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Tuesday, February 18, 1913
Afasoiaiely Pare
Economizes Buffer, Flour,
- Eggs ; makes the food more
appetizing and wholesome
T&e ORiy Bakiag Powder made
from Royal Grape Cresm of Tartar
Pareats nad Friend of Expelled Stu
dents Trylnsr to Create Sentiment
Ib Their Faver
Austin. Tex.. Feb. 18. Senator Mur
Tay returned today from the A. & M.
college and Immediately had a Jong
conference with the governor in which
the affairs of the institution were gone
c er in detail. "
Senator Murray did not care to aay
"what recommendations would be made
until the full committee has returned.
The committee for 24 hours took tes
timony on the situation and the notes
of the two stenographers are to be
It developed that Senator Nugent.
who is a member of the committee,
lost his grip containing the reports
and papers bearing on tne investigation.
Should th papers not be found it mav
delay matters considerably. Senator
Murray said the committte would re
port and let the senate take what steps
it deems best, but he intimated that
Bn investigation may be ordered.
Meeting at the Rrisklll hotel after
the governor's refusal to pass judg
ment on the merits of the case pre
sented for the expelled students, those
Interested formed a permanent com
m.ttee, with E. G. Senter, of Dallas, as
chairman The committee is formed
fur the purpose of working for the com
plete vindication of those expelled and
for a reinstatement of the 27 students
v ho were dismissed on charges of
With a lew to placing the case of
those expelled from the school before
the entire state, a fund was started,
and efforts will be nude to increase
tnis fund by donations from the par
ents of every boy expelled from the
school. W. B Folwer, of Dallas, one
of those expelled, was made secretary
end treasurer of the organisation.
Mis reputation has long been estab
lished "I have never claimed to cure
pery thing, but I do claim." the Little
Doctor say, -that everything the old
fashioned mustard plaster will cure, I
can 'Without irritating or harming the
skin. I will cure sore throat, head
aches, cold in head, chest, soreness of
muscles, stiffness of joints, lumbago
and other cenous results derived from
a cold. You will not find a long list of
a million as I can be used in the
little box I come in. L the LITTLE
noted for its wonderful curing powers
and am sold at all GOOD DRUGGISTS,
c and 50c the jar All you have to
do is to rub and rub me in well and I
ill cure our cold in no time. I am
recommended by many noted physicians.
I c?rtalnt hope you win ask for me
thr next time ou need services of my
Mac Larer Drug Co.. Cleveland. Ohio
or Los Angeles. CaL WHEN D DOUBT
Somehow there exists a vast amount
of scepticism as to the possibility of
curing Consumption. We state none
but facts, and are sincere in what we
If we were afflicted with Tuberculo
sis we should do precisely what we
as others to do take Eckman's Al-
tpiative promptly and faJthfuHy. The '
reason we should do this and warrant 1
we have for asking all Consumptives !
to take it, is that we have the reports
of many recoveries, one of which fol- ,
1619 Susquehapna Ave Phila- Pa.
"Gentlemen: For two years I was af
flicted with hemorrhages of the lungs, I
the number totaled nearly one hundred. I
climate, as to remain would probably
be fatal. However. I remained, and in
February of 1902, I was taken with a
eiere attack of pneumonia. When I
recovered sufficiently to walk about
the house I was left with a frightful
hacking cough, 'which no medicine I
had taken could alleviate. It was at
this time, March, 1902 that I learned of
and started taking Eckman's Altera
tive In a short time my cough was
cone and I was pronounced well. Since
that time I have had two slight at
tacks of pneumonia and I have resorted
to no other medicine to effect a re-
C"I am at present in excellent health
and feel that as long as I can obtain
Ickman's Alterative, I have no fear of
Consumption. I cannot speak too
hie-hlv for the good it has done.
( Signed 1 HOWVRD L. KLOTZ.
Eckman s Alterative te effective in
Bronchitis. Asthma, Hay Fever; Throat
and Lung Troubles, and In upbuilding
the 8stem- Does not contain poisons,
opiates or habit-forming drugs. For
sale by Kellv & Pollard. Knoblauch
Trug Co . Peoples' Drug Store, and oth
er leading druggists. Ask for booklet
ttllini? of recoveries and write to
1', i,man Laboratory, Philadelphia. Pa,
for additional evidence Advertisement
Callahan's Testimony In Court Wins
Friend Who Help Him to
Find Employment.
If a man has an Irish brogue and
an honest face and wants to work in
1 Paso, he can get the work. James
Callahan will tell them all so. for he
knows. He went to work Tuesday
morning at the shop of J. T. O'Rourke
on Overland street.
He is a nephew of Patrick Callahan,
a captain on the Chicago police force.
He himself is a horseshoer from Limer
ick, the city itself, if you please, and
he has been in this country two years.
He worked in Chicago awhile ariH then
went to Tucson, according to Horace
Greeley's advice. He found no work
in Tucson, and came to El Paso.
Sunday afternoon he was in the T. P.
yards and witnessed a fight. Thus he
became a witness In police conrt Mon
day afternoon. After others had testi
fied. Callahan took the stand and said:
"Sure an' I was there in the yards an
I saw the big man (E. G. Smith) hav
ing a little fellow (F. H. Brauns) by
the throat Thin the little fellow got
np an' ran away and two shots was
fired "
"Did you shoot at him?" asked J. P.
Weeks, attorney for Brauns. "Faith,
an' Oi did not," replied Callahan. "Oi
have no pistol, what do ye suppose Oid
be havin' me two fists for?"
"Are you working for the T. P.?"
asked Weeks. "Oi am not." replied
Callahan. "'Tie a job I'm lookin' for,
somethin' to keep bread in mine and
the old lady's mouth. That's me wife.
She's in Tucson. I didn't have enough
money to bring her here."
"Tou have a job right now," said
judge Adrain PooL "That's what I
want." said Callahan.
Judge Pool. Callahan and a reporter
for the EI Paso Herald rode to Mur
phy and Hillin's shop on south Oregon
street, but there was no job there, so
they went to O'Rourke's. and Mr.
O'Rourke told the young man he could
come to work at 7 oclock Tuesday
morning, so to work he went.
The fight ease was dismissed, after
Mr. Weeks had declared that it would
result in a $50,0 damage suit in ihe
district court. Braun's -wanted his
clearance papers" and time check and
took the duplicates as well as the orig
inal of the clearance papers and E. G.
Smith, terminal superintendent of the
T. P. took them away from him. say
ing that Brauns had no right to dupli
cates. Both were arrested on & fight
ing charge.
Cloudcroft. X. M.. Feb. 18. W. H.
Eckhorst, foreman of the 4 th U. S.
cavalry pack train stationed at Fort
Bliss, is here accompanied by his
brotherinlaw and wife. Mr. Eckhorst
recently bought a large ranch near
Cloudcroft and will put his brother
inlaw In charge. They are now busy
equipping the place with stock and
farming implements.
At the Mescalero Indian reservation
preparations are being made to receive
a large number of Indians from Okla
homa. Wagons have been sent to
Tularosa, to transport provisions to the
reservation for the new comers.
Dr. L. K. Warren was called to Tula
rosa on business.
SupL C. S. Wood and J. H. McNatt,
of the Alamogordo Lumber companv,
were visitors to. Cloudcroft.
Mr. and Mrs. (Frank Rigxs are vis
iting their father at Mayhill.
Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Joy and children,
of Mayhill, have returned from! El
Mrs. C. M. Kirkland has returned from
New Way Corn Cure,
GETS-IT, Quick, Sure!
Neer Tried It Before? You'll Marvel
Hon It Makes Coras Vanish.
There never was anything like
"GETS-IT" for corns, and there Isn't
anything like it now. It is the corn
Blazetil Yeu'te S UmtlBex Having;
Cernt. Uc"CBlK-IT." They'll Vanish!
cure on a new principle. Put it on
any corn in two seconds; it stops pain,
the corn begins to shrivel and disap
pears. It never fails. Simplest thing
you ever saw. No fussy bandages, lo
greasy salves to turn healthy flesh
"neely" and raw, no plasters that make
corns bulge out. Your corns won't puil
and hurt "way up to your heart. Lay
aside your knife and razor. No more
digging and tugging and wincing, no
more bleeding, no more danger of blood
poison ' GETS-iT" never hurts healthy
flesh, it is safe, painless, quick, sim
P'e sure For warts, calluses and
bunions, too
"GETB-IT" is sold at all druggists
at 25 cents a bottle, or sent on receipt
of price h K Lawrence & Co., Chicago.
big mm is
i jrresiaeuL-eieci; .assumes -Re
sponsibility For Book that
Outlines His Policv.
"Kw York, Feb. 18. A scathing ar
raignment of "Big Business" is con
tained in president-elect Wilson's pre-in
auguratlon book "The New Freedom,"
which made its appearance for the first
i time upon the news stands here today.
President-elect Wilson not only re
iterates his attacks oipon the trusts of
the United States, but sounds a new
warning to the great financial interests
of the country. The work is consider
ed one of the most remarkable ever
put in the field both by reason of the
bitterness of its arraingnment of the
present financial system and by reason
of its pre-lnauguration exploitation of
a future presidental policy, no other
chief executive of the United States
since the Declaration of Independence
having duplicated the feat of Mr. Wil- I
The president-elect riot only attacks
the trusts and monopolies of the
country, but makes it clear that he will
do all in his power to legitimately re
store trade competition and individual
opportunity and to disentangle com
munity centralisation, which he says,
has become dangerously coordinated?
Arraigns Roosevelt.
Mr. Wilson arraigns ex-president
Roosevelt and his program of benevo
lent monopoly; strongly advocates an
advance policy of the initiative, refer
endum and recall, with the exception of
the recall of the judiciary, charges the
existence of a money trust, and ex
pounds at length his political philos
ophy. The president-elect explains that
he is not the actual author of the book,
but that it is a collection of the more
suggestive portions of his campaign
speeches put together by Williard Bay
ard Hale with such interpolation as
would render the work an actual ex
position of Mr. Wilson's views. The
book Is signed by Mr. Wilson.
Mr. Wilson in his preface says:
This book is an attempt to express
the new spirit of our politics and to set
forth in large terms, which may stick
in the imagination what it is that must
be done, if we are to restore our poli
tics to their spiritual vigor again and
our national life, whether in trade, in
Industry or what concerns us only as
families and Individuals, to
us puruy.
its self respect and its Christian
strength and freedom.
In writing upon the subject, "Monop
oly or Opportunity?" Mr Wilson says:
"I admit the popularity of the theory
that the trusts have come about through
the natural development of business
conditions in the United States and that
it is a mistake to try to oppose the
processes by which they have been built
"I answer nevertheless, that this at
titude rests upon a confusion of
thoughts. Big Business is no doubt
to a large extent necessary and nat-
ural. The development of business up-
on a large scale,- upon a great scale
of cooperation, is inevitable and. let
me add, is most probable. But that it
is a very different matter from the
growth of trusts, because trusts have
not grown; they have been artifically
Private Monopolies Indefensible.
"For my part I want the pigmy
(little business) to have a chance and
I forsee the time when the pigmies
will be so much more athletic than the
giants that it will be a case of Jack-the-Giant-KHIer.
I take my stand
absolutely, where every progressive
ought to take his stand, on the propo
sition that private monopoly is inde
fensible and intolerable. And I will
fight my battle. And I know how to
fight It. I am perfectly willing that
they (the trusts) should best any com
petitor by fair means; but I know the
foul means they have adopted and I
know that they can be stopped by law.
What we want to do is to disentangle
this colossal "community of interests."
The Roosevelt Progressive party next
comes under the fire of the president
elect. After an analysis of Progress
ive party tenets, Mr. Wilson finds that
"the new party legalizes monopoly and
systematically subordinates working
men to them and to plans made by the
government both with regard to wages
and with regard to employment."
"Take the thing as a whole." says
Mr. Wilson, " and it looks strangely
like economic mastery over the very
lives and fortunes of those who do
the daily work of the nation; and all
this under the overwhelming power and
sovereignty of the national govern
ment. "The man who Is leading the new
party has not changed his point of
view since he was president of the
United States it is surprising that
such a man was not again chosen
president of the United States and al
lowed to patent the present processes
of industry and personally direct them
how to treat the people of the United
Scores Money Trust.
With regard to the Money trust, Mr.
Wilson writes:
"Our system of credit is privately
concentrated. The growth of the na
tion, therefore, and all our activities
are in the hands of a few men, who,
even if their actions be honest, neces
sarily check and chill and destroy gen
uine economic freedom. The great
monopoly of this country is the monop
oly of credit. So long as that exists,
our old variety and freedom and indi
vidual energy of development are out
of the question."
Mr. Wilson also alleges that monop
oly has made invention unwelcome and
almost impossible, and warns the Re
publican party that it is being deluded
into playing false with the enlisted.
Mr. Wilson reiterated his intention ot
Pruning the Republican protective
tariff but scouted the idea that he was
an advocate of Free trade.
Florence, Ariz., Feb. 18. Later ad
vic5? frora F telling of the killing
Cb.as- Gentsch by supervisor Wills,
say that Gentsch was running amuck.
About midnight. It is said, he demol
ished part of the front of Robt R. Wig
Bin s Ray hotel, and at six o'clock
S'LLlS Mu1Ii's saloon and began to
.lestroy everything in sight Proprietor
lUlU?8 and supervisor Wills were
sleeping above the saloon and they
were attracted by the noise, and sprlng
h I I 51 nB dow stairs to see
what had been fhrned loose. Upon
surr,eSf;rWw "f?1 UDon Gentsch to
2Jffc . S uti lt ls 8ald. he replied
wiVL low from a club- knocking
hmrrroGrenb1hU,,rthCed Sarbut"?
keeper was in the t savfhe
inve!etiS-0nefi," J 'eiPelled to
wm? -" W1"" exonerated
Mammoth. '" bto home
The case
of th .
xnia.f t m u w.e oi Arlsona
count wm u7 neriff of Pinal
fSSrjr ce8,XgjuVoer
judge O'Connor, of this countv This
10 nf vff; V" oreman. who died Jan.
: 1?? clalmed the right to hold
2hZh? the board of supervisors o
w t6 .f,Ce. Tacant an" appointed
F. J. McCarthy to serve the remainder
hrJ.t.te.rm- T.hl5,ls the second su.t
brought to oust McGee. It was dis
missed because the countj attorney
declared in open conrt that he had
signed the complaint therein without
having re? "
The El Paso & Southwestern System
i 9JJ wLiS.
r KbX
ifcttaaiav-wiujidirji ivn
fv J&ZZ3I
' 'TTinrars
Passenger Service Effective Feb. 17th
Train No. 61-5 Train No. 63-34
Leave Lewis Springs 3:35 P.M. 9:00 P.M.
Arrive Ft. Huachuca 4:35 P. M. 10:00 P. M.
Train No. 62 5 Train No. 64-34
Leave Ft. Huachaca 2:30 P. M. 8:00 P. M.
Arrive Lewis Springs 3:15 P. M. 8:45 P. M.
Freight service, effective February 18th, schedule same as above.
EUGENE F0S, General Passenger Agent
A. Solley has a position as fireman
on the G. H.
Smoky Ryan, switchman for the San
ta Fe. is laying off.
R. M. Gillespie has a position as
fireman on the G. H.
F. G. Hoffman, switchman for the
Santa Fe, has resigned.
Brakeman Ripley, of the east end of
the E. P. ft S. W.. is laying off.
J. Callahan, formerly a fireman on
the S. P. at Tucson, is in SI Paso.
Harry Kagle has a position as switch
man for the Santa Fe at 1 Paso.
R. E. Haller. switchman for the Santa
Fe at 1 Paso, has left the service.
Geo Yancy, engine foreman for the
T. P., is laying off with a sprained
R. Harris, switchman for the G. H.,
has reported for duty, after a sborc
la off.
Bd HudnaJI. formerlv An onrinMr on
i tne santa 'e at san Marcial, has a po
sition as switchman for the S. P. at
Conductor Bulla, on the east end of
the E. P.' & S. W- Is laying off, and
conductor George Hoppe is filling his
C. T. Farris, fireman, formerly with
the E. P. & S. W., is now firing for
the T. P.
D. J. Sharp, fireman on the T. & P..
who has been off several days, has re
ported for duty.
Conductor Buchanan, of the M. ft N.
j W. railroad at Madera, is visiting bis
, family in El Paso.
Switchman Hooper, of the G. H. at
Valentine, hat. resigned and is spending
a few days in El Paso.
J. Defonso. fireman on the T. & P.,
is laying off and is running a switch
engine for a few shifts.
B. G. Durham, fireman on the G. 11..
is confined to his bed sick. B. M. Jew
ell is filling his vacancy.
Frank Gurney, proprietor of the E.
P. & S. W. eating house at Carrizoso.
is in El Paso for a few days.
Chas. Morris, engineer for the G. H.
at Sanderson, has returned home, after
spending a few days in El Paso.
H. T. Ward, fireman for the d. H..
has been running a switeh engine in
the El Paso yard for a few days.
Prultt York, formerly a callboy for
the E. P. & S. W., has a position as an
apprentice in the shops in El Paso.
C. H. Campbell, brakeman on the T. &
P.. who has been confined to his home
sick for several days, is Improving
C W. Wilcox, passenger engineer on
the S. P.. Is laying off a few trips and
negineer W. O. Olsen is filling his va
cancy. Ed Heinz, formerly yardroaster for
the Santa Fe tut San Marcial, has a po
sition as brakeman on the S. P. at
S. K. Bushong. S. P. brakeman. who
was brought to Hotel Dieu Sunday in
jured, is reported to be getting along
very nicely.
Angel Morales, day watchman for the
Santa Fe in El Paso, rurned Sunday
from a month's visit to LosrAngeles and
San Diego, CaL
Al Hardin, local conductor on the K.
P. A S. W. between Bl Paso and Carri
xoco. is laying off.
Brakeman Bennett, of the G. H., who
has been working out of Valentine for
some time, is again working out of El
Section foreman Cooper, from Playas,
N. M, en the E. P. A .-. W. railroad, ac
companied by his family, has returned
home after spending few days in El
M. W. Jackson, formerly a brakeman
at Denver. Cola, has been- In SI Paso
for a few days and has gone to FC
J. Flllahaum, the newly promoted en
gineer on the Santa Fe, made his initia
tory trip Monday on yard engine 2S76,
in the El Paso yards.
The E. P. & S. W. east and has put
on an additional train crew, assigning
conductor Pete Newberry and brakemen
Swart and Donahue.
S. L. Beer, formerly a seotion fore
man for the E. P. & S. W. at Newman.
IT. M., but who lives near Columbus, 16
in El Paso for a few days.
F. E. Summers, superintendent of the
Rio Grande division of the Santa Fe,
with headquarters In San Marcial, ar
rived in El Paso Monday night.
Ben Pre-isner, switch engineer for the
Santa. Fe in El Paso yards, has reported
s Advice'
To Her Daughter
A Real live Doll to Fondle IsWomana
Greatest Happiness.
One of the most Important matters about
which women concern themselves ls their
future status as a grandmother. And she
is wisdom itself who knows of or learns
of that famous remedy. Mother's Friend.
Ttis Is an external application for the
abdominal muscles and breasts. It cer
tainly has a wonderful influence, allays all
fear, banishes all pain. Is a most grateful
encouragement to the young, expectant
mother, and permits her to go through the
period happy In mind, free In body and
thus destined to anticipate woman's great
est happiness as nature Intended she should.
The action of Mother's Friend makes the
muscles free, pliant and responsive to ex
pansion. Thus all strain and tension upon
the nerves and ligaments is avoided, and,
in place of a period of discomfort and con
sequent dread, it is a season of cahn repose
and jovful expectation.
There is no nausea, no morntag sick
ness, no nervous twitching, none of that
constant strain known to so many women,
lit nee Miner's Priced Is really one of the
gieatest hlcsslngs that could be devised.
This splendid and certain remedy can be
had of any druggist at $1.00 a bottle, and
is sure to prove of inestimable value, not
only upon the mother, but upon the health
and future of the child Write to Bradfleld
regulator Co, i:;- Lamar BIdg, Atlanta,
Ga., for their bock to expectant mothers.
fur" nofwrwn nr ttc
-""J uii.iu ti "a
Cn UllJy DCi. TO .CCll
Lewis Springs
" """"""""j
. nn.una
for duty, after a short layoff. Engineer
Harper filled his vacancy while off.
J. R. Gladney, extra gang foreman
for the O. S. L. railroad at Salt Lake
City, has been in El Paso for a few
days, and left Monday for New Orleans.
Berf Howell, brakeman on the S. P.
at Tucson, accompanied by his wife, ar
J ? ,n x nnoay to meet tneir
rived in El i'aso Sunday to meet their
I i,lH" "on'liwno en .n an ex:
to their home Tuesday.
Engineer Harris, who has been run
ning a switch engine for the Santa Fe
for some time, has gone to Amarillo on
a few days' visit. When he returns he
will bring his family .with him to lo
cate permanently m El Paso.
Frank Robins, lineman for the San
ta Fe on the Pecos division, accompa
nied by his wife and son. has been
spending a few days in El Paso visiting
R. L. Dickinson, brother to Mrs. Rob
ins. They have returned to their home
in Ft. Sumner. N. M
Pythian Lodge to Celebrate Korty
nlnth Anniversary With Ball and
Banquet Wednesday.
Alamogordo. N. M.. Feb. IS. The
epidemic of measles that threatened
to break up the schools has been
averted by the action of the county
health officers. The disease Is now
entirely under control and no new
eases are being reported.
The local loCge of Knights of Pythias
will celebrate the 4th anniversary of
the order with a ball and banquet which
will be given at the Beavers' hall
Wednesday evening. A large number
of invitations has been issued.
The subject of Rev. J. A. Armstrong's
discourse at the Presbyterian church
was Abraham Lincoln.
Dr. Henry Easter of El Paso con
ducted the regular monthly service at
St. John's Bspiscopal church yesterday
Hal H. Major has gone to Las Cruees
to conduct the defence ia the ease of
the state of New Mexico versas H. S.
Holloway. This is the Otero county
case which was transferred to Dona
Ana, county on the state's motion for
a change of venue. The case was tried
originally in Alamogordo, but the jury
Will H. Pelphrey has returned from
Lebanon. Tenn., where he finished the
law course at Cumberland university.
Mr. Pelphrey was tax assessor of Otero
county for two terms.
Judge and Mrs. M. C. Mechem, ot
Socorro, have left after a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mechem.
Mitchell Major, a deputy county clerk,
has left for Las Cruces to serve as court
reporter during the Dona Ana term of
G. J. Wolflnger has left for a short
business trip to El Paso.
Bisbee. ArL. Feb. 18. J. E. Brophy
has received a shipment of 100 head
of cattle from Sonora. The cattle are
in fair condition and will be shipped
to the Sulphur Springs valley.
Red Velva Kisses
J capful Red Velva
Symp, 1 capful sagar,
2 tablespoonfah but
ter, 1 teaspoonful vin
egar. 1 teaspoonful
vanilla extract.
Boil th tyrap and Magar
harden when tested in
cold water. Thenaddthe
batter, vanilla extract
and the vinegar and boil
for S minaUt longer.
Poor into a bartered pan
or platter and pall when
cool enough to handle.
PeH into a long ttrip one
inch thick and cat. with
battered editors, in email
kisses. Chopped nutt
may be added if liked.
We wish to again inform our patrons that
we have secured the services of an expert dem
onstrator, who will be glad to call at your home
and answer any question you care to ask con
cerning the use of Gas. Our demonstrator, Mrs.
Cheaney, can give you many useful hints on how
tr, secure the best results and the most perfect
heat from the use of a gas range, stove, or burn
er, as her experience covers many years. Sim
ply phone our office and she will call at once.
Are you using a gas range if not, why not?
425 North Oregon St. Phone 3398.
Scaled Like A Fish
Mr. P. J. Weimer of Pennsylvania, a
sufferer from Eczema, writes:
"I scaled like a fish -had two doc
tors, but got worse all the time after
using only three bottles of D. D. D. I
can truthfully say I am cured."
This D. D. D. Prescription is a mild
wash scientifically compounded from
wintergreen, thymol and other ingredi
Eczema 25 Years
Face a Mass of it
Says "Reslnel Cured Me or One of the
Worst Cases Anybody Ever Saw."
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 30, 1911. T
had eczema for the last twenty-five
years, and have been afflicted so badly
that for 'weeks I could not go outside
the door. My face was one mass of
pimples, and not only the looks of it,
but the itching and burning pains I
experienced were just dreadfuL I lost
a great deal of sleep and had to keep
dampened cloths on my face all night
to relieve the pain. I had become dis
gusted with trying different things.
"One day I made up my mind to try
ResinoL and after using one jar cf
Resinol Ointment, and one cake of
Resinol Soap, I saw the difference, and
now my face is as clear as anybody's,
and I certainly don't need to he
ashamed to go out. Reeiaol Soap and
Resinol Ointment cured me of one cf
the worst cases of eczema, I guess, that
anybody ever saw." (Signed) Mrs. C
Hellmuth, ttll Appletree Street.
Nothing -we can say of Resinol equals
what others, such as Mrs. Hellmuth.
say of it. If you are suffering from
itcning. Durnmg skib trouDles, pim
ples, blackheads, dandruff, chapped
face and hands, ulcers, bolls, stubborn
sores, or piles, lt will cost you nothing
to try Resinol Ointment and Soap. Just
send to Dept- 4-T, Resinol Chem. Co.,
Baltimore, Md.. for a free sample of
each. Sold by all druggists. Adv.
East Bl Paso is to have more sewer
lines. Wednesday morning work will
be started ori the laying of 150 feet
of 12-incb and 2000 feet of eight inch
sewer pipe in the alley between San
Marcial and Estrella streets, and ex
tending from White Oaks street north
to Bliss street.
During the past two years 19.000 feet
of sewer ranging in size from 18 in-
I ch
es to 2i inches, has been laid In east
Cakes Taste Better
Your family eats griddle cakes for the syrun
not for the cakes themselves. True isn't it?
If you served cakes without syrup, youd take
them away untouched. Serve them with Velva
instead of just syrup, and that family of vours will
enjoy its breakfast more, eat
satisfied. You can't find the equal of
in the red can. It's the quality syrup of them alL
Use it for candy, for cake, for fudge. Try it on
waffles or .biscuit Pour some on a muffin, a
popover, or on steamed hominy, and you'll have a
morsel that will make your mouth water for
more. Get Velva and try it. Ten cents up, ac
cording io size, ror tne clean,
sanitary can. In green cans,
too, at your grocer's, if you prefer.
New Orleans, La.
Send for book of Velva
Recipes. JVo charge.
ents which penetrate to the disease
germs. This cooling wash destroys the
germs and throws them off, leaving the
skin smooth and healthy.
We guarantee the first fall sized
bottle. You are to get it and decide if
it is worth ttfe price. If not. pay noth
ing. Kelly & Pollard. Druggists. Ad
vertisement. The 'Best Cough Syrup is
Easily Made at, Home
Costs Little and Acts) Quickly.
Money Refunded If Xt Fails,
1Mb recipe stakes a pint of cough
BTrnp, and saves you aboat $2.00 as com
pares with. onfiBary cough remedies. It
stops obstinate eoagfeff even whooping
ecmgh in a hurry, sad ia splendid for
sore lungs, asthma, croup, hoarseness
aad other throat troubles.
Mis oae pint of granulated sugar with
y. pint of warm water, and stir for 2
minutes. Put S oanees of Pinex ( fifty
cents' worth) in a prat bottle, and add
the Sogar Syrup. Take a teaspoonful
every one, two or three iaoara. Tastea
This takes right hold of s. cough and
g'ves almost inatast relief. It stimu
tes ike appetite, aad is slightly laxa
tive both excellent featares.
Fines, as perhaps yoa kaow, is the
raost valuable concentrated compound of
Norway white pise extraet, rich in
gaaiaeol and the other aataral healing
pise elements.
No other preparatioa will 3a the work
of Pises: in this recipe, although strained
honey "can be need instead ot the sugar
syrnp. if desired.
Thoasaads of housewives in the United
States and Canada sow nee this Pinex
and Sugar Syrnp recipe. This plan has
often been imitated, hut the old success
ful formate has never been equaled Its
low cost and quick results have made it
immensely popular.
A gnaranty of absolute satisfaction, or
money promptly refunded, goes with this
recipe. Yoar druggist has Pinex, or will
cet it for Ton. If not, send 4o The
Pinex Co, It. Wayae, lad.
Duncan. Ariz., Pen. IS. The super
visors aad county engineer of Green
lee county are here from Clifton In
specting the bridge across the 'Gila
wh,ic.h. .theT haTe formally accepted.
and It is now open for traffic
heartier and be reallv

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