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16 .Wednesday, Dec. 11, 1912
Knees Became Stiff
Five Years of Severe Rheumatism
nuMMli. . . .). M. Ill, -wgMgSl' "' ill II !! JIM'lllMi
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i i C
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BUNING- NEWS , 1 f" 3miffr NEWS
E, .
"Work- nn flip Prnnorhr Tc nn drain passes alone the gulch and above
W UI J OU tne Jrropercy IS On this a yard will be built by the waste.
as all the waste In the mine will be
dumped into a pocket on the 335
(elevation above sea) level and hauled
Big Scale and Large Force
of Men Employed.
at the mouth of Warrior I elded. Either one of the Inspiration
! , 1..... .1 T (. J"k1
Globe, Ariz., Dec IL An enormous
amount of work Is betas prosecuted
by the Inspiration Consolidated Copper
company, covering: an area miles in
length from the sinking: of the supply
shaft west of Miami to the railroad ex
Ground Is already being: broken for
the mill site, a steam shovel is grad
ing: its own road through the steep
canyons as it climbs to the point where
it will work on the mill site, laborers
are strung along the mountain sides
building a IC-foot wide wagon and au
tomobile road, buildings are being con
structed, and the whole vast area of
the Inspiration's surface swarms with..
One Drift Orer Mile Lone
The company's mining operations are
also a matter af vast distances and im
mense energies. Not only do the many
drifts and crosscuts reach a total dis
tance of many miles, but one drift
alone will be over a mile in length
when finished. The long haulage level
that will connect 'the Live Oak portion
of the property with the two main
Inspiration hoisting plants will be
6000 feet long. In November 4000 feet
of development work was accomplished
and during the previous month 4665
feet of ground was cut.
The supply shaft, west of the town
of Miami is already 270 feet deep. It
is an inclined shaft of 30 decrees In
clination through which all miners and
supplies will enter- The shaft was
raised from a depth of 265 feet from
a tunnel through which the miners will
reach the shaft. The latter -was ex
tended to the surface to avoid the ex
pensive work of cutting a station at
the 265 foot depth large enough to
contain a hoisting engine.
Virtually no sinking is being done
at Live Oak No. . 1, but a station is
being cut there and a shaft started to
ward Live Oak No. 2. The distance
between these shafts is 2200 feet.
Drifting between the Joe and Scorp
ion shafts is progressing at a good rate
and the contractors expect to finish the
drift by the middle of January.
Tunnel Work Finished.
Work on the Sulphide tunnel has
been finished, the tunnel now being
standardized, or enlarged to 7 1-2 feet
in the clear. Many of the sharp curves
in the tunnel also have been minimized
by the recent work, its .present trend
being as near normal as could be ef
fected without driving a new tunnel,
an expense considered unnecessary by
the present management of the prop
erty. The "casing off" of the curves
makes it possible to instal electric
haulage in the Sulphide tunnel. At
'he mouth of the tunnel a concrete
out through the sulphide adit.
All the ore will be lifted through the
twin main shafts on the Inspiration
portion of the property.
A considerable portion of the Live
Oak ore body, because of its dip, lies
at a greater depth thin the Inspiration
ore body and workings. How this ore
will be extracted has not yet been de
tap the bottom of the Live Oak ore
with a drift, or an independent shaft
will be sunk at the Live Oak and the
ore lifted to the present haulage level.
An Iirrcrted Peak Body.
On a line between the Joe Bush and
Scorpion shafts, directly beneath a
mountain whose summit marks the
highest point on the Inspiration prop
erty, is an inverted peak of ore be
neath the haulage level of the mine.
It contains about 500,000 tons of ore,
an insufficient quantity to justify
deeper workings. In other words the
half million tons would not pay for
the expense of driving the lower drift
at the extra depth.
While offices have been erected at
the mill site, ground actually broken
for the foundation of the concentrator,
and much of the equipment to be used
in the work of excavation already
plaoed upon the ground, chief en
neer H. Kenyon Burch will not yet
ive out the detailed description of
the plant.
At the Miami company's plant the
same regular routine of development
and production obtains. All the
recently constructed buildings are now
in use, the machinery in the saw mill
and other buildings being Installed, and
the engineering offices and mine of
fices being occupied.
Two churn drills are still operating
on the surface and two diamond drills
are being used in boring a perpendicu
lar prospect fcole from the 570 foot
level. The management is not pre
pared to impart any information con
cerning the result of the drilling until
further progress has been made. Dur
ing the month of October 95,439 tons
of ore were mined at the Miami and
2,789,000 pounds of copper produced.
Gibson Maintains Output.
At the Gibson, the company and leas
ers are keeping up to their former
amount of extraction. The . company
will produce six carle ads of 16 percent
ore this month and thr leasers probably
will ship a cantr.ti. Because there is
no crosscut from the main shaft to
the Pasquale ledge between the fourth
and fifth levels, it has been necessary
to connect the two latter levels by a
raise which will be converted Into a
two-compartment chute upon Its com
pletion. The ore mined between the
fourth and fifth levels will be dropped
down one compartment and the waste
through the other to the sixth level
and hoisted from there through the
main shaft.
This year's assessment -work on the
Sho Me group, adjoining Miami, has
been completed.
Savage Mine To Ship.
The Sa-age property, situated nine
miles west of Miami, between the
Union and Five Points groups, is be
ing worked by Doc Prescott, Peter
Carr and William Thompson, who will
soon make a shipment of 14 percent
ore to the Old Dominion smelter at
Globe. The Savage property Is of a
schistose formation similar to that
of the Gibson mine and its ore also
resembles that of the latter, being
mostly chalcopyrite with a small per
centage of chalcocite. Because of the
poor condition of the Five Points road
near the property the ore will be
packed by burro train two miles to an
other point on the road, whence it will
be shipped to Globe.
At the South Live Oak, hole No. 5
has been started and is now about
150 feet in depth. This hole is 250
feet west of hole No. 3 In which 65
feet of 2 percent ore was reported. As
the formation of hole No. 5 is Iden
tical with that of hole No. 3 It is
thought that the continuation of the
ore body may be" proved by the re
sult of the last hole's drilling.
Governor Abrani Gonzales Denies That
the Government Contemplates Put
ting Burden on Mines.
Chihuahua, Mexico. Dec. 11. Reports
relative to an increase 4n mining taxos
for this city, having their foundation,
no doubt, from tbe large increase in
customs duties lately enacted as a
law by the federal government, were
in circulation all week among the min
ing and mill men. Governor Abram
I Gonzales In a statement relative to
, this says:
. "So far as I know the government
contemplates making no radical change
in we present system ot mine tax
ation and what la more I do not be
lieve that such a step would be taken
seriously by the national congress
were it to be brought to its atten
tion. The present tarrlffs seem suf
ficient in view of the fact that the
government receives a large income
from this source. The government has
every desire to promote and encour
age the mining industry, which Is yet
in its infancy, and the mining men
may rest assured that anything that
is done In this respect will be for their
benefit, notwithstanding all reports to
the contrary."
Shelton-Payne Arms Co,
Tombstone, Ariz., Dec 11. The Com
monwealth Mining company of Pearce
has filed a mortgage covering all of Its
mines In Pearce for the sum of ?250.
000 and names the Bank of Douglas as
trustee. The purpose of this mort
gage is to secure tbe loan which fur
nishes the money to erect the large mill
now under course of construction on
the property at Pearce.
The mill is to be of 300 ton capacity
and built so that additional units can
be added to should the company desire
to do so. It Is rumored that negotl- j
tiiiuua uie on iyr mc Donaing oi me
Commonwealth Extension group, which
adjoins the old Commonwealth.
Miami. Ariz., Dec 11. Payday of the1
Inspiration Consolidated Copper com
pany inaugurated the bimonthly pay
day under the new state law. The
Black Warrior mine also paid. The
Miami Copper company will make Its
first payment this month on the 10th
and the second on the 21st. After this
month the Miami company will ray
regularly on the Cth and 21st and the
Inspiration company will probably do
the same
The Patagonia mining district. Ari
zona, is becomiikr very lively, accord
ing to J. Fritz Niderjnaier, a mining
engineer who has arrived Ip EI Paso
from that district on his way to Can
anea. The whole country is filling
up with miners, investors and pros
pectors. In the various pamps there
is evidence of great activity.
The Three Rs mine is making regu
lar shipments to the smelters, part
of the ore going to the Douglas smel
ter and part to the smelter at Hayden,
Ariz., and development is being pushed.
These shipments amount to 100
tons of ore a day and the ore is
hauled to Bloxton. a siding four miles
I estV nf T trtrrr iln ctoHnn ?Trt tliOTlOA
by railroad by way of Benson to the
smellers. Mr. BaumvicK is superin
tendent, a mining engineer and grad
uate of Columbia School of Mines. He
is at present working 00 men and the
force will be Increased when1 develop
ments demand It. The principal work
is being done in the main tunnel as
extended, which is 900 feet long. Im
mense ore bodies are in sight, the vein
being from 10 to 20 feet wide. It is a
contact lode running northeast and
southwest and dipping about 60 de
grees. Not Bonded by Clark.
"The report that Senator Clark has
bonded the Trench mine there, as pub
lished in the papers, says Mr. Nlder
maier, ' is erroneous. A Mr. Hoyt has
the lease and bond on this property.
I and he went east to raise capital. They
are uniting en vein ttivas uiv
gulch from the old workings, employ
ing a small force to show up the vein.
This is an extensively developed prop
erty with a 300 foot shaft, which was
done during the old days of the dis
trict. The Trench Is away up the
mountain and a mile anc a half cast
of the World's Fair mine, which was
until recently under bond and lease to
the Copper Queen company of 'Bis
bee." he says.
A mile and a half west of the
"World's Fair and down the canyon
and within three miles of Patagonia
station, is a little copper sulphide
proposition on which McDonald and
Stevens have a bond and lease which
Is making a splendid showing. ' It is
in a diorite porphyry near a granite
porphyry contact. In it there is a four
foot vein that runs 560 to ?75 per
ton copper, carrying some silver val
ues. It is shipping to the Copper
Queen smelter.
The Humboldt mine, which is said
to be bonded to the Copper Queen
company. Is another valuable property
and development work on It is being
pushed. "Uncle" Billy Powers, of Pat
agonia, owns the Chief. It carries
I copper and high values in silver.
Other Promising Properties.
A copper property neai the Du
quesne mine, called the Cross, Is re
ported, to be bonded by Brown to
the Phelps-Dodge company, for $150,
000. The deal is held in abeyance and
pending a settlement In court, the
r,intAi Oi'Aiin nannla nlo imtn n. triat
1vjjci v. u- sv biaiiuing vita
Brown he 3 only a part Interest In it.
! The Gray mine owned by Ilarry&Doug
las, of Tombstone, is a rich silver and
copper mine with great promise, and
i is being developed. Then there is the
Red Crane, a copper property. In active
operation, and the Hardshell mine,
owned by K E Richardson, which Is
rich in copper, lead and silver, and the
I Alta, one of the oldest and richest
mines in the Harsaaw camp in wnicn
Theodore Roosevelt Is interested, and
who is expected to go out there to
see It this winter. The old Hermosa
is owned by G. Cochrane, of Pitts- 1
burg. Pa., and Mowry mine, once owned
by Col. Mowry, a military officer In
the early 60s. The Duchesne mine,
owned by George Westlnghouse. of
Pittsburg, consisting' of a group of
claims, are producing about a carload
of ore a day. In this group is one
claim he purchased from Capt. O'Con
nor, of El Paso,, which is one of the
biggest mines In that section. Ad
joining the Duquesne group is the Joe
Wheeler group, owned by Capt.
O'Connor, which is a fine copper prop
erty and through which run the big
lodes of the Duquesne group. He al
so owns two rich copper properties
a few miles south, near the interna
tional line of Mexico and Arizona, f
called the Line Boy group. This has I
a lead seven feet wide rich in copper
sulphides, carrying also molybdenum.
'.ie vein runs acro&s the line into
Mexico where Capt. O'Connor and
Maytoreno of Sonora own several per
tenencias. The World'3 Fair mine, owned by
Frank Powers, Is shipping rich ore,
running several hundred ounces silvei
per ton.
May Be Great Camp.
Patagonia is gqing to be a great
camp in the opinion of many, and
many prospectors are rushing there.
Miners are paid from $3.50 to $4.00 a
day. The ground Is , covered with
snow and It is pretty cold at present.
The shipments are somewhat Impeded
by the inadequacy of freight accom
modations of the railroad, and the ore
has accumulated on the platforms.
The Mansfield, 12 miles northeast of
Patagonia has once more begun work
ing after several years idleness. Two
double compartment shafts are being
sunk and other development work is
in progress.
The Arizona-Anaconda property,
which adjoins the Mansfield, Is under
option to the United States Smelting
company. This is a well developed
property. W. H. Kelso & company cf
Nogales, have bonded and leased the
Veta Madre mine, near Washington
camp from I. G. King, and are doing
prospecting work on it and are said
to have eight feet of c-ood ore in
the bottom of their shaft.
Boom Is Starting.
A big boom Is starting over In the
Santa Rita mountains west of the
town of Patagonia, and a good many
properties are being worked and shlp
ers are active A deal of Importance
I3 reported to have been made there In
which the Lewishons Bros., of New
York, took over three large properties
located on the west side of the Santa
Rita mountains under bond and lease,
paying down $22,500, or 10 percent of
the purchase price, and they have
already put 85 men at work, which
force will soon be increased - to 100
men. By wagon road this property Is
about 26 miles from Patasonla.
The Rupert mine, owned by CoL
Richardson, has been taken over under
bond and lease by Henry White, of
the Granby Copper company, of British
Columbia, and arrangements are mak
ing to sink a shaft 500 feet deep. The
Morning Glory mine, recently pur
chased from Chris Wilson by the Ajo
Copper company, is shipping to the
C. & A. smelter at Douglas.
The town of Patagonia Is on the
boom. A newspaper is starting called
the Patagonian and It Is, said that
another one will be launched soon by
J. B. Price and Wilfred Wadell.
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medicines without relief, then took:
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fxts. 3v m v Tj, QT3 A af
In Cannnca Everything Is Running
Full Blest and Xcw Strikes
Made Frequently.
Cananea, Sonora, Mexico,, Dec 11.
November was the Danner month for
Sonora, according to the value of min
eral exported into the United States.
Through the port of Agua Prieta
2,37S,100 pesos worth of mineral was
exported, and from other portions of
the state a like gain is to be seen.
Cananea shipped heavily as the Can
anea Consolidated Copper company
produced 8,300,000 pounds of copper
during the month. Small properties in
the south are also shipping the limit
of their capacity. The total for 1912
through the port of Agua Prieta will
amount to almost 20,000,000 pesos,
according to present indications.
In Cananea everything is running
full blast. The Cananea eompany
especially is making more copper than
Great Falls converters, four in num
ber, are installed in the smelter build
ing, a further increase is expected in
the -production of the company. At
the mines of the company everything
is in fine shape and new strikes of
ore are being made at short intervals.
The new shaft of the Capote mine is
now down to the 500-foot level and
will continue to the 1OOO. It is at pres
ent being raised from the 600 foot
level. Connections with the old shaft
are already made at tbe 300. 400, 500
and 600 levels. The new conveyor belt
between the bins at the mine and at
the railroad have been completed.
New Compressor Installed.
A new compressor has been installed
at Puertocltos, there being a greater
demand for compressed air at that
The new ore body on the S00 foot
level of the Elisha mine Js proving to
be of some extent. Already 55 feet
of the ore has been cut. and it aver
ages between 6 and 7 percent copper.
There has been a crosscut also run In
the ore and it has already cut 24 feet
of the ore, with the grade continuing
between 6 and 7 percent.
The ore body at Henrietta has been
found to extend from the 300 to the
400 level, and the values average be
tween 6 and 7 percent copper.
A conveyor belt is being installed at
the Duluth mine, which will carry the'
ores from shaft No. 3 to the bins at
the main shaft. This will obviate the
necessity of much surface tramming.
The conveyor will be 580 feet long.
La Cruz mine, located 40 miles east
of TonlchI, is now being worked. Con
tracts for development have recently
Deen let. xne property is owned Dy
Cananea parties.
Loinpszo Renames.
The Lampazos mine, owned by the
Banco de Sonora, and located in the
southern extremity of the Moctezuma
district, has resumed, operations. Re
cently there has been Installed a con
centrator which contains crushers, five
tables and an equal number of van
ners. There is quite a large amount of
ore on the dump which will run be
tween 40 and 50 ounces in silver. H.
J. Wendler Js In oharge.
. The Cananea-Boston company, of
Cananea, will soon reorganize.
The Ormos mine, located In the Moc
tezuma district, has begun shipping its
high grade ore. It is a silver propo
sition and has been In operation all
summer, notwithstanding the revolu
tion. A new tunnel has been started
on the opposite side of the hill from
the main workings. It will be 1200 feet
long when completed. The main tun
nel is in 600 feet, all In ore. having
followed a vein from the surface.
The new smelter of the Minneapolis
Copper company near Cumpas is rap
idly nearlng completion. The com
pany recently purchased two electric;
made by the strictly Southern process,, manu
factured daily, strictly fresh. Be sure to order
Globe Mills Cornmeal from your dealer.
There is all the difference in the world be
tween strictly fresh Cornmeal and Cornmeal
shipped in from the North and held indefi
nitely in storage.
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