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12 "Wednesday, October 1, 1913
JraPSN, JW$M3i wSkW i ess
?i-rs? i
I Jf Wg2: 1
NO druggist uses more Gare and esactness?in mix
ing his medicines than we do in mixing our Bus
ter Brown Bread. No housewife in the world uses
better ingredients than we use because there are no
better. It is no wonder then that
is the best bread baked. .If it were possible to make
better bread we would do so. But it is not. Buy our
bread every day. It is health insurance for you and
your family. Look for the name and be sure you get
the right kind.
Buster Brown Bread is wrapped in waxed paper
to keep it clean and sweet from our ovens to your
table 10c at all Grocers. '
The Lest boarding and day school for eirls in the sont west. Miss Slater and
Miss TafeL Principals. Address Mrs. Prances S. Weil, Business Director.
1111 Terrace Street, Sunset Heights. El Paso.
We Perfect Remove Correct
Tnshapely Noses, Outstanding
Ears, Drooping Eyelids, Hollow
Cheeks, Baggy Skin.
Pimples and Blackheads, Wrinkles
and Scars. Smallpox PJttings,
Warts, and Moles, Freckles, Su
perfluous Hair. Birth Marks.
Frowns and Furrows, Enlarged
Pores. Double Chin. Sallow Skin.
Red Nose.
Kaee Specialist of Chicago
Room 303 Herald Bui(dlag
BI Faao, Tex.
:last concert of
Summer band concerts are history for
this j ear. The second cavalry band
gave its last concert of the season in
Cleveland square Tuesday evening. The
concerts have been given by order of
Coi. Frank West, commandant at Fort
Bliss, complimentary to the people of
Prompt Se rvice
l -1
El Paso. These concerts have been the
most enjoyaDie summer musical uivei
sion in El Paso, and the programs
played by the cavalry band have been
of unusually high standard.
It tastes of fine beef, freshi
vegetables and seasoning and is
the best kind of light lunch. It satis
fies the stomach and sends. the blood
circulating afresh. It is made from
Armour's Bullion Cubes
A Cnbe to a Cup
In boxes of 12, SO and 100 from Grocers and
Druggists everywhere
Samples free on rtqnest
B est Wo r k
is Real Bonilloif
Try ushy phoning to have one of our
wagons call loday for your garments
which need cleaning.
' Our process renews the fabrics, bright
ens the colors, raises the nap and restores
the garments to the freshness of new
You will find our service convenient
and economical We give all Work Te
ceived our careful and prompt attention.
Wright s
Cleaning Wo
Phone 343
Church Affairs
The first fall meeting of the PhUa
thea class of the First Baptist church
was held in the church parlors. Plans
for the winter's work of the class
were discussed and the following of
ficers elected: Honorary teacher. Dr.
H. F. AVright; teacher, Mrs. H. F.
Wright; president. Miss Iduma Hughes;
vice president. Miss Dove Husbands;
secretary. Miss Luella "Williams; as
sistant secretary, Mrs. E. R. Taft;
tieasurer. Miss Kathryn McKnight; re
porter. Miss Clara Romero; chairman
membership committee, MrsJ J. A- Ma
con; visiting committee, Mrs. L. A.
Rlggs; flower committee, Mrs, William
The prayer meetings conducted on
Tuesday afternoon by the women of
Trinity Methodist church were well at
tended at the various homes of the
members, more than 50 being present.
Mesdames C, J. Oxley. I. N. Winans, C.
C. Corbin, TV. A. Traylor and R. T.
Woods were leaders of the different
branches held. Most of them were at
the homes of "shut-ins." Mrs. Oxleys
subject was "The Barren Fig Tree;
Mrs. Winans. "Prayer;" Mrs, Corbin s,
"The Ten Virgins;" Mrs. Traylor's.
"Trust," and Mrs. Woods was the lead
er at the prayer service held at the
home of Mrs. R. Moreman's, at 2900
Finley avenue.
The Central division of the women
of the. First Presbyterian church met
on Tuesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. James A- Pick. A new chairman
for the year was eletced with an ad
Tisory board. Mrs. Harris Walthall
was elected chairman and the advisory
board will consist of Mrs. John I
Dyer and Mrs. Walter Irwin. Plans for
the year's work were made and the
season will be opened with a tea at the
home of Rev. and Mrs. C. L. Over
street afternoon, October 9.
The Sunday school of the First
Presbyterian church Is holding a meet
ing this evening at the church, pre
vious to the prayer meeting, under
the direction of L. I. Robinson.
The Aid society of the First Congre
gational church will meet on Thursday
afternoon at 3 oclock at the home of
Mrs. Charles B. Stevens, 215 West Bou
levard, j
The Sunday school teachers of the
First Presbyterian Sunday school will
hold a meeting tonight previous to the
prayer meeting, which will be in
charge of L. L. Robinson.
The Woman's Missionary society of
tho Alta Vista M. E, church will meet
Thursday, October1 2, at the chapel. In a
business session.
T. J. Jones, who left Wednesday for
Columbus. Ohio, where he will be
permanently locatea, was given an In
formal farewell party at the parsonage
of the First Presbyterian church Tues
day evening by the elders and trustees
of the church and the officers of the
Men's club. Mr. Jones was president
of the Men's club and was given a re
membrance by the club In appreciation
of his service.
y Y -Y-
Circle 1 and 5 of the First Methodist
church met on Tuesday afternoon at
paper novelties were made for the i
Halloween restivai, wmcn is 10 ue
held at the church on Hallowe'en.
Women's Organizations
Wlia 1I,attnro nf the Wnmnn'a rlllb
met on Tuesday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. S. J. Fennell with the purpose
of planning to assist the high school
in the lyceum course which will be
given by the high school during the
winter. The directors held conference
with Miss Verna Vastine. who Is repre
senting the bureau in this city at the
present time.
Miss Hattle Mae Loretz Is entertain
ing the Beta Beta club this afternoon.
The "Merry Gossipers" were delight
fully entertained on Tuesday afternoon
by Mrs W. S. Dawson at her home. 1505
North Kansas street. Refreshments
were served. The club will meet on
October 7 with Mrs. H. B.' Goodwin at
827 Federal street.
jt jt J
"Rally Day" was held at the central
room of the Young Women's Christian
association on Tuesday night. The
rooms were elaborately decorated in
cosmos in various hues and an Inter
esting program was given. The first
number on the program was instru
mental music by Misses Delia Klefer
and Lillie Wetherford. Miss Mary
Alice Jones then gave some delight
ful readings and Mrs. I. I Lehman
rendered a vocal solo. Miss Anita Cor
bin then gave several readings and the
announcements of the different classes
of the association were made. The
bible class announcements were made
Mcllree announced that the beginners'
class in gymnastics will meet on
Thursday evening at 8 oclpck; and the
advanced class on Friday night at 8
oclock. Miss C. N. Wynn .announced
the Spanish class meeting on Friday
evening at 7:15. Several of the girls
of the gymnasium class of last year
gavea domnt-sM at.cn of the work an!
refresnmenis in cheipe of the gir s
were ci-d bv Mr?. H. B. Durkee and
Mrs. I. W. Dctifi' r After the pro
gram was c mrlt'led a delightful social
hour was enjejed
School Notes
At -a meeting of the supporters of
the High School orchestra, held yester
day evening after school, Miss Mar
jorie Livesley was elected temporary
chairman. This movement was started
by Miss Llvesly. Several aspirants
were present Names of the various
students and instruments were men
tioned. For the Violin, Elgle Means,
Misses Marjorie Livesly and Erin Mid
dleton, and Ellis Wingo, will be tried
out Miss Paqulto Clemons will have
the flute, Russell Koch and Harry
Ginsberg are candidates for the drum.
Misses Bessie Richardson. Kathleen
Faris, Dorothy Congdon, Jimmle Wil
lis and Harry Welsch, have been men
tioned as aspirants for the piano. The
clarinet will have two representatives.
Crawford Williams was named to play
the cornet Miss Ruth Keaton and
George Newell are also aspirants for
the piano. As the above material is
chosen from the most promising musi
cians of the High school, an excellent
organization is expected by local sup
porters. Lodges and Clubs
The "Ladies of the Maccabees" are
meeting in social session this after
noon at the Knights of Columbus hall.
The Degree of Honor will hold its
regular meeting on Tuesday, October
7. A called meeting of the order was
held on Tuesday afternoon at the lodge
rooms to transact business.
Why do you wear gloves? To hide
your nails? If you have us manicure
your nails once a week you need never
be ashamed of them. Elite Parlors, 216
Texas St Advertisement,
Conducted by
Telephones 2020 or 2040, day;
and 145, nlsht-
3 Tonight.
O Meeting of the Sunday school
teachers of the First Presby-
terian church. &
5 Thursday. -
Missionary union meeting at
the First Presbyterian church.
- - I
Mrs. J. A. Dickey entertained on
Tuesday evening with a delightful
bridge party in honor of Miss Hazel
Tutcher, of Spokane, Wash. Only
neighborhood friends were present.
Five prizes were awarded. The guest
of honor was presented with a beautiful
theater cap; J. A. Bennett won the
first prize for the men, a deck of cards;
a Japanese dresser scarf, the women's
first prize, was won by Mrs. J. L. Stark;
Mrs. J. A. Bennett won the second prize,
a menu book, and Mrs. J. L. Stark the
second prize for the women, which was
a miniature banjo. Mrs. Dickey was
assisted in entertaining and serving the
refreshments by Mrs. E. Hulette. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Ben
nett, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Stark. Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Croom, Mr. and Mrs. R, C.
Wal8he, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kohler;
Messrs. William Caldwell, H. Oldham;
Miss Hazel Tutcher.
& & &
The Wednesday Bridge Whist club Is
meeting this afternoon with Mrs. J. D.
w 3t &
The Friday Bridge Whist club will
meet today in business session at the
residence of Mrs. W. W. Turney. On
Friday afternoon they will hold their
first social meeting of the season with
Mrs. John L. Dyer.
The Friday Bridge club will meet on
Friday with Mrs. F. W. McConnelJ.
" El Paaoans Away
Mrs. H. M. Hazzard has left for
Mount Vernon, Texas, 'and wiU be away
fot; sbc weeks.
Mrs. V. B. Reggio has gone to New
York city, traveling by way of the G.
H. T. Bowie will leave the first of
next week for Albuquerque, N. M.,
where he wille joined by Mrs. Bowie,
who has been spending a month visit
ing relatives in Denver, Loveland and
Evans, Colo.
C E. Stratton. general manager of
the TrI-State Telephone company, at
El Paso, has left on a business trip to
Dallas and Denver. -
Dr. R. B. Homan leaves tonight for
Albuquerque, N. M. to attend the meet
ing of the State Jledical association of
New Mexico, carrying credentials as
the fraternal delegate from the Texas
State Medical association.
T. J. Janes left today for Columbus,
Ohio, where he will be vice president
of the Columbus Gas and Fuel company.
Mrs. Jones and the children. Lawrence
and Helen, will go to Columbus a little
About El Pasoans
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Stewart, of Alta
Vista, are rejoicing over the arrival of
a seven pound boy.
Flat Foot a Common Aliment
That xhoulil Xot Be Neglected.
Flat foot, or falling arch as it is
sometimes called. Is a common enough
ailment and one that should not be neg
lected. The "Trufit" adjustable arch
lift will restore the arch to natural
position and will give you foot com
fort, such as you have probably not
known for years. The Trufit" is the
only arch lift that can be adjusted by
the wearer. It can be raised or lowered
at will,' merely by a turn of the adjust
ing screws We are so thoroughly con
vinced of the merit of "Trufit" arch
lifts that we guarantee- their comfort
and fit. If you suffer from weak or
flat feet do not delay the purchase of
a pair of "Trufit" adjustable arch lifts
The price Is S2.50 pair. Also sold
Scott AVhtte & Co., Willis Bldg.
See "The Fire IJugs at the Grecian
Thursday. (Advertisement)
Southwestern Fuel Co.
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teed. Phone 53L-j-Advertlsement
Longwell's Auto Baggage Trucks for
quick service. (Advertisement)
See "The Fire Bugs" at ttie Grecian
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If yon have a heating plant, let us
fill your bin now with Swastika coal;
greatest heat values for your money.
Southwestern Fuel Co., phone 531.
lust ring phone 531 and let us take
care of your needs. Southwestern Fuel
Co. Advertisement
Nobpdy can Tell when yoif
Darken Gray, Faded Hair
with Sage Tea. .
Grandmother kent her hair beautiful
ly darkened, glossy and abundant with
a brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur, i
Whenever her hair fell out or took
on that dull, faded or streaked appear
ance, this simple mixture twas appiieu
with wonderful effect. By asking at
any drug store -for "Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur Hair Remedy," you will get a
large bottle of this old-time recipe,
ready to use, for about 50 cents. This
simple mixture can be depended upon
to restore natural color and beauty
to the hair and is splendid for dandruff,
dry, itchy scalp and falling hair.
A well-known downtown druggist
says everybody uses Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur, because It darkens so natural
ly and evenly that nobody can tell it
has been applied It's so easy to use,
too. You simply dampen a sponge or
soft brush and draw it through your
hair, taking one strand at a time. By
morning the gray hair disappears; ,
after another application or two, it i
is restored to its natural color and
looks glossy, soft and abundant Ad
vertisement I
Out UF J own Vinton c-sf H 1 i II lUx
t ti'.itA. i. nf TTninr. N. M "
Mrs. Shipman, of Fort Davis, Texas;
W. N. Roberts, of Pecos, Texas, and
John Bingham, of Las Cruces, N. M.,
are southwestern folk who are regis
tered at the hotel Sheldon.
C. T. Brown, mining expert at the
Socorro school of mines, is here from
Socorro, N. M., and Is staying at the
Paso Del Norte.
. ., .
j. A. .Miner, oi .iuumucivi"c, .... -u.. i
Orto B4umer, of Silver City, N. M.. and
J. E. iteinDurg, or. uanuiuiu, . .in., ug
at the Paso Del Norte.
H. Tyler, of Hermanas, N. M.; E.
Baca, of Albuquerque, N. M.; T. D. Love,
a cattleman, of Sierra Blanca. Texas;
F. S. Scholez, of Prescott, Ariz.; E. Gor
don, master mechanic of the Southwest
ern, at Tucumcari, N. M.. and D. Gough.
of Sierra Blanca, Texas, are registered
at the New Zeiger.
Mrs. Robert "ft alsn, who has been the
guest of Maj. and Mrs. J. S. Winn, at
Fort Bliss, left Tuesday for San Fran
cisco. She will sail for Manila to
jain Maj. Walsh.
E. W. Jones has gone to Kansas City,
traveling over the E. P. &; S. W.
.Y, ,v- .se.
J. W. McCarty left Tuesday for Kan
sas City.
Mrs. F. A. Schneidau leaves Wednes
day foi- New Orleans, over the G. . & S.
A. railway. She has been visiting her
son, T. H. Schneidau, for the past three
Mrs. W. V. Neil, of Beaumont, Texas,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. M. Stre
litz, of 3011 Bliss street.
Ed Hanks, of Houston. Texas, is In El
Paso on his way to San Francisco. Dr.
and Mrs. E. W. Bryan are entertain
ing him.
Mrs. D. E. McNail. of Sanderson, Tex.,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. B. Davis, of 13S1 Myrtle avenue-
Mrs. Charles T. Beresford and baby.
John Charles Beresford, have arrived
.. LAt linn... T.io Anf.al. in vid
Mrs. Beresford's mother. Mrs. w. J. !
Littell. of this city, uney win iirou
ably remain for two or three months.
Ttu ..ATiinr tf "Tiae "Tnrfnn "RranceS
Weil and Dr. John Wilson Tappan
will be solemnized this afternoon, at
the home of the bride's mother, Mrs.
Frences Weil, 154G Upson evenue, at
5 oclock. Rev. Charles L. Overstreet
will officiate and only members of the
families will be present Miss Weil
was former librarian at the EL Paso
public library and Dr. Tappan is phy
sician for the immigration service here.
Josephine Chavez and Gus Griggs
will be married at the home of the
bride, in Mesilla Park, N. M, October
15. Mr. Griggs" has been connected
with a number' of hotels in El Paso,
and has been the desk man at the
Lodge in Cloudcroft for a number of
years. He is well known here.
William George Ross and Miss Ruby
Lowe Carter, both of El Paso, were
married on ruesaay aiiemuun a. -
oclock at the parsonage of the Trinity
Methodist church. Rev. C. Wesley "W eb
dell. pastor of Trinity, officiating. They
were acompanied by Miss Fay Carter,
a sister of the bride; Mrs. C. C Kllway.
of Big Springs, Texas, and O. H. Frick.
of El Paso. Mr. and Mrs. Ross will be
at home at 111 Fisher street
airs. J. H. Hurxthal entertained on
Tuesday evening with a dellshtrul party
at her home on Frutas street "Hearts
was the game played and the prize, a
box of candy, was won by Mrs. F. B.
Hadlock. The dining table was deco
rated prettily In pink and white roses,
and the parlors were In white and red
dahlias. After the game, refreshments
of welsh rarebit and hot tamales were ;
served. The guests present were: Dr.
and Mrs. J. E. Keltner. Mr. and Mrs. F.
B. Hadlock, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mi'ler.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lewis; Miss Rose
Piatt: Messrs. Harry Engman, Thornton
Hardie, Frank T. Preisler. George Shan
non. Mrs S. T. Turner will entertain on
Thursday afternoon In honor of Mrs.
J. E. Barkley.
Knocks at Every Mae's Door
Don't expect her to kick in a panel. The early fall is the time to
instal a gas heater. Now is the time, don't wait. Your order will
receive prompt attention now. It's a real pleasure to pull your
chair up to an open fireplace-GAS HFATER, sit there watching
the blaze, forgetting all about the biting cold outside.
The very sight of this brings comfort to the body.
Gas Heaters $3.00 Up
E! Paso Gas & Electric Co.
425 North Oregon
J-l-ix JJj&S-Ajt
(What It
' HEN Mr. J. E. Segall came to El Faso, in lSOl,
and started an optical establishment lie
coined the above phrase. Today "Need Glasses?
Ask Segall" is the best known advertising phrase
in El Paso and throughout the entire Southwest.
This has been due not alone to persistent advertis
ing in newspapers and other mediums but to the
personal endorsement of Segall patrons who have
never failed to urge their friends to "Ask Segall"
when they required anything in the way of optical
work. "We cite these facts merely to show you that
you cannot go wrong if you depend on Segall for
optical work.
Segall Optical Co
230 Mesa Avenue
El Pasoans Returning
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vollertsen, and
daughter, Dorothy, have returned from
a trip to Iowa and Illinois.
Mrs. Dorsey Cullen has .returned to
Fort Bliss from spending a short time
in Fort Hancock.
H. J. Simmons has returned to El
anf if ted
Use Walnut-Tint Hair Stain to Retain
Their Attractiveness.
Nothing gives a woman,
the appearance of age
more surely than gray,
streaked, or faded hair.
Just a touch now and then
with Mrs. Potter's Walnut
Tint Hair Stain and presto I
Youth has returned again.
No one would ever sus
pect that you stained your
hair after you use this
splendid preparation. It
rloes not rub off as "dyes"
iin. nnd leaves the hair soft and fluffy, with
a.beantlf ul brown (or black) shade.
It only takes you a few minutes once a
month to apply Mrs. Potter's Walnut-Tint
Hair Stain. Stains only the hair, is easily
and quickly applied, and it is free from
lead, sulphur, silver and all metallic com
pounds. Has no odor, no sediment, no
grease. Onobottlaof Mrs. Potter's Walnut
Tint Hair Stain should last you a year.
Sells for J1.00 per bottle at first-class
druggists. We guarantee satisfaction.
Dont accept a substitute.
If you prefer a test before buying, send
your name and address and enclose 25 cents
(stamps or coin) and we will mall you,
charges prepaid, a trial package, in plain,
sealed wrapper, with valuable booklet on
the hair. Mrs. Potter's Hygienic Supply
Co, 19S9 Grpton Bldg.. Cincinnati. Ohio.
Or gend small strand of hair for us to
stain a3 sample, FREE. If you send sample
of Aalr. Indicate shade desired.
Stands For)
Paso from a trip to Europe, where he
spent most of the summer,
Miss Lemire Nebeker, who has spent
the summer In Santa Monica. Calif.,
visiting her father. Is expected to re
turn to the city soon, and will be the
guest of her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles R. Morehead.
On account of
Jewish New
Year our store
will be closed
Why study 6 months or & year In other
schools when we can fit you for a
stenographer's position in one-fourth of
that time? Our system endorsed by El
Paso's biggest business men. Our grad
uates holding best positions in El Paso.
Bookkeeping. Day & Night School.
Morehouse Block. Oregon & Texas.
Phone 5607.
Phone 3398.

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