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Thursday, 'April 17, 1913
Are nbw arriving daily and we will be Headquar
ters for the finest Berries that come to El Paso
this summer.
Fancy Strawberries, 1 C n
per basket '
Ice Tea Time Is Here
and to serve the Best Ice Tea you must serve
Chase and Sanborn's.
MuMMth Qeea Olives, On
per pfart ; .,. V r t3Q
Large DM Piefcles, " f
per dtoion !. .... i- dJG
Large Ripe Ofme, 9C
per put .....' ;. tJ
fife ease Japanese Crab Meat ' i Afn
2 earn Peerless Shrimp OC
for ...; .". ZOC
2 ease Xaaeeta Imported Sardines - OKn
Chtfe Howe Salmon Steaks, ' OC-
per eaa, 20e and .' OOC
Bed Spanish FieaenUtoe, Oflr
per eaa, IS and ". aUC
20 pound Beat Granulated Sagar g- f
3 ease Large Siae Cferimtion MUk O E?
for ....; ZOC
3 ease Extra Good Tomatoes O P .
for 40C
2 eaae Xxtra Sifted Faultless Peas. o C
lor OC
2 eaae TuWo Country Oenfleman Cera OE?
for S5C
40c eaa Cfab Berne Canned Fniite ' " o r?
for ;.A v.oC
21 pound eaae Gold Bar Sliced Peaches " O ET
for ZOC
2 cam Chant Brand Cut Striae BeVns o f?
r ?. 25c
3 packages Imperial Oatmeal np
for ....f t ZOC
2 packages Grape Nat or Shredded Wheat Bteeait or
for OC
3 10e packages National Bfeesit Ce.'s (feeds ' o E?
for r7. ZOC
Welch's er ArnMur's Grape Juice, nr
pints for ., OC
Welch's or Armour's Grape Saiee, ' -AC
quarts for ;.. ffrDC
Pineapple Juice, See pat, m r
per qaart . ." 400
3 lb. can Extra Fancy S5eed Pineapple, a heavy syrap, Q J?
We Are El Paso's Mail Order House. '
Send TJs Your Orders We Guarantee Satisfaction
Jackson-Standard ' Grocery Co.
Phone 3532. 206-212 Mills Street.
Governor Colquitt
in his Proclamation issued April 2nd, designates Friday, April 18th, as a
General Clean-Up Day in the State of lexas.
This is in line with a general campaign to reduce the fire waste of the
country. Do yon know that oU' fire loss is EIGHT TIMES that of Eu
rope? Do yon know that three-fourths of our fires are preventable? Here
are the figures:
The United States bums up
$250,000,000.00 Every Year
$720,000.00 Every Day
$30,000,00 Every Hour
$500.00 Every Minute
One hundred and eighty-seven million, five hundred
thousand dollars worth of property burned every
year in America becauseof the carelessness or negli
gence of its owners!.
We urge upon all property-owners of El Paso to observe the day in ac
cordance with the Governor's Proclamation, thus contributing to he re
duction of the country's fire wastu,-in general awl to an iraprovern-ut of
conditions in our own State in particular, bearing in mind that tbi expert
services and advice of our Insurance Department are at your disposal at
ul times.
General Insurance Underwriters
Phones 4350-4351.
Rapid-Fire Education for Prince of Wales
I have a I
Hj at the lots in Tobin's 4th Addi- H
B tion before buving elsewhere. B
Stevers et at, trespass to try titlajsalt;
on inai. x i
Lera Baker vs. X E. Baker, suit for '
divorce; filed. j
u. 3- j-,wi5 vs. jonn juewis, smt lor
divorce; granted.
H. HumWt, ward. vs. A. T. & S. F.
Hy, suit for 36,191 damages; judg
ment ior planum ior Jistw. ;
Mamie Shelton vs. William Shelton, ,
sun ior divorce; iueo.
Emily I Kassons vs. Si H. Kassons,
suit for divorce; filed.
A. M. Walthall, Presiding. j
Robert K. Anderson vs. T. Edward
Anderson et al., suit for partition; filed.
A. o. Jahren vs. D. S. Johns, garaish
ment after judgment; filed.,
American National bank vs. D. I Pe
ters et als., suit on note; on trial.
K. B. MeClintock, Presiding.
S. P. Weisiger vs. Pedro Melendez,
salt for $12.50; judgment for plaintiff
for fall amount.
Jack Mathews, charged with theft,
held to grand jury in sum of 5500.
Jose Lopez, cB&rged with burglary.
held to srrsnd iurV in sum of xSSO-
Arthur Casey, charged with theft I
over : Bound over to grand jury on
508 bond.
Col. J. I Taylor, of the bureau of
explosives of the American Railway
association, lectured on care In trans
porting explosives, at the t X C. A.
Wednesday night There were 125
railroad men present to hear the lec
ture, which was Illustrated with stere
opticon slides.
Jamoi R. Harper, j. p. McKcacIe and
K, F. Htesind, Justices.
Motions submitted W. N. Carl" vs.
3nnle Moor Wolcott, from 1 Paso;
appellant's motion for rehearing. The
Atchison. Topeka Santa Fe Railway
fomptny vs. E. E iriedler. frnm Kl
Paso; appellee's motion to file briefs.
Motions overruled Southwestern
Portland Cement company vs. Q- IX
Havard company, from El Paso; appel
lant's motion for rehearing; opinion
. .'Motions granted Mrs. J. L. Moore vs.
Ira M. Cobe et aL. from Reeves: appel
lees' motion to dismiss the appeal; opin
ion filed. Houston Belt and Terminal
Railway company vs. Joe K. Stephens.
from Harris; appellee' motion to cer
tify Jasper L. Douthit et al. vs. G. W.
Southern, from Harris: appellant's mo
tion for leave to file motion for re
hearing. FUlberta R. de Acosta vs. Ce
i ilio Cadena. from El Paso: agreed mo
tion to postpone submission of cause
until the fall term. El Paso k South
western Railroad company vs. W. P.
Birchfield, from El Paso; agreed mo
tion as to setting cause for submission;
date set for submission will be an
nounced later. Southern Pacific com
pany vs. Mary Walters, administratrix,
from EI Paso; appellee's motion to sub
stitute record.
Reversed and remanded J. W. Beck
with et aL vs. W. E. Powers, from El
Affirmed Paul Konz et aL vs. R. N.
Henson, from Martin.
Submitted Wm. H. Cain vs. J. P.
TVInnev- from EI Paso. Southern Pa
cific company vs., Mary Walters, ad- t SMALL FIRE OCCURS IX
-mlnistratrlx. from EI Paso. The Texas
company vs. Guadalupe Velos, from EI
Washington. D. C, April 17 Farmers
of the nited tSaten paid an average
of 7.7$ percent interest in 1912. In
March nearly J00 letters were sent by
the department of agriculture to coun
try banks Inquiring the rates paid by
farmers. About .90 percent of the
bankers replied and their answers in
dicate that the rate was slightly less
than in 1911, when "7.79 percent was
. t"' -v ' JbWPbHhBJP -
v , v. apr 4mbjbHK a
vjyr j s?" fr sBau Hks. av?' I
IVtL. ClU-IBBBBBBiaK1 -l SJ -k ' " r
A Sensational Sale of
A Big Event -Five Hundred Pieces to Select From
On Sale Friday Only Sale Begins at 10 A. M.
TflVE HUNDRED pieces of real cut glass,
j. purcnaseu at a special price rrom a
prominent manufacturer of rich cut glass-,
will be offered in this sale at the lowest price
ever made on articles of like quality. Many
of these if bought in a regular way would
have to be sold for $12.50 and $15. We give
you full benefit of the saving we made.
Each article of cut glass offered is a gem of
its kind, being of beautiful design and shape,
deeply and richly cut and possessing diamond-like
these will be reserved or sent C. 0. D. No
phone orders filledNone delivered Only
one of each article sold to each customer.
The assortment includes:
$ A. 95
Tumblers in sets of six, "Water Jugs,
Ten Inch Bowls, Electrolieres, Puff
Boxes, Jewel Boxes, Vases, Celeries,
Nappies, Comports, Dishes, Basket?,
Ice Cream Trays, Cheese Dishes,
Fern and Tulip Dishes, Mayonnaise
Sets, Ice Tubs, Oval Baskets, Pitch
ers, Sugar and Cream Sets, Decanters
and Butter Dishes.
$ A .95
Mesa Avenue
Window Display
Will be Held
On Th Main Floor
(Continued from page 1.
M.apuhot of ,''t.e of Wales, and his
German hostess, the queen of Wurtem-burg.
San Francisco. Cat.. April 17 Abbie
Kanakoa. the beautiful Hawaiian prin
cess, driven in d- spair by an affection
London. i.ng, April 12. X rapUfire
education fitly describes the manner an
which the young prince of Wales is be
ing prepared for his future position as
head of the British empire. He acquired
an amazingly fluent mastery of the
French language during a three '
months' visit with the count and
countess de Breteulll, close friends of '.
his mother. In Paris. He has been en- ,
tered at Oxford, where he has a corps j
of private tutors and an Instructor of j
bagpipes; and now he has been sent to '
tJrEknaaiftffi dfJS": t urtemberg. to learn German, the Ian-
of the French army, arrived here to-! uase of his ancestors. The prince was
day after a 500 mile trip over the
Sahara desert One of the machines car
ried Col. Boutteaux as a tmssenger. The
entire flight was made without escort.
Dan M. Jackson. Presiding.
Josephine Crosby et aL vs. H.
A Ismail fire in the basement of the
furnishing store belonging to Harry
Swain called the Central fire depart
ment to the Texas and Mesa corner
Thursday afternoon. There was no
damage done to the building or contents.
-To Women-
Seeking: Health andStrenth
" For those ills peculiar to women Dr. Pierce -
jsj recommends his "Favorite Prescription" as rg
I i A medicine Dreoared bv regular graduated obvsician of nnns- ill
delighted when he heard that he was
io oe ine guest or tne King and queen i
of Wurtemberg. during his stay in Ger
many, as both his host and hostess are
enthuslasttic lovers of all branches of
outdoors, as is the young Prince, who
expects his stay in Wurtemberg to be i
uuc; tvu vavrCfciiuu.
A medicine prepared by regular graduated physician of unus
ual experience in treating woman's diseases carefully adapted
to work in harmony with the most delicate feminine constitution.
All medicine dealers bave sold it with satisfaction to cus
tomers for the past 40 years. It is now obtainable in liquid or
sugar-coated tablet form at the drug store or send 50 one-cent
stamps for a trial box, to Buffalo.
Every woman may write fully and confidentially to Dr. Pierce,
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., and may be
sore that her case will receive careful, conscientious, confidential
consideration, and that experienced medical advice will be given
to her absolutely free.
Or, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and invigorate stomach, Uv
er and bowels. Sagar coated, tiny granales easy to take as candy.
Newsboy Pulled His Beard.
If Frank Carlo, who has been de
scribed as the loudest mouthed news
boy in New York, had only stopped
to reason that It is not the usual thing
for a person, to return to have his
beard pulled a second time after once
suffering that indignity, the newsboy
might not be serving a l(Way sen
tence in the workhouse. Simon Marks,
whose long, flowing beard Carlo had
pulled, returned, but not unattended,
for a short distance away stood De
tective Keller, who witnessed the sec
ond pulling. New York Evening Tele
gram Real Test.
There Is something finer than to
do right against Inclination, and that
la to have an Inclination to do right.
There is something nobler than re
luctant obedience, and that Is Joyful
obedience. The rank of virtue is not
measured by Its disagreeableness, but
by its sweetness to the heart that
loves it The real test of character
Is Joy. For what you rejoice in, that
you love And what you love, that
you are like. Henry van Dyke.
i if' aSiBJHjaSBfeA
F 'jJbbbBERbBf HSIk'EP
WM'mK Hi m
&l ' juJbbWSL v It -Pl
f ... . SiH
the passage of senate bill 22, C B
Wood's general law for the levy and
collection of taxes.
Again, It may have been the final
passage of house bill Xo. 36, appropri
ating $25,000 for the third extraordi
nary session of the legislature. This
Mil was introduced in the house by tha
appropriations committee and rushed
through that body within four hours.
Quicker work was mad. ox it Id the
senate. It was nearly six oclock when
the senators reached it, but they waited
long enough to pass it and give orders
that it be sent bak to the house for
transmission to the governor.
The second session cost $60,030. This
time the appropriation was made for
just half as much, in the expectation
that the session would last only 30
Pay fer Convicts.
Senate bill No. IS, by Hughes, was
postponed Indefinitely after the only
real fight of the day. The vote' was 10 to
nine in favor of the motion to poet
pone indefinitely.
First an amendment was adopted
changing the amount that could be
paid convicts in one year for working
on roads from 130,000 to 313.000.
Hughes, the author, said that 313,000
-would be sufficient to keep 300 men
on the roads during the months in
whiefa. they could be worked to advan
tage. Declaring that the bill "was con
ceived in sickly and maudlin senti
ment," Pace moved its Indefinite post
ponement. In reply, Hughes named a number of
states that pay convicts more than 25
cents a day for "working on roads,
This is the first administration meas
ure to be killed at this session. One of
governor Hunt's most cherished dreams
was to see the convicts paid something,
even if only 36 cents a day.
Taxation Measures.
There was no division on senate bill
Xo. 32, a general law for the levy and
collection of taxes, but Breen, Brown.
Willis. Lovin and Sims voted against
C B Wood's other tax bill. No. 3. Their
objections were numerous.
This is the bill extending the duties
of the tax commission and laying down
rules for the state board of equaliza
tion, which shall consist, under this
act. of the tax commissioners. Bab
bitt has two bills pending in the house
that cover the same ground, but his No.
13 provides that the board shall con
sist of the tax commissioners, auditor
and chairman of tne corporation com
mission. Three Cent Fares.
The three cent fare bill also went
through. Hubbell. Sims and Willis voted
against It.
Senate bill IS. by Breen, giving cities
the right to incur Increased indebted
ness for the purpose of constructing
setters, water plants and lighting sys
tems, was passed without division.
The following senate code bills were
No. 4, mortgages: No. 7, license and
occupation taxes; No. 8, horticultural
commission. No. 9 would have passed,
but on motion of Sims was sent back to
the enrolling and engrossing committee
with instructions that an emergency
clause be added.
Xew Senate Dili.
Following are the new bills intro
duced in the senate Wednesday:
No. 42 By a B. Wood, exhibition of
live stock at San Diego exposition.
No. 43 By Cunnlff, requiring foreign
corporations organized under the laws
of Arizona to appoint the corporation
commission as its resident agent, or
attorney,, upon whom legal processes
may be served.
No. 44 By Lovln. providing for the
establishment ot restricted d'stricts in
cities and the regulation of immoral
No. 45 By C B. Wood, establishing a
state reclamation department which
shall proceed With the money derived
from the sale, of WMM.00 wrth of
bond:. This Is the same as old senate
bill No. 17.
Aimed at Railroads.
No. 4 By H. R. Wood, requiringn all
railroads doing business In Arizona to
maintain general offices within the
No. 47 Bv Lovin. aooronrlatiiur ISfi.-
f 000 for the fair at San Francisco and
f-v.vvv ior ine oaji uiego iair.
No. 48 By Brown, for tha submission
of a constitutional amendment which
will make it possible for the people to
vote the 130.000.000 bond issue men
tioned in Wood's Irrigation bill, of
which Brown Is the real author.
Lovin's bill appropriates the same
amount for the expositions as does the
measure Introduced by Weasel the day
before, but it is divided differenllv.
Vessel would give $55,000 to San Fran
cisco and $50,000 to San Diego.
Are Outlined: Alnln Trln A. !
tracts 37 Thus Far.
Luncheon attendance at the Thurs
day chamber of commerce get together
meeting was a little lighjt because cf
the big banquet to the San Antonians
Wednesday night. No formal talks
were made but Mr. Stiles outlined the
plan Xor .entertaining the Dallas dele
gation andurged all of the auto own
ers to meet at the Sheldon at 0:30
Sunday morning, with their cars, to
take the delegation for a ride over the
Andy Reeves, who has the Alpine
trip In charge, announced that there
were 37 who had signed up and it was
expected to take at least 50. The ex
cursion to Alpine will leave here next
Wednesday evening lni special Pullmans
Z. L. Cobb has beefe Invited to ge
with the party as the official orator.
No luncheon will be held next
Thursday, because of the Alpine excur
sion. The one to be held two weeks
later will be at the Sheldon grill, whan
Richard Burgee will speak on the new
laws and how they are working out
in practice. The luncheons to be held
at the Paso del Norte In the future
will be in the basement wind will be
the regular 50 cents business men's
luncheons, which are being served.
M. Paul, secretary of the KI Paso
Gun club, reported to the police today
that the club house on Sunset Heights
was broken into last night and a
number of flags stolen.
Mexican money is wavering around
45 oents oa the local market and Is ex
pected to go lower. There is a good
demand for the Mexican currency bv
men who are doing-business in Mexico.
and this has a tendency to keep th
price up. New York exchange is said
to be selling for $2.51 Mexican monn
in Mexico City, due to the demand f r
this class of paper by persons who ai
getting their Mexican money converted
into exchange.
Mexiean money orders are being pa..'
at 50 cents on the dollar at the Kl Pa?"
BoatofXice. as there is an agreemtn
between the two governments that al
such orders will be redeemed in gold
at the two to one rate.
The failure of the Mexican govern
ment to redeem Mexican money at c '
when it dropped below that mark.'
given as the reason for the preser
slump in the price of Mexican monev
There was a deposit of 310.000,000 gold
to protect the Mexican money and thi
was to be used in maintaining the
money at par. But the government ha
made no effort to do so, and the bank
ers believe that the money is not in
the treasury.
Old No. 1, the El Paso A Southwest
ern engine that stands In the park
back of the Southwestern building. i
being repainted. The new "Safetv
First" emblem Is being: painted on the
Ice Cream Freezer "The Wonder.''
Laurie Hardware Co.
Juan Gandara was convicted la fed
eral court Thursday of attempting to
pass raised $5 bills and was given two
years In the federal prison at Boon
viUe. Mo.
at the knee which the world's greatest
specialists have failed to cure, is on
her way to New York in the hope that
Dr. Friedmann, discoverer of the latest
anti-tubercular serum, may cure -her.
Plus IX. was not without a certaia
sense of humor. One day, while sit
ting for bis portrait to Healy, the
painter, speaking of a monk who bad
left the church and married, he ob
served, not without malice: "He has
taken his punishment into his owu
A 1
I -
25 GENT "DfliEK"
In a few moments your hair looks soft, fluffy, lustrous and
abundant No falling hair or dandruff.
Surely try a "Danderlae .Hair
uieanse- u you wish to immediately
doublehe beauty of your hair. Just
moisten a cloth .with Dandeiine and
draw it carefully through your hair,
taking one small strand at a time, this
will cleanse the hair of dust, dirt or
any excessive oil In a few moments
you will be amazed. Your hair will be
wavy, fluffy and abundant and possess
an incomparable softness, lustre and
luxuriance, the beauty and shimmer of
true hair health.
Besides bcautif inij V r hair nr ap
plication of Pandenne rt.srl,s ev.rv
particle of Dandruff, lUauses. tinfi
SffJBJriSf.oraU" ibS P1 forever atopa
ping Itching and falling hair. "
Danderiae la to the hair what fresh
showers of rain and sunshine are to
vegetation. It goes right to the roots.
Invigorates and strengtbens them. Its
exhilarating, stimulating and life-producing
properties cause the hatr to
grow abundantly long, strong an
beautiful. You can surely hare pretty, soft,
lustrous hair, and lots of It. If you will
lut c( t a -y, , , nt bottle of k- h i;,n s
Danderlne from anv drutr store or
toiiet iour i i - .. t u 1
t.d :rtm nl
If you have aegleeted your teeth
utd have lost some or stoat of
them do not wait until yon. lose
the opportunity of replacing those
teeth with Bridge Work.
They require no more care than
aiural teeth ad are as firm and
restore the natural esfweeaion in
Many instances better than ever.
If you need artificial teeth re
nenther we guarantee perfect sat
tsfactkm. No cheap material nsed.
We use ail the latest methods
known to modern dentistry for
painloac operations.
We give Kitioas Oxide and Oxy
gen, the only sate anaesthetic for
extracting and painless cavity
Gold Crowns, 22kt. '&I Art
Bridge Work $O.UU
Painless Extractkw, PA
Teeth cleaned DUC
New York
Over Silberberg's Jewelry Store,
Cor Mesa Ave. and Texas St.
El Paso, Texas.

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