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El Paso's Representatives
In the Texas Legislature
There is
Mexico City, Mex, Feb. 27. Confi
dence in .the Huerta administration ap
pears to wax stronger dally. Plots and
eonnsplracies against the provivslonal
president are still talked of In whis
pers, but there is at least an outward
appearance of harmony between the
If aders of the new regime. Hnerta and
Diaz seem to be working together to
bring about general peace, which both
express themselves as ardently desir
ing The collapse of the revolutionary
movements, both north and south! ap
pears to be imminent. Emilianio Za
pata remains obdurate, although many
of his chief supporters bare come into
l.nc with the new order of things.
"V enustiano Carransa, former governor
"1 the state of Coahuila. according to
aspatches received, has not succeeded
an obtaining general support for bis at
titude against Huerta.
-V committee from Mexico City has
arrived In Monterey and will go by spe
cial train to a point half "way between
Laredo and Monterey to confer with a
committee named by the rebel authori
ties at present in charge of Nuevo La
redo. The port of Nuevo Laredo re
mains closed to customs traffic.
To Offer Amnesty.
Provisional president Huerta today
drafted a bill granting amnesty to all
political offenders "who shall present
themselves to the authorities within IS
days." The measure was hurriud to the
chamber of deputies, which Is in extra
ordinary session, for quick action.
The emissaries of Emilio Zapata, who
were said to be hiding in the state ef
Morelos. are here to confer with. Huerta.
They are said to bear instructions from
their leader to arrange terms f surrender.
Seventeen Zapatis.as who advanced
to the edge of the federal district, eight
miles from tnranital were mntarod
miles from the capital, were captured
today and executed. Juan Vargas, com
mander of the ru rales, sent this mes
sage to president Huerta:
I have the honor to report the execu
tion of 17 bandits taken in. OHtls.wry
and rebellion."
Huerta replied, highly cofiaaendiag
the official.
To Rebury Reyes.
The body of Gen. Bernardo Raves, the
first victim of the Diax revolution, will
be brought from an outlying cemetery , regime a bill for a bond issue of 109,
and will be given reburial with military 000.90 pesos for the same purpose was
If the chamber of deputies accepts
the recommendation of its finance com
mittee, an immediate "peace appropri
ation considerably in excess of the 100.-
u.uuu pesos asKea ior by Madera, will
be authorised by a bond issue. It was
sa.d today that the committee would
recommend any sum that the finance
minister deemed necessary for the needs
of the government.
Huerta Is Pleased.
Keen satisfaction is displayed at the
palace over the late reports which indi
ca the disappearance of the revolu
tionary activities in much of the north
and portions of the south.
It is not expected that the Zapatista
problem will be solved immediately, but
several minor chiefs have announced
their willingness to serve the new gov
ernment. Government officials realized the
probability of a difficult campaign in
the south, but president Huerta; who
commanded the federals in the cam
paign which most nearly resulted in the
ending of the Zapatista trouble And
was checked only by Madero's benevo
lent interference, thinks be knows the
situation sufficiently well to end the
PuxsalBg the Zapatistas.
The Zapatista i have added to the list
ef towns thev alraadv occtraied Ama
meca. on the Inter-Oceanic railroad, and I
ixiree ULQen uj. juiour iniwriAouc jyuo-
ing continues with the usual atrocities,
but troops are in pursuit of the murder
ous bands, for whom little rest is prom
ised. a revolution in the st&.e of Guerrero
appears likely of early settlement, since
Jesus H. Salgado, the oldest and most
persistent rebel leader under Andrew
Almazan and Julio Radilla, promises al
legianee. Hidalgo In Question.
The state of Hidalgo is in an unset
tled condition. The governor has dis
solved the legislature and will hold a
referendum election to decide whether
be shall recognise the new administra
tion in Mexico. Provisional president
Huerta has sent s detachment of troops
Gen. Pascual Orozco, Jr., has sent a
tlegram to Gen. Felix Diaz protesting
his allegiance to the new government.
He places all his men-at the disposal
of Gen. Diaz, either to muster out of
to incorporate into the general forces
of the government.
Carransa Makes Little Headway.
According to government advices,
Venustiano Carransa. former governor
of Coahuila, is making little headway
In the new revolution inaugurated by
turn, with Saltillo as a base.
To the report that Emilio Madero was
lulled is added a rumor that Ms broth
er. RaouL has met the same fate at
Ton-eon. Both were actively allied
with Carransa and. if true, their taking
off doubtless will have a deterrent ef
lect on rebel activity in that district
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No confirmation is received of either
death. Gen. Qeronlmo Trevlne writes
from "Monterey that he dees net credit
the reports.
Carranxa still holds the region about
Monterey, but Gen. Trewlno, the fed
eral commander, who is at Monterey,
has dispatched troops in the direction
cf Saltillo.
The government believes there will
be little difficulty 1h regaining the reb
el territory.
Laredo Region Safe.
That region to the north of Monte
rey, including Laredo, now held by the
rebels, the government asserts will
soon be added to the loyal districts,
and Francisco de la Barra, minister of
foreign relations, is authority for the
statement that Geronimo Vlllareal, an
influential partisan of the new move
ment, has already indicated a desire to
cooperate with the new administration.
CoL Pascual Orozco. sr., who was al
lied with that movement, is known to
have been for a long time under the
domination of Pascual Orozco, jr.. and
the telegram sent by the latter to Gen.
Felix Diaz, promising absolute alle
giance to the government, la regarded
as indicative of his father's attitude.
If all the leaders of Orozco's army
follow the example of their leader, it
is practically certain that the Carranza
movement will dwindle away, leaving
the government only the Zanatlsta and
Sonora problem to deal with.
Suezta Has Grip on Affair.
In the capital rumors of plot and
counter plots continue, but nresldent
Huerta, appears to have an excellent
grip on affairs and to be working in
complete barmonv with Gen. Felix Diaz.
who desires the reestablishmeat of
pecce, as much or more than anyone,
J ,," L.n., - -camlS,sn
?or tbe presidency in the general elec-
tions. Friends of Diaz met vesterlav
afternoon and formally launched bis
Big Bond bsue Proposed.
Two hundred million pesos is the
amount the minister of finance proba
bly will ask congress to authorize the
government to raise by means of bonds
for the pacification and the rehabilita
tion of Mexico.
At the time of the fall of the Madro
under discussion in congress.
a err Ambassador to U. S.
Emilio Rabasa a member of the sen
ate, and regarded perhaps as the great
est authority in Mexico on International
law, has been appointed ambassador to
' the United States.
Senor Rabasa was governor a few
years ago of the state of Chiapas, but
j his greatest claim to distinction is his
work as an attorney and as the retire'
tentative of the government at inter
national scientific congresses. He 'was
not allied with the Madero administra
tion, but was well known among the
men of the Porfirio Diaz regime. He is
56 years old and speaks English flu
ently. The government looks confidently to
the future. It was announced officially
that the rebel difficulties at Laredo
and Matamoras had been satisfactorily
arranged and troops had been sent to
Aguacalientes to instal Gen. Carlos
Garcia Hidalgo as military governor.
Want to Surrender.
Rafael Tapia and exgovernor Hidalgo,
of the state of Tlaxcala, who are in
rebellion, have conferred with presi
dent Huerta, offering to surrender upon
condition that the government give
recognition to their officers' ranks.
President Huerta has refused io com
ply with these conditions. Regarding
emphasis that the
the payment or money, ne aeciarea witn
ne government was
through with buying loyalty, and
instead would send soldiers. It is be
lieved that Tapia and Hidalgo will not
accept the challenge.
Argumedo Surrenders.
Argamedo. one of Orozco's generals,
has notified the government that he
will place his men in camp at Soledad.
in the state of San Luis PotsI, or any
other place indicated, preceding a con
ference to arrange details for muster
ing out or enlisting the men In the reg
ular army.
Tabasco Congratulates Huerta.
A telegram of congratulation 'reached
president Huerta from the governor of
Tabasco yesterday.
Zapatistas now occupy several towns
in the state of Morelos. The most
important of these is Yautepec. south
east of the federal capital. Many
depredations have been committed and
a division of troops were dispatched
against them
Bufemio, a brother of Bmilio Zapata,
has proclaimed himself governor of
The state of Aguas Calientes Is ad
mittedly in revolt, the rebels being
led by the governor, Alberto Fnentes X.
(Continued from page L)
I have been recompensed by Madero to
the extent or hb.boo pesos ior alleged
damn nee suffered during the revolution.
An unofficial investigation is being
made of charges that Maytorena and J
ira uTDigctruiiaw, viciu uu, ul me joxai
military zone, nave been beneficiaries
through padded military payrolls
amounting to many thousands of pesos
a month. No official action can be taken
just yet, for the state congress is 'dis
organized. Maderista advocates, suddenly panic
stricken, have fled to various places
seeking safety.
Pancho Villa, whom the late presi
dent Madero reformed from banditry
and made into a general insurrecto, is
reported to have entered the field in
Sonora seeking vengeance for the death
of hie former chief. He disappeared
yesterday from El Paso, where he has
been sojourning since his escape from
Villa had bean jailed by order of Gen. '
noerw. jauerta cnargea that Villa,
then commanding a volunteer corps,
had returned to his former methods and
looted the Parral bank.
Buenos Ayres, Argentina, Feb. 27.
Bl Diaro, commenting on reports that
there had been an exchange of tele
grams between the chancellors at
Buenos Ayres, Santiago, Chile, and Rio
de Janero, Brazil, and the government
at Washington respecting common ac
tion in Mexico, strongly opposes Inter
vention on internal questions in any
South American country. It declared
that Argentine always has defended
the autonomy of, independent coun
tries. The paper adds, that if "South Amer
ican countries embark on such an ad
venture as would open the door to ul
terior expansion by foregln nations, it
would constitute a danger to the sta
bility of South America."
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tie inny states
Recognition of Huerta Must
Be Granted or De
nied Shortly.
"Wasington. D. C Feb. 27. The ap
pointment by president Huerta of a
new ambassador to the United States,
in th person of Emilio Rabaso, Is ex
pected to have the effect of bringing
to a speedy issue the question of recog
nition by the United States of the pro
visional government of Mexico. Up to
the present time, the relations between
the two governments have been on a
de facto basis.
Now that the threatened revolt of
governor Carranza, of Coahuila, actu
ally has taken form, the military au
thorities here have concluded that it Is
yet too early to carry out their plans
for any considerable reduction of the
American military force on the Mexican
border. Secretary SUmson has assured
the senate committee on foreign affairs
that every precaution has been taken
to prevent the entry into Texas of
raiding parties of Mexicans.
Political Recognition Deferred.
Political recognition of the provis
ional president of Mexico is not a mat
ter requiring the immediate action of
the secretary of state and this matter
will be left to the next administration.
State department officials maintain
that no interest of the United States
will suffer by wltholding full recog
nition and that all necessary busi
rcss can be transacted under the pres
ent working arrangement established
by ambassador Wilson.
If president Huerta Is able to con
duct his government In regular con
stitutional form, retain undisputed pos
session of the capital and extend full
protection to foreign life and property
in Mexico, formal recognition can then
be granted by president Wilson.
The United States government will
be Influenced strongly by the extent
to which the Huerta. regime provides
for a full and fair election of perma
nent constitutional officers.
More Troops For Border.
At a meeting of the senate committee
or. fore's 1 it Ions at which senators
Culberson .1 Shepperd, of Texas,
were pre,.it, secretary of war SUm
son and Maj. Gen. Wood gave as
surance that such a disposition rf
troops would be made along the Texts
bonltr as woild Insure protection of
that section against Invasion by
maudlin raiders from Mexico. They
said several regiments would be
placed along the Texas border.
They explained that the removal of
detachments from El Paso had been
made necessary by the crisis in the
City of Mexico because of which it
became necesary to collect as large a
force as possible at the nearest point
of embarkation at the earliest possible
movement in view of the fact that in
tervention might be necessary. For
this reason, the nearest garrisons were
ail rushed to Galveston.
With this critical time passed, they
raid, troops from points further off
could be brought to the border anc
that there scon would be no cause for
complaint along the Texas border.
Ragles Pass, Tex., Feb. 97. C. P.
Diaz apparently is indifferent whether
the federals retatce the town from Col
Jesus Carranza, brother
or governor
Carranza, of Coahuila, who has
launched a revolution against the Hu
erta government. All federal officers
have crossed the border to Eagle Pass,
Governor Carranza, of the state of
Coahuila, today sent a messenger to
the Associated Press at Eagle Pass
with this statement:
"I wish emphatically to deny all re
ports to the effect that I am dealing
with the socalled Huerta government,
nd to state further that I have no in
tention of ever considering any sort
of a compromise."
Governor Carranza said that Gen.
Huerta could give him no -satisfactory
explanation by what right he claimed
the presidency of Mexico, and that he
Carranza) would stand out for the
constitutional government against all
There had been no fighting at C p.
DJaz and ,tnere seemea no Immediate
prospect of any.
Railroad bridges at Sauseda and An
helo, between Monterey and Monclova,
have been burned.
Gen. Trucy Aubert and loyal troops
are reptrted en route from Monterey
to Monclova o engage governor Car
ranza and his followers.
"When the G. H. troop train left the
Stanton street station at 10 ocloek
Wednesday night the last battalion of
the 22d Infantry left EI Paso for the
front. The 2!d came downtown in char
tered street cars Wednesday morning
and had been waiting all day before the
last battalion of infantry was loaded
and on Its way to Texas City, where it
will go into camp with the other bat
talions of the 21d. Lieut Col. H. L.
Roberts was in command of the last
Train servioe on the Mexico North
Western between Kl Paso and Chihua
hua will be resumed within three weeks.
If the repair work on the line is not
interrupted. Trains are now running
on the Chihuahua division between Ma
dera and Chihuahua. Repair crews have
been at work on the El Paso division
between Madera and Juarez for a week
and it is expected to have all of the
burned bridges replaced and the road
in commission again soon.
Train service south of Chihuahua
continues suspended and the Mexican
Central js selling tickets only as far
as Chihuahua. The train from thf
south arrived In Juarez at 11 ocloek
Wi In rJ iv ric' li v ng com. rl
Ir m i l il i ' i Tl t I - i i r i!
j- 1 fr y s been t rn up m a r.u-
bcr of places, '
Euosne L. Harris
Trial of Gonzales Is Proceeding Slowly
Llorente Is Not a Prisoner
Railroad Interrupted.
Passengers arriving early today from
Chihuahua city report no armed oppo
sition to the military governorship of
Gen. Antonio Rabago. The trial of
Abram Gonzales, the Maderista gover
nor, charged with sedition, is progress
ing slowly. An attorney has been ap
pointed to defend the deposed governor,
who remains In the state penitentiary.
Alberto Madero. an uncle of the de
ceased president, still is a refugee In
the American consulate, the passengers
E. G Llorente, consul in 1 Paso, Is
not a prisoner as reported.
The Mexican Central railway remains
out of commission below Chihuahua
city, due to activity of mutinous volun
teer troops. Minor uprisings are report
ed at various points to the south.
Gov. Abram Gonzales was a prisoner
in the federal prison at Chihuahua at
midnight Wednesday, according to a
telegram which was received in Juarez
Thursday morning. The same message
said that Aleberto Madero and E. C
Llorente had gone to the federal build
ing Wednesday afternoon and later in
the afternoon one of the two was seen
to leave the building. This was thought
to haye been Llorente, although it was
too dark to see which of the two it
was. the message said. The man drove
away in an auto and the second person
was not seen to leave the building.
Washington. D. G, Feb. 27. Brig.
Gen. E. Z. Steever, at present com
manding the second brigade of the
cavalry division, with headquarters at
Fort Bliss, Texas, ha3 been ordered
before a retiring board because of
failing sight. Col. Wilbur N. Wilder,
of the Fifth cavalry, as senior officer,
will be in temporary command of the
brigade. The order today is in direct
contradiction to a recent declaration
of the secretary of war, who said there
was no iaea, of retiring Gen. Steever.
Del Rio. Tex, Feb. 27. Without fir
ing a shot. Gen. Carranza and his fol
lowers took San Carlos. 30 miles from
Las Vacas, Mex. This band is expected
at Las Vacas by today and in prepara
tion the small guard of rurales and
Mexican federal officers came to Del
Rio. One battery of the third United
States field aritilery is encamped here.
The Carranza revolt proceeded with
out fighting today in the section of
Mexico adjoining this place. Twenty
five hundred refugees from Las Vacas
and from Mexican ranches near the bor
der are in Del Rio waiting until the
Carransa men shall come 'some time to
day to "capture" Las Vacas. There is
not a sign of .preparation for resis
tance there and none Is expected.
Meanwhile the refugees will wait on
American soil
Carranxa Wirei Tnft.
Governor Carranza is reported to
be in the viclnitv of Monclova. He
today wired president Taft and presi
dent elect Wilson the following:
"The Mexican nation condemns the
villainous coup which has deprived her
of her constitutional rulers, who were
cowardly assassihated, but is aware
that her institutions are alive and is
disposed to sustain them. I am certain
2SL .JfiraiK ? j :
cellency as well as that of your sue
cessor will not accept the .spurious
government which Huerta is attempt
ing to establish upon crime and treas
on but will proceed with circumspection
towards the social and political in
terests of our country."
Washington. D. C Feb. 27. A tele
gram appealing for protection for
Abram Gonzales civil governor of fie
state of Chihuahua. Mx .,,, was re- Republicans, and that he has been too
ceaved today by senator Fall, rf New I much engrossed with details of legisla
Hexico, from J. G. Folla-mbea. an Atner- Oon to take a large perspective,
lean having property Interests in the j As for the "progressive .Republicans,
V- Gonsales had been supplanted ' they would be glad to supplant Mann
by Gen. TUbago, acting as military gov- ; with a "progressive" like Lenroot, of
ciuur inner ine autnonty or president Wisconsin, dui iney perceive taey can
Huerta. The telegram to senator Fall i not command the votes. If they are
Abram Gonzales In gravest danger.
Please do all you can fjr him"
Senator Fall said he would make no
representations to the state department.
pynuni io me press.
Cumpas. Son., Mex.. Feb. 87. While
camped close to where the federals and
rebels under Federlco Cordova were
righting. Sherman Rlnehart was held
up fos four saddle horses and two sad
dles taken from him. Rlnehart is a
cattleman and well known. His mission
down here is to buy cattle for E. A.
Tovrea. of Blsbee. He was not mis-
Veracruz, Mex, Feb. 27. It was
learned here that the widow of, the
late president Madero holds life in
surance policies amounting to several
hundred thousand dollars, taken out
with American companies.
Seeks Dauchter In Mexico.
Denver rvl i?h 7 Tnunii t
Harper, of Denver, has appealed to am
Dador Wilson In Mexico City In an
"fort to find his daughter, who has
been in the Mexican capital for a year,
and: when last heard from was em
Ployed on the Mexican Herald, an
. -. .wi jicn'aiBrcr.
Tucumcari, N. M . Feb 27. Snow and
rain have been falling here since noon
Wednesday. The weather has been un
settled for several weeks, and a big
storm is looked for. The precipitation
during the last three months has
amounted to less than three inches of
Daylight burglars at 2:30 Thursday
afternoon entered the house at 31S Bast
Missouri street and took a pistol and a
pair of bracelets valued at $S0.
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109 -
No Verdict Yet Rendered in
Case Against Former Inte
rior Department Official.
No verdict had been rendered by the
jury in the trial of L. B. Ross at 2:46
. ocloek Thursday afternoon.
I Since 6 ocloek Wednesday afternoon,
I the fate of L. E. Ross, former special
agent of the department of justice here,
. charged with robbery by the use of fire
arms, based on the testimony of R C
Cage, one of the alleged gamblers who
claimed to have been one of those held
up and robbed at the Hotel McCoy, in
the early morning of Jan. 14, has been
reeling in tne nanas oi tne jury.
During the argument bv his attorn
and the .ttornev for th -t. i.."eei are paveu. uou t " wbow
defendant and his wife, and R. A. Ross,
his brother, turned their chairs and
faced the jury.
Mrs. Ross since the first day the case
has been on trial, has been a regular
attendant at the court.
Washington, D. C, Feb. 27. "Jim"
Mann, of Chicago, leader of the bouse
Republicans, Is going to be honored
with the minority leadership in the 64d
So runs the talk in house Republican
circles as the nnal seselon of the 63d
congress draws to a close. It is true
there is considerable opposition to
Mann. But he is apparently going to
be chosen leader once more for all
pHitiSs. f 1 1t SW"SK?aK
tne nouse in in became itepuMican,
this might mean that Mann would be
the speaker of the 64th congress, hence
the leadership is of no mean import
ance. The opposition to Mann has been
heard from a good deal lately. A lot
of growling and grumbling over his
leadership has been audible. Strange
to say, it has come to a considerable
extent from the old guard Republicans.
They are complaining that Mann has
oeen too lenient to tne progressive
to nave an oiu guaru Jtepu oilcan for
leader, they generally prefer Mann.
Under the circumstances, Mann will
probably be retained.
Tucson, Arls. Feb. 27. Declaring
that Tucson must make provision for
caring for the tourists it now has be
fore advertising for more, Charles F.
Hoff. former owner of the strimt rn.
way system, has induced the chamber
of commerce at its next meeting to
consider offering Inducements for the
building of a modern apartment or
tourist hotel.
The chamber will also consider ten
dering to president Frank M. Murphy,
of the Development company of Amer
ica, an offer of $200,600 bonus for the
construction of a railroad from Tuc
son to Port Lobos. Son., to nut this
city In touch with tidewater. The pro
posal will be to give the bonus two
years after completion of the line.
Silver City. N M. Feb. 27. "Foxy"
Miller, of San Antonio. Texas, won the
decision over young Willard. of Port
land. Oregon, in a wrestling match at
Elks opera house last night before a
large crowd of fans. The match was
one of the best ever seen here. Wll
lard proving a surprise in his en
durance and skill. Miller is very clever
and threw his adversary, three times
in lees than an hour. Another match
Is beinsr nlanned by the same wrest
lers In the near future. 9
The match was preceded bv a box
ing match between Young Flores, a
Mexican, and Henry Glass, a negro.
Flores had the best of the hout when
he fouled Glass and the referee gav
him the decialom
COaevenne Wvo. vb S7 rv...i
from the effects of liquor John Hazen.
a keeper of a hotel at Black Buttes! struction of sidewalks. North Camp
Wye, asked his wife If she was afraid ' bel1 an East BoIrd. were adopted.
to die and receiving an answer In the
negative. late yesterday shot her dead
on the spot anil then turnel the gun
upon himself with fatal results.
Vustin. Tex Feh 27 The charter of
the Schuster Oo-mmisolon oompam of
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Tn 1 r 1
for the display of good taste and judgment in the selec
tion of a piece of furniture at 10, as at 100.
Every article we 'buy and hence every article we
offer you, must pass . the same rigid inspection,
regardless of price.
Making this a consistent policy we conscientious
ly believe that any and every piece we-offer you repre
sents; in actual value, all that
chaser could ask.
111 - 113 San Francisco St.
Sorenson Objects to Portion
of Street Being Left
'1 know that the city has the right to
pave the streets and make the prop
erty owners pay for it, but I don't think
the city has the right to leave two
bloeks on one of those streets unpaved,"
were the opening remarks of John So
renson, who, among others, appeared
before the eity council Thursday morn
ing to enter protests against the pav
ing of Franklin street from Kansas to
x tnink tne city ougnt to
s? i" ""L IOB?1? u." -""1"
see that the
crossings on Campbell
fault it is." he said. "I also objected
to the paving of Campbell street, but I
am paying ior it.
"W. C. White and J. L. McAfee were
-with Mr. Sorenson.
With reference to the paving ef the
blocks complained of on Campbell
street, mayor C. E. Kelly stated that he
would take up the matter.
Thursday morning was street paving
sroteetinr day. On the proposition of
paving Florence street from Hill street
to Missouri street, j. s. kobb, . n. r.i
liott, J. W. Coles, B. A. Shelton. C. TriUa
and J. L. McAfee entered protests J. B.
Lake protested against the paving of
Dallas street, irom Arizona sumi ui
Montana street.
ThA notitinnK asklnsr that these
streets be uaved will come up at the
next meeting of the city council for
rtnftnitA action.
menT ST&? ZnhT"'.
showed 38 deaths recorded xor tnat tnat
week and 25 births. . !
Twn rmaa nt gmallnox were reoorted.
Condemnations included 361 pounds of
meat and 132 pounds of fruit and vege
J. W. Hadlock. sewer commissioner,
reported 3S0 feet sewer laid, in blocks
284 and 285. Pieree-Finley addition: 200
feet 12-inch sewer, block 7S. Bast El
Paso; pumped sewers in East El Paso
and Mills bu
sewers cleaned:
V.:: o -.,-;
"St """ "' ;" ." i-
The report of the special committee
on auditing the city books, presented
last. , rn.vnuiuuuiS nayiujuis
Robinson Masquellete. was approved.
Collections Reierted.
The sum of $14,311.11 was collected
by tax collector L. B. Behr from Feb.
IS, to Feb. 21. as shown by his report.
Colections made by the sanitary de
partment during the month ef January
amounted to S1.36S.55.
Thirty-six leaky meters were discov
ered by meter inspector Sd WWte from
Jan. 30 to Feb. 3.
The new auto fire track contracted
for by the city was officially accepted
by the city council The report being
that the engine met all requirements.
Petitions Granted.
The following petitions were granted:
Construction of street erossing on Sms
Jose street, 400 block: petition of W. D.
Connell for sewer extension to block 98.
East El Paso: citizens of Highland Park,
for improvement of streets: Frank M.
Asearate. for reduction of taxes; T. H.
Rogers for a refund of taxes: J. W.
Hadock, sewer commissioner, for 10
days' leave of absence; W. A. Worley
for a quit claim deed.
The petition of A. J Massey for a
release of tax penalties was denied.
Petitions Referred.
The petition of the First National
tvnV fnr a nult Mfilm to Part Of lot 78,
block 14. Mills map. was referred to
the city attorney. The city attorney
also received the petition of Leon L.
Gemoets for a release of tax deed i
to lots 10 to 14. block 30; Bast El Paso, f
The taxation committee received the
petitions of W Sachs for a reduction of
taxes on lot 15, block 254 Campbell's
addition, and a similar petition of B.
B. Kimberlln.
Property owners petitioned th city
iuiii in si-ait California street, be
tween Newman and Noble, and N-wman
street, between California and Nevada.
The matter was referred to the street
and grades committee.
The petitions of the Texas company
for an underground storage gasoline
tank, and that of T. L Stockton for an
electric sign at 207 Texas street, were
turned over to the fire and water com.
ml t te.
The resolutions oroenng ine con-
The property owneeg affected are J. H.
Aiisen and J. if. Miner.
Grade Ordinance Adopted.
The ordinance establishing the eraJo!
of the alles, blok 6, Sunset Ht'sKts
was adopted
Relative ti the petition of propi!s
owners httw. n Octav a st-. t i" 1
Wright i u pr. sei ted lat k
""ot t i - m lood wit r aid " i"
W - i -1
any reasonable pur-
Custom Assay Office
Aasayeis Chemists Metallurgists
210 Sam Francisco St
Bell Phone 334. Auto Phone 1384.
Independent Assay crim
ESTASuaHCD laea.
D. W. Sbcxkist. KY &opr5eiv
Ajtct far On Skips tn Aatsgt mi
OkeiaHtt AaaJgat. Ml Exenintt
emi Raporttd Upou aeo Wwri
S"'8 P.o.soxea.
OAce asd Lxbcntery:
j Is Chanted With Fermlttias Gamblisc
In His Place- of Business; Two
Mtaers Held.
George E. Hawkins, proprietor of tie
Acme pool nail, Texas and Stents
streets, was arrested by patrolman F J.
Canllne-Ai. bm.1 m..4 .iaia&.a t
. a. :ft-W! swo?rcomt
Z """,'' y?-..?- " . charging
mm wun permitting gambling in his
iace ot business. D. K Mirray a
rested at the same time and H. D.
i tjorr. taken into rnatmtv Thnmfar
morning ae Silegea byhe poHce to
nave been Darucinants in a nm nt
pool at which money was wagered. Th
avtfpdwats were released on $10 bonds
each. Their hearing will come up m
the corporation court.
(Continued from page W
Chapman cannot be found and she tes
tified that she did not know of thei
whereabouts. The committee has been
informed that the records were moed
from the basement of the capitol a:
Mrs. Chapman's request
Mrs. Chapman testified that cert-iin
persons had received checks mon'M
while she was bookkeeper but if the
ever inspected nv oil she did int
know it. It is also reported that n
spectors sent their cards to the oil
shippers and they were placed on the
containers before the oil was shipped
into the state.
Los Angeles, Cat. Feb 2". Cla.tnce
S. Darrow. the Chicago attorno io
on triaL accused of havi-g brib. il a
juror in the McNamara trial testified in
his own defence. Examined bv t i-'
Rogers, who returned to the direction
of the defence after an absence of sev
eral weeks because of illness. Da -w
asserted that the evidence in the cresit
trial was identical with that ir.tr -xlu -?d
in his first trial, which result d n i
ftulttaL He denied every charge mat
ing to the alleged corruption of jtro.s
in the McNamara trial.
I Attention, Farmers I
H Just received a car of Northern K
! Seed Potatoes, Early Red B
Triumph Burhanks. JSaslv Bose H
H and Irish Coolers. IH
H Write for prices. jH
m . P. Kenlev C,c. m
I $7 and $11 1
Suits & Overcoats I
$15 Clothes Shop 1
Harris ivrupp. Prop. SR
.25c. j
' ' .U v liusttr anJ t
tojui.a w- .a jej ae iate.
1 -
1 i.
H l lit SieCtkQ.

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