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iIM l
Healthy Baby is
Precious Blessin
To Make It Hedth, emd- Keep It
Hedtit Use Reliable
Baby Laxative
In spite of the greatest personal care
and the most intelligent attention to
diet, babies and children will become
constipated, and it is a fact that con
stipation and indigestion have wrecked
many a young life. To start with a
stood" digestie apparatus is to start
life without handicap.
But as wc cannot all have perfect
working bowels we must do the next
best thing and acquire them, or train
them to become healthy. This can be
done by the use of a laxative-tonic
-very highly recommended by a great
many mothers. The remedy is called
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin and nas
been on the market for two genera
tions. It can be bought conveniently
at any drug store for fifty cents or
one dollar a bottle, and those who are
already convinced of its merits buy the
dollar size.
Its mildness makes it the ideal medi
cine for children, and it is also very
pleasant to the taste. It is sure in Its
effect and genuinely harmless. Very
little of it is required and its frequent
use does not cause it to lose its effect.
as is the case with so many other
Thousands can testify to its merits in
constipation, indigestion, biliousness,
sick headaches, etc, among them reli
able people like Mrs. M. Johnson, 752
Dayton St. Kenosha, Wis. She is the
mother of little Dorothy Johnson who
was always in delicate health until her
mother gave her Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin. Mrs. Johnson says: "I never
saw such rapid improvement in the
health of anyone. Syrup Pepsin Is a
The feilewlng comes from a prominent doctor and Li said to be the
best and qsieketrt prescription known to medical science for colds and
coughs. "From year drsggist get two obbcm of Glycerine and half an
esnee of Glebe Pise CempoBBtl (Concentrated Pise). Take these two
ingredients heme and pat them Into a half pint of good whiskey. Shake
it welt Take esc to two teaapooBfnls after each meal and at bedtime.
Smaller deea to children according to age.' Be Rare to get only the
KCBHlae Glebe Pine Compound (Concentrated Pine). Each half ounce
bottle comes la a tin screwtep sealed case. Any droggist has it on
hand or will quickly get it from his wholesale heme. There are many
cheaper preparation but it don't pay to experiment; this treatment Li
certain care. This has been published here for past six winters by the
Globe Pharmaceutical laboratories of Chicago and thousands say It is
Tis is new year's eve (old) In China
town. In the past the Manchu cele
bration has been observed in the South
Oregon street tea shops and groceries.
But the new republic has changed all
of this and January 1 is the official
!ate for celebrating the arrival of a
i.ew year. Mar Chew says so. Mar is
the leading spirit of the New China
party in El Paso. He said "Wednesday
morning, over a bowl of rice, that there
w -uld be no celebration of Chinese
PHONES 5053096. 204-206 E. OVERLAND ST.
The flour that made us famous. We guarantee absolute satisfaction, or money
refunded. Nothing better milled.
241b. sack 90c 'j 48 lb. sack $1.75
Try a sack of this flour and be convinced
We Prep AU Ordvcs h Parcels Post I
' - v
Spring Displays
Showing the Definite Style Tendencies
7jHE Trend of Spring Styles is now
shown here on the widest Possible
scale. Every section presents the best se
lections in 19 1 3 Spring Fashions. We
extend you a cordial invitation to come
and see El Paso's best and largest Spring
Suits at $25.00
lyf'HILE our announcement is gen-
eral we must mention Suits at
$25.00. In addition to many models at
this price in the "vfooltex" Line, we
also show representative styles at $25.00
from other makers.
We have no hesitancy in sa&ng thai ne present the
largest number of models and njosf desirable suits to
he found m El Paso at this price.
Mf E are being enthusiastically com-
plimented by everyone on our
present Spring showing of Millinery.
From our designer in New York, we have
just received another large shipment of
Millinery of the moment in New York-
Phipps, Bergesscr, Castle, Atchison and other veil
non makers are represented in the ne arrivals.
Prices range $7.50 to $25.00.
"The Store of Service"
wonderful remedy and I shall never be
without it again." Thousands keep Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin constantly in
the house, for every member of the
family can use it from infancy to old
age. The users of Syrup Pepsin have
reamed to avoid cathartics, salts, min
eral waters, pills and other harsh
remedies for they do but temporary
good and are a shock to any delicate
If no member of your family has ever
used Syrup Pepsin and you would like
to make a personal trial of it before
buying it in the regular way of a drug
gist, send your address a postal will
do-to Dr. W. B. CaldweH. 417 Wash
ington St. Xontlcelto, I1L, and a free
sample bottle will be mailed you.
New Year's eve at midnight, for the
good reason that all patriotic Chinese
celebrated January 1 as that date. How
ever, the Old Manchu element In China -
tmam f nransHtiv 1... eMnmt ff lm.. 1
crackers and the fsae's nr rnut nl. !
and rice in celebration of the ancient
ites of the New Tear.
The ordinary cost of a. "Want Ad in
the El Paso Herald is 25 cents. It
reaches an average of about 70,040
readers' each issue.
. .
or nyomei
A series of tests recently completed
prove that the HYOMEI vapor treat
ment for catarrh, coughs, colds, and
sore throat is wonaeriuuy emcieni
when only one-half teaspoonlul of Hi
OMEI is used in one-half a tea cap of
boiling hot water.
It is advisable to heat the teacup be
fore pouring' the boiling water, so that
the water will remain hot a longer
time. Pour one-half a teaspoonful cf
HTOMBI over the boiling water, hold
cup close to face and breathe through
nose and mouth the healing, germ
destroying vapor that arises.
Just breathe HYOMEI, and its sooth
ing medicated and antiseptic properties
wjll come in direct contract with the
Inflamed parts, stop the discharge,
drive out the soreness and heal the
For catarrh, coughs, colds, sore
throat croup and all nose and throat
misery, HYOMEI is sold on money back
if dissatisfied plan. Single bottles of
HYOMEI SO cents; complete outfit
which includes inhaler, ?LW at drug
gists everywhere.
Mail orders filled, charges prepaid
by Booth's H5TOMEI Co., Buffalo, N.
X., who will gladly mail trial treatment
Kelly & Pollard guarantees HYO
MEI. Advertisement
(Continued from page Lj
Mexico and the southwest and is the
logical place tor such an exposition. I
am sure New Mexico will do its part
in making such an affair of as great
value as that would be, a complete
The Shrlners to Come.
El Paso Shrlners are also interest
ing themselves in the plans for the? pro
posed 1916 exposition. The reunion of
the imperial council of the Shrine, with
its accompanying crowds of Shrlners,
will be held in San Francisco In 1915.
It is the" plan of "the local bhrlne to
offer special inducements to the pa
trols and shrines to come by way of
El Paso en route to San Francisco and
to stop over here to see Mexico and
tbe valleys. Dr. J. B. Brady, one of
the leading members of the El Paso
Shrine and its past potentate, says that
this could be done by a systematic ad
vertising campaign, to be carried on
at the Dallas reunion of the Shrine
this year and at the li conclave.
Qhrlniur on1 natrols COUltt DO Pledged
by the 21 Paso Shrine to come through
El Paso en route to the San Francisco
reunion. The Shriners are all good
spenders. Dr. Brady says, and their
coming to El Paso would mean much
for the success of the resources exposi
tion. p
Ralph Hunt returned to El Paso
Tuesday night bringing 1319 head of
cattle from Galiegos. tie "" "??
gone three weeks, and says that the
rhl AlA Tint nkld him UD.
Th rjunaran Cattle company also
brought in a train of 3i cars from
Santa Rosalia, these two trains fol
lowing the regular passenger train
into Juarez. ... ... . ...
Wj H. Craven has sold through the
Hunt-Winn Commission company to
Armstrong & Finley, of Roswell, X.
M.. o head of cattle, which Craven
had grazing on the H. I. Newman
. , ,. x
Booker & Tankersley have sold to
Love Stone 00 head of Arizona
cattle which they held at the Union
stock yards for sale.
Tokio. Japan. Feb. 6. The Japanese
diet today passed a vote of censure on
th. .nAHmAnf iiAaw the nremiershin
of prince Taro Katsura, who only re
cently took office as prime minister '
and minister of foreign affairs. The
sessions of the chamber were then sus
pended for a period of five days.
It is expected that prince Katsura
will immrdiattly dissolve the diet and
i all for j. Cftieral el etion, meanwhile
rt-t. lining office.
A Message
To Breathers
(Continued from page 1.)
the house. This bill was inspired by
j many complaints received by the labor
J commissioner from persons over the
I state as to the operation of these
agencies. The bill provides that no
I person, firm or corporation in Texas
I shall operate an employment agency
, without flrst having obtained a license
from the commissioner of labor, and
the license fee shall be $199. payable
I in advance on the first day of May.
The license shall contain the designa
tion of the city, and street number of
such applicant The fee for procuring
I employment or help for any person
I shall not exceed 5 percent of the .first
month's wages where the employment
is for one month or more, and in all
I cases the maximum fee shall not ex-
ceea i, ami in no case siutii iuao ire n.
charge against both the employer and
employe. The commissioner of labor
is also to inspect the books of such
agencies whenever request is made for
such lr
Corporation CommlKsIon.
Men- . . uoth branches of the
legislature are already being deluged
with petitions from their constituents
relative to the public service corpora
tion commission bill how pending in
the house and on which there will be
a hearing this evening. These petitions
are from the telephone and other cor
porations in which they are urging
their representatives to oppose the
passage of the bill The smaller public
service corporations believe that uch
s. measure would prove quite detri
mental to their interests. The larger
corporations are also apparently op
posed to the passage of this measure.
Rural Credit System.
Governor Colquitt is said to be in
thorough accord with the plan pro
posed in the bill introduced in the
house by representatives "Wortham.
Webb and others providing for the ap
pointment of a commission to make a
thorough investigation of .the rural
credit system and agricultural societies
of Europe with a view of applying this
system in Texas.
Anti-Frat Bill.
Consideration of the anti-frat bill by
representative Harris, of El Paso, is ex
pected to be had during this week.
The bill is now in committee anl a
hearing was deferred as a number or
fraternitv men and graduates of the
university of Texas want to oe heard
on the subject. The faculty of the
university of Texas has as yet given no
expression as to whether it favois the
abolishment of the fraternities at that
(Continued From Page 1.)
day at 2 oclock. This was done without
Senatorial Amendment Ratified.
House joint resolutions ratifying
the act of congress in reference to the
election of United States senators by
the direct vote of the people, was un
der suspension of the rules, passed with
six dissenting votes.
Resolution No. 5. expressing the sym
pathy of the members to Mrs. Solomon
Luna in the loss of her husband, was
passed unanimously.
Wolf Boanty Bill Passed.
House biU 38. making the bounty
on coyotes $2 and on lobo wolves $10.
was passed after some minor amend
ments. Carter's lobbying bill has been re
ported adversely by the Judiciary com
mittee of the senate.
Aldredge's senate blU providing for
increase of Jurisdiction of justroes of
the peace, has passed the senate, and
is now in the possession of the Ju
diciary committee of the house with
good prospects of becoming a law..
iua. Chi.. Mex.,
5. At
least non federal cavalrv from south
ern points reache this city during the
week, and federal officials at the gen
eral headquarters say that more are
coming. A large number will be sent
to the north and approximately 800
will be sent against Gen. Caraveo who
is reported close to this city. Others
will be sent out along the North "West
ern railroad in efforts to maintain
traffic over that road.
Cnu Key, his brother, Jose Maria
Key, and Casimiro Marquez and Juan
Navarro are in El Paso from Guada
lupe, after having escaped 'from the
Maderista troops, under the command
of Anastacio Espinosa. who arrested
them there.. Sunday afternoon Cruz
Key's wife and mother came along the
road, while the soldiers were takin?
their prisoners over the road to Juarez.
In the blinding dustorm. the Mader
istas thought they were rebels and
turned back toward Guadalupe and
drove their prisoners ahead of them.
They then crossed over to the Ameri
can side and their prisoners escaped.
Monterey, Hex.. Feb. 5. Reports
have reached here through private
sources that MO rebels entered the
town of Salinas Victoria. 20 miles north
of this city on the main line of the
National railways, between this city
and Laredo.
It is also reported that San Pedro de
las Colonias, in Coahuila where the
Maderos own a large amount of prop
erty, is in the hand of rebels since
three days ago.
The lines of federal telegraph -wires
are cut between Torreon and Durango.
The soldiers stationed on "the island"
Tuesday afternoon took into custody
two federal officers and a pack mule
which inadvertently crossed the line,
according to state ranger C. H. Web
ster ,who returned from that section
Tuesday night The ranger stated that
200 federal cavalry had been sent out
from Juarez and the prisoners taken by
the soldiers had wandered across the
line. The captured ones were escorted
to Fabens.
Texas & Pacific train No. 4, leaving
El Paso at 6:15 p. m.. now carries p.
dining car on each of its trips oirt
of this eity.
R. C Hatfield, commercial agent of
the Cotton Belt railroad at Fort Worth,
is in El Paso on a business trip.
Quick, Easy and Positive
Cure for All Foot Torture
The following is absolutely the
scESe. Tor 3i,0SS? a1?nTenS0Wis
soive two tablespoonfuls of Calocide
Soak the feet in this for fullv flfteeffT
minutes eentlv rubbine the sore narts.'
a .r i .HI
The effect is really wonderfuL All
soreness goes instantly; the
feet feel delightfuL Corns
and callouses can be peeled
right off. It gives immediate
relief for sore bunions,
sweaty, smelly and aching
feet Especially effective for
frost-bites and chilblains. A
twenty-five cent box of Cal
oclde is said to be sufficient
to cure the worst fpt It
works through the pores and removes
the cause of the trouble. Don't waste
time on uncertain remedies. Any
ilruPRist has Calocide compound in
Muck r In in ft it in a few hours
from his whoi. sale bU''. I'ubli-hed
j l M lu-.il Fi7r.ul.i Laboratoia s of
I ChKagu A'l t rust rucnu
(Continued From
two weeks. A majority thought not
so they argued Cunniff down.
The bill was then rushed through
the enroling and engrossing commit
tee and placed on final passage. Not
one vote was recorded against it
The $50,000 appropriation Is divided
as follows: Salaries of legislators,
$22,680: salaries of employes. S16.734;
mileage of members, $2,300; costingent
expenses, SS.300.
Senate bill No. 2. introduced by
Homer Wood, of Yavapai, is a strin
gent anti-lobbying measure drawn
along the lines recommended by gov
ernor Hunt in his message.
New Tax Measure.
Senator C B. Wood, of Maricopa, in
troduced senate bill No. 3 at the re
quest of the governor and the tax com
mission. It is to give the tax commis
sion power over ail assessing and tax
levying bodies of the state, and also
makes the commissioners the sole mem
bers of the state board of equalization.
Before the constitutional amendment
declaring that "methods of taxation
-shall be as provided by law," was
passed, it was not possible to enact
such a measure as the one introduced
by Wood yesterday. Under the consti
tution, the legislature had to make the
board of equalization consist of the tax
commissioners, the auditor and chair
man of the corporation commission. The
intent of the tax commission law al
ways was that the members of that
body should be the board of equaliza
tion. "This is simply going back to first
principles," senator Wood explained
during a recese.
To Bridge the Colorado.
Fred W. Wessel, of Yuma, introduced
bill No. 4, which is to appropriate
$25,000 for the purpose of building a
bridge across the Colorado at Yuma.
The government is to contribute $25,000
and the state of California the same
amount Bills are already pending In
congress and the California legislature.
Wessel's bill went over, as did the next
four brought up. ...
No. 6 provides for municipal ab
batolrs for all Incorporated cities and
towns. It is a measure in which Mr.
Hughes is much interested and he will
do his best to secure its passage. It
is necesary." he claims, to prevent the
people eating meat from unclean
slaughter houses.
For the Carnegie Laboratory.
No. 6 is also important It is to per
mit the sale of public lands on applica
tion, of state institutions, and is de
signed particularly to cover a case tha.
has arisen at Tucson. There the Car
negie desert laboratory is located on
360 acres of ground owned hjr the uni
versity The laboratory has $50,000 U
spend for new builfllngs. but the man
agers of the institution refuse to allow
that money to" be expended for struc
tures on rented ground. It -la desired to
deed the 360 acres to the laboratory, un
der a provision preventing Its use for
any purpose other than that for which
the laboratory was established the
study of desert plant life in the south-
W Senate bill No. 7 is to submit to the
people at the next general election a
constitutional amendment abolishing
capital punishment This amendment
is drawn to fix the penalty for first
degree murder at life Imprisonment,
and for second degree murder at im
prisonment for not less than 10 years.
TrfTxohlbit Sale of Cigarets.
- No. 8, is to prohibit the sale of to
bacco astt cigarets to minors under IS
years of age. Hughes says thar similar
laws are in effect in several states.
One more bill was introduced before
the end of the days session. Senator
a N. Roberts brought it up at the re
quest of the state treasurer. It is to
amend the funding and loan commission
law, making it possible to pay interest
on state bonds semi-annually instead
of annually. ,
Senator Roberts drew attention to
the fact that during the first special
aessidh the livestock and agricultural
committees had been dropped from the
list It was. agreed that they should
be added to the list of committees for
this session.
a nM was meeived from the
house to the effect that that body had
appointed a committee of three to Invite
Thomas R. Marshall, next vice presi
dent of the United States, who is now
In the valley, to address the legislature.
A oommlttee consisting of senators
Harrison. Hughes and Hechtroan was
Appointed by the chair to mace the In
vJtadon stronger.
The senate received a communication
To llcarraage siaie .rimmcc.
front state treasurer D. F. Johnson set
.i 7 -r..i t,,., 4.frirn nn matters of
exclusive jurisdiction with him dur
ing 1912- He reported that Arizona Is
now receiving the lowest interest rate
of any states on her regular bank de
posits and recommended among other
things that he be granted authority
to lend from one fund to another
whenever such procedure might seem
advisable. The state is now required
to pay interest on warrants issued
against a fund that Is temporarily ex;
hausted. though there may be plenty
of money in other funds.
Treasurer Johnson reported that four
counties had reported on the Income
tax and suggested that in view of the
additional burden this law throws upon
his office, he be allowed $100 a month
for an assistant He also requested
surety bonds Instead of personal bonds
for Insurance companies.
Senate Employes.
Following are the senate's attaches:
Secretary, Con P. Cronln of Santa
Cruz county; assistant secretary, A. C
Pearson. Cochise; enroling clerk. H.
C. Pierce, Maricopa; sergeant-at-anns,
Joe L. Wiley, Pima; assistant sergeant-at-arms
and doorkeeper, J. C. McCullom,
Gila- doorkeeper, Tom Fulham. Cochise;
journal clerk. Antonio Contreras,
Yuma; bill clerk. Tom Gamble. Santa
Cruz; assistant bill clerk. Mrs. Kendall,
Mohave; page. Miss Louise Gass, Mari
vd&: stenographer. Miss Shivers, of
Graham. Miss Joy Gray of Greenlee.
Miss Lucy Grant of Maricopa. Miss
Eunice Walker of Cochise. Miss Nellie
G Kull of Yuma; Miss Anna Egner of
Gila, Miss Florence Jones of Maricopa,
Mrs. W. A Pfaff. of Maricopa; janitor,
J. C. Phillips. Yuma.
The IIoBse.
Three members of the house of
representatives think that two other
members have forfeited their seats by
accepting positions' under the state
government Those three representa
tives are Leon Jacobs and Dan Jones,
of Maricopa, and M. H. Kane, of Green
lee The two are Sam B. Bradner. of
Cochjse, and Harry Saxon, of Santa
Chairman Billy Graham, of the spe
cial committee on credentials, appoint
ed Monday, submitted the report of that
committee Tuesday afternoon. It car
ried a complete list of the members of
the house and declared that they were
all entitled to- their seats.
a motion was made that the muirt
i be adopted as read. Jacobs asked for a
nfo jail and was the rst to vote "no.
roll call ana was me nrsi to vote "no.
Jones came next in the negative list
and. he maae some very pointed re-
marks in explaining his vote.
n explaining nis vote.
"Some Seats Ferflt.l .
UkHIH A Aa .. a 1
He said it was his opinion that some
of the members of the house had vio
lated the constitution by accepting
state positions. He could not consclen
tJouslyvote for the acceptance of a re
port he felt to be wrong. Though
Jones laid stress on the fact that he
was "mentioning no names." everyone
knew he referred to Saxon and Brad
ner. He was interrupted bv Graham,
Whipple. Hall and others, who told him
thaf&e was talking on a subject that
was not up for discussion at that time.
Kane also explained that his vote was
on conscientious grounds.
Bradner In Seated.
Bradner stated tha since the re-
Tr-Tl.,s m.irlt iloulitlt-es r 'erred to him
1 would like to be excused from J
Page 1.)
voting. The three Republicans present
begged the same privilege.
Twenty-six voted in favor of adopt
ing the report of the credentials com
mittee; three voted against it and four
were excused. Maddock and Cocke were
Iloase Employe.
The committee on patronage reported
and Its report was adopted, is follows:
Chaolain W. R. Thornton; doorkeep
er Ed Boland; assistant doorkeeper.
John Mer- 11 bill cl rk. M. M. Conn;
assistant bllL clerk, Charles Hanson;
enroling bill clerk, Charles Hanson;
Vaughn; assistant enroling and en
grossing clerk, J. C. Evans; stenograph
ers Rose McGraff, Mrs. H. B. Golze.
Gladys Renders. Lilian Keating. Miss
Kenyon Mabel J. Fenn. Minnie Seaman;
reading' clerk, a L. Hardy: clerks. Sal
ly Jacobs. Emma Red, R. L. Edwards,
Susan A Winchester. J. C Boughter.
James T. Tehan; Journal elerk. Polly
Oliver; supply clerk, Dudley Lewis;
postmaster. T. J. Romeo: mailing clerk,
Flossie Whipple; assistant mailing
clerk Harold Holcomb; assistant to
printing committee. Harold Frayne:
.governor's messenger. Richard Hum
phreys; page, Bessie Barker: assistant
page. Mabel V. Graves; janitor. Harry
F. DeWinton; night watchman, Leroy
Scarlett speaker's messenger. Frank
Marshall Is Invited.
T. M. Drennan moved that a commit
tee of three be appointed to invite vice
president elect Marshall to address the
two bodies of tbe legislature. The mo
tion carried. Drennan. Bradner and
Kane were appointed on that commit
tee. Johnson moved that a committee of
five be appointed on revision of the
code. Seconded by Jones, the motion
was carried.
Various suggestions for the amend
ment of the rules were made and all
were referred to the rules committee.
J. A. R. Irvine, of Maricopa. Intro
duced a bill today to move the indus
trial school to old Fort Grant and a
measure to register women under the
equal suffrage amendment
Senate bill No. 1 appropriating $50.-
000 for the expenses of the session, i
passed the house today and went to
the governor.
Indianapolis. Indiana, Feb. 5. An
amendment to the constitution of the
United States prohibiting polygamy is
sought in a joint resolution introduced
in the lower house of the Indiana leg
islature. The legislatures of other
states are asked to join in the applica
tion for the amendment
Prlneeton, N. J., Feb. 5. President
elect Wilson has declared himself in
favor of a radical change In the pri
mary laws of New Jersey to be applied
not only to the nominations for United
States senatorslSut the governorship as
welL A bill is being prepared, he said.
modeled after the Wisconsin system.
which "was championed before its '
adoption by senator La Follette. It
would amend the present law to permit .
second choice voting. A majority would ;
ba required to nominate rather than a
President elect Wilson sees no par
ticular reason why he should announce
his ' cabinet before he Is .-Inaugurated.
though he indicated today that lie
(tnH try to reach a decision! as to se
lections before that time.
"I remember very well. said the
governor, "that president Cleveland
did not announce his cabinet until af
ter he had been inaugurated, and there
were speculations and guesses until the
very day oi tne announcement
TkrlirTS),. ,M
The governor said he hoped he would
not find it necessary to follow that
Denver. C&o., Feb. 5. The light to
unseat senator Casimiro Barela, Repub
lican, from Las Animas county, and seat
N. W. Wycoff, Democrat began In the
supreme court room at the capltoi this
The contest was called before the
senate committee on privileges and
elections, Wycoff presenting his charges
of alleged fraud, which are expected to
'consume three days. At the conclusion
of his arraignment. Barela will be al
lowed as much time in rebuttal.
While this contest was belnsr watreC
the house was discussing procedure in
rthe content for the seats of JohnvMayer
sentatives from Las Animas 'county, fes
John Guynn and Juan A Torres, Demo
crats. The allegations of the contest
ants in these cases are similar to those
against Barela brought by Wycoff.
Washington. D. C, Feb. 5. Argument
on the appeal of Samuel Gompers.
John Mitchell and Frank Morrison,
American Federation of Labor officials,
convicted of contempt of court and un
der jail sentences in connection with
the Bucks Stove and Range companv
case, today was set for FebVss aad 16
in the District of Columbia court of
Harrisburg. Pa, Fob. 6. Women la
1" n 1111111 i r 1 TTTrrn-ririiTnTiriinL3M
! QjBS&tk. mHBSfefew SSSGansfi EnntS -jtBBnA wBim Erf rfMzfa I
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A pure, Grape cream of tartar baking
powder Makes Food More De
v licious and Wholesome No
Alum No Phosphates
Care must he taken to keep Alum from the Food
Prof. Aloozo dark, of New York: "A sbstance (ohira)
which can derange the stomach' should not be tolerated-in
baking powder.'
Prof. S. W. Johnson, Yale College "I regard their fetem
and soluble alumina salts) introduction into baking powders as
most dangerous to health."
Read the Label on the can. Unless it shows a cream
of tartar ingredient don't buy the powder
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Pennsylvania will be given the right
to vote if a bill -which passed the lower
house of the legislature today becomes
a law. The measure which provides for
woman suffrage passed the house of
representatives by a vote of 130 to 70.
The bill now goes to the senate.
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Springfield. HU, Feb, 5. Lieutenant
governor O'Hara, as his first official
act has started a crusade against
white slavery. The state senators
qulcklV fell in line and adopted a reso
lution to Investigate white slavery in
Illinois and report to the legislature.
Madison Wis, Feb. 6. "Fee-splitting"
by Wisconsin physicians is made
a felony punishable by a fine of $200 to
$1000 or imprisonment of not more than
five years, according to the terms of a.
bill introduced in the assembly.
Trenton, N. J, Feb. 5. The New Jer
sey senate ratified the amendment to
the federal constitution authorizing
congress to impose an income tax. The
house had previously ratified the
The ordinary cost of a Want Ad in
the El Paso Herald Is 35 cents. It
reaches an average of about 70.00
readers each issue.
Washington, D. C, Feb. 5. President
Taft. It senators and speaker Clark
will speak at the memorial services in
the senate. Feb. 15 in honor of the
late vice president James Sherman.
Invitations will be sent to former
president Roosevelt former viee presi
dents Fairbanks, Stevenson and Mor
ton, members of tbe supreme court
cabinet and diplomatic corps, governors
of states and other puolle men.
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