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Aim and Accomplishment
Our aim is to render our depositors and clients the best
possible service in banking and that we are succeeding
is attested by steadily increasing business.
Accounts subject to check are cordially-invited.
BankVTrust Co.
American Barh Building
El Pavn' Texas.
B an H
B in Tobm's 4th Addition. Buy H
H lots before the advance. B
H Phone 803 or take Park car K
H Sunday. jH
Custom Assay Office.
Assayers Chemists Metallurgists
20 Sao Francises St
Bell Phone 334. Auto Phone 1334.
Agents for Ore Shippers
Assayers, Chemists. Bullion Assay
ers. Buyers of high grade Oree and
BOX 570. PHOXE 3SiS.
The Habit
of Saving
Saving (like spending) is a habil,
and once you have acquired the
habil jf saving a pari of your in
come you have taken a long step
on the road that leads to financial
The easiest aj) to acquire the habil
of saving is to open a savings ac
count here ($1'.00 starts an ac-
count) and then each Bee or each
month, as the case may be, deposit
a certain staled part of your salary.
Your bank book ith its steadily
increasing balance, &ill be a source -of
prideand satisfaction to you and
Till be an incentive to further sav
ing. We pay 47o interest
on saoings accounts.
BanK & Trust. Cot
Just Below Post Office
'The death of J. Pierpont Morgan, E. ft Harriman and so many other prominent Americans and the injured health of
ex-president Diaz and Gen. B. j. Viljoen and hundreds of other prominent men Who have visited Carlsbad, Germany,
. and other well known mineral springs and great noted specialists proves they are a great injury instead of a help to suffering humanity
j And the many apparent cures at springs are only temporary whipping up of the nerves and they become weakened soon after and in a few years
j are worse than ever, and death following so often is the almost inevitable result. While freeing the nerves by- Osteopaths, and thus causing
1 the perfect circulation of blood which made every part about you in first place, so it can carry out the impurities and build up tie wasted part,
I is why Osteopathy lias made so many perfect cures herein El Paso. If you have a bad appendix, go there, like these three in the test eases and dike
I many others have done for all kinds of-sores and we have always saved by far the largest percent of any healing yet discovered. In islands where
' the natives have leprosy they live the longest of any-inhabitants of the islands, say the statistics of the government. This is of interest to every
: living soul for there is a reason. It furnishes -an escape for all the stagnant blood from the body so they have no other kind of diseases. They
I cannot heal it up like the doctors heal nn thp sns rnrlnv wbiHi htp. alwavs tlim-p for tlm -rmroose of draining out the stagnant impure blood of the
body and should never be healed up by drugs or-other methods as the impure, stagnant blood, if sealed in by healing, will go to the lungs and be
oxidized and overtax: them and tuberculosis is always the -result. That is whv more than entire inhabitants of South Dakota die of tuberculosis
each year in the United States in prime of life. That is whv the Osteopaths who use ho drugs, mineral waters nor stimulants cure their patients
without throwing them into consumption or cancers and they remain healthy without being thrown into a worse disease than they had before as is
the case by exhausting, with drugs, into consumption and cancers and sealing up stagnant, impuer blood in the system by healing sores. For the
sores will heal themselves up when they are no longer needed.' When the Osteopaths has opened the kidneys and liver and purified the blood-by
.giving it good circulation, so it can carry out-fche impurities vou are permanently well, and the sores not being needed are healed up by the blood
agam, juob iivc it uiu wjieii uie Diooa iirsiMuaae tnat part ana line it aia wnen it curea uiese appendixes.
Pi iviors Us For tion f consumption.
Dr. Harvey Wiley, the government
pure food chemist who has done so much
for the infante of America, by prevent
ing them from getting various soothing
syrups, which always contain w-jious
opiates and paralyse the nerves and
plant the seed of future disease.
Xow cornea Wisconsin specialist and
claims that the cause of one-third in
Independent Assay omoi
(itjisushco i as.
D. W. Bbgxhxkt. EJC rragifeter.
Afent fer Ore SMpper Mays ant
Ofaffifoef Anaiytis. Mbii Exameft
aid J! t ported Upon, eutifon Werk
OfSee and laboratory:
Car. Sa PradK4 CHtseai JHa
oeiore you are filled
with MerCHir Bad
t Other Poisonous
uracs, see 'Or. Che
Hok. the botanist
specialist, who cures
Uie following dis
eases without the
aid of minerals or
knife: Cancer. Blood
Poison. Kidney
Trouble. Rheuma
tism. Heart Disease,
and Liver derange
ments. Consultation
'ree. 06 San An
'1o St. Phone 2510
Capt. H. R Hillebrand. deputy
United States marshal, cleaned out his
desk in the marshal's room of the
federal building Friday and retired
from the office, after a Ions service
for the government. Capt, Hillebrand
did not expect reappointment from
Capt. J. H. Rogers, new United States
marshal, with whom he' served when
Capt. Rogers was deputy here. How
ever the employes of the federal
building sent a message to Capt. I
Rogers urging him to reappoint Capt. J
Hillebrand. Capt. Rogers, the new j
marshal, is expected here Saturday in
time for the opening of federal court
The Surgeon's Knife
THE TEST Six Cases of Appendicitis.
3 Tried Surgery 3 Tried Osteopathy
One of those who tried surgery died. Another is now very
low from second operation. Other one suffers with indi
gestion. The gentleman who took Osteopathy is a perfect
picture of health. The young lady is also in perfect health.
The married lachT is as well as any voune ladv in town.-1 enforced, to prevent the sale of head-
All or tnese,iive right here m SI Paso and will tell you
their experience the same as this lady. All were told they
could not live Avithout operations.
Head What She Says.
' El Paso, Texas, Jan. 17, 1913.
Dear Doctor Collins:
I wish everyone knew how you can cure Appendicitis.
For I was so badly afflicted and an operation was de
manded immediately, and like everybody else 1 dreaded
it, as so many lose their life. But after taking treatments
I am now in perfect health and have been ever since. Let
everybodv know abotft me and the others who took at same
time. tours,. MRS. J. C. HARD WIG. .
2001 Ohio Ave.. El Paso. Texas.
that state dying with consumption is
exhaustion by. eongh medicines and
physics. -
Kansas Board of Health asks that law
ache powders as they only deaden the
nerves and do not cure the cause of the
disease, and produce fatal heart and lung
CTATIOX comes forward and asks for
Jlr. Jlaccmlic vra tIrM It "in the knife and iIi-hrm that Mil. He .di
vided the patients. "While head of Hotel Dleu. largest la France, gave one
hall nothing or bread pill and lent one out of a hundred, every kind of divravr.
Gave the other bait drng and xtiamlaatK, aeeerding to medical standard:
lost 20' to 40 out of a handred, name dleanes. He declared -rrhen mode presi
dent of largest medical xchool In France. It Ik the drag and stimulant that
kill, not disease. Or. 5tUI Osteopathy Infirmary has demonstrated It right
here in El I'nso by handling all kinds of disease and lost least percent ever
suppression 6f sale of all patent medi
eines, THEY FORGET THAT they give
their medicine in same size doses and
use the identical snff doctors do, get
it out of the same box. And if it is so
fa4al in the hands of the druggist it will
produce consumption by exhausting the
system just the same when the medical
doctors give it. All that hurts him ia
the druggiot gets the money for making
a consumptive out of the PATIENT,
,' THERE'S A REASON. For they believe
t in "being temperate in all things.
Bible. Like little Daniel, who reiusea
to defile himself with the king's highly !
spiced maate 'and ajcoholic wines, for
they were the same as the physics and
stimulant of today. And he araxed
Peel your spine, the tremble is always there.
Dr. A. T. Still Osteopathic Infirmary,
strongest and fairest of ail in the king
dom. Think of that, you ladies who
'want to look fair, and you men who
want to be strong. FOR GOD NEVER
LIES. And you cannot violate a single
law of hi, either in Nature or the Book
of jfc.... -. vou mu"t reap its awful
conseouences. Like America is today in
being stricken dead from heart.failure or j
third in the prime of rife, because of the
use of these nerve exhausting drugs and
If your liver don't work right REST
IT. Eat fluid foods and vegetables that
don't require so much bile. Eat plenty
of fruits and fruit juices; they will di
gest the food and don't need bile. The
same with your stomach an dother di
gestive o ."is. Then you will not have
a lot of stagnant blood in your system
to overtax your 1uju.s to purify it and
break them down in consumption, for
the vigorous nerves from spine will keep
your blocd circulating and purified. It
you have made a mistake and exhausted
your nerves, go to the Osteopath and
have the nerves and blood vessels freed
when he was so exhausted be couldn't
talk nor hold anything on his stomach,
nor get up from his bed. Now eats
everything with a relish and enjoys life
That's the way you could be if you
would cut out drugs. And getthe Os
teopaths to fix you up -like a new man
or woman. And you would wax strong
and fair like Daniel. You've exhausted
yourself wjt ' s and stimulants.
STORE on Alameda street, what we
did for her when stomach and intestines
were eaten into ulcers with drugs until
she had locked intestines and couldn't
have lived twelve hours. No nourish -mentwould
stay on her stomach. She
is; now helping run the store and en
joying life.
BLIND EYES that were like bloody beet
steaks and no one could give aim relief
from his awful suffering that ' was
is now at work for Nations great Meat
HIS BOY who suffered with FHS and
2ft of these so-called specialists ha:
gotten all the money they could oat of
him and left him worse than ever, lie
is now as sound and well as lie ever
wag in his life.
of Denver, and also a hundred others
ASTHMA, Heart Disease, Rheumatism,
CRIPTION, Blood Poison, Paralysis. Fe
male Diseases. Any disease on earth
you can think of.
CURED. But it is. so much easier if we
can get you at first, in such simple
diseases as Pneumonia, Grippe, Appen
dicitis, Weak Hearts and Poor Digestion,
etc; it is just play tbaa to cure you.
Go to Dr. A, T. StBTs Osteopathic In
firmary, El Paso, Texas, before it is too
Dr. Ira W. Collins, rhysIctaa-In-Chler$.AM uraanates 01 ire. a. m.
Amelia IlHrke. Dr. Grace Parker. Dr. Stiffs American School of
ant R. Collins, Dr. Jones, Operators. Ostcopathey, KIrksvlHe. Mo.
301 West Mfawwrari St.
Cer Mbnonrt and EI
Faso Sta, Bi -Kao Texas
Government Wages War On Sale of
Spoiled and .Unhealthy Foodstuffs
Rene Bache
Wormy Flour Rejuvenated in Wholesale Lots; Tomato "Swill" Converted Into Table Catsup; Cider Sold for $4 Quart
"We ase the "DIctophone.''
R. F. Davis, yjiaager. Phone I4S4.
A complete rstock of choice varieties of the following
Plants are now on sale at ur retail store:
W. D. Wise & Co.
Phone 5290.
105 N. Stanton.
Important Change in Time !
of Trains
6 30
Solid Trains
Through to St. Louis
Effective Sunday, April 6th.
'ProlUct3 fit only for swine
ought not to be employed for
human food."
This is the idea on which the gov
ernment is proceeding in its efforts to
put a stop to the use of objectionable
refuse of larious kinds as a contribu
tion to the dietary of the common peo
ple. Though by no means generally
understood it is a fact that the chief
bject of the pure food law is to drive
rotten and filthy products out of. the
market. Utilisation of wastes Is an
'mportant feature of convervation, but
the wastes employed for food purposes
must be clean wastes.
Take, for example, a picturesque
form of enterprise recently investi
gated, xiz.: the marketing on a large
scale of wormy flour. Immense quan
tities of such flour, stored by New
York town archfe WnM n
York brokers in Jersey City ahd other
towns in New Jersey, have been light
ered across the North Klver, sifted to
get rid of the weevils, reeacked, and
disposed of In the ordinary way as a
fresh article. 8f course, being In such
a condition as to be unsuitable for
human food, the brokers get it cheap.
To put it through the process described
costs very little and the profit Is large.
When, not long ago, some thousands
of bushels of this kind of flouv were
seized on arriving in New York by
the pure food police, the broker to
whom the stuff was consigned declared
that it was not meant to be used for
human food at all, but in the manu
facture of paste, to which, of course.
there could be no possible objection
But investigation disclosed the fact
that this broker was actually main
taining a paste factory for nothing
else than a cover, his real business
being the marketing of the material,
minus the worms, for making bread.
Unscnltary Canning Plants.
Consplcuons among the wastes of
food factories put on the fatket is
the refuse of tomato canneries-.-chiefly
derived from numerous small
canneries which put up tomatoes and
nothing else. Such canneries are to
be found in Maryland, for example, at
almost every crossroads a typical
outfit of the kind occupying two or
three sheds or outbuildings, main
taining its operations for only about
fix weeks in the year, and turning oat
perhaps 1.508 or 2,500 cases as its to
lal annual production.
The government authorities would
put such canneries out of business
"for keeps" if possible. They are run
wholly without regard for sanitary
methods. The tomatoes, f etcher ia
wagons by near-by farmers, are hand
led by contract labor ofien by Ital
ians or Huns, recruited from the cit
ies. These hirelings, many of thorn
children from five years old up, work
at long tables, on both sides of which
they stand, and are paid so much per
bucket for the peeled product the
peeling being done after the tomatoes
have been dumped into a "scalder" to
losen their skins.
Filth in Tomato Waste.
The process, very rapidly performed,
consists in Inserting the point of a
knife in such a way as to remove the
top and core of each tomato, where
upon, the skin comes off In the other
hand, and the pulp is drojiped into a
bucket. Finall the contents of the
buckets are poured intorthe hopper of
a machine which feeds the stuff into
the cans. Unfortunately, the tomato
being 95 percent water, the incidental
waste is large, and there is great ac
cumulation of filthy refuse. Condi
tions of course, are crv uncleanly, and
thp water in the scaldrr is nothing! of such
lore nor less than a swui.
Bat this is not all. . The tops, coras,
and skins, removed in the manner. de
Scribed? are transferred to a "pulper"
a wire mesh cylinder with revolv
ing blades inside, which grinds up the
waste material, and, while retaining
the solid parts of it. allows the fluid
to escape into a vat. The fluid is
boiled down, canned and sold to the
Italians in many cities. Most of it,
however, is bought In bulk by large
firms, which use it, with spices and
other ingredients, for the manufacture
of catsup. .If the stuff were . clean.
there would be no objection, but die i
waste from the tomato fluid is de
rived is usually filthy and more or
less decomposed. Furthermore, one tit
the commercial uses of the fluid is to
serve as an adulterant of canned to
matoes. The government is making a special
effort to put a stop to the business of
dilution, where tinned goods are con
cerned another example of this being
the fraud whereby a couDle of table-
spoonsful of peas or half a dosen
oysters are sold as a "can," the bal
ance of the contets being water.
Thus, the consumer pays for water at
the price of oysters or peas.
Jellies Made of Apple Waste.
The waste of dried applo factories,
consisting of peeis and cores, is exten
sively employed In the manufacture of
preserver and jellies. Ground up. the
material serves as a "filler" for black
berry preserves, raspberry preserves,
strawberry preserves, or what not a
few real berries being intoduced for
the sake of verslmtlltude. The recipe
Is usually 58 per cent apple waste and
the rest glucose, with artificial coyor
ing and a flavor reinforced by a eolor
thetic chemical. Fruit jellies do not
need to contain any real stuff; where
they are concerned, it is necessary
merely .to add the glucose, flavoring,
and color.
Such preserves and jellies have a
legitimate use, being relatively cheap,
and, therefore, available to a great
many people who cannot afford to
buy "straight- strawberries or rasp
berries in cans or jars. But the
stuff employed for the purpose, as a
matter of fact, is often decayed or
wormy, or both, and the government
is obliged on this account to keep
a sharp watch on the manufacturers.
Using Decayed llerries.
It has been p. common practice to
ship carloads of half-decayed berries
to be put up as preserves or jellies.
In one city (which the authorities re
frain from naming) there are a number
of manufacturers who have made a
business of handling such stuff In
large quantities either disposing of
It themselves afterwards, or else re
turning it Tn cans and jars to the or
iginal shipper, and charging the lat
ter a certain price for the work.
During the last year great -quantities
of mouldy, worm-eaten and half
rotten peaches, apples, and berries in
tended for this kind of use have been
The I food-canning Industry in this
countiV Is conducted on an enormous
scale. Its products, generally speak
ing, are remarkably clean and whole
some. But now and then there is a
manuafcturer who is dishonest, and
who does not hesitate to swindle the
consumer. One qf his dodges Is the
manipulation of what are called "do
overs" 'that is to say. canned stuff.
which owing to uncleanly or careless
processes, has undergone partial de
composition. When a canner has a
lot of "swells" thrown back on his
hands, it is a temptation to dump
their contents Into th cooking ket-
tlf! and reprocess ti Quite a let
material has been connemn-
j. e! and destroyed
Sometimes it happens that consid
erable quantities of tinned fruits or
other sileh articles accumulate un
sold; the cans become rust-eaten, and
the contents undergo deterioration.
Instead of being thrown away, the
stuff is reprocessed making it ap
pearance in fresh and attractive con
tainers. Sardines are put up with
mustard, which hae a tendency to at
tack the containers, the result being
that sali? of tin pr evade the tissues of
the fish. Thus it has become a com
mon practice to ship canned cardinea,
which have remained unsold for a
long time, to Mississippi and other
parts of the South, where they are
sold at five cents a can to negroes on
the plantations.
Where things to eat or drink are
concerned, the prime luxury in the
popular estimation seems to be cham
pagne. It is supposed to touch the
top notch of gastronomic self-indulgence.
One pays for it commonly $4 a quart
and at that price it ought surely to be
the real stuff. But is it? The an
swer is. by no means: or at all events
only sometimes. According to the gov
ernment Bureau of Chemistry, it la
quite as likely as not to be merely
ciuer. ,
Cider at 94 a Quart.
Think of paying $4 & qnart for el
der. The very idea gives one a pain
in the pocketbook. Tet it Is a fart
that within the last few months the
government pure food police has con
fiscated and condemned- large quan
tities of such champagne, adorned with
the most attractive "foreign" labels,
and sealed and sapsuled exactly like
the Imported article.
The government has no objection
whatever to the preparation and sale
of such a product. What It dislikes
and positively forbids la the marketing
of It under the name of champagne.
Hence it is that within the last few
months some thousands of gallons of
this kind of "wine" have been emptied
into the Mississippi river, or other
wise rendered unavailable to Innocent
consumers and a dead loss to the man
ufacturers. For another instance, consider' the
maraschino cherry. It is generally re
garded as a first-class luxury.
The real maraschino cherry ia a
small-sized fruit of its kind, grown
in southwest Austria and in certain
provinces of Greece. It is sometimes
known as the 4-Zara cherry," be
cause exported chiefly from that sea
port. From cherries of this variety
is obtained, by distillation, "the liquor,
of a peculiar, flavor and pungency
known as "maraschino." In it the
little cherries are preserved and, thus
prepared for market, are called, 'mar
aschino cherries."
Counterfeit Cherries' for Cocktails.
There is considerable traffic in mar
aschino and in the afore-mentioned
cherries from Zara, whjch are ex
ported to all parts of the world. But
It is Mnall In extent with the trade
In the Imitation liquer and the coun
terfeit cherries within tBe limits of
the United States. The bogus liquor,
sold In this countr. is nothing but a
white syrup containing 50 per cent of
grain alcohol, colored with a coal tar
dye. and flavored with oil of bitter
almor.ds. Most of it is manufacture 1
in Cincinnati, bv a number of firms,
as fcr the cherries, thev coraf from
any place that tan furnish suitable
Speaking of drinkables, there Is
vodka. What is vodka The national
soirituous beverage or Russia -everbqd
knows that Most people
are not .iftpn hnweii-r, 1 hat it is
di. tilled from iiutjtuiv, and thai its
Me&er Guy's Sweet Powders for Child, en, a
CeHaia reSef fer Fevesebseut, Heagnfee, Bad
Stesuca, Teething Disorder, more aad regulate
the Bewefa aad Destroy Worms. They breakup
colds in 34 boors. They are so pfeniaat to the
tutaCefigreal&eUMm. C-rer M.W0 testhBoni&te.
Used by Mothers for 91 yer. TXty ncstr fail.
SeWsjaHDrascists, 95c Sasple maBed 78SS.
manufacture is a monopoly held
the Czar's government.
Clever Imitation of Vodka.
But what is vodka in the United
States? Something very different In
faet. nothing more nor less than or
dinary grain alcohol dilated to a lit
tle above "proof." It is a fraudulent
product, put up in Brooklyn and other
cities and extensively sold to immi
grants from Russia. Th imperial seal t Adireee, AifcnS.Ofcartiri, LeBoj.N. T.
is cjutcuy copieu. me laoei, in .ttus
sian letters, is an accurate imita
tion, even to the printing on the un
der side of it, which can be read on
ly by looking 'through the bottle. In
short, the article is a very clever
cheat. One can buy It for ?1 a "quart"
the sort of quart that measures five
to the gallon. It costs the bottlers
hardly more than 50 cents a gallon,
so that the profit is highly satisfac-
Bather a curiosity in its way is the
sale of typhoid-infected waters in bot
tled form. Of course, such waters,
the consumption of which in this
country is enormous, are used for no
other reason than that they are sup
posed to be germ-free and safe to
aruiK. .But. unfortunately, the gov
ernment experts have found that fre
quently they are infected with dan
Keroas foecal organisms. The springs
from which they are derived may bo
all right, but they are liable to be
bottled under unsanitary conditions.
Not long ago samples of the most
widely advertised of al! the bottlM
waters were discovered to contain ty
phoid germs.
Pointed Water Shipped from California
There is another very popular
spring water that comes from Cali
fornia. It is shipped acroas the con
tinent in tank cars and bottled in
St. Louis. Quite a lot of it; offered
f---r sale in New Orleans, was found
t contain bacillus coi and other foc
ca organisms. Inquiry in this case
led to the discovery that the gt Louis
concern which bottled It was filtering
It. as a prelminary, through sand ob
tained from the Mississippi river! It
may be added in this connection that
one of the principal springs at Sara
toga, from which water was being
shipped out by thousands of gallons,
was found recently to be badly pol
luted. Vast quantities of partly decom
posed eggs find their way to market, i
and eventually into the stomach c
the unfortunate ultimate consum:.-,
being utilised in two ways by freez
ing and by drying. In either case
they are "broken ant," i. e.. deprive 1
of their shells, as a preliminary to
the process they most undergo. Many
large establishments in the middle
west are ejeelustveiy occupied in the
business of handling more or less ad
dled eggs, which are either froaen n
large cans and placed In cold storage
to await shipment or .else are render
ed water-freef, by evaporation, in both
of these forms the product is sold
mostly to bakers aad pastry makers
The candy Question has offer -I
considerable difficulties from the vien -point
of the authorities. Such mineral
substances as terra alba, talc, an'4
barytes (barium sulphate) are com
monly used as "fillers" in cheap can
dy a practice vary undesirable, inas
much as they tax digestion. At tha
same time it cannot be said that they
are poisonous, aad so it is not easy.
under the law as it now stands, io
put a atop to their employment. In
the same category comes the metal
silver.- used for -coating (bv dipping
process X the so-ealled "dragees. "
which, mixed with other kinds of
"sugar plume" in a box of candy, are
supposed t lead attractiveness.
Altogether different. however. la
the utilisation of shellac for coating
certain soft candies, such as "fudges."
It is the same stuff that serves as
varnieh for woodwork, and Is painted
over tha candy to make the latter
look more inviting. The faet that it
contains wood alcohol is of minor im
portance, because moat of the latter
evaporates, but one of its Ingredients
is arsenic Not long ago it was
found expedient to Uirow some hun
dreds of pounds of iay candy
ed with shellac into
river at St. Loots.
Dear to the Hearts of the Women.
Oriental Cream
An Indispensable and Necessary
Article for Particular Women
who Desire to etam a
Youthful JJppearance.
Every woman owe it to herself and
loved ones to retain the charm of youth
nature has bestowed upon her. For over
half a oantnry this article has been used
by actresses, singers and women of
fashion. It renders the skin like the
softness of velvet leaving it clear and
pearly white and is highly desirable when
preparing for daily or evening attire. As
it is a liquid and non-greasy preparation
it remains unnoticed. When attending
dances, balls or other entertainments. It
prevents a greasy appearance of the com
plexion caused by the skin becoming
Gourauds Oriental Cream cures skin
diseases and relieves Sunburn. Removes
Tan. Pimples Blackheads. Moth Patches.
Rash. Frericlea and Vnln, t ...
Yellow and Muddy skin, giving a delicately clear and refined complexion
which every woman desires.
No. 10 For sale by Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
Ferd. T. Hopkins, Prop., 37 Great Jones Street, New York.
H?&i! T"3"jlKr""tt R
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