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Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1913
Social Doings In the Southwest
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i'.ir Springs. Texas, Feb. 5. A social
m-fting known as a Silver Tea was
' 'ijojed by the Eastern Star at the
3. '.me of Mrs. S. A. Penlx.
The members af the W. O. W. lodge
and Woodmen circle held a joint in
sfalation at Coahoma, W, R. Purser,
T" G. Towler and J. L, Mauldin of the
'ip Springs W. O. W. being present.
assisted in the ceremonies. Fifty mem
l f rs of the W. O. W. and 30 members
'T the Circle enjoyed the spread after
the meeting closed.
A. J. Gallemor and Frank Robichaux
Tia,e returned from a trip to Abilene.
i. B. Caubltf nas returned from fort
Mr. and Mrs. Dreeben have gone to
3:iks, Nevada, to make their home.
The band boys held. a dance at the
opera house.
Mrs. H. DeVrles entertained comp
anion tarj to her sister, Mrs. Max Stein,
of Lyons Ind.
T F. Northington has returned
from Abilene, where he was called by
the sickness of his brother.
V. L. Houston, of Stanton, is in the
I K. Abn.-y and daughter. Miss Ida,
are in the city from their ranch home
in Borden county, visiting relatives.
('lint Owens and family have re
turned to their home in Ozona to ar
lange their affairs preparatory to
ino mg to Big Springs to live.
T. J. Gulden is visiting in Bowie. Tex.
Ben Allen, after a visit to relatives
at Ballinger. is at home again.
J F. Bloomingdale has returned from
a visit In San Angela.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Donnelly are visiting
in Kl Paso
Miss Bidse Tyler has gone to Marfa
-n here she has a position in the county
1 1 erkte office.
Jas. T. Brooks has returned from s
trip to Marshall.
Mrs. Chas. Morris, of Kl Paso, was a
guest of Mrs. A. Mitchell.
Tobe Crawford, of Sweetwater, is in
T. F. Grisiiam has gone to Rush to
nccompan) home his family who have
In en visiting relatives there for sev
t ial weeks He will also visit Austin
while awa.
I H. Canada has been called to
"Winters, Texas, by the illness of his
Steps areibeing taken to organize an
TJlks lodge in this city.
W. P Kent, editor of the Stanton
y.eporter, and Rev. W. C. Hinds, of that
place 'were in the city.
Pr.' H. Grafka has returned from a
trip to Stamford. "
Mrs. S. vi . Hughes, of Brady, after a
i lsit with her sister, MfS. B. Reagan.
las returned home.
Ji. P. Jackson is at home from a sev
eral weeks' visit with his daughter.
Mrs J. M. Mundy, at Abilene.
Miss Carrie Newcomb, who has been
liere visiting her aunt, Mrs. B. Reagan,
has returned to her home in Coleman.
Messrs. Kirschner, Jones, Hindley, of
Baird, a committee from the Machin
ists lodge, were here for a conference
with master mechanic W. E. Maxfield.
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Tucumcari. N. Jt.Feb. 5. Announce
ment has been made of the marriage
at Solano, N. 1C, of Pittkey Raines and
Miss Marguerite Upton, daughter of
Mrs. Annie B. Upton, 'of Solano. Mr.
Ttaines is wagon foreman at Bell ranch
north of Tucumcari.
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Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. 5. The foreman
and shift bosses of the Copper Queen
mine were given a banquet at the
District country club. Fallowing the
banquet, speeches were made by the J
different menjbers of the organization I
relative to the welfare of the company
and the men.
Mrs. O. B. Franklin, of Upper Lowell,
who has been confined to her home
for the past week with grip, is about
Mrs. I. J. Johnson, of Phoenix, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Coles, of
this city.
T. Hori, of Tokio, Japan, a Japanese
mining expert, is making an extensive
inspection of the Warren district.
Miss Jtfamie Roch, of Upper Lowell,
has returned from an extended trip to
Ward Bailey has returned from a
trip to the Pacific coast.
At the meeting of the board of direct
ors of the Warren District country club,
extensive plans for the work of the
club for the new year were made. Com
mittees were appointed-to arrange spe
cial programs for the ensuing year -with
the idea of obtaining sufficient money
to pay all the indebtedness of the club.
Many new members are in prospect and
the names will toon be acted upon by
the membership committee. The club
is arranging for the services of John
Adams, the professional golf expert,
who is now connected with the Doug
las club, to come to Waaren for the
purpose of giving a number of lessons
In the game to tne memoers. ine new
tennis committee is making arrange
ments to hold a tournament, for mem
bers only. There is some talk of des
troying the eld tennis courts and re
placing them with new ones. It is
also planned to add a new court shortly.
The annual dance of the Warren
District country club proved to be a
very successful aiiair. There was a
very large attendance, both from War
ren and Bisbee Excellent music was
furnished and the dance was followed
by refreshments. The patronesses or
dance were: Mesdames Bledsoe. .Bridge,
Ghoring. Hunter. Miner. Newman, Sher
man, Tenner, Thomas and Ellingwood.
Extensive plans for a dance to be
given by Fraternal Brotherhood No.
452 are now being made. The date has
not yet hen decided upon,
Mesdames H. L. Wattles. G. Sherman.
M. C. High, W. E. riankin, G. E. Curry.
F. C. Bledsoe, F. Juliff and E. J. Flan
igan, who composed the Bisbee dele
gation at the Federation of Women's
Clubs meeting just completed at Doug
las, have ..turned to the city.
R. B. Phillips, of Arizpe. Son., who
has been visiting in the city for sev
eral days, has returned to his home.
Mrs. P. M. Raib and children of
Warren, uave left for Los Angeles .to
make an extended Visit with Mrs.
Raib's mother.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C Arnold, of Court-
land, are spending several days in the
Plateau. Texas, Feb. 5. C. .Wyatt,
who has been here looking after his
land interests, has left for Colorado
J. L. Mills has returned from a bus
iness trip to Van Horn.
Mrs. J. H. Rowley came In from Baird
this week. .
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Elgin, Ariz., Feb. 5. County school
superintendent H. R. Renshaw, was in
Elgjn to visit the Slgin school official
ly. Superintendent Renshaw is making
a tour of the county schools and from
Elgin went to the Vaughn and Canille
schools. The schools of the county are
progressing nicely, he says, and sev
eral will h-e the full term of eisrht
Misses Lizzie, Laura and Dott Sorrels
spent several days in Tucson on a visit.
, Messrs George Sayre. of the cus
toms service, and Pete Bergler, of Pat
agonia, were in Tucson for several
M. F. Hold en went toNogales, where
he placed his little daughter. Pearl, in
the convent.
Miss Jessie Killeby has been alarm
ingly ill at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Harry Barnett. at Elgin.
Miss Ethel Harrison was a visitor in
Tucson a few days.
A. J. Holden and family have re
moved from Elgin to Brookline on the
Southwestern, where he has a position
with the E. P. & S. W. railway.
George Beebe has gone to Kansas
City where he will establish offices in
conjunction with the office of the El
gin company at Elgin.
Messrs. Philip Woodward and
brother, of Rushhiil. Missouri, have r.
'rived with their' car of household fur
niture, stock, etc to establish their
residence on their claim near Sonoita.
Philip Woodward was accompanied by
his family.
Miss Dott Sorrells, of Fort Smith,
Ark., is on an extended visit to Mrs.
Sorrells at Harshaw.
S. D. Piper, who was accidently shot
at Greaterville, is at St. Joseph's hos
pital at Xogales, where he is recover
ing. Tlios. J. Turner is in Xogales on busi
ness. Eligln and vicinity had an inch of
raw recently which started the farm
ers with their plowing and sod break
ing. Earl Turner has returned from a
business visit to Patagonia and Xo
gales. Mrs. James Kane, of Patagonia, spent
some days at Elgin, the guest of Mrs.
Evie Barnett
V. P. Hanson, of Elgin, has returned
from a business trip to Xogales and
Marfa, Texas, Feb. 5. Mrs. Annie
Pool has purchased the home of S. C.
HoDkins. Mr. Hnnkin. -will K..ll i
Marfa agayi.
-ir. una .-nrs. u. w. Jumngston, of
Alpine, were in Marfa visiting relatives.
A few juveniles enjoyed a mask ball
at the opera house.
Mrs. J. R. Holland was a visitor to
Marfa recently.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pool have gone to
San Antonio for an indefinite visit.
Miss Mary Shannon has returned from
vVaco where she has een taking a.
business course.
The family of G. C. Smith has
gone to Alpine to reside
J. W. Howell has purchased the bus
iness of the Marfa Lumber company.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jord Claunch.
a 9 pound baby pirl.
Mrs. M. Young has gone to New Or
leans. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Brown came up
from Alpine for a few days accompan
ied by Miss Bessie -Tones, of Utopia.
The. Mothers' club held a meeting at
the High School auditorium.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Minims ijid children
are at home again after several months
visit in the east.
Mrs. E. A. Ashton and Miss Mary
Ashton are visiting J. H. Livingston
and family, from Cedarville, Va. They
are going on a trip through Mexico.
Balmorhea, Texas. Feb. S-. The two
JtanHfevId..U?hter o Mrs.
w . d'ed here. Funeral services
w.iLC2duSted at the home of L. R.
Ibr Rev- W- Downing. l
torment was at the Balmorhea ceme-
sEL x'm?011 We a ui to -
homeTn ElPasI, retBraed t0 his
Texts?" U K "WWker hs left for Anson,
CoffiS. has rat from
visKcomalcne! rBUnrtd -hta
hinS Wo- m
Vaugh. N. M Feb. 5. W W Lewis
of the Southwestern signai maintain
ance. was thrown from his speeder
down a Wsr fill and sustained a badly
sprained back.
G Pv?a,Pk nas ?signed his position
as night bonus inspector and has a
a position with an insurance company
and will have the territory extending
between Cloyis and Blen and Tucum
cari and Alamodordo
Sam Medford has leen promoted
from hostler helper to' hostVa-
-"- o
- w- j
Is the Date Watch for the Greatest White Sale El Paso has Ever Known
W.e have made extensive
ment is new, fresh and clean, the products of the very best makers. Included are Gowns, Shirts, Chemise, Bras
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effectively trimmed with the newest Laces and Embroideries.
Alpine, Texas, Feb. 5. A. B. Sandifer
has returned from Marathon.
W. C Easterling is visiting at Jiis old
home in Alabama.
Mrs. James Walker has returned
from a short visit to friends in Marfa.
Mrs. Clint Hess has left for El Paso,
to join her husband, who has taken a
house there.
Miss Thalia Gillett has returned from
a visit to Miss Genevieve Bogel, at
Paul Veillard has gone to Xew Mex
ico fpr a short stay.
Mrs. Ella West, of San Antonio, is
visiting her mother, Mrs. Margaret
Mrs. John Holland has returned from
a short visit to friends in Marfa.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pruett. of
Marfa, have been visiting in Alpine.
Mrs. James Jarling has returned
from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Mil
ton Chastain. in Marfa.
H. R. ryden, formerly manager of
the Holland hotel, has bought a farm
near El Centre California, where he
and his family -will make their home.
Terrell Kirksey has returned to Al
pine from Alice.
Mrs. Walter Garnett and Mrs. J. R.
Middlebrook are spending some weeks
in Xew Orleans.
Fulton Van Sickle is visiting his
brother, judge Wlgfall Van Slckle.
E. L. Frazer entertained the Forty
Two club at its last meeting.
Mrs. EweH Taylor has returned from
a visit to relatives in East Texas.
Miss Fannie Daugherty is in St.
Miss Norma Adams, of Marathon, has
returned to her home after a short visit ,
to friends in Alpine.
Rufus Thomas, of Del Rio, is spend
ing some time in Alpine,
Mrs. L. W. Durrell has returned from
a visit to friends in Marfa.
TULAllOSA. Iff. M. v O
Tularosa. N. M., Feb. 5. CapL Miller.
of Mescalero. N. M., went to HI Paso
for an operation. It is reported he
is doing fine.
Mrs. George Blkins and children are
here from their ranch above Mescalero
as guests of Mrs. Noah Bullard.
Mrs. Arthur Douglas has returned
name, from El Paso.
Mrs. S. P. Clayton and son, Cuba, are
here from Alamorgordo.
Mrs. Patrick has returned from
Vaugh, N. M., where she has been on a
three weeks visit to friends.
A. L. Douglas has left for Wlngate,
Ariz., after a few days visit here with
his family.
Mies Eula Errington was a guest of
Mrs. A. L. Douglas.
John Hall is verysiek.
Dr. J. R. Howell has returned from
El Paso.
The Earnest Working club was en
tertained by Mrs. J. H. Jackson at ber
home north of town. The following
were present: Mrs. J. J. Sanders Mrs.
D. W. Young, Mrs. W. L. Woodsi Mrs.
A. L. Douglas. Mrs. J. R. Howell, Mrs.
J. M. Blazer, Mrs. Marie Ritcher. Mrs.
Edwin Peppard, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. E.
H. Simmons. Visitors were: Misses
Etole and Julia Frierson, Miss Rachel
Livingston and Mrs. A. C Miller.
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iimc ii is equany certain that
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back, stiff neck, and lumhacro
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All DrngRlAts.
preparations for our White Sale
The National Rat Killer
Stearns' Electric
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& COKOXA, X. M. -
Corona, K. M.. Feb. 5. Mrs. A. I.
Stuart spent a day in. Tecolote. X. M.
C. C Baker and son have left for
California. He will visit his brother
and mother who live in Los Angeles.
Joe Beaty and John Sewell have re
turned from an extensive hunting and
trapping expedition in the Oscura
Clint Brooks has moved his family
here from Hope, N. . ... and will live
on the Zeb Owen ranch.
A. S. McCamant has left for Texas
points where he expects to buy a car
load of registered cattle for his ranch.
Oscar Willingham, of Midland, Tex
is here visiting his mother and brothers
fpr a few days.
John Kranawltter has returned from
a visit to his parents in El Paso and
will resume his duties as agent for the J
E. P. & S. W. railway at this place.
L. O. Spencer who has been acting as
temporary agent will return to Tu
cumcari, N. M.
Morenci. Aria.. Feb. 5. Mr. and Mrs.
Maurice Stark of "A" hill, are the
happy parents of a baby girl.
Mrs. Rod McDougal entertained at
"506" in honor of Mrs. Thos. H. Dona
hue. There being a larger demand than
supply for delivering and transferring
goods from the stores and warehouses
to the residences, a new delivery out
fit has entered the business. This
makes ten delivery outfits net includ
ing the store outfits.
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Sandon mourn the
death of their three day old baby glrL
Sid V. Frazer has sold his residency
on "D" hill to Ed Hill, who has taken
Hayden. Ariz.. Feb. 5. Mrs. E. C.
Taylor is confined to her home with a
slight illness.
Charles Tweed, an Httache of the
Standard Mercantile inmnany, has re
turned from a .vhoi t vacation .spent
with his familv ii Pho( nix.
Walter Nash, loi.u deputy sheriff,
has returned from a two weeks trip to
Globe On hi return he came by auto
1j wa of Roosevelt dam and Phoenix.
Vosr Jauch and Wi-ieman write
i-anama. auisinif or tnelr sale
ri.il there
nt,if i- ist.i.
Tho :tt to roach
Chile, on i b. 1".
"r C-5T6
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when your bowels are sluggish. Y a
Teel a certain dullness and depression,
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your stomach gets sour "and full of
gas, tongue coated, breath foul, or you
haTe indigestion. You say, "I am
bilious or constipated and I must take
something "tonight."
Moat people shrink from a physio
they think of castor oil, calomel, salts
or cathartic pills.
It's different with Syrup of Figs.
Its effect is as that of fruit; of eating
coarse food; of exercise. TaKe- a tea
spoonful of delicious Syrup of Figs to
night and you won't realize you have
taken anything until morning, when
all the clogged up waste matter, sour
bile and constipation poisons move on
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Purity Guaranteed
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Food Laws. You can pay a
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nicer, lighter biscuits, cakes and
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Your money back if K C fails to
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Fort Davis. Texas, Feb. 5. W. & Mil
ler, in a fall from a ladder, dislocated
his shoulder.
A large crowd of Marfa people at
tended the joint program here between
the Marfa High school and the Fort
Davis public school. The debate was
furnished by the Marfa school and reci
tations and songs by Fort Davis. The
Fort Davis public school is arranging a
play to be put on at Marfa.
O. L. Shipman has left for El Paso.
E. H. Carlton has built a barn on
his farm adjoining town.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Pruitt have re
turned from several weeks' stay at El
Paso, accompanied home by Mrs. D. C.
Sutton, who will spend several weeks
visiting them.
Miss Mary Carlton is recovering from
an attack of grip.
Mrs. Jas. Stewart and Miss Grace
Stewart entertafned at their home the
Bridge club. A lunch was served dur
ing the evening. Miss Juauenta Watson
will be hostess for the club next Satur
day at the ranch home of Mr. and Mrs.
A. G. Prude, five miles west of tows.
Practically Every
Article in
the Store Shares
in the Sweeping
nausea or weakne. Nothing else
cleanses and regulates your sour, dis
ordered stomach, torpid liver and thirty
feet of waste-clogged bowels like gen
tle, effective Syrup of Figs. Don't think
you are drugging yourself. Being
composed entirely of luscious figs sen
na and aromatlcs, it can not cause in
jury. If your "child is cross, siek and fev
erish, or its little stomach sour. tongu
coated, give Syrup of Figs at once. It's
really aa that is needed to make chil
dren well and happy again. They dear
ly love its pleasant taste.
Ask your druggist for the full name.
"Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna. '
and look on the label for the nam -California
Fig Syrup Company. Tli.it.
and that only, is the genuine, efu'e
any other fig syrup substitute with con
tempt. Those who enjoyed Mrs. Stewart" s and
Miss Grace's hospitality were: Mes
dames H. G. Thompson. T. J. Durable.
Cappe: Misses, Eva and Lenore Jones.
Juauneta Watson, Grace Stewart and
Mrs. Jas. Stewart.
San Simon, Aria., Feb. 5. An effort
is being made to have the Southern Pa
cific company move its stockyards
away from the station here.
Next Friday, Arbor day will be ob
served here, and there will be special
exercises by the school children.
A force of 12 men is at work on the
new school house here and Jt is ex
pected to complete it soon.
A sewing club was organised at the
home of Mrs. Geo. E. Sligh.
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