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Friday, January 17, 1913
U. S. Department of Agriculture
e Valley
Rio Grand
. 3 T V J
'"EOz... r"Y(-lfl JOt Ttrvn
Vjy And Return
Eighth Annual Meeting
m M
Tickets on Sale January 18-19 and 20th.
Final Return Limit January 3 1 st.
Through Pullman Reservation and Harvey Meals.
D. F. & P. A. C. P. A.
30o No mef al
UwVcan ioucK yoig
Some men don't wear gartersdid
you know that?
You wonder how theykeep their socks up.
Answer they don't.
are the right ones to start
keep on with. They stay
Your dealer will sell you Paris Garters if you say it.
If he offers something else, say "Paris Garters."
A. Stein & Company, Makers Chicago, and New York
Judaism Is to be His Subject, Before
B'ZVal B'lUth and the General
Public Xext Monday.
Dr. Gottard Deutsch, Ph. D., profes
sor of history in the Hebrew Union
college at Cincinnati, will address Kl
Pasoans on "Judaism; Its Aspects and
Prospects," next Monday night. The
address -will be under the auspices of
the B'Nai BRith and will be given ic
the First Christian church, beginning
at 8 p. m. The general public will
be welcomed. There will be no charge
at the door and there will be no col
lection after the lecture. This is sim
plv a small contribution of El Paso
lodge to the cultural development of
the city. Dr. Deutsch is professor of
history at the rabbinical seminary at
Cincinnati, a teacher of rabbi Zlelonka
of this city and a student with an
international reputation. The London,
England, Jewish Chronrcle lately said
of him: "Since the death of the last
cf the German-Jewish historians. Dr.
Deutsch has ranked as one of the first,
if not the first, of living students of
tho subjects
The program incident to the lecture
will be as follows:
1. Opening remarks.
2. Violin solo, "Romance, Simple
Aveu," Pfanme Master EmH Silber
berg. accompanist, Mrs. A. Silberberg.
3. "El Paso and the B'Nai smith,"
Martin Zielonka.
4. Piano solo, selected Miss Stolar
off. 5. "Judaism; Its Aspects and Pros
pects" Dr. G. Deutsch.
6. Vocal solo, "A Bedouin Love Song,"
Pincuti Harry Rosenstein; accompan
ist. Miss Stolaroff.
7. Closing remarks.
Richmond, Calif.. Jan. 17. Although
police surrounded the parsonage of the
Rev. Frank Horn and kept a watch on
the First Baptist church adjoining, ih
the belfry of which he was found hid
ing, the clergyman succeeded in elud
ing his watchers and again disap
peared. Service in divorce proceed
ngs filed against him by Mrs. May de
The taste I
m&s& ihm m fere&Mm&i $d
Made of the world's four best cereals
Wheat, Oafs, HI and Barlsw
Buy a package from
Paso to Denver
with and the right ones to
up; and last
Tovrea. who says she Is his wife, was
made January 13.
Mr. Horn attributes his troubles to
a case of mistaken identity asserting
that his wayward twin brother is the
man sought. Mrs. de Tovrea, how
ever, says there can be no doubt that
he is her husband, and when the pas
tor's study was searched she identi
fied numerous articles as belonging to
Letters and other documents relat
ing to her husband's escapades in Ore
gon were turned over to the police
by Mrs. de Tovrea. They reveal that
he was arrested and tried for an at
tack upon two young women, but ac
quitted on a technicality; that he was
accused of having forged credentials as
a Methodist clergyman, and that he
fled from Oregon while inquiry was
being made.
Ills Stomach Troubles Over.
Mr. Dyspeptic, would you not like to
feel that your stomach troubles were
over, that you could eat any kind of
food you desired without injury That
may seem so unlikely to you that you
do not even hope for an ending of your
trouble, but permit us to assure you
that it is not altogether impossible. If
others can be cured permanently, and
thousands have been, why not you?
John R. Barker of Battle Creek. Mich.,
is one of them. He says, "I was
troubled with heartburn, indigestion,
and liver complaint until I used Cham
berlain's Tablets, then my trouble was.
over." Sold by all dealers. Adv.
San Francisco, Calif., Jan. 17. Old
Canton must go. This Is the decree of
"Young China." Instead of the evil
smelling, unsanitary, cramped conger
ies of hovels and one-story houses,
there -will rise Kn-Ho-Nan island, oppo
site tie "old town," a modern city,
built with wide streets, sanitary sew
age systems and a municipal bund, or
water front.
These ambitious plans of the new
republican recline were brought here
by R. C. Johnson, chief engineer of the
Canton board of pnmlc works, fiscal
representative of the republican pro
vincial government of Canton, member
of the American Railway Engineers'
association and one of the four Chi
nese members of the American Society
of Engineers.
your grocer today
a delieious
302UA i j feM sL----?"ieHf
W. OD if...... ZJ WS I
ObserTaticns taken st sojau. sa ventr-flfth me
Tidlan time. Air pressnto-xedacsd to sea Isrel.
Isobxes (caatlntioua lines) 543 throuch point
or equal ir pressure. Issraesas CdoKedJinsi)
paathrongh points of equal temperature; drawn
on!y-tti:Mio. freln& 80. and J.000.
O Clears Q partlr cloudT: cloadyj
tain; snow; report aissSaz.
Arrows iSyTdth tie wind. Ftet fimres. temper
atuie: second, piedpiuaoa of SI Inch ot tnor
fcit pizt-Si nonrs: third. xa&21smi3wlBd'Yeloc
tor -
The Husband Q u e s t i o n
The Widow Feels Considerably Bet
ter "When She Learns of the
.Arrival of Young Maynard.
By Virginia Terhune Van de .Water
AFTER what seemed a long while
to the lonely invalid as she lay
trying to find forgetfulness in
her book, she heard Mary come out -.'f
the children's room and proceed to the
kitchen, whence she emerged a little
later "bearing a tray which she set
down on the chair at Beatrice's bed
side. The sick woman made a grimace
of protest.
"Sure, ma'am, it will do you good to
eat a bit of supper," urged the maid.
"I've cooked a nice little squab that
Mrs. Robbins sent over, and I've made
you a little salad such as you like. Eat
something and you'll feel better."
To her own surprise Beatrice did feel
better when she had partaken of the
dainty supper the kind-hearted girl
had prepared. But when she was alone
again she found herself still dreading
the meeting with Henry Blanchard
which she felt was Inevitable. Sud
denly, as she lav moodily thinklntr.
-she heard the crunch of gravel on the
waiK ana. a moment later, the low
murmur of a masculine voice at the
kitchen door.
"Perhaps one of the men from the
village has come up to see Mary," she
mused. "Well, if he makes her con
tented in the country, I don't care."
But she learned her mistake as to
the identity of the masculine visitor
when, a moment later, her door was
pushed open softly and Mary entered, '
bea'ring a huge hamper of fruit.
"Mr. Maynard's just been here ask
ing about you, ma'am," she announced.
"He wouldn't come to the front door
for fear of disturbing you. And he
left this for you."
A Basket of Fruit.
The basket was. so large that it was
with difficulty that Mary lifted it to
the table at Beatrice's side. "Sure,
ma'am, ain't they grand!" she ex
claimed, enthusiastically.
Dusky plums, great hothouse grapes,
peaches, nectarines and apricots shone
in the lamplight. On top of them was
Paul Maynard's card on which he had
"To offset the harshness of the doc
tor, who says you are ill."
"Mr. Maynard says he'll call again In
the morning," reported the maid.
Beatrice awoke the following morn
ing more normal in body and mind.
When Helen, after taking John Rob
bins to the train, came in to see the
widow, her friend smiled brightly and
said that she was "almost well.
"Uncle Henry went to the city to
day!" announced Helen, apropos of
"Then I really think I feel well
enough to get up!" remarked Beatrice,
"I thought you would," was Helen's
dry response, whereat both women
smiled mischievously.
"But I don't dare get up," regretted
Beatrice, "unless Dr. Haynes says I
may. He was as cross as a bear the
last time I disobeyed him. And when
he saw me last, he told me I was to lie
still until I heard from him again."
"Then I'll telephone to New York to
him." suggested Helen, briskly. "That
will give him a chance to grant you
his august permission."
Accordingly she called up the physi
cian and after a minute of conversa
jBNftJ-iffi ; y,. ' n VX? V;. ' rrvfZri
Dall,, nnder the direction of (npt. raton. director of nafonal aviation, hydrancroplane maneuver are prac
ticed In the harbor of A illlfrancc. In France. The photograph aho,vs a hydroaeroplane at the side of a cruiser. The
'hangar" appears above, on the warship's deck
3o. .oa A) TatdhrJ-vX
VV $-Z 2s,cpaTfQ'
Yt NJ . i
El Paso, Friday, Jan. 17, 1913.
El Paso and vicinity: Fair tonight
and Saturday; colder. .
New Mexico: Tonight generally fair
south portion: local snow north por
tion; colder; Saturday generally fair.
West Texas: Tonight and Saturday
generally fair; colder.
4 Local Data
tion reappeared in the widow's room.
Dr. Haynes wants to speak to you
at the phone," she said. "He says to
be sure to put on a wrapper and slip
pers, dear."
Beatrice did as she was told and
made her way cautiously to the hall
where the telephone was. Her knees
were a little unsteady, but otherwise
she had no uncomfortable sensations.
If she had eSDected any tender solici
tude from her medica.1 adviser she -was
mistaken, for he spoke to the point
with professional brevity.
"How is your head, Mrs. Minor?" he
"Oh, It's quite all right, doctor," Bea
trice assured him. -1 had a good
night's sleep and I feel well. Please
let me get ud. I Set so denressed Ivine
in bed all day!"
"If you really feel all right, and will
do nothing imprudent, there is no rea
son for your staying in bed, of course.
But do take things easy for a day or
two. You know you have been a quite
ill woman."
"I'll take very good care of myself,"
promised the widow. Then, as an after
thought, she added: "I want to thank
you. doctor, for your very great kind
ness to me."
"You have nothing to thank me for,
Mrs. Minor," said the man, earnestly.
"It Is always a pleasure and privilege
for me to serve you in any way. 1
shall hope to see you again soon. I
shall be out In Pleasanton before
Paul Maynard Calls.
Beatrice returned to her room,
pleased and surprised at the physi
cian's sudden courtesy. "He never even
asked about Jean, as he always used
to do," she thought, amusedly. Then,
when Helen had helped her put on a
dainty negligee, she had her easy chair
placed on the veranda and ate her
breakfast there. When Helen had gone
home, she remained on the porch and
gazed happily at the hills.
She started at the roar of a car on
the driveway, and saw Paul Maynard
speeding up the hill toward her. The
big car slid up to the steps and stopped
and the driver sprang out and hastened
toward her.
"You are a sight for weary eyes!" he
exclaimed, as he took her hand and
pressed it. "Here was I expecting to
get, at best, only a second-hand report
of your condition, and instead of that
I find your own sweet self out getting
some of Good's life-giving fresh air."
"I am much better," said the widow
smiling up at him. She was conscious
again of the thrill of pleasure that his
presence always gave her. "I think."
she continued, "that the gorgeous fruit
you sent me had much to do with my
rapid improvement.'
"I'm glad it you liked it I selected
every piece mysolf," Maynard said
"It surely does you credit," affirmed
the widow.
Paul Maynard flung, himself into a
chair beside her. Beatrice noticed that
he looked worn and tired. There was a
weary expression about his eyes, and
his mouth was set in hard lines when
he was not smiling.
"You don't look so very well your
self," she remarked. "What have you
been doing since I saw you last?"
"Worrying about you," he replied
banteringly. "Isn't that enough to
make me look tired?"
"Did you have a pleasant trip?"
asked Beatrice Idly.
"No, i didn't," was tho brusque re
ply. "I didn't expect to."
And, as he spoke, the woman saw an
expression on his face that decided
her to talk of less intimate matters.
CEAtt.i 5S?tl
ownm m.
rt vort mt
Bl Paso Readings.
Today. Ystrdy.
6 a.m. 6 p.m.
Barometer (sea level) 38.XM 29.99
Dry thermometer 43 58
Wet thermometer ....... .38 46
Dew point 32 34
Relative humidity 64 42
Direction of wind N W. SW.
Velocity of wind 11 11
State of weather Clear, Cloudy.
Rallf all l3!st 24 hours .... 0.02
Highest temperature last
24 hours 5S
Lowest temperature last
12 hours .' 43
Height of river this morning above
fixed zero mark. 11.2 feet. Rise in last
24 hours, 0.2 foot.
Fort Davis, Tex., Jan. 16. The evi
dence is all in and tho argument Is in
progress today in the Gillespie murder
trial. Arguments commenced at 2 p. m.
The case will probably go- to the jury
lato Friday.
Building Permits.
To O. W. Pickering, to erect two bun
galows, Ange and River; estimated
value $4500.
Deeds Filed.
West side of Hutton, oetween Ram
part and Arizona street C H. Leavell
to A. E. Brown, lot 7 and southerly 20
feet of lot 8. block 2, Golden Hill; con
sideration $5750; Jan. 16, 191S.
Northeast corner of Michigan and
Willow streets J. L. Kober to E. Blum,
lots 17 and 18, block 37, Bassett's addi
tion; consideration $700; Jan. 16, 1913.
North side of Savannah, between
Myles and Martinez streets Altura
Realty company to Y. E. Wilcox and
Celia Wilcox, lots 8 and 9, block 40,
Altura Park; consideration $465; Dec
31. 1912.
East side of Florence, between Fourth
and Fifth streets Juan Vega and -wife
to Basualdo Valdes, lot 19, block 107,
Campbell's addition; consideration $775;
Dec. 18, 1912.
Northwest corner of Rosa and Roose
velt avenues Nellie D. Wright to F. J.
Smith Into IS nyA 1 Wni1r 14 T.lnnun
I Park;' consideration S500; May 28. 1912.
North side of Arizona, between Orient
and Rampart streets It. Sukerman and
wife to Percy F. Knight, lots 9 and
10. block 5, Golden Hill; consideration
$4000; Jan. 15. 1913.
Northeast corner of Stanton and Ne
vada streets Karl Brehme and wife
to Ida M. Gregg, lots 16 to 20. block 12,
Alexander's addition; consideration $10;
Jan. 10. 1913.
Southside of Manzana avenue, be
tween Copla street and city limits
East Bl Paso Town company to Adolfo
Valenzuela. lot 1. block 41. East EI
Paso; consideration $150: Dec 28, 1912.
Licensed to Wed.
Cecil Loya and Maria Lopez.
Automobile Licensed.
1293 H. McDaniels, Hotel Grand; two
passenger Empire.
Births Boys.
To Mrs. P. D. Dixon, 2626 Boulevard;
To Mrs. T. Marques, Seventh street;
Jan. 1L
& Trus
9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Sharp.
Saturdays 9 A.M. to 6 P. M. Sharp.
All El Paso banks will be governed by these hours,
and we asfc our customers and friends to'co'-operale
with us in observing them,
RESOURCES $3,000,000:00
C. S. MOREHEAD, President. C If. BASSETT, Vice President.
L. J. GILCHRIST. Asst. Cashier.
This bank gives you protection for your savings and pays 4 per
cent interest (compounded semi-yearly) for the privilege of serving
you. When you hoard your money it earns you nothing, and you
assume all risk of loss from, carelessness, thieves, fire and poor in
vestment. One dollar a day saved from the age of twenty-five to fifty
will yield you a "Retiring Fund" of between $10,000 and" $12,000.
Let Resin! give
y a-clear
A LITTLE itching, tender patch of
s. eczema, rash or chafing on
baby's skin may easily develop into
a stubborn, widespread eruption and
even become a source of lifelong suf
fering and embarrassment. ' "Why
run the risk? Start using Eesinol
Ointment and Soap today and you
will be surprised how quickly itching
Btops and the trouble disappears.
Because it is full of the soothing, healing Resinol medica
tion, Resinol Soap keeps baby's skin and scalp healthy.
It Is folly to believe that Consump
tion differs from every other disease
in not requiring the use of any medi
cine for its treatment. For a number
of years an enormous mass of volun
tary and thankful testimonials from
persons who consider that they owe
their lives to Eckman's Alterative, a
medicine for Tuberculosis, has been ac
cumulating. Surely plenty of time to
demonstrate its lasting value. You
can write to any of them. Here is
B323 Girard Ave., Phila Pa.
"Gentlemen: In the winter of 1943
I. bad an attack of Grippe, followed
by Pneumonia and later by Consump
tion. I grew steadily worse. In the
winter of 1904 I had cough, night
sw.aata, fever and raised quantities of
awful-looking stuff and later I had
many hemorrhages; at one time three
in three successive days. Milk and
eggs became so distasteful I could
keep nothing down. Three physicians
treated me. I was ordered to the
mountains, but did not go. Eckman's
Alterative was recommended by a
friend. After taking a small Quantity
I had the first quiet night's sleep for
weeks. My improvement was marked
from the first. I gained strength and
weight and appetite. I never had an
other hemorrhage and my cough grad
ually lessened until entirely gone. I
am perfectly -well. Every thing I say
here can be verified by my family and
(Sworn affidavit.)
Eckman's Alterative is effective In
Bronchitis, Asthma, Hay Fever: Throat
and Lung Troubles, and in upbuilding
the system. Does not contain poisons,
opiates or habit-forming drugs. For
sale by Kelly & Pollard. Knoblauch
Drug Co.. People's Drug Store, and oth
er leading druggists. Ask for booklet
telling of recoveries, and write to Eck
man Laboratory. Philadelphia. Pa for
additional evidence. Adv.
Tucumcari. N. M., Jan. 17. M. Mor
tensen. of Houston, Texas, is in this
city negotiating with the business men
and others with a view to establish
ing a creamery and butter factory at
this point. Mr. Mortensen agrees to
furnish sufficient funds with which to
finance the business, provided that as
sistance is gnon him toward securing
a sufficient number of milk cows to
supply the establishment.
Tho least number of cows deem-d
sufficient for a start is said to be 200,
and with a v ,.-w- to obtaining this nun-'
iior a commm-o wis named, with C. C.
Chapman i.'utii in in.
There 13 nothing inSesinol
Ointment or Soap to Injure
the tenderest sira. Pre
scribed by careful physfc3C3
for 18 years, for skia erap-tions,pimpIes,chsnngsrc&tp-pings
and for sores, wounds,
bums and piles. Stop itch
ing instantly. Sold by all
druggists. For free trial,
seird to Dept 1S-6, Eesinol
Chem. Cc, Baltimore, Ud.
Mean their bowels are
waste-clogged; liver slug
gish, and stomach sour.
n,liUr Cbi2d 9aH aurally cross. Ir
ritable and poeYish. Mother! 'Exa-n-
imii H?-i?ngye; if coated, it means the
little ones stomach is disordered, liver
15Uve and ,ts thirty feet of bowels
cU foul. decaying waste
ifivery mother realizes after givinsr
L?satlT.e and Physc for chil
dren. Nothing else regulates the little
n ,tende,r, stomach. iiTer and bowels
throaatChhHeVHer,SneSS' diarrhoea, sort
I run !.- "J 'lnilll Or ST-
i fhf isf" and in a few hours aU
I thV'--pd up waste, sour bile, undi-
' winL."4 and cnstipated matter
I mill CpnMv mnv. . -. . . .
,-, . U-TA. "' "" an our or tne
vm, li V10?' Fr,pinS or nausea, and
Jmn.m U lrfly have a we. happy and
Al ? oChUd aSain shortly.
ii. I Syr,i?,of "S yu a not druc
?J?5 yoar children, being composed en
LLflusclous as senna and aro-
v,,?? i. """lot be harmful.
4 ;Ld,rect,ons l0r children of all
.?. w xrown-np3 plainly printed
on the package
yo"r drugglat for the full name.
r.,irlp ifw ings and Elixir of Senna,"
Pared by the California Fig Syrup
J8 V5. V1 delicious tasting, gen
uine old reliable. Kefuse anything else
offered. Advertisement-
Sneclnl Tfntrx Tiurln,- TlAThln-rs.
IL F. Davis, Manager. Phone 14S4.
Under American Trust & Savintrs
Bank. cor. San Antonio A Oregon Sts.
Cor. Texas & Stanton Sts..
Ground Floor. .
Vmerlean No. 1 consolidated with
above t-no.

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