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JsH Wl
It's A Sale Without A Parallel In Ail The Southwest
Each Day The Crowds increase At This
THE SIXTH WEEK Started luesday with a rush.
Spirited Buying that taxed our Salesforce to the utmost.
Tomorrow, Thursday, Will be a Repetition of Today's Great Business and With Fresh Values Added We Again Expect An Immense Business.
It's Money Thrown Away Mot To Attend This Stupendous Sale
Be Here When the Doors Open Up, If You Want To Share In These Mighty Matchless Bargains.
! Store Open COIHB K3P22!SIB,5I,B 005116
I rfJMrBjrrWWW 1 I
I until 9 p. m. Toiiiorht sZ&rMJV wLJ Tnmnrrnw
Rcncvral of Disturbances In Mexico Tie
lp Cattle Shipment From tbc
Casas Grandes Country
J. K. Look returned Tuesday night
o tr the Mexico North Western railway
from the American Mountain ranch.
nt-ar Cabas randes, Mex. He went
there socio time ago in the hope of
l-ringing out several hundred bead of
f-attle, but foi id transportation condi
tions so precarious that he decided not
to risk the cattle on the road until
conditions became more settled. Mr.
Look reports the ranch house com
pletely nfled of everything portable
except the piano. The ranch was
stocked with a splendid flock of blooded
white wjandctte chickens, which have
all been -arned off.
D. F. White, of the X. F. White
Commission company, has left for Mar
fa. Texas, to look after cattle inter
ests. He is expected back by Sunday.
J. P. CdelL of the Look-Odell Cattle
orapany. who has been in Parrs.1, Mex..
bujingr cattle, was expected to return
to El Paso Tuesday night. bHt is de
layed with the tieup on the Mexican
Central road.
Cattle Prom Alpine
One train load of cattle, containing
Any Man May Easily Regain
" Strong, vigorous vi
tality, the crowning
glory of mature
healthy manhood.
Do you know, read
er, what this means
to you?
If by these few sim
ple inspired words
which every man
may with profit
reaaj X
be the
ing out
to you
men the straight and s--e
if narrow, road to new
manhood, new powers, new
capacities for a better anl
more glorious physical an 1
vital development, then m
doing this I have rendered
a great and lasting serric'
to my fellow beings, and
one which is Infinite in its
power for good.
This self-same VITAL
ITY, this builder of man
hood and manly vigor.
may easily be regained, and I v,.i.
tell you how.
Have you ever stopped to consid
er that it is this VITAL FORCE
which makes rugged men the real
men that tliey are' It Is this same
MAN FORCE which is behind every
great achievement in the world to
day, which gives the flower of our
army and navy the courage to meet
and face death unflinchingly, which
gives the rough and rugged man of
the plains that compelling power
to rescue at all odds a loved one
from some great peril, as our illus
tration here portrays, and it is this
self-same. Identical VITAL VIGOR
which I must impart ta you, reader,
if you are not the man you should
Therefore. If I give you new vi
tality, I make you young again and
keep you feeling young the balance
of your days. By Increasing your
vital supply. I soon have you an
swering "Simply feeling fine," to
your friends morning greetings,
while they .in their turn will se
cretly marvel at the wondrous
change for the better which has
come over yon. A thoroughly vital
manly man is the greatest Inspira
tion in toe world; his power and
fascination are felt by all women
and all men alike who are near
biro. Nothing but death can con
quer fhe giant of strength and man
ly vigor. On the other hand, how
different with the half-roan, the
neurasthenic degenerate, who is
burning up his vitality in dissipa
tion and excesses! Is there any
sight more pitiable, more repellant
to one's sense of decency, than the
weakling who deliberately kills his
manhood and self-respect by acts of
wilful debauchery? Such a man i as.
neither sympathy nor can he profit
by what of wisdom I can Impart.
.BsBSssgsKfeislBiisftM R
My beok, as described above, will
be sent In plain, sealed envelope to
anyone who "fills in the below cou
pon. It is fully illustrated with
photo reproductions, printed on fine
Dear Sirs Please forward me your
1237 head, was shipped Tuesday night
to the Patterson Ranch company, at
Oxnard. Cat. for pasture. The cattle
were from W. M. Connolly, and were
loaded at Alpine. Texas. Another train
ad of cattle from W. M. Connolly, of
Alpine, were unloaded at the Union
stockyards Wednesday morning. These
cattle are to be shipped to the new pas
tures of the Patterson Ranch company
I at Tempe, Ariz.
Ten cars or tsonora cattle tnat nave
been at the Union stockyards for sev
eral days, will be shipped this after
noon to the markets in Kansas City.
Mo. The cattle were imported by J. P.
McOaniels at Kogales, Ariz.
There's art in pressing. Wright.
Inspect the Christmas stocks which
are now displayed by the 1 Paso stores
and make your selections early.
Men's suits cleaned, pressed. Wright.
Swellings of the flesh caused by in
flammation, cold, fractures of the none.
toethacLe, neuralgia or rheumatism can
be relieved by applying BALLARD'S
SNOW LINIMENT, it should be well
rubbed in over the part affected. Its
great healing and penetrating power
eases the pain, reduces swelling and re
stores natural conditions. Price 25c
50c and $1.50 per bottle. Sold by Scott
White & Co., 3 stores. Advertisement.
Bdt mj mm wlio is willing to
make a fair, square fight for the
retarn of h's lost vitality and lost
manhood, who will promise faith
fully and honestly to discontinue
any debasing practices or excesses
he may be indulging, who Will help
me thus by helping himself to such,
no matter how dependent he may
be. no matter how weak and debil
itated, no matter what years of
folly have passed, to such a man I
can offer all the encouragement in
the world. Just lead a decent man's
life, my friend, and then increase
your VITALITT. All else will come
I make and distribute a vitalizing
appliance which I call a HEALTH
BELT. I do not want you to get
one of these HEALTH BELTS now
nor tomorrow nor next week, for
that matter, but first wish you to
write for or call and get one of
ray little free books. I want you
to thus have my whole story of
this subject of VITALITY, so that
you may judge for yourself. My
HEALTH BELT, with suspensory
attachment, is a complete treatment
In itself; that is, you place It com
fortably around your waist nights
when you go to bed and wear it all
the time when you are asleep. The
vitality which it produces and sends
into your system hour after hour
is felt as it flows in. There is no
shock, but merely a pleasant, warm,
soothing sensation which induces a
sound, refreshing sleep. Weak back
often disappears at once, and a
better feeling is Immediately ex
perienced. Two or three months'
wear is usually sufficient The cost
is nominal. With special attach
ments, my HEALTH BELT Is used
Dy women as well as men for rheu
matism, kidney, liver, stomach,
bladder disorders, etc
coated paper, and should be read
by every man. young, middle aged
or elderly, whether ailing or strong.
Write or call today. Hours 9 to 6;
Sundays 10 to 1. s
1261 Broadway, Sew Vork, If.Y.
Book, as advertised, free, sealed.
Clint, Texas, Dec 4 The large
bungalow on the ranch of W. B. Latta
between Clint and Fabens is under
way, and work on the side walls of
this building is' progressing. Mr.
Latta has one of the best improved
ranches In the lower valley.
The series of meetings conducted
at the Bond Memorial church by the
pastor. Rev. Mr. McAnally, has closed
with an addition of four members.
The press, gasoline engine, and
other equipment of the Clint News
has arrived and is being Installed,
and I.Ir. Elliott, the proprietor, states
that the lirst issue of "Clint's first
newspaper" will be ready for delivery
Friday morning. Dec 6.
Mrs. H. G. Hammond, who haj been
visiting at her ranch near Innie,
Texas, for the past 10 days, is expected
home this week.
Considerable activity is being shown
in connection with the prohibition
election which will be held Saturday,
Dec. 7.
Sam Carr jr., has purchased of C. M.
McKinney lots 9 and 10, block 5, Clint
townsite, and has commenced-the erec
tion of a blacksmith shop and garage.
The amount of property recovered by
the city detectives and turned over to
the rightful bwners during the month
of November amounted to $1881.75, ac
cording to the report of Jesse C Stan-
sel. chief of the city detective depart
ment, submitted to police chief L N.
Davis. Other items included In the re
port were as follows: Arrests made by
the department for the month were 77;
Americans, 3S; Mexican?, 34, and ne
groes. 5. The following were trans
ferred to the county jail: Burglary. 2;
forgery, 2; theft from the person. 1;
robbery y assault, 5; theft under 550.
5: aggravated assault, S. Four prison
ers were turned over to outside authori
ties and one prisoner was delivered to
the Fort Bliss authorities.
LonsrwcH's Service
includes complete equipment for auto
mobile passenger service, ajutomoblle
transfer service, livery, baggage wag
ons, heavy transfer in fact, we have
everything a completely equipped trans
fer and livery establishment should
have. For quick action and moderate
charges, phone No. 1, and you'll get
Children take BALLARD'S HORE
UOUND SYRUP willingly because it
tastes nice. There isn't a better remedy
anywhere for children's coughs, hoarse
ness and bronchitis. It's a good medi
cine and easy to take. Price 25c SOc
and $1 00 per bottle Sold by Scott
White & Co.. 3 stores. Advertisement.
Gcod cleaning, quick service. Wright.
I fflfT"! Ill illTnjTTTiW-1''-""' J'"a?Ti
I if "Bistincttaely r& fS
B I! Individual 'lfa' Ifl
Iff oieho i?Oi Myil
WdaeToaSCssteron Co. 5& Km IS
i a BJcsrto.vB.v-A. & S3 EI
!9 sa-'WiL Jf Z El
3 sa&m EMNr ra-el Is
H JzttPjSa KsSft' JNm 4?A- a
39&S7S5dlSik raiK-Bfi a
HffivA rw3flKSiT3; EK Si
I M BC2l KvffriJlQ ri Sv B -MKn
i in mm&Btm? am. n I
I BftSJISftLMi i H'l'n ft Ml
gr'Oualilv blend" SI
I If More money is paid ji
1 over the counter for tfl
a hd rauiiiii uiiuiimauy ga
J other cigarette. A IS
i quality that suits the II
I great majority of SI
! I smokers. II
I! You'll like it!
I In an inexpensive II
9 es ckage.
y20 for 15c
1 1 ,
Work of Securing a Jury in
Casey Trial Occupies Day;
E. P. Lerner First Man.
--$ ?-X--0-"O-0O
E. P. Lerner, shoe merchant.
W. B. Day. bookkeeper.
F. W. McConnell, cattleman.
E. B. Gray, former hotel
J. M. Langford, cattleman.
D. C. Zlvley, collector.
While John P. Casey jr.. is on trial
for his life in the 3ith district court
room, a little blue eyed, flaxen haired
girl of four years, aits in a big arm
chair in the courtroom and plays with
her handkerchief, her mother's y furs
or anything that she happens to have
She is Dorothy Casey, daughter of
the defendant.
Wednesday morning the little sirl
walked into the court rtpom with her
father. John P. Casey j., still wear
ing his left arm in a sling and smok
lnr a. nine, lonked stern nxcent when
the baby raised her eyes to his and!
smiled. Casey is charged with having
killed his brotherinlaw. W. J. Amber
son, at the Bellevue Messenger office
on the night of Aug. 3, 1912.
Casey entered the court room before
judge Dan M. Jackson had taken his
seat. He sat in one of the arm chairs
just inside the rail. The baby crawled
up into the seat on his right, Mrs.
Casey sat to hl left and Mrs. W. H.
Patten, of Chicago, sister of Mr. Casey,,
sat on her left.
The state requested that all Jurors
be excluded from the court room and
brought in one at a time as was the
custom at the Orner trial in Pecos last
week. Judge Dan M. Jackson said
that he saw no necessity for this, and
denied it
A special venire of. 260 men had been
ordered and about 200 were present.
Many had excuses, but judge Jackson
required each man who was not ex
empted by reason of his "age to take
the witness stand and answer ques
tions. Representing the state are district
attorney Joseph M- Nealon, his part
ner. R. E. Thomason. and C. L. Vowell.
At 18:15 the ltth talesman ex
amined, E. P. Lerner, a San Antonio
street shoe merchant was selected as
the first juror. Up to that time the
state had refused two challenges and
the defence one.
Completing the Jury.
Half of the jury box was filled when
court adjourned at noon. D. C. Zlvley.
a collector for the telephone company, I
wnose name , appeared visa on tne list
was chosen as the sixth juror.
Up to Uiis time the state had chal
lenged Mark Miller. E. W. Haigttt
and L. Robins and the defence had
challenged J. W. Givan. Bradford
Hardie and E-L.De Shazo.
At 2 oclock' this afternoon the ex
amination of jurors was resumed and,
although the state is asking the
death penalty, indications are that the
jury will be completed today or at
least by tomorrow morning.
Los Angeles, Cal., Dec 4. Joseph Ru
dolph, a dairy employe, died today
from wounds inflicted by a bull with
which he had deliberately engaged in
Some time ago the bull killed a fellow
employe of Rudolph. Afterward it was
confined in a pen. Rudolph deter
mined to avenge his comrade's death
and entered the small enclosure, armed
with a revolver, kntfe and club. Be
fore he could use any of his three
weapons the bull charged and gored
him so badly that he died today.
Use Domestic Coke.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
Wflvlanrf an nf-rliilf ta1 lmnl.M.n,
dealer of Booneville. Mo., was placed
on the stand for cross-examination
mis murning at tne opening of the
third day's hearing here of the suit
Harvester company. Weyland turned
w me government nis corre-
a line of independent harvesters last
cr ana mat me international with
drew its "Champion" from him and
gave it to a grocery firm.
Ue Domestic Coke.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
Ladies long coats cleaned. Wright.
The Inn Bar and Cafe
will reepen'on Wednesday. December 4,
under the management of Webber Bes
sey, and will be conducted on the high
est order, serving nothing but the high
est class liquors. Mr. Bessey has had a
lifelong experience In the restaurant
business, and the public will be assured
of setting the highest class meals at
moderate prices. See Ads. later. Bn
trance next to St. Regis hotel, also next
to White House store. Advertisement.
Use Domestic Coke.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
I.ongTrcllN auto for hire a fast safe
car. Small cost Phone 1.
Men's suite cleaned, pressed. Wrlcht.
Clifford J. Halpern
Sales Manager
J. R. Harper, chief justice? J. F. Mc
kenzie and B. F. HIsslns, asso
ciate justices.
Motions overruled Thos. D. Pryor vs.
Mrs. Annie P. Krause et aL, from El
Paso; motion of the 'appellant for leave
to amend brief.
iSotion granted Thos. D. Pryor vs.
Mrs. Annie P. Krause et al., from El
Paso; motion of the appellee to strike
out appellant's brief, etc Leave granted
appellant to file new briefs on or be
fore January - 1913; appellee granted
until January 22, 1913, to file their
briefs. Except as herein stated, mo
tion in all things overruled.
Motions submitted Texas & Pacific
Railway company vs. E. C Good, from
Midland; appellee's motion for rehear
ing. W. J. Chambers vs. P. B. Wyatt, ad
ministrator, from Harris; appellee's
motion for rehearing.
Cases set for January 3:
No- 161 Magnolia Warehouse and
Storage company vs. Davis & Black
well, from Harris.
No. 165 D. S. Hearn et ux vs. Ben F.
Harless from Harris.
No. lsl Morris Rosenthal et al. vs.
the Sun company et al.. from Harris.
No. 1S2 Sophy Broiders vs. H. H.
Dooley et al.. from Harris.
No. 1S3 Houston Belt & Terminal
Railway company vs. Joe K. Stephens,
from Harris.
No. 184 International Travelers' as
sociation vs. Henry L. Bosworth, from
No. 185 Texas & New Orleans Rail
road company vs. S. E. Yerkes, from
No. 186 O. S. Anderson vs. St. Louis
Brownsville & Mexico Railway com
pany, from Harris.
No. 1S7 Richard Cocke & Co. vs. Big
Muddy Coal & Iron company, from Har-
No. 1SS W. J. Glover vs. H. Albrecht
et L, from Harris.
No. 189 O. H. Barnes et aL vs. Cen
tral Bank & Trnst company, from Har
Dan M. Jackson, Presiding.
John P. Casey, jr., charged with
murder; jury being selected.
John Smith vs. G. H. & S. A. Ry., suit
for $30,000 damages; judgment for
James P. Morris vs. John C. Rose
borough et al, suit on contract; filed.
A. M. Walthall. Presiding.
B. G. Perry et al vs Rio Grande Valjey
Bank and Trust company, garnishment;
Birehfleld vs. El Paso & Southwest
ern et al. suit for damages to cattle
shipment; with jury.
Zach Lamar Cobb vs J. M. Carlisle.
trespass to try title suit; judgment for
E. B. McCIIntoek, Presiding.
J. H. Gray vs. Imperial Clothing Spe
cialty company, salt on $106 debt;
J. H. Gray vs. Hayman Krupp. gar
nishment suit: filed,
Carlos Costilio. charged with disturb
ing the peace; fined $1 and costs.
J. J. LoRgwell vs. M- Brooks, attach
ment suit; filed.
J. J. MHrpuy, Presiding.
Fred Chesney. charged with theft
over $60; bound over to grand jury un
der $500 bond. t
Chicago, 111., Dec. 4. Another ehapter
in the marital difficulties of Gorham,
Tuffts, evangelist missionworker and
faith healer, began today whan the suit
filed here last April by his first wife,
Mrs. Mary Hoekeeper Tuffts, to have
the decree of divorce granted by a Chi
cago court in February, 1910 annulled
on the ground that it had been obtained
fraudulently, was placed on judge Mc
Kinlev's calendar for hearing.
Tuffts is being held in jail at Los An
geles pending an appeal to a higher court
on an embezzlement charge.
New York. N. Y., Dec 4. The resig
nation of Newman Erb as chairman of
the board of directors of the Ann Ar
bor Railroad company was announced
todav. He will succeed to the presi
dency of the road in the place of
Joseph Ramsey. Jr.. who will retire.
H. 11. Harrison, vice president of the
read, has been put in charge of its op
eration, pending the selection of a new
general manager, in which position Mr
Ramsey also acted.
Retail Store. 105
N. Stanton
Phone 5290.
8flBvq "' Who
As usual we are showing exclu
sive lines of seasonable greeting
has prompted us to display our
stock now.
Sea Oar Windows
JP CI jwf 7fo4rirTfrmr 8 F A .rfwfi sJtT Ft J wi Drf iLfflfP Jf
Two burglaries committed Tuesday
night were reported to the detectives.
The Holmes cleaning establishment. 706
Texas street, was broken into some
time Tuesday night and several articles
of clothing taken.
Joseph Foil, rooming at 406 San
Francisco street, reported to the de
teetives that his room had been en
tered, a toilet set, rain coat, sweater,
suit case and other articles taken.
Dr. G. X. Thomas's House Entered.
It was the residence of Dr. G. N.
Thomas. 703 Lee street, that two Mexi
cans entered Tuesday morning by going
through a screen door on the rear
porch. Mrs. Thomas at the time was
in the dining room and walking out
she saw the two Mexicans with two
of her blankets. Mrs. Thomas told
them to drop them. The Mexicans be
came frightened rd left one of the
blankets. The police had reported that
it was the residence of Dr. G. N. Brown
which was entered.
Logansport, Ind., Dec 4. Elisabeth
Lange, a brldt of one day, shot and
killed Mrs. Mary Copple. who at the
wedding supper is alleged to have told
other guests that the groom had se
lected an ugly and worthless woman
for a life partner.
Mrs. Laage wa arrested shortly after
the sheotte aid the police say she
made a fun confession and expressed
pleasure that she had stopped slan
derous remarks.
In her confession, as reported by the
police, Mrs. Lange said:
"Yes, I shot Mrs. Copple. I shot her
down as her two little children stood
beside her, holding to her skirts. I
killed her because she said no man
ought to marry me. and that my hus
band would repent."
0-s. $). s'$hs
- Paris, France. Dec 4. One
J hundred persons were killed
and $2,000,000 worth of prop-
erty destroyed in the tornado
& that swept over Madagascar on
d- November 26, according to the
latest reports received at the
ministry of colonies.
0-$x$ " "
The damage suit of C. A. Kinkel vs.
Oea. E. Z. Steever, Lieut. Fred Terrell
and private Marvin Hay has been trans
ferred from the 41st district court to
the federal district court. Kinkel is
suiag for $7000 damages because he al
leges private Hay shot, a bote in his au
tomobile tire while he was going up the
county road on March 26. 1912.
Lee Hebberd has returned from St.
Louis, Mo., where he spent some time
in the hospital after having bees In
jured in the hotel Berlin fire. Hebberd
dropped from the third floor of the
building and his head struck the second
story and was badly cut. Miss Eva
White, also of SI Paso, had an ankl
sprained In the fire. She. 'too. has re
turned to Ei Paso.
Years of Suffering
Catarrh and Blood Disease
Doctors Failed to Cure.
Mtes Mabel F. Dawkins, 1214 Latoy
ette St., Fort Wayne, Ind writes:
"For three years I was troubled with
catarrh and blood disease. I tried sev
eral doctors and a dozen different rem
edies, but none of them did me .any
good. A friend told me of Hood's Sar
saparilla. I twofe two bottles of this
medicine and was as well and strong
as ever. I feel like a different person
and recommend Hood's to any one suf
fering from catarrh."
Get it today in usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called Sarsatabrv
What's Wrong With Your Chickens?
Perhaps they need a tonic after passing through the
moulting season.
We sell Model Egg Maimer and Convey s Laying Tonic, two
of the best egg producers on the marjtet.
Maizes Healthy Chickens.
W. D. Wise
Office and Warehouse. Cor.
Mrs. L. G. Phillips is searching for
her 10 year old boy. who left home
Tuesday morning and has not been
heard of since. Mrs. Phillips says that
the boy bad been staying at the Charity
house on South Campbell street, where
he had been 'working for his board.
Hie name is Wylie and he was dressed
in a brown coat and trousers, a blue
sweater trimmed in red, tan bootees and
wore a Postal telegraph cap. having
worked at the Postal recently. When
he left home he said be was going to
the Charity hoase, bat be did not ar
rive there.
To clean it oat to a Sorry. 354 rolls
slightly damaged roofing at half price.
Lander Lumber Co.
Good cleaning, quick service Wrlgfci.
Woodmen of the World elected offi
cers at a meeting Tuesday evening in
the Fraternal Brotherhood hall. S. A.
Vaughan is past consul commander, T
D. Lovelady. consul commander; J. TL
Strickland, adviser lieutenant; F B
Hagedon, banker; C. C. Kiefer. clerk.
L. A. Meader. escort; S. F. Woodwa-d
watchman: F. A. MaeLean, sentr
A. Vaughan. manager for the thr
year term.
A Fountain
makes an ideal Xmas
present. Our stock is
complete, in all sizes, in
plain and gold mount
ings. Curran's
108 Mesa
& Co.
2nd & Chih.
IBM S-J 1 jjjj -M in -JI ffiQs
a m m
& the enfeebled system readily
I accepts any disease: Nature's
I resistant force is depleted
I and Scott's Emulsion is
&. I needed, its highly concen-
1 trated nourishment is im- flj
Ij organ. m
I With Scott's Emulsion H
I nature repairs waste, con- I
9 structs healthy tissue and 9
active, life-sustaining blocd.
H Nothing equak Scott's Emsltccsa I
th consalesence. m
' Scott&Bowne.Bfcxanccld.S'.J. 1!-I M

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