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Saturday, February 1, 1913
y M JBSsiPv ih I HHHIBVBQffSlBbS JkX Bill
't I New York Painless I
lis? 'yi&' W I
76 " I 1
This Month
-with every $5.00 order or over
during the saonth of February.
The larger tfee order the larger
and better the colored pieiure.
The colored ptetare ALONE is
worth almost the price of the
The class of -work we are taraing
out bow cannot be duplicated any
where for less than twiee oar
Have Opened Offices at Corner of Mesa Avenue and
Texas Street.
Our aim is to give patrons better work and bet
ter service than they can possibly get elsewhere.
A trial is all we ask that we may demonstrate
this fact.
'All work absolutely
guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction.
Gold Crowns, 22. kt $5.00
Bridge Work, per tooth $5.00
Gold FilIiDg........$1.00 and up
Silver Fillings.. ........ 50c and up
Painless Extraction .....50c I
Over Silberberg's Jewelry Store
228 Mesa
George E. Kessler New CeajnUBg"WIth
Officials on Proposed Improve
ment, Including Playground
and Swlmatfng Pool.
Dallas, Texas, Feb. 1. George B.
Kessler. the noted city plan expert and
landscape architect Is here to consult
with the park board relative to several
contemplated Improvements. It Is
probable that he will remain In the
citv a -week or ten days.
The principal matters that will en
gage Mr. Kesslers attention will be
consideration' of the proposed SSOO.WO
bond issue for parks, playgrounds and
boulevards: planning & play park for
the recently acquired Tnrney avenue
grounds in the second ward; planning
the park on Live Oak street, grounds
for which were purchased some time
since, and replanning the street car
terminals at Fair park. In the same
connection with the latter improve
ment, it is expected that Mr. Kessler
-will also rearrange the driveways in
Fair park and prepare plans for the
utilization of Gaston park, when that
becomes a part of Fair park.
Public Swimming Pool.
Another Important feature will be
plans that he will probably be asked
to prepare for a publis swimming
pool for Fair park. Mayor Holland
says it is considered feasible to use
the water from the artesian well atthe
park for this purpose and he is fa
Torable to this facility being provided.
Sunday the Texas & Pacific trains
will change time. Train No. 4. which
has left at 7:15 p. m, will leave at 6:15
p. m. after Saturday. The train from
the east, which reaches here at S:46 at
the preeeent time, will arrive at 9:43
on the new schedule. The other T. & P.
trains will not be affected by the
Acre Tracts
$200 each ?10 down and I I
$10 a month. I
Tobin Trust Co. 8
Headquarters for land on ill
the Inter-urban. Ill
After Prof. Sabouraud confirmed the
germ origin of dandruff, science -was
confronted by a new' problem which was
not solved until the discovery of New
bros Herpicide. Herpicide being the
first successful preparation compound
ed in harmony with this now theory.
becomes the original ' remedy to kill
the dandruff germ.
Since then, numerous preparations
said to be "Just as good" as Herpicide
have been thrown upon the market;
others have adopted Herpicide claims,
and without making any change in
their remedies, but none have ever
reached the same degree C popularity.
Everywhere this remedy ft recognized
as the one genuine dandruff germ
destroyer. As a result Herpicide has
more satisfied users than all olber hair
preparations combined.
Being the original remedy, users ex
pect more astonishing results from
Herpicide than they would look for
from any other preparation and they
usually get them. So wonderful has
been the Success of this germicide that
it is now recognized as the standard
hair remedy of the world.
Herpicide kills the dandruff germ.
checks falling hair. It stops itching of
the scalp almost instantly.
Applications obtainable at the good
barber shops. Insist on having real
Herpicide. Send 10c in postage for
sample and book to The Herpicide Co,
Dept. R. Detroit. Mich.
Newbro's Herpicide in S&c and $1.06
sizes is sold by all dealers, who guar
antee it to do all that is claimed. If
you are not satisfied, your money will
be refunded.
Kelly & Pollard, Special Agents. Adv.
Bargain Hunters
Specials for
Monday Only
$22.50 Dressers, 18x40, French Mirror.
$12.50 Dressers, 18x30, iTench Mirror $ 8.50
$32.50 Dressers, 30x40, French Mirror..... .$21.50
il 1 II Wat B I SKWwrjI
1 u u IfilWIl R iLinfiXtti
1 - If !i?
Women of Arizona Refuse to Endorse
His Plan to Abolish Capital Pun
ishment la the State.
Douglas. Ariz., Feb. 1. The Arizona
Federation of "Women's clubs turned
dcwn governor Hunt's favorite law
when it decided to table a resolution
requesting the legislature to pass a
law abolishing capital punishment in
this state. This -was done after a long
discussion, the reason given being the
wish to "be better informed befoJre
Resolutions adopted favor better laws
governing property rights of wives in
Arizona, Texas. California and New
Hcxico; the conservation of natural re
sources and birds and a state orphan
age. The delegates are leaving today for
their homes. Mrs. Percy V. Penny
backer, national president, goes to
attend the New Mexico federation.
Phoenix, Ariz., Feb. I. Writing to
Caig W. Pottlnger, a distant relative
who lives in .Phoenix, vice president
elect Thomas "R. Marshall expresses
great surprise at the growth of Ari
zona. Exgovernor and Mrs. Marshall are
spending a short vacation with Mrs.
Marshall's parents. Sir. and Mrs. W. E.
KSmsey. at Scottsdale, 11 miles north
east or this city.
'The change in Arizona In five years
has been almost Aladin-like," he writes.
"Five years ago it was practically all
desert. The desert now is gone; the
Apache sells you chips at $3 a wagon
boxful and calls It wood; the Gila
monster rests in the museum beside the
mummy of Rameses and tfestive rattler
flees from the chug, chug of the motor.
"Fruits and grain are everywhere.
Thrift, enterprise and prosperity marK
the land. An effete civilization and a
healthy tax levy have come to stay.
The foundations of a great state where
the people are to rule has been laid.
Your capitol glows with beauty like
ycur sunset skies. Ton should be a con
tented and happy people, and the gen
eral government should deal generously
with you in all your enterprises."
$22.50 Libary Table .... $15.25
$18.50 Library Table p.--$12.50
$25.00 Library Table, polhed .-... ---ss $15.75
$35.00 Bookcase, only ...-. .---v- $15.00
$11.50 Upholstered Mission Rockers. ....$ 7X0
$28.00 Upholstered Mission Rockers. . ..-. .$18.50
$42.50 Steel Range, with water back.. ..... $27.50
$22.50 China Closet, only -. .-.u-. $15.00
Many other bargains too numerous to mention.
Phone 1106. 113 N. Stanton.
Seabright, N. X, Feb. 1. A young man
with his face dramatically set and a
woman with her hair flying wildly sped
throsgh the streets on a motorcycle
here yesterday, heedless of the warn
ings that the drawbridge over the
Shrewsbury river just ahead of them,
was open. Neither seemed to hear and
In an instant the motorcycle was turn
ing a somersault in the air and the
man and girl went Into the -water. Hun
dreds of persons ran up excited, and
the news that a crazy man had driven
a girl and himself i'lto the river, "only
to find that a motor boat had picked
them up safely. Some women who wit
nessed the affair were almost fainting
when the boys in the crowd shouted,
"Get wise, it "was all done for the
'movies.' See the man with the camera
over there?"
N m
is easv. Ask for free
Sample Lesson.
New York, N. Y., Feb. 1. District
attorney Whitman has intervened -with
the state authorities in behalf of Wm.
Shapiro, driver of the automobile used
l. the murder of Herman Rosenthal, the
gambler, to induce them to issue a new
license to the chaffeur. In a letter
sent to Albany the district attorney
said he was convinced the chauffeur
was lorcea to a rive nis car on tne
night of the "murder.
One of El Paso's Beautiful Suburban Additions
having heretofore been withdrawn from the
market will be offered for sale within a few days
at prices and terms that should attract every man
and woman in the city.
tfT Military Heights is located in the " famous Country Club district
:il which is conceded to be El Paso's coming resident section.
JIT Military Heights is on high ground commanding a splendid view
jU of the city and surrounding country. It has water, electricity, tel
ephones and is within two blocks of good street car service.
tf Thousands of dollars are being spent in grading the streets and
Til improving 'this addition, making it very attractive to investors and
homebuilders. ;
JIT The price of these lots will
TlJ $25.00 added' for corner lots.
be $125.00 and $150.00 with
Terms $10.00 cash and $5.00
per month with no interest, or taxes. ,
For Our Opening Ad in an
207 Mesa Avenue
Phoenix Postmaster Says Parcels Post
List Should Include Articles Xovr
In Third Class.
Phoenix, Ariz, Feb. 1. James H. Mc
Ctintock, postmaster of Phoenix, does
not think that the parcel post will be
of the greatest possible service to the
people of this country till books and
seeds, now Included In the third class,
are made mailable at parcel rates.
"One thing that congress forgot when
the law was being drawn was to trans
fer books and seeds from the third
class, making It possible to send them
by parcel post," said postmaster Mc
Clintock. "Tears ago congress, in order
to encourage literature and agriculture,
made a rate for books and seeds just
half the fourth class rate. But the
largest package that could be mailed
-was four pounds.
"Books and seeds might just as -well
have been included among the articles
that can be sent by parcel post. I look
for a change in the law soon.
"But at present it costs 32 cents to
send four pounds of seeds or a four
pound book from Phoenix to Prescott
in this zone, were It possible to send
them by parcel post the rate on a pack
age of that weipht would be 18 cents.
This is manifestly unfair and works a
hardship on Phoenix seed merchants."
According to figures compiled by
postmaster McCllntock, the income of
the Phoenix postofflce for the first 15
days of January, 1913, was S534S.5S. For
the same pediod last year it was
$4055.10. The net gain Was 1288.18.
Five hundred dollars' worth of parcel
stamps were sold, but only $300 worth
Wage Slavery and Vice
The Smnll Wages Paid Lead Girls
to Sacrifice Their Souls;
The Remedy.
By Dorothy Dlx
Use Domestic Coke.
Southwestern Fuel CO.
Tacoma, Wash., Feb. 1. Joseph Et
tor, the strike leader who was a cen
tral figure in the Lawrencef Mass
riots and subsequently tried for mur
der which resulted In his acquittal, has
reached home here. If lie obeys the
command of his father, he will stay
here; if he does not. the elder Ettor
will renounce him forever, he declared
after he had clasped -Jjjs son In his
arms, at the union station.
Tre got that boy in my heart," he
said, and I won't have any more of
that stain on my name. Joe's had
enough. I am going to keep him here.
I ve a good business and Joe can stay
here and help me. But if he don't Til
sell everything Tve got. take my wife
i"- w ci uiaaiiair. jue win never
near from me again."
"AM Is WeH Hat Ends WelF
Along with dyspepsia comes nervousness, sleeplessness and gen
eral ill health. Why 1 Because a disordered stomach does not permit
tho food to be assimilated and carried to the blood. On the other hand,
the blood is charged with poisons which come from this disordered
digestion. In torn, the nerves are not fed on good, red blood and wo
seo those symptoms of nervous breakdown. ( It is not head work that
does it, but poor stomach work. With poor thin blood the body is not
protected against the attack of germs of grip bronchitis consump
tion. Fortify the body now with
Corner Oregon and San Antonio Sts.
El Paso, Texas.
Golden Medical BIevery
an alterative extract from native medicinal plants, prescribed in both liquid
and tablet form by Dr. E. V. Pierce, over 40 years ago.
More than 40 years of experience has proven Ha superior worth as an in
vigorating stomach tonic and blood purifier. It invigorates and regulates
the stomach. Kver and bowels, and through them the whole system. It can
new also be had in sugar-coated tablet form at meet dealers in medicine.
If not, send SO cents in oneent stamps for trial box to Dr. Pierce's Invalids
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N.Y.
.The Common Sense BEedics&l Adviser-
nuMii r-xi x oiuutK. aenai one-cent 3iamps to tz. v. .fierce, euiiaio. n. x.
T chances that just now -we are
hearing a great deal about a mini
mum wage for girl workers, and ihe
vice situation. It is fortunate that the
two subjects should be presented to
the public mind at the same time, for
In real life they are indissolubly con
nected. They are cause and effect.
A police inspector, whose task it has
been for many years to "clean up" cer
tain districts inhabited by these poor
unfortunates, told me recently that he
was convinced that SO percent of the
girls who went wrong were forced into
doing so by their inability to make an
honest living.
Many of them were country girls
who went to the city with only a few
dollars in their pockets, with no
friends or influence to get them a po
sition, and no conception of the ex
pense of life in a city. In a few days
their money was all gone they could
find no work, and when they were cast
out on the street by their boarding
house keeper, and hunger began to
gnaw at their vitals they entered the
door of sin, -which was the only door
that was open to them. Most of the
other girls that joined these on the
downward journey, he said, were those
who were paid so little for their work
it did not suffice to keep body and
soul together.
The Heartbreaking Thins;.
To me the heartbreaking thing about
the working girl who takes the wrong
turn on the road Is that she does not do
so by choice. She wants to walk
straight. She is conquered because she
has no weapon with which to fight; and
that, it seems to me, brings the whole
question right up to the balance of us.
We throw a little helpless, untaught,
untrained girl child into the midst of
the terrific modern struggle for exist
ence, and when she fails, as she is
bound to do, the sin and the responsi
bility are ours more than hers.
There is no other such crime in the
world today as the way we bring up
our daughters. We raise our girls en
the fairy book theory that it Isn't
necessary for them to harden their soft
hands learning a trade, or bother their
heads about making a livin?, because
a Prince Charming will come riding by
on a milk white steed and bear them
off to be bis bride, and live in a palace
and be happy ever after.
Yet we know that such a fate can
only befall a very few, and that the
great majority of girls, just like the
great majority of boys, have got to
support themselves and help take care
of the balance of the family.
Why the Girl Fall.
We also know that when the hour of
danger comes to the girl who has tried
to support herself, and failed, when
she Is starving and freezing, and in
rags, that she will be more than human
If she does not listen to the tempter
who offers her food and drink and
warmth, at whatever cost to her
This state of affairs is not the fault
of the Kirls. It is the fault of the par
ents, in the first place, and of the
schools In the second place.' Parents do
not teach their daughters that their
only chance to succeed in business is uy
doing good work, by being faithful
and accurate and reliable.
Whan you find a girl who goes into
a store determined to find out every
thing about the kind of goods she sells.
who is alert, courteous, anxious to
please, nobody has to worrk about a
minimum -wage for her, because she's
soon getting a maximum salary.
Sehoel at Fault.
I also believe that it is just as much
the business of the government to
t. u h him or her how to rea.l ami
-n-itn iiid that 'f tlii-" pulilu -. honlb
wnulil 1 p olf all of thf hie;hr rdui.i
tuiiiii fulls and put th. mono Into
trade schools it would be the greatest
moral movement the world has ever
If every girl came out of the gram
mar school an expert cook, or dress
maker, or milliner, or typewriter, or
laundress if she knew how to do sup
erlatively well some work that the
world needs we would at least, have
taken away from her the necessity of
selling her body for bread, asd we
would give her the chance to live hon
estly if she would.
The best way to keep girls from
falling is to develop enough strength
in them to enable them to stand alone,
and when we send every girl forth Into
the world equipped to do good work we
shall not need so many vice commis
sions, nor to arbitrarily establish a
minimum wage.
The work of putting down the slag
road as an experiment and for the pur
pose of determining whether that class
of road will be the best for the proposed
county roads, is under way. The test
road is being built near the. smelter,
where the supply of slag needed is con
venient. The road, when completed,
will be 460 feet in length and about 30
feet wide. Judge A. & J. Bylar, who
since the evoting of the $350,000 worth
of bonds for the construction of roads,
has been visiting every section of the
county, looking into the need for roads,
stated that he would be ready to re
port in a few days on a road system for
the county. Judge Bylar left for Canu
tttlo, Tex, today, the last point to bo
visited on the road work.
The manual training doss of the SaA
Jacinto school visited the big Pearson
plant, la south HI Paso, Friday cfter
noon to see' the process of woodwork
ing machinery at the plant. They were
shewn through by officers of the El
Paso Mining company, and. A. L. Lath
rop, assistant to the vice president, has
issued an invitation te all schools and
manual training classes to visit the
guests of the management.
Hotel Paso Gel Xorte.
The dining room and grill of Hotel
Paso del Norte is opea until midnight.
Meals served a la carte excellent service.
Pittsburg, Pa, Feb. 1. Despite pre
dictions of oil men, Pennsylvania crude
oil did not end the week at 32.50, for
the market, after a dally advance of
7 cents a barrel for five days, opened
at yesterday's close, $2.49. Competent
authorities had no explanation to give
for the sudden arrest in the advance.
I WindoWiNo. 3 I
Lhiring February we iotend makkg this whkJow attractive ffi
H to people who love a bargain. H
m Inventory time brings to Ugbt many articles that abusi- N
H Bess roan desires to turn into money, and these we will it
. display with SPECIAL BARGAIN PRICES, mat
H g changes and additions from day to day. ffl
H Whenever you are down town look m window No. 3.
I use or as a gift to a friend.
1 I
I The A. D. Foster Co. " I
H El Paso's Popular JeWeJry Store. I
HI HaraWBHg. i F. Daniels, Mgr.

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