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Friday, Mareh 28, 1913
.JK3p& - jJflte?X - JMCkyW. tfw-J TaSKJL
Ski-j -MSHSiS
Croquettes are likely to
made with lard. Cottolene
never greasy. Cottolene heats to about 100 degrees higher than butter or lard,
without burning, and forms a crisp crust which prevents the absorption of fat
Cottol en
is more healthful and economical than lard. It costs
no more than lard. You use one-third less of Cottolene
than of either butter or lard.
The use of Cottolene is indispensible to good cooking,
good health and true economy, try this recipe:
Chop fine any kmd of cooked meat or fih. Moisten light meats with
thick white sauce, equal amount, and dark meats with tomato or brown
sauce made quite thick. Season with salt and pepper and onion juice if
liked. When very cold, shape mixture into balls or cones; roll first in
sifted bread crumbs, then beaten egg diluted with one tablespoon milk,
then crumb again. Fry one minute in deep Ctttttem. Drain on paper,
and be sure the fat is hot for each frying. Serve plain or with sauce like
that in the mixture, only thinner.
The Diary of A Bachelor
He Get Ready to Go Back Home,
but a Look From the Wid
ow Byes and
By 3tax
MARCH S. We leave for the
north day after tomorrow, and
I think, in a way, we are glad.
lonnpkins wants to get back where he
may see an occasional friend; Richards
is worried because of Manette's ward
robe, and Manette is experiencing all
& child's eagerness te show her new
friend, Sarah Hartman. the toys that
in a child's mind constitute "home."
There was a basket filled with soft,
fluffy gray kittens when she left, and
she thinks they will still be kittens
when she returns. I heard her tell
Sarah Rae of the swing under the
trees, of the frost-covered cakes the
cook will make for their doll tpn nor.
ties, and she is never tired guessing
what the surprise can be which Mrs.
Spencer wrote that she had for her.
Sarah Rae's greenish gray eyes open
Friends and Neighbors In HI Pus Will
Show Tob a Way.
Get at the root of the trouble.
Rubbing an aching back may relieve
But won't cure H if the kidneys are
You must reach the root of it the
Doan's Kidney Pills go right at It;
Reach the cause; attack the pain.
Are recommended by many 1 Paso
W. A. Wells, San Antonio St, El
Paso. Texas, says: "Some time ago I
began to suffer from weak back and
kidney trouble, Hearing- Dean's Kid
ney Pills highly recommended, I got a
box and took them. After using that
box and one more I was entirely cured.
S.nce then I have had no occasion to
use a kidney medicine as the cure has
been permanent. It gives me great
pleasure to recommend Doan's Kidney
Pills "
For sale by all dealers. Price SO
cents. Foster-MHburn Co.. Buffalo.
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. Advertisement.
Probably You're Not
beyond knowing what you want,
or don't want when you see it it's
likely you leave the matter of quality of goods
and workmanship to someone's "say-so."
Most people do. But you need not. There's
a sure way to know you're getting right
style, service and permanent satisfaction.
For forty years it has marked the product of a
great Tafloring Establishment which makes its goods
the very best it knows how.
We put it on our Clothes for your protection; it has never
yet appeared on an imperfect garment Insist on seeing
it before you buy; it's your sure guarantee that you're
getting what you pay for, the greatest Clothes-value
your money can buy.
On Sale in El Paso at
The $15 Clothes Shop !.&
be greasy if
croquettes are
'with wonder at enumeration of the
joys that await her. Twice the age
of her little hostess, she has become
five again in anticipation of that which
the migratory life her grandmother
leads has denied her. She has known
no home but that most dreary of homes
hotels and the woman who has
dragged her around in this fashion has
never consulted the child's interest.
Sarah Rae is not the only neglected
child in Manette's circle of friends.
There is Alice Brown, whose forsaken
look when the children make their
plans haunts me. But to include her
would mean continued intimacy with
her mother, and that I know is not for
the best.
A Man Unafraid.
It is unfortunate that those with al
truistic schemes for the welfare of
children have no way of reaching the
children of wealthy parents. It is easy
to reach the poor and motherless, and
often (and for this statement I would
be burned at the stake if the mothers
heard me) the child without a mother
is more fortunate than the child around
wnoee neck is hung that millstone
called mother love.
"When," asked Mrs. Brown, looking
today idly off toward the water, "will
I see this Mrs. Spencer you said was
coming down to look me over?"
"She is not coming."
"Why?" a little coolly.
"There is no occasion." I reDliad.
I had told her. Diary, that Mrs. Spen
eer was to select my wife, and was
coming down to look her over. Now,
with an assinine sense of security. I
dared tell here there was no occasion!
There was .fully a moment's silence,
then in the sweetest of tones, without
any hint of the challenge, her words
"You think not. But are you surer"
"Quite sure," T replied, looking
around for some sign of my carroty
headed guardian angel.
"Quite?" in tones soft and sweet.
"Yes, quite sure."
As she said nothing more. I ventured
to look her square in the eyes, and
that was my undoing. You can't un
derstand. Ldary. being nothing more
than a collection of paper leaves, with
no blood in your veins, what it means
to look right down Into a woman's
eyes, and lose one's s If there.
I felt as If I were going down, down,
down, and that going down 'was ex
tremely pleasant. I was drowning, and
experienced all the pleasing sensations
of a drowning man.
Like an Eternity.
I remembered acutely how it would
hurt to be pulled out of the water, and
forced back to life, and I didn't want
to be pulled out. It seemed like an
eternity that I g&c-ed Into her eyes,
for men lose all count of time on such
for tKe
and JNuxntiousWitii
ItotakeOut theVkdigestioii
fl KElnW
. MMffli
xtA a .afv aaaa aittfti .&4BL leaV-laLUfj
occasions, then she said again, more
softly, more tenderly,
"Quite sureT
"Mo," and my voice sounded strange
and harsh to me 'and altogether un
necessary, for she understood without
it; "not sure at all. I am sure of noth
ing but one thing?"
"And that?" softly.
"I would like," I said, paying no heed
to her question, "to have the clouds
obscure the sun for just one moment."
' "This isn't the only moment for you."
"I would like to kiss you." I said,
"not many times, but just once. Just
once as a woman like you should be
"Only once," with a sigh. "And why
"Tonight." I said, "at 8. I will be
waiting for you with a horse and
buggy at the northeast corner of the
veranda tonight I will try to tell
you" heard Manette's voice calling me
how much I love you. Tonight I will
find ont just what you mean by that
look in your eyes I Sweetheart"
Manette was coming running along the
porch "I love your
The look In her eyes never changed,
and they never left mine, not even
when Manette grasped my hand.
men I left as if I were being pulled
back to shore, and when my eyes left
the widow to turn to the child climbing
on my knee. I found, just as I antici
pated, that resuscitation is most pain
Miami, Ariz.. March 2$. Miami's new
theater, the Unique, which was opened
to the general public last week. Is wlth
.out dout one of the prettiest little the
aters in Arizona. The architectural de
sign and the interior decorations are
different from any other theater in the
southwest. Fred Green, who has been
The El Paso Herald agent in Miami
for the past two years, is one of the
owners of the "Unique" and is Its man
ager. Found a Cnrc for Rheumatism.
"I suffered with rheumatism for two
years and could not get my right hand
to my mouth for that length of time."
writes Lee L. Chapman, Mapleton.
Iowa. "I suffered terrible pain so I
could not sleep or lie still at night.
Five years ago I began using Chamber
lain's Liniment and in two months I
was well and have not suffered with
rheumatism since." For sale by all
dealers. Advertisement.
I Mi
Iff Jy
A - Jk
ii In II I ft' m
III'mv 1 filifil!
ssZ ScMotiBroi.&Ca.
KTC ft..
Railroad News
Of the Southwest
H. Kelley. switchman for the G. H-, j
is laying off.
W. E- Keller, switchman for the T.
&. P.. is laying off.
C. Austin, hostler for the T. & P. at j
Toyah. is laying off.
E. Langstrom. switchman for the G.
H., is laying off sick.
J. "W. Vance, switchman for the G.
H., is on the layoff list.
J. A. Enstrom, switchman for the G.
II., in 1 Paso, is laying off.
Switchman McMartin, of the Santa
Fe, at San Marcial, is laying off.
J. J. Ried, switchman for the G. H.,
was off on the sick list Thursday.
T. M. Ardedge. brakeman for the
G. H.. is laying off for a few days.
.T. Michelson, the injured G. H. brake
man, is not improving very fast.
William F. Kelley Is on T. & P. en
gine 380 for a few trips as fireman.
J. W. Gerrald, switchman for the
G. H., in El Paso yard, is laying off.
. A. B. Jfunly, air man for the T. & P.,
has reported fJr duty after a long lay
off. The G- H. extra yard board showed
nine names Thursday, five were work
ing. Miss Mary Murtz has a position with
the Brown News eating house in El
Clarence G. Roberson has a position
as switchman for the Santa Fe in EI
Passenger brakeman Withholder. on
the T. & P., isying off for a few
Jack Robinson, machinist for the T.
& P- in J31 Paso shops, has reported
for duty.
Fireman ilolke, on the G. H., is lay
ing off, and extra fireman Longcrief is
in nis piace.
Conductor Moon, on the T. P.. is laj -ing
off, and extra conductor Shaw is
in his place.
The Santa Fe cut seven brakemen
from their board Monday, leaving six
on the board.
Charley Morris., engineer on the T. &
P., has reported for duty after several
days' layoff.
Carl Brown, fireman on switch en
gine for the Santa Fe in El Paso, is
laying off sick. :
Engineer Luce, of the Santa Fe at i
San Marcial, is running engine No '
1059 a few trips. I
Pat Savage, brakeman on the Santa '
Fe at San Marcial, haa, been assigned
to Milo Ewing's car.
J. H. Harris, fireman on the T. & P.,
is laying off and extra fireman John-
son is in his place. , j
W. A. Kidd, brakeman on the T. &
P.. has reported for duty after being !
off for several days.
Conductor Peterson, of the (Santa Fe
at San Marcial, has reported for dut
after a short layoff. I
Billy Shindler, engineer on the T. & I
P., is laying off and extra engineer
Ellis is in his place.
Pete Sly, conductor on the Santa Fe
at San Marcial, has reported for duty
after a short layoff.
Conductor Shea, of the T. & P., who
has been off sick for some time, has
reported for duty.
x. A. Liri. engineer on tne Mexico ,
North Western, at Madera, is spending
a few days in El Paso. ,'
Jack Smith, brakeman on the T &
P. is laying off and extra brakeman
Zwick is in his place. '
Jack Hughes, brakeman on the T & i
P.. is laying off. and extra brakeman i
McMmes Is in his nlace. I
Ij. & P. Deer, conductor on the T &
P., -s laying off. and extra conductoi ,
Thompson is in his place. ;
F. Moyer. brakeman on the G. H. at
Sanderson, is laying off and is spend
ing a few days in Bl Paso. I
John Powers, car foreman for the
Santa Fe in El Paso, has reported for .
duty, after an extended layoff.
Mrs. A- C Godwin, wife of a Santa
Fft Kwitrhmnn in 121 Pflsin. h arrh' '
in Vl E-aA fvAm fUblanil flif ?
E. E. Jackson, brakeman on the G.
H., at Del Rio, has resigned and Is
spending a few days in El Paso.
Mr. Hanrahan. brakeman on the G
H, at Sanderson, has resigned and is
spending a short visit in El Paso.
Harry Shepperd. yardmaster for the
Santa. Fe at San Marcial, is laying off.
and W. C- Brimm is in his place.
Willie Stewart, switchman for the
Santa Fe. is laying off since R. B. May,
engine foreman, reported for duty.
Ben Priessner. switch engineer for
the Santa Fe in El Paso, Is laying off
and J. E. Piper is relieving him.
Engineer Munger. on the T. & P., Is
laying off for a few trips and extra
engineer Cole is representing him.
Cbas. Burkholt. brakeman on the G.
II. out of El Paso, has reported for
duty after laying off for two trips.
Jack Malady, an old time conductor,
who was in a hosp.tal here for some
time, has gone to his home in Iowa.
Brakeman Mensing, on the T. & P..
is laying off on the sick list, and ex
tra brakeman A. L- Sykes is in his
Ben Cooley. conductor on the Santa
Fe at San Marcial, is laying off. and
T. F. Lynch, extra conductor, is in his
The preferred crews between San
Marcial and El Paso on the Santa Fe,
have been placed in chain gang service
J. McSmith, brakeman on the G- H.,
returned to Sanderson Thursday night,
after spending several days visiting in
EI Paso.
G. C. Woodard, brakeman and ex
tra conductor on the t. cc P.. is laying
off. and extra brakeman Johnson is in
his place.
Johnny Lee, conductor on the Santa
Fe at San Marcial, who has been off
sick several days, is reported to be
doing very well. (
II. H. Hopper, engineer, and C- Hund
ly, conductor, will leave Monday for
Durango. Mexico, where they have se-
cured emoloyment.
Otto Rlliott, passenger conductor on
the T. & P., who has been confined to
the hospital for some time. Is reported
to be Improving fast.
The Santa Fe has put on a local run
out of i Paso to Rlucon. W. J. Han
na is conductor, and brakemen Sparling
and Faust are on the run at present.
Kills Williams, conductor on the
Santa Fe at San Marcial. is running
Capt. Sutton's car for a few trips,
while Mr. Sutton is on passenger as
George Foster and crew, who have
been in work train service at Rincon
on the Santa Fe for several days, are
again in the chain gang service out of
San Marcial.
H. K. Barton, machinist for the B. P.
& S. W. at El Paso, has resigned and
has left for Yoakum, Tex., where he
has a similar position with the San
Antonio & Aransas Pass railroad.
R. E. Stafford, formerly a brakeman
on the east end of the Bl Paso A South
western, but of late an engineer on the
Wabash railroad, out of Decatur, III.,
is spending a few days In Bl Paso
visiting friends.
T. J. Holmes, passenger engineer on
the Mexico North Western, Ys laying
off on account of his wife being very
sick. Mr. Holmes lives at 112 Bast
Missouri. Engineer Abrahams is re
lieving Mr. Holmes.
Mrs. J. R. Cawthorn, wife of brake
man on the E. P. & S. W. at Tucum
cari, who has been visiting Mrs. Oscar
Clouse and family in El Paso for sev
eral days, returned to her home at
Tueumcarl last night, accompanied by
her mother.
Beautify the Complexion
Nadinola CREAM
The Unequalcd Beautifier
Guaranteed to remove
tan, freckles, pimples,
liver spots, etc. Extreme
cases about twenty days.
Rids pores and tissues of impurities.
Leaves the skin clear, soft, healthy.
Two sizes, 50c. and $1.00. By toilet
counters or mail
,.,.r -,,r, -wa., -
n..u, 4UU.1 v.i.a.vi.x. raru, imu
life' SFlllL w& 3P -' - - '.i t&j &
Bk im MBSBaSmim 91.1 1-
WS mi J JwliKj S
JB Milwaukee Beer Co. HBBh
mBB Both Telephones 2101 HkIhHIH
fnE 284-206-208 So. Ochoa Street ErPaso.Tera MWSrjBHWBl
When Autumn Weds Spring
Then There Is Trouble TwoScmomi
Cannot Be Joined In.Marftal
a a f f 7 m7,a.
1 ByDerethy Dla-
VERY middle aged man and woman
who is able to support a wife, or a
husband, should get married, but
there should be a benevolent commission
with arbitrary matrimonial powers,
appointed bj the government to piok
out a suitable mate for the afflicted
party and see that site or he was of
appropriate age, character and habit.
For when we hear the last call for
d-nner in the matrimonial dining car
there ts something that makes us all.
1 oth men and women, want to order
nothing but squab chicken. And. be
lieve me. that's an indigestible morsel
:oi thosj who have arrived a', the years
of Indiscretion. Still, there are those
who try it and risk the consequences.
Look at the rich old men who marry
debutantes: Look at the old women
who kidnap baby boys for husbands!
And look at how soon they have to
send in a hurry call for Dr. Divorce!
Of course, it's all easy enough to un
derstand. The older we get the more
the wonder and the glory of youth ap
peal to us. The more atrophied our
emotions the more alluring the en-
inusiasm or the young. The deader our
lnnn.. i ,hi" t" ..
&",? ZSLmfX?"" t0
un. it isn t nara to see wny youtn
attracts age
But ana it's a big exception what
age forgets is that it does not attract
youth. It repulses outh. Age Just of
itself is hideous, loathsome to the
oung. There is something about the
decaying flesh, the failing faculties, the
ery disillusions of age that fill the
young with the same horror they have
of the tomb.
Age gives Itself to youth, but youth
always has to be bought by age. Even
our children's attentions are largely a
matter of purchase, and the more that
e can oo ror them the more certain
we are of their dutiful devotion. When
t comes to marriage It is only the rich
who can persuade Cupid to overlook
the difference In yeara You never hear
of a young girl falling in love with a
poor old man, or of a young man en
treating a poverty stricken old woman
to be his bride.
Of course, the old man is sure that
Maudie is mmrrvlnv him fn. himself
alone, and that she and that hungry
ramlly of hers hae no eyes on the
present pickings and his future will.
2 at aU- Wht she's planning to
do is to haTe a box at the opera, and
the dinners she will give, and the par
ties she will go to, and the Jewels and
tho clothes she will have. That's the
price she figures on for being an old
nians darling. He thinks he can con- l
"u. ner. out age has not the strength
t? tr-S"l with youth, and the old hus
band is as wax in the hand! of ttie
pretty young wife.
Youth must have its fling, and if you
marry a young girl you must be con
tent to drag your old bones around to
entertainments of nights when they
are aching to be in bed.
You must see your oung wife giving
to young men the smile she will never
nave for you. You will be torn with
ne futile jealousies and suspicions of
age, and jou will be bored oh. how
ou wiu be bored with the corapaaion
"nip of a child who does not know one
thing that you know, and regards all
o" your opinions as fossilised.
For an old man to marry a young
girl is nothing but senile dementia.
I'on't commit it. Marry a woman of
suitable age to yourself, one who has
her own twinges of rheumatism and
who is interested in red flannel instead
or llngeno. one who has been about
until she !- glad to put on easy slip
per of an i emng and sit by the table
and reaci. instead of going to balls:
one who, like yourself, knows what has
Rone before, and with whom you can
a Pon't you remember?"
Kach age to its own Keep in your
iwn (,!at and our inrt'an summe-
niw.. nil' bo ?s beautiful as lour
.. i .."p iif, bur when spri'irtini
' "ll.ri 'n '' up. we sec
ma'r "i'--ii,U ruizzaxas.
How Man Spoils Woman
He Admixes the Pretty. Weil Dressed
Ones, So Hla Wife Refuse His
Economy Advice.
By Bl la Wheeler Wilcox
MAN is never so amusing as
when he attempts to lay down
laws for the conduct of woman.
It was only when woman revolted from
man's establish customs and tradi
tions that she began te evolve oat of
the harem and cloister.
Most man today accept the new con
ditions and realise the injustice of the
old. They realise, too. the value
of tha new conditions of the race-to-be
and rejeiee in the outlook. Occasion-
ally, however, an otherwise progressive
male being shows, the "old mas' spirit
and becomes either patronizing, or
preachy or oppressive is his attitude
to the '"New Woman."
Yet this man. like moat others, sever
fails to compliment the woman who
nossesses a fine complexion, and he in
variably tells his women acquaintances
when they are tastefully attired.
Since the world began, men have
urged woman to ignore personal ap
pearance and to think little of matters
pertaining to the toilet, and have pur
sued and woed (and won when possible)
the woman who paid no attention to
! me woman wno pua no auenuon to
their advlco and -wlTo made It a polWt
to keen herself becomingly dressed and
well groomed.
It is the man who criticises the
dean floors, doors, woodwork with
Gold Bust is such a marvelous cleanser
that a little of the product sprinkled in
your scrubbing water will save you
most of the back work and clean much
more quickly and thoroughly than any
other way.
For anything and everything about
the house Gold "
Dust is the best The GOLD DUST TWINS
known cleanser.
Try it once and
you'll use it al
ways. You can buy a
large package of
Gold Dust for 5
woman s freckles and wr skies lr u" .3
where it ia another woman orue
It la man who, by his condu' (2 -mands
beauty of woman, and then u
ters platitudes to her upon the xin.m
portance of a good compiexioe.
It is man who pays devoted at'ea
tiens to the well-dressed girl, and then
urges woman' to torn her mind to
higher subjects than self adornment.
The wise and sensible woman will
make her complexion the sabjeot of dig
nified study. She win be careful in he
dJet; careful in her exercise; she will
protect her face from rough winds and
burning suns, yet give It ample fresh
air. She wiH understand how the pores
of her skin need feeding and replenish
ing at -times Just how her system needs
food; and sae will give them pure
creams and oils ami bracteg astrin
gents. She wttl he careful is usteg soaps
and will use bo -water unless rain
water straight from the skies: because
she will 'value the fine quality of her
skin as highly as she wooW a flue
fabric in her wardrobe.
If she Is freekled she will (IT she
understands how valuable an asset is
a fair, well cared for akin free from
Memiefe) conae.lt specialists; and find
something which keeps the ugly spots
in abeyance: Just as she would consult
a good, dentist to stralgbtea an ugly
And she will find herself appre-1
dated by mankind for her efforts when '
they show ia results, despite the mean- '
lngless platitudes they utter or the
subject- (Copyright, 1913. &r Stsr Com-1
ever Break A Date"
Andlest oa theTlk Day
o jrotrr tcorfc"
IBsKte'jolt vRSvBBF

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