rez late today on a work train. They
will include Francisco Familiar, the
train master, seriously wounded.
Since no bridges were burned, but
instead rails removed so as to -wreck
the train, it Is believed, that the rebels
mistook it for the troop train bearing
the 23d infantry and "Bl Nino" the
ship's cannon. Since the big gun has
been pushed ahead of the trani on its
first arrival at Juarez from Chihuahua
and its return to the state capital by
way of the North Western railway, the
derailing of the first car would have
prevented the use of the cannon.
Some of the refugees report that rhey
heard cannon shots below the wrecked
train and believe that it was the can
non of the troop train. They agree
that after leaving on the handcar they
saw smoke, and believe that the reels
had burned the passenger train. One
of the Mexicans had most of his cloth
ing taken by the rebels.
The wrecked train was due In Juarez
Tuesday night. The train which ar
rived in Juarez today, backing up from
Villa Ahumada. had left Juarez Tues
day morning. The returning wain con
tained some prominent railway and
government officials. They include Au
reliano Gonzalez, secretary of the state
of Chihuahua, and A. Clark, general
manager of the National Railways of
OroEco Resumes Activity.
Gen. Pascual Orozco, jr., rebel leader,
who has been in virtual retirement for
months, has resumed activity, accord
ing to reports reaching Juarez, and has
executed a coupe which practically pre
vents the federals from sending troops
from Chihuahua north.
Rebels supposed to be under Gen.
Orozco have cut the Mexican Central
railway below Villa Ahumada, about
midway between Juarez and the city of
Chihuahua. This not only will post
pone all further traffic on the federal
owned line below the border, but will
prevent the arrival at Juarez of the ar
mored troop train which has been mak
ing a circuit of the railways between
the state capital and the border in an
effort to keep, open the lines.
There is a small federal garri
son at Villa Ahumada, but it has
been occupied by the rebels under
Gen. Marcelo Carraveo.- It is believed
that Orozco and Carraveo have formed
a Junction, -which will form a force of
some TOO men. Gen. Inez Salazar. with
about 409 rebels, remains sparring with
federals defending Ascencion.
Troop Train Cut Off.
The entrance of Orozco's force in the
district below Juarez comes as a sur
prise to federal officials, who had In
stated that he was hiding In the United
States, and also increases the menace
to the small forces of government
troops scattered through the district
below the border at this point. The
armored troop train, with 500 men ot
the ISth battalion and tho ship's can
non, is believed to be stranded between
burned bridges below Villa Ahumada,
and practically useless, as it carries
only infantry and artillery.
Battle at Guzman Reported.
Cots for 50 wounded federal soldiers
were ordered from Juarez Tuesday
night to be sent to Guzman at once.
The order was received by the military
authorities and were ordered rushed to
the scene of the supposed battle. No
details were received in Juarez of any
engagement except the rush order for
cots and an effort is now being made
to learn any particulars of an en
gagement between rebels and federals.
Austin, Tex, Dec 4. The court of
criminal appeals today held that it
was no offence for a woman school
teacher to administer corporal puta
ishment to a boy pupil when she
deems such course necessary, and ac
cordingly reversed and remanded the
case of Miss Blanche Ely, from Llano
county. She was fined $10 and costs
for assault and battery for whipping
Ralph Lapatte, a boy of 13.
Sacramento, Cal., Dec 4. Provided
no more court decisions affect the can
vass and assuming that the corrections
made in the delayed Los Angeles county
returns in the official audit at the cap
ltol will not materially change their
totals, figures tabulated by secretary
of state Jordnn indicate the election of
11 nrojr-Ps'p and two Democratic
electors in California.
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part of it from practical politics, is
recommended by the secretary.
Secretary MacVeagh announces his
intention of reforming the treasury de
partment's business methods by a
scheme for the payment of government
obligations in such a manner as to
avoid exchange on government checks.
He does not divulge the details, but ap
parently contemplates the distribution
of government funds at convenient
points over the country for the payment
of checks.
Mann Sldetrseks Adaranon Bill.
An amendemnt offered by the Re
publican leader Mann, proposing a
rigid regulation of the issuance of
stocks and bonds, prevented passage
by the house of the Adamsen bill that
would authorize a special commission
to ascertain the physical valuation of
railroads and other interstate carriers,
with the view of aiding the interstate
commerce commission in fixing equit
able freight rates.
Debates on the bill, which was fa
vorably reported by the Interstate and
foreign commerce committee at the
last session, had been in progress
nearly fivo hours and a vote was about
to be taken, when Mr. Mann moved
that the measure be sent back to the
commission with instructions that it
be reported with his proposed section
added. After an extended debate on
a point of order against the amend
ment, the matter went over until
Thursday by unanimous consent.
Presidential Nominations.
President Taft today sent to the
senate the nominations of Walter F.
Frear to' be governor and Ernest A.
Mott Smith to be secretary of the
territory of Hawaii and PhiL E. Baer
to be United States marshal for the
eastern district of Texas. John W.
Wood is nominated for postmaster at
Pasadena, Calif.
Proposes Recall of Decisions.
The initiative and the recall of Ju
dicial decisions, as amendments to
the federal constitution, were proposed
today by senator Brlstow in resorn- '
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I Children's Shoes, Boys' Boots and
Slippers for Boys, Misses and Chil
dren ... 90c to $4.00
GRmT&rm. paso1
I 203 MESA
tions laid before the senate.
Senator Brlstow's first resolution
would permit the president to submit
to a popular vote at a congressional
election any measure he has recom
mended to congress and upon which
no action has been taken for six
The second word provides that tt
"the supreme court shall decide a.
law enacted by congress is in viola
tion of the provisions of the United
States constitution the congress at
regular session held after such de
cision may submit the act to the elec
tors at a regular congressional eiec-
aoB." .
The court of Impeachment begsn the
taking of testiaioriy in tho trial of
Judge Archbald this morning.
House Paases Pension Bill.
In the house, chairman Padgett, of
the naval affairs committee, introduced
a bill to confer the title of admiral on
the commanderinchief of the Atlantic
and Pacific battleship fleets.
The New To:k delegation cauenssed
and decided to 'oppose the Burnett Im
migration bill prescribing a literacy
test for immigrants.
Chairman Martin, of the Joint com
mission to investigate the foreign pur
chase of American tobacco, announced
that the commission would meet Thurs
day. The house passed the Crago bin to
pension Spanish-American war veter
ans, -widows and children.
The house banking and currency
commission will meet Thursday to con
sider the Levy bill for the deposit of
$50,000,000 by the treasury In national
banks to relieve financial stringency.
Washington, I. pL, Nov. 4. Rates on
scoured -wool from Albuquerque and
Las Vegas to eastern points -were to
day declared excessive by tho interstate
commerce commission. The rates must
be reduced by the carriers to corres
pond with rates oa wool shipped ia
Washington. D. C Dec 4. Presl-.
dent Taft today told the delegates to
the National Rivera and Harbors con
gress m session here that he personally
was opposed to any scheme of im
provement for the Mississippi river
which, did not contemplate, as a. pri
mary object, the prevention of flods.
The president made the opening ad
dress at the congress. He favored the
expenditure by the United States gov
ernment and the states in the Missis
sippi valley of between 48 and 50 mil
lion dollars for the Mississippi's im
Austin, Tex, Dec 4: The supreme
court today affirmed the Judgments of
the district court and court of civil
appeals in the case of Mrs. Antoinette
W. Davis va Lewis VidaL from El
Paso county. This decision ia against
Mrs. Davis, who sought to recu-wr
$1200 on a lease contract. Tie court
held she had no cause of action.
Dr. Hartman Recalls Cures
ade By Old-Time Pe-ru-na
I have been practicing medicine since
1853 Most oi that time I have been
using Pe-iu-na as my principal rem
ed. ho man) untxptcted recoveries
hae been made by those for whom I
haie picscribed rv-ru-na that It would
take a large book to contain them all.
They keep coming up to my mind one
by one. Wlietr-er on my farm, or at
home, whether playing with my grand
children or conducting my large office
business, these incidents of old-time (
le-n'-na cures steal in upon my mem
ory unawares.
Take, for instance, a single case from
the extensive list of similar cases in
my diary of cases treated, as an ex
ample of the cures that Pe-ru-na used
to make
Mrs. T. S Eberlein (then of Pitts
burg, Pa. afterwards of Keokuk, Iowa),
during the year l- began to develop
usual sjmptoms of catarrh of the lungs
Cough was one of the flist symptoms,
which gradually grew -worse in spite of
all treatment. The sputa, at first slight,
became abundant and purulent, occa
sionally streaked with blood. A rapid
loss of flesh and flagging appetite
filled her relatives with forebodings.
The hectic flush, night sweats, and sup
pression of the menses, left no doubt
as to the naiiire of her disease
From Hie first physicians had been
employed Oounrh medlcini s, tonus.
cod Inn ol ami stimulants were rt.
sorted to by her physicians without
The first pin sician employed was
Dr Williams, Penn Ave., Pittsburg; Dr.
Glllford, of Allegheny City, was next
called, and then Dr. Riggs. of Pitts
burg. During this history of conflict with
this terrible disease frequent consulta
tions were held, but nothing checked
the steady progress of her malady. Not
a doubt had existed in the minds of
her physicians or friends as to the na
ture of her disease, nor as to its fatal
termination. The repeated examinations
of her lungs indicated the rapid strides
with which she was n earing the- end.
Her physicians were honored mem
bers of the medical fraternity, in
whom Mrs. Eberlein's husband and fam
ily had perfect confidence. And the
sorrow with which they listened to
their decision that they had exhausted
everything known to them In vain for
the relief of the wife and mother of the
afflicted household can be better im
agined than described. As is common
to this sort of patients, Mrs. Bberleia
continued hopeful long after her at
tendants believed her to be beyond
I was practicing at the time in Pitts
burg, and a fancy that I would be i.ble
to relieve her was, during her illness,
repeatedly expressed by Mrs. Bberlein,
but it was regarded as the merest
whim; and, as they were employing the
best medical talent the city afforded,
no attention was paid to It. At last she
became so weak and emaciated that
an attendant -was constantly at hand
to lift her during the terrible coughing
spells to which she was subject, and
which, were frequently followed by
alarming sinking spells, during which
she was often thought to be dying. It
was during one of these frightful
paroxy, 3ms when her husband was sup
porting her tenderly and vainly trying
to palliate her sufferings that she again
expressed her belief that If Dr. Hart
man were seat for be could relieve
Willing to indulge her in any wish,
as she was thought to be dying by
all. I was immediately sent for, but
being very busy was not able to re
spond until late in the evening of the
afternoon on which I was sent for. It
was not expected that she would sur
vive until I could reach her home, but
hope kept her alive until X came.
It would be difficult to imagine a
more discouraging ease for a doctor
to undertake to cure than Mrs. Sber
lein's at the moment of my first visit.
Let me describe her symptoms.
A drawn, pinched countenance, of a
deathly pallor, and livid lips. Sunken,
fixed, staring eyes, with a glassy
brightness. Wasted ia body t s. mere
shadow. Pulse wholly imperceptible at
the wrist, but the heart feebly flut
tering. Extremities cold and clammy.
finger nails blue, breathing hurried and
gasping, utterly exhausted and hope
less It certainly seemed as if I had
only arrived in time to see her die.
The first question of the distracted
husband was "Is my wife dvtnsr'"
But my undaunted faith in the efficacy
of Pe-ru-na. is such, even in this avrfnl
emergency. hat I repllea:
"Sir, you and I are now ia the vigor
of life; it may happen that this lady
will live to see us burled."
After & hasty examination of the
case I prescribed Pe-ru-na to be taken
every hour, and If she was not better
In the morning to let me know.
It was two week3 before I again
heard from the case, when the hus
band entered my office, radiant with
Joy, and, net waiting for the usual
salutations, exclaimed:
"Doctor, my wife is well!"
"Oh, no. you mean she is better. I
replied. But the enthusiastic husband
insisted that his wife was "well and
the heartiest eater at the table."
The fact was that, while she had
made astonishing improvement she was
obliged to continue the use of Pe-ru-na
many months. In les3 than a year
she was entirely well, and has re
mained so since, and her treatment
from the beginning to the end was Pe-ru-na
and nothing els. To have seen,
her at the time of the first visit it
would have been impossible to belleye
that any medicine or other earthly
power could have saved her.
This case is no mere unusual or as
tonishing than a great many others that
my list contains, not only of diseases
of the lungs, but of all mucous surfaces.
Cases of dyspepsia, diarrhoea, and
dysentery which have withstood all
other treatment, have yielded at once
by the use of Pe-ru-na.
Numerous oases of Brigs fa disease
of the kidneys, acute catarrh and rheu
matism, female diseases that had been,
treated locally for years, were instant
ly relieved and finally recovered by
Pe-ru-na. In short, every disease af
fecting any mucous membrane of the
body that has not already gone be
yond aM earthly help, frequently makes
astonishing recovery.
As a general tonic and appetizer Pe-ru-na
has no superior. It is a certain
remedy for wo.-n-out or tired-out hu
man nature. Cases of nervous prostra
tion, loss of vitality and sleeplessness
are all treated by Pe-ru-na with such
undeviatlng sueeej that wherever it is
used it ranks as the greatest tonic
In future articles I will cite other
cases of similar interest. In doing so
I shall not allow the slightest exagger
ation or fiction to max the realism
which the simple facts alone give to
any narrative of this kind.
Pe-ru-na, Man-a-lin and La-cu-pla
manufactured by the Pe-ru-na Company.
Columbus. Ohio. Sold at all drug
SPECIAL NOTICE: Many persons
inquire for The Old-time Parana. They
want the Peruna that their Fathers
and Mothers used to take. The old
Peruna Is now called Katarno. If your
druggist or dealer does not keep it for
sale write the Katarno Company. Col
umbus. Ohio and they will tell you alt
about it Advertisement.

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