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They Have yrqcapr Tfl
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Omaha, Neb , March 5. The interna
tional harvester company today began
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violation of the Sherman anti-trust law
through illegal restraint of trade.
With 125 witnesses to hear in this
city, the defence expects to occupy two
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Must Serve Sentence For Kllllxts; man
Who Tried to Cross Line He Wcs
Guarding as a Soldier.
Austin. Tex.. March 5. The court of
! criminal annAfilf tnBV t?f4raAI i
I case against sergeant J. D. Manley. the i
I Texas national guardsman, who was
given 40 years in the penitentiary on
J conviction of the murder of Louis
1 Reichenstein, a spectator at a parade
I at Dallas, on October 17, 1909, during
1 the visit to Dallas of resident Taft.
r. ... -, , . i
j Manley ran his bayonet through
Kelcbensteln, killing him almost in
stantly, because Reichenstein attempt
ed to cross a line being guarded by the
militia. The court held that the state
courts had Jurisdiction over such cases.
Denver, Colo., March 5. "I have lived
in Colorado 44 years. During that time
I have attended one prize fight, gone
to church three times, and seen one
foot ball game. They were all fool
ishness, but the foot ball game was
the worst"
This was the statement of senator
Hecker In the course of a lively de
bate In the senate this morning on the
bill to legalize boxing contests. No
action was taken on the bill before
the noon recess.
London. Eng., March 5. A challenge
by the Royal Ulster Yacht club for a
series of races for the American cup
under the old rules to take place in
114, made on behalf of Sir Thomas
Lipton, is on its way to America. It
will reach New York on the Oceanic
today or tomorrow.
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U 1LC r-S
Legislature Congratulates
Him; Sidetracks Irish
-a-", HOENDC AIUZ March S.-r-A tele-
Fgram of some 20 wordsx convey
ing the congratulations of the
Arizona legislature to president Wilson
! and vloe president Marshall, reached
Washington last night. The telegram
was in the form of a resolution, intro
duced in the house yesterday afternoon
and rushed through both bodies in the
short space of one hour.
A Joint resolution introduced In the
bouse by speaker H. H. Linney, to con
gratulata the patriots of Irsland upon
the progress they have made toward
home rule, took the regular course.
In the senate a resolution was
adopted instructing the committee on.
state accounting and methods of busi
ness to ascertain from the state auditor
what progress he has made toward es
tablishing a uniform and comprehensive
system of accounting for all public in-
atitiitinns in accordance with an act
passed by this legislature at its first
RnTOmnr Hunt sent word that he
had signed Brooks's house bill to pro- (
vide for the payment of the costs of i
suits against the state ana state om
clals in the federal courts.
For County Engineer.
Senator Harrison introduced a meas
ure yesterday to abolish the offices of
county surveyor and road superintend
ent and create the office of county en
gineer, who must be a civil engineer.
Cunniff introduced another uniform
marriage law, which was numbered 89.
The code revision committee brought in
another bill of a few hundred pages.
It refers to courts and court procedure.
The senate concurred in a minor
house amendment to the Harrison bill,
raising the fees for Inspecting cattle
from five to ten cents a head, and sent
it to the governor.
Worsley Memorial.
Senate joint memorial No. 8, by Wors
ley. passed without division. This asks
congress to enact legislation to suspend
the issuance of patents on land located
with Santa Fe, Moki and Navtjo base
scrip, until the state of Arizona can .se
lect all the land granted her by the en-
The mother Worsley memorial, askicg
that provision be made at once to sur
vey the unsurveyed land in Arizona,
needing some minor corrections, was
sent back to the style and revision com
mittee. Whipple's house resolution, asking
congress -to investigate the abandoned
western military posts with a view to
their use as tuberculosis sanitarium",
was placed on the calendar ut the com
mittee of the whole for today.
Stockmen Protest at Game Preserve.
A protest was received front certain
stockmen of northern Arizona agatn-st
the establishment of a game presirve in
Navajo and Coconino counties, as pro
vided in a house bill by spsaker Un
I The education committee recommend
ed the passage of the Chase bill, pro
viding for the removal of the industrial
school from Benson to Fort Grant. A
1 communication was received from the ,
house to the effeot that Irvine. Brooks
and "Wren had been appointed to confer !
I with a similar committee from the sen- i
ate relative to the amendment of the
-urrkmfkn'a i-Arla.traton hill. The sna.te i
refused to concur in a house amendment
I requiring that T omen give their cor
i rect ages when registering, and a eon
; ference committee, consisting of Davis,
Sims and Chase was appointed.
I Word was also received from the
i house that it had passed & resolution
i favoring congressman Raker's Chinese
1 exclusion bill.
For County High Schools.
A favorable report was submitted by
the educational committee on Lovln's
bill for the establishment of union
county high schools. Harrison's fence
law was given favroable report by the
countny affairs committee.
Senate bill No. 38, by Lovln, per
mitting counties, cities and school dis
tricts to incur indebtedness in excess of
four percent of their assessed valua
tion, was passed without division.
Hunt county did not get very far in
the senate committee of the whole. Da
vis drew attention to the fact that a
general county division bill has been
inroduced and is now being revised, so
Tom Maddock's pet measure went to the
judiciary committee, with instructions 1
mat its constitutionality be investi
gated. Swine and Chickens.
Quite a lively discussion was had
when the Jaeobson house bill to Dro-
hibit swine and fowls running at large
'where they may do damage to property.
Knnorrd Tnnvi in nmtui Th. rtiti da
Roberts moved to amend the bill so
that it would refer to swine alone.
not-to fowls. His motion was lost by
an overwhelming vote. The measure
was continued on the calendar today.
The Hughes bill limiting the use
of the word "trust" in the names of
corporations to those concerns that
are under the supervision of the state
bank examiner was reported for regu
lar course, after there had been much
discussion of Arizona's incorporation
laws, past and present.
Po-er of Police Judges.
Kinney's bill to give city police
judges the same jurisdiction and
powers as justices of the peace was
referred to the code revision commit
tee. A communication in favor of the
measure, from Neil M. Allred, city at
torney of Globe, was read.
The Roberts bill giving married
persons the right to enter into cos
tracts regarding the disposition cf
their community property at the death
of either, was amended slightly and
reported favorably.
A slight amendment was made in the
house bill providing for the temporary
transfer of $140fl from the general fund
to the Inheritance tax fund, and it was
reported for regular course. A favor
able report was given Levin's bill ap
propriating $26,009 for a bridge per
the Colorado, near Needles. The ap
propriation Is made on condition that
the California legislature ana tne na
tional congress each appropriate the
same amount.
Senator Cunnlffs anti-blacklist bill
was postponed till Worsley's return.
The Houhc.
Employes of the state, of counties
and of cities will hail with joy house
bill No 87. introduced yesterday by
judge Duncan, by request. This bdl
provides that such employes shall be
giren Saturday afternoons off.
Duncan also introduced No. 58, at
the request of adjutant general Chas.
W. Harris. It makes an appropriation
to send two companies of the national
guard to the international military
tournament to be held at San Fran
cisco In 1915. The companies are to
be chosen by competition.
Babbitt is the author of No. 69, which
provides for the appointment of an
inspector of apiaries.
At the suggestion of the code com
mittee, housf bill No 4, by Kane, wai
in1eflnitelv postponed. It makes it op
tional with th superior judge to a'
whether the stit or the appellant m a
r, ' Til ii f'r the trapscr.pt .C
c 1 - c
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t i.
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bllity of the Fort Grant military re
serve for reform school purposes.
Prof. H. A E. Chandler, of the Uni
versity of Arizona, has sent to the mem
bers of the house copies of several pa
pers on various subjects of interest to
the state. Yesterday a copy of each
was ordered prepared for the state law
Ualoa Protests at Armories.
A telegram was received from the
union, at Miami, protesting against the
passage of the bill providing that the
afljutant general may pay half the cost
of armories in cities where citizens
will pay the other half.
With the expected amendment, the
Orange county bill was reported fa
vorably by the county affairs commit
tee. The amendment will make the
west line of Orange county a line run
ning straight north and south about
three miles east of Tempe.
As the bill was originally drawn, all
of Maricopa county lying south of the
Gila and Salt rivers was to be included
in Orange. The bill now provides for
a much smaller county, the taxable
wealth of which will be about $5,900,
000, 1912 valuation. Had Orange eoun
ty been created with the boundaries
originally proposed, the wealth would
have been between $7.0.00,000 and
$8,000,000. .
Upon the recommendation oi the
county affairs committee, the Barker
bill to cut Hayden and Winkelnian off
Gila county and annex them to Pinal,
was referred to the committee of the
Brooks's brfunty bill was returned
by the same committee and sent to the
code revision committee.
Medical Committee. 1
Most of The lime speTt by the house
.in committee of the whole was taken
up with discussion of the substitute 10
Lunch's medical bill. Two hours or
more were spent arguing that measure.
It was flnalK reported favorably, with
numerous minor amendments. In its
present form it does not Interfere with
the practice of Christian Science.
The penal code bill. Introduced by
the code revision committee, was taken
up for discussion. "When the commit
tee arose it was merely to report
progress on this measure.
mm bit
(Continued from page 1.)
nmimlwiion to succeed Franklin- Lane
who becomes secretary of the interior, j
Cablnent .Members Confer.
Mr. Redfield and Mr. Wilson, whp are
to be the secretaries a,t the head of the
two departments Into which the present
department of commerce and labor will
be divided, went from the first cabinet
HULntlkA. n n AAnfAVAIIflA VxrtTl li B!rAl.
iUCCilim k. WWlta CilVC OTJfcl o.- -. o
Mr. McAaoo went to the treasury de
partment and conferred with Mr. Mac-
When Mr. Bryan returned later to the
white house for a short conference with
the president, friends Intercepted him
and urged that the name of Elmore .
Hurst, of Rock Island. I1L, be consid
ered for the post of minister to Den
mark. Indians Give Pipe to TVlIson.
At the first public reception which
president Wilson held In the east rvom
of the white house, a delegation of In
dians who were In the inaugural parade
presented him wtlh a pipe and some
The Wllnons Choose Rooms.
President Wilson and Mrs. Wilson
wjll. occupy the rooms in the white
house used by former president Roose
velt and Mrs. Rooseelt and former
president Taft and Mrs, Taft.
It Is In the southwest corner of the
mansion, and from Its windows the new
president can look out over the white
house ellipse to the Washington monu
ment, the Mall, the sweep of the Poto
mac and f'P --? hills of Virginia be-
d. It Is one of the few cool spots
to be founa en i ne of Washington's
sizzling summer nights.
The Wilson girls have not definitnely
chosen their apartments, but there are
many from which they may make se
lections. Miss Helen Taft. and before
her. Miss Alice Roosevelt, lived in the
room in the northeast corner of the
mansion fronting on Pennsylvania
avenue and looking out over Lafayette
Taft Arrives nt Augusta.
Augusta, Ga., March 5. Former pres
ident Win. H. Taft and party arrived
here from Washington at S:S5 this
Old age as it comes in the orderly
process of nature is a beautiful and
majestic thing. It stands for experience,
knowledge, wisdom, counsel. That is
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pirniEs -ii
sanjo 1 ule
(Continued from page Lj
publican places. There was no opposi
tion, to the seniority rule.
Senator Kenyon, of Iowa, was chosen
secretary of the Republican caucus.
Senator La Follette was present at the
Republican gathering, but senators
Bristow, Polndexter and Clapp did not
appear. The two latter have been
classed as members of, the Progressive
party, but Republicans today stated,
that they expected senator Clapp would
participate in Republican committee as
signments. Will Select Committees.
The Democratic caucus authorized
senator Kern to appoint a committee of
I nine to devise a plan for the reorgani
1 zation of the senate committee, with
tne unuerstanaing tnt he snmiw pre-
f his "t to the caucus at a meeting
Senator Newlands. of Nevada, was
chosen vice chairman, and senator
Saulsbury. of Delaware, one of the new
ly elected members of the body, was
named as secretary of the caucus.
IVilxea For fCeeBoay.
- Senator Tillman expressed a prefer
ence for the chairmanship of the com
mittee on appropriations, and said he
had requested the advice of president
Wilson as to the chairmanship that he
should choose, and that the president
had urged his selection as chairman of
the committee on appropriations. Presi
dent Wilson, he said, was heartily for
Will Probe Police Force.
Messrs, Jones. Dillingham and Pom
erene, the senate committee named to
"investigate the responsibility of the
police for the riotous scenes which
marked the woman's suffrage pageant
on March 3, prepared to begin their in
lnvestigate the responsibility of the
which witnesses have been summoned.
A similar investigation is to be made
by the house.
Hobw Democrats Caucus.
Democratic members of the new
I house of representatives assembled here
; for the first time today, not In formal
! s.ilnn act nart fif triA Titvc iAtlflr..j Kut-
in caucus to organize for the work of
the coming session. The meeting was
held at the call of representative Burle
son, of Texas, the caucus chairman, who
becomes postmaster general in presi
dent Wilson's cabinet. Mr. Burleson's
successor as caucus chairman is repre
sentative A Mitchell Painter, of Penn
sylvania, who Is closely identified with
the administration and will be In a
measure its exponent In the lower
branch of congress.
The caucus met to designate the Dem
ocratic membership of the new ways
and means committee, which undoubt
edly will be the same as that of the last
congress, with the exception of three
retiring members.
Among those prominently mentioned
to succeed them are Garner, of Texas;
Saunders, of Virginia; Stanley, of Ken
tucky, and Bar.tlett. of Georgia. Repre
sentative Underwood, of Alabama. It is
conceded, will continue as chairman.
Western Members Join Forces.
Before the caucus convened, repre
sentatives from western states, in
cluding Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Col
orado, California, Michigan. Nebraska,
Montana, Arizona New Mexico and Wis
consin had a joint conference and
formed an organization to act as a unit
as far as possible in the same way
that a state delegation would act.
Representative Hammand, of Indiana,
was chosen as president of their body
and representative Stout, of Montana,
secretary. Resolutions were adopted
calling for more equitable distribution
of committee assignments and recog
nition of that section of that country.
There was complaint that older mem
bers were monopolizing better commit
tee assignments, that there were too
many of the older members placed on
the judiciary committee and that the
newer members should be recognized.
Uaderweed oh "Wain, nail Means.
Representative Underwood, of Ala
bama, was chosen chairman of the ways
and means committee. Speaker Clark
declared that on the conduct of the new
house depended in large measure the
prosperity of the country and the suc
cess of the Democratic cart v.
"The voters." said the speaker, "have f
oniy piacea us on pronation, which Is
clearly demonstrated by the unpleasant !
arithmetical fact that in November we I
lacked some two million of votes of '
coming through with a majority. Can i
we vindicate the vat army of voters 1
who gave us the power to conduct the '
government? Undoubtedly we can If '
we fail to do this the people will" un- I
derstand it and punish us and our sec- I
ond condition will be worse than our I
flrst." i
y" Reorganising Senate. '
Progressive senate Democrats plan i
eomtfiete reorganization of the rmte '
icje pian to mane senator K. rn . r '
Indiiina the miiorit leader
Le is onl i t irt of th. j.
T'roorr .--. " ,
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Black Satin Pumps . , $5.00
and hundreds of other styles from $3.00 to $6
Agents Laird Schober
coveted honor of chairman of the
finance committee.
Hitherto the talk about defeating
senator Simmons for chairmanship of
the finance committee has been taken
more or less lightly, and the "pro
gressive" Democratic leaders have said
little about it, except In private. They
have realized it would not be easy to
dethrone Sirimons, and have not cared
I to brte off more than they could chew.
So they have con' ed their predictions
chiefly to saying that they expected
to supplant senator Martin with sena
tor .K.ern-
To Btiaallxc Committees.
The progressive Democratic senators
believe they are sow strong enough
to easily depose Senator Simmons
from the finance chairmanship, and
strike at the seniority rule In the sen
ate to the extent of equalising the dis
tribution of committee places.
This last part of the program will
not be carried to the extent of shut
ting senators -who have earned chair
manships by long service and effi
ciency out of such chairmanships. The
purpose Is. broadly, to see that each
senator has one place on one commit
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tee each In the. first, second, thi-3
and" fourth classes Into which t a
committees will be divided. This w I
make it virtually impossible for a
Biwiu srvuir u. ami en lae inmocra i?
side to, dominate the important com
mittees. It will not be possible under su r:
an arrangement for a few men to th'.
I the senate as "the family" ruled it a
i the days when Aldrich. Allison. Haie
ana .riaii consuiutea tne upper house
eec MEBCH.urry luncheon
Sheldon Cafe.
Served from 12 to 2 p. m.
London. Eng., March 5. The Daily
Telegraph claims to have learned from
well informed sources that Turkey is
willing to cede Adrlaaople. Scutari and
Janina. and that peace negotiations
are likely to be concluded at an early
Turkey, however, will deeline to cede
tne Gallipell peninsula or pay an in
demnity. to those who years ago aad gtrsn trp an
hope. It has been, a rewetetton to hun
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