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Clean Sweep
Hr Bb flsTS
i n mssfc .a? bsk .flssi & hh M nay nsu
mm '
H : I Zr 'i JilMN fkrfl llll V71 af
We Prepay
All Packages By
2r MM Parcels Post
Clean Sweep Sale of
Children's Handkerchiefs
Children's -white crossbar lawn hemstitched hand
kerchief, regular 5c values, Extra Special OQ
for second week of Clean Sweep Sale, per dotiiOt
Children's colored border lawn handkerchiefs A O
Extra Special at, per dozen
Women's Handkerchiefs
Crossbar . lawn embroidered corner handkercinefs,
full sine, superior quality, values to Q
20c; second week of sale '
All-linen handkerehiefs, plain and initial, value to
16c; Extra Special next IOC
All-linen hand embroidered handkerchiefs, in all
white and with colored embroidered design, values
to 26c; Extra Special next 1 Cr
week v ;: -v: feC
All-linen embroidered eonter handkerchiefs, fine
sheer linen, values to 35c; Extra Special O i"k
for second week of Ctean Sweep Sale .... y y
Imported all-linen hand embroidered handkerchiefs,
1MX JT k ' ' 15 7 "
tra Special next
Men's Handkerchiefs
Fall she all-linen handkerchiefs, our regular 15c
grade; Extra Special for second week -I f
of Clean Sweep Sale XV.V.
All-linen initial handkerchiefs, Longfellow or script
initial, regular 26c grade; "I Qr
Extra Special . .
Men's extra large sise sheer -white lawn handker
chiefs; Extra Special for second -week Q
of Clean Sweep Sale 0,u
(Limit six.)
Monday Glove Specials
16-button length fine quality imported Milanese silk
gloves, m Waek, white and pongee, double finger tips,
Extra Special Monday Q
16-button length silk gloves, in black, white OQ
and colors; Special Monday, pair O 1
16-button length silk gloves, extra heavy quality, in
Waek, white and colors; tf- OQ
Special Monday, pair pi.O
$2.00 SILK GLOVES $1.89
Kayser's novelty tucked silk gloves, 16-button
length, in black, white and pongee; $2.00 1 Q Q
quality; Extra Special Monday, pair . . . . P A .07
Neckwear at Half Price
Beginning Monday, we offer all our high grade neck
wear at half-price. This includes all our hand made
Irish crochet neckwear, all hand embroidered ck
wear and all real lace neckwear, ranging in price
from $2.00 to $350. (n isle Monday at HALF
Clean Sweep Sale of
Tourist Cases
All ntbber lined tourist cases will be on sate Man
day at special Clean Sweep price. Covered -with
cretonne, aflk, corduroy and various other materials.
Clean Sweep prices as follows:
50c Cases at 36c
75c and 89c Cases al 59c
$1.00 Cases al 69c
$125 Cases at 89c
$130 Cases at 99c
$2.00 Cases at $129
75c Jewelry Novelties 15c
As an extraordinary Cfean Sweep special for Mon
day, -we offer jewelry novelties of all kinds, in
Second Week Still Greater
Values Don't Fail To Attend
t ? t &w Jf- l t v vnsfsj Mt i v tE&
Me M. ?C Xs, jm$M$m Ekwkzf M&m .or v- I
rll "'OI IB li r i i I H ill
111 Ulll
jlifiIi IIBWI? IP
Second WeekValues in Ready-to- Wear
Sale of Lingerie Dresses
values tip to vac, at eaoiee lac xne oner emnraees
Black brooch, pine Gold top bar pins
Belt pins Parisian ivory fans
Collar pin sets Initial bar pin sets
Pearl cuff links Stone set bar pins
Black bar pine . Tie elasps
Fancy brooch pins Silver peoeils
Gold collar pins Silver bar pins
Fancy hat pins Fancy back combs
Bead necklaces Gold bracelets
Choice 15c
$5.00 Linen Dresses $2.89
A wide range of choice in dresses made of plain and fancy
liaenS, striped and plain ratines. They have collar and cuffs
of plain or fancy material, and some have embroidered design
on waist. All sises are offered, and values range regularly up
to $5.00; Special for second -week of dJO QQ
Ctean Sweep Sale at .OU
$10.00 Linen Dresses $5.79
A large assortment of linen and ratine dresses, mostly one of
a kind. In addition to plain tailored styles, coat and other
. fancy styles are shown. Special mention is made of te two
color combinations, that is dresses -with skirt of one color
and eoat effect of another. la addition to white and natural
these dresses come in all the "wanted" shades. They are
values to ?10.00; Extra Special for tfjC 7Q
second week of sale at PJ
linen Dresses of the Better Sort
YALUES TO $13.50 AT $?-8
VALUES TO $17.50 AT 8.8
YALUES TO $1950 AT v ?9.9B
-Linen Coats 79c
FmH length coats, made of pure Irish lines eras. They are
high collar effects and very suitable for automobile use. $1.60
values; Extra Special second week of 7Qf
, dean Sweep Sale 7i'
All Other Linen Coats Reduced
$25 YALUES ' M
$2.95 YALUES $1-5
$3.96 VALUES 2-79
Proportionate reductions on the higher priced garments.
$10.00 Fancy Voile Dreeses $3.98
In this Extra Special you -will find alt the latest styles in
steer Summer dresses, made of fancy voile, tissue and dimity,
' striped, flowered and other designs, in dainty Summer col
orings including black and -white effects. Trimmed -with em
broidery, lace frills, vestee effects of net, fancy Swiss yokes,
etc Regular values to $10.00; Extra Special 40 QO
for second week of Clean .Sweep Sale P0270
$4.95 Fancy Voile Dresses $2.89
Dainty Summer dresses, of fancy voile and batiste, in Dolly
Varden, rosebud and striped designs, in light Summer eolor
ines. Made -with fancy collar and cuffs and laee trimmed.
Regular $3.96 and $4.96 values ; Speeial
for second -week of sale at
....; $7.45
14;50 , $9.98
All lingerie dresses from the simplest to the most elaborate
are included in Clean Sweep Sale; also all -white voile and
crepe dresses. Reductions are certainly remarkable, consid
ering that this is only the beginning of toe lingerie dress sea
Valves to $7.96
Values to $9.96
Values to 12-75
Values to $19.60
a..0..'25:" - $14.85
The higher priced dresses at equally as attractive reductions.
$2.95 Lingerie Dresses $1.79
Fancy white dresses, of eyelet embroidery, trimmed with wide
laee insertion and edging, all sizes, regular $2.95 values;
Special for second week of d " 7Q
Clean Sweep Sale P A 27
Lingerie Dresses at $2.98
An Extra Special in lingerie and white voile dresses that you
cannot afford to overlook. These dresses look like $7.50 gar
ments, but they will be on sale next week at $2.98. They are
trimmed with wide lace in shadow effect, also with Cluny and
Val lace, and some are embroidered effects. Extra Special
for second week of dean 9 QQ
Sweep Sale at $d,UO
Junior Lingerie Dresses 79c
Pretty lingerie dresses, for juniors and misses, trimmed with
laee insertion. Come in sizes 13, 15 and 17; 7Q,r
Extra Special next week JC
Sale of Silk Dresses
Crepe de Chine crepe meteor charmeuse faile and foulard
in all colors, light and dark, including all the new Spring
shades. There is also a good selection in black silk dresses.
VALUES TO $9.95 AT $4.98
VALUES TO $1450 AT $7.89
VALUES TO $19.50 AT -. $9.98
VALUES TO $25.00 AT .'. $12.86
VALUES TO $29.50 AT $15.98
VALUES TO $35.00 AT $17.85
VALUES TO $3950 AT -. $18.75
Sale of Evening Dresses
Our entire stock of evening dresses is offered at Clean Sweep
prices. For next week we call special attention to evening
dresses, in values to $50.06, on sale at $26.00
$4.95 Khaki Riding Skirts
Divided skirts, made of army khaki,
in all sizes, $450 and $45 values;
Special for second week O OQ
of Clean Sweep Sale at PO.Oi7
Khaki Bloomers $1.25
Bloomers made of good light weight
khaki, all aizes, regular $1-95 values;
Special for second week 1 OC
of Clean Sweep Saks at . . P A J
Clean Sweep Sale of
Warner's, Koyal Worcester, Redfern, B am Spirite,
Bon Ton and Modart Front-Laced Corseta!! axe
reduced in price for this sale.
' Regular $1.00 Corsets 79c
Regular $1.50 Corsets $ U9
Regular $2.00 Corsets $1.49
Regular $2.50 Corsets $J-S9
Regular $3.00 Corsets $239
Regular $4.00 Corsets $2S5
Regular $5.00 Corsets..... $3.49
$1.50 Corsets $1.00
We have 10 dozen of these special corsets left for
next week's selling. They are made of Summer
weight French batiste, with embroidery trimmed
top. They are medium low bust with extra long
hip and have six hose supporters. Regular $150
corsets; by special arrangement with the manufac
turer we are able to offer a limited ff
quantity only at if 3. W
$1.95 Silk Vests $1.35
Superior quality glove silk vests, in pink and light
blue only, well taped, worth regularly up to $1.95;
Extra Special for second week 1 OC
of Clean Sweep Sale L mJJ
$1.75 Union Suits $1.28
Extra fine quality mercerized silk lisle union suits,
low neck, sleeveless. and Knee lengin. nave Hem
stitched neck and shoulder straps, tight or lace trim
med knee; reinforced crotch. Worth regularly up
to $1-75; Extra Speeial t?1 OQ
Extra Specials in
Crepe de Chine Underwear
Crepe de Chine combinations, in white, pink and blue.
Made of fine quality all-silk crepe de Chine. Hand
somely trimmed in Val, shadow and Cluny lace, net
and medallions. Values range regularly up- to
$950; Extra Special second wek 4 QC
of Clean Sweep Sale Pti7eJ
Crepe de Chine combinations, values up Q rj
to $1350; Extra Special at $Kj,xJ
Clean Sweep Sale of
$1.25 Muslin Shirts 83c
Sheer Summer shirts, made of white crossbar mus
lin, soft cottar, regular $1.25 values; &"(
Extra Special Monday OOC
$4.50 Lingerie Waists $1.95
Very sheer, dainty lingerie waists, made of lawn,
lingerie cloth, batiste and voile. They have round
and square low necks and short sleeves. Daintily
trimmed with shadow and Val lace, colored em
broidered designs and touches of color. Values up
to $450; Extra Special for second 1 QJ?
week of sale Hli7U
There are over 500 sheer dainty lingerie waists fat
this special. They come in a great variety of styles.
Have high and low necks, long and short sleeves.
Trimmed with French Val and shadow lace, net and
Organdie, also embroidered and trimmed with,
touches of color. The values are rp to $2.00; Extra
Special for second week of C e
Clean Sweep Sale, choice OOC
Hundreds of sheer, dainty, lingerie waists, all low
neck Summer styles, with short sleeves. Nicely
trimmed with French Val, shadow and Venise lace.
All sizes are offered, from 34 to 44. Regular 95e
waists; Extra Speeial for second week CQ-
of Clean Sweep Sale JC
$6.00 Hand Bags $2.45
A big lot of high grade hand bags, in matt seal, pin
seal, walrus, Morocco and suede in black and colors.
Good shapes. Have gilt, gunmetal and silver
frames. Lined with leather or silk. There are val
ues in the lot as high as $6.00; you 0 4C
have choke Monday only at . . t $ CJ
$10.00 Novelty White Bags $1.45
A lot of novelty white hand bags, in Irish crochet,
princess and macrame lace; also silk, white kid and
beaded novelties. These bags are mostly the draw
string type. They are values np to $10.00; to close
out, offered Monday - A C
at, choice L tJ
Linen Suits Half Price
The second week f Clean Sweep Sale we offer all linen sails al
Half-Price. This is certainly a remarkable offer to make right al
the height of the linen suit season! There is a wide range of choice
in Russian, Cossack, Irish, Bagdad and other novelty linens. The
color range embraces tans, natural, grays, navy, Copenhagens, rose,
lavender, black, wisteria and while. The styles are loo numerous to
describe. It is sufficient to say that all the newest styles both plain
and fancy are shown. The she range is complete, including extra
sizes.' There is absolutely no reverse whatever. Every linen suit in
the store will be on sale next week at exactly HALF PRICE.
Sale of Wash Skirts
In addition to wool skirts, we also offer Clean Sweep prices on our en
tire stock of wash skirts. There is a wide range of choice in linen,
linene, repp and ratine.
$1.25 Values al 89c $1.95 Values al $139
$1.45 Values al 98c $2.75 Values al $1.89
$1.75 Values al $129 $3.95 Values al $2.49
Equally as attractive reductions on the higher priced skirts.
Monday Only
$4.95 Fine Silk Princess Slips $3.39
Princess slips made of best quality messaline silk. Come in light blue,
pink, Kile, yellow and white. They are finished at the bottom with
pleated flounce; top is trimmed with Val lace. Our regular $4.95
values; Extra Special Monday (fcO QQ
only 95.5c7
(Limit one to a customer.)
Clean Sweep Sale of
Wool and Silk Suits
All remaining wool and silk suite will be on sale next week at the foHotoiiw; prices. There is
a good variety of ehoiee in these suits, not only in styles, but in fabrics and colors. AH sises
are offered, including extra sizes. If you need a wool or silk suit, you certainly should not
fail to take advantage of these prices.
$14.50 SUITS .$7.25 $32.50 SUITS $16.25
$19.50 SUITS $9.75 $35.00 SUITS :.-. .$17.50
$25.00 SUITS $12.50 $39.50 SUITS $19.75
$29.50 SUITS $14.75 $45.00 SUITS .$22.50
The higher priced suits are reduced accordingly.
Monday Specials
Toilet Articles
26c Packer's Tar Soap 19c
35c bars (1-2 lb.) 4711 White .Rose Gty-
eerine Soap 27c
50c Bulk Perfumes, all odors; Special per
ounce 36c
50c bottles (S oz.) Lambert's Listerine 36c
50c bottles 4711 Bath Salts, all odors. .38c
Monday afternoon from 3 to 4 o'clock we
wilt sell
1,000 bars will be sold at this price. No
telephone orders none delivered none
sold to children or messenger boys.
$1. 00 House Dresses 79c
(Dust Caps to Match.)
Striped percale house dresses, with dust cap to
match. These dresses are good material and
well made. Button in front with pearl buttons.
Our regular $1.00 values; Extra Special WA
second week of Clean Sweep Sale uC
Dresses at $1.00
When you attend Clean Sweep Sale Monday do
not fail to see the special rack of dollar dresses.
The dresses on this rack are mostly odds and
ends and broken lots and are values up to $1-95.
They are ginghams, percales and lawns, in all
colors both plain colors and fancies and all
sizes. Any dress you select from ( ff
this rack is a bargain at P A . jj
Sale of Silk Petticoats
The second week of Clean Sweep Sale we feature silk petticoats. Our
entire large stock of silk petticoats, in all styles and shades, will be on
nam next week at radical price reductions. In considering the prices
noted below, we ask you to remember that all White House silk petti
coats are guaranteed!
$2.95 Silk Pettkoats s$2J9
$3.95 Silk Petticoats $2j89
$4.95 Silk Petticoats $3.75
$6.75 Silk Petticoats $4.89
The higher priced petticoats are reduced aeeordingly.
Sale of Swiss Negligees
In addition to reminding you that Clean Sweep reductions are of
fered on our entire stock of fancy white Swiss negligees, we call partic
ular attention to two Extra Specials for next week, which are as follows.
Extra Special No. 1 Extra Special No. 2
White Swiss negligees, values to White Swiss negligees, values to
5: $2.49 it $3.59
$3.95 Silk Kimonos $2.50
Full leneth kimonos, made of Japanese kimono silks, in floral, pom
padour, wisteria and other designs; trimmed with plain color bands, j
Loose and Empire styles, and regular $3.9o values; n Ci
Extra Special for second week of ('loan 5weep Sale at . . . V'v
Celebration Is One of Best
in History of the Town; a
Pretty Home Wedding.
Las Cruces. 2. St, July 8. With a
parade by the Are department, a. wa
ter battle and a number ot athletic
events, he Cruces had one of the
greatest celebrations In its histor
Friday. -
The water right between teams or
the lire department waa an excit
ing feature of the celebration.
After the parade in the morning the
company, under chief A. F. Katensteln,
gave an exhibition of the force and
carrying power of the fire hose. This
waa tried out upon several of the
extra curious people to the merriment
of others.
The egg race proved to be no race
at alL KvidenUy but few had been
trained for this. Of the dozen or more
boys who started In the race all but
one broke the egg rhich they were
carrying in a apoon. In the get away.
One boy, who won. walked along se
renely with no competition.
The boys' sack nu:e waa a cloaely
contested race and waa won by Tom
Thorn, of Organ. - w...i
Buger Red gave his first exhibition
in New Mexico at Las Cruces yeaterday.
riding the horse of A. L. Patrick after
it had thrown Walters, of Organ.
The game of baseball between the
Lbs Cruces Elks and the La Crucea
Greys was close, the Elks winning i
to 3. ......
In the nronco busting" contest
George Dorsey, cowboy for Walter
Ifossman, of Mesquite, won first
money. A couple of riders got spilled.
Btrre RefXnK KxettfaR.
The burro roping contest afforded
considerable ainuaeinent. The contes
tants were not allowed to throw the
burros on horse back, but after getting
their ropes on them, had to get off and
"bull dog" them, throw them by hand.
no man mftei- roTtinsr the burro, un
loosened the rope from the saddle. The
burro got away and waa not thrown.
Another man whose horse tightened
up on the rope at the wrong time, had
a burro pulled on top of him while he
was wrestling with It. but waa not
h,,rt- , ,.
In another ease a mans saddle
turned after he got off and that fright
ened the horse some and it kept go
ing and pulled the burro which had
been thrown to the ground and the
man which was on top of it. but he
kept on tying the bnrro, and finally
The cow pony race of 15e yarns ana
return was won by Lucero and was a
thrilling event, as there were several
Flht Oeeara.
The peace ot the town was marred
by a brawl in one of the saloons. Two
Mexicans and two Americans got in
a fight. Deputy sheriff Moreno took
the two Mexicans and one American
to jail.
Brrtty Heme WeMtagv
A pretty home wedding took place
at Woodlawn orchard. Old Mesilla, at
2:30 yesterday afternoon, when Miss
Raye Hines. daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
L. Hines. became the bride of Joseph
xm-.ov aaafotant nrofessor of horti
culture at State college. About 50
relatives and friends of the young
couple witnessed the ceremony, which.
-was performed by Rev. Clyde K. Camp
bell, pastor of the First Methodist
church, of Las Cruces. The bride wore
a beautiful white gown of embroidered
voile over white silk with veil caught
up in hood shape with white sweet
peas and carried a shower boquet of
bride's roses and sweet peas. She was
attended by her sister. Miss Gladys
Hines, who wore an old rose gown
and carried pink roses. The groom
was attended by his brother, James
Rigney, of El Paso. The bridal party
entered the parlor to the strains or
Mendelssohn's wedding march, played
by Mrs. James Rigney, and stood in
front of a beautiful arch made of as
paragus ferns with bunches of white
sweet peas, at regular spaces. On one
side of this arch stood the family and
immediate relatives of the bride, while
on the other side were the relatives
of the groom.
After congratulations refreshments
of ice cream and ca.o were served.
Misses Inea Buvens and Ada Hoagland
presided at the punch bowl during the
afternoon. The cutting of te bride s
cake, baked by the bride, resulted in
the receiving of the ring by Miss- Eliza
Fountain; Miss Ines Buvens the tum
ble, and Miss Nina Davis the wis
The home was beautifully decorated.
The stairway in the hall was banked
with asparagus and on the pedestal
was large. bowl of roses. The par
lor and dining room were decorated
with sweet peas and asparagus ferns
The porch was decorated with the na
tional colors. Many flags figured in
the porch decorations. A miniature
silk flag was presented to each guest
as a token.
Many of the guests living at a dis
tance came on the morning train and
were entertained at a luncheon at the
home of C E. Locke, near the Hines
home. The bride and groom were pres
ent. Mr. and Mrs. Rigney left Mesilla
Park on the 4:30 train for Cloudcroft,
where they will spend a couple of
weeks before returning to the new
home which awaits them in Mesilla
The following guests witnessed; the
marriage: Mr. and Mrs. C E. Locke.
Dr. and Mrs. Nehbel. Rev. and Mrs. C.
K. Campbell and Miss Helen Maddock,
Prof, and Mrs. Fabian Garcia. Prof.
and Mrs. Hare. Mr. and Mrs. James
Poe. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Me teal f. Mrs.
Claude Henry. Mrs. John George Mil
ler. Mr. and Mrs. Lytton Taylor: Misses
Inex BUTens, Ada Hoagland. Nina Davis
and Sadie Stuart: Mrs. Neil Cross,
Misses Carmen Gilliam. Edith Burke.
Ethel Foster and Gertrude Turney:
Messrs. Ogilvee. Donald Toung. Rupert
Stewart. Lowell Locke. Mrs. Turney
and children: Prof, and Mrs. Hoonland;
Mr. and Mrs. Rigney, father and mother
of the groom, two brothers and their
wives, and a sister, Mrs. Hannah; Mr.
and Mrs. Hines, father and mother of
the bride, and a sister and three broth
ers of the bride, and Miss Sadie Han
kins, aunt of the bride, from Ohio:
Mrs. ''Albert Fountain and three chil
dren, and Miss May Forwood.
Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Bundy and daugh
ter. Miss Ruth, left here this morning
for a two weeks' stay at Solidad can
yon. Mrs. Joseph Lowe and children will
leave here Sunday for a six weeks' stay
at San Diego. Calif.
Mrs. John Freeman will start for
Los Angefcs, Calif., on Sunday, to visit
her mother.
Mrs. C. T. Sperry left here this
morning for El Peso, after a visit -with
her son. Fay Suerry. who accompanied
her to El Paso, and will return this
evening. Mrs. Sperry will leave hi
Paso either today or tomorrow for
her home in Oakland. Calif.
Miss Delia De Berry and Benrettp
De Berry, of Cauntillo. Texas, returned
home this morning, after spen.line the
Fourth in the home of Rufus Henry.
Rev. Dr. Gass, of Albuquerque, spent
Saturday here.
Berino, N. M.. July 5. The United
States reclamation service has estab
lished a camp here, under the super
vision of engrineer Clyde Walters. The
camp is located about two miles below
Berino. in a crrove of trees near the P
Bpki-r Smith farm.
W. C Missman s forre of men if
roundinc up about 2oO head of cnttl
and is preparing: to ship them to H
zona The men are camned it Vi'lo
The Woman's Home Missitn so. . v
Continued on i.ise 2.)
'I he 5,
01 t. 01

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