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Things To Interest You in the Arcade
Special Displays -Spring Styles
SPECIAL displays will be made next week of new Spring
" styles. Authentic styles in Spring tailored suits. Spring
coats and lingerie and voile dresses will be shown. In suits,
especially, we now have quite a comprehensive showing. As is
customary with us, we are featuring suits at $25.00.
In addition to Spring ready-to-wear. We are also showing new
Spring ideas in dress accessories. Special mention is made of
our showing of Spring novelties in parasols. If you would keep
in close touch with the new styles, eep in close touch with
"The While House,"
iUR SemiZ&twal Clean Sweep Sales have become known in El Paso as the two big sale events of the year. The sale beginning Monday will,
we believe, be the greatest and most successful Clean Sweep Sale We have ever held. In this sale is embraced all tall ana vv tmer reaay-w-
Th i c,v Jn nMitinn in TPJiAu-fn-njear. all Fall and Winter millineru and all furs are offered at radical Clean Sweep reductions.
rxr- ,.,;& 4n ;mAMK nn ft n . rimht hr.r?.. that Clean Sweet reductions are real reductions we do not mark up prices just before a sale. Every item
on this page is well Worth reading. But, the items noted here do not, by any means, tell you the whole story of Clean Sweep Sale. There are many
worthy specials especially in hose, neckwear, corsets, knit underwear, undermuslins, kimonos, etc. that, for lack of space, do not appear here.
Clean Sweep Of - Clean Sweep Of Uean Sweep Uf
Tailored Suits
Every Pali and Winter suit in the store is marked at the
lowest possible price lor this sale. None are reserved.
We impress upo you that reductions are just as listed..
Tailored Suits, values to $32.50; J-jj A CA
Clean Sweep Op 1. & etJXS
Tailored Suits, values to $50.00; 1 A CA
Clean Sweep pAS.JV
Tailored Salts, values to $75.00:;
Clean Sweep
Tailored Suits, values to $89.50;
Clean Sweep
Tailored Siute. values to $125.00;
Clean Sweep
Tailored Suits $8.95
There are just 24 suite in this, lot. They are fancy mix
tures and plain colors, including white serges. There is
almost every size in the lot, including some misses'
suits. Values up to $22.50; while they last, ! Q QC
EXTRA! Evening Coats
A feature of Clean Sweep Sale are the phenomenal
reductions on afiemoon and evening coats. Most of
these coats are offered at Half-Price, but some al
PRICE. Do not fail to investigate these reductions
Monday. ,
Clean Sweep Of
Hand Bags
Ctar entire stock of
leather and fancy hand
begs is offered at Clean
Sweep prices.
Leather Hacnd Bags, Tal
lies to 30; Clean
Sweep 3L45
Leather Hand Bags, 'val
ues to $$iX; Clean
Sweep $2.45
Leather "Rand -Bags, val
ues to $6jOO; Clean N
Sweep $3JS
Leather Hand Bags, val
ues to $7.50; Clean
Sweep $445
Leather Hand Bags, val
ues to $10.00; Clean
Sweep $5.75
Leather Hand Bags, val
ues to $12.50; Clean
Sweep $7.50
Imitation Morocco leather
hand bags, with leather
handle, German silver
frame, leather lined, reg
ular $1.00 values; Clean
Sweept Extra' Special 69c
Angora goat seal hand
bags, 10 stylos to select
from, regular $1.25 val
ues; Clean Sweep Extra
Special ..'. 85c
Odds' and ends of wrist
length glace kid gloves,
in Mack, white and col
ors, these are gloves that
sell regularly up to $1.50
per pair; Clean Sweep
Extra Special 75C
(Nose fitted or exchanged.)
Our entire stock of evening dresses is offered at Clean
Sweep priees. Made of chiffon in pleated and tunic,
effects, messaline, crepe de Chine and channeuse. Trim
med with lace an'd beaded effects. Colors are pink, light
blue, yellow, lavender and white. Clean Sweep prices
as follows:
Evening Dresses, values to $15.00; J?Q QC
Clean Sweep 0.fcD
Evening Dresses, values to $19.50; (ft-9 ty qq
Clean Sweep S Ai.O7
Evening Dresses, values to $25.00; J -a A QC
Clean Sweep lf&.00
Evening Dresses, values to $34.50; (SjQIj OE
Clean Sweep VIiOO
$7.95 Coats $4.69
Black cloth coats, with collar and cuffs of velvet and
sealette. Also, chinchilla and fancy mixture coats, in
gray and tan, with collar and cuffs of plain ( A ?Q
color cloth. Values to $7.95; Clean Sweep. .iP'D
. $15.00 Coats $6.98
Chinchilla, polo cloth and fancy mixture coats, in brown,
navy, gray and black, seven-eighths and full length
styles, values to $15.00; Clean & Qj2
$19.50 Coals' $9.95
Chinchilla, two-tone and fancy mixture coats, seven
eighths and full length styles, in gray, brown, navy,
black and tan, showing the new collar (QQC
effects, values to $19.50; Clean Sweep P7 JD'
$25.00 Coats $14.85
A big assortment of coats two-tones, -fancy mixtures,
caraculs, plushes, boueles, broadcloths and novelties.
Values up to $25.00; Clean & 1 J QC
Sweep PIS:.O0
All other coats are greatly reduced in price for Clean
Sweep -Sale.
Extra! Blazers and MackjtnaWs
The popular Blazer and Mackinaw coats, in Norfolk
style. Come in red. navy and blue, and brown and red
. checked. Values to $,6.75; Clean Sweep Gt3 AC
Extra Special P5ei0
Two Extra Specials in
x Silk Dresses
A feature of Clean Sweep Sale are two Extra Specials
in silk dresses. These are, we believe, the greatest val
ues ever given in stylish silk dresses. Both street and
aftemorfn dresses are offered in channeuse, brocaded
channeuse, crepe meteor and faille. Colors are grays,
taupe, navyr black, Copenhagen, gold, amethyst, wisteria
and' brown.
Extra Special No. 1
' Silk Dresses, values to $37.50, at
Extra Special No. 2
Silk Dresses, values to $67.50, at
Imported Evening
Dresses Greatly Reduced
AU our highgrade evening dresses are greatly re'
duced for Clean Sweep Sale. These are all ex
clusive models and most of them are imported.
Offered during Clean Sweep Sale at a mere frac
Hon of their value.
Silk Petticoats $1.00
There are just 50 messaline silk petticoats in this
Extra Special. They are made with fancy flounce,
and come in light and dark shades. Clean Sweep
Extra Special Mondav, while they rf -9 ff
last pl.UU
(Limit one to a customer)
EXTRA! Monday Only
Strictly all-wool, fancy knit sweater coats,
with semi-roll collar and two pockets; pearl
buttons. Colors are tan, navy, red, black,
white and gray. Good size range. These
are our regular $1.95 sweaters; Extra Spe
cial for Monday only tf "f ftfl
Clean Sweep Of
Undermuslins, values, to $1.50;
Clean Sweep ,
"Undermuslins, values to $1.75;
Clean Sweep
Undermuslins, values to $2.00;
Clean Sweep ,
Undermuslins, values to $2.25;
Clean Sweep -...7"..,
$1.50 Sateen
Petticoats 95c
Very niee petticoats,
made of "Haleyon doth"
sateea. Come in all col
ors, including black. Reg
ular $1.50 values; Clean
Sweep Special
Radical Clean Sweep reductions are offered on our entire remaining stock f fine,
furs. This embraces lynx, black fx, mole, squirrel, red fox, brown fox, black
una uTown cooney. lean oweep prices as jollows.
Furs, values to $10; rtjj OQ
Clean Sweep PO.Ot7
Furs, values to $15;' tftg AC
Clean Sweep p?.7D
Furs, values to $65.00; Clean
price v4wOo
"Pnrs. valuta innvn. m
- ' - -, 'ttiuca LU -i-vv . v.. r - t w f 1UU.UU ; VJCUII
iST. $16.50 ?. $32.50 E ,$59.50
SPECIAL NOTE. AH White House Furs are guaranteed. This applies dur
ing Clean Sweep Sale the same as at any other time.
Furs, values to $3.95; rfj i v w
Clean Sweep j) 1 o t70
Furs, values to $4.95; tfJ QC
Clean Sweep tj)s .tD
Furs, values to $19.50; Clean
Sweep rt10 QE
price 3I.00
Furs, values to $25.00; Clean
Furs, values to $5.95; (0 OQ
Clean Sweep if)
Furs, values to $7.95; &A QQ
Clean Sweep StoVO
Furs, values to $39.50; Clean
Sweep ( QC
price ip&CDeQiJ
Furs, values to $45.00: Clean
Sweep ACO CA
Sale of Toilet Requisites con
tinues Monday and Tuesday.
Do not fail to take advantage
of this sale.
3 imEm kH n is Sr $E&i ff. jB Si JflH E.K! P id I 68 A Id &s BTbIK k
Wool Dresses
All wool ureses are marked at Clean Sweep prices. Tai
lored and trimmed models, in serge, whipcord, Bedford
cord, diagonals, ratine, corduroy and fancy woolens. In
addition to women's and misses' dresses, we include
in this sale -Peter Thompson dresses for juniors.
Wool Dresses, values to $7.95;
Clean Sweep
Wool Dresses, values to $15.00;
Clean Sweep
Wool Dresses, values to $20.00;
jClean Sweep
Woool Dresses, valv
Wool Dresses, values to $39 JO; 5J1-Q QC
Clean Sweejj & &-s&'S
We emphasize that all reductions are just as listed. '
1 Dresses, vah-,-8 to $29.50; "1 J QC
Sweep iplfr.SO
Clean Sweep Of
Vooi Skirts
Our entire, large stock of wool skirts is included in
Clean Sweep Sale. Serges, whipcords, Bedford cords,
panamas and novelty skirtings. Made in all the latest
styles. All colors tans, grays, navy, browns, black,
white, andvfancy mixtures. Clean, Sweep reductions as
follows. (We cannot impress upon you too strongly that
all reductions are just as listed.)
Wool Skirts,"values to $4.95;
Clean Sweep ,
Wool Skirts, values to $6.75;
Clean Sweep ,.
Wool Skirts, values to $7.95;
Clean Sweep ' -. ,
Wool Skirts values to $10.00;
Clean Sweep ,
Wool Skirts, values to $13.50;
Clean Sweep .-. . ... ,
Wool Skirts, values to $20.00;
Clean Sweep
All higher priced skirts "are reduced proportionately.
$6. 75 Skirts $2. 79
There are only a few skirts in this lot. They are mostly
grays, in stripes and checks, light ajid dark effects.
There are also some white skirts, serges and corduroys.
Every skirt in the lot is a regular $6.75 garment; Clean
Sweep Extra Special, while they (&Q 70
last ....p.7
Clean Sweep Sale in the
Millinery Department
Brimmed Hats, values to Street and Eeady-to-Wear
$12.00; Clean d-j f Hats, values to $70J?
Sweep J) A vU Clean Sweep .UlC
Trimmed Hats values to Tailored "Crushers," values to
$25.00; Clean (Jr AO $2.50; Clean -9 j-
Sweep 4pfZfO Sweep IOC
Untrimraed Satin Finished French Felt Hats, values to PA
to $4.00; Clean Sweep OvC
All Imported Pattern Hats
At Less Than Half -Price
Pattern Hats, values to $35.00; Pattern Hats, values to $60.00;
ST4, $8.95 "P . ... $19.00
Patterns Hats, values to $100.00; $OC ff
Clean Sweep pOU,JJ
Clean Sweep Sale of French Plumes
An important feature of Clean Sweep Sale is the sale of fine,
imported French plumes. These plumes come in variegated,
shaded and two-tone effects, in all the new Spring colorings.
$12.00 French Plumes, 20 in. $17.50 French, Plumes, 21 in.
long, 9 1-2 in. wide; Clean long, 11 in. wide; Clean Sweep
ST.T $4.45 PZ $7.45
$8,00 Freneh Plumes, 8 in. long, 8 in. wide; Art QQ
Clean Sweep Sale price D.c?0
Chiffon Veils
Imported,' hemstitched chiffon veils, extra sizes, in all colon,
and black" and white, with gold plated veil pins included.
$150 values . , 75c
$2.00 values ... .-. . .x.98c
Clean Sweep Sale Tailored Waists
$150 Tailored Waists 50c
A speeial lot of tailored waists,
made of linene and madras, all
white and white ground with,
dainty stripe. Have tailored collar
and cuffs. Some of these waists
are slightly soiled, and others out
of fold. They are values to $1.50;
Clean Sweep Extra ClTk
Special at OlC
$2,50 Tailored Waists 95c
The famous "Auto" and "Geisha"
brands of tailored waists, made of
good quality linene, in all sorts of
styles, a good stee range, regular
values up to $2.50; QC
Clean Sweep price tUC
$3 50 Tailored Waists $2.45
King's hand tailored and hand
laundered waists, pure linen, in
pleated and plain styles, with soft
shirt collar and -cuffs. Regular
$3.50 values; Clean An ACL
Sweep price- ....... (?Mt O
75c Waists 35c
A big lot of waists and shirts,
made of gingham, liner:;, percale,
lawn, madras and flannelette,
splendid values, worth regularly
up to 75c; Clean Sweep q C
Extra Special -5DC
(3 for $1.00)
Clean Sweep Sale of Silk Waists
. 95 Skirts $3. 95 'clean -
$350 Silk Wabls $1.75
A splendid lot of rilk and chiffon
waists, in black and colors, values
to $3.50; Extra Speeial for Clean
Sweep rt -9 ig
Sale tpl.O
$1250 Silk Waists $6.75
High grade novelty waists, in silk,
chiffon and fancy materials; also
high grade silk shirts. Regular
values to $12.50; (Jfi 7C
. J
White wool skirts, plain white and white with black or
blue hairline stripe. They are new tkirts all high gir
dle styles. Made of serges and novelty white' woolens.
Regular values up to $9.95; Clean Swp dQ QC
Extra Special at - .. j)c5.c0
ite Fur Sets
Special attention is directed to the radical Clean
Sweep reductions on white Iceland Fox sets.
$19.50 White Iceland Fox Sets; dQ QC
Clean Sweep ..., vpiJ &J
$22.50 White Iceland Fox Sets;
Clean Sweep
$29.50 White Iceland Fox Sets; (tff Cfk
Clean Sweep ipl'tiOU
$39.50 White Iceland Fox Sets;
Clean Sweep
$15.00 White Fur
Sets $6.95
White fox sets set consists of shaped scarf and
pillow muff, trimmed with animal heads and tails
and satin lined, xnese are regular ?xo.uu seis;
Clean Sweep Extra '
Speeial "
$8.50 Silk Waffs $4.45
Taffeta, messaline, chiffon and
fancy silk waists, in every style,
color or color combination; also
silk shirts. Regular values up to
$8.50; Clean dj-j -
Sweep pfr.ftO
$5.00 Silk' Waists $2.45
Silk and chiffon waists, in almost
every style, black and colors, val
ues as high as $5.00; d0 A
Clean Sweep Special. . P& xO
New Spring Lingerie Waists
At Clean Sweep Prices
Lingerie waists in new Spring styles are a special feature of Clean
Sweep Sale. These Waists have arrived jusl recently. They are
high and low neck models, with long or three-quarter sleeves. Priced
for Clean Sweep Sale as follows.
New Spring Lingerie Waists," val
ues to $1.50; Clean QC
Sweep Sale price i.lOC
New Spring Lingerie Waists, val
ues to $2.00; Clean - fr -a j
Sweep Sale price vltuO
Gotham Shirts
"Gotham" madras shirts. $2.00 and
$2.50 values; Clean (T -g
Sweep price ..., $IuU
"Gotham" shirts, madras and
wool, $3.00 and $3.50
values; Clean Sweep.
Splendid price reductions on all
"Gotham" silk shirts.
New Spring Lingerie Waists, val
ues' to $2.50; Clean rt QC
Sweep Sale price.... P A atO
New Spring Lingerie Waists, val
ues to $3.50; "Clean id0 "
Sweep Sale price. ... V.xD
Clean Sweep Of
Silk Petticoats
Messaline, jersey top and taffeta silk petticoats,
all styles and all colors ngnt ana aarK snades.
Regular $2.95 SUK .rcuicoats;
Clean Sweep
Regular $3.95 Silk Petttieoats;
Clean Sweep
Regular $4.95 Silk Petticoats;
Clean Sweep
Regular $C.75 Silk Petticoats;
Clean Sweep ,
(bo. 79
Silk Kimonos
Long silk kimonos Empire, kimo
no and loose styles in Japanese,
Persian, floral and Jacquard de
signs trimmed with plain color
Reg. $3,.95 Silk Ki- (Jo Q
moBOB; Clean Sweep. VOt
Reg. $4.95 Silk Ki- Ao aq
monoe; Clean Sweep. P 3.ri
Reg. $6.75 Silk Ki- Qa - q
nionos; Clean Sweep. V A S
Xtra! Xira!
$15.00 Silk Kimonos $6.89
Silk kimonos and negligees, in
plain colors and fancy designs,
light and medium dark shades,
some trimmed with laee, values to
$15.00; Clean Sweep far r0
Etra Special tpO.Oe?
$1.00 House Dresses 79c
Percale house dressesn stripes and
fancy designs, light and medium
dark colors, all siaes. Regular
$1.00 values; Clean Sweep jq
Special .. ..... C
$3i95 House Dresses $1.89
Gingham house dresses, in stripes
checks and fancy designs. This
special is made up of odd pizt
and broken lots, and the values
are remarkable. There are ureases
in the offer worth as high a3
$3.95; Clean Sweep t -g qq
price Pl.Ol7
$750 House Dresses $3.89
Dresses made of Anderson's ging
ham and tissue embroidary and
self trimmed. This is a broken lot
of sizes. Do not fail to investi
gate. If you can find your size, it
will be the best bargain you ever
bought. Regular prices
ranfe up to $7.a0; Clean
Sweep d0 QQ
Special . tJ7ftJ.OiV
"The Store of Service"

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