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Tuesdav, Maivli , 1913
On High Prices by Ef Paso's Leading Grocery
1 lbs. Fancy Evaporated Peaches for 15s
2 lbs. Seedless Eaisins (better than candy) for 25c
Sphinx Canned Peaches, per can 15c
Uold Bar Yellow Free Peaches, per can. 20c
2 cans Griffin and Skelley's Asparagus for 25c
2 lb. can Griffin and Skelley's Asparagus for. .20c
Extra Fancy Sliced Pineapple, 2 lb. cans for. .20c
Extra Fancy Sliced Pineapple-, 3 lb. cans for. .25c
2 cans Faultless Extra Sifted Peas for 25c
Chase and Sanborn's Coffee, per lb 35c, 40c and 45c
Temple Garden Tea, per lb . . .60c
3 packages National Biscuit Co.'s 10c Crackers
for 25c
Sedgwich Creamery or Purity Butter, per lb. .40c
20 pounds Best Granulated Sugar for $1.00
3 packages Imperial Oatmeal for -; 25c
O Cedar Polish Mops, each $1-50
Liquid Veneer, in bottles 25c, 50c and $1.00
3 bars Bon Ami for 2J0
6 pounds Missouri Black Walnuts for .25c
Horlick's Malted Milk, in bottles. . . .50c and $1.00
Robinson's Patent Barley Food 20c and 35c
3 cans Eagle Brand Milk for " Y50c
3 cans Larse Size St. Charles or Pioneer uik
and senate. Very little attention has
thus far been paid to the Joint reso
tatifijh by senator McGregor, which
proposes an amendment injectlnr wom
an's suffrage in the organic law of
the state. Grave doubt is entertained
as to the final adoption of this resolu
tion, and the chances for the adoption
of the amendment by the people, ap
pears to be even more remote, accord
ing to the views of many of the mem
bers of the legislature.
Constitutional Convention
Representative Humphrey is appar
ently as determined as ever to push his.
joint resolution providing for the sub
mission to a vote of the people, the
question of a constitutional conven
tion. At first it appeared as if it
would be likely that the resolution
would be adopted, but since the in
jection of the prohibition question into
the subject, it has placed a different
phase on the matter. With this as an
issue, if the antis stand together, there
is no chance to master a two-thirds
vote in the house or senate on the
proposition. In the light of recent de
velopments, there is little doubt enter
tained but that a section of a ivew con
stitution for Texas would be devoted
to the prohibition question.
Railroad Hospital Measure.
- Both branches of the legislature have
passed what :s known as the railroad
House on Monday Failed to Pass the County Salaries
Bill Over the Veto of the Governor, Lacl3ng-Two
Votes Work on Appropriation Bills Is in
Progress in Both of the Houses.
ANTA FE, X. M-. March 4. The
house Monday postponed action on
the passage of the salary bill over
the veto of the governor, there appar
ently being three votes too few to pass
it. The vote to postpone the measure
was SO to 17. This was considered a
test and was one in fact, but there are
two votes upon which the pro-bill ad
vocates are counting that did not ap-
We Are El Paso's Mail Order House.
Phone 3532-3533-3534.
208-212 Mills St.
AUSTIN, TEX.. March 4. The
senate spent the entire morning
session considering the Alamo
missionproperty bill. The house bill,
which amoss : ffcfc iperty wfcder e
exclusive control of &e laughters cf
the Republic, U under consideration
-cotv. an amendment by senator Hud-
s,tet.h. which places the property -a.
r the control of the governor, and a
substitute by Nugent for this amend
ment, which creates a commission to
control the property, are all pending
A. number of speeches were made lor
and against these various proposition.-.
Anti-Fee mil-
Tl e house today, after consuming
several hours in its consideration,
pj.FE(-d to engrossment the Davis anti
fee bill- As finally engrossed, the bill
fixes the salaries of sheriffs in the
larger counties at ?5000 with all ex
penses, and in some of the very large
counties, the county judge and county
attorney may make a salary of $5000
a jfar. The bill was sot otherwise
materially changed.
"Wilsoa Congratulated.
The house today adopted a resolu
tion congratulating Woodrow Wilson
on his inauguration and also feliciating
him on the appointment of A. S. Burle
son and David F. Houston, two Tex
an" to positions in the cabinet. Notice
was given by representative Brough
ton that on next Friday he would call
up his resolution for sine die adjourn
ment of the legislature on March 14.
Karly Closing
t a meeting of the house committee
on liquor and liquor traffic held today.
xY Kennedy drastic liquor bill was
substituted for the senate bill by sen
Mo'S Weinert and Real, providing for
"'. -o p. m. closing of saloons. This
means that the house proposes to pass
the Kennedy bill instead of the simple
senate bill on this subject.
is anticipated, the senate yesterday
ift.rnoon passed the Katy consolida
tion bill over the governor's veto by
a -vote of 22 to S. The house has al
Teadv passed the bill over the veto and
the act becomes effective without ex
ecute e action. -
Senator "Vaughan had passed finally
his proposed initiative and referendum
amendment to the constitution, which
will now be presented to the hous.
The senate passed finally the Collins
employes' compensation bill, which in
sures employes against industrial acci
dents. MaHy House Measures,
The house vesterday afternoon passed
tj engrossment the following bills:
mending the anti-pass law so as to
kllow free passes for Confederate vet-
i... TMfflo nrnMhltlnir rtivnrwii
arsons from remarrying within six
months after obtaining a divorce, by
I -sery. making it a penitentiary of
'rice to carry a pistol; by Ritchie.
-n.iking it a misdemeanor for a person
o give & check on a bank in payment
of debts, when he has no funds in j
hank by Stevens, of liberty, allowing ,
'( corporations the right to carry on an i
branch of the oil industry in and out '
of the state; by Boehmer. to prohibit j
-.arsons from assisting another in the
Preparation of his ballot, which dip-
'r-nchises illiterate voters. j
Senate Baslaes.
rr the next few days at least, th I
upper branch of the legislature wi'l
. r.-Ulenge attention, and supply ihe
hijr things which are scheduled to ir-
ur during the present week. The
Tiouse has OCCUpiea umj vtmti w. me
tasre so to speak, during the pat
week or so. but now the scene na
shifted to the senate and all eyes arc
erected that way. There is first, the
limo bill- Then there is final action ,
-o be tah.en uu n- . "m o
-roPlrt rights bill which is now m
,5 last stages of legislation. Thn
there is a final vote to be taken on
ihe joint resolution of senator Vau--haii
providing for the submission of
The uroposed initiative and referendum
amendment to the constitution.
Ib the Heie-
The ) ouse has a mnomr i m-jau.:.- .
of imp rtance pending on the calendar j
t i t tpected to take up during the
wefic fie proposed amendments to he j
7totk nd bond law. There are two
hill ii the bouse on this proposition.
ne.l.e. of which has as et received.
umiu-A.iicu t-"1"'"""" ;V i
i.rnor. mere i .vn-..r..v ;
ition in the nmise i u mow
i S...1 .S11 n-liliih la Jin., ftf tllA TDAAS-
"- ".XV, k. Uhor interests. . near Monday. There was one man ex
uica a vT-fc- .r -
i a viii n- -- in chann Trtr !
but the bill is not yet in shape lor
Tontitlnn to the covernor for ap
proval. The senate has passed Ha
bill and the house has passeed finally
Its bill. It is now necesary for the
house to substitute the senate bill and
pass it or the senate -to take the same
course with the house bilL The oppo
sition, however, to the measure is de
cidedly small, if any. conseouenUy one
or the other of the two bills is des
tined to become a law. This bill gives
the railway employes the control of
these railway hospitals.
Platform Demands.
Despite the fact that platform de
mands were to have been given pref
erence in the house, according to the
rules adopted by thatvbody. little at
:., hoc ai vnt been naid to these
demands or rather recommendations.!
It is apparent that the house, and tne
senate, too, for that matter, are not
respectors of platform recommenda
tions. The socalled "progressive" ele
ment In the legislature Insists that
these are not in any sense demands,
but merely recommendations, and u
not adhered to. would not place any
odium on the political reputation of
those who opposed taking up and con
sidering these prbpositions. Even the
9-38 p m. saloon closing law. which is
among the Democratic recommenda
tions, has not as yet passed both
branches and reached the executive de
London, Eng., March 4. Sir Edward
Grey the British foreign minister, pre
sided' at a meeting of the ambassadors
of the powers to consider Turkeys
application for mediation.
Reports are published in lenna ot
an Albanian uprising against Servian
occupation of towns in Albanian terri
tory. According to reports communi
cation with Scutari has been reopened
and the garrison has been supplied
with arnis and ammunition.
vtfrlittnf. nnnttnupe in the JSnina,
where the Greeks claim small successes. vt
pected to vqte with them who. did not
do so, and one man expected to vote
against them who was with them. This
totalled up their strength as 32.
When tne measure came up it was
immediately moved by Maj. Llewellyn
to defer aetion until today. Mr.
Clancy moved to table this, but lost, 18
t0The daily squabble in the senate was
devoted to the bill placing the state
library under the control of the supreme
court and was remarkable for its
brevity. The bill was passed.
The house concurred in the senate
amendments to the district attorney
bill, and saw the introduction of the
305th bill, which is nine higher than the
previous record.
The Senate.
The senate met at 2:30 and after
approving the journal for several days
previous, proceeded to the order of bills
on third reading.
Senate bill 86. the Johnson grass,
bill, a special order, was read and
amended. Senator Hinkle opposed this
measure because it was too stringent.
Senator Holt, who was pushing the bill,
consented to a recommission for a con
fcrcncc Senate bill 149, the anti-gambling in
junction act, was tabled.
Senate bill 14S, allowing subpenas
to be served by persons not officers,
in civil cases, was passed. Senate Dn
13S. Evans's anti-trust act. was tabled.
Senate bill 136. relating to the bonding
of county treasurers where custodians
of school funds, was passed. Senate
bill 125, prohibiting the prescription of
ii w.. nk..Ditianc -U.-3Q ffliiAi Sen-
ESriM ssaais
empting certain industries from tax-
Senate bill 190. by the nuance com
mittee, relating to the destruction of
paid bond coupons, etc.
Senate bill 191, authorising the
treasurer to provide for the payment ot
interest on bonded debt.
A message from the governor was
read, announcing the signature of sen
ate bill 130. relating to the payment or
interest on certain bonds.
The senate adjourned to meet today.
The llonse.
The house heard the following bills
introduced: ...,.. j
House bill 290. by Mr. Tripp, amend
ing the laws relative to the Sheep Sani
tary board. The act provides that the
secretary shall be an experienced sheep
man and shall be bonded in the sum of
not less than J1000.
House bill 291. by Mr. Nichols, relat
ing to loan associations and repealing
sections 1 to 14 of chapter 2, of the
acts of the 38d assembly.
House bill 292, by Mr. Chrisman, pro
hibiting cruelty to animals.
House bill 293. by Mr. Baca of Santa
Fe. amending the act which requires
special instruction in the history of
New Mexico in the public schools.
Road To Silver City.
House bill 294. by Messrs. R. I Baca
and Coonev, providing for the location
of a state highway from Albuquerque to
Socorro along the line of the proposed
Camlno Real cut-off. and thence
through Magdalena to Sliver City
through Mogollon county, and appro
priating S25.0OO for its construction.
House bill 295. by Mr. Evans, relat
ing to the removal of property or
minors from the state ,
tToiiro bill 296. bv Mr. Hilton, regu
lating the liquor traffic.
llOUSe Ulll ZS. oy air. urenenj ,..--
viding for the appointment and com
pensation of Interpreters in the district
House bill 298. by Mr. Chrisman. pro
hibiting the maintenance of houses or
ill fame.
To mead Medical I.aH.
House bill 299. b;- Mr. Toombs,
amending section 7 of chapter 24. of the
cession laws of 1907. This amends the
inciuae ui miv
Three Full Reels
(Religious Drama)
Sublime in detail and reverence; absolutely the great
est and most wonderful religious masterpiece ever made
in America. It is the "Passion Play of the Inde
pendents." Don't miss it or you'll be sure to regret it.
SATURDAY 'Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde."
"The Battle of Bull Run'
Three Full Reels
inspector, was tabled. Senate dih io. '-"-5 ; hv anv mean.-, what-
providing for the supervision uy u.- j "--""-- " -
trict courts of estates in probate courts, j elf,r- b 300 jv Mr. Evans, re-
!K?,.., . f commission
80. allowing the manaiament or the
state hospital for the insan; to cor
tract for supplies, was passed. Senate
bill 72. the sheep dip act. upon W2L
a conference was held, was sent back
to the committee on irearaou nut
bill 12. creating a normal school at
destined to pass, they will be subject
to further modification.
May Htpeal Insurance Board.
Another measure due for considera
tion -duriBg the present week ia the
aoiise is tbe Mil to repeal the present
state insurance board. This bill re
ceived a favorable majority report by
the house committee on insurance, by
a narrow margin, which shows that
it is not destined to pass without seri
ous opposition, if it passes at all. The
thgf fiA Inftiir-ATire romoanies have
not taken a hand for or against the I
repeal of the act, has puzzled some of
the legislators.
The house is also likely to consider
during the week, the joint resolution
providing an amendment to the con
stitution for the initiative and refer
endum. It Is understood that several
of the members of the house have al
ready prepared set speeches to be de
livered on this proposition. Should the
resolution of senator "Vaughan on the
same subject succeed in passing final
ly in the senate, then the house will
consider it, instead of the one now
pending in the lower branch, as it
would expedite matters to a consid
erable extent.
AnioHillnc the Constitution.
"While it is decidedly easy to intro
duce proposed amendments to the
state constitution, the adoption of such
joint resolutions is another matter.
There have thus far been not less than
80 amendments proposed, and thus far
not one has been finally acted upon
by both branches of the legislature.
It is needless to say that the great
majoritv of these proposed amendments
will die on the calendar and others
will be killed on the floor of the house
Rome Italy. March 4. Italy is using
all her influence with the Balkan states
to induce them to observe moderation
in their demands on Turkey, and thus
bring about peace at an early date.
The appointment of Gen. Boyovitcn.
one of the Servian delegates at the
London conference, as commander 01
the forces beseiging Scutari, is con
sidered an indication of the firm de
termination of the Servians and Monte
negrins to take Scutari at any cost.
Albany. X. T.. March 4. Harry K.
Thaw slayer of Stanford White, still
is of unsound mind and his release from
the Matteawan state hospital would
be dangerous to the public peace and
safety, according to an affidavit made
to attorney general Carmody by Dr.
Roy L. Teak, acting superintendent of
the hospital.
At a conference between the attorney
general Col. Thos. F. Scott, superin
tendent of state prisons, and Dr. Teak,
it was decided to curtail the privileges
heretofore extended to Thaw.
Carrizozo. X. M., March 4. C. M.
Campbell, a Santa Fe architect, who
was employed to appraise the damage
done to the county buildings at Carrl
zozo since the construction was stopped
two years ago. was here two days but
refused to give out any statements as
to what amount he believed would be
necessarv to replace the buildings. The
information will be made public some
time during this week when the com
missioners will meet here to receive
the report.
Hotel Paso del Norte.
The dining room and grill of Hotel
Paso del Norte Is open until midnight.
Meals served a la carte. Excellent ser
vice. Xse Domestic Coke.
Southwestern Fuel Co.
-was tabled.
Rami TCfkjitl AVork.
House bill 56. locating the Camlno
Real between Santa Fe and Albuquer
que, and providing for its immediate
completion, was so emended as to in
clude onlvlthe section from the capital
to the countv line, and passed. House
bill 63. providing for the immediate
completion of the road from the capital
to Las Vegas, was amended alonw sim
ilar lines and passed. Senate bill 123.
creating a state bureau of mines, com
posed of the governor, president of the
state school of mires and one nrofessor
therein was nassed, although Mr. Barth
eppoeed it. It carries 31800. annual ap
propriation. For "Working Rood.
Senate substitute for senate bill i9.
providing tht the directors of road
distrirts shall call on all able-bod red
men for from two to five days' labor
on the roads, was paftsed The act is so
drafted that a city or town Is a road
district and labor or money obtained
from its' residents mav be expended on
its streets. Senate substitute for houw
ioint resolution 11. appronriatine $156.50
to cover the deficiency of the 1911 can
vaosinir hoard, -was Massed. Senate sub
stitute for senate bill 14S. relating to
the election of boards of' trustee in passed the house.
House-bill 301. by Mr. Hilton, amend
ing the law relctlve to bonds.
Bouse bill 302. by Mr. Toimg.
changing the county road supervisors
to a discretionary body which may be
appointed by the county commissioners
to serve without pay.
House bill 303, by Mr. Hilton, pro
hibiting the presentation of a crime
by motion pictures.
House bill 804, by Mr. Chaves, pro
viding for the use of the surplus funds
of the penitentiary in the Improvement
of the penitentiary property.
House bill 305. by Mr. Chaves, appro
priating S5000 for a farm for the peni
tentiary. ...
Appropriation Bills.
Since Friday senate and nouse finance
committees have been at work on ap
propriation bills, .and it ia understood
that tney nave nuiuc ..,i.
progress. Aa these measures must be
introduced not later than Wedneaday,
that being the. last day on which, under
the constitution, measures appropriat
ing money can be introduced, there is
evident need for haste.
The senate bill will probably be
passed, according to current reports, in
lieu of the house bill, although both
committees are working hard and
steadilv to frame their respective
measures. The senate budget Is said
to contain provisions which are not In
the house budget, for the Albuquerque
state leir in the sum of S15.000. or $5000
more than is allowed in tne dih as 11
?; 1
mtmmmmtmmm , rm
Ii J ft' f"",'"ees'TVEXTlUlTED. CLEANES
jjglji 03b 1 ND MOS-rCONFOETJkSLE L- M "J I
. -
Open from ll'-OO A. M. to 11:00 P. M.
The Unique Theatre
TURt nOU5tirt intiuuint3i&-
whatever may be settled upon addi
tional for district attorneys salaries.
The state mine inspector is allowed
54000. The state library is allowed
13200. The state engineer is allowed
$9000. The national guard allowance,
including some $8700 for the gun sheds
of battery A at Roswell. is about $23,
000. The traveling auditor is allowed
The budget contains as it stands an
allowance of $10,600 for the mounted
police. The budget also contains an.
allowance of $23,000 for compensation
and expenses of special agents of the
state board of equalisation. The board
of loan commissioners is allowed $3000;
the water commissioners, $1900: the
corporation commission, $49,000. There
are in addition a number of minor ap
propriations mentioned in the draft
which total about $30,000. Many of
these are to cover deficiencies in various
cuK to explain this asttEaotion, ba ths
several hundred who witnessed the
first presentation last night are sure
to urge friends and acqu&Hrtanees
alike to make early reservation ot.
seats. The prices for the nigiits are
25, 35 and 50 cents; matinees, 3d and.
20 cents. Adv.
incornorated villages; was passed. This
makes their term of office two years
and their date of election in April of the
even vear. Senate substitute for sen
ate bill 65. a companion bill., orovides
that boards of education aha 1 1 be
elected everv two years In the odd
vears. so that the constitutional pro
vision, orohibiting their election at th
same time as othe'- officers, is fulfilled.
It also was passed. Committee substi
tute for senate bill 75. relating to pro
cedure in appeal cases from justice
courts, was Dassed.
New Senate Bills.
The following bills were Introduced
Senate bill 1S6. by Mr. Bowman, a
weights and measure" bl".
Senate bill 187. bv Mr. Bowman, pro
viding for the snrinkling of streets at
the exnense of the owners of abutting
prone rtv.
Senate bill 1SS. bv Mr Sulzer, pro
viding fo- the maintenance and control
of irmorie
Senate bill 189 by Mr Walton. !-
TMiknlftl Vnnrnnr'ntions.
The house draft includes the follow
ing appropriations: ,
l-niversltv of New Mexico. $o3.000:
Agricultural college. $25,000; School of
mines. $22,500; Military institute. $35.
000; Xew Mexico normal university.
S30 000; Silver City normal school. $30.
000: Spanish-American normal school.
3S0O0; asvlum for deaf and dumb. $12.
000; asylum for the blind. $12,000:
miners' hospital. $10,000: state hospi
tal for tue insane, $60,000; reform
school. $5000. . ,
The penitentiary appropriation Is
said to be about $62,000. The appro
priation for the governor is practically
$12,000. with the legal adviser omitted.
The state auditor is allowed $6600 and
the state treasurer $100 less. The at
tornev general is allowed $14,000. in
cluding three assistants at $2000 each.
The allowance for the superintendent
of public instruction is $11,000 The
supreme court is allowed $25,200 "he
ciistrict courts are allowed $40,500. with
There is something new quite new
in a show way. and it's in KI Paso, at
the Crawford theater, where bad. In
different and good stock companies
have held forth at sundry times. In
this instance, however, the company is
good .unusually good and the Glass I
organization can ii iuku sun
patronage so long as the present stand
ard is maintained.
But the play! "Mam'Zelle Is a
inerry. rollicking farce in three acts
and several scenes, with the second
act better than the first and the third
superior to the second. True, it often
strains the plausibilities, but is so
capitally enacted that one is willing to
pocket his or her reason for close an
alysis, knowing in advance that any
thing from the French must of ne
cessity be granted leeway.
Given an elderly man who is toe
fond and attentive of a young wife, and
a fun loving brother of the idolised
object of elderly consideration, the
scope is ample, but add to this a lit
tle French modiste who adroitly lends
herself to the scheme to concoct jeal
usly on the part of the over-indulged
spouse, and the fun limit is as high as
The introduction of the stage of Cafe
Chantant and several vaudeville num
bers is in itself a distinct novelty, out
there are several other features, so
unique that it stamps MamZelle as
something radically different, but the
telling of which would materially de
tract from the attraction itself.
Surprise followed surprise at the
Crawford last night at the first per
formance in the west of "Mam'Zelle.
the French play-vaudeville novelty, and
the packed theater seemingly was
prepared for almost anything in the
wav of a sensation. It would be diffl-
The Kalem feature fHm, "Tbo "Wives
of Jamestown," which should have been
shown at the Wigwam yesterdagy will
be there, today. Owing to the wreck,
it was received too late for ttse. It
is In two reels and the pictures were
taken at the actual place named in tha
story in both England and America.
Pathe "Weekly Wednesday night will
have Bud Fisher drawing "Mutt an. I
Jeff" on their Balkan trip. There will
also be three comedy pictures, popu
lar music and the human -ewica pipes
at night Adv.
"The final elimination races will be
run tonight at 9 clock at ttoe Hipp
drome rink. The entries are u
White, Bud Knight and Leo Sims. The
race "vlll S twenty laps. IX not for
get the Vernons next week. Adv.
Owing to the unusual demand f.i
aeats for this week's show, "Mai. -Zelle,
reservations cannot be hel I
later than 8 at night, and 2:13 for
the Matinee box seats. Howard Fo-s;
manager Crawford Adv.
Tour roof insnrea for 10 years with
out extra cost to you. Let ua explain.
Lander Lumber Co.
Cold, Windy
Many who go through the "Winter
months in comparative good health
fall easy vietims to tlisease durins
'the month, of March, with Its raw,
cold, windy weather; -which, is so try
ing to the system.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
a bracing tonic enables fee system
to defy the debilitating March
weather and gain health and
Sold by druggists, grocers,
and dealers at $L00 a botn
tie. Sealed bottles only.
The DHffy Malt "Whiskey Ca Ro
chester, X. T".
And Ha-mmersteia Comic Opera Co. of 60, Wiih Special Orchestra, in Victor Herbert's Masterpiece
Book' atd ILvrics By Mida Johoson Young
. r n. n f. k k. u m a u ii h r n a k 1 ii i 1
El Paso Theatre Wednesday and Thursday Nights Mat. Thursday
Night, 2.50 to 50Cents Sil I flHav a Kvatl
Matinee. S1.50 to 5 Ceots w .j ... -.-jr -"
max re-ul; ir a"1 ' v ' '
. ii n -f th ;i'i-s( i i "-to-1-. i r.u
Th lmK i ov ui ' r u - '
. . I , , .1
g.iKg?..T5wi "inn 1 1 i f i ' -)"1?;? - -"rwg-y-j
: aia?- fcJ j ijijaij!SjatfeBsa
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