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Sport and Society News Section ,lV 1 a
Sport and Society News Section
Quakers to Pay More Than New Yorkers to See the Big Series
1 Twenty Two Runners Join
Men WKo Will Fight For the World's Championship
"Steamer Al" Demaree, the Pitching Cartoonist of the Giants
New Marathon Association
Shibe Park Seating Space
Is Limited to 25,000 Fans
Play in the Championship Contest Between the Giants
and Athletics Will Start at20clock, Eastern Time.
Fifty Men, Eligible to Participate, Will
Share in Receipts of Pour Games.
NBW YORK. Oct. 2. Because
Shibe Park, in Philadelphia, will
seat only 26,89, while the Polo
gTountJi In New) York will accommo
date 40.000 spectators, prices will be
$1 higher in the Quaker City than in
New York, -when the Athletics and the
oiants meet in the world's series.
The games are to start at 2 oclock
pach afternoon so that none will have
to be called on account of darkness, i
Everr one of the mlhute details has
been arranged so there will be no
hitch when the players get on the
field in their uniforms ready to Knl
for the IS 13 world's championship. The
plans are . .
Time Beg ns in New York October
7 and dailv thereafter, except Sunday
until one club shall have won lour
Place Polo grounds, New York;
Shibe Park, Philadelphia.
First game to be played in New
York, the games thereafter alternate
between Philadelphia and ftew lorn-
Tie games, to be played off the next
3ay in the other city from that in
which the t e occurred. Thus, if the
first game in New York were to result
in a tie. the game would be played otf
in Philadelphia the next day, October
Club to Sell Tickets.
Sale of tickets to be conducted un.
3.r the auspices of the clubs con
rerned. Unreserved seats will be sold
at the Polo grounds and Shibe Park on
the day of the game. Reserved seats
must be purchased for three games
whether bought in New .York or Phil
adelphia and if three- games are not
i laved the proportionate amount oi
the purchase price will be refunded.
No mail orders will be acepted for re
rerved seat.
Coln More In Qnaker City.
Price of tickets in New York boxes
Beating four $25; upper grandstand $3;
lower grandstand. ?2; bleachers, 51.
In Philadelphia box seats, $5; -majn
grandstand, $3; right and left field pa
vilions. $2; bleachers, $1.
Blc Seating Capacity.
Seating arrangements Polo grounds
2S.000 reserved seats, 16,006 in bleach
ers, Shibe Park, grandstand and
bleachers. 21.000; standing room for
about 3000 more. Neither club will be
permitted to erect extra stands on the
field. No spectators will be allowed
to overflow on the field, and no ground
rules will be made.
G nines Start at 2 P. M.
Time of game, 2 oclock.
Umpre3 for the series: "William
Klem and Charles Rigler. of the Na
tional league. Thomas H. Connelly and
John J Bgan, of the American league.
Fifty Men Slay Piny.
Number of players eligible, 36 on
each team.
-Nantes of eligible players: Sf i
York Burns. Cooper, Crandall, Doyle,
Demaree, Fletcher, Fromme, Grant,
Herzog, Hartley. Marquard, "Wiltse,
Mathewson, Murray, Meyers, McLean,
Merkle. Robinson, McCormick Shafer,
Snodgrass, Thorpe, Tesreau, "Wilson,
Philadelphia Schang, Lapp, Thom
The Remington Cabe set tnen
trith the centre of the load"
'OUR nmr.f
ItUirilLllKXtMAAS iMi5SKy . &
I your bird with the centre of your
load. Of course! Then shoot
these Steel Lined Speed Shells.
They are die fastest shells in the market
Their speed is demonstrated beyond question
bv the one sure test in all ballistic matter
the Electric Chronograph.
Then, too, there is the experience of thousands
of seasoned gunners who have been shooting the
Remington-UMC Steel Lined Shells ever since
they came out.
The steel lining is the thing. It grips the powder
holds it in compression puts all the drive of the
explosion behind the shot
Your load travds quicker you shorten up your
lead. You cut doyn the guess work on lead and
angles you get mort birds.
Your dealer carrie these speed shells. Get them.
Use them. Find tie Red Ball mark on every box '
or shells and xnetatjes you buy.
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
299 Broadway , 6 New York
AH work made on premi-cs at "The Model,"' 614 San Antonio St.
as, Bender, Plank, Coombs, Houck,
Brown, Shawkey. -OPennock, Bush. Wy
koff, Mclnnis, Collins, Barry, Baker,
Orr, Davis. Lavan. Oldring, Strunk, E.
Murphy, D. Murphy, Wash, F. Daley.
To Decide Final Place on Toss.
In the event of a seventh game be
ing necessary, the city for holding it
will be determined by the toss of a
coin. In case a game is postponed on
acount of rain or if for some other
cause a legal game is not played the
teams will remain in the city where
the postponement occurred until a le
gal game is played. This does not, of
jourse. apply to tie games.
Players Get Share of Four Games.
According to the rules governing the
world's series, the National commis
sion will receive 10 percent of the gate
receipts of each and every game. The
players of the two competing clubs
will take 60 percent of the remaining
30 percent of the first Jour games, the
amount to be divided on a basis of 60
percent to the winners and 40 percent
to the losers. The remaining 40 per-
1 cent of the 90 percent goes to the club
owners. Ninety percent of the gate
receipts of each and every game after
the first four becomes the property of
the stockholders of the two contesting
In an overmatched football game that
was played on the El Paso foundry
grounds Wednesday, between the sec
ond teams of the San Jacinto and La
mar schools, the San Jacintos were
the victors by a score of 18 to 0. The
individual stars for San Jacinto were
Lawrence Shea, quarter, and Frank
Alderete, half back.
The Tigers of the El Paso High
school will play Troop A Friday after
noon at the Washington park grounds
at 3:30.
A practice game was scheduled
Thursday afternoon on the C A. A.
grounds between the second team of
the Tigers and the first team of the
Lamar school.
Columbus, O., Oct. 2. Drenched by
rain, the Columbus grand circuit track
was not made safe for racing until late
Wednesday afternoon when an abbrevi
ated program was taken up. Only one
of the races started was finished, Bis
mia winning the 2:20 trot after the first
heat had been won by George Rex of
the Murphy stable.
Johanmsthal, Germany. Oct. 2. The
Austrian aviator Sablatnik has made
another altitude record. With four pas
sengers he reached a height' of 6823
feet Yesterday with three passengers
he reached a height of 7924 feet.
Battling Yaqui has challenged Kid
Casev. the San Francisco bantam.
Yaqui is a hard hitting Indian, and was ,
there witn me gooas in nis lormer
See "The Fire Bugs" at the Grecian
today. Advertisement
again, SPEED
in snnnhncr io f- rrat-
r - . .jii i.i
MBEMUS PlffFICTO VJff ' , iff
TOuTv u Possessions How
bchusb Ate Sttatwe-MiBns TO P 82LJ2S sSSS
T is advisable for the younger read-
ers to skip over this article be-
cause it teaches no lesson. Al-
bertus Perfecto Demaree threatens to
lead all "the National league pitchers
this season, yet he is the most per
sistent cigar smoker of the Giants. The
young idea is taught to believe that
no successful athlete uses tobacco,
which fact-is largely true. Probably
"Al" would have been a huskier pitch
er if he had not hit the treed so con
sistently, for he is frail of build.
The call him "Steamer Al" because
of his smoking habits. He is seldom
without his cigar except during a
game. The laws of organized baseball
do not permit performers to smoke in
business hours. The only other time
"Al" does not resemble one of those
Erie locomotives, which btirns soft
coal, is when he is asleep. He even
lights up one of his cigars before
breakfast, and they are the longest,
blackest cigars in the world. I know
because I have tried to smoke one and
failed, even after a meal. It is a se
cret where he gets them, , but it is
one of those secrets that few persons
have any curiosity of unraveling.
"Al" broke In from the bushes with
the Giants late last fall. He hadn't
been along more than afew weeks this
spring, however, when all the sand
burrs were gone from him, sTnd you
could never tell him from a regular'big
leaguer. He has been taking his turn
in the box with the regulars all sea-,
son and taking it much better than
some of thp veterans.
"Al" is talented. He is not onlv a
good pitcher, but he is also an artist
of no mean ability as biographers say.
"When he isn't pitching baseball, he is
in there cartooning somebody, and he
gets his drawings into the papers right
along. If anything, he prefers being an
artist to pitching baseball, because
this form of exercise does not inter
fere with his pleasure, which is smok
ing the black! cigars already referred
to. Perhaps that is where he got the
smoking habit while learning his
crayon art. Anyway he certainly has
got it. He also dresses after the man
ner of an artist in some ways. For in
stance, he purchased a. green hat, after
the straws went out of the ring recent
ly, which could haa-e been used for a
starboard light on the any ocean liner.
It was one of those hats that can only
Mavericks Have
, a
Silver City Team
Becruits snappy and seasoned in the
class AA circuits which are now fast
disbanding, have strengthened the El
Paso and Silver City teams to such an
extent, recently that taking each in
dividual player of both teams and
comparing them, the clubs are matched
evenly with the exception of the pitch
ing 'staff -where the Mavericks reign
The Indians, however, have acquired
an outfielder, a pitcher and two in
fielders since their last appearance at
"Washington park, and as there is an
old score to settle between the oppos
ing clubs, it seems that two interesting
hard fought battles are certain to be
the outcome. Eddie Ward, manager of
the Indians, made a proposition to the
El Paso officials for the loan of Hugh
Harbin, former Galveston twirler and
drafted by the Cincinnati Reds this
season, so that he could place him on
the rubber Sunday afternoon to work
against Cliff Hill, the speedy little
southpaw, also an El Paso product.
This request was refused by the man
agement. El Paso has two catchers, two pitch
ers and one outfielder that have not
SCOOP reporter About as Speedy a Get-A way as
'fill i y9f a IisfHo "feBl- tK "Jwav
(By Sloane Gordon)
Who Will Win the World's Championship ?
f-c HE HERALD has a hunch but wishes to" print the opinions of the 'fans.
1 There is a reason for each opinion. It is this reason that The Herald
-- sporting editor wishes. Send in your choice for world's champions and
the whyfore and it will appear on the spbrfc'page of The Greater Sunday
Herald. A paragraph will be enough so everyone will have a chance. Send
thfem in with your name attached and see your opinion in print.
P. S. The Herald will serve the world series hot off the bat .in front of
The Herald building, play by play for its friends, the fans.
be described as just green like the
college freshman and the debutante
with her first train dress. He is not
so much of an artist, however, that he
wears "Windsor ties.
"Al" came to the Giants late last
fall from Mobile, where he had been
working for "Mike" Finn, a close friend
of McGraw's in the manors. '"Jlike"
had recommended to the Giants' jnan
ager that "he would flrid Demaree to
be mostly pitcher, and, after scratching
the surface, that is what John has
discovered. Ajid he was welcome with
the Giants this year, too, with Charley
IL Tesreau returning to his wild hab
its. "Al" joined the .Giants too late
to have anything to do with the world's
Series last year on account of the rules
of organized baseball, and it is doubt
ful whether McGraw would have ven
tured using him even to finish a game
if he could. But Demaree at once
showed he had the right stuff in him
by volunteering to stick with the club
Halford anef' uffey Start Training
Boxers Busy For
BOXING affairs in El Paso and Jua
. rez, have livened up considerably
with the announcement that Max
Halford and Eddie Duffej- have started
Good Pitchers
Is Strengthened
been seen at the park before this sea
son, with the exception of .Cliff Hill.
The catchers are Price and 'Robertson,
who made the recent western trip,
while Blanchfield formerly of the
Miami club will be in right field. Hill
and Harbin will be on the mound,
probably alternating in Sunday's
After the tournament at Albuquer
que, members of the three southwest
ern teams will disband and Jeave for
their homes, where they 'will re
main until time for the spring train
ing in their respective circuits next
season. The games Saturday and Sun
day with Silver City, will be the last
professional ball, to be seen in El Paso
this season, and the fans will turn
their attention to the three favorite
pastimes, racing, boxing and bowling.
Enroute to Albuquerque the teams
will not stop at Deming. to join the
Chino Copper company team. Instead,
the private pullman transporting the
members of the rival teams to the fair
tournament, will continue on to Albu
querque, intending to arrive there
Monday morning, because the Initial
same of the tournament is scheduled
for October 6, that afternoon.
throughout the series and pitch for
batting' practice. The other players
voted him a purse for this service from
their share of the gate.
"Al" depends largely on two things
for his pitching success, his bead and
hts control. He does not carry much
speed, and his curve is not a wide one,
bat he puts the ball where he wants
it He is one of those pitchers who
keeps the batters wondering; after fan
ning ciut, why they can't hit him be
cause he "hasn't got nothing." He is
no squab when it comes to age, being
about 27 or 28.
His two prize possessions now are
his green hat and Honus Wagner's
"goat," the Dutchman never having
been able to hit him consistently. "Al"
is married and does not go in much for
diamonds. Copyright, 1913, by the
Wheeler Syndicate, Inc.
Tomorrow Robert Shawkey, the
sensational yonng pitcher of the Athletics.
Sunday's Bouts
training for a 30-round so, proposed for
Oct. 12, Halford began road work
Thursday morning, and Duffey was
also out in anticipation of being re
signed to meet the sailoV boy. Articles
were signed in Juarez several weeks
ago for a 30-round bout, the principals
to weigh in at 138 at 10 oclock In the
morning, the fight to be held at 4:30
p. m. that afternoon.
Mantell Boxes "With Duffey.
Shadow boxing, skipping the rope
and a four-round setto with Battling
Mantell, the snappy little easterner,
constituted Duffey's workout "Wednes
day afternoon. A remarkable improve
ment was shown in the training of the
coast welter. Mantell will probably do
light work dally with Duffey, although
he laid off Thursday, observing the
Jewish New Year. Dave Clark, manager
of Mantell, is supervising the training
of Duffey.
Halford at the Stnnton Camp.
Halford will probably work at the
Stanton camp, with the Herrick boys.
Kid Payo and his brother. Gene, who
will box in Juarez Sunday afternoon.
Kid Payo received an 'offer from
Mark Levy, director and promoter of
the New Mexico A. C, of Albuquerque,
"Wednesday, and he announced that it is
probable that he will accept Levy of
fered the local champion substantial
inducements to make the trip and meet
Colorado Kid Williams, who is credited
with a draw with the El Paso boy in
an eight-round draw on July 4. Frankie
Fowser and Harry Shafer will probably
fight the main event to this card, the
Williams and Payo bout being billed as
a special contest
All or the boxers who will fight Sun
day afternoon, are in training and
indications are that they will be In ex
cellent shape. Young Gene, the fast
little El Paso bantamweight Is showing
excellent form.
See "The Fire Bugs" at the Grecian
today. Advertisement
IMPETUS was given to the move
ment to stage a marathon race,
from El Paso to Ysleta, when 22
members of the Southwestern Mara
thon association met at the home of
Perry Ross, organizer of the associa
tion, and elected Ross president by a
unanimous vote.
Efforts will be made to interest El
Paso merchants in the proposed race,
or races, according to Perry. Ross.
president of the club, as soon as thaj,
club membership is on a substantial!
basis. The members of the club will
solicit the backing or El Pas pro
fessional and business men to get be
At Washington. ' R. HE.
Philadelphia 0 3 1
Washington 1 3" 1
JSatterias: Philadelphia. Bohen and
McAvoy; Washington, Bentley, Gallia
and Ainsmith. -
'At Detroit R. H. E.
Cleveland 8" -12 2
Detroit 1 4 2
Batteries: Cleveland, Gregg and
O'Neill; Detroit, Comstock, House and
Gibson. - '
At New York Boston-NewYork, two
games, postponed; rain.
American League Standings.
Won. Lost Pdt Win Lose.
Philadelphia ...95 55 .633 .636 .629
Washington 88 65 .683 .;86 .568
Cleveland S4 65 .564 .5bS .560
Boston 78
69 .521 .534 .527
Chicago 77
Detroit 6?
72 .617 .520 5T3
S5 .433 .437 -.400
St Louis 56 94 .373 .377 .371
New York 55 93 .372 .376 .369
- Where They Play Friday.
Chicago at Detroit.
St Louis at Cleveland.
New Yorkat Philadelphia.
Boston at Washington.
At Philadelphia Brooklyn-Philadelphia
'game postponed; rain.
irNatlonal League Standings,
v if They
Won. Lost Pet Win Lose.
New York 97 49 .664 .667 " .660
Philadelphia ...86 59 .593 -.396 -5S9
Chicago ...1 86 62 .581 .584 .577
Pittsburg 7S 69 .531 .535 .528
Boston ,.67 82 .450 -.453' .447
Brooklyn 65 82 .442 .446 .439
Cincinnati 64 87 .424 .428 .421
St Louis 49 99 .331 36 .329
Where They Iiay Friday. ,
Brooklyn at Boston.
Philadelphia at Now York.
At Sioux City. R. H. E.
Omaha .'... 12 17 1
Sioux Cit........ ...... 5 12 4
Batteries: Omaha. Brenner and Shes
tak; Sioux City, Doyle and Vann-
At Lincoln. R. H. R
Denver 2 6 3
Lincoln - 7 9 0
Batteries: Denver, Schrelber and
Block; Lincoln, Smith and Carney.
Second game. R. H. E.
Lincoln "."..". """.""". 3 5701
Batteries: Denver, Wolfgang and
Spahr; Lincoln. Ehman and Baker.
At Des Moines. R- H. E.
St Joseph 3 4 .1
Des Moines 3 10,6
Batteries: St Joseph, Jenkins, Boeh-
All kinds of Tire and Tuba work.
Our motto: Honest work at reason
able prices. We have the largest and
most completely equipped plant In
518 N. Stanton St. Phone SSS,1
Auto Livery Co.
Citv Hall Stand
Automobile El
rr's ES
You Could FincVScoop By "Hop"
hind the movement and boost El Paso
athletics. A lot of enthsiasm is be
ing manifested in the proposed asso
ciation by El Paso runners, and near
runners. Ross and his running partner A.
Gant, were out on the road Wednes
day evening, making a time of five
miles in 27 minutes, which is supposed
tov be an excellent reeord for the first
night The club will have a member
ship, when completed of 100 he be
lieves. Efforts will be made to arouso
Competition with the HJgh school, the
New Mexico A. & M. college, C. A. A.
and other athletic organizations of the
Ier and Schang; Des Moines, Faber and
Sleight (Ten innings; darkness.)
At Wichita. , ir. H. E.
Topeka 4 io 2
Wichita ,.., i 5 17 0
Batteries: Topeka, Brown and Mc
Allister; Wichita; Scott and Castle.
Western League Standings.
. ' - - WonC Lost Pet.
-uenyer ..101
DesMolnes 91
St Joseph 85
62 .614
70 .567
77 .531
79 .525
83 .485
89 .447
90 .445
98 .390
I Lincoln 85
j. . .... .......... ao
Topeka 72
Sfoifce City 72
,W3cTiita 64
Where They Piny Friday.
Topeka at Denver.
Wichita at Lincoln.
Omaha at St Joseph.
. Sioux City at Des Moines.
- At Los Angeles Venice, 2; Los An
geles; -4.
A't- San Francisco Sacramento, 3;
San'Erandsco, 1.
- At Portland Oakland, 1; Portland, 3.
'Coast League Standings.
Won. Lost Pet.
Portland .... ..v 9S 74 .575
Sacramento .... ......89 86 .523
Voqlce 95 . S9 .517
San Francisco 90 92 .498
Los Angeles 88 93 .492
Oakland 80 105 .437
"Where They Play Friday.
Oakland at Portland.
Sacramento at San Francisco.
" Los Angeles at Venice.
At Toledo Chicago Nationals, 1; To
ledo. 6.
At Indianapolis Pittsburg Nationals.
9; Indianapolis, 5.
At Milwaukee Chicago Americans, 3i
Milwaukee, 3. (Called at the end of th
"lOth, Inning, darkness.)
At Philadelphia Pennsylvania,
iHHn and Marshall, 6.
' Sedalta, Mo.. Oct 2. A pronounced
favorite, J. W. Wilkerson, driven by
Thomas, won the 2:12 pace, the feature
event on the program of the Great
Western races here Wednesday.
London, England, Oct 2. A 30-horse
power motor car covered 1878 miles, 460
yards in 12 hours at the Brooklands
track here. This beats the best previ
ous record 914 miles, 649 yards, made
by W. G. Scott over the same couse last
May, by more than 163 miles.
Watches cleaned. 50c; mainsprings.
50c; crystals, 15c Work guaran
teed 2 years. Jewelry made to order
and repaired. Skillful mechanics.
Highest prices paid for old gold.
Mail orders solicited.
Geneva Jewelry Co.,
225 1-2 San Antonio St
cfric Garage
Electric Cars, Sparking Batteries and
Auto Supplies.
Richardson Motor CarCo.,
42 San Antonio St.- Phone 853
PHONE 509-510.
Rates $3.00 Per Hour.

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