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Saturday Evening
February 15, 1913-26 Page,
Week-End Edition
Fair Tonight and Sunday;
Colder Sunday.
Speaker Excuses All Members of the House Until March
3 The Senate on Monday Will Take the Same Ac
tion Representative Harris Says Bill For
700:Mile Congressional District For
El Paso Will Not Pass.
AUSTIN. TKX, Feb. IS The Texas
legislature disbanded today un
til Kerch X, due to the presence
of meningitis among the -members of
the house.
The death of two members and the
critical illness of a third was the eau&e
for this action being: taken today.
Speaker Terrell, excused the members
from further attendance, -with' excep
tion of members from Travis county,
who will, with the speaker, adjourn the
house from day to day until March 3.
This is the official statement issued
today by speaker Terrell: "Owing to
the fact of the death of two mem
bers of the house and after' an exami
nation showing that judge J. C. Hunt,
of Randle county, is afflicted with
meningitis, and. after the consultation
with the governor and attorney gen
eral, the speaker excuses every mem
ber of the house except the represen
tatives from Travis county, until March
3, at 9 ociock, subject to a change
by telegram to each member of tne
house. The speaker will remain and,
with one representative of Travis
county, will adjourn the house from
day to day. In case conditions do sot
improve a longer excuse will be giren
by the speaker."
Immediately after this announce
ment, the members began leaving for
their homes sad by tonight there will
be only a few left.
When the senate meets Monday, it is
expected that the same action will be
taken in that branch.
El Paso Herald-to Send Chil
dren of El -Paso as Its
Guests Saturday.
FRES tickets fqr the Campbell J
shows! Kvery child in El Paso j
- will be supplied by the El Paso
Herald with "free tiefcets for all the
attractions of the Camooell shows on
its' opening date la Kl Paso next Sat
urday. The Herald has arranged to buy out
Kim With the Happy Family.
the show- for its opening day and has
not done it "bv halves." Every attraction
inside the big enclosure will be open
to the children of El Paso a guests
of The Herald. Realizing that
the children are all its friends. The
lerald wishes to entertain them as
Fuch. The free distribution of tickets
will be made at the lobby of The
Herald building next Saturday aftir
noon, beginning at 1 .ociock. There
are no strings to the offer, the only
qualification necessary to receive a
ticket is that the recipient must be a
child Each child will be given a ticket
admitting him or her every attrac
tion inside the grounds. For the entire
afternoon or evening, the little ones of
El Pao may thus enjoy the attractions
at the show as Kuests of The IU -M
The Campbell shows have been win
tering in Kl Paso, preparing for m. ,r !
"hrrwil? onaL 22itK,tSSLM
, .. ----- -'-T- -,'-r ;., i sia, rrqce ana -itaiy, toaay ana tne
span and new and will show for aloTeeK1 was hoisted aniid enthu
"eek ln El Paso, going from here to siastic demonstrations by the Cretans.
Midland, Tex, Feb. 15. Mrs. Agnes OraeriBiMt staBd trial for the fifth time
on tie charge of ? 11 year eld darter, Lilly, in El Paso.
The fowth trial, held here , has . xeoalted in a mstrial, the jury failing to agree
and being ducBarged. It is said tbe jury stood seven for conviction and five for
acquittal. j
When the jry was discharged by the court, Mrs. Orner became hysterical. On
x.a u it wseu tne venBe
Mrs. Orner will again be tried.
Representative Harris leaves tonight
for his home at El Paso. Represen
tative Burges is already there.
Following the death of two members
this week, representative J". C Hunt,
of Canyon City, was taken ill Friday,
with meningitis.
Redistricting Bill Killed.
Representative Harris said last even
ing that there is absolutely no danger
'in the senate redistricting bill as now
agreed upon passing in the house, es
pecially as to the proposed 1 Paso
district which is cut out to be 764
miles long.
Mr. Harris said he will never agree
to ny suclj monstrosity.
The sub-committee having in charge
the house congressional bill, made an
effort to meet yesterday afternoon,
but failed to get a quorum.
It is said in legislative circles that
the senate redistricting bill tentatively
agreed to by a majority of the sena
tors, is not satisfactory to even the
majority that agreed to it, and some
further changes are likely to be made.
The bill, It may be said, is not satis
factory to a majority of the members
of the house. The house congressional
redistricting committee through a sub
committee is still working on a bill and
when this committee makes its report,
many radical changes are-expected to
come to the surface as compared with
the senate measure. There are alao
several prospective candidates for-congress
in the bouse, hence the solici
tude for a bill that will prove all right
in every respect.
GovernorOrders Hearing for
Boys Who Were Suspend
ed by Faculty.
CSTIN, TEX., Feb. 15. Governor
Colquitt last evening decided
that those vitally Interested in
the strike at the A. & M. college, which
resulted in the dismissal of 466 stu
dents.' shall be given a hearing by the
beard of managers of the college. This
-was the result of an appeal made yes
terday afternoon to the governor by
former state senator E. G. Senter, of
Dallas who is representing seme of
the striking students aad their par
ents. The governcy- addressed a communi
cation' to -Walton Peteet. chairman of
the boaxd. to grant the hearing to any
one desiring same and who are in
volved in any way in the strike. The
governor, however in doing this ad
vised Mr. Peteet that he stands by
bls former action in sustaining the
board and college authorities in dis.
missing the students, in the interest of
discipline and for the future good of
the school.
Earlier in the day there had been a
mass meeting held at a local hotel of
those interested, presided over by sen
ator Senter and which Tvas attended by
some of the boys in the strike and their
parents. At this meeting, senator Sen
ter laid blame for the conditions at
the college on the board and faculty.
Arizona and California, where they will
continue to show for the remainder if
the winter months,, passing on later up
the Pacific coast on their annual tour.
H. N. Campbell, owner of the shows
and boostmaster general J. Sam Hous
ton will be on hand Saturday to see
that The Herald family is well taken
care of. They like to see the little folks
have a good time and will eooperate
vith The Herald In seeing that they
are well taken care of. There will be
rides on the Ferris wheel, high in
the air; visits to the lions, and admis
sion to everything on the circus
The animal show, the animal circus,
the fat boy, the lean bo. the midget
woman, the .minstrel shows, the vaude
ville shows, the happy family of
monkeys and many other attractions
will be seen absolutely free. All that
is necessary is to get a ticket at The
Herald office Saturday afternoon.
Athens, Greece. Feb. 16. The Island
a A a vrvk -dnrll r atro ntla toil lit ! a
Pro&wers, great Britain. Rus-
oi the case to El Paso county, where
Emilio Vasquez Gomez, erstwhile provisional president of Mexico for a week in
Juarez, later a prisoner in jail at San Antonio, now out on bond, is again a self-appointed
provisional president of Mexico. The following telegram explains itself:
Columbus, N. M., Feb. 15.
Editor El Paso Herald:
"Yesterday afternoon I entered the territory of the Mexican revolutionary
camp at Palomas, Chihuahua. I was declared provisional president to sustain the
plan of San Luis, reformed in Tacubaya and Villa de Ayula, and to organize a
cabinet in accordance with authentic documents which are going by mail.
"Emilio Vasquez Gomez."
Mexican Loyal Troops Are
Using This Building As Fort
i-ji- r k icuj.r Jim Lt. L f i!-LLL.-','il sS?
mjufjecs. jjv crszj?j7s. "jvzxrero ctrr.
HERE TO COST $300,006
WASHINGTON. D. C, Feb. 16.
An appropriation of $300,009
, tor a new federal building at
El Paso, -(Texas. is contained in the
omnibus public building bill which was
reported to the house today. For tbe
federal" building at Douglas, Ariz., an
appropriation of 4100,000 is made, in
both of these cases the grounds are
now owned or their purchase has pre
viously been authorized. Corpus Chns
ti. Tex is to-be provided with $70,000
increase in the limit or cost of the
building there. v
The total appropriation of the bill
is $25,643,800, including a proposed
building for the interior department
not to exceed a cost of $2,500,000.
Purchases for sites are authorised at
Rebels are swarming over the coun
try south of Juarez, according to an
employe of the Pearson lumber inter
ests, who reached Juarez and Kl Paso
Friday ,pn a handcar. He came from
Pearson, where the English-Canadian
company recentlv closed one of its big
mills and says he round rebels all tbe
way up the railroad. He declares th-jy
have destroyed every bridge, station
and car between Juarez and Gunman, a
distance of 76 miles.
This confirms the report that an. or
der has gone out to the rebels to mobi
lize, near the border to be readv ln at
tack Juarez if Madero wins ln Mexico
City and the Juarez garrison remains
loyar. or to combine with the Juarez
garrison and march south into Mexico
if Diaz wins, in which event the
Juarez garrison is expected to espouse
his cause.
consul T. D. Edwards, or
Juarez, received a communication from
secretary of state p. q. Knox Friday
officially notifying him of the dis
patch of battleships to Mexico and the
mobilizing, of American troops to go
to the republic should the necessity
tJlt Sie ,Alnerln consul in Juarez
was asked to communicate this to the
federal commanders at Juarez and Chi
huahua, but the railroad and telegraph
was down and It was impossible to send
the message to the state capital In
stead Mr Kdwards transmural ih.
message to CoL Vasquez, of the Juarez
t'u V -XI fur TlflCU
""3 ... -., ..wa . VWW.
' Socialist "Would Scire Kallronds.
The threatened tie up of 54 eastern
railroads by the proposed strike of
firemen was the basis o,a resolution
for government ownership of these
railroad properties, introduced by rep
resentative Berger. of Wisconsin, So
cialist. lemorlar to Sherman.
President Taft, his cabinet, the en
tire house of 'representatives, the
senate, the supreme court and the dip
lomatic corps assembled today in ihe
senate chamber at memorial services
for the late vice president James S.
Both houses suspended business to
hear addresses eulogizing the late vice
president by president Taft, speaker
Clark and many senators and represen
& London. Bng., Feb. 15. In an
editorial today, the Morning
3 Post says the situation ln -O-
Mexico fully Justifies the
American naval and military &
& preparations and that the &
2 United States morally Is bound -O-
& to intervene -if the rights of
foreigners are threatened se- $
riously. &
Discussing editorially, the situation
in Mexico, the Daily Chronicle says it
realises the United States cannot ig
"nore It but that' the newspaper does
not envy Mr. Wilson the problem that
is awaiting him. It says the American
expansionists talk of annexation, but
that probably would require, more
troops than Great Britain needed to
annex the Boer republics
The Daily News 'says it thinks there
is no ground in law or morals for
American Intervention, but that president-elect
Wilson wil have difficulty
in resisting the pressure in favor of
intervening, which would mean annexa
tion after a long and costly war.
San Diego, Calif, Feb. 15. The ar-
! mored cruiser Colorado, which left
i here at 10:46 a. m...Tuesday, arrived at
.' Mazatlan Friday, according to a radio- !
j gram received from rear admiral '
voutherland. The, message said every-
mm,' was nmet at waaatlan and no
. Jistarbance in the vicinity had been
Messages from Capt. Plunket. of the
South Dakota said that the cruiser
would arrive at vcapulco about da light
bundaj morning.
Plan to Join the Federals in
Juarez and Overpower the
TROUBLE is expected in Juarez.
Gen. Ynex Saiaaar. with 1500
mounted rebels. Is now moving on
Juarez from Barreal, SO kilometers
??ut2; ccrB,S to reports received by
- . k-u. irxnauuinry junta, saia-
, zar is expected to roach Baucbe tonight
and enter Juarez Sunday to narticlturt
with the federals In a friendly demon
st ration ofthw Dia forces. A clash may
then occur with the Madariata voIbb
teers now ia Jnr tx-i.
I "bei Junto Friday night, the details ot
r,.tr.""e",'n Tere..arr?JBed- The
fXV p J:18 Ior tBe Iecal rebel i
.- s c.uu we river Saturday after
noon at 1 ociock and Join with the
fi Tf, fw rriBOn ln ohHng a celebra
tion of the downfall n XfJ. j .i.-
t victory of Diaz, but "after th- !
r?tU,?Ctm.?,,i that tbe k"16 Jfexico
li.J1 been w"nned. the revolu
tionary leaders had to call it off.
Federals Confer With Rebels.
Federal officers from the Juarez gar-
ZVl ln ""e'-Pnce with the reb
fiM" E1, PH rpy "tent and agreed
.n tiSJfn,ur,h5vlnf the celebration.
iSi-M., he ,fedJ5rf sanrtson would
Join, the federal officers say. The only
fear In Juarez is that the Maderista
volunteer force would attempt to op
pose the Invasion of the El Paso Mexi
cans and trouble would result.
Salazar is e-pectcd to reach Juarez
some time Sunday and will have a suf
ficient number of rebel soldiers to sup
press any Madero outbreak among the
volunteers that may occur. For this
reason, the domejistration will take
place if Salazar arrives, it is said.
Maatrinlnn Are Loyal.
Of the 1000 odd government forces at
Juares, nearly one-half are irregulars
officered by ex-insurrecto chiefs who
fought in the Madero revolution ana
have since remained loyal to the presi
dent. CoL Ignacio Kscarate, the volun
teer commander, has declared that in
orent of Hadero's defeat, he will dis
band his troops.
"We will quit If Madero does, he
declared today.
Regular For Diaz,
But Col. Juan N. Vasquex, a regular,
insists that be is la full command or
the Juarez garrison. Rebel agents say
that Vasqnes and his officers tend to
ward recognizing the Diaz revolution.
Tbe rebels offer to bring Gen. Salazar.
who leads more than 1300 reoels. into
Juarez and assist the regulars if any
trouble occurs with the volunteers.
Salaxars forces for some days have
been camped within 50 miles of Juarez,
along the Mexico North Western rail
way. E.mlsary to Rebels.
Manuel L. Lilian, rebel agent, is on a
tour of the district below this point
in an effort to prepare the various
rebel chiefs for a combination with fed
eral troops. It is said that the possi
bility of American intervention would
also be dlacsssed with the revolution
Rebel agents here declare that inter
vention would bring a combination of 1
ail men HOW rn, mu inu .uj m-
tasion of alien troops would be hotly
contested -by both rebels and federals
in border states.
Goes to Orozco'a Cnmp Aho.
Lujan went to visit the camp ot
Salazar and also the supposed location
of Gen. Pacual Oroxco Jr. The emis
sary was Orozco former confidential
agent, and representative at nasning
toTd-uring tKTeiThX of the Oroo j
I.Hjdn Says Salazar toiniqs.
Lujan returned today from a visit
to Salaxar's camp and reported that
nnriVr nn lrcumatances would the reb
els make an attack on Juarez. They
expected, however, to enter the town
peacefully as the Carraveo rebels had
done at Chihuahua city. In case of
trouble between the regular and vol
unteer troops. Lujan said. Salazar was
ready to assist the regulars if they
Joined the Diaz revolution.
"Gen Oroaco's whereabouts remain
ln doubt," said Lujan. "I could not
find him. Smtaaar claims complete
leadership of the northern rebels in
view of Oroaco's disappearance, and
I was made sole rebel agent In the
Vnited States. Probably I will rep-r-sent
the northern revolution in any
conference at Mexico City." Senor Im
Jao. a lawyer, was Oroscos emissary
to Washington. .
Mesaees received at the Mexico
'orth Western office Saturday morn
ing from Chihuahua by way of Laredo
saul that eer thing was quiet in Chi- (
Mffn or'th? Noarthn VeteRepalr
work i! now in progress on the Juarez
an Ision and the bridges that have been
destrocd b- the rebels are being re-
paired lj section crews.
Also Declare to the Crowds That Intervention Is Certain
and That Taft Has Ordered Troops to Mexico British
Embassy's Announcement Last Night of Madero's
Resignation Proves to Be Premature.
EXICO CITY, Mex., Feb.
chamber of deputies this morakjg the majority of the senate left for the
national palace this morning to demand the resignation of president
Francisco I. Madero. They were accompanied by Francisco de la Barra and
the Spanish minister to Mexico, but on
going to the palace they did not suc
ceed in finding Madero. This gave
rise to the report that Madero had fled
the city.
From the carriages in which they
had driven there the senators informed
the public:
"President Taft has just .telegraphed
the British minister that American
troops are coming to the Mexican
capital. We consider intervention in
evitable." The Mexican senators also informed
the populace that they considered that
pr&ident Madero had been defeated.
The open declaration by Mexican
senators that American troops were
coming to the Mexican capital and that
intervention was inevitable; the refusal
of president Madero to resign, even when the majority of the senate sought him
al the national palace to urge him to do so; resumption of the aibttery battle m
the streets, without decisive advantage to ekher side; refusal of Felix Diaz to
consider an armistice until Madero and his cabinet have resigned, were the
developments of the day k the revolt in the Mexican capital.
FoHowmg the announcement by the British legation that Madero had re
signed in the interest of peace and to prevent further bloodshed, tfas morning
found practically no change m tbe situation. Madero declared that he had
j99(P'TC9ivH6Hl9CxMZRKZw)B9 J8WMlOS 91
An unsuccessful attempt to arrange an armistice wist Diaz was followed
by an executive session of as many senators as could be persuaded to risk their
lives by leaving their homes. At the close of the meeting a majority of the
senators made up a delegation which attempted to interview the president and
urge hist to resign, but Madero was not to be found.
Froa outside of the capital come reports of rebel apristags. At Ozumba,
Miraflores, La Compaaia, Cahlco, Tlalhuan and San Rafael the federal troops have
revolted, killed their officers and declared for Diaz.
Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson and Pedro Lascurain, the Mexican foreign
minister, were in conference for several hours during the night. Their efforts to
arrange an armistice were in vain. Diaz, the rebel leader, refused absolutely to
hear of peace until president Madero and his cabinet had resigned.
Diaz's firmness in this respect was indicated by the actmty of his gunners,
who continued the bombardment at intervals during the night and after dawn in
creased their fire until it was more violent than at any previous stage of the seven
j days fighting.
Most of thoee in Mexico City who knew president Madero's constancy of pur
pose and stubbornness were pessimistic today regarding lbs rosigaatiea. Others,
however, believed he would yield to tbe persistent demand made by men high in
public life.
Francisco de la Barra, the former provisional president, played the part of
peacemaker today and promises to become as notable in this crisis, as he was in
the adjustment of the differences oi the Madero revolution -which terminated in the
overthrow of Porforio Diaz.
The presence of the war vessels of three foreign nations at the port of Vera
cruz and the developments of the past six days appear to have coaviaced even the
Mexican cabinet ministers tsat ft would
roreign intervention be delayed much longer. This has been bluntly urged on pres-
' dent Madero as a motive for his resignation.
I Francisco de la Barra. former provisional president. accearDanied W Rn
j Felipe Angeles,, a federal commander,
ionutuo uug morning early.
Following the conference de la Barra announced that Madera had authorised
him aad Gen. Angeles to confer with FeHx Daiz and Gen. Manual Mondragon, rebel
leaders, on the question of arranging an armistice. Madero proposed the naming
of a commission by each party to contrive a plan for a solution of the situation.
De la Barra immediately made a visit to the rebel position and conferred with
Diaz, pointing out the difficulties of the situation and urging the acceptance of the
plan for an armistice in view of the imminence of foreign intervention.
Diaz replied to de la Barra that he could conaiAer -on 9rrsw .-j v.i. v-
J would enter into no negotiations until he was notified of the resignation of Madero
I the vice president and the entire cabinet. Diaz's ., i..j
president Madero.
Many of the senators did not attend the special session of the senate this
morning, as they declared they were unable to traverse the city
the foreign minister, to the first vice president, indicating: that the members?
the upper house should assemble to discuss means of settling the present situation.
Minister Laocurain declared after the meetnr rf PL.TrL.. w
fff " wdd xeaign. TlprerfdentThT sawas anions
ts s1" the difficulties m a patriotic manner with. ,L m..Z.vi i .,
appeared impossible.
EXICO CITY Mex., Feb. 15. Fighting continues between the Diaz
rebete and the loyal troops supporting Madero. The rebels are cfrect-
mg meir are agamst the national
Madero out
The Mexican mmkter at Havana
asking for perauMton for Cuban marine f
,aad and lo Mexi Cky as a guard for
The rebels opened a bombardment of
(Cont'.ntJ on
15. After an executive raeetiBg k the
Washington, D. C, Feb. IS. At
the white house, it was stated that
president Taft had sent no com
munication to the British minister,
directly or indirectly, and tiiat the
position of the United States as to
Intervention was unchanged.
President Taft and secretary Knox
at an early conference today were
hopeful that president Madero -would
resign. Confidential advices are
said to show a. strong sentiment
throughout Mexico for peace. Ad
ministration officials here have
great confidence in xtye ability of
de la Barra, former ambassador to
the United States and provisional
president at the fall of Pe-rflrio
Diaz, who has- been suggested for
that office if Madero steps down.
QOH 5Q "
be a mark of great forbearance should.
went to the palace for a. conference with
.. w&uiv& vtwussm, !. La
palace, m an effort to kill or drive
telegraphed to the go-, eminent today
& rr Tnk, , .rnr, t
thTCuban legator,
the national palace early this morning
pitje 5

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