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The Store Where Yea Buy "Gifts To Delight Women"
1 Christmas
The Store Where You Buy "Gifts To Delight Women'
Christmas Suggestions from the
A' gift of writing -fyaper is always appre
ciated, and it is an easy matter to mae a
satisfactory selection here. We carry
Hurd's "quality" stationery. Put up in
pretty boxes ati all prices. We call
your attention to the following briefly
expressed catalogue.
Hurd's "quality" writing paper, letter size, with en
velopes, to match; per box 25c
Hurd's "quality" writing paper, letter size, in plain
white and white with dainty colored border, envelopes
to raatchper box 50c to $1.25.
Hurd's "quality" writing paper, in Christmas boxes
and cabinets containing both letter and note size paper
and envelopes to match; $I.5U to $4.95.
Hurd's correspondence cards, white and tinted, en- -velopes
to match; per box 75c
Hurd's "quality" writing paper, letter size, with Old
English initial embossed in gold, envelopes to match;
per box 75c
French Bordered
This is something ne&. Writing paper vnith half-inch
delicately tinted border. If you have a friend mho
likes to be right up-to-date, why not give her a box
of thh new stationery? Per box 75c
Stationery Cabinets
In addition to boxed writing paper, we have hand
some cabinets, in mahogany, Mission and oak, filled
sith high grade 'stationery. These cabinets are highly
pousnea, stl imed, and Will make a very handsome
gifi. Priced $7.50 to $15.00.
Children's Writing Paper
We have dainty writing paper for Vie little folks.
Comes in pretty boxet. Per box 25c, 35c and 50c
Visit the Arcade Daily for
Christmas Suggestions
Millinery Department
HP HE Millinery Department offers many suggestions for Christ-
mas shoppers. In a general way, we mention veils, ribbons,
hair bands, corsage bouquets, plumes, etc. Then, too, our present
sale of millinery is a rare opportunity to secure handsome gifts.
This sale offers phenomenal reductions on the latest mid-season
models in both tailored and dress hats. Almost any woman would
consider a new hat the nicest kind of a gift. The items noted will
give you an idea of what the Millinery Department offers Christ
mas shoppers.
$12.00 Tailored Hois
A group of just 50 new tailored hate,
velours, beavers and French felts, trimmed
,in fancy stick-ups, fur, marabout, plush
and ornaments. These hats, if sold in a
regular way, would bring from $6.00 to
Sjlzmv; you nave cnoice
$18. 00 Dress Hats $4. 98
A group of 50 handsome dress hats. These
' m silk velvet shapes trimmed -with ostrich
feathers and feather bands. The values
are up to $18.00; you have
choice at
Pattern Hats at Less than
Half Price
Imported pattern hats ana gets are now
being offered at LESS THAN HALS'
PRICE. Most of these hats were designed
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American Beauty Rose
Imported silk and velvet American Beauty
roses, with foliage. These are so fashion
able for furs, hat trimmings and evening
corsage bouquets. Come in all the American
Leauty shades, also primrose, cerise, scarlet,
solid and two-tone pinks, red, white, yellow
and shaded champagne. Splendid value at
$1.25; Christmas Extra f
Plumes Half Price
Beautiful French ostrich plumes arc now
being offered at about half regular prices
These come in black, white and colors, also
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One of these plumes would be an ideal
Christmas gift.
Christmas Veils
A veil is a dainty as well as a practical
Christmas gift. "We have a large stock of
auto and face veils, and the gitt veil can
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call special attention to
Auto Veils 98c
These are extra heavy veils, two yards long
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special tOC
New Face Veils
Face veils in the new shadow effects. Come
in black, white and colors, either ready
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Holiday selling.
Christmas Ribbons
51-2 inch heavy taffeta ribbon, in all col
ors; Christmas Special, per yard 19c,
61-2 inch heavy satin Duchesse ribbon;
Christmas Special, per yard 29c
Hair Bands and Opera
We offer a wide range of choice in fancy
hair bands and the fascinating opera
hoods and theatre caps. A gift of
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trHi ceiveu wim jay or.
m) Prices range from
V 35c up to $25.00
Denver. Colo.. Dec 10. Th Denver "mnNlcV rP"PTT.Crp
YnlJhA HAYAT na 4-fc 4 A JS M..A f t
tftrcc ire jjntuumx a &earcn lor Her
man Barseh, who left SoswelL N. M.,
recently for Denver and uas disappeared.
Inquiries have been telegraphed to many
New Mexico points. Barseh has been
missing fof two weeks. According to
the police Barseh had a considerable sum
of mosey when he left RcewelL
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"Use Home tic Coke.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
It's the Little iDandruff
Germs That Are Causing
Your Hair to Thin Out.
Parisian Sage Stops Falling Hnlr and
Does Not Contain Poisonous
Lend or Dyes.
The clever young man of today ;
riAMITl't tuV. uiv (.VifLTifctcE nn lnalne life
hair. A man who is baldheaded at 30
looks like 45, and is placed at a disad
vantage when seeking employment.
If you have
dandruff it
means down
near the roots
of your hair an
army of dan
druff germs
are attacking
the hair root
and destroying
its vitality.
Then, hair
f al Is ou t :
grows thin and
bald ness re
sults. Yountr
man; put your faith in delightful
PARISIAN SAGE, it will stop falling
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SAGE. Adv. m
Scran ton. The statement was brought
out during the eross examination.
Sella at Big Profit.
The witness said that "Williams had
offered to sell his interest in the dump
for $25,000 and accompanied htm to the
office of judge Archbald. There, said
Mr- Jones, Judge Archbald told him that
Williams had no right to sell any part
of the culm dump.
"Several days later," said Jones, "I
went to judge Archbald's office and
there an option was given me to pur
chase Williams's interest for $26,000.
"Did you think judge Archbald drew
that option?" asked representative
1 did," replied Jones.
"And several days before that the
judge told you Williams had no title to
the dump?"
Appropriations Made.
.SQfJ1 appropriations aggregating
$34,S60.5S3 for the operation of three
great departments of the government
during the next fiscal year, the execu
tive, legislative and judloial appropri
ation bin was passed by the house.
"Moatlccllo"' Fight.
The movement to have the govern
ment acquire "Monticello," the home of
Thomas Jefferson, received a setback
when the house by a vote of 101 to 41
refused to adopt a special rule provid
ing for the consideration of the resolu
tion authorizing the appointment of a
committee to inquire into the wisdom
and cost of purchasing the property
from its present owner.
Representative Henry gave notice
that "the fight had just begun."
To Revise Tariff.
Thorough revision, schedule by sched
ule, of the present tariff by the next
congress is indicated by the decision of
the Democratic members of the house
ways and means committee to have
hearings on the tariff every Monday.
Wednesday and Friday in January, be
ginning January 6.
One day will be devoted to each sched
ule, though if necessary in any case,
two days will be allowed. There are 14
schedules, but by merging two or three '
of the minor schedules with the impor
tant schedules, the committee expects
to get through with the hearings by the
end of the month.
Dan M. Jackson. Presiding.
John P. Casey, jr., charged with mur
der; on trial.
Mary Sullivan vs. J. D. Sullivan, suit
for divorce; filed.
W. M. Hamlin vs. Emma Hamlin, suit
for divorce; filed.
A. M. "Walthall, Presiding.
H. B. Stevens efc al. vs. Catarino Pe
dregon et aL, trespass to try title; on
Ida Klaus vs. James Klaus, suit for
divorce; filed.
Nonjury Case Settings.
Monday, January 6, 1913.
6909 Cotton vs. Ballard.
7262 Taylor vs. T. & P. P.y. Co. (Non
resident.) 8333 Nafe vs. Ardoin.
8607 Page vs. Cadena.
8750 Dunne vs. Wagoner. (Nonresi
dents.) 9056 City vs. George Look.
9554 Rio Grande Bank vs. Dunne.
9635 Clutter vs. Allen ct al.
E. B. McClintock, Presiding.
Jesus Lopez, charged with burglary;
released on S500 bond.
Santiago Flores, charged with mur
der; complaint filed.
J. J. Murphy, Presiding.
S. Guadarama and Refugio Enrioues.
charged with theft over ?50; released
under bonds of ?750 each.
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 10. Director John
Barrett of the Pan-American bureau,
addressing the Panama conference to
day, expressed the opinion that presi
dent Taft had made a great mistake in
fixing canal tolls at the high rate of
T the United States would gain far more
man it would lose Dy exacting tne
minimum toll of 75 cents a ton which
would permit small ship owners to com
pete with large companies by use of
the canal.
A simple, safe and effective treatment for
bronchial troubles, avoiding drugs. Vapor
ized Cresolene stops the paroxysms of
Whooping Coogh and relieves Spasmodic
Croup at once. It is a boon to sufferers
from Asthma. The air carrying the anti
septic vapor, inspired with every breath,
mates breathing easy; soothes the sore
throat and stops the cough, assuring rest
ful nights. It is invaluable to mothers
wun young cnijaren.
Send us postal for
descripltvf bootut.
Try Cresolene Antiseptic
3roat Tablets for the ir
ritated throat. Tbxy&re
ample, egectjre and anti
sepoc Of jour druggist
or troza us, 10c in stamps,
Pape's Cold Compound cures
colds and grippe in
a few hours.
Tou can surely end Grippe and
break up the roost severe cold either
in head, chest, back, stomach or
limbs, by taking a dose of Pape's Cold
Compound every two hours until three
consecutive doses are taken.
It promptly relieves the most mis
erable headache, dullness, head and
nose stuffed up, feverishness, sneez
ing, sore throat, mucous catarrhal
discharges, running of the nose, sore
ness, stiffness and rheumatic twinges.
Take this wonderful Compound as
directed, without interference with
your usual duties and with the knowl
edge that there is nothing else in the
world, which will cure your cold or
end Grippe misery as promptly and
without any other assistance or bad
after-effects as a 25-cent package of
Pape's Cold Compound, which any
urusifist can supply accept no sub
stitute contains no quinine belongs
in every home. Tastes nice.
Bl Pasoans Go to Houston to Secure
Laud tor New Postofflce Site
Real Estate Transactions.
Historic old mesa garden on Mundy
Heights has been sold again. R. P.
Surges has sold the remaining 16 lots
in the garden tract to C. N. Bassett for
$24,600. , After purchasing the tract
Mr. Burgee erected a home laaing
West Boulevard at the Intersection of
Corto street, and A. Mathias has just
completed a $10,000 home adjoining
the Burges home.
New Postofflce Site.
Winchester Cooley and Richard F.
Burges will go to Houston Wednesday
evening to take up with the G. H. & S.
A. officials the purchase of the Stan
ton street property needed for the new
postofflce site. Seventy-eight feet
facing Stanton street above Mills
street, included in the postofflce site,
is owned by the railroad company.
Property Exchanged.
J. M. Wyatt has sold to T. SL Wlngo
his half interest in 50 feet of ground
on Texas street Just east of the Tri
State Telephone company's plant. In
exchange Mr. Wingo traded Mr. Wyatt
a house at 916 Lee street
Tado Tract Sold.
Jay P. Knox has sold to M. E. Hem
ley 80 acres of land three-quarters of
a mile east of the station at Vado, N.
M., on the east side of the Rio Grande
for $4400.
To Build Ji'eiT Homes.
Dr. James H. Vance will build a two
story residence on the corner of Moc
tezuma street and West Boulevard to
cost about $8000. The plans have been
prepared by Trost & Trost.
W. G. Walz, jr., will soon build a
$5000 bungalow home on the corner of
North El Paso and River streets.
Several Lots Sold.
Alderete Bros, made the following
sales in French addition on Monday:
To Fermin Robles, lota 31 and 32, block
29, $350; to Refugio P. de Calero, lots
31 and 32, block 21, $350; to Magdaleno
Armijo, lot lot 11, block 29, $150.
A. Livingston took out a building
permit Tuesday morning for the erec
tion of a brick buntralow on lots 13 nnd
14, block 17, Highland park, to cost
More Troops Reach Chihunhnn Xeed
for More Dox Cars Incriminating
Papers Captured.
Chihuahua, Mex., Dec. 10. According
to several of the leading state offi
cials, the government has offered am
nesty to Gen. Maxcelo Caraveo, the
rebel, through an emissary, J. M.
Amaya, father of a rebel colonel, Abe
lardo R. Amaya, who was killed at
the battle of Pedrlcena. Caraveo a few
days ago effected a junction with Gen.
Kojas and Kid Porras, along the Na
tional lines and took part In the hold
up of the northbound passenger train
which was afterwards burned.
Gutierrez Goes to See Madero.
It is currently reported that Felipe
Gutierrez, exrevolutionary governor of
this state under the Orozco regime,
will shortly leave El Paso, where he
is making his residence, for Mexico
City to talk with president Madero
relative to a peaceful solution of the
political troubles in the state of Chi
huahua. It is also said that the for
mer governor has been guaranteed ab
solute protection from any molestation.
,More Recruits.
The army of the north received a
batch of volunteers from southern
points during the week. It is not
known for sure as to whether or not
these recruits enlisted of their own
Incriminating Papers.
Papers implicating many prominent
residents of this state and Chihuahua,
were found by a government sympa
thizer at Durango, a few days ago,
in the saddlebags of a rebel leader.
Cars Needed.
The Mexican Central officiils in this
city have orders for over 500 freight
cars which would be used for shipping
various classes of merchandise and
stock of all kinds, but they admit that
but 20 are available, the balance of the
rolling stock being scattered south
of this olty to Mexico City. The fed
eral army In its northern campaign
against the Orozco rebels is using ap
proximately 500 cars besides having
orders for others to be held in reserve.
Trains Collide.
A northbound passenger train from
Mexico City crashed into the rear end
of a freight tram awaiting orders on
tne main line, injuring two orakemen
and destroying the caboose and two
freight cars loaded with merchandise.
The accident occurred within 300 yards
of the -station. The flagman failed to
protect the train's rear. The passenger
was running at the rate of 20 miles
per hour.
. OF .
Tvco American Mining Engineers Have
Not Been Heard From In More
Than Tst-j "Weeks.
Douglas, Ariz., Dec. 10. Great fear
is felt at Cananea by friends of James
Little and William Bailey, members of
an enginee.ing crew of the Greene
Cananea company, according to ar
rivals from Cananea. Both are be
lieved to have been killed by Yaquis
in the vicinity of Mazatlan. They left
two weeks ago to examine mining
property near Maxatan in the heart of
the YaquI country. They went to Her
mosillo but could obtain no convey
ance and were warned not to ;o. Then
they went to Prietas where they se
cured horses and started out alone.
A report has reached Hermosillo that
two Americans bad. been killed. As
these were the only two Americans
known to be in that section of the
state, it is believed to be them.
Both men are college graduates,
completing their education with prac
tical experience. Bailey is a nephew
of George Young, secretary of the
Greene Cananea. 'Little's relatives re
side in New York state, where hie
father is said to be a banker. If no
word of their safety reaches Cananea
in the next few days strong presenta
tions will be made to the Mexican gov
ernment and a military force will be
demanded to go in search of them. The
section where the deaths are said to
have occurred is the same in which
Capt. John C Green way, general man
ager of the C. & A. company and a
party of engineers, had a narrow es
cape a short, time ago.
American Embassy Interesting Itself
In Case of Brotherlnlarr of Amer
ican Consular Agent.
Mexico City, Mexico, Dec. 10. The
American embassy has made repre
sentations to the Mexican foreign of
fice regarding the imprisonment at
Parral, Chihuahua, of O. J. Langen
dorff, the brotherlnlaw of the Amer
ican consular agent at that town. Jas.
L Long.
Langendorff is charged with killing
the chief of police. He Is the superin
tendent of a large ore treatment plant.
While standing off a band of thieves,
Langendorff observed a band of men
at some distance. Thinking they were
part of the bandits, there was an ex
change of shots, and the chief of po
lice, who was one of the band, was
shot through the head.
Although the evidence Is said to have
shown that his weapon was not dis
charged, Langendorff was placed In
jail. Half a dozen ore thieves sub
sequently were captured.
News dispatches to the capital say
that friends of Langendorff attacked
the jail in an attempt to liberate him.
ut it is not known wnether tnls at
tempt was successful.
San Francisco, Calif., Dec 10.
Charles Smith, a mechanic Intercepted
a revolver bullet with his forehead
early today In an encounter with a
highwayman. It only made him fight
harder than ever and his discouraged
assailant fled into the arms of the
police. Smith's skull deflected the
course of the bullet andlt inflicted
a long scalp wound.
Auditorium rink opens tomorrow.
Portland, Ore.. Dec. 10. The Chinese
republic probably will be recognized
formally by the united States after the
January elections which are to be held
in China. This opinion Is contained in
a letter from secretary of state Knox.
transmitted today to the Portland
chamber of commerce.
Numberger Lcbkuchen in boxes.. .v. . . 25c 50c
Lebkuchen in packages. ........... . . . .-.-. ". " 25c 50c
Pfeffernusse, per lb: 25c "Mandellekuchen,' 12oVpkg", ... 75c
The above are genuine imported cakes and none better made. Buy them now
shile they are good and fresh. Holiday Mail orde ri. t
hones 505-3098. 204.205 E0verlana.'
Auditorium rink opens tomorrow.
Ed. Mebus was the only patriot who
ntd his poll tax Tuesday. The payment
of poll taxes is slower than usual this
Tear and few have vet come through
with the ?1.75. The time limit is Jan
uary 31.
Centenarian Dies In California.
Joseph Ehle, of Prescott. who died
last week in Los Angeles, would have
been 100 years of age had he lived
till next March. He was reputed to
have been the oldest Mason in the
United States, having joined an Iowa
lodge 75 years ago. He was one of
the earliest pioneers of this locality,
having arrived In 1864, when Prescott
wa3 a little village of log huts.
Superintendent R. IS. Hoover, of the
G. H. & S A, arrived in EI Paso from
Del Rio Monday night, accompanied by
ma tuaiaiiiiii, in v i onnoiiy i ne lat
ter In company with P. Wessel. went
to Sanderson Tuesday.
Two settlements have been made by
the committee in charge of the con
demnation proceedings for the Inter
urban line and others are expected to
be made this week. Donaclano Salas
was awarded $588 for 1.68 acres and
Jose Franco was awarded $15 for 0.11
of an acre.
Boosters' opening new auditorium.
Use Domestic CoCe,
. Southwestern Fuel Co.
Auditorium rink opens tornorrow.
Fairbanks, Alaska, Dec. 10. Charges
of a grave nature against seven soldiers
of the United States army garrison at
Fort St. Michael are contained in a spe
cial to the Fairbanks News-Miner, re
ceived today. It is i-lleged that the
soldiers, in uniform, attacked- an indian
woman and her 15 year old daughter
near the fort last Sunday night, the pirl
escaping after a desperate struggle.
Two of the seven men have been iden
tified by their victims, the message as
sert, and adds that this is the third
offence of a similar nature of which the
soldiers have been accused within the
last three months.
Although he had been given a pass
port bv Gen. Tarucy Aubert, that he
might return to Chihuahua, Jesus Maria
de la Garza, editor of El Monitor, a
Chihuahua newspaper, was later arrest
ed by secret service officers in Juarez
Sunday and plaeed in jail.
He had started to El Jaso with the
passport and intended to return to Chi
huahua, but was arrested and the pass
port was not recognized. It is said that
complaint on which he was arrested
wa- made bv Juan 2eftah Amador, a
lawyer of Juarez.
Rebel forces of Gen. Inez Salazar,
which have been operating along the
Mexico North Western railway about
Guzman, arrived yesterday on the Mex
ican Central railway near Gallego and
joined with the forces of Caxraveo,
Rojas and Porras, says a report re
ceived in Juarez today. Tms com
pletes the rebel mobilization of practi
cally all forces in northern Chihuahua,
granting that Gen. Pascual Orozco's
forces also have joined the others.
Salazar's force is given as 200 men. It
is not believed by rebel sympathizers
that Orozco has joined, however.
Gen. Blanco, with his 600 volunteer
troops, arrived last night at Mocte.
zuma, on the Mexican Central, and re
ported that no rebels had been encoun
tered. The federals will proceed from
that point in guarding the work train
sent from Juarez, while another repair
gang and troops are working north
from Terrazas, above Chihuahua city.
Exporters to Mexico must pay the
fiddler for the lively little revolution
ary tunes in the republic.
At the suggestion of Ernesto Madero.
secretary of the treasury, the plan of
increasing the Import duties on all
dutiable articles into Mexico will be
taken up by the Mexican congress and
will be passed by the president's orders.
Effective Sept. 1. a horizontal in
crease of five percent was placed on
all articles shiped Into Mexico. It is
now the suggestion of the minister of
the treasury that this be Increased to
20 percent effective January 1st.
Just as soon as you notice the
first symptom of
you should try a bottle of
It will help you.
Vvolu Kali-itltute.
We have just received a
big shipment of "Gen-
011' ' Go Carts. The very best make on the market.
YouJcan conceive of no better Xmas present for the
baby. .
This splendid Go Cart, with leather auto top, well
made and guaranteed, special m m m $10,45
Extra Special
Large Go Oart, collapsible frame, 3-8 Jnch rubber
tires well worth $10.00. Special m m m $6.(35
Young's El Paso Furniture Co.
Bell Phone 835 M 307 S. El Paso Street
UavIaa rf"H .r TTo-vtnn HAi, 1 A i
"Cheche" Campos, one of the principal
rebel leaders, was defeated Saturday
at Sombretete in the state of Zacate
cas. He was seriously wounded and is
reported to have died during the re
treat. Official telegrams just received
give this information.
Campos was defending the town
against Candido Aguilar, head of the
rural guards. Driven from the town,
Campos returned and reoccupled it,
but finally was repulsed, losing 70 men,
the report says.
Traffic is unusually heavy over tbe
Mexico North Western railway over
its entire length from Chihuahua city
to Juarez An especially large number
of stock trains are being handled after
the lapse of many weeks In traffic,
due to rebel destruction of the road. A
stock train was wrecked Monday after
noon, about . 30 miles below Juarez,
caused by spreading rails, due to the
recent heavy rains.
Lack of equipment is hindering the
moving of lumber from Pearson and
Madera to the El Paso Pearson wood
working plant.
1 Rodeo, Durango, Mex.. Dec 10.:
Tor the third time within a period
of two months rebels have visited
this place and after sacking the town,
set fire to several residences belong
ing to Maderista sympathizers and
Aid has been asked of the govern
ment, which promises to send trpops.
iles Quickly
Cured at Home
Douglas, Axiz Dec 10. A telegram
from vice consul Bowman, at Nogales
to consul Frederick Slmplch here
states that Santiago J. Stevens was
released from custody after a brief
hearing before the Mexican court at
Nogales, Sonora. The charge against
the boy was Inciting a revolution.
Stevens is said by friends to be pre
paring to sue Mexican consul Cuesta.
of Douglas, ohargtng that he caused
his arrest on a trumped up charge. This
cannot be confirmed. Stevens Is an
American citizen and lived in SI Paso
for years.
Austin, Tex Dec 10. Judge T. S.
Maxey. of the federal court here, did
not announce his decision today in the
writ of habeas corpus application of
Gen. David de la Fuente and CoL Pas
cual Orozco, sr., who are seeking their
liberty from Fort Sam Houston, where
they are now being held by orders of
the president. "When the cases were
hear hero last Tuesday, judge Maxey
said he would probably announce his
decision today, but it was learned at
the court that he would not do so.
Instant Relief, Permanent Cure Trial
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tily go jher anywayi
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mste. Booklet.
T. C a&Dermott, "Eke 7s?vt"
Faywood, IT. X.
The Pyramid Smile.
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New, modern, 8 room house, close
in. nicely famished; all modern
conveniences, furnace heat; for
rrnt for four months at $100.00
part month. Located at 221 Por
fxio Diaz Avenue.
Horace B. Stevens
PHONE 121.
Se, us for bargains In city property
and valley lands.
Keene, Ireland & Park Co.
Phone 5313. 14 MCls BIdg.
El Paso, Texas.
Our Loss
Sunday evening will not interfere at aH
with your seleetkm. The stock is so complete
that such a robbery is hardly noticed.
Has your wife, sweetheart or sister a sil
ver mesh bag! They are THE proper thing
mad so serviceable! Now is the time, "manana"
may he too late.
Christmas Gifts $Ito $500
A. D. Foster Co
El Paso's Popular Jewelry Store
J. F. DANIELS, Manager.

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