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;News Brevities
I Train Bulletin.
E. P. & S. W. train No. 3. from the
east, due at 3:50 p. m., will arrive at
5 p. m. G. H. & S. A. train No. 7, from
I the east, due at 7:30 p. m.. -will arrive
Gifts ihsS
will win favor and that will be appreciated by him Economical because
need. Useful and sensible gifts are a lasting remembrance of Yuletide.
5, from the east, due at 9:05 p. m., will
arrive at 1:05 a. m Saturday. All oth
er afternoon and night trains for Fri
day are reported on time.
Dr. Ebert. Dentist. 2x6-218 Mills Bids.
Dr. Jone, foot specialist. Hills Bid?.
i fag fill a
" ' " - i i i ii m i i i 7 'i jft, "'r ' - - T
1 flPgra i S 55 In-Cv jIIm I
Collar Bags.j.W..J3t)to$3.50
Kid Gloves .:.r-..-.$1.25 to $3.00
Bath Robes . .. .$5.00 to $ J 5,00
Smoking Jackets, .$5.00 to $13.00
Sdk & Opera Hats. $7.50 to $8.50
Stebon Hats $4.00 to $ 15.00
Bryan Bros Special Hat, . .$3.00
WSson Bros.' Shirts $ 1 .00 to $3.00
Underwear .i.-......$ 1.00 to $8.00
Umbrellas .vcc-Sl-CH) to $6.00
Fancy Suspenders ... 75c to $2.50
Ijaea Handkerchiefs ..;.-. 25c-to 75c
Linen Handkerchiefs,
6 m a box .:.-.$I.00to$4.00
Initial Hdkfe. .;.;..:. .25c to 50c
MenV Hose . . ...:.,. .25c to $ 1.50
Holeproof Hose,
6 in Xmas box. .$1.50 to $3.00
Automobile Gloves. $2.50 to $5.00
Hdkf. Cases ...-..$ f .50 to $2.50
Military Brushes.-. .$2.00 to $5.00
MHftary Sets $5.(KHo $8.00
Cigar Jars '-.. .-. .$1.00 to $2.50
Pocket Cigar Cases .75c to $2.00
Traveling Sets . .$2.50 to $10.00
Combination Sets, Collar Bag,
Handkerchief and Tie Case
to match $6.00 to $7.50
Tie, Handkerchief and Hose to
match, sets $1.50 to $2.00
Silk Suspenders and Garters to
match :.-........ $1.50
Scarf Pins . .ot .50c to $3.00
Link- Cuff Buttons . .50c to $3.00
'lag .gaigsy
Comer San Antonio and Oregon Streets
Dr. Jamleson, diseases of kidn ;s,
bladder, rectum and skin; 61S Mills Bldg
Aid For Poor.
Salvation Army mite boxes 'have
been placed in the hotels and in all
of the stores where contributions may
be dropped for the annual dinner for
the ppor.
Mexican Herald on Sale
at "Ward's Pharmacy, in El Paso. Com
plete and reliable news of what hap
pens in Mexico.
Dr. Bryan, dentist, 107 El Paso street.
Chiropodist, Mrs. Benson, Herald Bid?.
Jesse Floyd Hay Learn -Something.
Police chief I. N. Davis has valuable
information for Jesse Floyd "Victory,
who was reported to have left hie
home at Vivian, La., several months
Dr. A. T. Still Osteopthlc Infirmary.
Dr. Ira W. Collins, physician in chief;
Dr. Amelia Burk, Dr. Grace Parker. Dr.
Paul R. Collins, consulting physicians;
201 "West Missouri street.
Dr. J. H. Paget, dentist, 501-50: Roberts-Banner
Bid?., phono 1650.
Dr. Cameron, dentist, 228 Mesa Ave.
Small Fire On Boulevard.
A fire originating from a defective
flue at 152S Boulevard called out the
Central fire company at 4:45 oclock
Thursday afternoon. There was only
a slight damage.
Why pay 51.00 per hour when you
can get your work done for 75c per
hour? We employ union labor; lowest
prices on material.
Quality House, 119 3T- Stanton St,
Texas Electrical Supply Company.
Auction Fenn'H Letters.
London, Bng.. Dec 20. Autograph
letters of William Penn, historical
documents anad other papers relating
to the transfer of land in Pennsyl
vania brought $475 at a public sale
Prompt Transfer Service.
For prompt baggage, livery, hack and
freight transfer, ,call Pomeroys El
Paso Transfer. Phone 2444.
Retired General Dies In Xevr York.
New York. N. T., Dec 20. Brig.
Gen. Theophllus Francis Rodenbouah,
TJ. S. A., retired, died here in his 75th
Needing glasses; See our optician.
Foster Co., jewelers, Herald Bldg.
Need a good elerk?
aid. 115.
Telephone Her-
Polo Pony Throws Trooper.
A trooper of the Second cavalry, rld-
i ing a polo pony on Mesa avenue
j Thursday afternoon, was thrown on
jynx" crossing, at the corner of Mesa
avenue and Texas street, -where many
accidents have occurred. The soldier
was thrown over the horse's head to
the paving. He was unhurt and imme
diately remounted and rode to the fort.
Pueblo. Colo.. Dec 20. "I'm tired of
the chase. I haven't slept a night
.!.. .n-V. a. twin irao T havn AATTIP
to give myself up." said George Snyder, J
wno says le sweu irora uat aun
penitentiary at Joliet two years ago
at police station here. Snyder says he
was sentenced to an eight year term for
forgery from Chicago ana that he had
four years more to serve -when he es
caped. The pemtentiarv authorities
have been notified.
Before you are filled
rrith Mercury and
Other Poisonous
Drugs, see Dr. Che
Hob. the botanist
specialist, who cores
the fallowing dis
eases without the
aid of minerals or
knife: Cancer. Blood
Poison. Kidney
Trouble. Rheuma
tism, Heart Disease
and Liver derange
ments. Consultation
free. 406 San An
tonio St. Phone 2910
Phoenix, Arizona. Dec 20. Found
guilty of selling liquor at Mesa, in a
dry precinct. Lou Cuber -and John R,
Williams were fined $200 apiece in the
superior court. They sold beer assay
ing 2 percent alcohol, which they
claimed was not intoxicating liquor.
Seven others who sold "2 percent"
were arrested at the same time as
Williams and Cuber. They pleaded
guilty and were fined $50 apiece.
New York, N. Y., Dec 20. Important
questions relating to the organization
of the National Progressive party were
discussed at a session of the executive
committee here. George W, Perkins
presided over the session.
All members of the committee except
judge Ben B. Undsey of Colorado were
present or represented by proxy.
Se ns for bargains in city property
and valley lands.
Keene, Ireland & Park Co.
Phone 5313. 214 Mills Bldg.
El Paso, Texas.
It is not your fault it
is your liver. No one
can be in good spirits
when their system is
not carrying off the
waste .products.
E Ban a Vfk u B B n
s ELS (L EL fcS B III aj
Z Vt Ql TM & m m B a 'off
Gives your
Ffcone 1147.
Boy a start.
J. P. Muffin, Pr. i
regulate the bile ducts
and put you in a good
humor wkh yourself
and the world. At
yoca: druggist sugar
coated 'or plain.
Only One Coupon Required!
IglSll coupon nags
OllBill El Paso Herald feUffl
The time has come to close the sale of 'The American Government"
ia El Paso and in order to accommodate all persons who have not had ah
opportunity to save coupons, as well as those who desire additional copies,
the El Paso Herald has arranged with Mr. Haskin for a limited time to
require ONLY ONE COUPON with 60 cents to cover the bare cost of. manu
facture, freight and handling, and a copy will be presented to you with
out additional cast. Bear in mind that this book has1 been most carefully
written; that every chapter in it is vouched for by authority; that it is
illustrated from photographs taken especially for it; that it is printed in
large, clear type on fine book paper and BOUND IN HEAVY CLOTH in
an attractive and durable manner A $2.00 VALUE FOR 60 CENTS. ACT
TT TTTUTr' IYWTV r..1, .1- ,., W .v.Tl 1C t i r i
... j ..... .ui "S6- HI
Fjrst race Selling, S year olds and
upward, six furlongs. Baden 100. Auto
Girl 100, Hazel C. 100, Cosgrove 188,
Lee Harrison 11 105, Evran 106, Chan
tlelor 106, Flying 10i, Hannls 105,
Originator 105.
Second race Selling, 3 year olds and
upward, mile and a sixteenth. Hughie
Quinn 99, Dehlgh 100. .Galene Gale
100, 'Maizie Girt 100 Ben Uncas 103,
The Peer 105, ilinnolette 105, Virginia
Lindsey 105, Aragonese 105. C. W.
Kennon 105, Dambertha 105, Highland
Chief 108.
Third race Selling, 3 year olds and
upward, six furlongs. Sea Cliff 100,
Orbed Lad 103, Calathumpian 104,
Godfather 108, Setback 108, Rogon 108,
Jim L. 109. Bob Lynch 109. Swish 109,
Orba Smile 109, Gold of Ophir 112.
Fourth race Handicap, all ages, one
mile. Dr. Dougherty 92. Crossover 92,
Craoker Box 98, Dutch Rock 103. Fly
ing Feet 110.
Fifth race Purse, all ages, six fur
longs. General Marchmont 100, Meadow
100, Daddy Gip 100, Batwa 102, Meridian
Sixth race Selling, 3 year olds and
upward, one mile Ethel Samson 96,
Quid Nunc 96. Lotta Creed 100. Lots
Day 103. 'Falcada 104, Little March
mont 105 Shorty Northcut 105, Can
tem 105, John Louis 105, Lookout 105,
Shooting Spray 108, Suffragist 108.
Lescar 10S.
Five pounds apprentice allowance
Thoradny'H Results.
First race Five furlongs, purse,
maiden two year olds, value $300. Gor
don Russell (Small) 112, 10 to 1, 3 to 1,
7 to 6, won. Weyanoke (Loftus) 112,
10 to 1, 2 to 1, even, second. The Cin
der (Gross) 112. 3 to 1. 4 to 5 show,
third. Time 1:01. Pampinea, Wheeler,
Madeline B, Idle Tale. Ernest H., Or
rick, Amelia B., Wolfress, Jolly Tar,
Wasness, Satinwood, ran. -
Second race One and one one six
teenth miles, selling, three year olds
and up, value $300. Rosevale (Mc
Dowell) 108, 9 to 5, 7 to 10. 2 to 5,
won. Silver Grain (Gross) 111, "8 to 1,
4 to 1, 2 to 1, second. Bl Pato (W.
Taylor) 94, 8 to 1. 6 to 5 show, third.
Time 1:47 2-5. C. W. Kennon. Mls3
Korn, M. Cambon, Hughie Quinn,
Lambertha, Lehigh, Force. Aragonese,
Third race Six furlongs, selling,
four year olds and up, value $300. Os
wald B. (O'Brien) 110, 20 to 1. 10 to
1, 4 to 1, won. Annual Interest (Lof
tus) 111, 3 to 1. 7 to 10, 1 to 2, second.
Swede Sam ((Deavenport) 110, 10 to
1, 6 to 5 show, third. Time 1.13 3-6.
Gelico, Orbed Lad, Bob Lynch, Sere
nade, Hidden Hand, ran.
Fourth race Seven furlongs, handi
cap, all ages, value $500. G. M. Miller
(Schweblg) 110, 5 to 1. 7 to 5, 3 to 5,
won. Injury (Gross) 116, 3 to 1, even.
ton) l04. 5 1, 6 to 5 show, third. Time '
1 24 2-5. Crossover,. Melton Street,
Ella Bryson ran.
Fifth race Six furlongs, selling, J
uui- jcttr uiua auu up, value juv.
Golden Agnes (Gross) 110, 5 to 2, even,
1 to 2, won. Tim Judge (Cavanaugh)
110 6 to 1. 2 to 1. 6 to 5, second.
Venetian (Robblns) 105, 5 to 1, even
show, third. Time 1:14 2-5. Lookout,
L. Des Cognets, Dave Warfleld, Han
nis, Helen Scott, Guy Spenser, Origina
tor, raH.
Sixth race One mile, selling, three
year olds and up, value $300. Orpeth
(Burlingame) 105, S to 1, 4 to 1, 2 to
1, won. Lescar (Gargan) 108, 10 to
1. 4 to 1, 2 to 1. second. Rue (Cavar
naugh) 105. 9 to 2, 4 to 5 show, third.
Time 1:141. Shooting Spray, High
land Chief, Pipe Vision, Sadie Shapiro,
Royal River, ran.
High grade ball-bearing skates.
Allen Arms and Cycle Co.
404 North Oregon Street
Tou can put 10c in jour savings ac
count for every burnetized post jou
buy from Lander.
Free demonstration of Ambassador
coffee and Globe Mills flour at Callsh
er"s, Dec. 18 to to 25th.
For house wiring and fixtures see
the National Telegraphone and Supply
Company, 317 Mills street.
Director of Mint Xot Disturbed.
Washington, D. C-, Dec 20. Direc
tor of the mint, Roberts, is not seri
ously disturbed OTer the plot to blow
up the Denver mint with dynamite. The
plane of the proposed plot were re
ceived by Mr. Roberts some time ago.
It did not show the plot was to be
carried out. Mr. Roberts said, and
looked to him a good deal like a
scheme to create a sensation.
Dr. Klein, diseases of lungs, stomach.
Intestines. Roberts-Banner Bldg.
Exidc Storage llntterie.
Greer's Electric Garage, 708 N. Kan.
Xavnl Officer RHlgn After Trial.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 20. The
navy department has accepted "for the
good of the service" the resignation
of First Lieut Ward Ellis of the
marine corps, to take effect Saturday.
Lieut. Ellis, who is now at the mar
ine barracks. Mare Island, Calif., faced
court martial on charges of failure to
pay his debts.
Would you like a pleasant room In
private family? Telephone a Want Ad
to The Herald, phone 115.
Re-leaned On Bond.
Leandor Cruz, who was bound over
by Justice E. B. McCllntock to await
theaetlon'of the grand jury on a charge
of theft over $50, was released Thurs
day afternoon upon furnishing a $300
Dr. Ravilinp: has removed to 404 Roberts-Banner
Bldg. Practice limited to
obstetrics and diseases of children.
Four Kloateni Get 9200 Bach.
Four "floaters" at $200 each were
handed out by judge Adrian Pool
Thursday afternoon In the corpora
tion court to four defendants. W. M.
Stewart, negro, and wife; Harry Green
steln and Joseph Rosensteln were each
fined $200 on a vagrancy charge, be
ing given the preference of leaving
town by Friday night or paying the
Photos Taken at
night as well as day time, by appoint
ment only. Stuart, 228 Mesa.
llurkhead Gives Bond.
M. L. "Burkhead, arrested Thursday
on a charge of failing to register an
automobile, was released on a $200
bond. His case will come up In the
county court.
Vse Domestic CoKc.
"Southwestern Fuel Ca
Dr. R. M, Itntllf f, dentist. Sue to Drs.
Paget & Ratliff, 204-5-6, Caples Bldg.
Present Medal to Amandsen.
Rome. Italy. Dec. 20. The gold med
al of the Italian geographical society
has been presented to Cap. Roald
Amundsen, the polar explorer. Amund
sen lectured at the College of Rome
before the king, the Duke of the Ab
ruzzl, and other distinguished personages.
Dr. nolilnson, disease of children, and
obstetrics, 211 Roberts-Banner Bldg.
Dr. Anna Reum, Buckler Bldg.
Mercury Rcachel 120 In Shade.
Sydney, N. S. W., Dec. 20. One hun
dred and twenty-two In the shade Is
the record put up by the first heat
wave experienced in Australia this
summer. This was recordea atEucla,
on the south Australian-West Austra
lian border.
Dr. Nettle Snttcrler, osteopath, 413
Mills Bldg.. Phone 141.
If you want a cook phone Herald, 115.
lincoer Ancient City.
New York, N. Y.. Dec. 20. Practical
ly the entire ancient Inca cit of
Machu riccu was uncovered by tl"
Yale Peruvian expedition. according
to its cdi r Prnf llfram Bingha n,
ulifi -wit Ol'ipi nc ii ns as returrJ
fr mc . . i Tli. it Ri.misoi i plat an
sni i. 'an it 1 j irec:;-!. s 2i0 f. t in
V ml Your Best Gift Will Be
ml A Silberherg Diamond -
wj ml See Our Christmas Display
1 I m I NE THING that stands out prominently in our superb ' s
fe'l - Christmas stock is diamonds. If you have been v.
jNE THING that stands out prominently in our superb
riri;ima; stock is diamonds. If vou have been
watching our windows, or our inside display of diamond
jewelry, you are bound to have reached the conclusion that
nowhere else in El Paso is such a fine'showing being made.
N suggesting diamonds as gifts, tse Tsanl to impress on $ou the importance
of buvine from People who are themselves diamond experts. We have no
hesitancy in saying that our firm has had an extremely rside experience in
handling diamonds, and no stone is allowed in our slock thai does not conform
to the Silberberg standard. We also tsanl to impress on you that the prices
ve place on our diamonds are unusually Zoa CONSIDERING THE
You Save From 15 to 25 Per Cent
7 J 3fci I
( ! m
1 m
( m . .
tin (L lr sk &.
a n?y -xTB sr
r WA jwi
I vlfe
"The mere thought of buying a diamond should suggest Silberberg's" j
u v w v
rEElC A-r:
XT. S. Department ot AgncaRura
f 4
Mrl 7i.
KqS i' v64 . srrjii' 5 K ni- "
V- s mn 3mMkA I vMonusjiVP
ObsarvaUons titan a: 3 a. ku. soTcnr-flflh.mei
tidlan tisie. Air pressure reduced to sea leteL
IsosASs (cononoous linea) pais through point)
of equal tir pressure. IsorRSxaa (dotted Unss)
pass tanraeh points of ecrmltempentsre: diswn
only for zero, freezing, 60, ted 10CP.
O clean Q partly cloudy; $ closdyt
rain: (D ehot; (3) report nWrf.
Arrorra fly with tho wind. First Azures, tempar
ntare; second, precipitation cf .01 inoh or store
for pttt 21 hours: third, maxlmrna wind veloe
height. One hundred burial caves and
ruins of baths, houses and palaces
wer,e laid bare. y
Anio ambulance. Peak Undertaking Co.
BI Paso, Friday. Dee. 3. 1912.
Bl Paso and vicinity: Pair tenlght
and Saturday; colder tonight.
New Mexico: Tonight fair; ceWsr es.t
portion; Saturday fair.
West Texas: Tonight fair and eaWar;
Saturday fair.
Xocal Data
When tired out, go to Callsher's and
get hot biscuits and coffee free, Dec IS
to 25.
El Paso Womnn Will Have Fourth Trial
on Child Murder Charge on
February 10.
Pecos, Texas, Dec, 20. Judge S. J.
Isaacks has changed the venue of the
Orner case from Pecos to Midland, set
ting Monday, February 10, as the day
for hearing it. Mrs. Orner anJ her Pe
cos counsel, judge tfas. F. Ross, were
in the court room when the matter cf
venue came up. Judge Isaacks made the
change on his own motion, stating that
he believed it impossible to hold a
trial of the case in Peoos again, owing
to the difficulty of securing a jury
By a unanimous vote the city coun
cil has decided to call an election for
voting on a $35,000 bond issue for the
purpose of putting a nun'en sewr
system into operation in Pecos. The
election will be held January 21.
District court has adjourned, to meet
again at the regular term, which opens
April 21. 1913. Judge Isaacs has left
for his home in Midland. The Orner
hearing was the most important of
the terra, in the criminal line, though
four Mexicans were convicted on felony
charges. There is some talk of a spe
cial term in January, for the purpose
of clearing the docket of a big Irri
gation suit involving more than 100
land owners and one of the largest wa
ter companies In the Pecos country.
The mock trial of Jennie Brire, held
at the courthouse Monday night, re
sulted in a "hung jury." Six: men and
six women were chosen from the spe
cial venire that was called, and of
these, four women voted for the con
viction of the defendant, -while all of
the men but one would have acquitted
the accused,
The Teachers' institute held here this
week is calling teachers from five
counties adjoining Reeves.
The committee on city sanitation
made another inspection of the city to
day and all property owners who have
not cleaned up will be dealt with peremptorily.
Trenton, N. J, Dec 29. President
elect Wilson pored studiously for sev
eral hours over th ecorporation laws of
New Jersey, with a view to recommend
ing radical changes In them to the leg
islature. After he bad worked most of the day
in hie capacity as governor, he listened
to a formal appeal by United States
senator overman, of North Carolina,
that Josephus Daniel, natfonal commit
teeman from that state for nearly 20
years, be appointed postmaster general
in the Wilson cabinet. Mr. Wilson an
nounced that he would meet William J.
Bryan probably on Saturday.
350 rolls guaranteed roofing, slightly
damaged, at half price. Lander Lum
ber Co.
SI Paso Readings
Teday. Ystrd
6 a.m. 6 pan.
Barometer ftsee, level).. -.3.2 30.8i
Dry thermomter 32 4S
Wet thermometer ........ IS 36
Dew point - 21 IS
Relative humidity 61 3
Direction of wind N N
Velocity of wind 4 3
State of weather Clear. Cloud:
Highest temperature last
24 hours 51
Lowest temperature last
12 hours 1
Height of river this mornin? above
fixed zero mark. 11.3 feet. Rise in last
24 hours, 0.1 foot
If you want to do some real cheer
ing this Christmas, buy Red Cross
Use domestic Cotte.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
Universal Percolator. $3.00 Up.
Laurie Hardware Co.. 309 Mills St.
Phoenix, Arist. Dec 20. -As a pre
ventive measure, all the children in the
Phoenix schools are to be vaccinated
for smallpox. Half the expense will
be borne bv the school district and half
by the city. A few mild cases of small
pox have developed in Phoenix recently.
Carving Sets. Keen Kutter, Sw.75 Up
Laurie Hardware Co, 349 MiUs St.
Use Domestic Coke.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
Chafing Dishes. All Sixes.
Laurie Hardware Co., 309 Mills St.
All Work Guaranteed.
We give gas for extraction.
203 Trust Bldg. Phone 537.
Clears Stuffed Up Head and
Breathe the Healing Air of the Eucalyptus Forests of
Australia and Quickly Get Rid of Catarrh
Hyomei will banish catarrh If you your suffering and hawking and dis
wiil breathe it a few times a day. It charge of obnoxious mucus will cease
.w , . , .. , , j J , entirely. Then continue until everv
is the only remedy of ite kind before germ fa destroyed; untu the soreness
the people that can penetrate into and dryness in the throat have disap
every nook, corner, fold or crevice of I Pff d. HYOMKI Jf guaranteed for
f A M,,.C. ... An. !.,. ,. A A,AW .nA I V AC , . WWU A M0. ..W...O, W -
nii rob-
Phoenix Ariz In- 20 Reports rt -Ciivnl
h ihi ri7on orangp asso la-
tion t urn rum v'ii luvts in th? f.i-t
.ir. to tb i ftV t ih t Silt iiir 11. I
nai'lo ai l'in , . Si t- "o a b'x
NVl V -1 B. ii l 1 n IV IS ATM
11YOMKI is squeezed from the green
leaves of the Eucalyptus trees of inland
Australia, where catarrh does not exist,
and combined with Listerian antisep
tirv Tour a few ilrops into the inhaler
.iml lui.ithe thi-. mi-;ht k'trm d tio
inK nr an . i- tthh i 'lint than that
t tl (une i i.ii.l Vi'ron 'a k
N ui h v. uiiiKli that stuff, l up
1 ' 1 i-C i' .it J' J. ' Vi ' l" 1
croup, deafness causl by catarrn or
mone back Complete outfit which In
cludes inhaler, can be obtained for 31.00
at Kelly & Pollard's and druggists
everywhere '
To break up cold in head or ches
i:i a few n'nutes pour a scant tea.
!,onijl of HYOMRI into a bowl o
b ulinir v. it to-. beid and t"-
vu'a t 'Vel art! Irtathe the vanor r
1 - I'l'i-sn.iftvEi nuTs

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