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i t-ocoMgnvts I I
C, i l dBSORBS
Mining Deal, Which Has
Been Pending for Some
Time, Is Consumated.
Bis bee, Aria. Starch 5. By far the
most important deal made In the War
ren district in a long- time is the tak
ing over, by the Calumet St Arizona,
of the Saginaw Mining company. The
actual absorption of the company
-marks the successful culmination of
negotiations that have been going on
fur a long time. The rumor that the
aeal had bees made has been in cir
culation here for some time, though
no confirmation was given to it by
either officers of the Saginaw or the
Calumet & Arizona until the official
announcement of the plan for the ab
sorption of the property was made.
In absorbing the Saginaw, the Cal
umet & Arizona will give one share
of its stock, now quoted around 60,
for 6 1-4 shares of Saginaw, now
luoted around 9 In addition to this
Xftil aTiar tf Hnlniniif & Irlcnna will
be distributed nro rata for stock held I
in the Saginaw treasury. The final spiration
ratification of the plan will be made
bv the Saginaw stock holders on
March 10, at a meeting to be held in
this city. There are many large hold
ers of Saginaw in the Warren district
and here the plan is very favorably
regarded The Saginaw controls some
rich claims and it is stated that its
absorption will soon return it to the
producing column. With the Saginaw
merger disposed of it Is the belief that
the Warren consolidation -with the Cal
umet & Arizona, -which has been re
ported here recently, will be the next
step, and will be made -without delay.
Prepare te Begin D eve! epni cnt.
The final work preparatory to start
ing active development work on the
resumption of work on the property
and survey work on an extensive scale,
to determine the extent and general
bearing of all workings on the prop
erty, has already begun. The Higgins
property has now been idle for several
years although previeuB to this time
much work had been done on it and
the workings had demonstrated much
of value. Unded the terms of the
lease the lesees have access to all old
records of the claim with the privi
lege to conduct -whatever line of in1
vestigation they deem advisable. Along
the Copper Queen line there are show
ings warranting the belief that the
Higgins has equally as rich srround as
some of the very rich adjacent terri
tory from which the Copper Queen has
mined some of its best paying ore. Mr.
Leston has announced that steps will
soon be taken by himself and his as
sociate to incorporate the mine and
that work will be carried on on a
large scale. Mr. Leston is a former
Copper from the Bisbee mines has
been sold for more than a month
ahead and at a price somewhat better
than that now prevailing. Fifteen
cent copper is expected to remain per
manent for some time, with any change
in an upward direction. The produc
tion of the district is being kept up
te the standard of the last few months,
-which -was high.
Oil Burning Locomotiv
Standard and Tourist Sleeping, Dining and
On Evening Train
Thursdays at 9 :30 a. m.
ouble Daily Train
8:30 P.M. 10:00 A.M.
City Ticket Office
206 North Oregon
Democrata Company Is Now
Operating Both Old and
New Smelters.
Eastern Stockholders Visit
Calumet & Sonora Prop
erty, at Cananea.
oany. the incorporation papers for
which -were recently received here, is
now under way. It is the pres
ent plan to put some of the stock
on the local market, though the larger
part of that which is to be sold, -will
be placed in the east. Engineers' re
ports are encouraging and it is not an
ticipated that there will be any diffi
culty in floating a sufficient amount
of the stock, to provide ample funds
tor development work.
To Resume "Wert en Hicglns Property.
James Letson has arrived in the city
from Los Angeles, bringing with him
a lease on the Higgins property. Be
is here to make arrangements for a
New ."Work Is Suspended for a Time
Because ef the Blizzard Ute In
Month of February.
aiobe. Ariz., March s. At the In-
ConSolidatMf fnniui iwim.
iijr a pi-upeny an worK at the mill
ate. on the railroad grading and un-
!if3Fin,IMl.. "'J?' at tBe "Inspiration
envision of the property was discon
tinued for several days because of the
severe weather that rendered outdoor
work impossible and made it impos
sible to deliver fuel and other supplies
altTthe.PeratmS centers. The Live
oak division of the property, however,
has been more fortunate, having had a
sufiicient supply of oil and other oper
ating necessaries on hand to continue
work at a normal rate. Work has now
.1 resumed by the Inspiration.
AL. e ,old Dominion underground
working is proceeding In a manner
tnat Insures nnrmal nut., a
for the month but the unprecedented
properties of the Cananea-Boston com- storms that prevailed during the last
;""";" Mctiuiiei suspension of near
ly all construction work at the mine.
heiJfret.iT,U1'5 tyls converters in
stalled at the plant early in January
are proving satisfactory in every re
spect Because of the severe weather the
past month the Gibson Copper com
pany has been unable to deliver fuel
at Its plant and the working force
at the mine has been reduced almost
50 percent as a result. The manage
ment expresses its intention to nat
oil burners as soon as possible
The rich ore that was traversed
throughout the raise from the SOO foot
level jto the 800 foot level southeast of
the McGaw shaft continues on and
above the 600 foot level, a fact that
-virtually doubles the producing ca
pacity of the mine. As the ore dips
.under Quo Vadis hill it seems certain
that an extensive body of mineral will
be disclosed to the southeast and be
low the present ore disclosure.
Beyond the installation of a rein
forced concrete arch on the line of
the switchback beneath the tramway
that lifts supplies from the valley to
the Miami mill and shafts there was
little surface improvement at the
property during February.
General manager B. Brltton Gotts
berger is expected to recover from two
operations performed to relieve him of
At the South Live Oak Development
companys property it nas been im
possible to begin drilling at hole No.
7 because of the severity of the
weather. The results at hole No. S
are reported by the management as
wholly satisfactory.
Guaymas, Son, Mex., March 5. The
smelter of the Democrata company is
again running full blast That is, the
new furnace which was damaged by
fire some weeks ago, has been repaired
and placed in operation. Production is
being maintained at the same rate as
before the fire, about 30 tons of cop
per daily.
The company is at present working
on the old furnace with the intention
of placing that furnace in operation al
so. The small furnace -will probably
be placed in -operatoin soon after the
flr f Uqwh A- .,&.. .l.
not sufficient air to be furnished by Sl,"!.1?!1 fr0m, Pue'te"tos
the blowers for both furnaces hut this ' wh'?h wa recntly ""- through Puer-
wlll soon be remedied.
Cananea, Mexico, March 5. The Ca
nanea Consolidated company is arrang
ing to resume operations at its Elenita
property, which has been idle for about
eight years. On account of its loca
tion, the property has not been worked
because of the difficulty in reaching
the property and the inability of ship
ping the ore to the railroad at Puer-
tecitos, which was done by wagon j
when it was in operation. However, i
with the completion of the metor tun- 1
nel to Elenita during thlsJ spring, the
product of the mine can be hauled by I
motor to the Veta bins, which are only i
about a mile from the smelter. In the '
km! SsW 1 h i MP wmt if j0$&S?. T"?li5l 1
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these are easily recognized.
Dr. Milam
Bldg Rooms 4 Jt 5.
Ot.t Iiilon Clothiag Co.
The Cobalt. Ontario, district, in the
six years of its existence, has yielded
$88,618,752 and has paid dividends to
taling $40.47,74L20, according to the
Dally Nuggett, of Cobalt. a
copy of -which was received this week
by A. J. Robertson, of EI Paso. Mr.
Robertson spent six years in that
region and was there at the time of
the discovery of the silver and nickel.
The same issue of the paper says that
.every mine in camp Is now working
on a 10 hour basis, the change having
been made gradually within the past
seven days. The whole camp is now
therefore on a nine hour basis. Be
fore the change was made about half
of the men in the camp were working
on a nine hour basis and half on a
10 hour. The wages were the same
but local conditions at all mines dif
fered so much that the discrepancy was
more apparent than real. In nearly
every case where the men -were work
ing 10 hours there were compensating
advantages but it was deemed better to
put the whole camp op a nine hour
basis This has now been done. Un
til the recent change was made cendl
t'ons in the camp had practically re
mained the same since the strike of
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A. O. Koppes. manaeer of Del Pilar
mine, near Santa Cruz, reports that
there has been an ore body developed
on the 400 foot level which is 32 feet
in length as far as known at the pres
ent time. Raises have been made in
the ore to a height of 12 feet and are
still In the ore.
High grade copper ore was recently
encountered in a crosscut on the 350
foot level of the Creston de Cobre
mine, located about 3 miles west cf
Hermosillo. The erosssut has pene
trated 30 feet of the ore and the face
is still all in ore at last reports. It
is believed that the find on the 250 foot
level Is the same ore body developed
to some extent on the 250 foot. The
shaft is to be sunk to the 400 foot
level and a crosscut run towards the
ore body.
The Penn-Sonora Mining company,
whose property is located near Pian
chas Plata, about 12 miles west of En
cina, Is to have a 50 ton plant erected
soon to treat its ores. The company
expects to spend $75,000 in the near
future on its property. Work on the
plant will begin at once.
To Build New Smelter.
The Tecolote Copper company Is ar
ranging for the erection of a new
smelter on Its property, located about
30 miles west of Carbo. The U. S.
corporation is the West Coast Smelt
ing & Refining company. Already the
.plans have been drawn and prepara
tions made on the ground for, the erec
tion or tae plant, wmch is to cost
3260.600. Rieketts & Banks of New
York, are the consulting engineers.
Activity In Transvaal.
The Transvaal Mining company,
whose properties are located near Cum
pas, Sonora. has been keeping steadily
at work recently, resuming shipments
to the Copper Queen smelter at Doug
las. The Cobre Rico mine has about 2 -500,600
tons of ore averaging two per
cent copped, one-half ounce silver, and
trace of gold. At this mine over l -460
feet of work has been done, con
siderable diamond drilling being ac
complished a few years ago.
There has been 10,600 feet of dia
mond drilling on the Transvaal mine,
besides 2660 feet of tunnels and
shafts. This work has resulted In
an ore body being developed which is
estimated to contain between 3,000,000
and 4,000,660 tons of concentrating
The Ultima Chanza mine Is by far the
richest, as the ore averages 10 per
cent copper, one-half ounce silver, and
and the ore body is estimated at 50 -660
It is belleyved that the company will
erect a new smelter in the near future,
plans for same having been had. tor
some time, but it is probable that the
company will await the extension of
the railroad from Nacozarl, its pre
en t shipping point, to Cumpas.
. Owing to lack of labor the new
smelter of the Minneapolis Coppem
company nas oeen aeiayea in cora-i
pietlon, and it will not be until late
in March that it will blow in. Shin
ments of ore continue to the Copper!
wueen smelter at isougias.
Mitt Quinner. of Cananea. has bonded
the Sierra Prieta mine, located in that
Jutgaaiena district, to iioit aros., of
Magdalena. The property is 25 miles
south of Nogales and is a copper propo
sition. Holt Bros, expect to do con
siderable development work and will'
also instal a mill.
The Cerro' de Plata Mining company
is to be reorganised by Holt Bros..
who now practically own outright the !
property or the company, wmch some
time ago went bankrupt The prop
erty is a rich silver proposition, west
of Cumural, and 30,000 ounces of silver
bullion were recently shipped to the
Selby Smelting works in San Francisco.
Mitt Quinner has denounced a num
ber of pertenencias In the Puerto Lib
ertad localit 125 miles northwest of
Hermosillo -which is located bctn,
Cape Lobm? itk! Onlondrina mount i
Some rich k pr." li - lfs Jiip l
i1 -i or 1 ml (h ' Ti 1
1'rs of Til v -t - th ',
tecitos hill to the Elenita Drooertv. will
I be used as a means of handling the ore
by way of Puertecitos. The only work
necessary to connect the workings of
the Elenita with this tunnel, is a raise
from the tunnel to another tunnel or
drift of the Elenita, which was cut
during the time that property was
The company also Intends to go down
deeper at the Duluth mine, and the
shaft at this property, which is now
down to a depth of 670 feet, will be
sunk 200 feet more, making the shaft
S70 feet deep when completed. This
work will he commenced during the
coming week.
The Calumet & Sonora company's
property has been visited by at group
of stockholders who came down to
look over the conditions and they re
mained in the city for several days.
The party included the following: J.
W. Norton. N. W. Lee. D. T. Hehn. W
T. Smith, N. F. Hugo and Martin Ros
endahl, of Duluth: John A. Perclval and
J. C. Josryn, of Minneapolis; B. B. Bur
gan, of Pittsburg, and D. L. "Walker cf
Williamson, West Va. These men were
accompanied by Dr. Walter Harvey
Weed, manager of the company, and
Dwight K. Woodbrldge. a mining en
gineer, of Duluth. Dr. Weed remained
in Cananea and will leave next week
for his home in New York city.
A result of the stockholders' visit to
the property will probably be that
operations will be conducted on a
larger scale In the near future, as they
are reported to all be satisfied with
the present conditions at the property.
which are excellent. The picking belt
which was installed soma time ago will
be In use in about two weeks, being
delayed on account of the failure to
instal the big crusher which is now
being freighted to the mine from the
railroad in Cananea. The crusher is of
such great weight that its transfer to
the property .s accompanied with many
difficulties and most of the moving is
done with the assistance of a block j
suu ucmc ii is prooaoie mat wnen
the crusher Is installed an deverything
is running smoothly that the attention
of the company will be given to a
greater extent to the development of
its holdings.
Five hundred feet of tramming has
been done away with at the Duluth,
fMth the instalation of a belt con
veyor recently. This mechanism Is
proving to be a great success through
out the camp and many have been In
stalled. Raising Level la Capote.
Raising from the 700 foot level to
the 800 in the new shaft at the Capote
mine is at present under way and will
probably break through during the
early part of the coming week. There
are drifts being run on the 300, 900
and 1000 foot levels towards the new
shaft and when the destination Is
reached raising will be started at once
and the shaft will probably be com
pleted down to the 1000 foot level with
in the next few months. No -work will
be done below that level for some time
to come.
i The Marjquita denouncement of the
Cananea company, located in the moun
tains of that name, at a point between
five and six miles northwest of the
city, is being operated on a lease by
William A. Julian and Frank Pendleton,
who are meeting with considerable
success. Already they have developed
considerable ore and have sufficient
high grade for a shipment. There are
150 tons on the dump which will ave
rage $15 United States currency, a ton.
while the ore, as a whole, can be corted
down to average between $40 and $50
a ton in copper and sliver. They will
probably begin shipping to the local
smelter during March.
To Ue Motor Truck.
The Moctezuma-Arizpe Mining com
pany has purchased a Pierce Arrow 5
ton truck which it will use in freight
ing supplies and ores to and from the
property, which is 18 miles from Ca
nanea, southeast. The company nas
also begun work on a warehouse which
will be 35xS0 feet, and located along
side the railroad. In Cananea. The
building will be in the front of a lot
100x160 feet and fenced.
El Tajo Mining company, whose
property is located near Norla, has
shipped a carload of high grade con
centrates to the El Paso smelter.
opened at an early date, according to
manager Lutrel. who is installing a
new process there. If Mr. Lutrel's
process is as successful as It seems
it will be. it wUl
Cruz will have a nlant second to none
in this state, equipped with the best
machinery obtainable and the work
ing; of all low grade ore. A- large
force of men will be employed from
the beginning.
The Yellow Jacket iron properties,
located 10 miles northeast of Carri
zozo. were put into operation Monday.
i uoioraao .ruei ana iron company
ship It-to -the Pueblo steel plant The
railroad" Is to"put In a spur two miles
north of Robsart, which place is abou
two and one-half miles from tho ntiu:
that the Vera I The extent of the deposits containea
in these properties are entirely un
known and It may develon a much
larger and better quality of ore than
-expected. A telephone communication
will Be established from Carrizozo to
the property.
Your roof, tnsorea for 16 years with
out extra cost to 'you. Let hs explain.
will take all the ore in the mine and Lander Lumber Co. N
YcIIott Jacket Iron Mine Renames
Work and Selli Its Entire Out
put to Santa Fe Company.
Carrizozo, N. M.. March 5. The Vera
Cruz mine, situated about four miles
southeast of Carrizozo, will be re-
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