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Mining and Society Sedtion
Mining and Society Sedtion
JL mL M W A v& TS TW TM W tm K lm & & m wTut "S ff? S " f& 1
To make money
on an investment
you must buy at
the right price
and in the rieht
location. The
successful inves
tor is the man
that foresees in
crease in 'values
and who acts on
His Conviction
Prices $125
added for
$5 per month
50 per
corner lots. Te
No interes
lot, with $25
rms $10 cash,
t and no taxes.
Phone us for an engage
show you
ment and let us
Sole Agents, 426 Mills Building, Phone 5579
prices are 50 below
prices in adjoining ad
ditions and is located
in the country club dis
trict, where hundreds
of thousands of dollars
I are being spent in build- 1
ing good homes, and
where values are in
creasing at from 50
to 100 per annum.
Military Heights has
water, electricity, tele
phone and good street
car service. Everything
t make it a sure in-
I vestment ror. quick prof
its or for a home.
E H 1 K Kl Jm n Tmmwf Si Rh H sKk IB 'W
win sick o
Experts Pronounce Opals
There Equal to Best
Australian Gems.
Silver City, If. SC, Feb. 22. The opal
mine situated 12 miles east of Silver
City, and one mile from Bayard sta
tion, on the Santa. Rita branch of the
Santa Fe railroad, is developing into
a first class property and indications
are tbat if may be one of tbe greatest
and richest opal mines in the United
States. Opals sent to Los Angeles,
alif to be cut and mounted show
the gems to be of first quality and
equal to the best Australian opals. The
opals cat -were practically taken from
the surface aad all experts declare
theT -will undoubtedly greatly improve
-with depth, and the possibilities are
that the Noble or Precious opal, the
most beautiful of the opal family,
-will be found.
The owners have located all the out
eroppings of opal and have covered
eight claims. Assessment work has
been completed and a shaft is now
being sunk and Hi down about 36 feet,
part of the way through talc, which
experts say is confirmed, by the find
ing of fiery gems scattered through
the talc. Black opal has been struck
and it. too, in the opinion of- ex
perienced opal miners, will improve
with depth.
The opal camp is well located, with
plenty of wood and water close at
mnd. A big spring gushes from ne
of the opal ledges and tbe water is
.-. tbe purest. The mine is destined
10 make Silver City famous for opal
sems as well as for gold; silver and
i opper.
To S4ak Shaft Deeper.
General manager Wayne, of the Mo
gallon Mines eompaby is busy with
a large force getting ready to sink
a shaft in the mine much deeper. The
big engine, en route to the mine, that
was mired down in the mud about two
weeks ago is now on its way to 3fo
gollon and will reach there in a few
There is much development work
going on at the Maud S. mine. Some
of the big stockholders in the Hogollon
Mines company have been visiting the
property and are more than pleased
with the outlook.
The Phelps-Dodge people are doing
"much work at Tyrone, and if reports
are true, that camp will be as large
and as well built and equipped as
is the Santa Rita camp, before the
end of the year.
Silver City. N. M., Feb. 22. George
R. Brown, of this city, has a large
force of men at work on the old Man
hattan property in the Pinos Altos dis
trict, which he is operating under
lease. He has struck two feet of gold
ore running from $18 to 339 a ton in
gold. This is in the winze which -is
being sunk from the 960 foot cross
cut to the No. 2 level, a distance of
100 feet. Both day and night shifts
are being employed and a carload of
ore worth shipping has already been
Tucson, Ariz, Feb. 22. F. C Bmory,
president and manager of the La Cab
riza Mining company, operating at
Norte, Son., states that the company's
new 150-ton smelter, which was blown
in February 14, is now producing
high grade copper matte up to its full
capacity. He is in Tucson on business.
The mine has been in the development
stage for the past seven years. The
main shaft is 620 feet deep, and a
total of about 10.008 feet of under
ground development has been done.
Benson. Aria., Feb. 22. Enough ore
has been encountered in the mine of
the Golden West company to justify
building a mill. Shipments are to be
made at once and it is expected that
the mill will be built soon and that
a railroad line will also be constructed.
Work is being done steadily on the
zinc mines south of Dragoon. There
is a large quantity of zinc assuerd.
The Advantages of Drinking
Baker's Cocoa
The Cocoa of High Quality
lie in its absolute purity and wholesomeness,
its delicious natural flavor, and its perfect
assiraSation By the digestive organs.
Jhs there are many inferior imitations,
be sure to get the genuine with our
trademark on the package
V, b. fat. Ofi.
Established 1780
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, Feb. 22.
W. B. Pomeroy, manager of the Mina
Mexico, has just returned from a trip
to El Paso and Chicago, where he went
to confer with the officers of his com
pany. Mr. Pomeroy states that the
smelter has been shut down for a cou
ple of months, but that it is now get
ting in a large supply of coke and ex
pects to start the smelter the latter
part of this month.
The .Toledo smelter has been hold at
sheriffs sale. It is reported that tbe
new owsers are parties who were for
merly interested in the property, and
that they will shortly come out from
Toledo, O. to look over the ground, and
decide on the advisability of operating
the smelter.
W. C Laugblin. lessee of the Las Ani
mas mine in the San Xavier district, is
erecting a roasting plant asd lixlvatlon
works, and in the course of the next 60
days will have the nlant In oneration.
A scarcity of feed along the road has
competed many of the freighters who
were packing ore from San Xavier to
Toledo to stop work, resulting in the
greatly reduced shipments to the El
Paso smelter. Recent rains in the
Taqui river region have been a great
blessing to the entire country, enable
the freighters to work their animals
again. At the presest time feed is be
ing shipped to Toledo from the Yaqui
John E. JJcIntyre, manager of the
San Antonio Copper company, has re
turned to his home in Nogales, after a
month spent at the mine at San An-
iubio ae ia Jiuerta.
It Is reported that the San Nicholas
mine east of La Dura, which some
months ago was bonded to James S.
iJouglas and associates has not proved
to be the successful copper proposition
that they anticipated, and that the
property will be given up. The ore
shipped will more than pay the ex
penses Incurred by Mr. Douglas, but
i ??.'?' he is lokng for larger
propositions than the San Nicholas gives
evidence of being.
ic5Jtnl8burs- - u- Feb- 22. The new
150 horsepower motor is now In opera
Jn at tbe"ss" me. For the rest of
this week the motor will be run nights
-.-- iiB wonting smooimy
?2fmini. V1 furnished from "the
wi -!!,Bhn T,rks aDd "e power
will be on an the time.
.BtartfJT lch"s, Dr. R, M.
gXSNE . S" U the
mountains" Sunday . TheyepoTt TSe
rgSonde.Str1ke n 2t lev!
Prescptt, Ariz Feb. si-Oil has been
struck in the well of the Tverteraw
Oil company, near Jerome vauey
The flow was struck 750 feet be-
12Wthe SurS10 Its volume has not
been made known. Officers of the
i.7.7 .Ttii """ uikms oeen struck
but will make no further statement.
rP2tt' ArlB- Feb- 22. Four inches
of gold ore running Slew a ton has
been struck by T. C. Hill in his mine
In the Thumb Butte district. .The ore
shows a bismuth condition and the
gold is free. I
Tour roof insured for 10 vpa'rs with
out extra cost to you. Let ud explain.
manner Lumber Co.
Mmnrer news
Hubbard Bonds Bis Zinc
Property; the Standard
Strikes Big Ore Body.
Willcox. Ariz.. Feb. 22. J. R. Hub
baro, superintendent of the Texas
Arizona Mining Co., at Dragoon, was
a business visitor in town this week,
and says that mining activities in that
district are exceedingly brisk. He re
ports that he is shipping a car of high
grade silver and lead ore from the
ieiiB-Arizona aoout every three weeks
which has put the mine on a paying
basis. All the ore is being taken from
above the 200 foot level. He is now
crosscutting to reach the ore in the
shaft at thje 300 foot level, and work
ing a large number of men, with two
machine drills. The silver-lead ore is
being shipped to the El Paso smelter.
Mr. Hubbard also states that he has
bonded his zinc property in the Dra
goons to the American Zinc Lead and
Smelting people, who are now work
ing the property, and have opened up
a body of zinc 120 feet long and 14
feet wide. They are. now running a,
cross cut about 100 feet from the bot
tom of the mountain.
The Standard Mining company has
started development work on its
claims. It has installed an. nlr mm.
pressor ajid machine drill, and expects
to do extensive work. A large vein
of copper pre has been struck.
The Centurion Mining company has
shipped several cars of copper ore to
xsvuk'bs m me last monin, and is now
taking out more ore.
The Arizona-United Co., of which J.
M. Llbby is superintendent, is work
ing with machine drills and air com
pressors, and making shipments of
copper ore to Douglas regularly, which
average 4 and 5 percent. It has devel
oped on the property an immense body
of low grade coDper ore.
The Peabody mine is working about
30 men. ajjd shipping ore to Kl Paso
The Conper Chief mine has been
leased ana the leasors are now ship
ping three cars of copper ore a week.
Muuyon's Kbeumatism Remedy relieves
pains in tbe legs, arms, back, stiff or
swollen Joints. Contains ap morphine,
opium, cocaine or drugs to deaden tbe
pain. It neutralizes the acid ami drives
out all rheumatic poisons from tbe sys
tem Write lrof. Munyon, 53d and Jeff
erson M. . piiii.i Pa., for medical ad
vice, abo'utol; frc
Farmlngton, X. 3L, Allie With Pros
pectors and Expects Railroad to
El Pao Shortly.
Farmington, X. M.. Feb. 22. The
magic effect resulting from the oil
strike here last Monday is almost un
believable. While enjoying commercial
prosperity equal to the average New
Mexico town of 1200 people, the past
year or so;-and like the other towns .of
the same class throughout the new
state, looking 4rward to a predicted
bright future, new railroads, new Irri
gation projects and the like, nothing of
the sudden wave of prosperity which
hit this camp last Monday was dreamed
Old man Mattox and son. Ernie, have
been desultorily gaging away at an
oil well propect a couple of years or
so nut nobody paid mucn attention to
it: bufof a sudden, a courier came full
speed into town carrying the news,
"Mattox has struck oil, and the
loungers on street corners suspended
whit ling matches, arose, stretched and
yawned "oh h 1." The wires took up
the report, the press gave space and
now the trains .autos and vehicles of
all sorts are tumping them in.
In a radius of five miles the land is
practically all staked already, while
a dozen surveying outfits daily add to
to the filed-on area. Many telegrams
and phone messages pour in asking for
confirmation of reports, aad placing or
ders for claims.
A telegram to the Farmington Lasd
and Investment company last night in
dicated that this discovery of oil would
start railroad building in tbe direction
of Farmington from tbe south to con
nect directly with El Paso, sooner thas
would any other event, and that dirt
would doubtless be flvinsr on that pro
ject so long looked for inside of M
days. It came from good authority.
or years the people or tms county
have wanted a more direct connection
with Kl Paso aad south Texas.
It is expected that at Teast four new
well rigs will be is the field within
30 days. One will be operated by a lo
cal company , at least one from Du
rango, one from the Seven Lakes field
and one from Leadville.
The oil is pronounced of superior
quality and carries heavy percent in
Phoenix. Aril., Feb. 22. Within 30
days, operations will be in progress on
a large scale at the property of the
London-Arizona Copper company, at
.. n.k- .aa l tn ha increased
by several hundred men and shipments
of lead and copper ore will be made to
the El Paso smelter.
This information was giTen out by
Charles F. Finney and E. W. Brooks,
president and chief engineer of the com
pany, while they were in Phoenix on
their way to the mines, where they are
making a thoough examination and
planning operations. .... , , -
The recent sensational strike of lead-.-ilver
ore made right In the center
of the London-Arizona holdings, is as
suming proportions wholly unexpected,
according to engineer Brooks. The ore
is being taken out for shipment and
the first carload will go forward about
March 1 A switch is being built on
the Christmas extension of the Phoenit
Ka'tfrn to enable the London-Arizona
people to load their ore without
It has" been known for jears that
lfrfd-ilwr ore .'listed on a contact be
iwr t i .1 uoiimw uiiv
on t t. Ijo-ulon-Anzo
first of this year it 'was decided to
put a fey men to work in order to de
termine Just how extensive the de
posit was. Engineer Brook, admits
frankly that he had not the faintest
idea the ore body would be as large
as the work done has shown It to be.
About a fot ef overburden was re
moved and there lay the ore. right on
the surface. It Is continuous for the
length of two claims, some 3000 feet,
and varies in width from 14 to 50 feet.
It runs from 30 to 75 percent lead .and
70 to 90 ounces a ton In silver.
About 20 men are now working on
the lead discovery. This force will be
increased and other men will be put to
work taking out copper ores.
Prescott, Ariz Feb. 22. The big
dredge of the Speck Mining company
on Lynx creek, is being moved to a
new location about two miles distant,
where Its value in handling the auri
ferous soil will be tested.
Lordsburg. N. M., Feb. 22. Work has
comnuknMul a tha .... 1.11 v ..
of reinforced concrete. 18 feet square.
The walls will be one foot thick. The
outside door will be of solid steel and
m!L ""'.. one 8 steel Srang- Ja
J?,1" has tne contract to do the
building, which is to cost $486
rnSU'v Weie St0len frm tne -
t- New o yards this week.
They were found in two back yards and
returned. No arrests were made.
Langtry, Tex, Feb. 22. A committee
from this place, composed of J. M. Gra
ham, W. H. Dodd, L G. Klllough and K.
E Winter, went out In Mr. Graham s
car in an effort to locate a road across
the Pecos to Corns tock; thence to Del
Rio. The road through the old govern
ment crossing of the Pecos has too
many steep and rough grades, besides a
poor fording of the Pecos, and during
high water on the Rio Grande would be
out of commission, due, to deep back.
water. N
The committee has located a splendid
line that can be constructed at a low
cst comparatively.
A large delegation from here win at
tend the commissiosers next meeting
ift Del Rio aad ask that tbe county at
once construct this road."
This precinct has felt for a long
time that it is neglected In road mat
ters, a very small proportion of the
road tax paid by the preeiact being
spent here.
No roofing paper like Congo. Laader
Lumber Co.
Dalhart, Tex Feb. 28. The Rock
Island excursion from the east brought
20 homeeeekers to Dalhart.
Today is being observed by the clos
ing of all the banks, the poetofflce and
most of the business houses.
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This Fine Remedy
mn for ears mat 1
ted on a contact be-
dike and limestone j
ona yroup About tlii) j
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