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A Good Sugges
Holiday 1 ,x
The First National Bank
El Paso, Texas
For Christmas
Capital $800,000
Surplus . . . . . $200,000
the East and Southeast
SR should be among S
Bank Ck'Trusk Co,
Just BdoT
Railroad News
Of the Southwest
Pat Ryan, conductor on the T. P., Is
iaylog oft.
Conductor Sfeoay, of the T. P., has
reported for duty.
Will Bass, brakeman on the- G. H.,
has reported for duty.
C 1, Zwick, brakeman on the S. P.
local, has reported lor doty. .
R. P. Brant, brakeman on the S. P.,
Is laying off for a few days.
J. A. Pitts, brakeman on the Santa
Fe. has reported for duty.
B. T. Julian has been employed by
the 6. H. as switchman.
A. Binkley, conductor on the S. P.,
is laying off for a few days.
H. K. Dubois, conductor on the S. P.,
is laying off for a few trips.
R. E. Mounts, conductor on the S. P.,
is laying off for a few days.
Bay Barls. switchman on the G. H.. is
enjoying- a few days' layoff.
Guy Logan, conductor on the Santa
Fe. is laying -off for a tew trips.
Punch Woodward, brakeman on the
T. P., is laying: off tor a few trips.
Jobh Reid has taken a position as
switchman on the G. H. at SI Paso.
H. Andrew, switchman on the G. H., is
laying off on account of being sick.
H. C. May. brakeman on the T. P., is
laying off on account of being sick.
Brakeman Xallory. of the T. P., has
left on a visit to relatives in east Texas.
E. C. Eckard, brakeman on the T. P.,
Byenoogh. Justlookon the-top IWf
o a package of Auat JenaimaJsPan- BmL
csk& Flosr. You'll team how you I
I can get tias s3e splitting Rag Doll Family Aunty, I
1 Uncle and the Pickaninnies, 12, and 15 inches high, 1
I madeiacoloisand all ready to cut outandstufil Don't I
1 let this choice slip to give your children the most rol- I
licking fun-raakerstof the season, and don't forget that I
makes the best and most economical breakfast for the whole
family wholesome nutritions made from the health-giving 1
elements of corn, wheat andrice, deliriously blended and makes
eHeIn' Pancakes I
J&eltdoiis WaMesv i
Ask for a package of Aunt Jemima's Pancake Flour with I
your next order of groceries. Remember. tolook for the Rag
Doll Coupon. 1
The Bavis aiSMug Cs&paaj9 StfJoserih, Mo. -1
JL i2r Alt I
Post Office.
is now working as conductor for a few
EL H. Hooper, switchman for the G.
H., is now working at Sanderson reg
ular. J. V. Dowtin, brakeman on the G. H.,
is working for a conductor for a few
Andy Magee, engineer for the T. P.,
has reported for duty, after a short
Extra fireman Cleveland, of the T. P.,
is now working on the 397 for a few
G. C. Davis, conductor on the S. P.,
is now 'working on the local for a few
G. W. Savage, brakeman on the S. P.,
is working as conductor for a few
Lewis Clark, brakeman on the T. P.,
has reported for duty, after a week's
Pete Sly, conductor on the Santa Fe,
has reported for duty, after a short
B. of R- T. lodge No. 80, of El Paso,
will have an election of officers next
A. C Smith has taken a position as
brakeman on the Southwestern at
gone to Big Springs, Texas, on a bus!- I
nees trip. I
W. A. Long, fireman on the T, P.. J
has reported for duty after being off
for one trip.
W. W. McMahan. brakeman on the
G. H., has reported for duty, after a
short lavoff
t1.,. -o - .t. ,v , n tt
" r""!'' iwiu. " "- .
' JAS. GRAHAM McNARY, Vice President
Wl L. TOOLEY, Vice President.
E. M. HURD, Vice President.
v WALTER SL BUTLER, Asst. Cashier.
GLEN T. MOORE, Assistant JDoshier.
"T HIS bank transacts a general banking business; accepts com-
mercial and checking accounts; pays interest on time deposits and
savings; rents safe deposit boxes and invites the accounts of individuals,
firms and corporations; and issues letters of credit and foreign exchange.
W. W. Tnrney, Chairman.
J. B. Dale. J. H. Nations.
J. 0. Crockett. C. M. Newman.
, J. 1L Goggin. J. M. Raynolds.
E. M. Hurd. J. S. Raynolds.
A. Krakauer. H. B. Stevens.
J. J. Mundy. W. L. Tooley.
Felix Martinez. Z. T. White.
J: G. McNary. J. W. Zollars.
Is working on the S. P. for a few days
as brakeman.
O. C Widner. brakeman on the G. XL,
has reported for duty after being off
for several trips.
Conductor Rawls, of the T. P is lay
ing off and extra conductor Thompson
is relleying him.
Jerry Lockett, engineer for the
Southwestern at Tucumcari, has re
reDorted for duty.
W. O. Bixler, brakeman on the
Southwestern, has reported for duty,
after a short layoff.
Switch engine No. 24, of the T. P.,
has been sent to the shops at Big
Springs for repairs.
Pat Collins, brakeman on the G. BL, is
working on the S. P. for a few days In
temporary service.
S. W. Rypkema. switchman on the
G. H., has been transferred to Sander
son for a few days.
Engineer Nunn, of the T. P., Is lay
ing off and extra engineer Red Shan
kle is relieving him.
Dan Cavanaugh, brakeman on the S.
P., is now on the local between El Paso
and Lordsburg, N. M.
Jim McMindus. conductor on the S. P.
local, has reported for duty, after be
ing off for several trips.
Josh Campbell braksman on the T.
P., is laying off and extra brakeman
John Lee is relieving him.
A. McKivett, formerly a conductor in
old Mexico, has a position as brakeman
on the T. P. out of El Paso.
H. Ramsdale, brakeman on the South-
I western ai iwnmczn, nas reporieu lur
duty after a month's layoff.
I A heavy snow fell along the T. P.
from Alamore to Pecos, which was pre-
'ceded by a heavy rain storm.
r. r,,,,,.,.. ,-.,, h t
j who has been laying off for the past
week, has reported for duty.
Steve Costigan, brakeman on tne T.
i P., has returned to El Paso from an ex-
J Passenger brakeman Grow, of the T.
j P., who has been seriously 111 for some
lime, is now reporiea as improving.
M. C. Pierce, brakeman on the S. P.,
who has been working as conductor for
a few trips, is now back braking.
C D. Mast. -Drakeman on the S. P.,
has reported for duty and has been as
signed to the local for a few trips.
R. E. Mounts, brakeman on the S. P.,
who has been working as conductor for
a few trips, is now back braking.
O. M. Munger, engineer on the T. P.,
is laying off for a few trips and extra
engineer Oscar Darr is relieving him.
Conductor Harris, of the Southwest
ern at Douglas, has returned from a
hunting trip and has reported for duty.
L. O. King, engineer for the south
western at Carrizozo, has been assigned
to the local between Carrizozo and
Engineer Piper, of the Santa Fe
switch engine in El Paso, has reported
for duty, after being off for several
J. A. Walker, brakeman on the G. H.,
has reported for duty and is now on a
regular run between El Paso and "Val
entine. "Smoky" Bozarth. fireman on the T.
P., Is now on No. 368 for a few trips, in
place of fireman Crow, who is laying
F. J. Hayne. formerly a brakeman on
the Southwestern at Tucumcari. is now
working on the Southwestern at Doug
las. A large number of the railroad men
In El Paso are preparing to leave on
visits to their old homes Christmas
Will Whittingham, conductor on the
Southwestern at Carrizozo, accompanied
by his wife, is spending a few days in
El Paso.
The T. P. and G. H. are handling
heavy shipments of stock and fruit.
Business Is now heavy all through the
John Pitts, formerly a brakeman on
the G. H. out of Sanderson, is now
working for a mining company in
B. F. Van Horn has a position as
brakeman on the S. P. at El Paso. Mr.
Van Horn formerly worked for the S. P.
at Tucson.
Homar Darr, formerly a machinist on
the T. P. at Big Springs, now has a
position in Clifton, Ariz., with a min
ing company.
Tom Newton, fireman for the G. H.
at Sanderson, has returned home, after
a short visit to El Paso and has re
ported for duty.
R. Troner, brakeman on the South
western, who has been working on the
S. P. for a few days, is now back on
the Southwestern.
W. E. Swearengen is the conductor
in charge of the work train that has
been put on by the -G-. H. near Valen
tine to drive plies.
J. L Davis, brakeman on the G. H.,
is laying off for a few trips. Mr. Da
vis was the conductor who was In the
collision at Tornillo.
Walter Arnold, formerly a car in
spector for the Santa Fe at San Mar
clal, now has a position with the El
Paso Cement company.
Jack Shaw, conductor on the T. P.,
Quick Action Prescription
Cures Colds in a Day
The best and quickest prescription
known to medical science for colds and
coughs Is as follows: "From your drug
gist get two ounces of Glycerine and
half an ounce of Globe Pine Compound
(Concentrated Pine). Take these two
ingredients home and put them into a
half pint of good whiskey. Shake it
welL Take one to two teaspoonfuls
after each meal and at bedtime. Smaller
doses to children according to age."
Be sure to get only the genuine Globe
Pine Compound (Concentrated Pine).
Each half ounce bottle comes in a tin
screw-top sealed case. Any druggist
has it on hand or will quickly get it
from his wholesale house. There are
many cheaper preparations of large
quantity, but it don't pay to experi
ment. This treatment is certain cure.
This has been published here for six
winters and thousands say it has no
SORE FEET. Corns, Callouses Bun
Ions, FrOFt Bites. Aching and Sweatv
Feet A spoonful of Calocide in the
foot-bath gives instant relief Get a
25c box at anv druc store. Adv
IWnTI i fill
Frequent shampoos withCufcnra
Soap, assisted when necessary by
gentle anointings 'with Cuticura
Ointment, afford thepuxest,sweet
est and most economical method
of freeing the scalp of infants and
children from minor eruptions,
itchings and sailings and of es
tablishing permanent hair health.
Catisart Soap asd Otntrtrmt sold Cmszfaoct tha
world. IJbenl suonle at tath ttranwl ttte. ttii
35-i. boot A6dnas-Cnacnra."Dest.l4P.BoaOT.
tSTeuler-Caetd nta & la comfort trlta Ccti
em Soap SSutIoc Stick. Liberal racpltrfrw.
who has been laying off on the pick
list, is now able to be out and expects
to be able to report for duty soon.
Jinv Mason, brakeman on 'he T. P.,
has been assigned to a regular run be
tween El Paso and Big Springs on pas
senger, with conductor Kuneman's
Mrs. W. A. Weed, wife of night
engine herder Weed, of the G. H.. who
fell and broke her ankle some time
ago while skating. Is now able to be
about. i
A. Flebig, switchman on the G. H. at
Valentine, has resigned from the ser
vice and has taken a position as brake
man on the Southwestern at Tucum
cari. Mrs. Charlie Knott, wife of engineer
Knott, of the Southwestern, has re
turned to her home in Tucumcari. after
an extended visit to her parents in
Mrs. L. O. King, wife of engineer
King, of the Southwestern, who has
been in El Paso for some time visiting
her mother, expects to return home in
a few days. Mrs. King lives in Carri
zozo, N. M.
B. C. Chamber! in, brakeman on the
S. P. at Tucson, has been transferred
to El Paso for service. Mr. Chamber
lin formerly worked for the Santa Fe
at San MarciaL
Fireman Harris, of the T. P., who
has been off for some time on account
of being injured, is now Improving rap
idly and expects to be able to report
for duty soon.
The Southwestern, at Tucumcari. has
called in brakemen who were laid off
in November. It was necessary to re
call these men on account or an in
crease of business.
J. J. Armstrong, switchman on the
G. H., who has been working as en
gine foreman for a few days on the
extra 'switch engine, is now back at
work as helper. The extra engine was
put on to load stock.
John Dlrey. engineer on the South
western at Carrizozo, has gone to In
diana In charge of the body of en
gineer Jim McGowan, who died In Car
rizozo. Mr. McGowan was a passenger
engineer between EI Paso and Carrizozo
and had been sick lor some time.
Do your Christmas shopping early.
"Keep the pot boiling and provide
a Christmas dinner for the poor."
This will be the holiday slogan of
the Salvation army in Its annual ef
fort to feed the hungry and clothe
the needy during the Christmas sea
son. The familiar iron kettle swung
on their tripods will be placed at the
downtown street intersections soon
and will be in charge of an army lad
or lassie who will ring a bell to at
tract attention to the Christmas ap
peal. A basket dinner for all the worthy
poor is the plan adopted by the Sal
vation army thi3 year for its Christ
mas observance. These baskets will
be filled from the proceeds of the pot
boiling contributions. Clothing will
also be provided for a few of the
worthy cases known to the workers
in the army. Christmas trees are also
to be arranged for the American and
Mexican children who -will not have
an opportunity to participate in
Christmas exercises at any other plac.
Salvation army citadel will be lo
cated on Broadway opposite the Ma
jestic theater in the future At the
present time the army is without a
Tneetitip plaie and Is having its ser
"M'os nightly on the streets.
On Sale Dec. 21-22 &
On Sale Dec. 20-2 1 - 22
10:00 A.
For Detailed Rates and Full Information Apply To
CITY TICKET OFFICE 206 North Oregon.
W. C. McCormtch G.A. J. E. Monroe, C.P.&T.A.
Steamship Tickets
Anticipating this question,
an invitation is extended you
to open an account with this
bank. Your account whether
large or small is welcome.
4 on Savings 4
Capital & Surplus
Total Resources
for rent
VaEley Bank
and Trust Go.
"Bank of Service"
There is nothing "Just as good" as
Xewbros Herbicide. Some dealers
will e?en go so far as to tell you they '
nave sometning Detter.
That dealer has an axe to grind.
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Go where you can get what you ask
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Tou want one that will do It.
Herpicida does it.
The hair becomes soft and lustrous.
There is life, snap and beauty where
formerly the hair was 'dead, dull and
Applications of this wonderful
prophylactic may be obtained at the
best barber shops and hair dressing
Send ten cents in postage or silver
to The Herpiclde Co., Dept. R., Detroit,
Mich., for a nice sample of Herpicide
and a booklet telling all about the hair.
Newbro's Herpicide in 5c and Sl.00
sizes is sold by all dealers who guar
antee it to do all that is claimed. If
y6u are not satisfied your money will
be refunded.
Kelly & Pollard. Special Agents Adv.
Gives your Boy a start
Phone 1 147. J. P. Mullb. Pres.
Rook-keeping. 5teuos:iaphy. Spanl.xTi.
R. . Davis. Manaeer. Phone 14S-1.
Ttmt Iluildluir.
- 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 & 3 1 , & Jan. 1
To All Parts of Europe, Asia
Around the World Tours.
Kansas City, 1 Paso,
On the Following Schedule:
Lv. Kansas City 10:10 A.M.
An. El Paso i-. 7:10P.M.
Lv. El Paso 7:30P.M.
Lt. Douglas .......... 6:40A.M.
Lv. Bisbee .-..-...-.. 6:50A.M.
As. Tucson 11:00A.M.
Train will consist of Electrie Lighted Standard PaBman Sleeping Car be
tween Kansas City, SI Paso, Douglas and Tueson. Cafe-Parlor-Observation
Car between Douglas and Tucson. Standard Coaches between Bl Paso and
Tucson and El Paso and Kansas City.
EUGENE FOX, General Passenger Agent.
May we have two minutes of your time? We want you to consider
with us the desirability of a savings account in our bank.
FIRST: Provision for future needs. SECOXTJt Opportunities and ia-
Tou might be incapacitated at any -vestment. Money in the bank
time and unable to earn your own would enable you to take advan-
living; if sickness, accident tr tage of the golden opportunities
other trouble came where would which are constantly arising, at
you turn. the time they do arise.
C. R. MOREHEAD, President C. N. BASSETT, Vice Presideat.
L. J. GILCHRIST, Asst Cashier.
Rifles and Shotguns Make
Highly Prized Holiday Gifts
A Winchester .23 Caliber rifle for a boy, a repeating
shotgun or hunting rifle for the mature sportsman,
or a light-weight rifle or 20 gauge repeating shot
gun for the out-of-door girl, will make a most accept
able Christmas present. For completeness include
a supply of Winchester cartridges or shotgun shells.
Winchester ammunition not only gives the best re
sult in Winchester guns, but with all other makes.
WinchesterRifles, Shotguns Ammunition
The W Brand
1 Use Herald Want Ads.
Limit Jan. 19th
Limit Jan. 5
10:00 P.M.
& South America
The Ei Paso
and Southwestern
Announces the inauguration of
Tbroegh Train Service and
Tfifougji Pullman Service
Douglas and Tucson.
Lv. Tucson ..-..-....v.. 6:20P.M.
Lr. Bisbee . . -. - .- 9:15 P. M
Lv. Douglas ..-...--....11:00 P.M.
As El Paso ...-.. .-.-.. 7:00 A.M.
Lv. El Paso 7:45A.M.
As Kansas City 5:10P.M.
Are SnM Rvprrnvhr
Use Herald Want Ads.

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