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We Have
Just Received a Very Large Ca!
of Iron and Brass Beds
These will be sampled immediately and on sale about Friday. We are in a posi
tion to make attractive prices on these considering the quality and styles. These
come from one of the best factories and are sure to please.
You are invited to inspect
this line.
For The Children's
School Books
Start early in forming ideas of neat
ness and order in the minds of the young.
School days are days of frolic and
books are apt to be roughly handled.
104-6-8-10-12 N. Stanton
In toelrown rooms to protect boots they
now have encourage them to slve these
books proper care, and as their books in
crease, additional nnits may bo obtained to
care for the Increase
Let ns gbow too the many attractive styles
asd combmabons in GSobe Wernicke Book
cases, and democstrste how readily they
adapt thuasdves to the needs of the home.
Let Us Show You
a New Way to
Easier, Quicker and
Better Cleaning
We want all our
friends to know the
new way. Hun
dreds of our cus
tomers know now.
We want all to
know it. Let us
send you an
sJ' &?Folishl 1 if
on two days' trial, at our
risk. If it isn't satis
factory in every way,
if you do not think it the
greatest help to better
housekeeping you ever
knew, simply return it.
If you want it, and we
are sure you will, the
price is only SI. 50. '
New Long Coats Sh
H ! . . . I i.i'lllt'lAI if I
D "WSKy T" O
I v&
's Important NewsThe "Popular's"
ortened in Price !
JUST think what it means! Winter officially over 'two weeks away and
we are offering the very best coat models that haye been introduced
and accepted, at a big saving. But the maker stands the loss. He made
garments in greater numbers than ever before, but because of lagging sum
mer he was unable to find a market for them. Of course, if he had them
now he would have no trouble getting the full price for them. But instead
they are 'here over 360 of them, at prices that do not correspond with the
quality and style.
Black Caracul and Cloth
Coats that sell regularly at
$15.00, for
Women's Cloth Coats
that sell regularly at
$20. for
Women's Cloth Coats
that sell regularly at
$17.50. for
Women's Cloth Coats
that sell regularly at
$25. for
i en
First National Gives Ten
ants of Bronson Block
Notice to Vacate.
Steel and brick has been ordered for
i he new S136.90U First National build
i.ig adjoining the present American
Bank building on the west. Notice has
been given the tenants of the Bronson
Mock to atate within 90 days, when
v, ork will begin wrecking the old
1 uilding and the erection of the new
bank building, which will be a part of
ih present American building.
Tuesday the stockholders of the First I
.National bank held a meeting at which
'te consolidation or the American with j
me First National was approved. Mon-
ay a meeting ot the American -National
-tockholders was neid, at which it was
oted to voluntarily liquidate this bank
m December 31. There were 105 stock
holders of the bank and of that num
ber 80 were present and held the prox
.. of the 2750 of the 300 votes.
The consolidation will become effect
ie after December 31, when the Amer-
Lan will be at home at the First Na
i onal building until the new building
- completed. J. M. "VVyatt and J. F.
i imm, of the American, will each have
n executive position in the First Na
tional bank after that date.
l. ' Ruby Wednesday morning took
i ut a permit for the erection of a two
'or apartment house at the corner of
J'lfth street and Broadway. The build-
ns is to cost $3000
Nations Meat and Supply company is
ha-v ing plans drawn for a $5000 1m-tT-oement
to its meat supply storage
. n Mesa avenue. The prssenc capacity
t'f the cold storage rooms will lie dcu
. '. t. a refngeratoring plant installed
in the basement and trackage installed
fo- moving meats. Edward Kneezell is
inwing plans for the improvement.
That the insurance of automobiles in
Texas is unprofitable on account of
numorous thefts, and the automobile
owner would get the benefit of a much
lower rate of insurance if laws were
nassed making it a felony for a person
to take an automobile without the con-sf-nt
of the owner, were the contents of
i no letter written by" R. D. CouRbanour,
state agent of the Commercial Union As
surance company, limited, Dallas, Tex,
i t police chief I. N. Davis, who started
the movement for the passage of laws
making it a felony to steal an automo
1'iip or bicyele.
Hollis BarroH, police ehief of the ue
i artment at Waco, Tex wrote chief
Davis that since January 1 of las,t year
'wo automobiles had been stolen, oy
ders had taken 29. and two of this
namVr had been burned up on the road.
I ticvcles stolen daring that time, he said,
Southwestern Planing Mill
Manufacturers of Sash, Doors and Interior Finish.
Let us figure your mill work.
Phone 5085. 1200 Missouri St.
Las Graces and
Mesilla Valley
Is Made Occasion For Bril
liant Musical Event in Las
Graces; Road Conclave.
The office of The Herald for Las
Cruces is the Post Office News and
Cigar Store. Arrangements can be
made here for those who want to
subscribe and wish their papers de
livered each night.
A 'ctt Home Cure That Anyone Can
X se WithoHt Discomfort or Ioes
of Time
"We have a New Method tbat cures
stbiia. and we want you to try it at
i ur expense. No matter whether your
ase is of long-standing or recent de
- i lopment, whether it is present as
occasional or chronic Asthma, our meth
od is an absolute cure. No matter in
i liat climate you Jive, no matter what
our ap or occupation, our method
wul certainly cure you right in your
own home.
e especially want to send it to
those apparently hopeless cases, where
all forms of inhalers, douches, opium
3 reparations, fumes, "patent smokes,"
tc , have failed. We want to show
veryone at our own expense that this
new method will end all difficult
breathing, all wheezing, and all those
i . rrible paroxysms at once and for all
Tbis free offer is too Important to
neglect a single day. Write now and
brgin the cure at once. Send no money.
J- mply mail coupon below. Do It To
r a v. I
662C, Niagara and Hudson Sts .
Buffalo, N. .
end free trial of yoor method to:
Las Cruce3, N. M., .Dec. 4. The mu
sical held in the Methodist church last
evening was well attended. The new
pipe organ was used for the first time
on this occasion.
The program given was:
Introduction third act "Lohengrin,"'
Vorepeil (Lohengrin), Wagner; Mrs.
Solo, "Prayer from. La Tosca," Puccini;
"A Perfect Day," Carrie Jacobs Bond;
Mrs. L. A. Broaddus.
Selections from "Maritana," Wallace;
Las Cruees Orchestra. (Mrs. Stoes at
the piano.)
"In Paradisum," Dubois; Sanctus
(from St. Cecilia Mass), Gounod; ar
ranged for organ by Mrs. Miller; Mrs.
"Lamentation," Guilinant; Mrs. Ste
Solo. "0 DMne Redeemer," Gounod;
Miss Medlar. (Organ, Mrs. Miller; vio
lin. Dr. Garrison; piano, Mrs. Stevens.)
Question, Answer. Woltenholme; Inter
mezzo, Callearts; Mrs. Stevens.
Inflamatas, obligate solo, Kossini;
Mrs. Broaddus.
Sonata, D minor, Guilmant; Largo e
Maestoso, Allegretto, Finale; Mrs. Miller.
Violin solo, selected; Mrs. Sexton.
Toccata, Dubois; Mrs. Stevens.
The good roads convention will be held
here Friday. There will be three ses
sions. The Sew and So society met -cestcrdav
at the home of Mrs. Lytton Taylor in
South Las Cruces. The next meeting
will be held at the home of Mrs. Mina
tree in East Las Cruces next Tuesday
afternoon. ,
BL R. Averv is spending a short time
atMimbres Hot Springs.
The new house of A. Reeves is now
under roof.
Mrs. Ralph French entertained at din
ner last evening in honor of her aunt,
Mrs. G. W. Moss, of AVheaton. HI, who
has been visiting relatives here the past
10 davs. Mrs. Moss leaves here this
evening for her home. She will visit
other relatives on her wav home. Be
fore coming to Las Cruces she visited in
Oregon and California, fehe attended the
national V. C. T. L. convention, held in
Presiding elder J. A. Ray has returned
to El Paso after a brief visit here.
C. M. Quimbv. of Rincon, was here
on business yesterday.
William Martin, who has been sick, is
F. Teichman, of El Paso, is here on
business" in connection with the high line
canal which is to be built bv the re
clamation service.
Will P. La Point, editor of the Las
Cruces Citizen, left here this morning to
t-pend a couple of d,iy in E lPtiso.
Electric Plants in Utah, Idaho and Colo
rado Are Merged to Supply Railroads.-
Mines and Smelters.
Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec 4. Fourteen
of the largest water power electric
plants in Utah, Idaho and Colorado have
been merged in a ?40.000,000 corporation
which will supply railroads, mines, mills
and smelters with power. Announce
ment was made here today that the
deeds completing the merger were signed
yesterday in New York by the Electric
Bond and Share companv. At the same
time the articles of incorporation in
Utah of the Utah Power and Light com
pany were amended to increase the capi
tal stock from ?1000 to ?40,000,000. D.
C Jackling, a prominent mine operator
and banker, is president of the new
company and its headquarters will be
maintained in Salt Lake City.
j.ne larger companies included in the
merger are in Utah, Idaho and Colorado.
Ladies long coats cleaned. "Wright.
Tou can put 10c in your savings ac
count for every bumctized post you
bay from Xandcr.
Hotel Paso del A'ortc.
The dining room and grill of Hotel
Paso del Norte is open until midnight.
Meals served a la carte. Excellent ser
vice. Advertisement.
Bound for their home, the New York
commission of 20 members, who have
been to San Francisco to attend to New
York's interests at the Panama-Pacific
exposition, will arrive in El Paso at 6:53
Thursday moaning on train No. 8 of the
Southern Pacific They will spend tie
dav in El Paso and W. C McCormick,
general agent of the Southern Pacific
in El Paso, has been requested to have
the chamber of commerce entertain
$3.50 Recipe Free, For
Weak Men.
Sena Name and Address Today
You Can Have It Free and Be
.Strong and Vigorous.
., h,ave ia my possession a prescrip
tion for nervous debility, lack of vigor,
weakened manhood, failing memory
and lame back, brought on by ex
cesses, unnatural drains, or the follies
of youth, that has cured so many worn
uuu nervous men rignt in their own
homes without any additional help or
medicine that I think every man who
wishes to regain his manly power and
virility, quickly and quietly, should
have a copy. So I nave determined to
send a copy of the prescription free of
charge, in a plain, ordinary sealed en
velope to any man who will write me
for it.
This prescription comes from a phv
sician who has made a special study
cf men and X am convinced it is the
surest-acting combination for the cure
of deficient manhood and vigor failure
ever put together.
l tnink I owe it to my fellow man
to send them a copy in "confidence so
tnat any man anvwhere who is weak
ind discouraged with repeated failures
may stop drugging himself with harm
ful patent medicines, secure what I be
lieve is the quickest-acting restorative,
upbuilding, SPOT TOUCHING remedy
ever devised, and so cure himself at
heme quietly and quickly. Just drop
,naIn? llke this: Dr- - E- Robinson.
4049 Luck Building. Detroit. Mich., and
I will send you a copy of this splen
did recipe in a plain ordinary envelope
free of charge. A great many doctors
TICUlI pharffn 3 AA tn SSUfi rn -...!-
writing out a prescription like this
but I send it entirely free. Adv
Every Suit Reduced in Price
HAT a marvelous otter! ij our great lots ot suits, including tne very;
Intpsf. Winter mnrlfils rtr ffoincr at hio- rfifln rations. ' What an nnnor-
tunitv! You can choose that much coveted suit from the largest stock in El j
Paso at prices you would never dream of. i
Here Are the 4 Grand Groups
For Dress Use
Suits up to $18.00
and $19.50
WUllO Up liU i?j-J.VV fij
and S57 nf
17 Kf
Ur JL Ml aGLJr
IT IS a pleasure to us to real
ize that more and more
this big second floor Waist Sec
tion of ours is becoming the
headquarters for women who
seek whatever is distinctive and
fresh and new and beyond the
ordinary in handsome dress
waists. Lingeries, the sheerest
and most delicate; voiles, chif
fons and charmeuse wonder
fully embroidered. And all at
prices uncqunled elsewhere! A
new shipment today of hand
some marquisette, voile and
marquisette crepe waists, ex
quisitely trimmed in Cluny and
Irish crochet, with high neck
and long sleeves, priced at,$5.50
to $15, warrants your atten
tion. They will make ideal
Christmas gifts.
Suits worth up to
tp.OvJ .... ... ... . .
Suits up to $45.00
and $47.50
Fine Lingerie Waists ISFewManelarin Coats
Popular Specials $2.45 & $2.95
TRETlY marquisette and voile waists
in a variety of styles. Some richly
embroidered some with Cluny and Irish
crochet lace, velvet, etc.; high neck, long
sleeves'. Many of them with Robespierre
collar. See these early tomorrow, as first
choosing will be best. "Popular" spe
cial at $2.45 and $2.95.
The Voting Contest Is Growing
Warm Register Your Vote for the
Boy or Girl Tou Wish to Receive a
KJ JiKBfsiTffjSjut
At $22.50, $16.50 and $25.00
W7E RECEIVED by express yester
v day, a shipment of Japanese Man
darin coats so extremely popular just
now for evening and house wear. Made
of fine imported silk in light blue, grey,
lavender, pink, white and king's blue.
Handsomely hand embroidered in con
trasting colors. They will make gorgecfus
Every Sales Check "Issued in This
Store Counts f op Votes. Every Dime
Counts as One Vote A Dollar 10
jtisrvT. r-o-rvs. Jrf!WriVVi,. am. r5. .tWuas W-- jtlSi
i xtn 'I i J Wlf )a JIvVvv fix- V . V57 - 7 A xQn v 7V T c W v
W i I I Pf v W rnvrn 'Hfl v vM i V P? v Wa j I P
VJ i X"t V I Wi II V III vrrf I V x lI 4 I i I pta i2Z9 wS 1 l
i jn V'H 4 --V 1 --Vi 1 oAo V::f f A -U I 7 I EsSf 1 rZP '-
i y I I vcA I f I W V' M y1 II t Y I m
i l I 1 1 f I it-y i f 1 1 ) f il I Li if " I
3 r y u r h r r si c' o v i p ' q r d l
A; i .r-iA J i : 1 I ::t 5?-H- T fca P-' M H K J fci
The Student
The Yale
The Norfolk
The London
The Strand
Overstocked on Men's High Gr
The Sparrow The Universal
ade Suits!
268 To Select From
$30.00 to $40.00 Suits
A THREE DAYS' SALE (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) that should bring me? in throngs to the
"Popular" men's store. For these reductions on men's high-grade Suits are the first reductions that the
"Popular" has advertised this season and the sale marks an opportunity no man should overlook. They are:
Hart Schafiner d? Marx and Rogers Peet Hand Tailored Suits '
n HE HIGHEST GRADE of tailoring that can be put into ready-to-wear garments. Get one of these suits
tomorrow. Your size, your pattern, your style is here. All pure wool materials. English cuts and more
conservative models. For economy's sake investigate. You'll surely buy if you see the suits.
Blue Serge and Black Suits
Not Included in This Dis
count Sale
Men's Negligee Hats- Trie
Very Latest Fad; "Popular"
Special $1.50
M"MaMWM iljIiZZcSSSrS. ' "M

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